Real Name: Kara Killgrave

Identity/Class: Human mutant;
   citizen of Canada

Occupation: Waitress; former super hero

Group Membership: None; formerly Alpha Strike (Aurora/Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, Citadel, Ranark, Vindicator/Heather Hudson, Wendigo), Alpha Flight (Aurora/Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, Box/Roger Bochs, Box/Madison Jeffries, Diamond Lil/Lillian Crawley, Guardian/Mac Hudson, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Puck/Eugene Judd, Sasquatch/Box/Walter Langkowsi, Shaman/Talisman/Michael Twoyoungmen, Snowbird/Narya, Talisman/Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, Vindicator/Guardian/Heather Hudson, Windshear/Colin Hume, Witchfire/Ananym), Beta Flight (Feedback/Albert Louis, Goblyn, Manikin/Whitman Knapp, Pathway/Laura Dean)

Affiliations: Luke Cage, Cat Elves, General Clarke, Gary Cody, Darby Dean, Susan Dean, Derangers (Breakdown/Esme Fernando, Laura Dean, Freakout/Arthur Van Krijg, Goblyn, Janus/Willem Vincent), Gamma Flight (Auric/Zhao Tang, Nemesis/Jane Thorne, Silver/Jimon Tang, Wild Child/Kyle Gibney, Witchfire/Ananym), Dr. Giloski, High Lama, Jade Dragon (Dei Guan), Jessica Jones, Veronica "Ronnie" Langkowski, Spirit of Time and Space, Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett), Wyre

Enemies: Auctioneer, Bedlam the Brain Blast (William Nowlan), Luke Cage, Dark Elves, Dreamqueen, Firebug, Great Beasts (Kariooq, Somon, Tolomaq, Tundra), Jackal (Miles Warren), Kyle Jinadu, Llan the Sorcerer, Mad Dog (Buzz Baxter), Master of the World (Eshu), Mesmero (Vincent), Omega Flight (Bile/Tom Preston, Brain Drain/Werner Schmidt, Miss Mass/Gillian Pritikin, Sinew/William Knox, Strongarm/Steve Caidin, Tech-Noir/Gale Cameron), Pestilence, Scramble/Omega (Lionel Jeffries), Sentinels, Sk'ar, Smart Alec (Alexander Thorne), trolls

Known Relatives: Melanie Killgrave (mother), Zebediah Killgrave (Purple Man, father), Benjamin Killgrave (Purple Son, half-brother), Connor Killgrave (half-brother), Jaime Killgrave (half-brother), Joe Killgrave (half-brother), Shallah Killgrave (half-sister), another half-sibling

Aliases: Purple Girl, Persuasion

Base of Operations: New York City, New York;
   formerly Tamarind Island;
   formerly Etobicoke, Ontario;
   place of birth Toronto, Canada

First Appearance: (As Purple Girl) Alpha Flight I#41 (December, 1986); (as Persuasion) Alpha Flight I#81 (February, 1990); (as Purple Woman) Alpha Flight IV#0.1 (July, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Kara Killgrave inherited her abilities from her father, with some enhancements due to her mutant nature. By producing a powerful pheromone through her purple skin, Kara Killgrave can control those around her with a simple command, one that turns their skin purple, and she is capable of controlling as many people as are in atmospheric contact with her, sometimes up to hundreds. Later, Kara developed the ability to merge her mind with those she sought to control, giving them access to their thoughts and experiences. Kara can at times interface others to read each other's thoughts, and she can at times sense when others are in distress. Kara's victims can be freed by dousing their head in water, and many have a migraine headache after her powers wear off. Kara's powers cannot control a body's internal organs; she can't order someone to "drop dead", for example. Kara has often been listed as a mutant, as her powers manifested when she was 13, but they are likely passed on from her father, the Purple Man. Kara has several half-siblings who have slightly altered versions of the Purple Man's control powers. Kara's powers are seemingly enhanced when she is around her half-siblings, the Purple Kids. In one instance, while under the control of the Master of the World, Kara was able to control people watching her over the television screen. Kara has some combat training, and has had access to the ships and technology utilized by Alpha and Beta Flight, as well as Alpha Strike. Ironically, perhaps, Kara is susceptible to mind control.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 111 lbs.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple; formerly black

(Alpha Flight I#41 (fb) - BTS) - Melanie was forced into marriage by the Purple Man, and he kept her for months before releasing her. Melanie fled from him in horror, all the way to Toronto, before realizing she was pregnant. Melanie was relieved when her daughter, Kara, was born, perfectly pink and normal. Kara grew up having a crush on skier Jean-Paul Beaubier.

