Real Name: Kenuichio Harada

Identity/Class: Human mutant;
   Japanese citizen

Occupation: Oyabun of the Clan Yashida;
   formerly the captain of personal security for the Japanese prime minister, Hydra operative, government agent/leader of Big Hero Six, mercenary, criminal

Group Membership: Clan Yashida;
formerly Big Hero Six (Baymax, Gogo Tomago, Hiro Takachiho, Honey Lemon, Sunfire)

Affiliations: Alpha Flight (Flex/Adrian Corbo, Guardian/James Hudson clone, Manbot, Puck/Eugene Judd, Radius/Jared Corbo, Vindicator/Heather McNeil), Bitterhorn, Black Spectre, Blindspot, Boomerang (Fred Myers), Callisto, Captain Tai, Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Archie Corrigan, Deke, Elektra (Elektra Natchios), Ernie, Fenris Twins (Andrea Strucker, Andreas Strucker), Frank, Freddie, Gino, the Hand, Harry, Honjo, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Hydra (Agent King, Agent Zalman), Joe, Amiko Kobayashi, Kuroda, Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko Oyama), Lockheed, J.B. Lu-Shi, Mandrill (Jerome Beechman), Masamune, Maverick (Christoph Nord), Lindsay McCabe, Mephisto, Muramasa, Hideki Nagoda, Nekra (Nekra Sinclair), New Mutants (Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Mirage/Danielle Moonstar), Niyorin, O’Donnell, Mr. Oshima, Kitty Pryde, Puff, Dr. Redford, Sammy, Santahori, Skaar, Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida), Superintendent Roshi, Ishiro Tagara, Mrs. Takachiho, Uchio Tanaka, Tomi, Viper (Madame Hydra/Ophelia Sarkissian), Warpath (James Proudstar), X-Men (Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Daken/Akihiro, Surge/Noriko Ashida), Yakuza (Nabatone Yokuse, others), Yohei

Enemies: Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange/Stephen Strange, Echo/Maya Lopez, Iron Fist/Daniel Rand, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Ronin/Clint Barton, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew), Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Beyonder, Biri, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Cable (Nathan Summers), Cult of the Black Blade (Mei Yin, Tsuboro, others), Cylla (Cylla Markham), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Doombringer, Ebon Samurai, Everwraith, Hellions (Catseye, Empath, Jetstream, Roulette, Tarot, Thunderbird/James Proudstar), Ini, Judas Man, Gom Kaishek, Haan Kaishek, Kai Kaishek, Garrison Kane, Pamela Kramer, Kwannon, Stan Lee, Leviathan, Madame Hydra (Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine), Lorne Michaels, Garret Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, New Mutants (Cannonball, Cypher, Karma, Magma, Mirage/Psyche/Dani Moonstar, Sunspot, Wolfsbane), "Foggy" Nelson, Robert “Ironguts” O’Hara, Path of Destiny (Yao, others), Gilda Radner, Red Right Hand, Red Ronin, Reiko, Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Shang-Chi, Shanna the She-Devil (Shanna O'Hara), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury, Clay Quartermain, others), Skrulls (Veranke, others), Stryfe, Team America (Cowboy, Georgianna, Honcho, Marauder, R.U. Reddy, Wrench), Ruby Thursday, Matsuo Tsurayaba, Tupa, Typhon Corporation, Wolverine (James Howlett), X the Unknowable, X-Men (Beast, Colossus, Gambit, Jubilee, Lockheed, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Cecilia Reyes, Rogue, Storm), Yakuza (Hashimoto, Kikuchio, others),Yukio

Known Relatives: Lord Shingen Harada (father, deceased), unidentified mother, Mariko Yashida/Scarlet Samurai (half-sister), Hideki Noburu (former brother-in-law, deceased), Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida, cousin), Silver Samurai (Shingen Harada, son), Sunpyre (Leyu Yoshida, cousin), Tomo Yoshida (cousin), Saburo Yoshida (cousin), Hoken Yashida (cousin)

Aliases: Silver Shogun, Samurai, Ken/Kenny Harada

Base of Operations: Agarashima, Japan; Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: Daredevil I#111 (June, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: As a mutant, Silver Samurai could channel a tachyon energy field from within his body, which he could then channel through a blade, almost always a sword. This energy was able to cut through anything save Adamantium.

   Silver Samurai briefly used a teleportation ring, allowing him to cross vast distances instantaneously. Samurai has used many weapons in addition to his dense armor including air-ships, holograms, poison gas and shruikens, and he also wears a lightweight samurai armor which offers some body protection.

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Wolverine I#1 (fb) – BTS) – The head of the Clan Yashida, Lord Shingen, had a daughter, Mariko, as his rightful heir. He then disappeared for years and was believed dead as Mariko grew up, there in the Yashida ancestral stronghold in the hills overlooking Agarashima, in Miyago Prefecture. Within stood the swords made by Masamune, made hundreds of years before, representing the soul of the Yashida clan, a tradition of duty and honor.

(Uncanny X-Men I#172 (fb) – BTS) – While in hiding, Shingen fathered an illegitimate son, Keniuchio Harada. Keniuchio grew up believing that the Clan Yashida would eventually be his upon his father's death.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004 (fb) - BTS) – Keniuchio mastered the discipline of bushido, Kenjutsu and swordsmanship. He eventually discovered his mutant powers and learned to channel them through his sword. He also graduated college at some point. Styling himself as the Silver Samurai, he began to work as a mercenary, seeking to pay off his father's debts.

(Wolverine II#301 (fb) – BTS) – At some point, Harada fathered a son who he named Shingen (although he went by Shin) but abandoned him. After Shin's mother died of cancer, he was placed in an orphanage, where he grew up being bullied.

