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Real Name: Arlette Truffaut

Identity/Class: Human mutant (depowered)

Occupation: Unknown;
            formerly adventurer

Group Membership: Alpha Flight (Flex/Adrian Corbo, Ghost Girl/Lilli Stephens, Guardian/synthoid duplicate of James Hudson, Madison Jeffries, Manbot/Bernie Lachenay, Puck/Eugene Milton Judd, Radius/Jared Corbo, Sasquatch, Sunfire/Shiro Yoshida, Vindicator/Heather Hudson)

Affiliations: Big Hero 6 (Baymax, Gogo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Silver Samurai/Kenuichio Harada, Sunfire/Shiro Yoshida, Hiro Takachiho), General Clarke, Department H employees (Alex Gentry, Myra Haddock, Dr. Huxley, Basil Kilgrew, Microns (Bug, Dexam, Mari, Commander Arcturus Rann), Nurse Langford, Lieutenant Oculus, Coordinator Proctor, Chief Engineer Ko Bin Su and others), Diamond Lil (Lilian Crawley), Hull House Orphanage (Mrs. Beatrice DeLaSalle and others), Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagor Boltagon, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Triton)

Enemies: Baron Zebek, Chinook, Mesmero ("Vincent"), Sauron (Karl Lykos), Weapon X, Wolverine synthoids, X-Men (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Maggott/Japheth, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Zodiac (Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Ecliptic, Gemini/Madison Jeffries, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo)

Known Relatives: Francois Truffaut (alleged father, deceased), unnamed mother

Aliases: "Little tramp" (nickname used by Vindicator)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
            formerly Department H

First Appearance: Alpha Flight II#1 (August, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Murmur has superhuman abilities. Before M-Day she had the mutant power of suggestion. Anyone she touched with her bare skin became unusually receptive to her requests, usually phrased in one worded commands such as "sleep", "sit", or even "courage". The people she touched remained in her thrall for an unspecified amount of time. To make another request or cancel a previous order, Murmur had to touch them again. Her powers could even invoke normally involuntary bodily responses, such as falling asleep, or even death. Unusually strong willed people were able to resist her suggestions, including fellow mind controllers such as Mesmero. Eager to prove herself as a hero, Murmur wanted to be where the action was, often ignoring caution or direct orders. Vain, shallow and self-centered, Murmur seems obsessed with her beauty and wasn't afraid to use her looks to flirt with as many men as possible. The fact her power was essential in keeping fellow member Sasquatch (the actual beast instead of the long time Alphan) in check only added to her sense of superiority. Murmur speaks with a heavy French accent.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black


(Alpha Flight II#7 (fb) ) - Arlette Truffaut believed herself to be the daughter of famous French director Francois Truffaut who had a passionate encounter with her mother, a house cleaner, which left her pregnant with Arlette. She left her infant daugher to the Hull House orphanage in the city of Orloo, while she went off to look for her lover Francois. Murmur's mother never returned.

(Alpha Flight II#4 (fb) ) - Murmur was raised at Hull House, along with her future fellow Alphans Flex and Radius. However, she was barely aware of the boys at the time, because of their age and disposition.

(Alpha Flight II#1 - BTS) - When her powers manifested, Arlette Truffaut was selected to join the new, Department H run Alpha Flight team. She started training with other new recruits like Flex, Manbot and Radius under their leader Guardian (a 19-year-old synthoid clone of the original James Hudson). Her mind control powers proved invaluable in restraining Sasquatch, who everyone believed was founding member Walter Langkowski but was actually a wild animal abducted from its home by the shadowy elements within Department H.

(Alpha Flight II#1) - Murmur met founding Alphans Puck and Vindicator (Heather Hudson) and, along with the other new recruits, started training for their first mission: to oppose a terrorist Quebec Seperatist movement, backed by Scorpio of the Zodiac. During one of the training sessions, Murmur dealt with Puck by telling him to go to sleep. A little too pleased with her win, she failed to see Radius coming towards her. He hit her in the face, much to her shock. Fearing he might have broken her nose, Arlette called her teammate a pig.