(Alpha Flight I#69 (fb) - BTS) - When Kara was a child, Melanie took her to the mall in Edmonton to ride the slides.

(Alpha Flight I#41 (fb) - BTS) - At age 13, in Etobicoke, Ontario, Kara was at a party when her skin suddenly turned purple. She panicked and stayed out all night.

(Alpha Flight I#41) - Kara returned home at 3 AM and rushed to her bathtub, trying to get rid of the purple. When her mother entered, Kara, in tears, explained what had happened. Kara's mother told her it was time to tell her the truth about her father.

(Alpha Flight I#41 - BTS) - Melanie told Kara the truth about her past, and about how she was a product of rape.

(Alpha Flight I#41) - Kara did herself up in punk clothes, hair, and make-up so that fewer people would think her being purple was strange. After stealing her mother's credit cards, she ran away from home, and then went to the ski hills to see Jean-Paul Beaubier. After watching him ski, Kara locked herself in the bathroom, telling a woman knocking to go jump off a cliff, and Kara didn't realize the woman's skin had turned purple and she went to do just that. After narrowly saving the woman, Beaubier was discovered by the crowd to be the hero Northstar. Kara, beginning to realize she had powers like her father, rushed up to Northstar and ordered him to follow her back to her room. Wanting him to be her boyfriend, Kara ordered Jean-Paul to get her exotic flowers, so he flew her to a tropical island to pick flowers. Kara, resisting the urge to make Jean-Paul do unethical things, went swimming with him. When an alligator attacked Kara, Kara ordered Northstar to save her, and in doing so he freed himself from her control with the water. Kara promised not to take over his will again, saying she loved him. Northstar considered leaving Kara there, so she used her powers one more time, ordering him to take her to Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight I#42) - On Tamarind Island, Kara met Alpha Flight, then she ordered Northstar to jump in the pool to free him from her control. Kara asked Alpha Flight to train her, then listened as they argued about it. When Shaman jokingly suggested they kill her, Kara froze the whole team with an order and then fled in tears. She ordered Madison Jeffries to fly her home in the team's Omnijet. Alpha Flight came to with migraines and rushed to find Kara. Jeffries landed the jet in Toronto, then she had him transform it into a flying car, and she started partying around the city. Kara told a police officer to tear up a speeding ticket, ate at expensive restaurants, stole expensive clothing, and saw amazing sights, all while keeping Jeffries under her control. Feeling bad about her actions, Kara went home, where Melanie hugged her and told her that she must never become like her father. Despondent, Kara left with Jeffries, but the Auctioneer picked her up outside, telling Kara he could make her rich. She and Jeffries got in the car, but then the Auctioneer gassed them both. Injecting Kara with a chemical that made her follow his orders, the Auctioneer put them both up for sale at a criminal gathering. The Auctioneer forced Kara to force Jeffries to build a weapon to demonstrate his powers, but she managed to force herself free of his control. The Auctioneer covered her in Plexiwrap, which blocked her powers while allowing her to breathe, then he realized that he had Melanie hostage. Jeffries freed himself and fought back just as Alpha Flight arrived to help, and Kara was thrilled to see them. She ripped her Plexiwrap right as she was yelling the words "drop dead", and the Auctioneer fell to the ground, still alive. Back at Mansion Alpha, they had Kara demonstrate she could do good by having her use her powers to wake up Roger Bochs, dying of pressure sickness, and order him to phase into his Box armor. With Melanie's blessing, Alpha Flight agreed to train Kara, making her the first member of Beta Flight as Purple Girl.