(Secret Warriors I#26 (fb)) – Lord Shingen met with Shoji Soma (Grandmaster of the Hand). Shingen had Silver Samurai bring forward an ancient box entrusted to the Clan Yashida which contained a heart capable of resurrecting the Leviathan. Soma opened the box despite warnings that he would likely die, as all who had opened the box had, and Soma ended up dead the next day.

(Daredevil I#111 (fb) – BTS) – Repaying a debt his father had incurred, Silver Samurai helped Mandrill escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody in South Africa, cutting open the cell wall with his sword.

(Daredevil I#111) – The Silver Samurai savagely attacked the exhausted Daredevil, kicking him from the air and slashing at him with his sword. SS offered the hero either a swift or torturous death but then Shanna the She-Devil attacked with her ferocious jungle cats, Ini and Biri, and SS left, wounded, promising to attack again soon. The next morning, with Black Spectre agents and Nekra (who kept threatening SS to keep him in line), Silver Samurai attacked the office of "Foggy" Nelson, kidnapped Shanna away from her uncle Robert "Ironguts" O'Hara and returned her back to Mandrill, who already had Black Widow captive under his will. Mandrill promised SS that his father's debt was almost paid. SS and Black Spectre rode a zeppelin to the television broadcasting tower, where SS battled Daredevil again.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) – BTS) – In Japan, Ishiro Tagara, an ally of Silver Samurai, fell in love with Viper, the former Madame Hydra. She soon launched a plan to take over S.H.I.E.L.D. and designed a hypnosis ray. She put Silver Samurai in her employ and sent him to New York to retrieve a Cavourite Crystal, which she hoped to use as an energy source for a teleportation device.

(Marvel Team-Up I#57) – Costumed criminals with guns named Ernie and Joe botched a bank robbery, leading to Spider-Man attacking, defeating and leaving them for the police. Silver Samurai intervened, knocking Spidey briefly unconscious. Black Widow hit Samurai with a S.H.I.E.L.D. air-car but his armor absorbed the impact and he sparred with her, recognizing her as the woman Mandrill had once enslaved, and he referenced how he had been paying up an ancient debt with that association. Samurai struck the building with his sword, putting civilians in danger, then he savagely pressed his attack on the heroes, briefly shocking Widow's nervous system with his sword. Spidey hit Samurai with a tossed girder then the heroes managed to knock him out. They found him clutching the item he had been after in the first place, a small clay statuette, and they wondered why he had it.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) – BTS) – Viper took over a Helicarrier by hypnotizing several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and she designed a teleportation ring (after the failure to retrieve the Crystal) but it got lost in the mail. Frustrated, she assigned Silver Samurai to retrieve it.

(Marvel Team-Up I#74 (fb) – BTS) – After a brief stint in jail, Samurai was released and he arranged to pick up the teleportation ring from J.B. Lu-Shi, whose office was at 30 Rockefeller Center. When the ring was accidentally sent to John Belushi instead, Samurai hired a group of thugs, including Sammy, Frank and Harry, to retrieve the ring during a live broadcast of Saturday Night Live.

(Marvel Team-Up I#74) – Saturday Night Live was filmed before a live studio audience with guest host Stan Lee and regular cast members Belushi, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray and Laraine Newman, and producer Lorne Michaels. The hired men accosted the players on and off the air to find the ring and some of them were scared off when cast members showed up dressed in hero costumes. Samurai battled Spider-Man, slashing a steam pipe at him. When he saw Belushi dressed in Japanese robes, Samurai was furious and attacked until he got the ring then he teleported away before Spidey could attack again.

(Marvel Team-Up I#83) – In control of a S.H.I.E.L.D. division, Viper ordered Silver Samurai to use his teleportation ring to take Boomerang to New York to kill Black Widow. Samurai wanted to stay to finish Spider-Man as a matter of honor but she ordered him back to the ship. When Boomerang was overwhelmed in battle with Spider-Man, Black Widow and Nick Fury, Samurai returned to aid him, slashing at the heroes before getting Boomerang to safety.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84) – Aboard the Helicarrier, Viper kept Clay Quartermain hypnotized and they lured Nick Fury aboard, planning to kill him, but Shang-Chi intervened, saving Fury. As Spider-Man and Black Widow boarded the ship, the brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D. forces closed in and a battle broke out, with Samurai knocking Spider-Man from the ship as Viper planned to assassinate the president.

(Marvel Team-Up I#85) – Silver Samurai knocked Black Widow out of the ship as well then Viper flooded the Helicarrier with knock-out gas to defeat Nick Fury and Shang-Chi. Viper prepared her attack on the president, planning to crash the Helicarrier into his building and then teleport away, but all four heroes attacked anew, having survived. Samurai savagely battled Spider-Man, even after being blinded by webs, but he was ultimately defeated. Soon, Viper's plots were foiled and the president saved. Viper was presumed dead when she fell.

(Spider-Woman I#42 (fb) – BTS) – Viper survived and went into hiding with Silver Samurai remaining loyal to her. Eventually she plotted to kidnap Pamela Kramer, the daughter of Michael Kramer. Michael had been subjected to experiments during World War II that turned him into the Judas Man and Viper planned to use his powers to infect the public with a virus then use Pamela's genome to create the only antidote. They hired criminals including Freddie, Gino and Deke to get Pamela.

(Spider-Woman I#42) – When Spider-Woman thwarted the kidnapping attempt, Viper and Samurai flew an air-car in and killed Deke and Gino for their failure. Spider-Woman attacked directly and caused their car to malfunction. She then knocked Samurai into the water below and exposed Viper as alive but both villains escaped. Samurai was sent after Michael Kramer next and he found private investigator Jessica Drew there. A fight broke out and they crashed through the ceiling and into a pawn shop. Samurai easily shrugged off a venom blast and knocked out Drew. Despite Viper's orders to kill Drew, Samurai recognized a potential family resemblance between Drew and Viper so he chose to let her live, kidnapping Kramer.

