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Real Name: Ross Kinkaid

Identity/Class: Gamma ray enhanced mutant

Occupation: Electrical engineer

Group Membership: Mind-controlled minion of the Leader

Affiliations: Alpha Flight (Aurora, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Vindicator)
      formerly the Leader

Enemies: The Leader, Kimara the Cloudstalker
      briefly Alpha Flight

Known Relatives: Unrevealed

Aliases: Master of the White Water

Base of Operations: James Bay Project, Fort George, Quebec, Canada

First Appearance: Marvel Superheroes Official Game Adventure MH-5 Cat's-Paw (TSR game) (1984)

Powers/Abilities: Ross Kinkaid can transform into Cascade and back at will. As Cascade his body is comprised of a semi-solid liquid state that can shoot blasts of water and flow through small openings. Any other powers have not been revealed. Cascade may have all the abilities in this form to control water much as Hydro-Man has, but may only lack the experience.


(MH-5 # 6857) - Ross Kincaid, an electrical engineer in charge of the James Bay Hydro Power Project, was abducted by the Leader in a bid to take over the hydro-electric station in an attempt to summon Kimara the Cloudstalker, which had been imprisoned in the ice somewhere within the vicinity. Having discovered that Kinkaid had latent mutant abilities, he bombarded him with gamma rays, which changed him into a more powerful form and mentally enslaved his mind.

    Cascade was given the task to amplify and send electricity to a nearby military installation in order to feed power to the imprisoned Kimara so it could break free to walk the Earth again. Alpha Flight was sent to investigate and fought Cascade defeating him and breaking the mental domination of the Leader. He then assisted Alpha Flight in defeating Kimara the Cloudstalker by re-imprisoning it in ice.

Cascade blasts Shaman



Comments: Created by Jeff Grubb (writer), Jeff Butler (pencils & inks).

Cascade has only appeared in the Marvel Superheroes Role Playing game circa 1984 TSR and has no direct connection to the actual Marvel Universe, although this story took place around Alpha Flight I#18 when Heather Hudson named herself the new leader of Alpha Flight after the apparent death of Guardian (James Hudson).

A cascade, by definition, is: 1) a fast downward flow of liquid; 2) in electronic engineering physics, a succession of things, for example, chemical reactions or elements in an electrical circuit, each of which activates, affects, or determines the next.

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Cascade has no known connections to:

Kimara the Cloudstalker has no known connections to:

Kimara the Cloudstalker towers over Alpha Flight

Kimara the Cloudstalker

Kimara the Cloudstalker, one of the Great Beasts, was mystically imprisoned in the ice for centuries. It caught the attention of the Leader and promised to serve him if he could be freed. Backing out of the deal when this was accomplished, it began a rampage across the northern regions of Quebec, Canada, laying waste to the towns of Maricourt and Fort George . Defeated by Alpha Flight, Kimara was re-imprisoned in the frozen tundra near Lake Minto, Quebec. Kimara's body was composed of semi-stable vapours and appeared as an immense smoke black mountain lion 24 feet high at the shoulder. It possessed great strength and power that increased the longer it was able to walk the Earth. It was vulnerable to great amounts of heat, light and cold, but was able to regenerate over time.








Marvel Superheroes Official Game Adventure MH-5 Cat's-Paw (TSR game)

images: (without ads)
( MH-5 Marvel Superheroes official game adventure ) product #6857, p12, panel 2 (main)
      p8, panel 1 (spray action)
      p11, panel 3 (Kimara)

Other Appearances: None

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