   After receiving a lead on the alleged Quebecan terrorists, Murmur and Alpha Flight went out on their first official mission. Ordered to keep the savage Sasquatch in check, the two tagged along with Puck, Flex and Vindicator who managed to uncover that the terrorist threat was merely a Zodiac ruse. Vindicator told Murmur to guard the captured terrorists with Sasquatch while the others engaged the Zodiac. Not content with being relegated to the role of nursemaid, Murmur locked the terrorists in a room and rushed to join the battle. However, she let go of Sasquatch who was overcome with bestial rage and attacked friend and foe alike. Redeeming herself somewhat, Murmur saved Manbot from being shot by Virgo when she ordered the Zodiac member to use her teleporter to transport to Paris. The battle ended with Zodiac teleporting away, taking Madison Jeffries with them.

(Alpha Flight II#2) - Awoken by an alarm in the middle of the night along with the rest of the team, Murmur made sure she looked good before going out to check what was going on. She joined her teammates just when it became clear the threat was the Master of the World (secretly a training robot). Facing their archnemesis on the roof of Department H's giant skyscraper headquarters, Puck figured they could use all the help they could get and ordered Murmur to retrieve Sasquatch from his pen. But the eager young recruit wasn't about to let herself be demoted to the role of nursemaid again. Ignoring her orders, she snuck up to the Master and managed to touch his face, ordering him to stop. When the villain froze dead in his tracks, Murmur boastfully told Puck she'd joined Alpha Flight to fight and win, only to realize the Master had tricked her. The Master casually threw Murmur off the building, but Vindicator was on hand to catch Arlette. By the time they were back to the roof, the Master had disappeared.

   Later that day, Murmur asked Radius if he wanted to train with her, but he rebuffed her avances, claiming to be too busy polishing his snowboard. When she suggested she could touch him and force Jared to cooperate, he laughed it off, claiming nothing could touch him through his forcefield, even if he wanted to be touched. Alpha Flight's next training session was interrupted by another intruder alert, this time expecting it to be the Master, the team split up to cover as much ground as possible. Every Alphan soon encountered their own Master of the World, tailor-made to be resistant to their particular powers. Murmur's Master was completely covered in metal, making it impossible to touch or control him. However, Murmur and the others led their foes to a central meeting hall where they decided to swap Masters. Quickly routing them, with Murmur finally able to control one, Alpha Flight was not amused to learn they'd actually been fighting Master robots as part of an extended combat drill.

(Alpha Flight II#3) - Murmur and the other new recruits were less than pleased when General Clarke decided they weren't accompanying the senior members of Alpha Flight on a mission to Orloo. Clarke figured they were still too untested and had them scheduled for more testing. Murmur took this opportunity to get close to her teammate Radius, even giving him a sensual back rub through his forcefield, much to the astonishment of Radius' younger brother Flex.

(Alpha Flight II#3 - BTS) - Radius and Flex discovered the mutant Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) was being kept in a seperate wing at Department H, where he was staying since he arrived in Canada to seek help in controlling his power. Watching the petulant Shiro throw a tantrum and scaring the scientists around him, Radius decided he liked him.

(Alpha Flight II#3) - Radius convinced Murmur and Flex to breakout Sunfire and take him on an unauthorized road trip by "borrowing" one of the new Department H hummers. Thinking it over, Arlette agreed to accompany the Corbo brothers. She even used her powers to convince the reluctant Sunfire to accompany them, as they drove off to Montreal for an evening of fun, all unaware that Department H security cameras had followed their every move. Stopping at a roadside diner called Food For Thought, they did not realize the mutant mind controller Mesmero was present and immediately ready to take over their minds.

(Alpha Flight II#4) - Unaware he was the supervillain Mesmero, Murmur and the others asked him why he was dressed like that. In response, he used his mesmerizing gaze on them. After he snatched Radius, Murmur touched him and ordered the far more experienced mind controller to sleep, only to find herself under his spell instead.

