Real Name: Sarah

Identity/Class: Human mutant (depowered)

Occupation: Terrorist;
Former hero

Group Membership:  Dark Riders (Forearm/Michael McCain, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Mammomax/Maximus Jensen, Shark Girl/Iara dos Santos, Wolf Cub/Nick Gleason);
formerly Hellfire Club (Black Bishop/Josh Foley, Black King/Emma Frost, Vanisher/"Telford Porter," White King/Raven Darkholme), Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Elixir/Josh Foley, Exodus/Paris Bennett, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Briar Raleigh, Toad/Mortimer Toynbee, Unuscione/Carmella Unuscione), X-Force (Cable/Nathan Summers, Doctor Nemesis/James Bradley, Domino/Neena Thurman, Fantomex/Jean-Philippe, Forgetmenot, Meme, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Hope Summers), X-Cell (Abyss/Nils Styger, Blob/Fred Dukes, Callisto, Elijah Cross, Fatale, Reaper/Pantu Huraghes), Morlocks (Ape, Callisto, Carapace, Irving, Leech, Matchstick Girl, Poser, Thornn), Gene Nation (Hemingway, Maverick (Chris Bradley), Reverb, Sack, Vessel), Weapon X (Agent Zero, Aurora, Brent Jackson, Director (Malcolm Concord), Madison Jeffries, Kane, Mesmero, Sabretooth, Sauron, Washout, Wild Child), X-Men (Angel (Warren Worthington), Beast (Henry McCoy), Cannonball, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Joseph, Jubilee, Maggott, Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers), Polaris, Professor X, Psylocke, Cecilia Reyes, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine/James Howlett, Wolverine/Skrull imposter)

Affiliations:  Antonio Aggasiz, Officer Aguinal, Ainet, Anais, Beak (Barnell Bohusk), Black Crane, Black Tom, Bling! (Roxy Washington), Brad, Briquette, Cable, Callisto, Officer Cleveland, Valerie Cooper, Peter Corbeau, Dark Beast, Domino (Neena Thurman), Doop, Ejulp, Eye-Boy (Trevor Hawkins), Firestar (Angelica Jones), Fiz, Sally Floyd, Emma Frost, Excalibur (Excalibur/Faiza Hussain, Glorianna/Meggan Braddock, Pete Wisdom), Nick Fury, Rose Gilberti, Gordo, Havok (Alex Summers), Hellfire Club, Charlotte Jones, Timothy Jones, Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Eric Koppisch, Kylun (Colin McKay), Moira MacTaggert, Maggott (Japheth), Man-Thing (Ted Sallis), Microns (Bug, Dexam, Marionette, Arcturus Rann), Nightcrawler, Nina, Otkid race, Sabra, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Stacy X (Miranda Leevald), Thumbelina (Kristina Anderson), Trish Tilby, Toad (Mortimer Toynbee), Ai Tran, Twelve (Bishop, Cable, Cyclops, Iceman, Living Monolith, Magneto, Necrogateur, Phoenix, Polaris, Professor X, Mikhail Rasputin, Storm, Sunfire), X-Man, Zone;
Formerly D'Gard, Quicksilver, Mikhail Rasputin, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Enemies: Abomination, Acolytes (Barnacle, Cargill, Fabian Cortez, Kamal, Katu Kath, Kleinstock Brothers, Mellencamp, Neophyte, Projector, Rem-Ram, Scanner, Senyaka, Spoor, Static, Unuscione, Vindaloo), Apocalypse, Astra, Avalanche, Baron, Bastion, Blob, Cerebrite Beta, Brotherhood of Mutants (Blob, Mimic, Post, Professor X, Toad), Cerebro, Lila Cheney, Jim Davis, D'Gard, Evolutionaries, Fiqh, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (Death (Wolverine), Famine (Ahab), Pestilence (Caliban), War (Deathbird)), Galactus, Generation X (Jubilee, Skin, Synch, White Queen), Henry Peter Gyrich, Harrower (Harriet Bromes), High Evolutionary, Hunger, Hydra Avengers (Deadpool/"Wade Wilson," Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Taskmaster/Tony Masters, Vision), Marauders (Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Malice, Prism, Riptide, Sabretooth, Scalphunter, Scrambler, Vertigo), Mesmero, Mutant Underground (Blaquesmith, Domino, Meltdown, Soldier X), New Men, Mikhail Rasputin, Mr. Sinister, N'Garai, Pheasant Pluckers (Thomas Starling, Melinda Argyll, Frank, Captain Riggs), Jim Pillman, Prime Sentinels (Boyd, Mathers), Pyro, Quaddees, Quicksilver, Ru'Tai (Pilgrimm), Scarlet Witch, Shadow King/Anansi, Sentinels, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Sharon Carter), Congressman Eugene Sykes, Skrulls (Granok, others), Sun Girl (Selah Burke), Billy Taylor, Wendy Taylor, Thanos, Trion, ULTIMATUM (Flag-Smasher), Weapon Red, Weapon X, X-Factor (M, Layla Miller, Multiple Man, Rictor, Siryn, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane), "X-Men" (Crux, Grey King, Landslide, Mercury, Rapture, Xaos), X-Men Blue (Angel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Henry McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Danger, Jimmy Hudson, Iceman/Robert Drake, Marvel Girl/Jimmy Hudson, Briar Raleigh), Yellow Eye (Mojo), Volga Yevgeny-Malovich, Zodiac (Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini (Madison Jeffries), Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo);
Formerly Cable, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Storm, X-Men (Colossus, Storm, Wolverine)

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother (deceased)

Aliases: Sarah Rushman

Base of Operations: New York City, New York;
Formerly Westchester, New York; Morlock Tunnels; Hill dimension

First Appearance: (Sarah) Cable I#15 (September, 1994); (Marrow) X-Men Prime (July, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: As a mutant, Marrow grew extensive, rapidly renewing, bones through her skin, generally without her direct control. She frequently had to pluck these grotesque growths off and used the bones as weapons, including armor, claws, knives, and even a blow gun and dart. After her exposure to a Skrull medical device, and to treatments by Weapon X, Marrow was able to control her power and regulate her appearance. Marrow also possessed regenerative powers, making a second heart when she needed it, as well as enhanced strength and agility. Marrow, without her powers, is still a skilled fighter and has used knives in combat.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red (sometimes purple or pink)

(Cable I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Young mutant Sarah was a favorite among the Morlock population.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374 (fb)) - As a young girl, Sarah was impressed with the beautiful Angel, who was briefly a captive of the Morlocks.

(X-Men Unlimited I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Sarah marveled at a paperback novel that floated into the tunnels, seeing a picture of a beautiful human woman on the cover.

(X-Men Unlimited I#18/2 (fb)) - Sarah was horrified when the Marauders murdered many of the Morlocks in the tunnels. She later saw the beautiful Angel crucified by Harpoon.

(X-Men Origins: Gambit#1 (fb)/Gambit III#7 (fb)) - During the Marauders' massacre, Sarah's mother was pinned by a concrete block. She begged Gambit to get young Sarah to safety.

(Uncanny X-Men I#350 (fb)) - Gambit ran away with Sarah bringing her to safety.

(X-Men Origins: Gambit#1 (fb)) - Gambit took Sarah to the surface, where he left her for a police officer to get to safety.

(Cable I#15 (fb)) - When Mikhail Rasputin flooded the Morlock tunnels, Sarah tried hiding. She saw Thornn and asked for help, but the water washed over Sarah and took her away. The Morlocks were believed dead, but were secretly transported to the Hill dimension.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374 (fb)) - In the Hill dimension, time passed quickly as decades would flow by in a matter of Earth months. The children were kept in a stony citadel, where they grew.

(Cable I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Sarah was able to appear briefly, rather like a ghost, through the dimensional interface. Thornn saw her and Sarah said that the Morlocks were alive, but afraid to come out unless the Ceremony of Light was performed. 

(Cable I#15) - Thornn, Cable, and Domino performed the Ceremony and Sarah came through, telling them the others were still too frightened. She quickly faded away, saying she promised to return someday.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374 (fb)) - Callisto was the only one who ever showed Sarah comfort, particularly on the day the bones first broke through her skin. Other Morlocks came and pulled her out to survive by combat on the hillside as her powers had now manifested. She grew to hate Callisto for not saving her. Over the following years, her bones grew in constantly and painfully and she was never able to learn to control them.

(Weapon X: The Draft - Marrow (fb) - BTS) - D'Gard once saved Sarah's life.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374 (fb)) - When Marrow finally reached the top of the Hill for the first time, a savage and brutal fighter, Mikhail ordered her to fight in order to stay. She fought and killed Mikhail's two guards. Mikhail agreed to let her stay as long as she was prepared to continue fighting.

(X-Men Prime) - Marrow set up the Ceremony of Light in the Morlock Tunnels and began waiting for the Morlock progenitor. She killed human Jim Davis when he got too close. After hours of waiting, the Dark Beast finally revealed himself and promised to lead Marrow and her allies.

