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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, possible mutant

Occupation: Unknown

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Beta Flight (Laura Dean, Goblyn, Manikin, Persuasion, Witchfire), Windshear

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Toronto, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#110 (July, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Firebug can produce spontaneous and controlled combustion. The combustion generates flames and explosions. During the explosion and in the following seconds, Firebug's body was split into component parts, probably gaseous. Once he gathered himself he was ready to explode again. Apparently immune to heat and fire.

head shotHistory: (Alpha Flight I#110) - Conditioned from the arrival of the malevolent Ska'rs, the population of Toronto became violent, angry, twisted, and their animal and homicidal instincts grew. In that moment, Firebug was in a bar where he started a brawl. Firebug had his body explode, destroying the location and killing some people. Firebug reformed his body outside and found the members of Beta Flight staring at him, surprised from the explosion that barely missed them.

(Alpha Flight I#111) - Firebug exploded again. Witchfire managed to defend her comrades and herself using magic shields. Firebug increased the force of his explosions and could have succeeded in breaking the shields if he had not been entrapped by Witchfire. She kept his component parts separated, so he could not form a cohesive thought. But Mad Dog's attack and Windshear's interference distracted Witchfire so Firebug was able to explode again. In the same moment, Windshear shot a strong pulse of solid-air dispersing the criminal form and killing him.

(Alpha Flight I#112) - The Master of the World gathered some of Firebug's molecules and absorbed them into his armor. He used that power against Beta Flight generating a great explosion. They were knocked down, and only Witchfire's magical shields prevented them to be killed.



Comments: Created by Simon Furman (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils) and Chris Ivy/Bruce Patterson (inks).

    Firebug was a nickname invented by Witchfire and was later used by the Master of the World, too.
Nothing in the issues says if his powers were of mutant origin or something else. The white strip on his hair (see also Rogue and X-Man) could be a hint to deduce he was a mutant? Not enough to say it. --Spidermay

Profile by Spidermay.

Firebug has no known connections to

Alpha Flight I#111, p12, pan3 (Firebug)
Alpha Flight I#110, p21, pan5 (Firebug, head shot)

Alpha Flight I#110 (July, 1992) - Simon Furman (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), Chris Ivy & Bruce D. Patterson (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)
Alpha Flight I#111-112 (August-September, 1992) - Simon Furman (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils), Bruce D. Patterson (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

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