(Alpha Flight I#43) - When Box went berserk, Alpha Flight fought him, and Kara bravely tried ordering him to stop, but he was immune to her powers within the armor and Vindicator had to save Kara. As Kara wished she was as heroic as Vindicator, Alpha Flight took Box to Lionel Jeffries for help. When Alpha Flight rushed off to fight Sentinels and Mesmero, they ordered Kara to stay behind, but she snuck on the ship anyway. When the Omnijet was destroyed, Kara parachuted to safety, and, as she saw Puck injured, realized her powers might have to be the ones to defeat Mesmero. Kara managed to take over the crowd he had already mind-controlled, showing her powers of manipulation were stronger, and she felt both proud of herself and terrible about his powers.

(Alpha Flight I#44) - When Alpha Flight went off to help Shaman and Snowbird, Purple Girl was ordered to stay behind. She briefly threatened to use her powers to get her way, but they said she'd be off the team if she did so. When they got back from the mission later, they brought body bags containing the corpses of Snowbird as well as her husband and child.

(Alpha Flight I#45) - Kara cried at the funeral for Snowbird and her family, and Jeffries and Vindicator promised to help take care of her. She saw Shaman help return Snowbird's spirit to her godly ancestors, then Shaman left the team. Lionel Jeffries arrived with his assistant Whitman Knapp and a cured Bochs, who now had a new body. Kara witnessed a complicated battle break out as the spirit of Walter Langkowski animated the Box armor in a fight with Smart Alec and Pestilence, in the form of Sasquatch. Kara found Pestilence was immune to her powers, then she helped get a wounded Jeffries to safety. In the end, Pestilence was trapped in Shaman's medicine pouch, Smart Alec was killed, and Langkowski found himself in the Sasquatch form, though he turned into a female human form, shocking them all.

(Alpha Flight I#46) - As the team reacted to all the drama, Kara found herself attracted to Knapp. After getting told off by Aurora for being nosy, Kara did her homework with Jeffries. When Box tried to kidnap Aurora, the team responded, and Kara tried getting Box to fall under her control. Immune, he kicked her down the stairs. In the end, Jeffries took over the Box armor, driving Bochs out.

(Alpha Flight I#48) - Kara watched as a fight broke out between the adults in Alpha Flight, then she accompanied the team in taking Bochs back to Lionel Jeffries for help. There, Kara noticed Knapp looking at her, and she found herself thinking of Aurora as a "nympho". Later, Lionel revealed he was evil by merging himself and Bochs with a bunch of corpses, calling the creature Omega and having it attack Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight I#49) - Kara was genuinely frightened as Omega battled Alpha Flight, and the creature covered her mouth before she could use her powers. As Omega started absorbing Kara, Knapp manifested super-powers, summoning past and future versions of herself, including Proto, Apeman, and Highbrow, and he helped save her. Kara took control of Omega and ordered him to fix Jeffries. After realizing Bochs was dead, Jeffries changed back to Box and seemingly killed Omega.

(Alpha Flight I#50) - Knapp joined Kara on Tamarind Island, and they flirted back and forth, holding hands and making plans to cuddle. Meanwhile, Northstar, Puck, and Aurora left the team.

(Alpha Flight I#51) - Purple Girl and Manikin joined Vindicator, Box, and Sasquatch in responding to the threat of Canadian soldiers, there to destroy the land. Box tried getting Kara to go to safety, but she refused to leave her team behind. After having a bullet graze her arm, Kara sought to protect Manikin. She took control of some of the soldiers, but an errant blast from an aircraft disrupted that control. After working with Manikin's other selves, Kara saw the battle end and celebrated Alpha Flight's victory. Gary Cody revealed the whole thing had been a test of the new Alpha Flight, and Kara heard Vindicator speak highly of Beta Flight. At the Mansion, Kara raced Knapp to the pool.

(Alpha Flight I#52) - Kara sat by the lake with Knapp, asking him for reassurance, and he showered her with compliments and affection.

(Alpha Flight Annual I#2) - Gary Cody informed Alpha and Beta Flight about a group of missing scientists in the Antarctic, so Box made himself into a small plane to carry the team there but Beta Flight remained behind.

