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Real Name: Everett Thomas

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Adventuerer, student

Group Membership: None;
formerly Selene's Undead Army (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Beef, Berzerker, Bevatron, Siena Blaze, Bolt/Chris Bradley, Caliban, Catseye, Fabian Cortez, Cypher/Doug Ramsey, Darkstar/Laynia Petrovna, Deadbolt, Marco Delgado, Destiny/Irene Adler, Feral/Maria Callasantos, Firefist/Rusty Collins, Hemingway, Hurricane, Jetstream, Katu Kath, Lifeforce, Maggott, Leon Matheson, Seamus Mellencamp, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Pyro/St. John Allerdyce, Rem-Ram, Risque, Roulette, Scaleface, Shinobi Shaw, Skin, Spoor, Spyne, Static, Stonewall, Super Sabre, Tarot, Thunderbird/John Proudstar, Tower, Unus the Untouchable, the tribe of Camp Verde, millions of others); formerly Generation X (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Chamber/Jonothon Starsmore, Gaia, Husk/Paige Guthrie, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, M/Claudette & Nicole St. Croix, Penance/Monet St. Croix, Skin/Angelo Espinosa, White Queen/Emma Frost)

Affiliations: Access (Axel Asher), Alpha Flight (Guardian/James MacDonald Hudson, Snowbird/Narya, Puck/Eugene Milton Judd, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski), Armor (Hisako Ichiki), Police Chief Authier, Trace Authier, Doctor Bannerjee, Bishop (Lucas Bishop), Tristan Brawn, Tom Corsi, Cyclops (Scott Summers), Darwin (Armando Muñoz), Howard the Duck, Gil Espinosa, the Five (Egg/Fabio Medina, Elixir/Joshua Foley, Proteus/Kevin MacTaggert, Hope Summers, Tempus/Eva Bell), Forge, Cordelia Frost, Gateway, Giovanni, Glorian (Thomas Gideon), Leech, Artie Maddicks, Maggott (Japeth), Mondo (clone), New Warriors (Aegis/Trey Rollins, Bolt/Chris Bradley, Namorita/Namorita Prentiss, Nova/Richard Rider, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin, Turbo/Michiko Musashi), Paladin ("Paul Denning"), Ms. Pickwick, Professor X (Charles Xavier), Cecilia Reyes, Franklin Richards, Nathaniel Richards, Santa Claus, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Doctor Singh, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Beverly Switzler, Tana Nile, Torres, X-Man (Nate Grey), Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett), Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Wolverine (Skrull)

Enemies: Asgardian trolls (Chamblis, Nettles & Munson), Biohazard (Fletcher Traynor), Hunter Brawn, Children of the Vault, Chimera, Circus of Crime (Bruto the Strongman/Bruce Olalfson, Clown/Eliot "Crafty" Franklin, Great Gambonnos, Princess Python/Zelda DuBois, Ringmaster/Maynard Tiboldt), Dark Beast (Hank McCoy of Earth-295), Dirt Nap, Dorian, Dracula, Emplate, Emplate's Hellions (Bulwark/Oswald Boeglin, D.O.A./George Baker, Gayle Edgerton, Murmur/Allan Rennie, Nocturne/Bridget Warner, Vincente Cimetta, Wrap/Nick Bisley), Adrienne Frost, Gene Nation (Fever Pitch, Hemingway, Integer, Iron Maiden, Marrow, Membrain, Opsidian), Bianca LaNeige, Mister Legault, Nanny, Noy, Omega Red (Arkady Russovitch), Orphan Maker, Paradox, Phalanx (Harvest, Victor and countless others), Plantman (Samuel Smithers), Prime Sentinels, Rising Sons, Seven Dwarves, Constantine Francis Slaughter IV, Surgeon, Toad (Mortimer Toynbee), Weasel

Known Relatives: Stan Thomas (father), Ida Thomas (mother), Kim Ho Twae (adopted sister), unidentified foster siblings

Aliases: "Idiot", "Muchacho" (nicknames used by Skin),  "Ev" (nickname used by Stan Thomas, Jubilee and others), "Ev'ett Thomas", "buddy" (nicknames used by Giovanni the janitor), "Boykie" (nickname used by Maggott)

Base of Operations: Delta House, Sextant, The Akademos Habitat, Krakoa;
                                  formerly the Massachusetts Academy, Massachusets
                                  formerly Gravois, Saint Louis, Missouri

First Appearance: X-Men II#36 (September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Synch possesses the mutant ability to generate a bio-mimetic aura, usually manifestating as rainbow colored beams of energy around him. The aura allows him to absorb and mimic the powers of nearby superhumans, sometimes with greater control or less restraint than they themselves could. After synching with Chamber, it took him mere moments to use Jonothon's powers to fly while Starsmore himself was nowhere near ready for such a feat. He has been known to absorb and use the powers of far more experienced mutants like Banshee and Jubilee with effortless ease. If the mutant he synchs with has specific physical traits, Synch mirrors those as well. He has been known to manifest psychic blades as well as his own version of Maggott's cybernetic slugs. His aura also absorbs any passive skills, such as Penance's superhuman density, allowing Synch's body to change as a result of the synch up, his mass has shown to increase when he absorbed Sabretooth's powers. Synch's aura can function as a radar, telling him the location of any nearby superhumans, he can also fire off his aura to work as a tracking device homing in on a particular bio-signature. Everett is a calm, cool, collected and highly intelligent young man who tends to keep to himself but at some level is still insecure and frustrated about the fact that being a mutant interrupted his dreams of academic success. His biggest superhero idol is T'Challa, the Black Panther.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald


(Generation X#15 (fb) ) - Born in St. Louis, young Everett grew up the only son of Stan and Ida Thomas who opened their home to several foster children with special needs. Ambitious, bright and eager to prove himself he spent most of his spare time studying at the local high school where he befriended janitor Giovanni, who always felt he was special.

(X-Men II#36 (fb) - BTS) - During his early teens, Everett found himself in the middle of a number of unrevealed and unexplained strange events (caused by the early effects of his powers). Local police officers noticed that Everett was always present, but couldn't prove his involvement or the possibility of him being a mutant. Thomas himself was barely aware of the notion.

(Uncanny X-Men I#316 (fb) - BTS) - At some unrevealed point after his powers manifested themselves, Everett Thomas' existence was noticed by Professor Charles Xavier who picked up the young teen's bio-signature and stored it in a neo-genetic manifestation file.

(Uncanny X-Men I#316 - BTS) - The Phalanx learned of Everett's existence after they retrieved Xavier's neo-genetic manifestation file. Several Phalanx units were sent to St. Louis to retrieve him, while Banshee, Jubilee, Sabretooth and Emma Frost scrambled to get to Everett before the Phalanx could.

(X-Men II#36 - BTS) - Unaware his bio-field had synched up with Banshee's sonic powers, Everett accidentally unleashed a wail that shattered every window between Gravois and Grand, causing the cops to chase him. At the same time, the Phalanx had replaced a number of them.

(X-Men II#36) - Just as a contingent of police officers caught up with Everett, the Phalanx showed themselves and proceeded to take the boy. Thomas was saved by Banshee and Sabretooth, and hearing the Banshee's wailing made Everett realize he'd synched up with those powers earlier. After Sabretooth pulled Everett free from the Phalanx's grasp, Banshee's sonic scream destroyed the techo-organic creatures. They then rushed to the aid of Jubilee and Emma Frost who found themselves under attack as well. Despite the fact Everett had synched with both Banshee and Sabretooth's powers (which resulted in him mimicking Creed's overdeveloped musculature), they were soon outmatched. In a last ditch effort, Emma Frost linked her mind with that of Everett and Jubilee, maximizing the latter's pyrokinetic potential and allowing Everett to copy these abilities to a degree Jubilee would never dare to take them. The resulting explosion was potent enough to destroy the Phalanx units. In the aftermath, the mutants were greeted by Phalanx leader Stephen Lang who taunted the team and told them the Phalanx had absorbed, among others, Jean's sister Sara Grey and had also captured Cannonball's sister Paige Guthrie. When Lang left, Banshee realized Sabretooth had escaped in the confusion.

(Uncanny X-Men I#317 - BTS) - With Emma Frost using her telepathy to trace Paige Guthrie's psi-signature, Everett, Jubilee and Banshee joined her on the rescue mission. For several hours they followed the signal, travelling from St. Louis towards California using various means of transportation. However, as soon as they crossed the border into California, Frost lost the signal. Deciding they needed a breather, Frost guided the group to one of her safe houses in San Francisco.

(Uncanny X-Men I#317) - While Emma and Sean decided to infiltrate the local SHIELD facility's database to look for any useful information, bickering all the way, Everett checked in on a particularly morose Jubilee. She confided in him that despite the fact she loved the X-Men, she couldn't help but feel useless. Thomas tried to cheer her up by telling her how impressive he thought she was, but Jubilee shot him right down, calling herself a walking firecracker in serious need of training compared to the likes of Storm, Gambit or Bishop.

(Uncanny X-Men I#317 - BTS) - Despite being discovered by SHIELD agents, Frost and Banshee still managed to retrieve the information they needed to locate Paige and the other young mutants captured by the Phalanx.

(X-Men II#37 - BTS) - While Everett and the others made their way to the abandoned US Navy Destroyer the Phalanx had been keeping their prisoners at, Paige Guthrie and her fellow captives Monet St. Croix, Clarice Ferguson and Angelo Espinosa had managed to break free from their techno-organic cell. However, as soon as they came above deck, they were attacked by Harvest.