(Alpha Flight II#4 - BTS) - While Mesmero forced the Alphans and Sunfire to take jobs at the restaurant, General Clarke informed the senior Alpha Flight members that Murmur and the others had gone missing. Tracking the locator beacon inside the hummer Radius "borrowed", the team set out to look for their young teammates.

(Alpha Flight II#4) - Arriving at Food For Thought, Vindicator and Guardian, as the two most normal looking Alphans, decided to go in and look for the others. They were surprised to see Murmur working as a waitress, seemingly unaware of who they were, while still offending Heather by commenting it was nice to see a mother and son go out to eat together. When Heather spotted Flex in the kitchen chopping vegetables, while Sunfire used his plasma powers to grill burgers and Radius bussed tables with his forcefield, she knew something was wrong and tried to signal the others. Mesmero tried to prevent this by ordering his thralls to attack, even as the other members arrived.

   All the excitement got the feral Sasquatch overexcited, causing the creature to go on a rampage. Puck suggested to Vindicator to free Murmur, since she was the only one who could handle him. Seconds after that, Murmur jumped at her, hand stretched out and already barking her order: "die". Heather dodged the novice's attack, then held her back and put Murmur's hand on her face, forcing the girl to turn her power on herself by saying "remember". This restored her to normal, even as Vindicator fell prey to Mesmero. Murmur quickly freed Flex, Radius and Sunfire from Mesmero's spell, while the villain claimed Puck, Guardian and Sasquatch. Only Manbot proved impervious to his powers, much to Mesmero's surprise.

(Alpha Flight II#5) - Revelling in the chaos he caused, Mesmero had the other guests at the Food For Thought cafe join in, forcing them to start a food fight. As a result, Murmur was hit in the face with a banana cream pie, which deeply troubled her. Yet, she soldiered on, touching as many guests and forcing them to stop until she found herself chased by Sasquatch who was even wilder under Mesmero's control. She repeatedly tried to make the beast stop, only to get slammed through a table for her efforts. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she then tried to return Vindictor to normal, but Mesmero warned Heather right on time and hit Murmur with a wave of sulfurous ash. This demoralized Arlette so much, she broke down crying, only perking up after touching herself and telling herself to feel better.

   She used a similar approach to raise the spirits of Flex, who got hit in the face by Puck and was ready to give up. After telling him to have courage, she thought to herself this was perhaps the best way to run the entire team, only to face Mesmero, who told her how tired he was getting of her, ordered the customers under his thrall to kill her. When she effortlessly rid herself of them and even freed Vindicator and Puck, Mesmero had Guardian hold a knife to his own throat, threatening to have Alpha's leader kill himself if Murmur didn't use her powers to "convince" the others to rejoin them. However, Sasquatch stormed through and knocked the knife out of Guardian's hand, allowing Murmur to liberate his mind as well. Defeated, Mesmero simply disappeared.

(Alpha Flight II#6) - While Puck was off looking for Sasquatch who had broken out, Vindicator oversaw the training of Murmur and Radius. She noticed how Arlette got rebuffed by Jared when she tried to give him another backrub. He told the girl to leave him alone, claiming he didn't feel anything due to his forcefield anyway. When Heather tried to tell Arlette that starting a relationship with a fellow teammate was never a good thing, Murmur pointed out she'd be the last one to talk, after all Heather dated half of the old Alpha Flight and married the other.

(Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual '98) - When Canada was struck by a series of tidal waves, caused by tremors (generated by a baby Inhuman not yet in control of his Terrigen fueled elemental powers), Murmur and the rest of Alpha Flight tried their best to help out. Despite being helpful, Arlette couldn't help but complain about the fact her hair got wet. When Vindicator disappeared over the ocean while she tried to use her geothermic powersuit to determine the cause of the tremors, Alpha Flight searched tirelessly for her. However, after a few hours Murmur was starting to openly suggest Heather would probably have drowned by now. Part of her even hoped this was the case, because it allowed her free reign with Heather's former, rejuvenated husband James Hudson. However, Heather was found alive and well as a guest of the Inhumans. Later, Murmur, Alpha Flight and the Inhuman royal family teamed up to stop the giant-sized statue of Black Bolt's father Agon (also animated by the Inhuman infant) from tearing Attilan apart.

