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Real Name: Bernie Lachenay

Identity/Class: Human cyborg;
   Canadian citizen

Occupation: Department H operative; former superhero, espionage agent

Group Membership: Beta Flight (Flex/Adrian Corbo, Ghost Girl/Lilli Stephens, Guardian/James Hudson synthoid duplicate, Murmur/Arlette Truffaut, Radius/Jared Corbo);
formerly Alpha Flight (Flex/Adrian Corbo, Ghost Girl/Lilli Stephens, Guardian/James Hudson synthoid duplicate, Madison Jeffries, Murmur/Arlette Truffaut, Puck/Eugene Milton Judd, Radius/Jared Corbo, Sasquatch, Vindicator/Heather Hudson)

Affiliations: Big Hero 6 (Baymax, Gogo Tomago, Honey Lemon, Silver Samurai/Kenuichio Harada, Sunfire/Shiro Yoshida, Hiro Takachiho), General Clarke, Department H employees (Alex Gentry, Myra Haddock, Dr. Huxley, Basil Kilgrew, Nurse Langford, Lieutenant Oculus, Coordinator Proctor, Chief Engineer Ko Bin Su and others), Microns (Bug, Dexam, Mari, Commander Arcturus Rann)

Enemies: Baron Zebek, Brass Bishop (Benedicto de vica Severtes) Chinook, Dargil, Mesmero ("Vincent"), Sauron (Karl Lykos), Weapon X, X the Unknowable, X-Men (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Maggott/Japheth, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett), Zodiac (Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Ecliptic, Gemini/Madison Jeffries, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Man of metal" (nickname used by Virgo), "Robot man" (nickname used by Mesmero), "walking garbage bin" (nickname used by Dr. Huxley)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Department H

First Appearance: Alpha Flight II#1 (August, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Bernie Lachenay possesses no known superhuman powers until he was cybernetically fused with the remnants of a robotic Box unit. As Manbot, he carries an arsenal that includes remote controlled ballistic missiles loaded with explosives or nets. His shell houses both jackhammers and drills as well as launchers that contain the powerful, incapacitating nerve toxin M-11. His oversized legs can transform into stilts or rollers and are highly resistant to temperature extremes. His feet contain special booster rockets that enable flight at approximately 50 miles per hour. His frame is outfitted with a large array of sensors and scanners that detect various forms of life, energy and scientific elements. Manbot can assimilate others into his form, accommodating at least one adult male and carrying them comfortably for a brief period of time. Manbot's CPU can quickly and efficiently analyze any (combat) situation. Though usually loyal and responsive, he has been known on occasion to ignore orders if his own analysis deemed them flawed, illogical or impractical. Manbot's cybernetic eyes record everything he sees, storing it as video footage in his mainframe which can be replayed later through the holographic projection systems that are also part of his makeup. Manbot lacks hands, making him poorly suited for lifting weights. Manbot has proven resistant to the mind control powers of Mesmero. Microverse scientists concluded there was no organic material left within Manbot, though whether this is an accurate assessment remains unrevealed. Manbot speaks in a robotic monotone defined by systematic ∗whrrr-chk-clk∗ sound effects.

Height: Variable; (Lachenay) unrevealed
Weight: 520 lbs; (Lachenay) unrevealed
Eyes: Black with red pupils and target patterns; (Lachenay) unrevealed
Hair: Bald; (Lachenay) unrevealed

(Alpha Flight III#13 (fb) - BTS) - The remains of Department H worker Bernie Lachenay were used to help create Manbot in the Department's bio-tech labs.

(Alpha Flight II#1 (fb) - BTS) - When Canada was threatened by a group of Quebecan terrorists, backed by the superpowered Zodiac cartel, the government ordered Department H to assemble Alpha Flight to deal with the matter. Manbot was among the fresh recruits.

(Alpha Flight II#1) - Manbot was introduced to his new teammates by General Clarke during one of their first training sessions as a team.