(X-Men II#37) - Everett and Banshee had just swam up to the Destroyer and entered it via it's anchor portal. Banshee's enhanced hearing quickly alerted them to the plight of the young mutants who had gotten aid from an unexpected source when the recently escaped Sabretooth showed up to come to their rescue. Banshee and Everett joined the fight, along with other new arrivals Emma Frost and Jubilee. Initially expecting Harvest to be a bit of a pushover, the techno-organic creature threatened to overwhelm them all until Clarice Ferguson decided to use her powers to "cut" him out of reality, thereby sacrificing herself as well. Banshee tried to rescue her, but Ferguson eventually "blinked" out Harvest and the entire Destroyer, causing the others to end up in the water. Everett synched up with Banshee to rescue Sean Cassidy and later joined the other young mutants to mourn the loss of the girl they owed their lives too.

(Uncanny X-Men I#318 - BTS) - Banshee and the White Queen took Everett and the others back to the Xavier Institute where they met the other X-Men who had returned from their own run ins with the Phalanx. It was soon decided that Sean Cassidy and Emma Frost would become the teens' instructors as co-headmasters of the new Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngers at Frost's former Massachusetts Academy. Before they made their way there, the fresh faced mutant trainees spent some time in New York, going to a local shopping mall together acccompanied by Storm, Bishop and Banshee.

(Uncanny X-Men I#318) - Shopping for clothes at the Westchester Galleria, Monet surprised her new teammates by offering to buy them the exorbitantly expensive outfits they'd been wearing. Paige was shocked to see how much her clothes cost, while Everett tried to explain to Monet that sometimes people don't like being handed things for no reason or without having worked for them. St. Croix laughed away his concerns, flashed her platinum credit card and then offered to buy Thomas some clothes that would actually fit him after he'd eventually shed the added mass absorbed from Sabretooth.

(Uncanny X-Men I#318 - BTS) - Observing the neophyte team from a distance, Bishop gave Banshee a brief analysis of them. He noted that Everett reminded him of himself when he was young. Banshee couldn't help but feel that was a particularly scary notion.

(Uncanny X-Men I#318 (fb) - BTS) - Later that day, Emma took Everett and the others in her limousine to the airport, leaving only Banshee and Jubilee to bid Charles Xavier farewell as they went off as well. Moments after they left, Angelo Espinosa showed up to tell the professor he wished to join Banshee's program as well.

(Generation X#1 (fb) - BTS) - Arriving at the former Massachusetts Academy, Everett and the others quickly proceeded to make the place their own. As part of their training, they each familiarized themselves with their new surrounding, including a largerly organic Danger Room called the Bio-Sphere (based on a fragment of the living island Krakoa and containing a spirit essence known as a "Token") and an elaborate underground headquarters. They also donned newly developed deep scarlet training uniforms with protective yellow pads. Lastly, they all picked a codename, with Everett deciding on "Synch" in light of his abilities.

(Generation X#1 - BTS) - As part of their ongoing training, Emma Frost informed Synch and Skin they'd have to fight each other in the Danger Grotto.

(Generation X#1) - Synch was chasing Skin, briefly distracted by Angelo's belt floating in a nearby creek. Concerned for his teammate's safety, he dropped his guard and was snatched up by Espinosa's skin tendrils. Quickly regaining his composure, Everett synched up with Skin's abilities, his own skin becoming increasingly flexible. This scared Angelo, who wasn't even sure yet how to control his own powers, deadly afraid he might rip or tear. Synch offered a tie, but Skin was so frantic he caused the two tangled up mutants to crash through the observation glass seperating the grotto from the control room, where Banshee was giving the others a tour. Shocked to see two of his charges fighting, Cassidy was even less amused when it turned out it was Emma's idea. While the two co-administrators argued about their preferred course of actions, Synch and the others went for breakfast.

(Generation X#1 - BTS) - The school's newest student, British teenager Jonothon Starsmore, was headed for Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. His arrival was sensed by the mutant bone marrow vampire Emplate (Marius St. Croix) and his servant D.O.A. who planned to ambush him, even as Banshee, Synch and Jubilee drove up to meet the 18-year-old British psi-talent.

(Generation X#1) - Synch, Banshee and Jubilee located Jonothon just in time to help save him from Emplate's energy draining attack. Enraged at being interrupted during a feeding, the newly empowered Emplate used the energies he'd absorbed to take out Banshee, but found Synch was more than a match for his blasts. Startled but delighted to have a challenge (and potentially new sources of food), Emplate readied himself for another attack. However, as soon as Emma Frost and the remaining members of  Generation X arrived (courtesy of the visiting teleportating Aborigine Gateway),  Emplate decided to beat a strategic retreat, while promising to find them all in due time and to devour their souls one morsel at a time. Later that night back at the Academy, Everett and the others were relaxing despite a ferocious thunderstorm going on outside. Jonothon, now going by Chamber, informed Banshee that he sensed Gateway had something to tell him. Rushing outside to the front lawn where the teleporter was meditating, Banshee was shocked when the old Aborigine not only spoke the words "Penance", but also pointed to the form of an unconscious mutant girl a few yards away.

(Generation X#2 - BTS) - Banshee brought the mutant girl they decided to call Penance inside to the school's infirmary  for treatment. All the while, her superdense skin cutting his hands while lifting her up.

(Generation X#2) - Fed up with Gateway's mysterious behavior, Jubilee decided to get some answers with Everett tagging along to make sure she didn't do anything too foolish. Locating him meditating on a nearby roof in the pouring rain, Jubilee went out to talk to him. When Gateway continued  his trademark silence, Jubilee was ready to belt him with her flashlight, but Everett was ready to stop her from "slugging some old man".

(Generation X#2 - BTS)  -  While Synch and the others were enjoying the rest of  their evening, Penance suddenly woke up  in the infirmary. With no one to watch or attend to her, she became frantic and thanks to her powers easily escaped into the woods.

(Generation X#2) - Alerted to the fact Penance had escaped, Banshee and Emma Frost split up the team to go look for her. Skin stayed behind to man the fort and keep in touch with everyone should Penance return, while Banshee took Husk (Paige Guthrie). Emma Frost and M partnered up as well. When Chamber (Jonothan Starsmore) went off on his own, Jubilee and Synch were left.

(Generation X#2 - BTS) - Banshee and Husk were the first to encounter Penance, who brutally attacked them.

(Generation X#3) - Skin, alarmed by what he'd picked up from Banshee's location, alerted Synch, Jubilee and the others to hurry to their position. Once there and much to his own surprise, Synch was able to use his aura to shield himself and Jubilee from Penance's blows. Everett was able to last long enough for Banshee to recover, holding the injured Husk in his arms. Seeing the number of enemies increase, caused Penance to flee once again. Synch offered to take his wounded teammate back to base while the others continued their search.

(Generation X#3 - BTS) -  As Synch, using Banshee's abilities, flew Paige to headquarters to treat the cuts she endured, the others chased Penance. However, it was Chamber who located her first and, using his telepathy, managed to calm her down long enough to convince the frightened, lonely mutant girl they were not her enemy.

(X-Force I#42)  - Synch was on site when Banshee reconnected with his daughter Theresa Rourke-Cassidy, who was struggling with her addiction to alcohol before rejoining her X-Force teammates.

(Generation X#4 (fb) - BTS) - Banshee took Synch, Jubilee, M and Skin on a field trip to Maine.

(Generation X#4) - In Maine, Orphan Maker was acting on orders from Nanny to rescue mutant Elliot, who'd taken his teacher mister Lorenzano and  his classmates hostage, surrounded by police. Hiding out in an ice cream truck, Orphan Maker was picked up by Synch who used his aura to home in on the nearest unidentified mutagenetic aura. Moments later, Orphan Maker rushed to attack Elliot's parents. Banshee knocked him back with a sonic scream however, then M punched him back before he knocked M back. Skin wrapped himself around Peter, causing his armor's conduit charges to fuse together, depleting his power. Orphan Maker fled in his truck.

(X-Men II#41) -  Synch was with Generation X when the M'Kraan Crystal's crystallization wave hit Earth.

(X-Men: Prime) - Synch and Jubilee were watching the news just as Trish Tilby announced that the mutant killing Legacy virus had mutated and could now also infect baseline human beings. Worried, they called Banshee and Emma Frost in to check out the report.

(X-Men: Prime - BTS) -  In Great Britain, Emplate approached Chamber's ex Gayle Edgerton, wheelchair bound and bitter after his powers manifested themselves. The two decided to side together.

(Generation X#5 - BTS) - Aware of the fact the infant, power dampening Morlock called Leech and his friend Artie Maddicks were in need of their help, Emma Frost took Synch, Jubilee, Skin and M on a "field trip" to New York City to retrieve them. Meanwhile, Gene Nation (the threat they were trying to rescue them from) invaded Frost Enterprises New York offices and killed several of the security guards, pinning them to the wall of the parking structure as a warning.