(Uncanny X-Men I#322 (fb) - BTS) - Gene Nation attacked a disco, killing dozens of humans there in the name of mutants.

(Generation X#5 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow and Hemingway kidnapped the White Queen while she visited New York, and left her staff murdered and impaled to the wall in a bloody game of tic-tac-toe. They kept her powers subdued with the help of young Leech.

(Generation X#6) - Marrow and Hemingway continued taunting Frost, who remained defiant, but they reminded her they were only keeping her alive until Dark Beast arrived. Marrow defended their murders as their right just before Frost knocked Leech out with a kick. Frost then fired off their cerebral synapses as her students Jubilee, Skin, and Synch arrived, then Dark Beast set off an explosion in the tunnels, allowing Marrow and Hemingway to escape.

(Uncanny X-Men I#325) - On the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre, Marrow led Gene Nation in capturing an entire subway full of humans. Callisto returned from the Hill to recruit the help of the X-Men, claiming that the former attacks had only been tests by Gene Nation on the X-Men. They used advanced technology to block themselves from the X-Men's Cerebro. Callisto soon led Colossus, Storm, and Wolverine into the Tunnels, where they found a human murdered with his bicycle and a message painted in blood to the X-Men. Reverb tracked the X-Men's thought-prints, revealing the roster to Marrow and Sack, shocked at Callisto being there. Marrow, uncaring, told Reverb to tell the others telepathically. Hemingway, who Callisto noted had mutated more (likely due to the Dark Beast) attacked and pounded Colossus into the sewer floor. Vessel punched Wolverine aside, more powerful than when the X-Men last fought him. Storm and Callisto found the subway humans running off and Sack, possessing one, shot Callisto before shedding his form and holding a gun to Storm's head. She hit him into the water with a powerful wind as Marrow revealed herself. Marrow blamed Storm for much of the Morlocks' plight and revealed that she had hostages wrapped in incendiaries. She claimed that the bomb would go off as long as her heart continued beating as they were attached. Marrow tossed bone knives to Storm and they started battling. Marrow was shocked when Storm drew first blood and licked the knife. Wolverine and Colossus, done with their battles, joined them as Storm kept stabbing Marrow, begging her to stop. Reverb tried telepathically stopping Storm, who hit Reverb with two thrown knives. With only 30 seconds left, Marrow continued taunting Storm, who ripped Marrow's heart out to stop the bomb. Callisto teleported back to the Hill with Hemingway, Vessel, and Sack, all in restraints.

(Storm I#4) - Having survived due to having a second heart, Marrow found a wounded Callisto running through the tunnels and promised to help her recover.

(Cable I#42 (fb) - BTS) - Hearing that Lila Cheney was putting on a concert for mutant/human rights, Callisto and Marrow decided to detonate a bomb at the show to deliver a message. They set it to go off when the concert ended, or ten seconds after it failed to trigger. Thornn worried about these actions and reported it to Cable and Storm.

(Cable I#42) - Marrow and Callisto jumped into the crowd to attack Storm and Cable, who knocked Marrow back before the duo retreated, determined to let the bomb run its course. They returned to the sewers and Marrow agreed to return to plant the bomb, promising to give the crowd time to evacuate. After doing so, Marrow attacked Cable again and he managed to shatter her bone daggers while she revealed the bomb's trigger. He telepathically told Lila to end the show differently, then Lila teleported the bomb far away to detonate. Callisto and Marrow escaped.

(Uncanny X-Men I#346) - Hearing that the government launched Operation: Zero Tolerance, Marrow and Callisto decided to attack one of their agents, Henry Peter Gyrich. When they found him, Spider-Man was there to defend Gyrich. When the following discussion didn't seem to lead anywhere, Marrow launched an attack on Gyrich that Spider-Man stopped. Gyrich's bodyguards, Boyd and Mathers, revealed themselves as Prime Sentinels and fired on Marrow, but Callisto intercepted the blast and fell, nearly dead. Marrow and Spider-Man prepared to join forces against the Sentinels, but Gyrich took them down first. Marrow nearly attacked Gyrich again, but Spider-Man stopped her, reminding her of Callisto's condition. As Marrow departed with Callisto to the tunnels, Spider-Man, holding off an armed Gyrich, tried to give her something to believe in.

(Uncanny X-Men I#347) - As Marrow tended to Callisto's wounds, she expressed her hatred for all up-worlders, but Callisto reminded her of the beautiful Angel. Though reluctant, Marrow agreed to go help the X-Men in their battle against the Prime Sentinels.

(X-Men II#67) - Marrow followed Iceman for a time, seeing him help rescue mutant Cecelia Reyes. She stayed in the shadows until, at a police precinct, the humans turned into Prime Sentinels and prepared to attack. Trying to control the situation, Marrow shut off the power.

(X-Men II#68) - When human cops Cleveland and Aguinal investigated the power outage, Marrow furiously attacked them, knocking them both out. She then waited, intimidating the prisoners, including Gordo, into not escaping. She finally revealed herself to Iceman, Reyes, and their ally Detective Charlotte Jones, who Marrow treated with disdain. The three mutants formed a tenuous alliance and moved through the streets of New York, where the Prime Sentinels attacked again.

(X-Men II#69 (fb)) - The Sentinels crashed a building down on them, and mutant Sabra helped them escape.  

(X-Men II#69) - Despite Marrow and Reyes' bickering, Iceman, on his ice slide, took them to rescue Jones' son Timothy from a safe house in Connecticut. Sabra demanded answers, growing threatening with the others when they questioned her back. Marrow noticed a Sentinel in the water and jumped into the ocean to kill it, coming back up with its body. As they approached the house, arguing about tactics, Bastion revealed himself with even more Prime Sentinels. They saw Timothy sitting unharmed and learned that Bastion had one human he cared about: Rose Gilberti, who was also present. When Marrow threatened Rose, Iceman froze her in a block of ice to stop her interference. After Iceman defeated Bastion, he freed the others, but Marrow was frustrated that he let Bastion live.

(X-Men II#70) - Iceman took Marrow and Reyes on an ice-slide back to the X-Men Mansion, spiraling dangerously when Marrow taunted him. As they approached, Marrow continued taunting her teammates, annoying Reyes, and Marrow mentioned the reverence the elder Morlocks held the Mansion in, but they found it empty and scoured clean inside. When Wolverine, Cannonball, Cyclops, Phoenix, and Storm returned, hurried as Cyclops had a live bomb placed in his abdomen, Marrow immediately taunted Storm, promising to settle with her later. The X-Men scrambled to save Cyclops, performing an emergency surgery, and Marrow followed Storm outside, taunting her over Marrow's murder and awakening Storm's guilt and defensiveness over the event. Marrow flirted with Cannonball, offering him one of her bones to help grind up pills. Soon Rogue, Beast, Joseph, Maggott, and Trish Tilby returned, and Marrow laughed when Wolverine taunted Tilby. During a crucial moment of the surgery, Marrow pulled out two unfinished bones to use for cutting, moaning in the pleasure at the pain of removing them. Marrow claimed one of the basements as her own, carving "This Way to a Dark Ride" on the door and leaving a bone as warning. She blew a kiss to Cannonball as she descended.

(Uncanny X-Men I#352) - When Marrow flirted with a visiting Archangel, Wolverine demanded she either pitch in or leave them all alone.

(X-Men Unlimited I#18/2) - Marrow continued tending to the healing Callisto while a team of human construction workers got closer to their hideout. Refusing to promise to not shed more blood, Marrow pulled lone worker Jim Pillman into her grasp, threatening him with a bone dagger. Recounting the Marauders, she took Pillman's card, threatened him, and watched him stagger away. She returned to check on Callisto.

(X-Men II#71) - Marrow startled her teammates at breakfast with her poor eating habits and unruly bony protuberances in her head. She yanked one out and threw it on the table, then tossed a bowl at Cannonball when he commented on her etiquette. Later, Marrow continued taunting her teammates, particularly Storm, when they determined to head into town and leave Marrow behind. When Maggott pitied her, she furiously rushed into the basement. Later, Wolverine found her in the basement carving on the walls and prepared to teach Marrow a lesson.

(X-Men II#72) - Marrow angrily complained to Wolverine how she was viewed as an ugly one to be kept out of sight, using Storm as an example of her argument. Wolverine popped his bone claws when Marrow drew a bone to fight, and they traded several blows, Wolverine drawing first blood, avoiding Marrow's attacks, and knocking the wind out of her with a punch. They argued over the Morlocks the entire time, infuriating Marrow, who licked Wolverine's blood when she drew it. He soon pinned her and offered her an official place on the team, surmising that she wanted to be accepted and giving her one chance to follow his rules and orders. She feigned humility, then stabbed Wolverine in the throat with a bone. He went into a berserker rage and attacked her, narrowly stopped from killing her by Cannonball. Marrow rushed into the tunnels, where she lied to Callisto and said things were going great.

