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Real Name: Kolomaq (presumably)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional entity

Occupation: Living embodiment of winter

Group Membership: Great Beasts (Kariooq, Ranaq, Somon, Tanaraq, Tolomaq, Tundra)

Affiliations: Pestilence (F.R. Crozier)

Enemies: Alpha Flight (Aurora/Jeanne-Marie, Box/Roger Bochs, Guardian/James MacDonald Hudson, Madison Jeffries, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Puck/Eugene Judd, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski, Shaman/Michael Twoyoungmen, Snowbird/Narya,Talisman/Elisabeth Twoyoungmen, Vindicator/Heather Hudson), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), the Inua, X-Man (Nate Grey), X-Men (Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Rockslide/Santo Vaccaro, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Beast of the snows"

Base of Operations: Unrevealed,
                                  formerly Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada,
                                  formerly the Canadian Yukon, Canada,
                                  formerly District of Mackenzie, Canada,
                                  formerly The Shattered Lands

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#6 (January, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Kolomaq is the living embodiment of winter. He can instantly generate and control intense cold, arctic winds, snow and blizzards. Kolomaq can fire icicles that cut like steel daggers. Kolomaq can ensnare and take over a human host through a mystical wooden mask resembling his face.Once the mask is removed the host returns to normal. In his native dimension, Kolomaq can control the Shiloh, who feed off his cold. Kolomaq can be stopped by arctic land, making his fellow Great Beast Tundra his natural enemy.

Height: 6'1" (by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Black
Hair: White



Alpha Flight I#24 (fb) - BTS) - A million years ago Kolomaq and his fellow Great Beasts rose "on a planet in a universe outside our own". They pillaged and corrupted the land, taking it as their own even as they fought amongst themselves. Kolomaq's natural enemy was Tundra, the Land Beast who he would frequently battle. Over time, the Great Beasts would set aside their hatred and join forces to conquer other realms.

(Alpha Flight I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Discovering Earth was the nearest realm in the mystic continuum, the Great Beasts staged three unsuccessful invasion attempts. During the final confrontation, they were opposed by the Ancient Gods of the North who beat them back and sealed the beasts behind a mystical barrier.

(Alpha Flight I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Kolomaq was inadvertently spared this fate because he was defeated during the altercation. Kolomaq was covered by and imprisoned in the arctic tundra, which robbed him of most of his powers.
For a thousand years, Kolomaq was trapped underneath the earth of what would eventually become known as Canada's North West Territories.

(Alpha Flight I#6 - BTS) - Believing Kolomaq's burial ground to be rich in oil reserves, an oil company began drilling there despite repeated warnings of the local natives who told the workers it was a bad place.

(Alpha Flight I#6) - Once the oil rig had drilled deep enough, Kolomaq managed to free himself, generating clouds of eldritch energies as he emerged and prepared for a fight with Tundra, his ancient enemy. Alpha Flight's Snowbird (Narya) sensed the resurgence of the Beast's energies and flew out to the drill site to investigate. Snowbird confronted Kolomaq, telling him Tundra had fallen and then showed she herself was a child of his other ancient enemies: the Arctic Gods. Sensing the truth in her words, Kolomaq used his control over winter to whip up a blinding snowstorm forcing the Alphan to engage her enemy sight unseen. Shifting to her polar bear form, Snowbird tore into Kolomaq and wounded him during a fierce tussle. Overcome by fear when they fell off a cliff, Snowbird forced herself to shift from bear to snow owl to save herself. Once she regained human form, she heard Kolomaq goading her. After knocking him down, she was caught unawares by a volley of ice daggers that caused her to bleed. Fighting her fear, Snowbird thought of another strategy and began to taunt the Great Beast into unleashing even more of his power. Summoning a massive arctic storm, Kolomaq inadvertently caused a giant rockslide that wound up burying him once again. His powers negated by the tundra, Snowbird instructed the stunned oil company workers they'd best seal off and fortify the site with concrete lest the Beast would escape.

(Alpha Flight I#38) - The spirit of Kolomaq and the other Great Beasts were briefly summoned to Earth by Pestilence (F.R. Crozier) to battle Alpha Flight on his behalf. Kolomaq was seen protecting the Beasts' vulnerable leader Somon before Michael Twoyoungmen donned his daughter's mystical talisman and forced the Beasts' spirit forms back to their native realm.

(Alpha Flight I#71 (fb) - BTS) - On the eve of the return of the immensely powerful sorceror Llan, Heather Hudson had a talk with Alpha Flight's resident mystic Talisman. She was concerned about the team's recent string of encounters with mystical and otherworldly menaces like the Great Beasts, Pestilence, and the Dream Queen. Talisman concluded that these events were a warning of a greater threat: the world was about to enter a phase of darkness during which evil gains the upper hand.

(X-Man I#39) - Kolomaq, Tundra and Somon were able to slip back to Earth when the immensely powerful mutant X-Man (Nate Grey) unleashed sufficient psionic energies to briefly weaken the barriers between dimensions. Kolomaq and Tundra immediately headed for the nearest outposts of civilization while Tundra engaged X-Man and his companion Madelyne Pryor

(X-Man I#40) - After dealing with Tundra by scattering his rocky form, Nate was informed by Madelyne that Kolomaq and Somon were still a threat as well. The two Great Beasts were attracted to a recently unearthed artifact of unknown power, tearing through outposts to reach it. X-Man decided not to engage them directly. Instead, he telekinetically interrupted the planet's gravitational pull on the Beasts, causing them to be catapulted to outerspace.

