Real Name: Tatjana Stiles

Identity/Class: Human, vampire

Occupation: CIA agent

Affiliations: Andrew, Hannibal King

Enemies: Navarro

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City; mobile across the world

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery#520 (May, 1998)




Powers: Tatjana is a vampire, and possesses all of their conventional abilities; she possesses superhuman strength (approximately class 5), can mesmerize others, and transform herself into a bat, wolf, or mist. She is virtually unkillable, except by being decapitated, burned to death, or staked through the heart, and can heal normal wounds quickly, especially by keeping herself stocked up on blood. By draining the blood from the bodies of others, she can transform them into vampires as well.

History: (Journey Into Mystery#521 (fb)- Tatjana Stiles was a CIA agent, assigned with her partner, Andrew. The two of them raided an overseas factory that was producing chemical weapons, and were attacked there by the vampire Navarro. While downloading the computer codex to the weapons, Tatjana learnt from the database of Hannibal King, who Navarro considered an enemy. Tatjana and Andrew went their separate ways, dividing the codex between them.

(Journey Into Mystery#520)- After Andrew was killed by Navarro's men, Tatjana went to Hannibal King, posing as Andrew's widow, and hired him to find out who had killed him.


(Journey Into Mystery#521)- After his first encounter with Navarro, King confronted Tatjana, and she confessed her true backstory to him. She then assisted King in raiding several clubs, looking for vampires who served Navarro. They finally found a lead to Navarro's base, an old steel mill, and invaded it.

Separated from King, Tatjana was captured by Navarro's men, who tore, bit, and slashed at her, horribly disfiguring her. Presenting her to King, Navarro convinced him to turn over the codex, which Tatjana had worn around her neck all the time. After Navarro explained his plan for using chemical weapons to force humanity to convert to vampirism, King set off explosives he had planted earlier, destroying the mill as he escaped with Tatjana in his arms.

King brought Tatjana to a hospital, but they were unable to treat her, due to the vampire toxins in her blood. She begged King to release her-- to make her a vampire-- and he complied. Tatjana still serves the CIA, now draining the blood from their enemies.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, Karl Kerschl and Al Milgrom.

by Prime Eternal


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