(Alpha Flight I#53) - Alpha Flight engaged in a training exercise, and Purple Girl asserted control over Highbrow during the fight to help protect herself. Bedlam the Brain Blast attacked, transporting the Alpha and Beta Flight members to the Antartic, where they were placed in restraints next to the members of the Derangers. Bedlam forced the two teams to fight each other, and Laura Dean switched to Goblyn and slashed at Purple Girl. Realizing Goblyn was immune to her powers, Kara instead focused on Freakout, ordering him back as Manikin handled Goblyn. In the end, Wolverine showed up, then Vindicator blasted Bedlam in the head, seemingly killing him.

(Alpha Flight I#54) - Alpha and Beta Flight cleaned up after the battle in the Arctic, and noted that all of the Derangers appeared dead except for Goblyn. Remembering how lonely she was when her powers activated, Purple Girl advocated for Alpha Flight to give Goblyn a home, and Vindicator agreed. Manikin comforted Kara, who cried about all the death around them. Goblyn lashed out at the team and defeated each one of them, and Kara accidentally froze Manikin with her powers as he was defeated. Helpless, Kara ordered Goblyn to bring Laura Dean back, and Laura shared her thoughts and history with Kara, revealing that she and Goblyn had a tragic history and now traded places while the other was in a pocket dimension. Goblyn chased Kara around the base, but stopped when she saw her crying. Alpha Flight burst in, ready to kill Goblyn, but Kara threw herself between them and Goblyn to save her. Goblyn submitted, hugging Kara tight.

(Alpha Flight I#55 (fb) - BTS) - Goblyn and Laura Dean joined Gamma Flight.

(Alpha Flight I#55) - Kara questioned Laura about her powers, and Laura confessed that she and Goblyn traded places in Liveworld. Laura interfaced with Kara again, and showed her the world inside of her, but Goblyn refused to let Kara pass. Later, the Great Beasts attacked, and Kara did her best to tend to a wounded Manikin during the fight. As Alpha Flight triumphed, they blasted into orbit.

(Alpha Flight I#56) - Jeffries shifted Box into a spaceship around the team to protect them in space, and Goblyn shifted Purple Girl and Laura to Liveworld within her mind to protect them.

(Alpha Flight I#57) - Kara remained in Liveworld until Laura sensed danger, then they swapped places with Goblyn again. Back on the Box spaceship, Kara was happy to see her team, especially Manikin, and Kara kept Laura's secrets. Alpha and Beta Flight landed on a foreign planet, where Jeffries made them all space suits. Aliens attacked and Kara tried to merge her mind with theirs, but she screamed and collapsed from the alien thought patterns. Goblyn saved Kara from getting harmed, then used growls and harmonics to communicate with the aliens. The heroes boarded the ship to head back toward home.

(Alpha Flight I#58) - Worried about making it back home, Kara was comforted by Manikin. When Goblyn appeared agitated, Kara read her mind and accidentally interfaced with Box as well, causing him to begin piloting the ship toward Liveworld instead of home. After crashing on Liveworld, the team saw that Vindicator might be injured, then Kara sensed that Goblyn (who had run off) and Laura Dean were in danger.

(Alpha Flight I#59) - On Liveworld, Alpha and Beta Flight faced the threat of the Dreamqueen and her warriors.

(Alpha Flight I#60) - Dreamqueen transported the heroes back to Earth, where they fought overwhelming numbers of dream warriors in China. Puck (now tall and old) and Jade Dragon got involved in the fight. Kara stayed mostly out of combat, worrying over Manikin. Kara was shocked to see Laura manifest the power to open dimensional gateways, and Puck pushed the Dreamqueen through one, though Puck was seemingly lost with her. The High Lama healed Vindicator.

(Alpha Flight I#61 (fb) - BTS) - Upon returning to Canada, Alpha and Beta Flight were summoned by the government and put on trial.