(Generation X#5) - On a sightseeing tour of New York, Jubilee bought a shiny red apple for their mysterious new teammate Penance, only to find the equally mysterious M suddenly catatonic in mid sentence. When both Synch and Skin were unable to budge her, they decided to leave their comatose teammate, returning to the Frost company limousine that took them back to Frost Enterprises. As soon as they entered the parking structure, the Gene Nation member Hemingway attacked the car, killing the driver. Leaving the vehicle, Synch and the others spotted the corpses and suited up. Heading upstairs to the Frost penthouse, Everett correctly pointed out an attack was imminent. As the elevator car reached its destination, the superstrong Hemingway tore right through it, figuring he'd have killed any unsuspecting arrivals. Generation X was ready for him, with Synch and Jubilee hitting the former Morlock full on. Even though Hemingway managed to toss Jubilee out the window, which gave Skin the opportunity to rescue her, the villain wasn't ready for Synch who used his aura to shove him down the elevator shaft, 30+ floors down. In the aftermath, they discovered the scared Artie Maddicks among the rubble.

(Generation X#6 - BTS) - Gene Nation, led by Marrow, was keeping Emma Frost prisoner in an underground tunnel, relying on Leech to protect them from the White Queen's formidable telepathic powers.

(Generation X#6) - Accompanied by Artie, sitting on Skin's shoulders, Synch and the others made their way down to the underground caverns. Everett then decided to use his synchronistic aura in a way he'd never tried before: by forcing it to act as a homing beacon to their particular abilities. His ploy worked, and the others followed the enthusiastic Synch who was chasing his rainbow colored radar pulse headed for Frost and Leech. As they approached their location, being in Leech's presence inadvertently caused the Gen X'ers to lose their powers. Watching unnoticed from a safe distance, they saw Emma Frost kicking Leech unconsciousness so she could access her telepathy and take control of the situation. Feeling safe, the students made heir presence known to a surprised but still impressed Emma.

(Generation X#6 - BTS) - Emma's ploy, Gene Nation's defeat and Generation X's arrival was secretly observed by the Dark Beast (creator of the Morlocks and an old, spurned ally of Emma's). He decided to blow up the Gene Nation base.

(Generation X#6) -  Narrowly surviving the sudden explosion, Gen X was saved from certain death thanks to the arrival of M. With Gene Nation nowhere to be found, Emma took Artie and Leech to the nearby Xavier Institute for some rest and recuperation. There, Professor Xavier made arrangements to have Artie and Leech transferred to the Massachusetts Academy. Synch and M meanwhile made friends with their new campus mates, though Skin sarcastically commented on the fact the team had mascots now.

(Wolverine II#94) - Wolverine, having walked all the way from Westchester to the Massachusetts Academy, dropped in unannounced to give the Generation X members some hand to hand combat training in their Bio-Sphere. After an initial round that saw Logan making short work of Skin, he vanished into the canopy and ordered the team to find him. Synch, clearly shocked by the animalistic mutant, wondered out loud if behavior like that was required to be an X-Man, he probably wasn't cut out to be one. 

(Wolverine II#94 - BTS) - Sensing the Pooka during the initial training session, Wolverine went out to the Bio-Sphere late at night and called the creature out. Logan's ferocious animal nature proved too much for the "Token" and it rushed out of the Bio-Sphere, passing through Skin and Jubilee who were watching from the observation booth.

(Generation X#7) - In an attempt to make Artie and Leech feel more at home, Synch forced Skin to help him construct a tree house for the two tiny mutants in the "Danger Grotto". Later that day, they were present when Banshee received the call his family's castle at Cassidy Keep had vanished, prompting an inevitable road trip.

(Generation X#8) - As soon as Generation X arrived at the cliff side that once housed Cassidy Keep, Synch's powers unwillingly synched up with the fairy realm the building has disappeared into. Synch was then overcome, turned into mist and taken away to Elseplace, followed moments later by his teammate Chamber.

(Generation X#8 - BTS) - Unsure what to do, the other Generation X'ers jumped in after them, arriving on the medieval world magically dressed in age appropriate attire. At the same time, Synch and Chamber were farther away, finding themselves having to intervene in a battle between tiny pink dwarves and looming knights.

(Generation X#8) - Inadvertently using his powers to synch up their fighting styles, Everett was able to combine his prowess with Jonothon and together they bested the knights. Overjoyed, the tiny magical creatures took them along and promised to take them home.

(Generation X#8 - BTS) -  Shortly after they arrived in Elseplace, the other members of Generation X were captured and brought to a nearby keep. Once Banshee freed them and discovered his old  friend the leprechaun Eamon O'Donnell, they ran into Grande Dame who  tried  to make them believe their arrival had actually been foretold long ago by an ancient scroll that actually proved to be drawn up earlier that day. She nevertheless asked for their help dealing with a mysterious broken down glamour machine, which caused M to retreat in another one of her odd trances even as a gigantic, cigar smoking dragon showed up at the gates to see who had been messsing with the glamour machine.

(Generation X#9 - BTS) - Skin and Penance  tried to keep the dragon at bay, while M continued work on the glamour machine and Banshee and Emma Frost consulted with Eamon to find a way to locate  Synch and Chamber. During their deliberations, they were attacked by a giant troll.

(Generation X#9) - Synch and Chamber realized the dwarves had misunderstood their request to be taken home, instead of being sent back to Ireland, they were delivered to the creature's nearby village. It soon became apparent the creatures needed the mutants' help to rescue the rest of their clan trapped inside the castle. When Synch heard Banshee's sonic wail, he synched up with Chamber's psionic blast powers and together they made their way to the castle, inadvertently causing a cave in that buried the troll harrassing Banshee and the others. Even though Skin was captured by the dragon (and later saved by Penance), it was the catatonic M who came up with the solution to reactivate the Glamour Machine by having Chamber reactivate its magical energy restoring flow with his psionics. Jonothon was succesful in his attempt, ending the team's impromptu mission in a resounding victory followed by an evening of festivities before they returned home.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#4) - Synch was seen among the female Generation X members as they posed in their bathing suits.

(Uncanny X-Men '95) - Synch and the other Generation X members were playing a game of basketball when Cannonball arrived, in a hurry to collect his sister Paige so they could deal with a family emergency back home in Kentucky.

(Generation X '95 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping to take over her sister's vacant spot within the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club by delivering a powerful mutant into their employ, Emma's younger sister Cordelia Frost befriended the Samoan matter absorbing mutant omnimorph Mondo (actually a clone created by Black Tom Cassidy). When Mondo's defenses were down, she took him out and delivered him to Shinobi Shaw at the Massachusetts chapter of the club.

(Generation X '95) - Shaw was less than stunned by the almost 17-year-old Cordelia who was very much trying to act like her big sister wearing similar provocative lingerie, while smoking and drinking wine. Their negotiations were interruped by troops sent by the mysterious Barrington who kidnapped Mondo and left a frustrated Cordelia behind.

A little while later, Cordelia appeared at the Massachusetss Academy, crying and begging for help. Even though Emma couldn't  read  Cordelia's mind, she still decided to help out Mondo who by then had already escaped and was finding himself  lost in Boston, looking for Cordelia. Barrington's agents soon caught up with them, but before the confused Mondo could be recaptured, Emma, Synch and the others showed up to help out. They beat back the enemy who eventually teleported away en masse. The grateful Mondo decided to stay on.

(Generation X#11 (fb) - BTS) - Eager for revenge on his former Interpol opponent Sean Cassidy, Arkady Russovitch (now known as Omega Red) secretly stalked the Massachusetts Academy for weeks, trying to figure out the weaknesses of Banshee, the White Queen and his pupils. Finally determining a course of action and realizing Chamber would be the most difficult of Cassidy's pupils to kill, he made his move.

(Generation X#10) - Synch attended Mondo's formal orientation party at the campus' Proudstar hall.

(Generation X#10 - BTS) -  M, checking on Banshee who had failed to show, discovered Sean Cassidy comatose. She rushed him to the infirmary, even as Emma Frost collapsed as well.

(Generation X#10) - While Jubilee and Mondo stayed behind, Synch and the others used their powers to track down the mysterious assailant, who turned out to be Banshee's old opponent Omega Red, out for revenge.

(Generation X#11 - BTS) - Synch and the others all fell prey to Omega Red's mutant death spore virus. With only Chamber, who proved immune, left standing, the British teen had no choice but to engage Red alone. Rattling the Russian's confidence by calling him a loser, he eventually managed to surprise him with two rocks to the side of his neck, followed by a psycho-kinetic blast that sent the assassin flying. With Omega Red out of the direct vicinity, Synch and the others recovered.

(Generation X#11) - Generation X returned home to find Emma and Sean had recovered as well. The team decided to celebrate by continuing Mondo's party.

(Generation X#11 - BTS) - In Great Britain, Emplate was using the mutant Nocturne to spy on his quarries, monitoring everything they said. When his servant D.O.A. came in to inform him the last of the others had arrived, Emplate announced the time had come for him to retrieve Penance.

(Generation X: Opening Volley#1 (fb) ) - In a letter to Wolverine, Jubilee described Synch and her other teammates, calling him her favorite while using a recent volleyball match as an example of how she related to all of them.

(Generation X#12 - BTS) -  Aware of Generation X's plans to spend a weekend in Boston, Emplate had Gayle Edgerton contact her old lover Chamber to set up a meeting, even as he ordered his subordinates to ambush the other members of the mutant team.

(Generation X#12) -  Enjoying a weekend in Boston, Synch joined Jubilee, Husk and Mondo for dinner at a Ye 'Ol' Plate o'Beans. While Jubilee was ranting on, much to Synch's frustration, they were ill prepared for Emplate's gaseous minion Vincente who hid inside a serving dish and knocked them out.

