Dexam questions Visalia's powers

Real Name: Dexam

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) human cyborg

Occupation: Would-be ruler;

formerly freedom fighter

Group Membership: Formerly the Microns

Affiliations: Visalia (lover)

formerly the Microns (Bug, Marionette, Arcturus Rann)
formerly Alpha Flight (Flex, Guardian synthoid, Manbot, Murmur, Puck (Eugene Judd), Radius, Vindicator (Heather Hudson)), Anticans
briefly various mutants, including Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (Skrull)

Enemies: Baron Zebek, Captain Marvel (Genis), Dog Soldiers, Drax, Rick Jones, Marionette

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Antica, Jungle Zone, Homeworld, the Microverse;

"Jarella's World", the Microverse

First Appearance: Alpha Flight II#10 (May, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Dexam was a normal young adult male human whose main limbs were harvested to be used in the Body Banks. However, he received mechanical replacements that were grafted cybernetically to his body so that he was about half composed of technology. His right forearm received an arm cannon that fired powerful energy blasts, and which seemed to be linked to a visual targeting device implanted into the left side of his cranium. He could also attach a large hunting knife like a bayonet to this arm, which later seemed to have been upgraded. His complete left arm was replaced with a mechanical limb and his lower right leg became a metallic claw.
    Dexam had trained with the Microns and knew basic guerilla tactics. Initially idealistic, he became cynical of the Microns' efforts to liberate the Microverse and later sought power for himself. He stood about 6' tall and displayed athlete-peak human stamina. His reflexes, speed and intelligence otherwise appeared to be at normal levels, although his cyborg limbs likely provided him with enhanced strength.


Dexam reflects on his own mortalityHistory:
(Alpha Flight II#11 (fb) - BTS) - The day before the liberation of Dexam's world by the Microns against Baron Karza's bloody and tyrannical rule, Dexam was taken to the Body Banks and his limbs harvested. The Microns rescued Dexam; his missing limbs were then replaced with cyborg components, including weaponry.

BTS - Dexam joined the Microns.

(Captain Marvel III#6 (fb)) - The Microns, including Dexam, later joined various mutants in opposing Thanos and Baron Karza's attempt to destroy the Microverse. The end result of this was the merging of all Microverses into a single realm.

(Alpha Flight II#10) - Alpha Flight fled to the Microverse via a Prometheus Pit to escape Department H's Epsilon guards. The portal led them to the city of Antica on Jungle Zone of Homeworld in the Microverse. Once there, they eventually met up with the Microns (Dexam, Bug, Marionette, Arcturus Rann), who were initially disguised as Shadow Priests.

(Alpha Flight II#11) - The Microns and Alpha Flight were suddenly challenged by the villainous and genocidal Baron Zebek and his Dog Soldiers. They then engaged Zebek's troops, with Dexam warning Flex of an attack from behind by a Dog Soldier. The heroes escaped onboard the Microns' ship, the Endeavor. At the Microns' base, the Microns detailed the Alphans about Zebek's bloody reign and Alpha Flight agreed to aid them in overthrowing the dictator. Dexam and Marionette then disguised themselves as Shadow Priests once more and pretended to bring Vindicator, Murmur and Flex as prisoners to the Body Banks. Once inside, Dexam joined in encouraging the captive Anticans to rise up against their oppressors. The cyborg then helped lead the charge against Zebek's forces, assisting in the destruction of the Body Banks, before helping in the raid against Zebek's palace. Dexam briefly flirted with Murmur during the successful attack. Dexam then pledged to remain behind in Antica to help the natives rebuild their culture and civilization, promising to join his friends later, while the other three Microns departed and Alpha Flight was suddenly recalled.Dexam blasts Baron Zebek's forces

(Captain Marvel V#6 (fb) - BTS) - Dexam disappeared.

(Captain Marvel V#5 - BTS) - Dexam made his way to Jarella's world and allied himself with Visalia, becoming her lover, in an effort to secure power for himself as he had become tired of the ceaseless battle for justice in the Microverse.

(Captain Marvel V#6) - The other three Microns followed various leads to find their former colleague, also ending up on Jarella's world. Arcturus Rann questioned the cyborg's loyalty, but Marionette indicated that she and Dexam shared a much closer relationship. Later, the Microns met up with Captain Marvel (Genis) and briefly battled Drax, who had become bewitched under Visalia's lies. Hidden from the others, Dexam questioned Visalia's abilities to control Drax, but this was seen by Marionette, who reported Dexam's betrayal to Rann. However, the cyborg detected her and fired his arm cannon at her, which Marionette deftly dodged. The female Micron then made it to the outside balcony and lured the aggressive cyborg out as well. She then cried out that Dexam was trying to kill Visalia. The entranced Drax responded immediately to the would-be cyborg threat and threw his green bulk at the former Micron, with Dexam's blast having no effect on him. Visalia verbally abused Drax and rushed to the downed cyborg's aid, but Drax had realized that she was only using him. An indignant Drax threw Dexam and Visalia over the balcony and they fell quite some distance until Rann slowed their descent and deposited them to the wrathful crowd gathered below, who had become angered that they had been lied to. The angry mob then pounded at Dexam and Visalia while Genis, Drax, Rann, Bug and Marionette looked on, with Genis promising to rescue them in a few minutes' time.

Comments: Created by Steve Seagle (writer), Anthony Winn (penciler) & Aaron Sowd (inker).

Profile by Grendel Prime


Dexam has no known connections to:

Captain Marvel III#6, p10, panel 4 (main)
Alpha Flight II#11, p13, panel 4 (head)

p15, panel 3 (blasting)

Alpha Flight II#10 (May, 1998) - Steve Seagle (writer), Anthony Winn (pencils), Aaron Sowd (inks), Jaye Gardner (editor)
Alpha Flight II#11 (June, 1998) - Steve Seagle (writer), Joe Casey (plot assist), Ariel Olivetti (pencils), Pier Brito (inks), Jaye Gardner (editor)
Captain Marvel V#5 (May, 2000) - Peter David (writer), James Fry (pencils), Frank Strom (art assist), Walden Wong (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Captain Marvel V#6 (June, 2000) - Peter David (writer), Chriscross (pencils), Anibal Rodriguez (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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