(Alpha Flight I#61) - As the trial continued, Kara wondered if they'd end up in prison. At a local pub, Kara ordered two guys away who were harassing Wanda Langkowski, who soon changed to Sasquatch to try and demand respect from the patrons there. When Langkowski changed to Sasquatch again in an attempt to draw money from the bank, Kara ordered her outside to avoid conflict. Kara then saw Langkowski seek out her former wife, Ronnie Langkowsi, but she slammed the door in her face.

(Alpha Flight I#62 (fb) ) - As Alpha Flight realized they needed to disband due to lack of funding, the media swarmed on them, and Kara ordered them to write that they would be nice repeatedly. As Manikin said he was leaving, Kara considered making him stay but changed her mind. Heartbroken, she said goodbye to Manikin, then told Jeffries she would miss him most of all. As she rode away, she was shocked to hear that Jeffries and Vindicator planned to marry. Kara took Laura and Goblyn home with her to live with her mom, and they soon got a telegram saying that Killgrave was dead. Melanie rejoiced. Kara later visited her father's grave, somehow wishing he could be alive again.

(Alpha Flight I#63) - Kara woke up with a terrible nightmare of her father emerging from a graveyard with a group of zombies under her control. Melanie comforted her, then suddenly Killgrave burst through the window, alive, flanked by zombies. Realizing his powers weren't working, Kara had Laura get Melanie to safety while Goblyn lashed out at the zombies. Killgrave kept going after Melanie, angry that she had rejected him in his former life. Kara felt conflicted about her father until he savagely attacked Goblyn, then she saw he was standing in gasoline, so she used tools to make a spark, and Killgrave was burned alive.

(Alpha Flight I#67 (fb) - BTS) - Kara and Melanie found the damages to their condo gone after the fight, and Kara wondered if the Dreamqueen was manipulating her.

(Alpha Flight I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Kara and Laura enrolled in school again, leaving Goblyn with Melanie throughout the day. The kids at school learned not to tease Kara, who wasn't afraid of using her powers to defend herself.

(Alpha Flight I#64) - Kara and Laura went to school, but Kara had to use her powers to get the bus driver to stop for them.

(Alpha Flight I#65 (fb) - BTS) - Kara and Laura kept going to school, where Goblyn would frequently follow them. Kara wrote to Heather.

(Alpha Flight I#65) - Kara was picked on by a local bully. Getting revenge, Kara made the bully dribble a basketball and then suck her sweaty socks until they were clean.

(Alpha Flight I#66) - Kara wrote a letter to Jeffries and Heather about her fight with her father.

(Alpha Flight I#67) - Heather and Jeffries called Kara, Laura, Goblyn, and Wanda back for a meeting to discuss the threat of the Dreamqueen, who then attacked them.

(Alpha Flight I#68) - Dreamqueen put the heroes to sleep and departed, then Elizabeth Twoyoungmen found them, telling the team that they needed to find Talisman (the new name for Shaman/Michael Twoyoungmen) to win. Kara joined the others in flying north to get Talisman, then they returned to Toronto. Dreamqueen forced Sasquatch to attack the others, and Wanda punched Kara, immune to her powers. In the end, Sasquatch was changed back to his male form, Walter.

(Alpha Flight I#69) - Alpha Flight prepared for war against the Dreamqueen, and Purple Girl was told to try her powers on the villainess, told to order her through a portal when Talisman (now the name being used by Elizabeth Twoyoungmen again) opened it. After their ship crashed, Alpha Flight was attacked by the Dreamqueen's demons, and Shaman narrowly saved Kara from being killed by one who had posed as her father. The demon poisoned Kara, making her feverous, and Shaman put her to sleep. Alpha Flight left her behind as they passed through a portal Laura made to fight the Dreamqueen.

(Alpha Flight I#70) - Kara woke up in the mall by herself and realized she'd been left behind.

(Alpha Flight I#71 (fb) ) - Alpha Flight returned to get Kara hours later, and she was hurt and furious with them. She chose to quit the team and return home to her mom, wanting a normal life. Laura and Goblyn went with them.

(Alpha Flight I#81 (fb) - BTS) - Kara grew bored over the following months, and realized she didn't really fit in with her peers.