(Generation X#12 - BTS) - The other members of Generation X were all taken prisoner, even Emma Frost who had remained at the Academy to watch over Penance. Only M remained free after she ran off following an emotional confrontation with Banshee.

(Generation X#12) - M flew back to the Massachusetts Academy and was shocked to see her brother Emplate, his team and all her teammates imprisoned outside.

(Generation X#13 - BTS) - While Synch and the other Gen X'ers remained imprisoned, M sped away, making her way inside the school to hot-wire the communications array and contact the X-Men for help. She was interrupted by Emplate's German bruiser Bulwark. Their fight took them to the Bio-Sphere where Bulwark lost his powers when he came too close to Leech. Artie and his buddy were able to knock out the German attacker. After making sure the two boys were safe in their tree house, M flew off to confront her brother. In mid-air, she was overtaken and forced down by Vincente, who was about to overcome M if not for the arrival of Bishop.

(Generation X#14) - Synch and the others watched as Jubilee tried to distract Emplate by listing the Top 10 reasons why he sucked, including his perpetual bad hair days, the fact his name made as much sense as Threnody's, and he was the only mutant never asked to join the Hellfire Club.

(Generation X#14 (fb) - BTS) - Envious of Synch's close family ties, Emplate infected Synch with his virus, causing Everett to become addicted to extract bone marrow. He sent Thomas to his home town of Saint Louis to either recruit members of Everett's own family, or kill them.

(Generation X#14 - BTS) - Bishop and M teamed up to deal with Vincente and Murmur, defeating them easily Jubilee's "top 10 reasons" angered Emplate to such a degree he decided to feed on her, not aware her powers would prove uncontrollable given the state both he and she were in. As soon as he absorbed her abilities, he caused an explosion that set Generation X free. After the team caused Emplate and his team to flee, Generation X realized Synch had gone missing. M, knowing her brother's ways, deduced Synch was headed back to his own family in Saint Louis.

(Generation X#15) - Arriving at his home in the middle of the night, the Emplate-possessed Synch snuck into the room of his blind infant sister Kim. The sound of him talking to his adopted sibling was picked up by the baby monitor, which brought Everett's parents into the room. Shocked to see her son transformed, Ida screamed which temporarily shocked Everett back to normal. Horrified by the notion he scared his parents, he took off.

(Generation X#15 - BTS) - Generation X, save for  Chamber and Skin, arrived in St. Louis hoping to quietly track down their missing teammate. Banshee assured Everett's parents he took full responsibility for what happened, even as Jubilee, Husk and M started their own search.

(Generation X#15) - Everett, once again influenced by the Emplate virus, broke into his old high school and started an angry rant about the fact that turning out to be a mutant messed up his entire academic future. He was spotted by his old friend Giovanni the janitor who was concerned for  his wellbeing, unaware Synch was planning to feed on him. Before he could succumb to these base urges, M, Husk and Jubilee attacked to keep the janitor safe. However, using their powers on him allowed Synch's biokinetic aura to take over their powers. Now supercharged, he promised that somebody was going to die and it wouldn't be him.

(Generation X#16) - Synch continued to fight his teammates until a passionate plea from Jubilee caused him to run away again. Making his way to a nearby boiler room, he briefly contemplated killing himself by jumping into the furnace, only to find Husk standing in his way. He violently attacked her, ripping away her skin and forcing an unplanned transformation. Paige continued to fight, but was eventually overcome. Moments before he could feast on her bone marrow, M showed up and dared Everett to synch up with her mutant powers, hinting at the fact super strength, intelligence and flight were merely the aftereffects of her real abilities. Synch took the bait, but when his aura locked on to M's actual powers, it resulted in a  violent feedback that drove the Emplate virus from his body. Restored to normal, Everett was welcomed back to the team, though he felt undeserving considering his actions.

(Generation X#17) - While Banshee caught several kinds of hell from Everett's parents over what had happened to their son, Jubilee consoled her teammate who admitted to her that he felt betrayed by his own body.  At a loss for words, Jubilee simply hugged Everett while Banshee observed from a distance, realizing this was one of the reasons he'd decided to teach the next generation of mutants.

(Generation X#18) - Their business in St. Louis done, Synch and the others headed home on a Frost Enterprises private jet. During the flight, Synch and Jubilee passed the time playfully teasing each other, with Jubilee tying Everett up in his hoodie so she could blow some soap bubbles without him interfering.

(Generation X#18 - BTS) - The manifestation of the psychic entity Onslaught scared Emma Frost to such a degree she instinctly decided to keep her students safe at any cost. To do so, she took over the mind of Banshee and forced him to leave the plane, which he did without anyone noticing.

(Generation X#18) - Banshee left the door open when he exited the plane, causing anything that wasn't bolted down to be sucked out, including Synch who wasn't wearing his seatbelt and couldn't grab on to something because he was still tied in his hoodie. Husk and M rescued him in time and the team demanded answers from their head mistress. Emma wasn't exactly forthcoming and, after landing in Canada, even used her telepathy to force her students to accompany her to a nearby estate where she planned to keep them safe from Onslaught. She was unaware that this was the same residence she'd once donated to the Toad (Mortimer Toynbee) because she felt sorry for him.

(Generation X#19) -  Still unaware they were being psychically manipulated by the White Queen, Synch and the others were cheerfully going about their day. Sitting in a tree, Synch couldn't help but admit to himself and the others that he felt something was off. Just then, Toad sent his army of carnivorous toads to chew down the tree, causing it to crash into the house. Surviving the ordeal, Generation X definitely noticed something was off because they still didn't feel anything but happiness.

(Generation X#19 - BTS) - While Banshee went to Alpha Flight for help, only finding Sasquatch who agreed to join the search, Toad and his companion Surgeon captured Generation X. At the same time, M's psyche reached out to the White Queen's mind to tell her of the current situation. Shaking off the mental haze she'd put herself in as well, Emma Frost rushed to set matters straight.

(Generation X#19) - Synch and the others were about to become Surgeon's latest guinea pigs when the White Queen showed up to chew him and Toad out for their actions. Ashamed, they both scampered off just as Sasquatch and Banshee arrived. Banshee explained to Frost that Onslaught was the reason she'd acted so out of sorts. After releasing her students from her mental influence, Emma admitted to feeling sorry for manipulating them. Synch hugged Frost and assured her no one was going to blame her for trying to keep them safe.

(Generation X#20) - Relaxing after their latest ordeal with a barbecue in the Bio-Sphere, Synch, Jubilee, Artie and Leech were enjoying themselves in one of the ponds. A little while later they were surprised by the arrival of Nathaniel Richards who had come to drop off his grandson Franklin following the apparent death of his parents during the final battle against Onslaught. Bonding with Jubilee later that night at a campfire, Synch was a little confused when his teammate made subtle romantic allusions. Though, moments later, she ran off with his bag of potato chips, calling him a "chip hogger" claiming she was doing it for his own good.

(Generation X#21) - Synch and the others all took Hank McCoy's xenobiology mid-term exam. With McCoy administering the exam, Synch asked his teacher the proper way to spell "Satyr-9", only to get the answer "just like it sounds, Everett". As he passed by, McCoy couldn't help but wonder if Synch had the slightest inkling how powerful he was going to be someday.

(Generation X#23 - BTS) - Hoping to deal with the recent revelation that M was autistic, Banshee set up a meeting with a local psychiatrist. To his surprise, she agreed and asked Banshee to ask Synch to accompany them to the doctor's. Banshee asked Everett, who agreed.

(Generation X#23) - On the morning of M's doctor's visit, Synch caught up with a contemplative Banshee and tried his best Irish accent on his teacher. Failing miserably to impress him, Synch quickly turned the conversation to why he wanted him to tag along. Banshee revealed it was by M's request, not his. This fact startled Everett, who confessed they weren't really friends. However, when they entered the garage they found M had smashed all the cars. Hovering in mid-air, she defiantly announced she wasn't going. Banshee sent Synch away while he tried to talk some sense into his upset student.

(Generation X: Underground Special) - Synch and the others watched as Skin and M went head to head in a marathon match of the classic Atari videogame Space Invaders

(Generation X '96) - While on a field trip to New York, Synch and the others inadvertently got involved in a sting operation led by the Fenris twins Andrea and Andreas von Strucker who believed the young mutants were somehow involved. Synch, Skin and Banshee were captured and exposed to the effects of the mutagen wave generator Fenris had come to New York for. As a result, the three mutants experienced severe agony, pain, nausea and panic as their bodies started destroying themselves cell by cell while hypercharging their abilities. This proved their salvation, when Synch  used his enhanced bio-aura to take on Fenris' powers and used them to blast free. When the other members of Generation X arrived, locating them thanks to Synch's explosion, Fenris decided to beat a strategic retreat.

(All Access#2) - Synch, Husk and Skin were unable to prevent their teammate Jubilee from forcing Access to help her return to the DC Universe in order to rekindle her budding relationship with Robin (Tim Drake).

(X-Men Annual '96) - Synch, along with the other members of Generation X, joined the X-Men and X-Force for a get together and barbecue at the Xavier Institute. Their meeting was briefly interrupted by a damaged Sentinel left over from Onslaught's attack on New York. At the end of the day, joined by Gateway, the teams posed for a unique group photo.