(Alpha Flight II#1 - BTS) - Alpha Flight continued its initial session with Manbot in the mix. Their workout was interrupted when Clarke received word the Quebecan terrorist cell and the Zodiac were located at the Nascent Observatories near Dorion.

(Alpha Flight II#1) - Even though Heather Hudson and Puck felt Manbot and the other new recruits weren't ready for active field duty, Alpha Flight was sent out to deal with the threat. Joining Madison Jeffries, Guardian and Radius for a frontal approach on the observatories, Manbot was ordered by Guardian to head up the charge, which annoyed Jeffries who felt more than capable of holding his own. Manbot quietly recorded the argument before taking the point. Eventually, Alpha Flight ran into the Zodiac who immediately attacked the heroes. Manbot stayed out of the main conflict, preferring to locate the launch controls instead, while noting the tension between Guardian and Vindicator who still couldn't handle the fact her husband had seemingly returned from the dead as an 18-year-old. As soon as Manbot had found the controls, he was targeted by the Zodiac's Virgo who planned to shoot him. He was rescued by Murmur who forced Virgo to teleport to Paris. Manbot disabled the chemical weapons, ending the threat but not before the Zodiac escaped with Madison Jeffries as their prisoner. Returning to Department H, Manbot was summoned to the 12th floor where he was used by Dr. Mobius and General Clarke to playback and analyze the mission.

(Alpha Flight II#3) - When a series of unexplainable, dangerous weather events plagued the city of Orloo (caused by the imminent return of the mutated Chinook), Clarke ordered a special Alpha Flight strike squad to investigate the matter. Of all the new recruits, only Manbot was allowed to go because he was needed to keep the feral Sasquatch in check. Patrolling Orloo in their Alphajet, the team was shocked when the unpredictable winds hurled some debris through the cockpit, knocking out the pilot. Guardian did his best to keep them crashing. After landing the plane, Guardian sent the individual members on their way but Manbot ignored his orders instead opting to follow his directive and stay with Mac. With their pilot in serious need of medical attention, Vindicator flew off with the man while Manbot and Guardian went south to investigate the former site of the cosmic collector project. Manbot filled his leader in on the project when Hudson spotted a hand sticking out of the ground. Moments later, Chinook emerged from the earth, terrorizing the environment with gale force winds. Guardian tried to engage the foe, while Manbot's sensors failed to even register Chinook as a separate lifeform. That didn't prevent Manbot from locking on to the creature with his cannons. However, a gust of wind threw his aim off. He would have hit Guardian if not for the arrival of Vindicator whose blast threw Hudson clear. Ultimately, Chinook's threat was eliminated when he was torn in half by Sasquatch.

(Alpha Flight II#4 - BTS) - When the Alpha Flight squad returned from Orloo, they learned the novice recruits and the visiting Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) had gone AWOL (they'd left to go have dinner off base only to pick a diner that happened to be controlled by Mesmero). General Clarke told the team they'd be sent out to collect their teammates as soon as they'd been located. When Department H tracked the Alphans down, Manbot and the others went down to the diner. Manbot and Sasquatch remained behind in the jet while the more human looking team members went inside where they soon located their fellow heroes, mind controlled and working in the restaurant. That soon led to a confrontation.

(Alpha Flight II#4) - During the fight, Manbot and Sasquatch entered the diner and joined the fray. Ultimately, Vindicator forced the mind controlled Murmur to use her powers to make herself remember who she was, after which she went on to undo Mesmero's manipulations. While Murmur successfully converted her fellow novices, Mesmero easily swayed Puck, Sasquatch, Vindicator and Guardian. Only Manbot proved able to resist the mutant's mind control, though Mesmero wasn't too worried about that. He simply ordered the elder Alphans to eliminate the intruders.