(Chaos War: Alpha Flight I#1) - Fearing the rise of the Chaos King (Amatsu-Mikaboshi) the Great Beasts summoned Sasquatch to their realm to request his aid in combating this threat. They even used their powers to resurrect his slain teammates from Alpha Flight (Guardian, Marrina, Shaman & Vindicator). The Beasts and Alpha returned to Earth to fight the Chaos King and his demon armies, but ultimately the Beasts were killed by the deity slayer./font>

(Amazing X-Men II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Tanaraq grew increasingly more powerful after an incident in Canada led to the creation of hordes of Wendigo (a murderer had ditched the corpse of his victim in a meat processing plant, leading thousands of unwitting consumers to commit cannibalism, triggering the Wendigo curse). Tanaraq used this power to conquer the Spirit Realm, openly warring against Kolomaq and the other Great Beasts.

(Amazing X-Men II#12) - Members of the X-Men and Alpha Flight traveled to the Spirit Realm in an attempt to reverse the effects of the curse. They learned of Tanaraq's conquest of the realm and witnessed how Kolomaq and the other Great Beasts tried to fight off the ever increasing Wendigo army. Kolomaq even summoned the Shiloh, using his cold to sustain them, but they were all dismissed in the end. The mortal heroes joined the fray, but were unable to hold their own against Tanaraq and his forces. They wound up chained next to the Great Beasts, but were soon freed by the arriving Iceman who led the revived Shiloh to aid them. The Great Beasts begged the mutants to free them as well so they could deal with Tanaraq. Storm refused Kolomaq's plea, instead striking a deal that led to the Great Beasts empowering Storm, Iceman, Firestar and Rockslide. They fought off Tanaraq's Wendigo while a furious Guardian wound up killing Tanaraq. Without his power holding them back, Kolomaq and the remaining Great Beasts were freed and returned to their native realm without a fight.

(Captain Marvel IX#9 (fb) - BTS) - Kolomaq dreamed up a new plan to return to the mortal realms. He created a mystical mask that would turn any mortal who wore it into a host body. He made sure it wound up on Earth by slipping it through a dimensional crack . Kolomaq exerted his influence through the mask, mentally luring the schizophrenic Owen LeClerc to find it near Oil Springs, Ontario. Leclerc put the mask on and was immediately transformed.

(Captain Marvel IX#9) - Kolomaq faced off against Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Alpha Flight. He easily held his own against them, announcing the forever winter was here and forcing Sasquatch to kneel for him. Inspired by the way Snowbird originally defeated him, Danvers attempted to bury Kolomaq. Instead, he summoned another blinding blizzard but by then teamwork had prevailed: while Alpha Flight tackled him, Captain Marvel blasted the mask off of Kolomaq's face, which led to Leclerc reverting back to human form. Captain Marvel and Sasquatch covered the rapidly fading remains of Kolomaq with more ground before catching up with Leclerc. Aurora took Kolomaq's mask from him, thereby ending the immediate threat of the Great Beast.

Comments: Created by John Byrne (writer, pencils, inks)

Kolomaq's appearance in Captain Marvel establishes that Great Beast needs a human host to function in this reality and that Kolomaq controls people through a mask. Though this is entirely new information, it doesn't necessarily contradict what had been established about his origins. Yes, his initial appearance claims he's been buried under the earth for centuries, but that might well have been just the mask or he was simply buried underneath the tundra, host, mask and all. That also seems more in line with the other beasts' m.o.: their leader Somon controls all the Beasts, Tundra controls human hosts through a mystical headband, Kariooq hijacks human bodies and Tanaraq merges his form with mortals as well.

Kolomaq appeared as part of the Great Beasts entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#3

It is worth noting that since the Wolverine Index came out we've had other confirmed Great Beasts, so there are definitely more than seven. Alpha Flight I#6 mentioned "there were seven Great Beasts involved in Last Battle", which could be interpreted to mean either that there were only seven Great Beasts OR that there were more, but only seven were involved in that final fight. In Alpha Flight I#23, one of the Inua says Tanaraq is "one of the Last Seven, of the Great Beasts" - if not for that comma, that would be a clear statement that there were more than seven, and that the ones we've always counted were simply the last to fall, but even with the comma the comment could be interpreted that way. Apparently Wolverine II#172 and Over the Edge#2 also contain comments or info supporting this. In Incredible Hercules#119, Snowbird took the "forbidden form of the deadliest of the Great Beasts of the North, Neooqtoq the Ravager," and in Marvel Heartbreakers we meet another two Great Beasts, Tiamaq and Herateq. And Kimara the Cloudstalker was identified as a Great Beast; there were only two reasons to argue against this claim afaik, the first being there were only seven GB (now disproved) and the second that since he appeared in a gaming module that he wasn't canon (countered by his being confirmed in 616 via handbook entries).

Profile by Norvo.

Kolomaq should not be confused with

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Alpha Flight I#6, p8, pan3 (closeup)
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Astonishing X-Men II#12, p18, pan4,5,6 (arguing with Storm)


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