General Jeremy Clarke


Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human (Canadian citizen)

Occupation: Canadian Military Liaison to Alpha Flight, Canadian Government official

Group Membership: Department H, Department K

Affiliations: Alpha Flight, Canadian Government, Epsilons, Manbot, G.W. Bridge (S.H.I.E.L.D.), Weapon P.R.I.M.E. (Double Trouble, Killspree, Tigestryke, Yeti)

Enemies: Alpha Flight, Cable, Sasquatch (creature mistaken for Walter Langkowski), sasquatch race, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Jeremy Clarke

Base of Operations: Department H Headquarters outside Toronto, Canada;
   formerly Department K, Newfoundland, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#87 (August, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: General Clarke was a self-confident normal human who had military training from the Canadian military. He was a devious manipulator and a strategist, seeking power for himself and coercion over others. He was aware of various potent machinery and devices gathered by Department H and had few qualms about using them. He had very few concerns about using others to achieve his own aims.  He also commanded the Epsilon guards to help in his schemes.

Clarke speaks to Parliament History:

(Alpha Flight#-1) - The man calling himself Jeremy Clarke served in the Canadian Military, reaching the rank of Major, and joined the newly created and government-funded Department H which had been formed to study the advancement of superhuman development and scientific research. He was the head project manager of a top secret construction site building a cosmic ray collector in the city of Orloo which was shut down by protest from James Hudson who did not think this was a safe and sound idea and may pose a great danger. Being only a temporary setback, Clarke once again began construction and rushed to complete the task. Once the cosmic ray collector was finished, he ordered it to be activated to test its ability to harness cosmic radiation. During the test, the cosmic ray collector began to malfunction and was unable to be shut down. Jeremy Clarke contacted Department H for assistance as the "collector" began to overload and threatened to destroy the city in a tremendous explosion. Weapon X and James Hudson arrived and soon after the cosmic ray collector was forcibly shut down with the aid of a worksite employee, Eugene Judd (Puck).

(Alpha Flight II#1 (fb)) - During the early beginnings of Department H, he along with government liaison Gary Cody monitored a training session between Weapon X and James Hudson. The training went completely wrong and Weapon X in a berserk frenzy viciously wounded James Hudson. Jeremy Clarke approached the mortally wounded Hudson and told him to sign a waiver contract in order for Department H to save his life. This contract enabled Department H access to his DNA for the Prometheus Division that, in the years to come, created a clone of him.

(Alpha Flight I#92 (fb)) - Jeremy Clarke now held the rank of General. He held a meeting with Gary Cody, Major Chasen and James Hudson and spoke on behalf of Department H. Clarke tried to convince Guardian of the need to implant biochip technology from the Roxxon Corporation into the bodies of Alpha Flight members. General Clarke and the Canadian Government thought that the use of biochips would enable Alpha Flight to better communicate while out in the field. Later, General Clarke canceled the contract with Roxxon after Alpha Flight unanimously turned down the procedure but years later, Department H invented its own versions of biochip technology.

(Alpha Flight I#87) - General Clarke attended a parlimentary hearing in Ottawa in regard to reinstating Alpha Flight as Canada's protectors backed by government funding. During the course of the hearing, it was revealed that he gave a temporary operating license to some Alpha Flight members in order for them to locate the missing Puck which excused them the proceedings. A new Department H was formed and Alpha Flight was once again back in operation with General Clarke as their military liaison.

(Alpha Flight I#91) - General Clarke met with Latveria's ruler, Victor Von Doom, to discuss his need for protection against a militant terrorist faction called the Latverian Liberation Front during a diplomatic visit to Canada in order to make a treaty which would provide fresh water to his nation. General Clarke assigned Alpha Flight as his bodyguards.

(Alpha Flight I#97) - He took Guardian and Vindicator on a tour of the new Headquarters of Department H located outside the city of Toronto. During the tour, he called Kerry Patrick a "bureaucratic butthead" in regards to running Alpha Flight as their Liaison.

(Alpha Flight I#101) - Clarke went and met Heather Hudson at the grave site of her husband James with the Alpha Flight Liaison, Kerry Patrick, to offer his condolences and to tell her that the Prime Minister said that Alpha Flight has their country's unwavering support.