(Spider-Woman I#43) – Spider-Woman infiltrated Viper's subterranean base but was fooled by a hologram of Michael Kramer and knocked out with gas. She woke up to find that Samurai had changed her into one of Viper's costumes and neutralized her powers. He removed his own armor and, shirtless, challenged Spider-Woman to hand-to-hand combat with her life at stake, promising to let Kramer go if she won. When the heroine drew one of his family's blades to fight, he said she was without honor. The two sparred until Samurai was distracted by his men, allowing Spider-Woman to get the upper-hand. She then posed as Viper to command the men and defeated Samurai in combat, leaving him unconscious. She had him locked in a cell then escaped with Kramer but found that Samurai had given Kramer a package that contained her costume and a note that stated Kramer's Judas virus had evolved and could now be cured.

(Wolverine I#1 (fb) – BTS) – Shingen returned to claim his leadership of Clan Yashida. To settle a debt, he forced Mariko into a marriage with Hideki Noburu, who was physically abusive to Mariko.

(Wolverine I#3 (fb) – BTS) – Shingen allied the Clan Yashida with the heads of the Japanese criminal underworld, pulling in elements like the Hand to work for him. He had aspirations to take over the entire country.

(Wolverine I#4 – BTS) – Noburu was killed by Yukio, and Wolverine killed Lord Shingen, then shortly after announced his engagement to Mariko Yashida.

(New Mutants I#6 (fb) – BTS) – Samurai learned of his father's death, and began grieving.

(New Mutants I#5) – Viper ordered Samurai and their men to attack a motorcycle race that Team America was participating in, seeking to draw out their ally, the Dark Rider (or Marauder). The New Mutants were present and attacked, and Samurai entered the fray, knocking out Karma after resisting her mental possession and destroying Wolf's gun with a shuriken. When the Dark Rider rode at him, Samurai severed her motorcycle then unmasked the rider as the New Mutant Psyche, soon taking her captive to discover her secrets. With a series of traps, Samurai and Viper soon realized that Psyche had no memory of being the Dark Rider so they took her hostage instead. Viper and Samurai appeared in the room of Honcho, telling him to get Team America to commit a robbery for them, otherwise they would kill the girl.

(New Mutants I#6) – Psyche was kept captive in a castle in Big Sur, California and Samurai admired her fighting spirit. Viper told Samurai he had been distracted lately and he brought up the death of his father and the fact that his place as the head of Clan Yashida had been usurped by Mariko, further revealing that at the conclusion of this mission, he planned to go to Tokyo and settle affairs. The New Mutants stormed the castle, bypassing the hired mercenaries who stood as guards. Samurai battled them, teleporting to save Viper (though he had to knock her out to save her from Karma's possession) then teleporting free. At Viper's orders, he destroyed the castle with a self-destruct button.

(Uncanny X-Men I#172) – Weeks after Shingen's death, Silver Samurai bugged the Yashida family hotel room and saw Logan welcome his American allies, the X-Men (Rogue, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Lockheed). As he contemplated attacking, Samurai was himself attacked by Yukio and a fight with the X-Men broke out, resulting in Samurai teleporting away. Samurai sent Mariko a summons. After Viper tried poisoning the X-Men, she joined Samurai in welcoming Marko, with Nobatone Yokuse of the Yakuza arbitrating for them. Mariko stated she would stay in control of the Clan but Samurai proclaimed that it had been promised to him by Shingen. Mariko claimed that Samurai was without honor and had lost his claim then Yokuse came out on Mariko's side, infuriating Samurai. Yukio sparred with Samurai while Viper went after Mariko then Storm attacked, defeating Viper. When Storm launched lightning at Samurai, it triggered a trap set by Yokuse and electrocuted Samurai before turning back on Storm, who was rushed way by Yukio. Samurai stood in the destroyed building, somehow okay, and he found Viper still breathing. He left, vowing revenge.

(Uncanny X-Men I#173) – Wolverine and Rogue tracked down Viper and Silver Samurai. Samurai slashed and even impaled Wolverine with his sword but Wolverine managed to slice Samurai, break his helmet and arm. Samurai collapsed as Mariko pleaded with Logan to spare her half-brother's life. Viper fired at them then teleported Samurai away, saying it would be his choice if they continued their fight. A week later, Mariko told Wolverine he wasn't worthy to marry her, not realizing she was being mentally influenced by Mastermind.

(Uncanny X-Men I#174 (fb) – BTS) – His arm broken and his eye bandaged, Harada was welcomed to Mariko's side, not realizing that she was under the mental influence of another.

(Uncanny X-Men I#174) – Wolverine tried fighting his way to Mariko but she shamed him, so he left the honor sword she had given him and departed, with Harada taunting him on the way out.

(Wolverine: Doombringer I#1 (fb) – BTS) – Samurai was given Wolverine's honor sword. Over the following months and years, he and Mariko developed a careful balance of power between them, with her leading Clan activities while many in the Clan remained loyal to Harada. The alliance between Mariko and Harada was tenuous, however, and he continued his criminal activities.

(Wolverine: Black, White & Blood#3/1) - Silver Samurai kidnapped Amiko Kobayashi to teach Wolverine and Mariko Yashida a lesson about being negligent parents. He made Wolverine and Mariko fight and kill many of his warriors before releasing Amiko to them, and Amiko stabbed Wolverine in her grief before agreeing to go with him.

(Secret Wars II#7) – Silver Samurai was one of the 99 villains brought together by Mephisto's agent Bitterhorn to destroy the Beyonder by completing the circuit between the Beyonder and the Beyondersbane.