(Alpha Flight I#81) - Kara tried on a new outfit, one that embraced her being purple, and asked Laura to retrieve Goblyn from Liveworld to see it. Suddenly, the three of them saw the Spirit of Time and Space appear in their room, sent by Talisman to retrieve them. The Spirit transported them to Aurora, and Kara revealed her new codename was Persuasion. The Spirit then sent the group to Alfheim to find Northstar, where they were swiftly surrounded by trolls.

(Alpha Flight I#82) - Persuasion, acting as leader of the foursome, learned that Aurora had no powers, so she used hers to take over the trolls and question them about the Cat Elves, though her powers soon wore off. Laura used warp gates to get the trolls away. They soon found the Cat Elves, who reported that Northstar had been taken or killed by the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. Laura opened a portal and the group found Dark Elves, working for Llan the Sorcerer, ready to kill Northstar. Kara used her powers to make the Dark Elves fight each other, then they escaped through Talisman's portal back to Earth.

(Alpha Flight I#83) - Kara watched as Shaman gave Talisman a potion to send her mind to another realm in the battle with Llan.

(Alpha Flight I#85) - Persuasion joined up with Alpha Flight in Edmonton and rejoined the team, alongside Box, Vindicator, Talisman, Shaman, Sasquatch, Laura Dean, Goblyn, Aurora, and Diamond Lil, but Northstar refused. They moved on to battle Llan's forces alongside Gamma Flight (Auric, Nemesis, Silver, Wild Child, Witchfire). During the following battle, Kara was briefly blinded by Northstar and Aurora's powers activating, and she felt overwhelmed by the numbers of villains, unable to focus her powers.

(Alpha Flight I#86) - Persuasion used her powers for hours as she controlled some of Llan's soldiers, and she felt her voice giving out. After Llan was defeated, Alpha Flight met to discuss their future.

(Alpha Flight I#87 (fb) ) - Persuasion sat with Alpha and Gamma Flight as Vindicator sought to reform the team without government control in a set of hearings with General Clarke.

(Alpha Flight I#87) - Persuasion joined the other heroes in helping stop a rogue Wild Child; his mind, more animal than man, was resistant to Kara's control, and he tossed Silver into her before being stopped. The team worked together to track Wild Child, and soon met Wolverine.

(Alpha Flight I#88) - The team apprehended Wild Child, but Laura was badly wounded by him.

(Alpha Flight I#89) - Kara took her mother, Melanie, and Northstar to visit Laura Dean in the hospital. Dr. Giloski said Laura needed blood, but he couldn't use Kara's, then Laura's parents (Darby and Susan) entered.

(Alpha Flight I#90) - At the hospital, they gathered to wait for news on Laura's surgery, and Guardian (Mac Hudson, the founder of Alpha Flight) was revealed to be alive. Later, they announced a 13-member new Alpha Flight team, with Persuasion among them.

(Alpha Flight I#91) - Kara kept watch over Laura, who was now in a coma, and she thought of her own mortality. Kara heard Heather tell the Deans that Alpha Flight would be seeking custody of Laura and Goblyn.

(Alpha Flight I#95) - Heather and Puck put Kara through a tough workout, wanting her to become more physically fit, as they considered placing her on Beta Flight. Later, in front of their new government liaison Kerry Patrick, Heather divided the teams into Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flight, and Kara was annoyed to be on the Beta team, in training.

(Alpha Flight I#97) - Kara saw Laura Dean awaken, then she rushed to get Shaman. Later, she heard the doctors provide an update on Laura to the Deans.

(Alpha Flight I#98) - Kara was nearly sent into action by Alpha Flight, but just then Laura called out that Goblyn needed help, and teleported the group to find Goblyn.

(Alpha Flight I#109/2 (fb) - BTS) - Persuasion spent weeks in Liveworld with Laura, Goblyn, the Deans, and Witchfire, battling and evading the forces of the Dreamqueen.

(Alpha Flight I#109/2) - Laura opened a portal back to Earth, where Windshear blasted the demons of the Dreamqueen back into Liveworld as the portal closed. He scolded the team for bringing danger to Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight I#110) - Kara went out with Witchfire, Manikin, Goblyn, and Laura and they stopped a mugging, with Kara taking over the muggers' minds. While complaining about Windshear's scolding, Kara lost focus and a mugger punched her, but Manikin saved her. Soon, they were attacked by the villain Firebug.