(Uncanny X-Men I#353) - Marrow, from a tree, watched the X-Men interact. She taunted Wolverine further, frustrating him.

(Uncanny X-Men I#354) - When Marrow found Rogue kissing Joseph, who was in a coma, Marrow assumed Rogue was trying to harm him instead of save him. She commented on how alike she and Rogue were, horrifying Rogue.

(X-Men II#73) - Marrow returned to the mansion to steal medical supplies and books to help Callisto with. Reyes caught her and tried to stop Marrow, who fled and easily escaped.

(X-Men II#74) - Marrow tended to Callisto, sure to provide valuable light, believing that would aid in her healing. Callisto weakly stated that she was dying and that Marrow needed to return to the X-Men, but Marrow refused and handed Callisto an angel doll as she prayed for Callisto's recovery. After telling Callisto that the X-Men only wanted pretty recruits, Marrow went to find fresh water, where she found Angel laying before the dangerous Abomination. She watched as Angel fled and hid from Abomination, then attacked the villain to save her hero. Abomination chased Marrow and nearly caught her, but Angel attacked the villain again. Marrow yelled at Angel to run for it, but he refused, thanking Marrow for saving him and calling her beautiful. Shocked, Marrow pierced Abomination's eyes with metal knives (that used to belong to Angel). Abomination chased them while Angel continued to defend Marrow's beauty. Forced to choose between the monster and the angel, Marrow chose to go to the surface and told Angel her true name. He offered to put in a word for her with the X-Men, but she rushed off after carving "Light never dies, even in monsters" into the wall.

(X-Men II#75) - Marrow returned to the X-Men just in time to save Reyes from an attacking N'Garai. Marrow killed the demon and, covered in its purple blood, taunted Reyes. Reyes hugged Marrow, who slapped her back, then Marrow killed another demon that'd been fighting Beast. Marrow pointed out three more demons, who'd seemingly killed Wolverine. The demons captured the trio and took them captive to their home dimension alongside other humans, where they started experimenting on Reyes, who blocked them with their force field. Reyes stalled the creature, Pilgrimm of the Ru'Tai, who discussed his true origins, until the other X-Men came to the rescue. They battled the demons as a team until Maggott threw Marrow into Pilgrimm and she managed to cut off his power source. With Pilgrimm defeated, they helped the civilians get back to Earth through the portal. Marrow, who rolled her eyes about being a hero, scared a questioning guard off and noticed the X-Men accept her for the first time.

(Generation M#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Marrow agreed to an interview with human reporter Sally Floyd, who wrote a column called the Mutant Diaries for a paper called the alternative. Though she threatened Floyd twice during the interview, she told her about the plight of the Morlocks.

(Excalibur I#120) - Incredibly annoyed when Nightcrawler called to speak to the X-Men, Marrow threw a bone through the phone when Nightcrawler stated she wasn't one of the real X-Men.

(X-Men II#76) - Reyes and Beast conducted a physical on Marrow to make sure she was not harmed by the Ru'Tai. Marrow impatiently bantered with Reyes, then teased Cannonball when he entered and saw her topless. She laughed inwardly as he stumbled to escape with his eyes covered.

(X-Men II#77) - Marrow found Psylocke teleporting Reyes, Cannonball, Storm, Maggott, and Wolverine to Kenya, and Wolverine grabbed her to join them at the last second. After fighting back armed tribesmen, they found themselves in a village and separated from Psylocke and Wolverine. Complaining of the heat, Marrow was shocked to learn this was Storm's home, having pictured a palace with servants. They found the village full of entranced locals, saw Cannonball disappear into the sand, and met the spider-covered Ainet, who told Storm she must marry the god Ananasi. Ananasi began toying mentally with the mutants, sending Marrow, Maggott, and Reyes into a shadowy vision where Marrow's mutation was under control, allowing her to be beautiful. Showing them Wolverine in a dog-form, Ananasi invited the mutants to join him. Meanwhile, he attacked Storm and Psylocke, revealing himself as the Shadow King.

(X-Men II#78) - Shadow King, torturing Marrow with the pain of bony growths, promised the three mutants their hearts' desires if they would join him against the X-Men. When Psylocke freed the trio from the Shadow King's influence, Marrow was furious at the villain and wanted to hurt him. With Psylocke's help, she found Cannonball in a "mine" on the astral plane and saved him from his "father." Psylocke soon defeated the Shadow King and the X-Men returned. Cannonball tried thanking Marrow for his help, but she yelled at him, then walked away proud of herself. They helped Storm's villagers recover.

(Wolverine#900/3 (fb)) - In the Morlock tunnels with fellow Morlocks Ape, Carapace, Matchstick Girl, and Poser, Marrow was attacked by Sentinels and narrowly rescued by Beast and Wolverine, who'd arrived just in time. They went running as the tunnels collapsed around them.

   Marrow was furious to learn they were trapped in a small cavern under rubble, though they all survived, despite Carapace being severely wounded. Marrow blamed Poser for Carapace's wounds, then almost fought Wolverine before Beast said they needed to operate. As the others joined their powers to save Carapace, Marrow extended her bone growths into the wall, blasting it apart to free them. She was shocked at her own capabilities.

(X-Men II#79 (fb)) - When Storm invited Marrow up to her attic, Marrow quickly broke a flower pot, angering Storm. A healed Callisto entered and Marrow was overjoyed to see her. Callisto, however, told Marrow that she wanted her to stay at the school. From the staircase, Marrow watched Cannonball, thinking how cute he was, but then heard him on the phone say that he was leaving.

(X-Men II#79) - When Marrow passed a couple in New York, the woman called her a name, so Marrow used a bone dagger to cut off her hair in retaliation, laughing as the couple rushed off helplessly. Ruminating on Callisto's betrayal in Central Park, Marrow frightened some joggers when Cannonball approached her. In a fury, she threatened him and tossed daggers, which he knocked aside with his blast field. She demanded he leave her alone while she got her vengeance, then she rushed off. As she hid in the park, Cannonball read her a letter stating that he was needed at home to take care of his family. Feeling that another person was leaving her, Marrow attacked and they fought until Cannonball pinned her and she relaxed. Imploring her to try and understand, Cannonball helped Marrow learn that he felt sadness and rejection as well. Just then, Detectives Cleveland and Aguinal, two of the cops Marrow faced during the Zero Tolerance fiasco, ordered Marrow to freeze, but she leapt at them. As Marrow threatened the cops, Cannonball helped her realize they were real people with problems, too, then Storm and Callisto arrived. Marrow let the cops go, apologized to them, and embraced Cannonball, choosing finally to be a hero rather than a monster. As Callisto departed, promising to return, Storm offered Marrow her hand as a teammate; Marrow ignored the hand, but agreed they could start fresh.

(Uncanny X-Men I#360) - Marrow, Wolverine, Rogue, and Storm traveled through the sewers of Washington DC to meet with their ally Peter Corbeau. After fighting off some automations, they discovered Corbeau had been kidnapped, supposedly by a team of X-Men. After meeting Valerie Cooper at the Lincoln Memorial, they learned a group of X-Men imposters (Chaos, Crux, Grey King, Landslide, Mercury, Rapture) had kidnapped Shadowcat and Corbeau and were seeking to launch a deadly rocket. As they traveled via jet to the site, they learned on the news that designer Eric Koppisch had been killed and the rocket was designed to harm mutants. The false X-Men attacked the jet and Marrow knocked out Crux with a bone before Grey King downed her. The jet, along with the Blackbird (with Colossus and Nightcrawler aboard), plummeted for the ground.

(X-Men II#80) - The jet and the Blackbird crashed in the swamp in Florida. Colossus helped Marrow pull off a painful bony growth, and she argued they needed more time to recover before they fought the "X-Men" again. At a battle at the rocket base, the "X-Men" fought Marrow and her teammates until Xavier was revealed to be a fake (secretly Cerebro). They stopped the dangerous rocket from launching.

(X-Men II#) - Mesmero hypnotized the X-Men (Colossus, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine) and many citizens in a subway station trapping them in a medieval illusion. The X-Men started attacking innocent bystanders until Nightcrawler saw for a few seconds the real world. He told his fellow X-Men that Mesmero was their enemy and the villain was knocked out by Shadowcat to free everyone from Mesmero's hypnosis.

(Uncanny X-Men I#361) - Marrow, frustrated that they wanted to turn her room back into the training facility, the Danger Room, stole Colossus' sketchbook, wanting one of the pictures inside. When Nightcrawler tried to stop her, she nearly stabbed him. Colossus approached Marrow later, shocked to see pictures of magazine cutouts all over her wall, and she kicked him out. He slid a picture he'd drawn of her under the door for her to keep.

(X-Men II#81) - With the Mansion now furnished and more populated, the X-Men wanted to train in the Danger Room as a team. Marrow refused, even when Storm (with a rain cloud) and Wolverine (with threats) tried to make her.