(Alpha Flight II#5) - Mesmero enjoyed the mayhem he'd caused, even forcing the diner's other patrons to join in by making them have a food fight. In the midst of the chaos, Murmur tried to make her recently possessed teammates remember but found herself unable to control Sasquatch who was ready to maul her. Only Manbot was able to save her by blasting the beast in the back. He then went on to observe and analyze the other battles, making special note of the fact Flex was able to shift his legs as well as his arms into steel blades. Manbot was then attacked by Sasquatch who ignored his cease and desist order and threw a table at him. Manbot then contacted Department H, requesting authority to use lethal force. In response, Department H cleared him to deploy nerve toxin M-11 instead, though he had to restrict the spray area to only affect Sasquatch. Manbot fired the toxin, but before Sasquatch was subdued he managed to tear off his opponent's launch arm. Manbot didn't show any sign of being bothered by this injury, contacting Department H once again to receive instructions on how to deal with Mesmero. He was told all means necessary to facilitate the villain's capture had been approved leading him to charge the mind controller. Frightened, Mesmero had the heat manipulating Vindicator swing by to blast Manbot hoping it would jam some of his gears or melt a socket. As a result, Manbot was incapacitated for the rest of the fight which ended when Murmur freed all the Alphans and Mesmero simply decided to make them all believe he'd vanished from sight.

(Alpha Flight II#7) - Manbot happened to pass by the Department H control room where General Clarke was berating two of his employees tasked to monitor all the members of the team. He quietly recorded Clarke's harsh words before moving on. Later that day, he took part in another group training session inside Combat Central, the group's training facility. Manbot was teamed up with Vindicator who commented that he reminded her of her old teammate Box. While he kept neutralizing the drones sent against them, Manbot acted like he didn't know Box, wondering if it was perhaps a container of sorts. Heather Hudson tried to explain about Roger Bochs and Madison Jeffries when her mind wandered (as a result of the brainwashing trials she'd been put through, making her forget Jeffries was ever part of the team in the first place). Later still, he attended a briefing called by Clarke who announced Department H was forced to re-open the Weapon X files.

(Alpha Flight II#8 - BTS) - Manbot left with Alpha Flight to arrest Wolverine after General Clarke lied to them by showing them fabricated footage of Madison Jeffries getting slaughtered by him.

(Alpha Flight III#9) - General Clarke ordered his technicians to put Manbot's main ocular cameras on the view screen so he could monitor Alpha Flight en route to Salem Center, New York. Manbot and the others caught up with Wolverine on his motorcycle driving a chained up Sauron to the nearest police station. Alpha Flight stopped them which led to a fight during which one of Manbot's gun ports was damaged by Wolverine's claws. Later, when the X-Men arrived to help their teammate, it began to dawn on Alpha Flight that nothing they'd been told about this mission made any sense and that they were being manipulated. Manbot registered their anger, which was displayed at Department H, much to Clarke's chagrin.

(Alpha Flight II#10) - On the run from the corrupt forces within Department H, (come to light following the botched mission to retrieve Wolverine), Manbot and the others fled inside Dr. Myra Haddock's Prometheus Pit. The device served as a portal to the Microverse where they would hide out until they'd come up with an appropriate strategy. Haddock quickly attached a retrieval device on Manbot which would allow the team to return. Arriving in Ant Tica, Manbot immediately began recording everything he encountered, including a run in with a band of Shadow Priests who insisted they went with them to meet the local ruler, Baron Zebek. Joining the Baron for dinner, the team also accompanied him to a gladiatoral combat between men and bugs. Later that night, Guardian became aware that Manbot had been kidnapped and taken to the disinfectant pit which was the first step in preparing him for dissection. Body bidders were already laying claim to his parts. Guardian then learned the Baron's scientists were working on the Quarkarion, a device designed to explode quarks which was directly aimed at Canada. When he rallied the team to right these wrongs, they were approached by Zebek's enemies, the Microns.