(Generation X '97) - D'Spayre started to terrorize Generation X with ectoplasmic manifestations of the White Queen's deceased pupils, the Hellions. Synch was ambushed by Catseye, who cut his face before disappearing. A week passed and the mood at the school dropped to an absolute low point. In need for a change, Synch managed to convince Banshee to allow him and Skin a few days leave to visit his parents in Boston. 

(Generation X '97 - BTS) - While Synch and Skin were away, everyone remaining on the school ground were slowly being overcome by a torrent of negative, conflicting emotions that slowly rendered them catatonic.

(Generation X '97) - Even in Boston, Synch still couldn't shake off the feeling something was terribly wrong. Sitting at a local cafe with Skin, he revealed that it felt as if Catseye's touch had implanted something dark inside him. After lifting their lunch in the air when he inadvertently synched up with a nearby latent mutant telekinetic, Everett decided it would be for the best if he and Angelo returned home. Arriving at the Academy, they were quickly overtaken by D'Spayre who had already captured the others. D'Spayre planned to torment the teens and their teachers, using their fear and anxiety to sustain him for quite some time. In the end, Synch and the others watched as Chamber used his powers to drive off the demon.

(Generation X#27/2) - Synch was on hand to try Jubilee's "world famous gargantuan pancakes", which were so big one could feed at least four people. He commented they were really good, while digging in enthusiastically.

(Generation X#25 - BTS) -  Convinced his cousin Banshee could not be trusted to take care of Generation X, the newly mutated Black Tom Cassidy decided to take them away from him. Now a living tree, Cassidy took over the Bio-Sphere and ordered his minion Mondo to show his true colors and attack his teammates. They were all kidnapped, except for Jubilee who was able to sneak away and go for help. Synch and the others were placed in a bio-organic transport controlled by Black Tom's consciousness and sent off thousands of miles away to the bottom of the Indian Ocean for safekeeping. When Banshee, Penance and Emma Frost managed to take out Black Tom (and Mondo had been killed by Bastion, who in turn kidnapped Jubilee), the bio-pod rose to the water's surface.

(Generation X#25) - Generation X slowly woke up, finding themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean.

(Generation X#26) - Lost at sea with no hope of rescue, M lost her cool and flew off in a state of panic. Returning some time later, exhausted and unable to control her powers, she crashed into the water and was rescued by Synch. Safely back on board the rapidly decomposing "raft", she revealed that she hadn't found anything or anyone nearby and that they were all going to die.

(Generation X#28 (fb) - BTS) - Near death, Generation X was discovered by Glorian, Shaper Of Dreams. Eager to prove himself, he raised a nearby freighter from the bottom of the ocean to prevent the young mutants from drowning. He then proceeded to dazzle them with manifestations of their fondest wishes. In Synch's case, it was opening "Camp Jubilee", a daycare center for young children. Of all the members of Generation X, only Skin refused to buy into Glorian's illusions. He was tied to the ship's mast.

(Generation X#28) - Enraged by the fact Skin refused to deny his offerings to make his  fondest wishes come true, Glorian disrupted the fantasies of all the others. In the end, Skin managed to trick the Shaper of Dreams into returning him and his teammates to his home in Los Angeles. 

(Generation X#29) - Visiting Venice Beach, Generation X were enjoying themselves among the weird and outlandish looking residents before going to Skin's cousin Gil's house.

(Generation X#29 - BTS) - The team was not aware they were being monitored by several undercover Prime Sentinels, who had been informed by Skin's former girlfriend Torres that the mutants would probably convene at Gil's.

(Generation X#29) - After a fun filled evening, feasting on cereal, coke and Beach Boy songs, Generation X woke up the next morning to find Torres and her gang had barged into Gil's place to exact revenge on Skin. Before she could cut his neck with her knife, Torres was surprised by the Prime Sentinels who attacked without warning and blew up the house. Synch and Husk were knocked out by the explosion and carried away by their teammates. Torres, who realized she was a mutant when the Prime Sentinels targeted her as well, joined them as they ran off. Torres led them into the sewers, figuring they'd be safe there but the Sentinels relentlessly continued their pursuit.

(Generation X#30) - Torres led the team through the sewers to her uncle's warehouse, filled with classic automobiles. Briefly elated at the sight of so many beautiful machines, with Everett having a particular interest in the emerald Karmann Ghia, the mood soon turned when they spotted an even larger number of Prime Sentinels taking position outside the warehouse. Preparing for a final fight they most likely wouldn't  survive, Synch confessed to M he wasn't necessarily afraid to die, he just regretted the fact there were so many things he hadn't done yet, like learning how to drive, visit Paris and meet the Black Panther. He also admitted he hated not having had a proper girlfriend and not doing all the things that having a relationship entails. He shyly asked Monet if he at least could have a proper kiss. St. Croix, though incredulous at first, proceeded to smooch him so thoroughly he was completely dazzled by the experience. Just then, the Sentinels made their move.

(Generation X#31 - BTS) - While Generation X and Torres took on the Prime Sentinel battalion, Gil Espinosa was downstairs siphoning gas from all the cars to create a makeshift explosion.

(Generation X#31) - Generation X was performing poorly against the Prime Sentinels after a successful opening attack. Synch took a hit and was about to be shot when M forced him to mimic her invulnerability, discovering her secret identity in the process. They withstood the blast easily and Synch was also able to survive the gasoline explosion set off by Gil that destroyed the building and buried Prime Sentinels and mutants alike. Using his aura to free himself and search for the others, Everett recovered M from the rubble only to find she'd  reverted to her true form: that of Monet's younger sisters Claudette and Nicole St. Croix.

(Generation X#32) - Returning home to Massachusetts following M's ordeal, Synch and the others decided to visit a local carnival to pick up their spirits. Synch was in no mood however, confessing to Jubilee he felt somehow responsible for M's condition because they synched up shortly before that. Everett figured his powers might have caused M to split up, and that he might pose a threat to all his teammates before running off. Catching up with him, Jubilee had another heart to heart with Everett, admitting how she blamed herself for not being stronger while she was a prisoner of Operation: Zero Tolerance. Thanks to information from her mind, Bastion had been able to hurt the X-Men after all.

(Generation X#32 - BTS) - While Synch and Jubilee were cheering each other up, the others visited the circus show in the big top, unaware it was an undercover operation ran by the Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime. Using his hypnotic hat, the Ringmaster enthralled the entire audience, including Generation X. Fighting the hypnotic suggestion, Husk accidentally snagged Chamber's scarf, releasing his bio-luminescence which broke the Ringmaster's hold over everyone. Shocked to see a mutant in their midst, the audience stormed out while the Circus of Crime approached the young mutants.

(Generation X#32) - Alerted by the stampede, Synch and Jubilee hurried to the big top and joined the fight against the Circus of Crime. Facing the Clown, Synch was forced to rely on Banshee's hand to hand combat training since his enemy didn't have any superhuman powers to copy. In the end, after one of the Gambonno Brothers injured themselves, Jubilee struck a deal with the Ringmaster. She destroyed his hat and allowed the circus to go free, if they promised to go straight.

(Generation X#33 - BTS) - While Emma Frost took Synch and the others to dinner at a local diner, the Massachusetts Academy was burglarized by local youths Aemon and Trace who took most of the team's prized possessions, including Skin's gun, Synch's savings, the cowboy hat Wolverine left Jubilee and Husk's diary.

(Generation X#33) - At the diner, the thugs Weasel and Dorian were giving the young mutants a hard time despite several repeated requests to leave them alone. In the end, police chief Authier got involved and forcefully told the two of them off. After introducing himself to Frost and the others, he took his leave. Upon returning home, Generation X discovered the burglary, with Synch lamenting his life's savings were gone. After the mute Penance, who had witnessed the burglars, pointed to a picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the team got the notions they were probably wearing masks and went to the nearest costume shop to investigate. The owner revealed a pair of masks like that had been stolen the other week and shared with them who he suspected of the theft.

(Generation X#33 - BTS) - Acting on the tip of the costume shop owner, Generation X ambushed Aemon and were shocked to find Weasel and Dorian were working with him as well. Capturing the punks, retrieving the money and jewels, and delivering them to chief Authier, they learned Trace had their personal stuff. What the mutants did not realize, was that Trace was actually Authier's teenage daughter who was captivated by the things she read in Paige's diary.

(Generation X#34) - Everett was overjoyed when Angelo, Jubilee and Paige returned with his money. At the same time, Banshee had returned from a recent visit to Scotland to confer with Moira MacTaggert about M's condition. While he was sharing his information, Trace Authier called and told Skin, Jubilee and Husk to meet her later that night at the diner to discuss matters.

(Generation X#34 - BTS) - While the three Gen X'ers went to meet with Trace, who returned all their personal belongings in return for being allowed to join in on the wild and crazy stufff she'd read in Paige's diary,  in a faraway dimension Emplate and D.O.A. allied themselves with the dimension hopping villainess Chimera. He asked her to retrieve the M-Twins for her, which she agreed to do.

(Generation X#34) -  Chimera, her leather gimp servants, Emplate and D.O.A. appeared out of thin air in the middle of the medi-lab where Synch, Chamber and Penance were visiting with the M-twins. During the fight, Synch was about to be overtaken by one of the leather bound creatures. Alarmed, the twins reformed into M who in turn jumped Emplate. When they touched, their forms merged into an amalgamation that called herself M-Plate.

