Real Name: Saddam Abed Dasam

Identity/Class: Human (Iraqi) technology user

Occupation: Dictator

Group Membership: Leader of Iraq (see comments)

Affiliations: Yassin Damadan, HYDRA (King, Zalman, many others), Iraqi Army, Azil Muhammad, Silver Samurai, Molly Stiles

Enemies: Elektra, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Stanley Dreyfuss, Dum Dum Dugan, Nick Fury, many others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His palace outside Bagdad, Iraq

First Appearance: (On photograph) Elektra II#1 (September, 2001), (real appearance) Elektra II#2 (October, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Dasam himself had no superhuman abilities. He was a coldhearted religious and political extremist, who was willing to use anything necessary to gain more power. He used the Scorpio Key.


(Elektra II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Saddam Abed Dasam became, under unknown circumstances, the leader of Iraq. He was popular with his people and was in possession of nuclear weapons and a powerful military. HYDRA's support had played a big part in his success.

(Elektra II#2 (fb) ) - Dasam interrupted, alongside Zalman and King, a U.N. conference where Iraq's defeat ten years ago in Kuwait was celebrated. He threatened the U.N. against further involvement.

(Elektra II#1 - BTS) - S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Stanley Dreyfuss met Elektra to hire her for the assassination of Dasam and for the theft of the Scorpio Key. He showed her a photo of Dasam and told her that Dasam was allied with HYDRA. At first Elektra didn't want to take the job, but Fury called her and asked her to think about it and meet him in Baghdad.

(Elektra II#2) - Dasam watched simultaneously American and Iraqi news on TV to compare their report on the events one week ago at the U.N. conference. During this Molly Stiles visited his palace and HYDRA Agent Zalman introduced Dasam to Molly. Dasam then showed Molly Stiles the Scorpio Key that was in the box that S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted. He told her that he would use it soon, that she would be rewarded as soon as Elektra was taken care of and that Molly's family would be killed if she appeared uninvited again at his palace.

(Elektra II#3 - BTS) - Dasam continued to work on his plans while HYDRA tried to hire Elektra to kill him.

(Elektra II#4) - Saddam gave a live press conference. He talked to his people and commented on the attacks of the allied forces and the evil that would befall Iraq's enemies. During his speech he used patriotic, political and religious nonsense and revealed that soon everything would change for Iraq. After the speech Dasam went into the room where the box with the Scorpio Key was stored and opened it. He double-crossed his allies HYDRA and activated the key by himself. Its power caused a total energy blackout around his castle.

(Elektra II#5) - Saddam fell in some kind of trance with the Scorpio Key in his hands while attacking warplanes were destroyed by energy spikes coming from Dasam's palace. He was found with the Scorpio Key in his hand by Elektra. Only skeletons were left of the people that were with Dasam when he activated the Scorpio Key. Elektra killed Dasam by cutting him in halves, deactivated the key and took it. Seconds later the energy beams around the palace were gone and S.H.I.E.L.D. invaded the palace. Fury found Dasam's dead body (upper body and legs, what a brutal death), but the media never learned about Dasam's demise. (see comments)

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis (writer) & Chuck Austen (artist).

Saddam Hussein became leader of Iraq after Dasam's death and he probably was Iraq's leader before Dasam. The circumstances how Dasam came to power are unknown, but it probably involved HYDRA's help. It should also be noted that he didn't live in the Republican Palace like Hussein, but in a palace outside of Bagdad.

S.H.I.E.L.D. possibly got rid of Dasam's dead body to cover up their tracks.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Saddam Abed Dasam has no known connection to:

Yassin Damadan, Azil Muhammad and Zalman have no known connection to:

King has no known connection to:

Molly Stiles has no known connection to:

Yassin Damadan

He was the vice president of Iraq and commented on the attacks of U.S. and British warplanes. He warned their enemies that with the help of HYDRA Iraq would attack American and British bases throughout Turkey and the Persian Gulf if their patrols over Iraq continued. He told Iraq's media that their enemies would pay dearly for their attacks on the people of Iraq, if they didn't retreat.

--Elektra II#4





King was an agent of HYDRA.

(Elektra II#2 (fb) - BTS) - For some time King was in contact with Molly Stiles.

(Elektra II#2 (fb) ) - King and Zalman went with Dasam to a U.N. conference.

(Elektra II#2) - King met Molly for the first time when she visited Dasam's palace uninvited. King mocked Molly and then listened to everything she knew about Elektra and then suggested to bring in the Hand to deal with Elektra, but Zalman wanted someone more capable. Afterwards King watched as Dasam showed Molly the Scorpio Key.

(Elektra II#3) - King and Zalman met Elektra after sundown to get an answer if she wanted to work for HYDRA. He watched silently from behind when Elektra denied the offer and was introduced to the Silver Samurai who was hired to take her out.

(Elektra II#4 (fb) ) - King was present when Damadan commented on the attacks of U.S. and British warplanes.

(Elektra II#4) - King and Zalman watched the fight between Elektra and Silver Samurai until they got a call. King gave the phone to Zalman.