(Cable: Blood and Metal#1) - General Clark, under the auspices of the Canadian government, oversaw the creation of a new Weapon X, Kane. He met with the American SHIELD agent, G.W. Bridge, and showed him the new Weapon X. He sent Kane on a mission to hunt down Cable who SHIELD believed to be really the terrorist known as Stryfe who had committed various criminal acts throughout the world.

(X-Force I#10 - BTS) - General Clarke was revealed to be the head of Department K and its superhuman program.

(X-Force I#10) - General Clarke enlisted Rictor to join up with Weapon X (Kane),G.W. Bridge and Department K operatives, Weapon Prime (Tigerstryke and Yeti) to hunt down and capture the mutant Cable.

(Alpha Flight I#118) - The Canadian politician Robert Hagon proposed in parliament that his country should adopt an enforced registration of all super beings. This Act would legislate that all superhumans would have to register with the government and anyone who did not comply would, in effect, be committing a criminal act and be put in jail. General Clarke secretly, on Hagon’s side, sat in on the government proceedings. He was questioned by Heather Hudson about the nature of Weapon Omega and if he was still the uncontrollably crazed Wild Child. After further prodding, Clarke revealed the origin of Wild Child to her.

(Alpha Flight I#130) - By order of the Prime Minister, General Clarke informed Alpha Flight that it was to disband until the superpower registration issues had been resolved in parliament.

(Northstar I#1) - By order of the Canadian government, General Clarke sent his superhuman operatives, Weapon Prime from Department K to capture Northstar and return him for trial for treason for his alleged involvement in a terrorist bomb attack in a Quebec city bus station.

(Alpha Flight II#1 - BTS) - After heading up Department K, General Clarke convinced the Prime Minister and the Canadian Parliament that it was time for Canada to become a major player in the superhero arms race. He was appointed as head of operations at Department H, reactivating its superhuman research and development wing, and began to reactivate Alpha Flight. He sent a squad of Epsilons to capture the Sasquatch that had been sighted in the North Thompson River area of British Columbia, assuming the creature to be Walter Langkowski. None of the former Alpha Flight members were contacted so he recruited Guardian (actually a clone of James Hudson), Madison Jeffries and three new members: Radius, Flex and Murmur.

(Alpha Flight II#1) - He sent three Epsilons to capture Heather Hudson and Eugene Judd from a café where they were meeting and had them abducted against their will. After the two former Alphans awoke, General Clarke apologized to them about doing this but they were needed to stop a group of terrorists who were threatening to deploy a chemical weapon on the city of Vancouver. They reluctantly agreed to join and Heather was given a new Vindicator suit. The two were then introduced to the rest of the team. Alpha Flight returned from the mission, which went badly with Madison Jeffries being captured by the Zodiac. Heather and Puck approached General Clarke, telling him that they were going off to find Madison on their own and planned on not returning to Department H. As they turned to leave, General Clarke activated an alarm and alerted some Epsilons to recapture them when they exited the building. Once they had been captured, he oversaw that their memories of the events were altered before returning them to the team.

(Alpha Flight II#2) - During the middle of the night, Clarke summoned Alpha Flight to deal with an unauthorized intruder. The next night, he did so again and they all individually fought semi-organic synthoids of the Master of the World to test their abilities and teamwork. Later that day, he attended a meeting with his superior, the mysterious Director X and his various department heads, Doctor Huxley, Lt. Oculus and coordinator Proctor about their project results. General Clarke discussed the possibility of cloning Heather Hudson and getting rid of her because she was going to be trouble and posed a threat to the mandates and secrets of Department H.

(Alpha Flight II#3) - The city of Orloo was mysteriously being attacked by ferocious winds and he sent the senior members of Alpha Flight to investigate as the winds were centered on the old Cosmic Ray Collector site that Department H had built years ago.

(Alpha Flight II#4) - After battling the former hero known as Chinook at the Cosmic Ray Collector, General Clarke sent the Senior members of Alpha Flight to find the AWOL rookies and return them back to Department H.

(Alpha Flight II#5) - General Clarke video conferenced with Dr. Myra Haddock to check on her latest research with the Prometheus Pit.

Clarke and Vindicator in the reactor

(Alpha Flight II#6) - General Clarke sent Puck on a mission to find Sasquatch who had escaped his confinement and left Department H headed west. Tracking Puck, he along with a squad of Epsilons recaptured the creature and also stunned Puck. The two Alphans were returned to Department H and he informed Kenyon, one of the Epsilon soldiers, that they saw nothing in regards to the other sasquatch creatures present at the North Thompson River.