(Alpha Flight II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Manbot was taken to the Body Banks of the Microverse, where those close to death can buy an extension at the cost of shortening the life of another. However, the scientists concluded Manbot contained no organic matter and was therefore useless to them. He was kept chained up in one of the holding pens.

(Alpha Flight II#11) - Manbot was eventually rescued from the Body Banks by both the Microns and his Alpha Flight teammates who were relieved to see he was still alive. However, Vindicator was visibly shaken by Manbot's announcement he contained no organic matter. Now free, Manbot joined his fellow heroes and a large band of Microverse inhabitants in taking the fight to Zebek himself. They stormed the Baron's castle, successfully dismantling his Quarkarion weapon while Guardian ripped the cybernetic tyrant to pieces. Later, Alpha Flight watched the overjoyed population celebrate their victory by topping the giant statues Zebek erected in his own honor. This convinced Vindicator they had to go back to Earth, she told Manbot who misunderstood her and agreed that their return was indeed imminent. She explained to him that they actually had to go back to fight Clarke, because they were indeed the pawns of an evil dictator. Later still, Manbot summoned Alpha Flight to him because he picked up an emergency at Department H that had to be dealt with by them (the Zodiac were attacking the facility). Manbot activated his retrieval sequence, teleporting them back to the macrolevel of existence.

(Alpha Flight II#12) - Manbot and the others emerged unscathed from the Prometheus Pit, right in the middle of the ongoing fight against the Zodiac. Overwhelmed and ill prepared, Alpha Flight was losing the fight until Manbot decided to buy them all some time. He used his knowledge of the facility to open the hatch of a silo directly underneath them. Alpha Flight, except for Sasquatch, and Dr. Myra Haddock fell to the next level where Haddock had him quickly access a side corridor before the Zodiac threw an explosive down the silo shaft that would have killed them all. Given a moment to catch their breath, Alpha Flight began to plan. In vital need of continuous intel, Manbot and Flex were sent to find and operate the nearest monitor room. Manbot took Flex to the 13th floor which was surprising to the young hero who was convinced Department H didn't have one. Manbot then told him to dismiss the taunts of his brother Radius who popped his head through the door to insult him before running off on his own. Manbot calculated the odds of Radius getting in trouble at 88.62%. Reaching the monitor room, Manbot connected with the building's many internal systems and set up Flex with a VR-device that gave him a complete overview of the Department as well. Despite all this intelligence, they couldn't prevent Sasquatch from dying at the hands of an evolved, flesh devouring bacteria that Zodiac had unleashed from one of the research labs. However, Manbot was able to help out Guardian when he lured six of the Zodiac to their training facility Combat Central. Upon Hudson's orders, Manbot activated all available weapons and trained them at the villains. Manbot then learned the remaining Zodiac were trying to steal a Nth Projector that had been in the Department's possession. Almost in a state of panic, Manbot grabbed Flex, assimilated him into his form and hurried to the launch bay where the remaining Zodiac were getting ready to escape. Manbot shot Flex out from his body at the projector, hoping the boy's razor sharp limbs would sufficiently damage it, rendering the weapon useless. Unfortunately, Flex only succeeded in destroying the box it came in. By that time, the other members of Alpha Flight showed up in the hangar to stop the Zodiac. However, the Zodiac told Alpha Flight of the bomb they'd placed in the building's reactor, giving the heroes a choice to either waste time fighting them or go and prevent a nuclear disaster. The Zodiac got away scotfree, while Manbot and the others rushed to the reactor core only to find Vindicator and General Clarke had taken care of the problem, with only Heather Hudson alive to tell the tale.

(Alpha Flight II#13) - Manbot encountered Basil Kilgrew in the halls of Department H who was a little startled by his appearance. Manbot scanned Basil, who wasn't in his records (because he was working for one of Clarke's covert operations). He was about to arrest the non-entity when Kilgrew overrode his programming by citing code Delta-Beta-Chi-Beta, ordering the robot to delete all visual images of him and delog their encounter altogether. Manbot complied and carried on as if nothing had happened.