(X-Men: Liberators#4) - Marrow was among the X-Men welcoming Colossus back home in Westchester.

(X-Men Unlimited I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow stole an old trash train to navigate around the tunnels better. While walking through the sewers and subway tunnels in New York, Marrow saw some terrorists with a bomb in the tunnels.

(X-Men Unlimited I#22) - Finding Shadowcat reading quietly, Marrow taunted her with a dead rat, unimpressed by Shadowcat's threats to get even. She soon told her teammates about the bomb and ridiculed them when they doubted her. Storm and Wolverine shockingly came to Marrow's defense, identifying the terrorists as ULTIMATUM, and Marrow initially refused to help them, but Storm put her in charge of tactical decisions for the mission. She teamed with Storm, Wolverine, and Shadowcat, giving them walkie-talkies she'd stolen to communicate, then showed them her trash train, which disgusted the heroes. As the two teams searched for the terrorists, Marrow frustrated her teammates by her low disdain for human life. Shadowcat teamed with Marrow to search one of the tunnels and tried relating to Marrow, who felt Shadowcat was too pretty and human to understand her. Shadowcat shoved Marrow against the wall angrily, stating that Marrow needed to get over her obsession with beauty and realize the X-Men were a team. When the team radioed that ULTIMATUM was attacking, Marrow reluctantly let Shadowcat phase her through several walls to reach the bomb in time. As Marrow grew overwhelmed by the large bomb, the other X-Men joined them and Marrow helped Gambit fight off some of the terrorists. When the train stopped under the United Nations building, Marrow realized it was a fake bomb and rushed to find the real one, with Shadowcat close on her tail. Marrow surmised that the target was Wall Street and argued that her perspective was unique as she'd grown up away from humanity. They found Flag-Smasher and Marrow was quickly knocked off her feet, then assisted by Shadowcat, who phased Marrow and knocked Flag-Smasher back. Threatening Flag-Smasher and unwilling to see Shadowcat get hurt, Marrow knocked her teammate out. She pinned the villain to the bomb with a dagger and, determining he would deactivate it or die, pulled Shadowcat away. Despite Shadowcat's reservations, Marrow was right and the bomb didn't go off.

(Avengers III#10) - The X-Men were watching the news, frustrated that the Avengers got so much media attention.

(Uncanny X-Men I#362) - Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. asked the X-Men for help battling an out-of-control Pyro in Nebraska. Pyro, randomly burning fields and homes, was asking for Xavier, and Marrow grew frustrated with the X-Men for revering Xavier like they did. During the battle, Marrow and others were told to aid civilians. Marrow, frustrated with the assignment, complained about Xavier's failures as she aided the others, annoying Storm. Gambit encouraged Marrow to give Xavier a second chance.

(Uncanny X-Men I#363) - At Golden Gate Park, Marrow accompanied Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Wolverine in investigating a potential location of Professor X. Marrow feigned disgust at all the flowers in the area, and taunted Kitty for her beautiful appearance. Later, they disguised themselves and walked through Berkeley, a section of town that Marrow liked, to pursue another lead. When a man admired a bone growing out of Marrow's skull, thinking it a piercing, she disgusted he and his girlfriend by pulling it out and giving it to him. Wolverine stopped her from fighting them when the man called her a freak. Soon, they arrived in Chinatown and found Black Crane, who used a spell to determine that Professor X was on Alcatraz. Marrow scoffed at this unreliable resource of information, but traveled to Alcatraz with them. When Nightcrawler teleported them to the island from the ship, she was nauseated from the trip. They were all shocked when the Brotherhood of Mutants (Blob, Mimic, Post, Toad) attacked them. Marrow tried slicing Blob with a bone as they traded sarcastic quips. Shadowcat phased Marrow away from one of the Blob's blows, and they were all shocked to learn that Professor X was behind the Brotherhood. They decided to join forces when Cerebro attacked them.

(X-Men II#83) - The X-Men and Brotherhood did their best to hold of Cerebrite Beta.

(Uncanny X-Men I#364) - As the mutants found their powers ineffective against Celebrite Beta, Marrow had a hard time getting along with Toad as the battle progressed. As Marrow tried slashing the machine apart, it hit Toad with a blast, making Toad disappear. Marrow, thinking Toad dead, was horrified. During a temporary reprieve of the battle, the Brotherhood fought the X-Men over the right to protect Xavier, who Marrow didn't think was worth it as he'd never helped the Morlocks and because he'd been Onslaught. Seeking to protect Xavier, Shadowcat phased he and Marrow into the tunnels of Alcatraz. As they phased through tunnels to escape, they found Beta battling the others. Marrow leapt on it while Shadowcat escaped with Xavier, but Beta quickly pursued them. Before the battle was over, Shadowcat, Wolverine, and Marrow were all seemingly vaporized by Beta as well.

(X-Men II#84) - Xavier and young Nina were able to defeat Cerebro, freeing the others.

(Uncanny X-Men I#365) - To thank Colossus for the picture he drew of her, Marrow presented him with a gift, a story of an Ice Princess she had written.

(X-Men II#85) - The X-Men helped save wounded humans from a destroyed hospital in Los Angeles. When Marrow taunted Professor X, Nightcrawler got angry and jokingly teleported her against her will to help the other X-Men. When the police became threatened by the X-Men, Storm was able to calm them and convince them the X-Men were there to help.

(X-Men: The Magneto War#1) - The Acolytes (Barnacle, Fabian Cortez, Kleinstock Brothers, Projector, Rem-Ram, Senyaka, Spoor, Static) attacked the X-Mansion, so Xavier mentally summoned Colossus, Gambit, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm, and Wolverine to fight them off. Marrow leapt at Static, but Cortez stopped her, amplifying her powers to painful levels. Marrow lay helpless, a mass of jagged bones, until Shadowcatphased her free of them, tough Marrow still taunted her. Soon, the Acolytes rejected Cortez, who ran off, and the Acolytes departed peacefully when Xavier denied them asylum.

(Uncanny X-Men I#366) - Acolytes began attacking genetic research facilities, the X-Men (Colossus, Gambit, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine) struggled to track them, hearing reports of the attacks on the news. Marrow grew impatient with inaction while their villains were out there.  They soon found the Acolytes (Cargill, Kamal, Kath, Mellencamp, Neophyte, Scanner, Unuscione, Vindaloo) at a facility in New York, but the villains toppled the facility on the X-Men and escaped. They pursued the villains in their Blackbird, but an electromagnetic wave washed over them, leaving them to crash in the Arctic.

(X-Men II#86) - The X-Men stood freezing in the snow. When Marrow tried huddling into Colossus for warmth, she was shocked by his electrostatically charged body. They saw the Acolytes in the ship above, but had no way to reach them, and so struggled to stay warm and alive. When a nuclear device went off just miles away, the X-Men dug beneath the ground to try and shield themselves from the radiation. Marrow hugged Wolverine for comfort.

(Uncanny X-Men I#367 (fb) - BTS) - Xavier mentally instructed the X-Men to pretend to be dead while he mentally coerced the Acolytes into protecting the X-Men with their shields.

(Uncanny X-Men I#367) - Mentally encouraged by Xavier, the Acolytes attacked and the X-Men rushed to defend themselves, secretly planning to steal their ship at the earliest opportunity. Marrow leapt at Cargill, but Wolverine stopped her from acting too rashly. During the following battle, she traded blows with Mellencamp and Cargill, then the X-Men stole the ship, leaving the Acolytes behind.

(X-Men II#87) - The X-Men tracked down Magneto, seeing his deadly battle with Joseph as Astra watched from the side. Though overwhelmed by the power being wielded, Marrow agreed to stand with the X-Men. In the following battle, Marrow tried slashing at Magneto, but he knocked her back while apologizing for not seeking out the Morlocks years before. In time, Joseph sacrificed himself to reverse Magneto's damage, Astra departed, and Magneto was offered the country of Genosha by the United Nations.

(X-Men Unlimited I#23) - Marrow grew irate at Professor X for mentally disciplining her after she missed a Danger Room session. She threatened to kill him with a bone dagger, but Nightcrawler helped talk her down, making her reluctantly realize she was choosing to live at the X-Mansion. She later joined the team for a Danger Room session against a Sentinel.

(Peter Parker, Spider-Man II#4) - Hearing about civilians disappearing in the tunnels, Marrow worried the tunnels would be destroyed in a riot and wanted to investigate, but the X-Men refused to let her. She went anyway and fought back a mob of humans, aided by Spider-Man. Despite their disagreement in tactics, Spider-Man and Marrow agreed to help each other. In the tunnels, Marrow smelled Callisto, and they soon found her among the captured humans. Marrow rushed to Callisto while Spider-Man aided the captives. Soon, the monstrous Hunger attacked the humans, including Betty Brant and Flash Thompson, but Marrow and Spider-Man attacked. When Marrow was pinned, she encouraged Spider-Man to stab the beast with a bone blade, but Spider-Man punched it instead. Hunger departed and Marrow left, confused by the experience.