(New Mutants I#53) – Samurai and Viper, both in disguise, sold a fake Selene statue to a man named Van Ostamgen. When the statue was proven to be a fake, the Hellions and New Mutants wagered over who could find the culprits first.

(New Mutants I#54 – BTS) – While the New Mutants fought Viper's mob, the Hellions apprehended Viper and Samurai.

(Wolverine II#2 (fb) – BTS) – Harada parted company with Viper, considering her dead to him.

(Wolverine II#2) – Harada went after the Black Blade, also called the legendary Muramasa Blade, in Madripoor, killing several men on his quest. Wolverine, as Patch, found him and they sparred. Soon, Jessica Drew (formerly Spider-Woman) showed up with the Blade but she'd been possessed by the Black Blade itself. The floor collapsed beneath Samurai, leaving him trapped there briefly until Lindsay McCabe chose to free him, although she could have killed him with his own sword. They then saw that Wolverine had been possessed by the Black Blade as well.

(Wolverine II#3) – Wolverine, possessed by the Black Blade, kidnapped Jessica Drew, leaving the building behind them burning. Silver Samurai saved Lindsay McCabe from the fire then went with her to the Princess Bar, where members of the Cult of the Black Blade were being questioned by O'Donnell and Captain Tai of the police, who chose to overlook Samurai's criminal status. Lindsay used her acting skills to get the Cult to confess. Samurai stripped down and practiced with his sword, explaining to Lindsay how his mutant power was to generate a "cutting energy" which he could channel through any sword. Samurai helped Lindsay understand why the Black Blade was so strong, due to the blood and soul used in its creation by Muramasa. With O'Donnell, they went to the Cult's headquarters and Samurai convinced Lindsay to enter with him, trusting her skills. McCabe shot Wolverine, who was dressed in a ceremonial Black Blade costume, as Samurai fought off the Cult members to save Drew. Samurai sparred with Wolverine directly though Lindsay had to fire a shot to save Samurai once. With Samurai defeated, Wolverine was finally able to shake off the possession of the Black Blade. Silver Samurai claimed it for himself but he knew the Blade had already chosen its true master.

(Wolverine: Doombringer I#1 (fb) – BTS) – An ancient archer who had been frozen in time came forward to seek help from the Clan Yashida in defeating the Doombringer. Harada, living in Agarashima and coordinating Clan activities with the Yakuza, refused to help, but twenty of his men abandoned him to go with the archer.

(Wolverine: Doombringer I#1) – Mariko went to Wolverine for help and he reached out to Harada, who still held the honor sword. They agreed to a temporary truce and went with pilot Archie Corrigan to the temple of Tangkor Marat, a place frozen in time for 1000 years. Wolverine and Samurai found a world of frozen ancient warriors, mystics and members of the Clan Yashida, with a frozen open gate to another dimension. Samurai's rogue men opened fire on the frozen warriors then the warriors all dropped dead around them, including the archer who'd recruited Samurai's men. A large demon tried passing through but Wolverine severed its hand and the portal closed then they realized that another demon had already escaped. Samurai confronted his rogue agents, who sought to capture the demon in order to sell it. Working with Wolverine, Samurai defeated ten of the rogue agents but he was shot three times, leaving Wolverine to move forward alone to confront the Doombringer demon. After killing the demon and sealing the portal, Wolverine removed Harada's armor, dressed his wounds and carried him back to Corrigan to get a flight home for medical help. Harada said he was in Wolverine's debt.

(Wolverine II#56) – When Mariko and Clan Yashida met to discuss the threat of the Hand, Silver Samurai stormed in, demanding his rightful place as Clan leader. Mariko stated that she sought to divest the Clan of all underworld dealings then Wolverine came in and Samurai drew his Black Blade, prepared to fight. Meanwhile, the Hand surrounded the facility.

(Wolverine II#57) – Realizing the Hand wanted the Yashidas to maintain their criminal connections, Silver Samurai stood with Clan Yashida, Mariko, Wolverine and Gambit against the gathering Hand army led by Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Mariko led her allies into the home that Shingen had built, full of deadly booby traps. Wolverine donned an old costume as Samurai tried convincing the Clan to follow him instead of a woman of dishonor, one who had been betrothed to the man who killed Shingen. Samurai saw Yukio and Jubilee battling the cyborg Cylla then Matsu'o's ally Reiko made an official offer to buy out all of Clan Yashida's criminal holdings but required Mariko to cut off a finger as part of the deal. Reiko provided the blade and Samurai warned Mariko not to use it as it might be poisoned but Reiko demonstrated the blade's use on herself, the others not realizing she had developed an immunity to blowfish toxin. Samurai insisted Mariko use the blade on her own finger and it swiftly poisoned her. As she cried out in pain, Wolverine used his claws to end her suffering.

(Cable: Blood and Metal I#2) – Cable and Garrison Kane broke into Clan Yashida, where they fought technological defenses and members of the Hand. When Silver Samurai attacked, Cable promised him a favor if Samurai would let him replace a ceremonial mask there with a fake that Cable knew would be stolen. Samurai agreed and later Stryfe stole the fake mask.

(X-Men II#21 (fb) – BTS) – The Japanese crime-lord Niyorin expressed interest in reinstating Clan Yashida. To achieve this, he required that Silver Samurai retrieve Psylocke and Kwannon.

(X-Men II#21) – In Nyoirin's home, Silver Samurai attacked Beast with his sword then prepared to attack Kwannon, Psylocke and Gambit.

(X-Men II#22) – Samurai attacked the X-Men and Kwannon but he was swiftly defeated by the women's psychic blades. Kwannon and Psylocke battled as they sought to find the truth of their origins then Nyoirin showed up to give them the truth, with Samurai standing behind him.