(Elektra II#5) - King was ready to leave because Dasam had just used HYDRA as decoys, but Zalman fought differently. King left and rather took his chances with Madame Hydra than to get killed in Iraq. Zalman soon joined him, but their helicopter was shot down by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

--Elektra II#2 (Elektra II#2 (fb) BTS, 2 (fb), 2-5

Azil Muhammad

He was Dasam's media consultant and commented on Dasam's live speech on the attacks of American and British air forces. When asked about Dasam's plans he told the reporter that HYDRA were forward thinkers with knowledge of the world politic. On the question what HYDRA's connection to Dasam was, Azil told the reporter that Dasam had a limited partnership with HYDRA because they shared common goals. He was asked what HYDRA's resources were and told the reporter that everything would eventually be revealed. Azil couldn't answer the next question because World News One lost contact to him due to the activation of the Scorpio Key.

--Elektra II#4




Molly Stiles

(Elektra II#2 (fb) - BTS) - S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Molly Stiles was a spy for HYDRA to aid Dasam. She was for some time in contact with HYDRA agent King.

(Elektra II#1) - She sat dressed as a student at a table somewhere in Bagdad with Agent Dreyfuss and waited for the arrival of Elektra. She was bored because she had to read to keep up her cover identity. They talked about Stanley's problems with Fury since Elektra took the bag with money in Paris. Suddenly the bag stood at his feet and Molly watched as Stanley freaked out. During a fight between Iraqi soldiers and Elektra, Molly was hit in the arm by a bullet.

(Elektra II#2) - Molly and another agent took Dreyfuss from his room to Fury. Fury was mad at Dreyfuss and Molly for losing sight of Elektra, but suddenly she was with them in the same room and took the job to kill Dasam. Shortly after Elektra had disappeared again, Molly took a jeep and drove to Dasam's palace where she was welcomed by her contact man King and Zalman. She was introduced to Dasam and felt honored, but then told him that her price went up. Zalman immediately told Dasam that this was the reason why American's couldn't be trusted, but Molly corrected Zalman by telling him that she was of Iraqi descent. She wanted more money because she was shot by an Iraqi soldier during their struggle with Elektra and the damages needed to be compensated. Molly then told Zalman and King everything she had heard about Elektra and that Fury hired her because he wasn't allowed to go after HYDRA and Dasam. But as soon as Elektra caused the trouble she was hired to cause the U.N. would be pressed to send S.H.I.E.L.D. in to wrap everything up. Zalman and King asked Molly if she could handle Elektra, but she didn't think so and even suspected that Elektra knew that she was a spy for HYDRA. Dasam then showed Molly the Scorpio Key and promised that she would be rewarded as soon as the Elektra problem was solved. He also promised her that her entire family would be killed if she appeared uninvited at his palace again. Molly left and when she arrived at her jeep she pulled her gun because she was sure that Elektra was around. She didn't see her until Elektra stole her jeep and left Molly in the desert.

--Elektra II#1 (Elektra II#2 (fb) BTS, 1-2


Zalman was an agent of HYDRA.

(Elektra II#2 (fb) ) - Zalman and King went with Dasam to a U.N. conference.

(Elektra II#2) - Zalman was surprised when Molly Stiles visited Dasam's palace and introduced himself, King and Dasam to her. She wanted more money and Zalman told Dasam that this was the reason why American's couldn't be trusted. Zalman asked Molly questions about Elektra after King mocked her. Afterwards Zalman decided to bring in someone that could handle Elektra, but not the Hand as suggested by King. Zalman then watched Dasam show Molly the Scorpio Key.

(Elektra II#3) - Zalman confronted Elektra at Dasam's palace. He was aware of Fury's deal with Elektra and asked her how much more HYDRA had to pay her gain her services. Then he told her that HYDRA was very disappointed with their current relationship with Dasam. They wanted him dead too, but Elektra should steal the Scorpio Key for HYDRA and not for SHIELD. Zalman told Elektra that HYDRA didn't know that Dasam had it when they began to work with him. HYDRA wanted the Scorpio Key and the land Iraq for them, but nobody should know that they had turned on Iraq, which was the reason why they needed Elektra. Zalman was afraid of what Dasam would do with the Scorpio Key. He wanted Elektra's answer till sundown. She came to the meeting, but she didn't take HYDRA's offer and Zalman introduced her to the Silver Samurai who would take out Elektra for HYDRA.

(Elektra II#4 (fb) ) - Zalman was present when Damadan commented on the attacks of U.S. and British warplanes.

(Elektra II#4) - King and Zalman watched the fight between Elektra and Silver Samurai until they got a call. King gave the phone to Zalman and learned that Dasam had activated the Scorpio Key.

(Elektra II#5) - Zalman was happy about everything that went down since Dasam had activated the Scorpio Key, but Agent King wasn't so happy about it and left. Zalman followed him seconds later when he realized that King was right. Their helicopter was shot down by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

--Elektra II#2 (Elektra II#2(fb), 2-5

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#2, p17, pan3 (King)
#4, p10, bottom pan1 (Azil Muhammad)
#1, p26, pan2 (Molly Stiles)
#2, p17, pan2 (Zalman)

Elektra II#1-5 (September, 2001 - January, 2002) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Chuck Austen (artist), Nanci Dakesian & Stuart Moore (editors)

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