(Uncanny X-Men I#368) - After the X-Men attended Joseph's funeral, during which Marrow complained about her itchy clothes, they were teleported by the mysterious Ejulp to another dimension.

(X-Men II#88) - Seeking to orient themselves, the X-Men tried to understand the laws of the environment and saw Storm fall unconscious. Ejulp explained that the Trion governed the universe there. Marrow grew defensive when one of the pacifistic aliens approached them. Gambit's cards blew up unexpectedly, mortally harming Marrow and knocking her unconscious. Black Tom arrived and explained he had sent Ejulp, to get the X-Men's help with a giant Juggernaut.

(Uncanny X-Men I#369) - Marrow lay in a deep coma, near death, as the X-Men, Ejulp, and Black Tom defeated the Trion and saved Juggernaut and the Otkid race. Ejulp teleported the X-Men to the Skrull home world.

(X-Men II#89) - Marrow lay feverish and wounded as Professor X mentally stunted her pain levels. When Gambit didn't feel she was receiving the help she needed, he grabbed her to find help on his own.

(Uncanny X-Men I#370) - Gambit loaded Marrow into an alien taxi and had her taken to a medical center, where a doctor began a treatment process to stabilize her genome just as a group of Skrull insurgents attacked. Gambit fought them off while the machine repaired her.

(X-Men II#90) - Marrow emerged from the machine, her bone growth finally under her control. She was shocked at how beautiful she looked and how wonderful she felt. They rushed back to the X-Men and barely escaped the planet as Galactus consumed it. They solved the problem of going forward in time by placing themselves in suspended animation for years, reawakening back near Earth just before Joseph had been killed. As they wondered if they could change history, their ship was attacked.

(Captain Marvel III#6 (fb)) - The Microns, including Dexam, later joined various mutants in opposing Thanos and Baron Karza's attempt to destroy the Microverse. The end result of this was the merging of all Microverses into a single realm.

(Wolverine II#145 (fb) - BTS) - Still in stasis after travelling back to their time the X-Men were attacked by Skrulls and Wolverine was replaced by a Skrull.

(Uncanny X-Men I#371) - Marrow reflected on her new appearance, unsure how to handle things with her mutation suddenly in control. Colossus, calling her beautiful, helped comfort her as the ship moved towards Earth. After they dropped off some teammates at Muir Island, Gambit tried apologizing to Marrow for harming her, but she told him how happy she was with her new pain-free state. He was shocked when she hugged him.

(X-Men II#91) - Professor X's team returned to Westchester where they were welcomed by Rogue, who hardly recognized Marrow with her new look. Bio-scans of Marrow showed how much the alien technology had changed her. She felt great and had no hurry to see the doctors.

(X-Men Annual 1999 - BTS) - Storm and Gambit looked into Marrow's condition.

(Wolverine II#140) - Marrow was angry at Xavier that she had to train while everyone else got the day off.

(Gambit Annual '99) - Marrow accidentally stabbed Gambit through the heart during a workout in the Danger Room. Instead of killing him it exploded and his wound soon healed. Professor X seperated Mary Purcell from Gambit's body, but she knocked out all present X-Men including Marrow.

(Uncanny X-Men I#372) - Professor X awakened the X-Men for a training exercise and chastised them for their poor performance. As he watched their training in the following hours, Xavier noted Marrow had much greater control over her abilities and he asked her to come to him for testing. He noted her spontaneous regrowth of the bones and challenged her to retract the horns into her skull. Despite tremendous pain, she did so briefly, though they popped out again, Marrow in agony. When Gambit argued with Xavier over this, Marrow followed Gambit out.

(X-Men II#92) - Marrow decided to leave the school together with Gambit, but he wanted her to stay with Colossus. In front of a mirrow Marrow followed Professor X's instruction and once again retracted the horns into her skull. They grew back instantly when Colossus broke her concentration by knocking on the door. When the X-Men finally left the school Marrow went with Rogue.

(Uncanny X-Men I#373 (fb) - BTS) - While the X-Men decided what to do with Xavier, Marrow reluctantly agreed to go on a road trip with Colossus. He took her to several tourist attractions, and she found herself getting more comfortable though still wary and having to use an image-inducer.

(Uncanny X-Men I#373) - At a hotel in Massachusetts, Marrow was overcome with a nightmare about her never-ending battle in the Hill dimension. She reflected on her new condition and how she couldn't control it but how it didn't control her either, then bid good morning to Colossus, who was painting a sunrise. She commented that the sun to him meant beauty but to her meant exposure. She struggled to pull her bone horns in and succeeded, happy to go out without having to use a disguise. They soon visited an art show in Boston, where a painter named Zone flirted with her, asking for help in balancing a painting. When she relaxed, bones sprouted from her and Zone called her a mutant as she ran away tearfully. She activated her inducer and steered the cops away before returning to Colossus. Just then, a portal opened up behind them and they were pulled back to the Hill. Callisto rushed past and Marrow ran after her as Mikhail revealed himself to Colossus.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374) - While looking for Callisto, Marrow was overcome with memories of the day her powers manifested, and she realized how hard that must have been for Callisto. She soon remembered the day she first made it to the top of the Hill and reflected on how savage she'd been. She finally returned to Colossus and found him threatened by Mikhail, who she threatened to kill. Mikhail hardly remembered her as she screamed at him. In a fit of fury, a large energy being washed out of him and Colossus surmised that it was a native entity who'd bonded with Mikhail. Mikhail managed to transport the three of them back to Earth, where he collapsed.

(Uncanny X-Men I#375) - Marrow and Colossus drove Mikhail back to the X-Men, and she reflected on how helpless Mikhail seemed now. The X-Men, including allies Moira MacTaggert, Cable, and X-Man, were all saddened to learn Wolverine was dead. Marrow encouraged them to aid Mikhail rather than focus on the corpse. The team got caught up in an argument about the future of the X-Men and how they could handle the current crisis. They found themselves divided down the middle, Marrow siding with Cyclops, Gambit, Phoenix, Rogue, and X-Man. A fight broke out and they found themselves growing more and more suspicious of each other. When Cable attacked them, Marrow slashed at him before he took her down in a telekinetic blast that made the others think her dead. Professor X then revealed that the entire battle had been a psychic exercise to determine their loyalties, as he'd discovered that the Wolverine who'd died was a Skrull.

(X-Men II#95) - Following a training exercise in the Danger Room, Marrow accompanied her fellow X-Men to Egypt, tracking Cyclops, who used an image inducer to assume Polaris's appearance to discover the identities of her would-be kidnappers. Learning that she was a target of the Skrulls who wished to capture her as one of "the Twelve" sought by Apocalypse, Marrow joined the others against the Skrulls, separating to stop Apocalypse's Horseman Death, who entered the Skrull ship to plan a bomb. Recognizing Death's fighting style, a out-matched Marrow was taken to safety by Rogue, and protected from the explosions by Phoenix. In the aftermath Marrow discovered, along with the other X-Men, that Death was actually their MIA teammate, Wolverine. After Death made a sudden exit, Marrow mused that at least they'd learned Wolverine was alive.

(X-Men Unlimited I#25) - While en route to the Xavier Institute, an hour after leaving the Skrull base in Egypt, Marrow listened to Nightcrawler and Phoenix share stories about Wolverine. On their arrival, Jubilee, waiting to ask the team about Wolverine's reappearance, grew frustrated with the wait to find Wolverine, and stormed off. Volunteering to talk to her, Marrow found Jubilee sitting under a tree, and was initially rebuffed, with Jubilee referring to the time Marrow stabbed Wolverine in the throat. Marrow told Jubilee that despite their differences, they were both young, rebellious orphans who Wolverine tried to take under his wing, although in her case, Marrow turned him down. Telling Jubilee that Wolverine was a survivor and to stop feeling sorry for her self, Marrow left, offering the suggestion that if Wolverine is so important to her she should let him know when he comes back and to not let that opportunity pass.

(Wolverine II#145) - The X-Men surmised that Wolverine had been replaced with a Skrull during their time in stasis while returning to the present.

(Uncanny X-Men I#376) - Xavier briefed the X-Men (Angel, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Marrow, Phoenix, Polaris, Psylocke, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm) about the danger of the Skrulls, Apocalypse, and the Destiny diaries. They found the mutant Skrull Fiz watching the proceedings and briefly battled him before learning he was there to help. After monitoring Mikhail's condition with Moira MacTaggert, they learned that the prophesied Twelve were meant to be Bishop, Cable, Cyclops, Iceman, Living Monolith, Magneto, Phoenix, Polaris, Professor X, Mikhail Rasputin, Storm, and Sunfire. Marrow groaned about her not being selected to save the world. The X-Men broke to try and track the Twelve on their own.