(Alpha Flight I#111) - As the team held off Firebug, Windshear flew in to scold them, then Mad Dog attacked, but they managed to defeat them both. When Windshear kept complaining, Kara took over his mind to shut him up. Just then, Omega Flight attacked.

(Alpha Flight I#112) - Kara controlled Windshear against Miss Mass, then she panicked when Bile reached toward her with his death touch, but Highbrow teleported her out of the way just in time. Kara then commanded Bile to go after his teammates instead. The Master of the World attacked, with the alien Sk'ar, and Beta Flight was briefly defeated. Later, they were summoned by Talisman back to Alpha Flight headquarters, where they received new uniforms.

(Alpha Flight I#114) - When the chief of police called for Alpha Flight's help after hostages were taken at the Houghton Chemical Research Facility in Sudbury, Beta Flight responded, and the chief yelled at them until Persuasion took over his mind to silence him, making Manikin trust her less. Laura, now using the name Pathway, opened a portal into the building (through dimensions first) and Laura found herself realizing she enjoyed controlling people, and she hoped she wasn't on a path to villainy. The Jackal attacked, and Knapp was badly wounded. Witchfire defeated Jackal.

(Alpha Flight I#115) - Kara sat at Manikin's bedside, worrying over him, even after they got him to a hospital.

(Alpha Flight I#116) - Persuasion worried as Witchfire sought a spell to heal Manikin.

(Alpha Flight I#119 (fb) - BTS) - Manikin entered a strange cocoon as Kara kept watch.

(Alpha Flight I#119) - An Alpha Flight call went out, but Kara told Heather (now using the name Guardian) that she was too worried about Manikin to go into combat. Later, Kara was knocked out when anti-mutant bigots stormed the headquarters, but they were soon defeated.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#2) - Persuasion was one of the many heroes invited to Monster Island by the Infinity Watch. Drax warned her of a purple-people-eater (a tale told to him by Pip). Persuasion enjoyed her time swimming at a waterfall.

(Alpha Flight I#122) - Kara underwent a training exercise with Pathway, Goblyn, new ally Wyre, and Witchfire before Guardian broke it up. When most of Alpha Flight disappeared and the Avengers sent out a distress call, Kara was frustrated that Beta Flight was left on standby. Witchfire, giving in to her dark side, then attacked, and Kara fell unconscious.

(Alpha Flight I#126/2) - Beta Flight, with new member Feedback, watched a report on Canada's superhuman registration act.

(Alpha Flight I#130) - Kara was present with the rest of Alpha and Beta Flight when General Clarke suspended the team permanently.

(Weapon X II#5 (see comments)/X-Men: The 198 Files#1 (fb) - BTS) - Kara was briefly held in Weapon X's mutant concentration camp Neverland. She somehow survived.

(X-Men: The 198 Files#1 (fb) - BTS) - She later was one of the around 200 mutants retaining her powers after M-Day.

(Marvel Digital Holiday Special#1/1) - Kara attended a Christmas party at the X-Men mansion.

(Alpha Flight IV#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Master of the World used a machine to take mental control of Kara and others in a plot to defeat Alpha Flight and take over Canada.

(Alpha Flight IV#0.1 (fb) - BTS) - Using the name Purple Woman, Kara teamed up with Citadel to stop the election of Gary Cody in Canada.

(Alpha Flight IV#0.1) - While Citadel distracted Alpha Flight, Kara went to Am-Can and stole a briefcase with election data, claiming it was rigged. Armed, she took control of the security forces outside and ordered them to open fire on Guardian and Northstar. She then ordered a group of civilians, including Kyle Jinadu, to climb over each other to form one massive body to fight the heroes, but she was soon taken down by Snowbird, who changed forms repeatedly to avoid mind control.

(Alpha Flight IV#2) - Northstar visited Purple Woman, who was kept in captivity next to Citadel.