(Alpha Flight II#15 (fb) - BTS) - When Alex Gentry took over day to day operations of Department H following the death of General Clarke, he had Manbot's programming altered. The robotic Alphan was now allowed full access to his memory files and all the classified information he had (in)directly gathered while serving as Clarke's eyes and ears.

(Alpha Flight II#15) - Manbot joined Alpha Flight in a rescue mission of a ghost ship near White Cross, Newfoundland. This mission subsequently led them to an equally abandoned town the team investigated in squads. Vindicator and Manbot teamed up, with Heather admitting to him the place gave her the creeps. That led to her mentioning Gentry and how different he was from Clarke. That prompted Manbot to replay some of the comments Clarke had made of Heather in the past. Manbot explained his new directive, which led a thoroughly annoyed Heather to claim she wanted to see every file he got on her as soon as this mission was over. A little later, they learned the culprit was Puck's old nemesis the Brass Bishop.

(Alpha Flight II#16) - Brass Bishop sent his army of mind controlled, corrupted townspeople against Alpha Flight. Perceiving this as a lethal threat, Manbot's automated defense systems responded in kind by launching several missiles as part of the Chi-Omicron initiative. Vindicator ordered him to disengage, because they hadn't determined the people were a lost cause. Manbot complied, altering the projectiles' trajectory away from the approaching enemies. He then noted Brass Bishop was escaping towards his tower to complete his ascension. Once inside the tower, Alpha Flight's Puck was captured by the Bishop who planned to use him to complete the ascension. However, Puck's will power proved ultimately stronger than the Bishop's and he forced him to retreat from this actuality. The tower vanished and all the affected people of White Cross were restored to normal.

(Alpha Flight II#17) - Manbot and the other Alphans were part of a meeting that Alex Gentry had with Sunfire, who was most displeased about what Department H had done to him (Shiro had approached them for help, but he was experimented on with Zero Fluid). Sudddenly, the temperamental Asian's costume began beeping, a sound Manbot traced down to a nanotechnology uni-directional holographic communication projector that was hidden on Sunfire's uniform. He translated the downlink data and showed everyone the incoming call from Japanese hero Honey Lemon, informing them a giant monster was destroying Japan and that Big Hero 6 needed him back immediately. Sunfire instantly took off, with Alpha Flight deciding they owed him some help as well. The team followed in their Alphajet, with Manbot guiding them towards the location where Honey Lemon placed the call. That took them to Cool World amusement park where they met Big Hero 6. After a brief introduction, Manbot met Baymax and the hero crazy Hiro who was fascinated by the synthetic superhero, who in return had very little interest in signing an autograph or talking about himself. Eventually, they found a lead to the location of "Monster X" (also known as X the Unknowable) in a children's manga. That led the heroes to split up, with Manbot transforming his body to ride the bullet train tracks with Puck, Sunfire and Vindicator in tow. After a while, all the heroes traced the ever changing Monster X to a nuclear facility where they fought it until the creature was destroyed.

(Alpha Flight II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Manbot and the other Alphans were sent to capture the recently escaped Weapon X who tried to disrupt Canada's power supply by attacking a vital power sub-station in Calgary. During the fight, the vastly powerful Weapon X managed to hold the team at bay, even severely damaging Manbot.