(Generation X#35) - The fight against Chimera, her allies and the newly formed M-Plate continued, spreading out of the med-lab and into the Academy itself which brought Banshee and Emma Frost in. Just then, Skin, Husk and  Jubilee arrived with Tracy Authier. Not wanting Authier to realize all the stuff she'd read in Paige's diary was actually real, Jubilee quickly took her for a tour of the campus while the others joined the fight. Synch, in the clutches of Chimera's cronies, asked for Skin to synch up with him, thereby releasing himself. Annoyed, Chimera tried to blast him, only for Banshee to use his wail against her. In the end, M-Plate decided it was enough and figured it was time to leave, but not before kidnapping Synch because he was the one who could fulfill "their" needs. Despite Generation X's best efforts, M-Plate, Chimera and the others teleported away with him.

(Generation X#35 - BTS) -  Much to everyone's surprise, Tracy Authier found herself under siege in the Bio-Sphere by the entity Wolverine had once fought and called "the Token".

(Generation X#36) - Chimera, a Wraith, DOA, M-Plate, and the captive Synch drove in a craft toward the Universal Amalgamator, where M-Plate planned to join all sentient beings into a single all-encompassing awareness.

(Generation X#36 - BTS) -  Through an overly convoluted and rather silly turn of events, Banshee, Husk, Dirt Nap and Jubilee befriended a traveller known as the Pooka who helped them board an interdimensional train bound for where M-Plate had taken Synch.

(Generation X#37) - At the Amalgamator, M-Plate revealed that they needed Synch to copy the powers of another mutant and open the building up so he could complete his plan. Chimera threatened M-Plate that things better work out the way he'd planned.

(Generation X#38) - As M-Plate tried convincing Gaia (another captured mutant) or Synch to help him in his plans, Chimera, ignoring DOA's warnings, stated that she no longer wanted to go along with M-Plate's plans. A furious M-Plate fired off an energy blast that seemingly incinerated Chimera before focussing her attention on Synch. If he refused to cooperate, M-Plate assured him she'd return to Earth and incinerate his family, all his friends, everyone he ever knew, loved or even said hello to.

(Generation X#38 - BTS) - Just then, Banshee, Jubilee, Penance, Dirt Nap and the Pooka arrived at the Amalgamator but proved no match for M-Plate's power.

(Generation X#38) - Gaia pleaded with Synch not to give in, for if he did an entire galaxy would have died in vain. Synch wasn't sure what to do, until the Pooka poked Dirt Nap with a magical pin that gave the normally cowardly mutant all the confidence he needed to take on M-Plate. As the super charged Dirt Nap swallowed M-Plate, the forcefields keeping Synch and Gaia vanished and Banshee and the others were freed as well. However, Gaia was furious with Synch because she sensed he was ready to obey M-Plate's demands if it meant saving his friends. She also warned him he shouldn't remove her bonds, calling them her chains of responsibility.

(Generation X#39) - While Synch fussed with Gaia's bonds, the furious D.O.A. was jumping up and down on Dirt Nap to get him to free M-Plate. When he finally released his captives, Dirt Nap exploded as a result of the internal power struggle between Marius, Monet, Claudette and Nicole St. Croix. In the end, only Emplate and the twins Claudette and Nicole resurfaced. Emplate attacked, forcing Generation X to intervene. However, the fight damaged the Universal Amalgamator, which was about to explode. Gaia pleaded with Synch to take his teammates and flee, but he wouldn't leave her. He refused to go, even as Elwood the Pooka drove up in the interdimensional train headed for home and Emplate and D.O.A. bowed out as well. In the end, Banshee decided to knock Everett out and take him against his will. However, he synched up, took Cassidy's power and returned to try and free Gaia. Penance joined him down there. Using her razor sharp claws, she freed Gaia who told them of a warp chamber hidden underneath the slab she was chained to. While the other members of Generation X arrived at the Bio-Sphere, Synch, Penance and Gaia returned to Earth via the refrigerator at the local diner they'd once met Dorian and Weasel at. Overjoyed at being free, Gaia stormed off, with Synch ordering Penance to go and restrain her. However, Synch ran into Dorian and Weasel who were mightily pissed off at him. They savagely beat him up and left him for dead near the Massachusetts Academy where his teammates discovered him by the side of the road.

(Generation X#40) - The comatose Synch was taken to Snow Valley's Mercy General hospital where Doctor Singh concluded his injuries were consistent with being beaten and kicked, not the result of  being hit by a car. Stunned to hear this, Emma Frost approached Everett, only for him to subconsciously synch with her telepathic powers, causing a brief spike in his brain activitity. This was enough for him to access all of Generation X's powers, causing everyone in the room to levitate until the autistic Claudette St. Croix forced him to stop. Stunned by having a true telekinetic under her care, Doctor Singh was ready to report to her superiors, but Emma took control of her mind and erased the incident sending the good doctor on her way. Moments later, Everett woke up, revealing he'd synched with the twins and now knew what their  powers were and a whole lot more to boot. Getting up out of bed, he revealed  he was now aware of what everyone was thinking, but he himself was more concerned with the question what happened to Gaia. This stunned the others, but not as much as police chief Authier's unexpected appearance, who had brought Weasel and Dorian to see what they'd done to Everett. However, much to everyone's surprise, Synch denied they had anything to do with his injuries, claiming instead he was disoriented and simply fell down. After they left, Doctor Singh briefly returned only for Emma to mind-zap her again. Sitting down in a wheelchair, ready to go home, Synch told the M-Twins they needed to tell everyone what he'd seen inside their heads. Later that night, Nicole revealed the true identity of M and Penance. At one point, the real Monet had been turned into Penance after spurning her vengeful brother Marius (Emplate). He also abducted her, which led their younger twin siblings to conclude the loss of Monet would devastate their father. Therefore, they merged together and replaced Monet so no one would be the wiser. Their ruse discovered, they used their powers to free the real Monet from Penance, while inadvertently taking her place inside the mute form. Later that night, Everett defended his choice to  not incriminate Weasel and Dorian, claiming all he wanted to do was find Gaia and that he needed Monet (formerly Penance) to do so.

(X-Men Unlimited I#20) -Synch and the other members of Generation X were visiting a local carnival where they were on hand to prevent the young girl Hannah and her dog Maxie from being harmed by the Asgardian trolls Chamblis, Nettles and Munson.

(Generation X#43 (fb) - BTS)  - Emma Frost had bought LaNeige Industrial Concepts as part of a hostile corporate takeover. Bianca, feeling vengeful, used her top-secret device that opened a gateway into another reality, hoping to bring back alien technology that would drive Emma to bankruptcy. Instead, she found herself trapped in a hellish dimension where she was forced to endure "unspeakable torture" that also gained her "incredible power".

(Generation X#40 - BTS) - Bianca LaNeige reformed in this reality on an alien ship on the dark side of the Moon. She used her powers of transmutation to turn the ship's crew, a kind of squid/insects, into her loyal "Seven Dwarves". She then proceeded to swear vengeance on her archenemy Emma Frost.

(Generation X#41) - Eager to unwind, Generation X indulged themselves in a horror movie marathon, with Everett in charge of supplying the sugary snacks.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#437 (fb) ) - Plantman came at odds with Generation X and felt humiliated when they defeated him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#437 (fb) - BTS) - In his plant-filled base in a New York tunnel, Plantman developed a mutagenic pollen that would turn humans into monstrous beings prone to violence. He developed an antidote as well, in case the pollen ever got turned on him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#437) - Seeking revenge on Generation X, Plantman tracked Synch through the city and sent a flower with the mutagenic pollen. Synch mutated and began fighting Spider-Man until Plantman brought Synch to him with roots. Spider-Man pursued and was also mutated in the pollen. He attacked Plantman, who had two root warriors hold the hero off. While Plantman soliloquized about his plans for a world dominated by plants, Synch broke free and, with Spider-Man, fought against more plants, some emitting thorns and others bright lights. When Plantman got exposed to his pollen, he mutated as well, and so produced the antidote, allowing all of them to get back to normal.

(Generation X#42) - Bianca tracked Frost to a mini-golf course where her archenemy Frost and Generation X were playing mini golf. While planning her attack against them, Bianca was struck by an EMP wave from the Psychic Plane which rendered all psychics powerless, including Bianca's (courtesy of Psylocke destroying the Shadow King in X-Men II#77, thereby cutting off all psi-talents from their abilities) .

(Generation X#42 - BTS) - Stunned by her sudden power loss, Bianca was unconscious while her "Seven Dwarves" debated about killing her. At the same time, Emma, Synch and the others had left the golf course. After coming to, reprimanded the Dwarves and took off in the spaceship, which collided with a plane flown by Albert and Elsie-Dee, effectively knocking out their engine.

(Generation X#43) - Hoping to help Emma, Gaia and Chamber adapt to their sudden loss of power, Banshee organized an impromptu training session in the Bio-Sphere, that was interrupted when LaNeige and her Dwarves crashed their ship right in the middle of it. After getting the ship under control, the dwarves were able to pilot it to the Massachusetts Academy. Synch was answering the door, a little surprised to find Dorian and Weasel, now working as pizza delivery guys, mocking him. However, when LaNeige's starship landed on their car, he couldn't help but smile. While Generation X attacked the Dwarves, with Synch and Banshee teaming up to give them a double sonic whammy, Emma faced Bianca and made short work of her. 