(Alpha Flight IV#3) - Agent Jeff Brown released Citadel and Purple Woman from their cells informing them that Alpha Flight had been dissolved, and they were being forced to join their replacement team, Alpha Strike. Brown zapped Citadel with electricity while Purple Woman cowered.

(Alpha Flight IV#4) - The Master of the World assembled Alpha Strike, including Purple Woman, Citadel, and a Wendigo, as well as Kyle Jinadu, and baby Claire Hudson.

(Alpha Flight IV#5) - Vindicator (under the Master's control) joined Alpha Strike. When Aurora arrived saying she would turn against Alpha Flight if they helped burn her other personality, Jeanne-Marie; Kara took control of Aurora to calm her.

(Alpha Flight IV#6) - After Kyle appeared on a program in Edmonton, Kara forced the talk show host, Blake, to fetch her a coffee. When Alpha Flight attacked, Kara put herself on camera and told everyone viewing the live television show to obey her. Kara was shocked to see Citadel put Kyle in danger during the following fight, but Citadel informed her that Kyle was now considered expendable. Alpha Flight soon retreated.

(Alpha Flight IV#7) - Alpha Strike, now with member Aurora, attacked Alpha Flight. During the battle, Purple Woman tried taking over Shaman, ordering him to kill Snowbird, but he used his astral form to override her powers and contained her.

(Alpha Flight IV#8) - Kara remained bound while the fight between Alpha Flight and Alpha Strike finished. In time, Alpha Strike was freed from the control of the Master of the World.

(Cable and X-Force I#9 (fb) - BTS) - Kara was incarcerated. She began learning about other half-siblings she had from her father's control of others.

(Cable and X-Force I#9) - Hope Summers visited Purple Woman in the penitentiary, then walked away after mimicking Kara's powers.


(Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter#1 (fb) - BTS) - Kara got out of jail and moved to New York City, where she got a job as a waitress at Dany's Restaurant.

(Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter#6 (fb) - BTS) - Kara was contacted by several of her half-siblings, including Connor, Jaime, Joe, and Shailah, who were seeking to help their half-brother Benjamin keep Zebediah Killgrave in a medically-induced coma. Kara agreed to help them, believing Benjamin was keeping Killgrave off the streets.

(Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter#1) - Jessica Jones found Kara at the restaurant and punched her in the jaw, threw her against the wall, and then dropped her in the river, where Jessica choked her. Jessica pulled her out of the water at the last moment, then she demanded intel on Purple Man. Kara claimed to believe her father was dead, but she was sympathetic when Jessica described how her own daughter had developed purple skin recently. Sympathizing, Kara recommended that Jessica investigate the Purple Children.

(Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter#2) - Seeking to help Jessica, Kara referred her to a support group of Purple Man victims who might give her clues to Kara's father's whereabouts.

(Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter#3) - Kara, being controlled by Benjamin, attacked Jessica with a syringe full of a drug, but Jessica easily fought Kara off with her super-strength, breaking Kara's arm in the process.

(Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter#6) - Kara joined the Purple Kid's in storming Benjamin's home, and they used their collective powers to take over the mind of Killgrave to keep him comatose. Benjamin escaped, as Jessica helped settle affairs with her husband, Luke Cage.

(Uncanny X-Men V#17) - When Wolfsbane was murdered, Purple Woman was among the mutants who attended her funeral.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, David Ross, and Whilce Portacio.

Persuasion had a pin-up in Marvel Swimsuit Special#2. Despite her strong connections to her father, Kara has never had any real interactions with the Purple Man. He attacked in zombie form once, he sought her out in X-Man#34-36 (in which Kara never appeared), and he was in a coma the last time.

There is a woman in Weapon X II#5 (March, 2003) on the flight to Neverland that had Kara's handbook '89 hairstyle, but I am not 100% sure it was her. The 198 Files' reveal probably referred to this issue.
--Markus Raymond

Main & head shot added by Markus Raymond. Baby image added by Loki.

Kara has a handbook profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#5 (November, 1989).

This profile was completed 11/11/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Chadman.

Purple Woman has no known connections to:

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