(X-Men II#96) - Bored, Marrow waited while the X-Men gathered information. Later, Marrow and the others rushed to battle Death (Wolverine), who managed to escape.

(Uncanny X-Men I#377) - The X-Men and Fiz joined up with Magneto and tracked Apocalypse to Egypt. Thee, they were attacked by Apocalypse's servants and dozens of Skrulls as the remaining Horsemen (Famine (Ahab), Pestilence (Caliban), War (Deathbird)) gathered the remaining Twelve from among them, including Bishop, who joined them in the fight. The X-Men were briefly confused by Skrulls posing as members of X-Force and Generation X, but they kept their fight focused on the servants of Apocalypse.

(X-Men II#97) - The deadly battle continued and the X-Men found themselves overwhelmed until Fiz convinced other mutant Skrulls to join the battle. They moved to fight off the Horsemen, but Mikhail Rasputin teleported the villains away. Apocalypse was seemingly destroyed when Cyclops merged with the villain.

(Uncanny X-Men I#378) - In a briefly existing and bizarre alternate reality, Marrow worked for Magneto.

(X-Men II#98) - In another briefly existing alternate reality, Marrow and Gambit were married and had children, but reality soon restored itself. 

(X-Men Unlimited I#26) - In another briefly existing reality Marrow as part of the X-Men and fought along with them Shi'ar and the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (War (Deathbird), Hunger (Ahab), Pestilence (Caliban), Death (Eric the Red)).

(Uncanny X-Men I#379) - Marrow participated in a game of baseball with the X-Men, batting the ball right at the unsuspecting Storm's head, though Wolverine intercepted it. Soon, the High Evolutionary announced, as a hologram, that he was ridding the world of mutation. The mutants across the world lost their powers and became human shortly thereafter.

(X-Men II#99) - Storm and Marrow ran Camp America, a place for underprivileged children. Marrow, thrilled to not have powers, started dating Brad, another counselor, and left on a date with him.

(Uncanny X-Men I#380) - Beast briefed the X-Men that the High Evolutionary and Mr. Sinister were behind the bizarre state of mutation in the world. As they prepared the ship for a space launch, the others noted that Marrow wanted to keep her humanity, yet save humanity, especially Brad, at the same time. After a nauseating takeoff, the X-Men arrived on the Evolutionary's satellite, impressed by his technology. They soon fought off the New Men and, their powers returned, defeated the villains before returning to Earth.

(Spider-Man/Marrow#1 (fb) - BTS) - A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent found Marrow cowering in the tunnels and took her in. They implanted memories in her, making her think she was a student named Sarah Rushman at Empire State University. Secretly, they gave her the mission to kill rogue Life Model Decoys, but "Sarah" was not aware when Marrow took over. In a class, she developed a crush on guest lecturer Peter Parker, who spoke on transbio-genetive microtoxicology.

(Spider-Man/Marrow#1 (fb)) - Rushman met Parker at a nightclub where she worked and she invited him out later. After work, though, she changed into Marrow and "murdered" one of her three remaining targets before rushing off. Spider-Man attacked her on a nearby roof, evading her thrown bones as she cut herself out of the webbing he'd trapped her in. To escape, she pushed a water tower to the ground, making him rush to save others. Later, Rushman apologized to Parker at ESU for running off on him. They spent the evening together flirting and eating, but he refused her invitation to stay the night. Rushman found two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents inside trying to give her a new injection, but Spider-Man rushed in to save her and took her outside, where a S.H.I.E.L.D. copter fired on them, causing them to crash into a roof. Director Sharon Carter revealed herself, somehow awakening Marrow's memories and causing her to fire a bone at Carter, who Spider-Man narrowly saved. Marrow threw daggers at the copter, then Spider-Man attacked, trying to awaken Rushman within Marrow, but she raged about how Sarah was too good for the painful world and she would never allow that part of her to be hurt.

(Spider-Man/Marrow#1) - Marrow demanded that Spider-Man let her fall, stabbing him in the hand and plunging into the river below. She returned to the sewers, where Hemingway welcomed her back.

(Weapon X: The Draft - Marrow) - Marrow agreed to let the new Weapon X program try an experimental procedure on her, altering her genetic code in order to give her greater control over her appearance and allowing her to be beautiful. When the procedure was successful, she started going by Sarah again. The Director sent her to assassinate D'Gard, and she agreed, despite her reservations. She returned to the same club she'd once killed people in and found herself considered beautiful and accepted. When Junichi flirted with her, she found herself swimming and flirting and feeling accepted. They spent the night together and she thanked him for feeling normal. When Kane approached, he told her that D'Gard was being moved. She initially refused to do it, but Kane reminded her that her beauty could be taken away. She threw him through the window and fought him for a bit, realizing she was more vulnerable than before, but still defeated him. She rushed back in to Junichi and jumped in the shower with him, realizing he was actually Mesmero. Disgusted, she hit him and threatened to kill him if he ever touched her again, nearly killing him already. She snuck in on D'Gard, who commented on her beauty, then quickly killed him. She returned to the Weapon X program, furious and with shorter hair, and told them she was beyond being hurt anymore.

(Weapon X II#1) - Weapon X attacked the Ecliptic's Zodiac, killing them. Marrow impaled Leo with her bone daggers and grew frustrated with Mesmero for not helping in the fight. Taking Madison Jeffries, the former Gemini, Weapon X blew up the castle and returned to base. Marrow and Aurora discussed Marrow's newfound beauty; when Mesmero made a pass at Marrow, she slashed his groin with a dagger, promising a bigger injury if he didn't back off.

(Weapon X II#2) - Sent on a mission in South America, Marrow posed as a soccer fan and entered the game, getting violent with one of the security guards when he became frisky. Waiting for a time during the game, Marrow prepared a bone blowpipe and killed the president she'd been sent to assassinate. When the crowd turned against her, Marrow fled, slashing two guards with bone claws. Mesmero calmed the crowd with mind control and drove Marrow away, as she resisted his advances again.

(Weapon X II#4) - Marrow, Kane, Sauron, and Washout were sent on a mission to Seattle, Washington, to locate allies of Sabretooth. They attacked Avalanche and Blob, who Marrow held back with two bones to his neck. As they questioned the two restrained mutants, Marrow professed her distrust in the Weapon X program and her desire for revenge on Sabretooth.  

(Weapon X II#5) - Weapon X agents, including Marrow and Sabretooth, were sent to Warwick, New York to apprehend young mutants Billy and Wendy Taylor, leaving the kids' parents dead.

(Weapon X II#9) - Her doubts about Weapon X persisting, Marrow approached Brent Jackson for more information, and he clued her in on his plans for a coup. Along with Sauron and Wild Child, Marrow began spying on the Director.

(Weapon X II#10) - The Director interviewed Marrow about the Mutant Massacre and Sabretooth's involvement in it, telling her that Sabretooth was gone. He offered her the chance to hunt him down.

(Weapon X II#12) - Marrow tracked Sabretooth into the sewers and pelted him with several thin bone darts. Wanting revenge for his part in the massacre, she grew bone claws like Wolverine's and leapt to attack. When he held her back, she grew more bones through his arm, but he broke them off against the wall, then slashed her face. She got away from his long enough to flood the tunnels. Thinking him drowned, she swam away.

(Weapon X II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow released the Mutant Underground (Blaquesmith, Domino, Meltdown, Soldier X), who'd been recently captured by Weapon X. She used equipment to brainwash Soldier X, making him think that Weapon X had been destroyed.

(Weapon X II#13) - When Soldier X awakened, Marrow reinforced the brainwashing and convinced him to turn over his disc that had information on all the remaining Underground cells.

(Weapon X II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Using the resources obtained from Cable, Marrow reorganized Gene Nation and initiated attacks on known Weapon X facilities.

(Weapon X II#19) - Gene Nation bombed a Weapon X facility in New York, killing 32 people. They wondered what happened to Cable, about the name change, and about their intense new tactics, though they trusted Marrow to lead them. Marrow, meanwhile, struggled with the bones that started growing on her face again, fighting against her desire for beauty. Marrow was shocked when Maverick held her at gunpoint, but he was quickly restrained by Vessel and Hemmingway. Maverick quickly released himself, so Marrow convinced him that working with her was in his best interests. Maverick agreed to join Gene Nation as they had a common goal.

(Weapon X II#20 (fb) - BTS) - Gene Nation continued their attacks on Weapon X in Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. Marrow assigned Maverick to lead an attack on Grand Central Station.

(Weapon X II#20) - While Marrow watched the news, Agent Zero snuck in and slipped a wire around her neck, choking her. After mocking her, Zero got Marrow to admit the planned attack. She then grew bone claws and freed herself, but Zero proved her better, so Marrow reconfigured the bones in her nose and signaled her allies. Vessel and Hemingway burst through the wall with others and Zero chose to go after Maverick instead, promising to be back.