(X-Men II#23) – When Psylocke threatened Nyoirin, Samurai drew his blade, vowing to protect the man who had promised to help restore the Clan. Nyoirin sent the X-Men on their way with clues to the women's origins.

(X-Men Unlimited I#3) – Beast and Maverick of the X-Men came to Clan Yashida to warn them of Sabretooth planning an attack, seeking an old debt that Shingen Harada had been part of. Silver Samurai, out of costume, greeted them, and had a discussion about honor as they wanted to redeem or help Sabretooth while Samurai wanted to kill him. Sabretooth attacked, killing many of Samurai's men then sought out Uchio Tanaka, a telepath that had been driven mad when the atomic bomb dropped and that Clan Yashida had been taking care of them ever since. Tanaka linked Samurai, Beast and Maverick to Sabretooth's mind and they witnessed how he'd slaughtered a family then passed out. When they woke up, they saw Tanaka dead and Sabretooth gone, having left messages in blood on the walls.

(Wolverine II#82) – Wolverine returned an honor sword to Silver Samurai and in exchange, he promised to look out for young Amiko, an orphan girl being raised by Yukio.

(Wolverine II '96 Annual) – Harada went to Mariko's grave to mourn her and found Wolverine there, and they nearly fought. Harada discussed how his plans for the Clan were different than Mariko's then he informed Wolverine about Sunfire being contained since his powers had flared out of control. In full costume, Silver Samurai helped Wolverine break Sunfire out of his complex, using his sword to slice through a titanium door, then they removed Sunfire's power inhibitor collar. Sunfire expressed his distrust of Clan Yashida but they agreed to a temporary alliance. After the three broke free from the prison, Samurai informed the others of the government's plan to use Red Ronin, the giant robot, to hunt down mutants and Harada confessed that he'd manipulated Logan into freeing Sunfire to help against Ronin. Working with Yukio and Sunfire, Wolverine stopped the Hand from getting Red Ronin and the robot itself. Later, Samurai knelt before an altar of a sacred sword, praying for guidance.

(Wolverine II#108 (fb) – BTS) – With various Clans warring for power in Japan, Silver Samurai received word that Wolverine had been captured. He sent his enforcer Yohei to take the honor sword to Wolverine for help.

(Elektra I#15) – In Japan, Silver Samurai sought out Elektra, who had been framed by the Hand for several murders. Realizing Elektra was innocent and that she was seeking revenge on the Hand, he put her in touch with Yukio, who planned to attack the Hand alongside Elektra. Yukio demanded that Samurai remain to watch Amiko, making him promise that he would take responsibility for her if Yukio died.

(Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1 (fb) – BTS) – Mr. Oshima, working for the emperor of Japan, sought to form a super hero team to represent the country in times of danger using the resources of the Giri Corporation. He recruited Silver Samurai, Honey Lemon and Go-Go Tomago. Despite many reservations about him, including his former ties to the Yakuza and his poor performance against Red Ronin, the government appointed Samurai as team leader and he spent two months training the team.

(Sunfire & Big Hero Six#1) – On behalf of the emperor of Japan, Silver Samurai appeared in Superintendent Roshi's office in order to recruit child genius Hiro Takachiho, who had built the robot Baymax, into joining the team Big Hero Six. Hiro initially said no, as his own mother had said no as well. Samurai was yelled at by Oshima and he began to realize that the position of team leader wasn't as prestigious as he'd hoped it would be. Samurai, Go-Go and Honey Lemon followed Hiro and Baymax and soon found him with Sunfire, who was suffering from being poisoned by his own powers. After a brief skirmish, Sunfire agreed to come in.

(Sunfire & Big Hero Six#2) – Baymax and Hiro broke into the Big Hero Six headquarters and sought to hack the computers. Silver Samurai intervened, sparring with Baymax, before Hiro revealed he needed help or his mother would die, as she had been kidnapped by the Everwraith (the astral embodiment of the people of Japan who had died in the atomic bombs). Hiro explained that he had to take Sunfire to Everwraith to save his mother.

(Sunfire & Big Hero Six#3) – Big Hero Six confronted Everwraith and Silver Samurai struggled to get the team members to follow commands. Samurai tried disrupting Everwraith with his sword but the villain's intangibility saved him. Everwraith tried using Sunfire to implement a nuclear attack on Japan but, working together, they dispersed and defeated Everwraith. The Giri Corporation commended Samurai on the team victory but were not pleased with his leadership style, especially since Sunfire was believed dead as a result of the battle.

(Alpha Flight II#17 (fb) – BTS) – Big Hero Six continued training together and established a state-of-the-art headquarters in Tokyo. They began to be celebrated by the public as local celebrities.

(Alpha Flight II#17) – X the Unknowable ripped Big Hero Six's headquarters out of the ground in an attack and the heroes attacked, calling out to Sunfire for help, but X soon disappeared. The fight led to the amusement park Cool World and Big Hero Six spent hours cleaning up after they won. Silver Samurai worried that if Sunfire were to return, his leadership would be challenged. Alpha Flight arrived, with Sunfire close behind them, and teamed up with Big Hero Six. They met a boy named Tomi who had accidentally summoned X by drawing him in a manga strip, manifesting strange super powers. They followed his pages to continue their fight with the shape-shifting X (who transformed into a monstrous teddy bear, a snake and a two-headed bat) at Cool World, an atomic plant and finally, Mt. Fuji, where the creature appeared to meet its demise.

(Thunderbolts I#25) – Big Hero Six (Baymax, Hiro and Silver Samurai) aided civilians when a bizarre blizzard hit Tokyo.