(Alpha Flight II#7) - Returning from a morning swim, Murmur made it a point to interrupt a discussion between Guardian and Vindicator. Flirtingly parading in her skimpy bathing suit, she asked Guardian if he could show her that special hold he showed her again. Promising to get to it during their next training, Guardian was then pulled away by Vindicator. Later that day during training, Murmur reminded Guardian of his promise, but he told her she still hadn't recovered enough from getting slammed around by Sasquatch during their fight with Mesmero. Disappointed, she later walked in on Flex and Radius who were busy trying to find out more about their birth parents online. Excited by the notion the computer could help her find her parents, she recounted her origin to Jared and Adrian who had a hard time believing the story. Radius cruelly commented he wouldn't need a computer to find Murmur's father, seeing as the French director Truffaut died years ago.

   Their discussion was cut short by the sudden appearance of a pink energy glob (a secret Department H creation used to keep Alpha Flight in check), that disappeared before they investigated it. Later, at lunch, it appeared again and abducted Radius despite his teammates' best efforts to stop it. The energy form dragged him to his room and left him there, confused, Murmur decided she needed some air. Outside, she ran into Guardian who confided in her how after his rejuvenation, he felt trapped in his old role and his old life (secretly, Guardian was a synthoid clone of the actual James Hudson). Sensing his desperation and loneliness, Murmur passionately kissed Guardian, just as Vindicator flew in to see him. Heather took off without being seen and even kept quiet later during General Clarke's briefing where Alpha Flight's next mission was revealed: taking down Weapon X (aka. Wolverine).

(Alpha Flight II#8) - In order to properly prepare themselves for bringing in Weapon X, Murmur and the others fought a number of Wolverine synthoids in Combat Centrale. Murmur was almost cut to pieces by a Wolverine when General Clarke turned the simulator to "kill or be killed" scenarios. She was saved by Puck who tossed another Wolverine on the claws of Murmur's assailant. The training came to an end when Vindicator angrily declared she refused to fight and kill dear friends. She also noticed how Murmur was doting over Guardian, who sustained a minor cut during the fight. Later, Murmur joined Flex, Guardian and Radius for their weekly medical tests. Flex insisted to Nurse Langford he had to go first because he had "stuff" to do. When he wouldn't tell Murmur what it was just yet, she told him he'd better tell her soon or else she might force him. Later still, she joined Clarke's official briefing in which he revealed the reason they needed to bring in Wolverine, by showing doctored footage of him killing missing Alphan Madison Jeffries.

(Alpha Flight II#9 - Uncanny X-Men I#355) - Using a special scanner designed to home in on Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton, Alpha Flight located their target on his motorcycle, en route to the nearest police station to drop off the chained and covered up villain Sauron (Karl Lykos), following his latest defeat. After being stopped by Alpha Flight, Wolverine sized up the new team, complimenting Murmur on her looks, before preparing to be on his way. After stopping Wolverine again, this time with considerably more force, Sauron attempted to make a run for it. Vindicator ordered Murmur to take Sasquatch and stop the still covered villain, which she did, albeit grudgingly. Just then, the X-Men arrived to help out their teammate. Murmur faced Maggott (Japheth) and his sentient slugs Eanie and Meanie. The creatures were ordered to take her down, but for some reason ignored their master and passed right by her. However, seeing these strange metal slugs brought back a long repressed childhood memory from her time at Hull House, causing her to collapse in fear. Murmur recovered to find out Cannonball and Flex had managed to broker a truce between the teams, leading to Alpha Flight realizing General Clarke had been lying to them.