(Generation X#44 - BTS) - After dealing with Bianca and her Dwarves, who were being put to work restoring the damage they'd caused, Everett decided he needed to replace Weasel's totalled car. Pooling together his own savings and getting Skin to give up his money as well, he contacted Dorian and Weasel and set up a meeting.

(Generation X#44) -  Jubilee was shocked when she saw Everett taking off with Skin's cigar box, where he used to keep his gun. Convinced Synch was about to shoot his assailants, she followed him but was pleasantly stunned to see he offered his bullies the money to buy a new car so they could continue to work. After the astonished but grateful duo left, Synch told Jubilee he simply wanted to do something to help. After they returned to the Massachusetts Academy, both Synch and Jubilee witnessed the disappearance of Bianca, the Dwarves and the entire Bio-Sphere into the timestream.

(Generation X#45) - Even as Emma Frost was violently mourning the loss of her telepathic abilities, Synch was approached by Gaia who wanted to thank him for saving her from the Universal Amalgamator. She confided in him, revealing she still didn't know what to do with the rest of her life, but that she felt really comfortable around him, leaving the infatuated and blushing Everett behind. He later joined M outside, who was grilling Artie and Leech about the question who had taken the Bio-Sphere. Artie told them he figured Galactus might have taken it, judging from stories he'd hear from his former schoolmate Franklin Richards. Synch and M then had a heart to heart, with Monet revealing she felt hurt because everyone had ignored the fact she had lost her telepathy as well. Everett offered a hug, only to be turned down by M. Later, he was present when Emma, Chamber and M regained their psychic abilities. Moments after her telepathy was restored to her, the White Queen announced major changes to the Massachusetts Academy, declaring that "starting tomorrow, everything changes".

(Generation X#46)  - After he and the other Generation X members were forced into school uniforms, Synch listened to Emma Frost detailing the changes she'd predicted a while ago. With a state board school examiner known as Miss Pickwick coming to judge the school, they needed to be on their best behavior. However, when Pickwick arrived, her initial impression of the school left her so worked up she suffered a heart attack on the spot. Synch and the others worked together with Banshee and Emma Frost to hurry the ailing examiner to the nearest hospital. Doctor Bannerjee, alerted telepathically by Emma Frost, had the operating theatre ready and immediately proceeded to take care of Pickwick. A week later, the still wheelchair bound Pickwick visited  the Massachusetts Academy where she confronted everyone with the fact she knew they were mutants. However,  Pickwick was so thoroughly moved by the sense of ethics the student body displayed during her illness, the teary eyed examiner told Synch and the others she'd make sure the Massachusetts Academy would remain open for a long time.

(Generation X#47 - BTS) - Forge was summoned to the Massachusetts Academy to create a training facility for Generation X. As the basis of this new Danger Room, he used a piece of advanced cybernetic technology of unknown origins. After wiping its artificial intelligence and memory core, Forge assumed it would be perfectly harmless, unaware there was still an underlying sentience that grew bitter and evil over the way it was being treated.

(Generation X#47) - Synch and his teammates were the first to test out the new Danger Room constructed by Forge following the disappearance of the Bio-Sphere. They were surprised when the Room generated a hard light holographic reconstruction of a Sentinel that immediately attacked. After the team had destroyed the robot, Forge concluded the shakedown run a success, though he warned Generation X not to get too cocky, after all the difficulty setting was still on "easy'. Later, Forge was teaching a class on superhero ethics which was interrupted by the cyber morph Paradox, the physical manifestation of the alien technology Forge used in the Danger Room. Synch proved instrumental in the defeat of the entity, first by using his powers in concert with Forge's to absorb and alter Paradox's 78 page sourcecode and then by synching with Emma Frost to telepathically force the cyber morph to accept these changes, rendering it harmless once again.

(Generation X#48) - Following a hopelessly uncoordinated training session in the Danger Room, all members of Generation X were chewed out by Banshee who told them that if this had been a real combat situation, they'd all be dead now.

(Generation X#48 - BTS) - Hoping to increase the control over his powers, former X-Man Maggott showed up at the Massachusetts Academy, along with his cybernetic slugs Eany and Meany.

(Generation X#49 - BTS) - Maggott was being traced by meta human big game hunter Contantine Francis Slaughter IV who was after his slugs. When he finally located  Maggott at the Academy and planned to make his move, figuring Eany and Meany were better off with him than at some snobby school for "special" rich kids.

(Generation X#49) - Synch and Skin were playing a friendly game of basketball against Chamber and Maggott, which was won by Everett and Angelo. Later, Synch joined Maggott, Chamber and Skin for a walk outside. Everett wanted to know all about Maggott's time with the X-Men and if the team really was as cool as Jubilee always claimed it was, to which the young hero replied they were his idols and that he'd had the time of his life with them. Everett had just revealed the Black Panther was his personal idol when out of nowhere, Slaughter was upon them, using his cache of exotic weaponry to first take out Eany and Meany and then capturing the young teens, tying them up while he escaped with his new prizes. In order to escape, Synch locked in on Maggott's powers in the hopes of creating cyberslugs of his own. However, he wasn't aware Eany & Meany were actually part of Maggott's digestive tract and Everett's versions of the two also ate their way through his body. Dealing with the pain, he joined the others in retrieving Eany & Meany from Slaughter who disappeared. In the aftermath, while discussing the events with Banshee, Maggott decided to leave the school and chase Slaughter to make sure he wouldn't hurt any others because he'd allowed the hunter to go free.

(Generation X#49 - BTS) - Suffering a cash flow problem, Emma Frost was forced to go to her equally rich sister Adrienne Frost for financial aid. At first, the sadistic Adrienne refused Emma's request, however when she learned of the existence of Generation X through her psychometric powers, she agreed to help, if she was elected the school's head-mistress. Desperate, Emma agreed.

(Generation X#49) - Synch and the others were introduced to their new head-mistress.

(Generation X/Dracula '98 - BTS) - Dracula took up residence in an old church near the Massachusetts Academy where he quietly started recruiting followers from nearby Snow Valley which he called his thralls. Learning of Chamber and his massive potential, Dracula decided to groom him and began plaguing Jonothon Starsmore with visions involving his love for Husk and the desire for power.

(Generation X/Dracula '98) - Synch and Jubilee noticed changes in Chamber's behavior, though he insisted everything was fine. Dracula made his move on Halloween, invading the Massachusetts Academy just as Banshee took Chamber, Synch and Skin to the movies for a showing of the classic Nosferatu. Upon returning home, they learned of Dracula's presence from Jubilee who was in tears over having allowed the lord of darkness in, thinking he was merely a trick or treater. Generation X chased Dracula down to his church, where Synch used his power to match Jubilee's pyrotechnics while fighting the thralls and later synched with Banshee to deliver a double sonic assault. In the end, Dracula was forced to flee when he realized he couldn't sway Chamber over to his side.

(Generation X Holiday Special#1 - BTS) - While Nanny baked cookies for Peter in their cottage, he wrote his Christmas list, but she reminded him they still had an orphan to make, their Christmas tradition. After putting aside Peter's insecurities, Nanny sent him out to find a new mutant, Matthew.

(Generation X Holiday Special#1) - On the way, he detected Generation X (Chamber, Husk, M, Skin, Synch) at a mall and he easily knocked them all out with pixie dust. Nanny was proud of him, but still sent him after Matthew. Orphan Maker captured young Stephen on accident, not realizing it was a neighbor, and he fled with the boy when Jubilee tried to stop him. Orphan Maker returned for Matthew, but grew ecstatic when he found Santa Claus inside. Santa told Peter he'd been a bad boy, and Peter soon rushed back to help Nanny, who'd seen Generation X escape with Stephen. Santa and Jubilee visited Nanny's cottage and reawakened the spirit of Christmas within her.

(Generation X#50) - Synch and the other members of Generation X looked on in horror as the Massachusetts Academy opened its doors to normal, human students in an ongoing effort to generate more revenue. They were all less than enthused about the fact they now had to keep their powers a secret in their own home.

(Generation X#50 - BTS) - Seeing a newsreport about X-Man (Nate Grey) gave Emma Frost the idea to telepathically reach out to him. The connection was distorted however, giving X-Man visions of his archenemy the Dark Beast. Tracing the source of the transmission, he immediately took off from Dublin, Ireland to the United States. At the same time, the real Dark Beast determined Generation X were the perfect specimens for his genetic experiments and ordered Gene Nation to capture them.

(Generation X#50) - While on a shopping trip to Boston, M made sure she got some alone time with Synch, taking him to the Combat Zone, one of the city's toughest neighborhoods. Stopping near a tattoo parlor, M flirted with Everett and the idea of getting a tattoo, revealing that after spending so much time trapped in Penance's ultra dense shell, she relished being able to feel someone's touch again. Everett and Monet almost kissed, if not for the arrival of Gene Nation member Membrain who managed to singlehandedly knock them out.

(Generation X#50 - BTS) - Hemingway, Fever Pitch and other Gene Nation members captured the remaining Generation X'ers, leaving only Gaia to flee back to Emma Frost. Just as they got ready to come to their teammates aid, X-Man arrived, demanding Frost told him everything she knew about Dark Beast.

(X-Man#50 - BTS) -  X-Man confronted Emma, who promised to lead him to Dark Beast if he helped her rescue Generation X. She telepathically traced the team to the New York sewers, where they were soon confronted by Gene Nation.