(Weapon X II#21) - Marrow, Vessel, and Hemingway monitored reports of Zero's attacks on Gene Nationals everywhere, slaying all he came into contact with. Days later, he attacked Marrow's headquarters again, easily killing Vessel and Hemingway. He chose to leave Marrow alive so that she wouldn't be considered a martyr, but promised to come back for her after the rest of Gene Nation was gone.

(Generation M#4 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow, having lost her powers on M-Day but still retaining her bony appearance, went back to the Morlocks. She found that nearly all of them had lost their powers, many of them achieving human appearance, but she helped keep the society close-knit beneath the surface. As Congressman Eugene Sykes began lobbying for mutants to register their powers, Marrow and the other Morlocks, including Irving, responded to the murder of 13 Morlocks, all mutants who'd lost their powers. They stacked the bodies when the police didn't respond.

(Generation M#4) - Marrow did another interview with Floyd after M-Day, this time for the Ex-Mutant Diaries. She told of the Morlocks' plight and vowed to stay with the Morlocks until they were accepted by the human society for who they were. Her article was published days later.

(X-Factor III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow and Callisto helped form the X-Cell along side other depowered mutants, including Elijah Cross, Abyss, Blob, Fatale, and Reaper. They blamed the government for the mutant situation and planned to engage in terrorist acts until they got true answers. They considered X-Factor Investigations their enemies as they were active mutants affiliated with the government. Hearing Quicksilver could potentially restore their powers, the X-Cell sought him out.

(X-Factor III#18) - Blob and Fatale got into a fight with M, Multiple Man, Siryn, and a depowered Rictor, all members of X-Factor, and Marrow went to help them, knives in hand.

(X-Factor III#19) - Refusing to be consoled, Marrow told X-Factor they were traitors and stabbed Siryn in the shoulder with a blade. A fight broke out, during which Marrow and Fatale were taken down by M and Siryn. Though X-Factor captured Blob, the X-Cell helped Quicksilver capture Rictor, believing he was instrumental to their being repowered.

(X-Factor III#20) - Though the powers of Abyss, Reaper, and Fatale were partially restored, Callisto made Marrow promise not to try the powers yet. X-Factor attacked while Layla Miller snuck in, playing a tape that revealed Quicksilver was responsible for the depowering along with his sister, the Scarlet Witch. Marrow helped fight back future versions of Quicksilver that were attacking, stabbing one through the shoulder, but another stabbed her through the ribs. Callisto and Marrow escaped into the sewer while X-Factor defeated Quicksilver.

(X-Men Legacy I#212) - Marrow was present with the X-Men when Xavier disbanded the team.

(New Warriors V#1) - When the Evolutionaries attacked the Morlocks, Marrow helped fight back against them, and Sun Girl (Selah Burke) soon joined the fight.

(X-Force IV#6 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow was acquired by Volga and he had his scientists work to restore her powers, using extradimensional tech to try and give her a facsimile of the bone growth she'd had before losing her mutant status. Marrow was pregnant at the time (father unrevealed) and was warned the experiment could cost her her child, and she consented to have the experiments anyway, wanting her powers back. Soon, the baby was lost. Volga unleashed a weapon, killing hundreds of civilians in Alexandria, and Marrow was left there for Cable and Doctor Nemesis to find.

(X-Force IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - After rescuing Marrow, Doctor Nemesis and Cable worked to use scientific means to stabilize Marrow's powers, though she was still considered a de-powered mutant.

(X-Force IV#1 (fb)) - Wanting to get justice for Alexandria, Cable assembled Psylocke, Doctor Nemesis and Marrow as a new team in X-Force. Marrow now appeared more human, her bone growths under control but she was slightly mad, constantly talking to her lost child though she couldn't remember having been pregnant. Marrow saw that Hope Summers was comatose in their new headquarters. Cable told the team that their job was to protect mutant interests around the globe.

(X-Force IV#1) - Marrow, considering herself an amazing marksman, leveled a gun at Weapon Red as Cable battled the villain, but Nemesis killed the villain. X-Force gathered together to go and liberate Cable's informant, who turned out to be Fantomex, and during the fight, Marrow was eager to remove her inhibitor and killed the armed guards, but Cable forbid her. X-Force regrouped on E.V.A., then flew over a fuel plane that contained a weapon Fantomex needed. Marrow removed her inhibitor device and her powers kicked in, then she jumped from E.V.A. on to the plane beneath them, incapacitating it and allowing X-Force to liberate a captive woman that had been held aboard it.

(X-Force IV#2) - Marrow, Fantomex, and Psylocke went on a mission to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Marrow eagerly killed armed guards. Cable joined them and they questioned their target, Fiqh, whose spleen Marrow threatened to consume as she held a bone knife to him. Fiqh forced Cable to hunt down Fiqh's opponent, Qareen, and Cable teleported away to do so. Fiqh gave the team intel on the man behind the Alexandria incident, Volga Yevgeney-Malevitch. They also liberated Meme, a female mutant who existed in a psychic form and who had some control over technology.

(X-Force IV#3) - X-Force went on a mission to Brazil to find mutant teleporter Antonio Aggasiz, who had ties to Volga. As Marrow complained about Psylocke behind her back, the team grew annoyed with her whining and swearing, and Psylocke, learning of the gossip, warned Marrow not to do it again. To get revenge, Psylocke made all of Marrow's swear words into nonsense words, making the others laugh. The team freed a group of mutants from their cells, then Psylocke put them all to sleep to complete the mission on their own. As they woke up, Psylocke told Marrow, in her mind, that she knew her secret. Psylocke killed many guards, turning her back on her pacifist ways, then the team questioned the restrained Aggasiz, but Volga showed up and killed Aggasiz before they got any intel. Volga then disappeared.

(X-Force IV#4) - When the team went after target Anais in Paris, Marrow used a grenade to block an escape tunnel. Cable shot Anais, then they captured her teammate (the target of their mission) Necrogateur, a man who could speak to the dead. They took Necrogateur back to the body of Aggasiz and discovered that Aggasiz had worked for Volga, getting weapons from other dimensions.

(X-Force IV#5) - Her own memories of her life still scrambled, Marrow helped stake out the ship where Volga was hiding, then X-Force attacked, and Marrow killed as many guards as she could. As they battled Volga's operatives, Marrow suddenly remembered the experiments and the pregnancy. Marrow lashed out, her bones killing many guards, before Volga reminded her that she'd consented to the procedure. Volga killed Cable as he captured Fantomex, Psylocke, and Marrow.

(X-Force IV#6) - Cable soon arrived, revealing the one who died had been a duplicate, alongside Doctor Nemesis, and freed the others. Marrow lashed out at the guards with bony growths. As they destroyed Volga's ship, Volga detonated himself, and Marrow protected her team by forming a shield out of bones. Back at base, they realized that the Meme accompanying them into combat was actually Hope Summers using Meme's powers.

(X-Force IV#7) - Doctor Nemesis took Marrow out for dinner, where he wondered if the reason she spoke, dressed, and kept her hair the way she did was to create emotional distance from the world around her so that she could not be hurt. Marrow responded by teasing him that he wanted to sleep with her, then destroying their table to intimidate some humans nearby. Doctor Nemesis then informed her that the power boosts from Volga would kill her within a year. Cable later assembled the team to talk about the threats they were facing.

(X-Force IV#9 (fb) - BTS) - Cable learned that Volga had given super power upgrades to rival groups of soldiers, British ones called the Pheasant Pluckers and their enemies the Quaddees. X-Force posed as the Quaddees to lure out the Pheasant Pluckers, with the goal of ultimately drawing Volga out of hiding.

(X-Force IV#8) - In disguise, Marrow attacked the Pheasant Pluckers (Thomas Starling, Melinda Argyll, Frank, Captain Riggs), in Wajiristan, throwing sharp bones at them before abruptly disappearing. Other members of X-Force attacked the soldiers as well, and the Pheasant Pluckers revealed they had illegal mutant upgrades. When MI:13 (Pete Wisdom, Excalibur/Faisa Hussain, Glorianna/Meggan Braddock) intervened, X-Force attacked.

(X-Force IV#9) - X-Force sparred with MI:13, with Marrow holding off Excalibur until Psylocke touched Marrow, whose insanity then was projected telepathically at the empath Meggan, defeating her. When things settled down, Cable revealed that Volga had given upgrades to the Pheasant Pluckers, but that the upgrades would kill the men. The groups worked together and went after the Quaddees. After a battle, X-Force departed to track Yellow Eye, a mysterious organization that was tracking all mutants.

(X-Force IV#10 (fb) - BTS) - Aboard X-Force's new base, an abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, they detected a mutant, Forgetmenot, who had the power to evade all memory when he was out of sight. Determining they needed him, the team went after him, but had to start the mission over every time Forgetmenot stepped out of view. Doctor Nemesis recorded a message in the break room for them to play whenever they forgot what they were doing.