(Alpha Flight II#10) - On the run from the corrupt forces with Department H, (come to light following the botched mission to retrieve Wolverine), Murmur and the others fled inside Dr. Myra Haddock's Prometheus Pit. The device served as a portal to the Microverse. Arriving in Ant Tica, they were quickly welcomed by a band of Shadow Priests who insisted they accompanied them to meet the local ruler, Baron Zebek.  Joining the Baron for dinner, the team also accompanied him to a gladiatoral combat between men and bugs. Later that night, Guardian became aware that Manbot had been kidnapped to serve as the latest gladiator, while the Baron's scientists were working on the Quarkarion, a device designed to explode quarks and directly aimed at Canada. When he rallied the team to right these wrongs, they were approached by Zebek's enemies, the Champions of the Microverse.

(Alpha Flight II#11) - Moments after meeting the Microverse Champions, the members of Alpha Flight found themselves surrounded by Zebek and his forces. The confrontation quickly turned into a firefight, during which Murmur tried to control as many enemy soldiers as she could. Still, with Zebek's seemingly endless number of troops, Arcturus Rann summoned the Champion's vessel Endeavor and together with Alpha Flight they made their escape. 

   After reaching a relatively safe spot, the Endeavor set down and the heroes started planning their next move. Impressed by Mari's comments on their current strategy, Murmur complimented her great intelligence and seemingly natural leadership abilities, calling it refreshing to see. However, a private discussion between Vindicator and Guardian soon drew Arlette's attention. Listening in, she overheard James Hudson confess to his ex-wife that he still had feelings for her, assuring her that the kissing incident with Murmur was forced on him.

   Infiltrating Zebek's base by pretending to be prisoners of the Shadowpriests, Murmur and Vindicator freed Manbot and then joined the others in instigating a full blown rebellion against Zebek and his rule. After making sure the Quarkarion was destroyed, they were ready to return, much to the relief of Murmur who was eager to escape all the hideous bugs. Just then, Manbot picked up a distress signal from Department H, which activated an automated retrieval sequence.

(Alpha Flight II#12) - After returning from the Microverse, it didn't take long for Alpha Flight to learn what had been destroying Department H: Their old foes the Zodiac had invaded the premises, secretly looking for the Nth Projector. Murmur was struck by a stray blast and left seriously injured. Rushed to the medical bay by Vindicator in critical condition, doctors managed to stabilize her just in time. Before Heather headed back out, Arlette thanked her romantic rival for saving her life.

(Alpha Flight II#13) - Guardian and Vindicator visited Murmur who was still in a coma in the Department H sickbay following the injuries she sustained during the Zodiac's invasion. Department H's level 13 employee Basil Kilgrew, disguised as one Dr. Jones, drew some of her blood.

(Alpha Flight II#14) - Still recovering from her injuries, Murmur attended the memorial service for Sasquatch (another victim of the Zodiac invasion) in a wheelchair.

(Alpha Flight II#15 - BTS) - Murmur's physical revalidation continued, making it impossible for her to join Alpha Flight in a rescue mission of a ghost ship near Newfoundland. This mission subsequently led to a confrontation against Puck's old nemesis the Brass Bishop (Benedicto de vica Severtes). Before the team left for Newfoundland, Department H's new operations manager Alex Gentry told Guardian he didn't feel he was holding up too well to the pressure of leading the team, citing Murmur's recent injuries as a prime example of this.

   Later that day at Department H, Murmur was in the middle of a particularly painful physical therapy session when she received a visit from Gentry. Conveniently falling into his arms, she used her powers to make him more cooperative. However, that did not prevent him from taking her off active duty, claiming he had studied her records and had found her lack of experience and knowledge of her powers was probably the reason she got injured in the first place. She begged him to reconsider, stating that she had nothing but Alpha Flight in her life and that taking it away would kill her.

(Alpha Flight II#16) - Murmur was stretching her legs and showing off the new costume she designed for herself when she ran into Alex Gentry. When she became annoyed at him for not liking her creation, Gentry gently revealed he had become aware of her messing with his mind and assured her that if she ever tried it again on him or anyone else in the program, she'd never rejoin Alpha Flight. He then introduced her to the second Beta Flight recruit and her fellow trainee Ghost Girl.