(X-Men Unlimited I#24) – Receiving information that Inazo Uehara was a traitor to Japan, Silver Samurai was sent to America with soldiers to retrieve him. Uehara's plane had been shot down, putting many civilians in danger, and Wolverine and Cecelia Reyes of the X-Men were tending to them. Samurai sparred with the heroes, determined to complete his mission, when Tokitoshi (the actual spy) revealed himself as the one who had crashed the plane and shot Samurai through the shoulder.

(Wolverine II#150 (fb) – BTS) – Haan Kaishek, an old enemy of Shingen's and a leader of a powerful criminal clan in Mongolia, set his sights on Japan. He easily controlled Clan Yashida, keeping Silver Samurai as his operative, as it amused him to do so.

(Wolverine II#150) – Harada greeted Wolverine as he came to visit Mariko's grave, slightly drunk. He confided how he'd resented Mariko when she was alive but now he realized how brave she was and he wondered if she had kept the Clan from his leadership in an attempt to protect him. Kaishek ordered Samurai to kill the child of a Japanese industrialist but he found himself unable to do so, so Kaishek ordered Samurai killed. With a knife in his back and in full costume, Samurai sought out Wolverine and Yukio for help, explaining what Kaishek had done. Kaishek's men attacked and Kaishek himself stabbed Samurai through the chest with his own sword. Kaishek's brother Gom, who wanted control of Kaishek's army, got Samurai and Logan to safety. Gom promised to convalesce Samurai in safety but then forced Wolverine to go after Haan by kidnapping Yukio and Amiko.

(Wolverine II#151) – Bandaged from his wounds and still weak, Harada confronted Gom, demanding he release Yukio and Amiko. As Gom start beating Harada, Wolverine returned with Kaishek's army on his tail. Harada, Yukio and Amiko were narrowly saved by Kia Kaishek, sister of Gom and Haan, but she drugged the three to keep them as hostages, planning to further manipulate Wolverine.

(Wolverine II#152) – Still wounded, Samurai awoke to find Yukio and Amiko fighting their way free from their captor Tupa and they soon saw Wolverine ending the fight with Haan, who was killed. Learning Yukio had gone to Mongolia after Kai, Samurai donned his armor and planned to join Wolverine in his journey to aid her. Wolverine was reluctant to have the wounded Samurai along but agreed to let him watch over Amiko.

(Wolverine II#153) – In Mongolia, Samurai and Amiko waited outside the Kaishek castle while Wolverine and Yukio handled Kai. When Amiko snuck in, Samurai followed her, helping her escape with the wounded Yukio. In the end, the estate burned down and Kai was killed, presumably freeing Clan Yashida from Kaishek involvement.

(Big Hero 6 I#3/2 (fb) – BTS) - While working with Hydra, Silver Samurai killed police officer Kioshi Keishicho. Kioshi later made a deal with Mikaboshi, the Japanese god, who resurrected him as the Ebon Samurai, in shadowy armor with a black sword, set to roam the Earth until he could kill the Silver Samurai in revenge.

(Elektra II#3) – In new armor (more silver in appearance), Silver Samurai was hired by Hydra agents Zalman and King to battle Elektra in Iraq. The agents loved the idea of a samurai fighting a ninja.

(Elektra II#4) – Elektra and Silver Samurai had a lengthy battle. In the end, Samurai ended up with two sais in his neck and he collapsed.

(Elektra II#5) – Elektra continued her fight, leaving Silver Samurai wounded on the floor.

(Big Hero 6 I#3/2 – BTS) – Ebon Samurai, after joining Big Hero Six for a time when Silver Samurai was believed dead, quit the team to finally settle scores with Silver Samurai. However, he found that Harada was now working as the Prime Minister's hand-selected captain of personal security. Realizing if he killed Harada he would put Japan in danger, Ebon Samurai chose to let him live unless Silver Samurai returned to committing crimes.

(Rogue III#8 (fb) – BTS) – Blindspot, a woman with memory-altering powers, had Lady Deathstrike bring Silver Samurai to her.

(Rogue III#11 (fb) – BTS) – Blindspot altered his memories, making Samurai forget he had given up his life of crime, and made him a villain again. She also made him believe that Professor X had previously messed with his memories.

(Rogue III#7 (fb) – BTS) – Media reports exposed Sunfire's connections to Silver Samurai and the Clan Yashida. Silver Samurai wondered why the reporter had focused on Sunfire instead of Samurai himself and he watched the Yakuza react negatively to the news. Silver Samurai, who had spent a few years working to dismantle the Clan's holdings to criminal connections, worried about what this would mean for his family's reputation.

(Rogue III#7) – In Tokyo, Sunfire summoned Silver Samurai to his private residence and they discussed the recent media exposure. Despairing, Sunfire wanted help committing suicide. Samurai drew his sword but he put it away when Rogue called. Samurai sent Rogue a private jet to pick her up but he hid Lady Deathstrike aboard to attack Rogue. Later, he reported back to Blindspot (who was in a cell) that he heard Rogue had escaped.

(Rogue III#8) – Silver Samurai attacked the Yakuza, killing several including Kikuchio and Hashimoto and then beheading the leaders of the clans. Samurai presented the heads to Blindspot and then she convinced him to let her out of her cell, promising to give him the bank codes of the wealthy Honjo if he did.

(Rogue III#9 (fb) – BTS) – Manipulated by Blindspot, Silver Samurai sent out notice to the criminals of Tokyo, instructing them to meet under his leadership and unify. He called himself the Silver Shogun.

(Rogue III#9) – Silver Samurai saw Lady Deathstrike threaten Blindspot, whose name he demanded to know before he headed off for his meeting with Tokyo's criminals. "Silver Shogun" had a Kabuki actor greet the criminals then he announced that he was their new leader. When one man fired a gun at "Shogun," he sliced the bullet out of the air with his sword. Sunfire and Rogue attacked and Silver Samurai savagely fought them until Rogue touched his skin, absorbing some of his memories. Samurai then fled.