(X-Force IV#10) - Marrow and X-Force continued to go after Forgetmenot repeatedly, with them having to kill Cable in one attempt, though he soon returned in a new body again. When Fantomex killed Forgetmenot, they were able to trick Yellow Eye and track him back to his base.

(X-Force IV#11) - Marrow joined X-Force in attacking Yellow Eye's headquarters, where he was tracking every mutant on the planet. Fantomex turned on the team, wanting to prove himself superior, and mentally attacked them, but Domino arrived to take him down.

(X-Force IV#12) - As Marrow confronted Cable for having lied about Fantomex, X-Force fought more of Yellow Eye's soldiers. Yellow Eye himself was sliced open to reveal Mojo inside. As secrets got exposed, including the fact that the Meme who had been accompanying them on missions was actually Hope, Fantomex, badly wounded, attacked the team, having upgraded his power.

(X-Force IV#13 (fb)) - Fantomex was defeated when a brain device made him believe he'd killed the team. Cable then captured Volga.

(X-Force IV#13) - Marrow helped Cable question and torture Volga. Volga revealed that he'd forced Marrow into the experiments on her powers and that she hadn't consented, then Marrow killed him out of anger. Afterwards, Marrow felt elated, then felt guilty for that. As Meme died, Hope Summers fell back into her coma.

(X-Force IV#14) - X-Force kept going after Fantomex, who was destroying spy operatives and bases around the world, but he continued escaping. Back at base, Marrow, who was wrestling with her grief after Volga's revelation, met Forgetmenot again, and he directed her to sit with Hope in her coma. Hope copied Marrow's powers and used them to play a video, one that revealed Cable had been taunting Fantomex into all of his attacks around the world. Hope used Psylocke's powers to lure in Fantomex as Marrow attacked Cable for his manipulations, killing him. Soon Fantomex attacked and initially overwhelmed Marrow, then Hope took on the powers of the others and began leading the team. As Marrow launched herself at Fantomex again, briefly disabling him, Hope released the rest of the Cable clones.

(X-Force IV#15) - Hope took a leadership role over X-Force and defeated Fantomex while curing Cable and herself. Later, Cable was kicked off the team, and Hope continued to lead X-Force, which now included Domino and Forgetmenot.


(Secret Empire: United#1 (fb) - BTS) - When Hydra took over the government, mutants were granted a new land, New Tian, in northern California, and Marrow went to live there.

(Secret Empire: United#1) - When Hydra captured Sunfire, Sebastian Shaw recruited Marrow, Magik, Strong Guy, and Boom-Boom to break him out of prison, but they were attacked by the Hydra Avengers (Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Taskmaster, Vision). Marrow briefly sparred with Deadpool, and the mutants soon departed with Sunfire.

(X-Men Blue#7) - In New Tian, the time-displaced original X-Men attacked, seeking to liberate prisoners and allies. Emma Frost sent Marrow, Mondo, Firestar, Wolfsbane, and Toad to fight them. Soon, Havok arrived and ended the fight.

(X-Men Blue#8) - Marvel Girl, Danger, and Jimmy Hudson attacked and Marrow and the others responded, flanked by Hellfire Club soldiers.

(X-Men Blue#9) - Marrow attacked Danger as Havok and Polaris became involved in the fight.

(X-Men Blue#34) - Magneto formed a new Brotherhood of Mutants, including members Briar Raleigh, Elixir, Unuscione, Exodus, Toad, and Marrow.

(Domino Annual I#1) - Marrow attended a support group called "Mindfulness for Mutant Appearances," meant to help mutants with body mutations find love for themselves. Nightcrawler guided Marrow, Doop, Briquette, Maggott, Eye-Boy, Beak, Kylun, Thumbelina, Bling!, Stacy-X, Domino, and Toad through discussions about negative experiences related to their mutations.

(X-Men Blue#36) - Magneto led the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to attack Washington D.C., and the X-Men fought back.

(Uncanny X-Men V#19) - Emma Frost recruited Marrow to be part of the new Hellfire Club, and she took Marrow shopping to help her look the part, ultimately using telepathy to steal clothes from clerk Meredith. O*N*E forced Emma to use her assets to help the government apprehend mutants, and they killed Vanisher to prove their power. Callahan later attacked Marrow directly as he confronted Frost on her lies, realizing that Cyclops was alive and Frost had lied to him. Given no choice, Frost took the Hellfire Club to engage in dealings with Mr. Sinister, but then Wolverine and Psylocke (Kwannon) attacked.

(Uncanny X-Men V#20) - In the battle, Marrow was slashed at by Wolverine's claws, but Elixir later healed her.

(House of X#5) - Marrow moved to Krakoa, the new mutant nation.

(Excalibur IV#1) - Marrow relaxed on Krakoa.

(X-Force VI#9) - Marrow drank at the Green Lagoon on Krakoa.

(X-Men Vote Comics Strips#3 (fb) - BTS) - The X-Men held an election for a mutant to join their new team, and Marrow was among those nominated.

(X-Men Vote Comic Strips#3) - Marrow, dressed up at the Hellfire Gala, discussed the election with Armor.

(X-Men Vote Comic Strips#5) - Marrow was present when it was announced that Polaris had won the popular vote to join the X-Men.

(Marauders I#19) - Callisto brought Marrow, Brute, Hump, Bliss, and Masque to fight some anti-mutant foes in Madripoor. Marrow gladly stabbed the enemies, who had received Reaver technology and upgrades, with her bony growths. Later, Marrow and the others had a drink with bartender Ai Tran.

(Women of Marvel II#1/9) - When Feral was assigned as Marrow's roommate on Krakoa, the two initially fought with each other. Later, at the Green Lagoon, Marrow stood up for Feral when she was bullied, and the two ended up friends.

(Curse of the Man-Thing: X-Men#1 (fb) - BTS) - Marrow joined a new team of Dark Riders, led by Magik. Other members included Forearm, Shark-Girl, Wolf Cub, and Mammomax.

(Curse of the Man-Thing: X-Men#1) - The Dark Riders teamed up with Man-Thing to face the threat of Harrower, who controlled various swamp creatures and sent them against the Dark Riders. Harrower was soon defeated.

(Secret X-Men I#1) - Marrow and the other nominees for the X-Men who had lost the election were summoned by Sunspot to go to Shi'ar space on a rescue mission for Empress Xandra, who had gone missing. Marrow and the others got new costumes then boarded a spaceship. Marrow designed a space-suit entirely out of bone and joined the team in fighting the Sidri before they found Xandra, Deathbird, Delphos, and Oracle. They learned that Xandra wanted a private team of X-Men she could count on and this was a test (though those memories were later altered in the X-Men). The X-Men saw the Sidri kidnap Deathbird before they returned to Earth.

Comments: Created by Jeph Loeb and David Brewer.

Marrow received an entry in the All-New OHOTMU#7. Thanks to G Morrow and Markus Raymond for help with this profile.

Thanks to Calvin S. Cato for a few corrections on the Magneto War crossover.

Profile by Chadman.

Marrow has no known connections to

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X-Men Blue I#8 (September, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Cory Smith, Joey Vasquez (pencilers), Terry Pallot (inker), Mark Paniccia (editor)
X-Men Blue I#9 (October, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Cory Smith, Thony Silas (artists), Mark Paniccia (editor)
X-Men Blue I#34 (October, 2018) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Marcus To (artist), Darren Shan (editor)
Domino Annual I#1/4 (November, 2018) - Leah Williams (writer), Natacha Bustos (artist), Chris Robinson (editor)
X-Men Blue I#36 (November, 2018) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Marcus To (artist), Darren Shan (editor)
Uncanny X-Men V#19 (August, 2019) - Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Carlos Villa, Carlos Gomez, Robert Quinn (pencilers), Juan Vlasco, Adriano di Benedetto, Michelle Delecki (inkers), Jordan White (editor)
Uncanny X-Men V#20 (August, 2019) - Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Salvador Larroca (artist), Jordan White (editor)
House of X#5 (November, 2019) - Jonathan Hickman (writer), Pepe Larraz (artist), Jordan White (editor)
Excalibur IV#1 (December, 2019) - Tini Howard (writer), Marcus To (artist), Jordan White (editor)
X-Force VI#9 (May, 2020) - Benjamin Percy (writer), Joshua Cassara (artist), Jordan White (editor)
X-Men Vote Comic Strips I#3 (April, 2021) - Zeb Wells (writer), Emilio Laiso (artist), Jordan Whie (editor)
X-Men Vote Comic Strips I#5 (April, 2021) - Zeb Wells (writer), Emilio Laiso (artist), Jordan Whie (editor)
Marauders I#19 (June, 2021) - Gerry Duggan (writer), Stefano Caselli (artist), Jordan White (editor)
Women of Marvel II#1/9 (July, 2021) - Sophie Campbell (writer), Eleonora Carlini (artist), Angelique Roche (editor)
Secret X-Men I#1 (April, 2022) - Tini Howard (writer), Francesco Nobili (artist), Jordan White (editor)

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