(Alpha Flight II#7) - After returning back to Department H, General Clarke saw to it that Puck’s memories were erased of the incident and returned him back to his quarters and the rest of Alpha Flight. He later paid a visit to the monitor bay and informed his men therein to pay better attention to their tasks and to report anything and everything that Alpha Flight did or said directly to him. He left and checked in on the Gamma Flight wing to check on the scientists results regarding Department H's top secret superhuman subjects. Puck and Vindicator interrupted the proceedings and he turned them away, telling them that they were not authorized to be there. He summoned the rest of Alpha Flight to talk about reopening the Weapon X files.

(Alpha Flight II#8) - After the meeting, he set up a training session for Alpha Flight against a series of Wolverine synthoids. Heather Hudson refused to partake in the affair and objected to hunting down her old friend. General Clarke then initiated a mind-wiping session against her and implanted the rest of Alpha Flight with false memories and lied to them about Wolverine being wanted for the murder of Madison Jeffries. He sent them on a mission to bring Weapon X (Wolverine) back to Canada to stand trial.

(Alpha Flight II#9/Uncanny X-Men I#355) - General Clarke patched into Manbot’s ocular cameras and watched as Alpha Flight battled Wolverine and the X-Men. He was urgently called away to deal with the newly arrived Legacy mutant from Hull House, Lili, who was freaking out about wanting to leave and return to the orphanage. He calmly convinced the girl that she was free to leave and told her that he would have her tattoo ID removed and gave her a sedative. He sent her away and she was mind-wiped of the incident. He returned once again to monitor Alpha Flight. The battle with Wolverine ended and he grew furious that Alpha Flight decided to let him go after realizing that they had been lied to.

Clarke gets fried in the reactor

(Alpha Flight II#10) - When Alpha Flight returned from the mission, Heather Hudson confronted General Clarke about being lied to and sent to capture Wolverine under false pretense. She accused him of manipulating their memories and messing with their minds. He responded by saying that his information was not from a valid source and came from SHIELD and that he too was angry after learning the truth. He then told her that their next missions were to capture the other Weapon X fugitives, Kane and Deadpool. Heather again refused to go on any more missions and he reminded her that if she did not comply, it could be regarded as treason because she had signed a contract with Department H. He later contacted Myra Haddock and threatened to cancel her funding for the Prometheus Division to convince her to help get rid of Alpha Flight by sending them into the Microverse.

(Alpha Flight II#11) - General Clarke had a quick meeting with Director X who informed him about a number of boundary violations that he had made recently and that any changes could greatly upset the balance of power which could lead to catastrophic results. He ordered General Clarke to take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation. General Clarke replied to the Director that he was taking steps even as they spoke.

(Alpha Flight II#12) - The Zodiac attacked Department H while Alpha Flight was absent and sabotaged the nuclear reactor that powered the building. Donning a radiation suit, General Clarke tried to stop the meltdown and was interrupted by Vindicator who had just arrived back from the Microverse to find the place in total chaos. General Clarke informed her of the dire need to deactivate the reactor core and convinced her to assist him. Deep within the reactor core, the radiation started to become too strong and he yelled to Vindicator to absorb the excess energy with her suit so that the core would not overheat and explode. The energy began to build and he screamed out in agony and seemingly perished as Vindicator successfully absorbed the nuclear radiation with the reactor returning to normal.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Michael Bair (pencils) and Mike Manley (inks).

It has been stated in Alpha Flight Vol.1 that General Jeremy Clark was not his real name. He had many secrets that have yet to be revealed and unfortunately since he is now dead, they will probably remain that way. It is also possible he may not really be dead as his body was not shown to be recovered from the nuclear reactor. He may have been involved with the Zodiac as they seemed to appear conveniently to attack Department H while they were away in the Microverse. Maybe they were able to teleport him away just before his supposed death. Maybe he schemed with the Zodiac to kill off Director X so that he could assume this position of power and take over the whole of Department H.

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Alpha Flight II#9, p1, panel 1 (striding forward)
Alpha Flight I#87, p22, panel 1 (speaking to parliament)
Alpha Flight II#12, p30, pan5 (Clarke being lifted by Vindicator)
Alpha Flight II#12, p32, panel 5 (Clarke gets fried in the nuclear reactor)

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