(X-Men: The 198 Files I#1 (fb) – BTS) – After the events of M-Day, Silver Samurai was revealed as one of the world's last remaining mutants, who now numbered in the hundreds instead of the millions.

(New Avengers I#11 (fb) – BTS) – Over a few years, the Clan Yashida struggled and broke apart without a clear leader, going through many incarnations. When Silver Samurai was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. after a skirmish involving Sunfire, he was sent to the Raft prison in New York City.

(New Avengers I#13 (fb) – BTS) – Silver Samurai was illegally detained in the American prison. He later determined he had been kidnapped in a bid to be used by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a pawn in the Japanese underworld. They publicly declared him dead.

(New Avengers I#11 (fb) – BTS) – During a massive blackout and breakout, he was taken away by Clan Yashida and returned to Tokyo, where they planned to put him in charge of their criminal empire.

(New Avengers I#11/12) – In Tokyo, Silver Samurai got his armor back. Kuroda, of the Clan, explained their plans for him to assume leadership in a partnership with the Hand. Harada was initially worried the Hand was there to kill him. Madame Hydra (Viper), flanked by Hydra agents and the Hand, walked in and kissed Harada but he pulled back, wanting to know her intentions. They were attacked by Ronin (Echo), who narrowly escaped. The Hand followed her back to the Avengers.

(New Avengers I#12) – The Hand attacked the Avengers and Ronin while Madame Hydra explained that Silver Samurai could control the entire Japanese underworld, but he was suspicious of her intentions. The Avengers defeated the Hand and Madame Hydra then saw Silver Samurai in his armor.

(New Avengers I#13) – The Avengers defeated the remaining Hand members. Though Silver Samurai sought to work with them, Luke Cage punched him, but Samurai remained calm. He negotiated that he would take care of himself and Clan Yashida, knowing there were targets on his back, as the Avengers handled the S.H.I.E.L.D. corruptions. Harada stated he was going to take full credit for the Hand downfall and he reluctantly agreed to let them take Madame Hydra with them.

(X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow and Flame I#4) – Harada caught Kitty Pryde trying to steal Ginrei, the Silver Spirit, a sword sacred to the Clan Yashida. He had tea with her and she asked to borrow the sword for a mission but he refused, so she challenged him to single combat. Silver Samurai accepted and they sparred for a time but Kitty won, seemingly giving Samurai a heart attack.

(X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow and Flame I#5) – Silver Samurai, in all silver armor, led Clan Yashida against the Path of Destiny Clan led by Yao. He killed many warriors, revealing he had only feigned defeat at Kitty's hand and that he had allowed her to wield Ginrei to save her dragons Lockheed and Puff. He told Kitty it had been an honor to aid her.

(Wolverine III#36) – When Wolverine attacked the Prime Minister, Silver Samurai leapt to defend him, sparring with Wolverine before learning Wolverine had been after Harada all along.

(Wolverine III#37) – Silver Samurai nobly battled Wolverine, managing to put a sword through his abdomen, but Wolverine severed his right hand in return. Samurai gave Wolverine intel on his past.

(Wolverine Origins I#2) – In Tokyo, Silver Samurai had a tele-conference with the American president and Dr. Redford about the Muramasa blade. He discussed giving intel to Wolverine about it, having lost his hand in the conflict and he detailed how protecting ancient secrets had been part of his family's legacy and honor.

(Wolverine Origins I#33 – BTS) – Wolverine learned about Samurai's call to the president.

(Wolverine Origins I#42) – In Yokohama, Japan, Silver Samurai called the heads of the Clan Yashida, who sought to form an alliance with the Hand, but Samurai was opposed. Wolverine was teleported in via the vigilante Cloak and he killed the Hand members. Samurai refused to help in the fight until the Clan members dropped the alliance with the Hand. Using a prosthetic hand, Silver Samurai fought Wolverine, who drew the Muramasa blade. Wolverine asked Harada to train him in the use of the blade.

(Wolverine Origins I#43) – Over the course of five days, Silver Samurai trained Wolverine with swords tirelessly. Pressed for time, Wolverine left his training early. He thanked Samurai, who promised to collect his debt soon.

(Wolverine Origins I#45) – Wolverine assembled a team including Bruce Banner, Silver Samurai, Skaar and Cloak to battle and defeat Ruby Thursday as part of his plan to defeat Romulus.

(Wolverine Origins I#48 – BTS) – In battle, Wolverine reflected on how Samurai taught him to use his heart and fight his rage in battle.

(New Avengers I#28 (fb) – BTS) – "Elektra" (actually a Skrull impostor) took over the Hand and it united the Yakuza to take over the underworld. Samurai went to his father's home in Osaka to protect it after hearing about the murders of his allies including Santahori.

(New Avengers I#28) – The Avengers invaded the Yashida home in Osaka and Harada was furious to see Wolverine there. He was shocked to see a wounded Echo there (she having recently been resurrected by the Hand) as well as another mysterious Ronin (this one Hawkeye/Clint Barton). Samurai attacked, furious that the heroes had come to him. "Elektra" and the Hand then arrived.

(New Avengers I#29) – "Elektra" and the Hand battled the Avengers as the Samurai hung back.

(New Avengers I#30) – Samurai watched as the fight between the Avengers and the Hand continued.

(New Avengers I#31 - BTS) – Samurai saw "Elektra" killed and revealed as a Skrull. The Avengers departed peacefully.

(Dark Reign Files I#1 – BTS) – Silver Samurai was researched by Quasimodo for Norman Osborn.

