Real Name: Hunk Hondo

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era)

Occupation: Cattle rustler

Group Membership: Led his own gang

Affiliations: Smasher, other members of his gang

Enemies: Seth Perkins, Two-Gun Kid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A silver mine outside of Tombstone, Arizona, late 19th century

First Appearance: Two-Gun Kid#68 (March, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: As the Purple Phantom, Hunk Hondo wore a costume which had been dyed with phosphorescent paint, creating an eerie purple glow in the dark. By wrapping the underside of his cape over his body, he could seem to disappear, like a ghost. He also wielded a pair of six-guns.

History: (Two-Gun Kid#68 (fb) - BTS) - Hunk Hondo was a cattle rustler who moved in on a worthless silver mine owned by Seth Perkins so that he could tunnel into a hidden valley through the mine, and hide the cattle he and his men rustled inside the valley. Hondo assumed the identity of the Purple Phantom to perform his rustlings.

(Two-Gun Kid#68) - The Purple Phantom was interrupted during one of his raids by the Two-Gun Kid, but managed to overcome him using his costume's tricks, and escaped. By this time, Seth Perkins had hired Matt Hawk as his lawyer, and Hawk confronted Hondo with a promise of legal trouble, but Hondo had Smasher drive him off.

Hawk soon returned as the Two-Gun Kid and interrogated Hondo's men, but learned nothing of Hondo's plan from them. After another raid by the Purple Phantom left a rancher wounded, the Two-Gun Kid returned to the mine, and discovered the passageway to the hidden valley with all of the stolen cattle. The Purple Phantom was already there, and began a gunfight with the Kid, finally leading back into the mine. When the Kid saw through the Phantom's tricks, Hondo ran blindly into the mine, knocking over a support beam that crushed him. The Two-Gun Kid pulled him out, unmasked him as Hondo, then turned him over to the law.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Dick Ayers.

Smasher's real name was revealed in Purple Phantom's profile in OHotMU A-Z HC#9.

Profile by Prime Eternal

The Purple Phantom should not be confused with:


Smasher (Luke Buffington) was one of the Purple Phantom's men, and was particularly strong. Hondo had him rough up Matt Hawk, but after the Two-Gun Kid beat him up, he became less arrogant.

--Two-Gun Kid#68


Seth Perkins was the owner of a worthless silver mine which Hunk Hondo took over illegally. He hired Matt Hawk as his lawyer to drive Hondo off. When Hawk captured Hondo as the Two-Gun Kid, he collected the $1,000 reward for captuing the Purple Phantom, then gave it to Perkins.

--Two-Gun Kid#68

Images taken from:
Two-Gun Kid#68, cover
Two-Gun Kid#68, page 7, panel 2
Smasher- Two-Gun Kid#68, page 7, panel 4
Seth- Two-Gun Kid#68, page 6, panel 5

Two-Gun Kid#68 (March, 1964) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Dick Ayers (artist)

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