(Alpha Flight II#18) - Manbot, fizzling and sparking with half his faceplate torn off, analyzed the situation and estimated Alpha Flight's chances of successfully capturing Weapon X at 0.46 percent. Nevertheless, Guardian pressed on, demanding X's surrender though he continued to disable the powerlines. During the confrontation, Gentry kept himself apprised of the team's progress but one of his technicians reported Manbot's cameras were being controlled by a third-party sub-source (see comments). During the fight, Manbot, his teammates and Weapon X were surprised by the arrival of the original Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight II#19) - When the old Alphans attacked the new guard to quickly subdue them before moving on to deal with Weapon X, Puck couldn't believe Sasquatch was with them. He had the damaged Manbot analyze their enemy to determine his true identity. Manbot concluded his lifesigns were normal, much to everyone's surprise. While the fight continued, he was so damaged he tried to prevent imminent systems failure by initiating "sleep" mode to conserve his rapidly dwindling power reserves. However, he was pressed back into action when he spotted his teammates needed him, firing a barrage of net-filled missiles that captured Aurora. Later, the original Alphans left the scene through Shaman's magics without the team knowing where either they or Weapon X had gone to. Manbot then detected the duplicitous Dr. Huxley (responsible for Weapon X's creation) hiding in the nearby bushes. Thanks to Manbot's assistance, Huxley was captured and forced to help them locate Weapon X. Joined on site by Alex Gentry, Murmur and Ghost Girl, Alpha Flight boarded the Omnijet and headed out for Devil's Bay, Columbia. En route, Murmur commented that the heavy fizzling, crackling Manbot seemed ready to explode. Thanks to Manbot "accidentally" showing incriminating footage of Huxley, the team learned where Weapon X was headed: the atomic incinerator called Hell Pounder in Devil's Bay.

(Alpha Flight II#20) - Manbot's malfunctions grew so bad, he told his teammates he only had 9.5 seconds until a complete systems failure, while electrical fire ravaged his frame. Vindicator offered to put the flames out with a geyser, but Manbot pointed out water is ineffective against that type of fire even as more of his face exploded. That forced Radius to step up to the plate. He grabbed Manbot and extended his force field around him figuring the lack of oxygen would starve the fire. Radius was successful, though Manbot was still only minutes away from a total shutdown. He nevertheless assisted both Alpha Flight teams in preventing the Hellpounder from exploding underground where it would cause massive damage. In the end, the device was detonated on the surface while Guardian used his force field to protect everyone from the blast.

(Alpha Flight II#20 - BTS) - After the Hellpounder incident, the original Alpha Flight returned to active duty, but Alex Gentry told the new recruits Murmur, Flex and Radius they were welcome to stay as well.

(Wolverine II#142 (fb) - BTS) - Not too long after the founding members of Alpha Flight returned, all recent recruits were demoted to the newly founded Beta Flight, led by James Hudson's synthoid clone. After some initial misgivings, Beta Flight came together as a solid combat unit as well.

Comments: Created by Steve Seagle (writer), Scott Clark (pencils), Chris Carlson (inks)

Ah, Manbot... Essentially he's a take off on Box, who started out as a man able to fuse with machinery at will (that both Manbot and Box's original pilot Bochs are missing limbs is purely accidental, I'm sure). But in the field, Manbot acted more like a souped up H.E.R.B.I.E. crossed with the ED-209 from Robocop, programmed to spy on his teammates.

I'm pretty sure that had Alpha Flight continued as an ongoing series, they'd have gotten around to revealing more about Manbot's origins. After he was freed from Department H's restrictive programming, Manbot began showing small signs of independent thought and actions. It's likely he was the "third-party source" controlling his cameras in #16 and he actively overrode his self-preservation protocols to continue to fight in #19. Still, he's pretty much a blank slate with barely over 50 lines of dialogue in the roughly 20 years he's been around (though chances are he's been quietly decommissioned, deactivated and dismantled, gathering dust in several Department H storage units). And that's all she ∗whrrr-chk-clk∗ wrote.

Manbot's real name was revealed by the unseen narrator in Alpha Flight II#5

Manbot received a profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update#1 (April, 2010)

Profile by Norvo.

Manbot should not be confused with:

images: (without ads)
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Alpha Flight II#10, p10, pan4 (used to return from Microverse)
Alpha Flight II#11, p11, pan5 (contains no organic matter)
Alpha Flight III#19, p6 pan4 (trying to shut himself down)

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