(Dark Wolverine I#88 – BTS) – Daken threatened Hideki Nagona, the personal attorney of Silver Samurai and ordered him to lure Harada to his apartment later.

(Secret Warriors I#2 (fb)) – Viper left Harada's bed, leaving a note for him in his Silver Samurai armor that began "Kenuichio, my love…"

(Secret Warriors I#6) – In Tokyo, Madame Hydra (Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine) and Viper negotiated with the Yashida Corporation's board of directors, taking over their holdings for the Typhon Group. To close the deal, Silver Samurai delivered to them the Leviathan box. When he realized he'd been manipulated by Viper, Samurai lashed out, severing a table with his sword.

(Secret Warriors I#11) – Silver Samurai was attacked by a group of Leviathan demons seeking the box but they realized it was gone.

(Secret Warriors I#15 – BTS) – Viper reflected on betraying Harada and how she would rather have married him, as she'd loved him.

(Wolverine IV#1/2) – Warriors of the Red Right Hand swarmed Clan Yashida's compound, determined to burn the buildings and desecrate the graves. Outnumbered and pierced by arrows, the badly wounded Silver Samurai fought for his family's honor. Though he prevailed, saving the graves if not the buildings, Silver Samurai's injuries were terminal. Stumbling to Mariko's grave, he informed his beloved sister he would see her soon, and thought with sadness of the things he would miss - the smell of cherry blossoms, the feel of cold steel, the taste of well water. His final thought before dying was that he would miss his son.

(Wolverine IV#3) – In Hell, Silver Samurai was kept by the devil and demons. In front of Logan, the devil split Samurai into pieces, torturing him.

(Wolverine IV#20 – BTS) – The Kingpin was approached with an opportunity to fill the vacancy in the Japanese underworld, now that Silver Samurai was dead.

(Wolverine IV#300 - BTS) – Wolverine and Yukio visited the grave of Silver Samurai and she showed him into the Silver Samurai's secret treasure room, full of old samurai gear. The Japanese underworld rushed to war, seeking to determine who Harada's heir was. Shin Harada soon adopted the codename Silver Samurai.


(Cable IV#1) - Silver Samurai hosted a fight between Cable and Wolverine in the Quarry, soon declaring Cable the winner.

(X-Force VI#13 - BTS) - Silver Samurai wrote about the price of holding a sword.

(Wolverine VII#6) - Silver Samurai was practicing his sword skills at the Pointe in Krakoa when Wolverine arrived, wanting intel on where Muramasa was, and Wolverine sparred with Harada to earn the intel. Silver Samurai, who was angry at not having been chosen for the tournament, gave Wolverine his intel after Samurai was bested.

(Marauders I#17) - On Krakoa, Silver Samurai hosted a Crucible event, where Storm faced Callisto as many watched (including the Fenris Twins, who had volunteered to kill Callisto). Callisto soon died so she could be reborn.

(New Mutants IV#17 (fb) - BTS) - Silver Samurai once told Warpath that he admired his knife work.

(New Mutants IV#18) - Silver Samurai hosted a new crucible between Mirage and Karma.

(X-Force VI#20 - BTS) - Silver Samurai killed an opponent during the Crucible.

(Marvel Voices: Identity#1/8) - On Krakoa, Silver Samurai and Armor created a new tradition of pink sushi with alien fish, shared with Daken and Surge.

(Marauders I#25 - BTS) - Silver Samurai continued training individuals in the Quarry.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Bob Brown and Jim Mooney.

Silver Samurai changed a lot in his early appearances. His first costume in Daredevil 111 was very different than his later suits. It wasn't until Chris Claremont wrote him a few times that he developed some depth, becoming the Japanese lord tied to the Clan Yashida. He was said to wield an energy sword until Wolverine II#2, when it was revealed he was a mutant who channeled energy through his swords.

Silver Samurai has received profiles in nearly every incarnation of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe including some of the Encyclopedias.

In some sections of this profile, I chose to include appearances directly related to Shingen and Mariko Yashida to illustrate understanding of Silver Samurai's family history and that of Clan Yashida. Silver Samurai did not appear in those issues unless directly mentioned.

Profile by Chadman.

Silver Samurai has no known connections to:

  • Silver (Jimon Tang), of China Force @ Alpha Flight I#76
  • Silver, of the Elements of Doom @ Thunderbolts I#6
  • Nyra Silver, Midtown High School, classmate of Peter Parker @ Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#3<
  • Tristram Silver, legendary criminal mastermind, centuries old, formerly operated out of Europe @ Identity Disc I#1<
  • William Silver, mutant, ally of Charles Xavier, 92 years old @ Generation X: Crossroads<
  • Willie Silver, glam rock band leader of Silver Charity, electrocuted by band manager, almost saved by Human Fly @ Human Fly#11
  • Samurai (Ishiro Tsuburaya), of Mutant Liberation Front @ Cable: Blood and Metal I#1<
  • Herr Samurai, Japanese/Nazi villain, fought Union Jack and Fat Cobra in 1939 @ Immortal Weapons I#1<
  • Samurai Destroyer, built by explorer who discovered the sanctuary of the Followers of Light @ Fantastic Four I#226
  • Samurai Squadron, World War II, commando squad, battled Strucker and Hydra alongside Leatherneck Raiders @ Captain Savage & Leatherneck Raiders I#2<
  • Samurai Steel (Yoshida Asano), Japanese armored warrior, head of Asano robotics @ Iron Man I#257<
  • or any other "Silver" or "Samurai" characters

And he should not be confused with:

  • Ebon Samurai (Kioshi Keishicho), former member of Big Hero Six, former member of Japan's Imperial Guard, slain by Silver Samurai @ Alpha Flight III#9

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