Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Terrorist, criminal

Group MembershipSelene's Undead Army;
formerly Gene Nation (Charm, Fever Pitch, Integer, Iron Maiden, Loss, Marilou, Marrow, Maverick (Chris Bradley), Membrain, Opsidian the Dark, Reverb, Sack/Glass, Vessel/Snow)

AffiliationsBerzerker, Callisto, Dark Beast/Wynter, Maggott, Pyro (St. John Allerdyce), Mikhail Rasputin, Scaleface

Enemies: Agent Zero, Generation X (Chamber, Gaia, Husk, Jubilee, M, Skin, Synch, White Queen), Hrimhari, Leech, Weapon X, X-Force (Archangel, Warpath, Wolfsbane), X-Man, X-Men (Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers), Storm, Wolverine)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Pain

Base of Operations: New York City, New York;
Formerly the Hill dimension

First Appearance: (BTS) Uncanny X-Men I#322 (July, 1995); (seen) Generation X I#5 (July, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: A mutant of incredible strength and bulk, the grey-hued Hemingway had naturally plated armored skin, long spikes protruding from his arms and back, glowing eyes, and an overall monstrous appearance. Hemingway possessed the ability to grow to giant-size, increasing his bulk and strength as well. He was likely genetically altered/enhanced by the Dark Beast.


(Uncanny X-Men I#325 (fb) - BTS) - Mikhail Rasputin transported the Morlocks to an alternate dimension, called the Hill. After the first generation of Morlocks lived in peace, the young grew up disenfranchised, angry, and full of rage that their elders had abandoned Earth so easily.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374 (fb)) - In the Hill dimension, time passed quickly as decades would flow by in a matter of Earth months. The children were kept in a stony citadel, where they grew.

(Uncanny X-Men I#374 (fb)) - Life for the Morlock youths was one of constant combat as they struggled and fought to make it to Mikhail's citadel at the top of the Hill. When young mutants manifested their powers, they were immediately required to enter the combat. Those that reached the top of the Hill were required to continue fighting for their place there, even when they became Mikhail's personal guards.

(Uncanny X-Men I#325 (fb) - BTS) - They found a way to return to Earth so that they could get revenge on the humans.

(Uncanny X-Men I#322 (fb) - BTS) - Gene Nation attacked a disco, killing dozens of humans there in the name of mutants.

(Generation X I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to impress the Dark Beast, who they knew as the creator of the Morlocks, Marrow and Hemingway kidnapped the White Queen while she visited New York, and left her staff murdered and impaled to the wall in a bloody game of tic-tac-toe. They kept her powers subdued with the help of young Leech, and tied her up in the sewers.

(Generation X I#5) - Hemingway heard Frost's students Jubilee, Skin, and Synch coming up the elevator at her building and he punched it repeatedly, determined to kill them. They evaded his blows and knocked him backward with pyrotechnics until Hemingway punched the floor, knocking the students off their feet. Synch, tapping into Hemingway's powers, knocked him through the floor to the pavement below.

(Generation X I#6) - Marrow and Hemingway continued taunting Frost, who remained defiant, but they reminded her they were only keeping her alive until Dark Beast arrived. Marrow defended their murders as their right just before Frost knocked Leech out with a kick. Frost then fired off their cerebral synapses as her students arrived, then Dark Beast set off an explosion in the tunnels, allowing Marrow and Hemingway to escape.

(Uncanny X-Men I#325) - On the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre, Marrow led Gene Nation in capturing an entire subway full of humans. Callisto returned from the Hill to recruit the help of the X-Men, claiming that the former attacks had only been tests by Gene Nation on the X-Men. They used advanced technology to block themselves from the X-Men's Cerebro. Callisto soon led Colossus, Storm, and Wolverine into the Tunnels, where they found a human murdered with his bicycle and a message painted in blood to the X-Men. Reverb tracked the X-Men's thought-prints, revealing the roster to Marrow and Sack, shocked at Callisto being there. Marrow, uncaring, told Reverb to tell the others telepathically. Hemingway, who Callisto noted had mutated more (likely due to the Dark Beast) attacked and pounded Colossus into the sewer floor. Marrow, her heart wired to a bomb, attacked Storm, leading to Storm ripping Marrow's heart out. Callisto teleported back to the Hill with Hemingway, Vessel, and Sack, all in restraints.

(Storm I#3) - Mikhail kept a personal guard at the top of the Hill. When he kidnapped Storm, he introduced her to Pain (Hemingway), Snow (Vessel), Loss, Glass (Sack), and Charm. He told Storm that they were being sent to Virginia to destroy X-Factor headquarters. When Storm vowed to stop them, the attacked, slashing her back with a knife as Callisto rushed in. Mikhail involuntarily began opening a gateway to Earth as someone was performing the Ceremony  of Light as Storm downed the Gene Nationals with a whirlwind. Callisto threatened to kill Mikhail as he'd killed Marilou (to fake Storm's corpse), but the Gene Nationals told Mikhail that if he did as Storm asked, they would detonate the bomb there.