(Alpha Flight II#17 - BTS) - Still on inactive duty, Murmur wasn't allowed to accompany Alpha Flight as they teamed up with the Japanese superheroes of Big Hero 6 to battle a comic book monster come to life.

(Alpha Flight II#18) - Murmur and Ghost Girl were sitting in the team's Combat Centrale control booth, watching Radius work through a brutal training exercise he activated partly out of guilt over getting Sasquatch killed. His brother Flex was shocked to see the two girls sitting idly by while Radius was getting slapped around and rushed in to stop it. Afterwards, he told Arlette and Lily the real reason he had come to see them: He had learned through the adoption services and Department H's files that he and Radius had different fathers. The man who sired Jared was actually the supervillain Unus the Untouchable.

(Alpha Flight II#19) - After Alpha Flight's Omni-Jet was destroyed following a fight with the original team and Department H's Weapon X, the team's administrator Alex Gentry took Ghost Girl and Murmur to rendezvous and collect the two stranded Flights. On the way back, Murmur pointed out that the damaged Manbot looked like he was about to explode, before realizing that Department H's Doctor Huxley had been keeping sensitive information about Weapon X's secret. A mere touch forced him to confess his involvement and X's revenge plan: Detonating a massive bomb known as the Hellpounder.

(Alpha Flight II#20) - While trying to fight off Weapon X and disabling the Hellpounder, original Alphan Aurora suffered from another episode of schizophrenia, brought on in part due to her prior exposure to Weapon X's mind controlling bacteria. When Aurora broke free and flew off with Murmur, Arlette tried to calm her down, but her powers only affected one of Aurora's personalities. Thrown to the ground, Murmur was saved by Vindicator.

   The two Alpha teams managed to keep the Hellpounder from exploding underground where it would cause massive damage, instead opting to let it blow on the surface while Guardian used his force field to protect everyone from the blast. Fearing he might not be up for the task, Murmur touched Hudson and told him to be confident.

   Later still, the original Alpha Flight returned to active duty, but Alex Gentry told Murmur, Flex and Radius they were welcome to stay as well.

(Wolverine II#142 (fb) - BTS) - Not too long after the founding members of Alpha Flight returned, Murmur and the other new recruits were demoted to the newly founded Beta Flight, led by James Hudson's synthoid clone. After some initial misgivings, Beta Flight came together as a solid combat unit as well.

(House of M#8 - BTS) - Murmur was one of the victims of the Scarlet Witch's reality altering spell that reduced the millions of gene active mutants to less than 200 worldwide.

(New Avengers I#17 - BTS) - Murmur's mutant energies became part of the Collective and ended up killing Arlette's former teammates in Alpha Flight.

(New Avengers I#18 - BTS) - SHIELD analysed the Collective's multiple energy signatures and traced them back to Murmur and 50+ other former mutants who had all lost their powers on M-Day.

Comments: Created by Steve Seagle (writer), Scott Clark (pencils), Chris Carlson (inks).

Considering Radius was revealed to be fathered by Unus the Untouchable and the strong implications Wolverine was Flex's proud poppa, its interesting to speculate just who Murmur's real father is. Still, as fascinating as Steve Seagle tried to make her, hinting at all sorts of dark secrets buried in her past, it's hard not to consider Murmur as more than a poor woman's Purple Girl. They basically had identical powers, not to mention a flirty and at times bratty personality. The only thing that set Arlette apart from Kara Killgrave was not being grape colored... And the less said about that horrible French accent she stole from Pepé le Pew the better.

Still, for a superhero with an exceptionally modest track record, Murmur sure met a lot of interesting people. Big Hero 6, the Inhumans, the heroes of the Microverse... Oh, and Wolverine. But hey... everyone meets Wolverine. 

Profile by Norvo.

Murmur should not be confused with

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