(Storm I#4) - Loss reminded Storm of the bomb as they waited for her decision. At Storm's prompting, Mikhail moved the entire Hill population to New York City, shocking the Gene Nationals. They landed in the old Tunnels, where Cable waited, and Storm ensured that Mikhail got every last mutant there. As Cable struggled to figure out what was going on, Loss reminded them of the bomb, still threatening to detonate. Storm seemingly killed Mikhail, causing the Gene Nationals to respect her, not knowing Mikhail had only teleported away. As the X-Men (Cyclops, Gambit, Phoenix, Wolverine) arrived, Storm determined she would send the Gene Nationals to a struggling village in Africa, where they would have to work and strive to survive. She promised to keep a close eye on them.

(Generation X I#50) - Acting on Dark Beast's orders, Membrain disguised himself against the wall of the Massachusetts Academy, eavesdropping students Jubilee, Synch, and Gaia. Dark Beast ordered Membrain, Fever Pitch, Vessel, and Hemingway to attack. Hemingway and Vessel attacked Jubilee, Husk, and Gaia aboard the monorail; Hemingway stopped the train while Vessel broke inside. Vessel shook off Jubilee's fireworks, threw Husk into the water, then, with his teammate, moved in on the other two. As Jubilee hit Vessel with a blast in the face, Gaia turned a train car into a giant arm and grabbed Hemingway with it. Hemingway broke free and knocked Gaia out while Vessel knocked out Jubilee. Husk, in a steel form, managed to defeat Vessel, then turned to fight Hemingway, who she managed to nearly defeat until Vessel awoke and defeated her. They took Husk and Jubilee, leaving Gaia behind, thinking she was dead. The other students were successfully captured as well.

(X-Man#50) - With their captives being experimented on by Dark Beast, Gene Nation waited to follow his instructions. Membrain waited outside their fortified sewer base and telepathically relayed the arrival of White Queen, Gaia, and X-Man back to his leader. White Queen hit Membrain with a powerful psi-blast, scattering him through the tunnels. They blasted through the specially reinforced door, only to find the captives and the Dark Beast's army. Dark Beast controlled a robot named Wynter and led Fever Pitch, Hemingway, Integer, Iron Maiden, Opsidian the Dark, and Vessel against the intruders. X-Man immediately held them back with a telekinetic wall, but the villains hit it with their combined powers and shattered it. White Queen freed the students one at a time while X-Man, light bent around to turn himself invisible, defeated Vessel and punched Hemingway, who'd increased himself to giant size. Integer, who as a non-person was immune to X-Man's powers, distracted X-Man so Hemingway could grab him, but Jubilee hit Hemingway with fireworks and forced him to let X-Man go. The mutants combined their powers against Hemingway, who was knocked back by a mighty burst from X-Man. The other members of Gene Nation were soon defeated.

(Weapon X II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Using the resources obtained from Cable, Marrow reorganized Gene Nation and initiated attacks on known Weapon X facilities. Vessel and Hemingway aided her in her new operations.

(Weapon X II#19) - Gene Nation bombed a Weapon X facility in New York, killing 32 people. They wondered what happened to Cable, about the name change, and about their intense new tactics, though they trusted Marrow to lead them. Marrow was shocked when Maverick held her at gunpoint, but he was quickly restrained by Vessel and Hemmingway. Maverick quickly released himself, so Marrow convinced him that working with her was in his best interests. Maverick agreed to join Gene Nation as they had a common goal.

(Weapon X II#20 (fb) - BTS) - Gene Nation continued their attacks on Weapon X in Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. Marrow assigned Maverick to lead an attack on Grand Central Station.

(Weapon X II#20) - Vessel and Hemingway burst through the wall with others in their facility to stop Agent Zero's attack against Marrow, but Zero quickly departed, promising to be back.

(Weapon X II#21) - Marrow, Vessel, and Hemingway monitored reports of Zero's attacks on Gene Nationals everywhere, slaying all he came into contact with. Days later, he attacked Marrow's headquarters again, easily killing Vessel and Hemingway.

(X-Force III#21 (fb) - BTS) - Selene resurrected Hemingway alongside many other deceased mutants with the T/O (techno-organic) virus.

(X-Force III#21) - Hemingway attacked Hrimhari and X-Force's Archangel, Warpath and Wolfsbane on Utopia alongside other resurrected mutants including Berzerker, Maggott, Pyro and Scaleface. When Archangel killed him the T/O virus put Hemingway back together in mere moments.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Chris Bachalo, and Mark Buckingham.

Profile by Chadman.

Hemingway has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Generation X I#5, p17, pan3 (main)
X-Man#50, p20, pan3 (giant-form)

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