(X-Man#50) - Emma slipped out of the battle to face Dark Beast, as X-Man and Gaia freed Synch and the other members of Generation X. Gaia discovered a Brood egg, spoiling Dark Beast’s scheme to infect Gen X with the aliens. Dark Beast was revealed as a hologram and disappeared. Emma telepathically fed X-Man information scanned from his monitors, which she said would lead him to Dark Beast. X-Man was then suddenly teleported away to Ireland by Madelyne Pryor. Afterwards, Generation X's  faith in their headmistress was considerably shaken now that they knew she was once allied with Dark Beast.

(Generation X#50 - BTS) - While Generation X was being captured in Boston, Banshee was home at the Massachusetts Academy when he spotted one of the students being abducted via helicopter. He chased the craft to Vermont, where he was almost immediately knocked unconscious by Mr. Legault, working for Mr. Brawn.

(Generation X#51) - After returning home from their mission against Dark Beast, the team was shocked to learn of Banshee's mysterious disappearance. Thanks to Artie Maddicks' projection powers, they learned where Sean Cassidy was being held, even though Emma forbade them from racing off to rescue him. Frost figured that if a seasoned professional like Banshee could be captured this easily, it'd be too dangerous for children. Generation X balked at this notion, and found support from Emma's sister Adrienne who not only gave the mission her blessing, but also provided the team with new uniforms that concealed their identity. Synch and the others were stunned however, when Gaia announced she was leaving the team after having a talk with X-Man about wanting to explore this new world she was now a part of. Emma unceremoniously told her to be gone when they return, reluctantly agreeing to the rescue mission. However, Generation X left Emma behind, hijacking her plane and flying solo, still not sure she could be trusted. En route to Vermont, with Synch and the others terrified by M's piloting skills, Husk learned the abducted boy was called Tristan, who used to live with his rich horse cattle rancher grandfather Hunter. Arriving near the ranch, the team decided on a plan: one of them would allow himself to get captured so the others could move in as soon as Banshee had been found. Jubilee and Husk got picked and soon found themselves locked in with Banshee. Quickly freeing themselves and their mentor, they were then faced with Brawn and Legault, forcing Jubilee to call in Synch and the others via M's telepathy. After a convoluted fight, Banshee confronted Brawn and demanded his abducted grandson would get to choose if he wanted to stay at the school or not. Tristan happily agreed to return to the Massachusetts Academy and left with Synch and the others, who were more concerned about the fact Emma Frost would be ready to expell them for leaving her behind.

(X-Men Unlimited I#23) - Worried about the X-Men and its related teams, Professor Charles Xavier used Cerebro to visit every one of them unseen. He happened upon Generation X just as they were practicing in their version of the Danger Room, fighting off holographic slashers based on popular movies like Scream, Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street. As he watched Synch trying to restrain a recreation of the ski mask wearing murderer Jason, Xavier couldn't help but feel "these children"  were full of promise yet, also arrogant and naive and had much to learn, before continuing on.

(Generation X#52 (fb) ) - Quietly observing Synch and Chamber from a distance, Tristan Brawn watched as Everett tried to show Jonothon how he could use his powers to fly by synching with him. When Chamber proved unable to copy this move, he admitted to feeling humiliated at the fact Everett was better at using his abilities. Trying to cheer up his friend, Synch asked if Jonothon could teach him guitar to even the odds, though Chamber found that patronizing.

(Generation X#52) - Tristan Brawn confronted Everett and the others, out of costume, about the fact he knew they were mutants, citing the impromptu training session between Synch and Chamber as proof. Jubilee angrily slapped Everett around, berating him for not using the Danger Room. Synch countered by reminding her that they weren't allowed to use that facility without supervision and that Sean, Emma and Adrienne had been too busy with all the new, human students to make time. Tristan then told the group he would keep their secret, if Paige agreed to go out on a date with him. Despite the fact she didn't like to be used as a bargaining chip, Guthrie considered it, which angered Chamber. This, in turn, annoyed Paige who reminded her old flame that she was no longer his concern. Synch calmed everyone down, telling them they needed to get to class. Later that day, Everett, Angelo and Paige were summoned to the Danger Room by Banshee who introduced them to Tom Corsi, the school's new physical development instructor. Corsi described himself as a cross between a drill sergeant and Magneto. After a rigorous training, Synch and Skin were startled to see how Corsi managed to get Husk to transform into a new, all glass form, thereby underlining his idea that the development of mutant abilities shouldn't merely be combat oriented. Later still, Synch and the others were shocked when Paige agreed to go out on a date with Tristan.

(Generation X#53 (fb) - BTS) - Acting on orders from Adrienne Frost, the mercenary Paladin travelled to Madripoor to retrieve a valuable samurai blade, only to meet opposition in the form of the Rising Sons. The superteam pursued Paladin along the shipyards until they believed they'd killed him, unaware the experienced hireling was hiding in the water beneath the dock. Injured, Paladin decided the mission was a bust and figured his best move was to return to Adrienne.

(Generation X#52 - BTS) - While on a jog, Jubilee discovered the worn out mercenary Paladin, asking to see Adrienne Frost before passing out at her feet.

(Generation X#53)- After hearing Paladin's story and having received Adrienne's approval, Generation X travelled to Madripoor during the weekend. En route, they learned all they could about their potential enemies, the Rising Sons. Once on the island, Husk, Skin and Synch broke into Noy's penthouse while Chamber stood watch on the roof. Nightwind ambushed Chamber, and kicked him off the roof; he was saved by Skin. When Husk attacked Nightwind, she leapt off the roof, and vanished. Meanwhile, Jubilee and Paladin tailed Noy from a restaurant to a train for the other side of the island. They pursued Noy to the back of the train, where they found him, along with the assembled Rising Sons.

(Generation X#54)- Jubilee, standing on Paladin's shoulders, was scooped up by Tough Love, standing onthe top of the train. Paladin knocked him out with his paralysis gun. Jet-Black chased the remaining heroes, who had "borrowed" motorcycles to catch up with the train. He blew up the one with Skin and Synch on it with a missile, and then went to armored humanoid mode to continue the fight. Synch mimicked Chamber's power, and the two hit Jet-Black from either side with energy blasts, knocking him out. While going through a tunnel, Jubilee and Paladin were ambushed by Spoilsport, who knocked Paladin silly. She and Jubilee fought, until new arrival Skin wrapped her up in his extended toes, and Jubilee punched her in the face. The reunited Generation X started searching the train for the remaining Sons. Nightwind ambushed Synch and Skin, but her mutagenic aura gave her away to Synch; he mimicked her Darkforce sword, and they fought, though she was far superior. Skin wrapped his fingers around her face, and cut off her air supply. Husk, Chamber and Jubilee found the Sign guarding Noy; Husk fought the Sign, while Jubilee retrieved the sword from Noy. Chamber went to help Paladin, who had taken the worst of Dragonwing, and was being dangled off the top of the car. Jubilee tricked him into dropping Paladin, who she retrieved, while Chamber fought Dragonwing. As Dragonwing boasted, he was hit in the back by the bottom of a low tunnel. In the end, Generation X and Paladin succeeded in retrieving the sword and returned it to Adrienne, though they were a little surprised it was a rusty, corroded piece of junk.

(Generation X#54 - BTS) - What no one realized, was the fact Adrienne had used the sword to kill her husband Steven. The only reason she wanted it back, was to use her psychometric powers to relive that (to her) glorious moment.

(Generation X#55 - BTS) - Eager to have her revenge on her sister Emma, Adrienne Frost used her powers in combination with unspecified technology, to trap Generation X during a Danger Room session in a life-like reimagining of the Hellions' final hours.

(Generation X#55) - Synch, posing as the Hellion Empath, was more than a little concerned but nevertheless went along with the story as it seemed to unfold, apparently without anyone able to change the course of history.

(Generation X#56) - Thanks to M using her telepathy to reach Emma Frost, Generation X was able to free themselves from the illusion. They confronted Adrienne, who triumphantly introduced herself as the new White Queen before teleporting away to parts unknown.

(Wolverine II#141) -  Synch was with Jubilee and the visiting Wolverine when Gateway appeared out of nowhere to whisk the two away to parts unknown.

(Generation X#57 - BTS) - Synch asked Jubilee as his date for the annual prom, which she happily accepted.

(Generation X#57) - In preperation for the school dance, Chamber and Synch went to a department store to rent a tuxedo. Chamber was in no mood, harping on about the fact Tristan Brawn was taking Paige and even reminding Everett that Jubilee might consider him taking her to the prom to mean something significant. Later that day, during a Danger Room simulation of a battle against Krakoa, the X-Man Iceman made his appearance and after announcing he'd be giving a guest lecture was roped into becoming Emma's date to the dance. The dance itself was interrupted by the appearance of Emplate, D.O.A. and his other minions who had come to kidnap Penance once again. After a fevered fight which blew up the Academy's assembly hall, Emplate left but not before his twin siblings Claudette and Nicole were freed from the empty shell of Penance which was taken to the medical bay. In the aftermath, Jubilee attempted to make romantic overtures towards Synch, but found that Everett was rather taken with Monet and left the matter be.

(Generation X#58 - BTS) - The supposedly empty husk of Penance escaped from the Academy's medical facilities and tore up an unsuspecting bystander.

(Generation X#58) - Synch and Banshee discovered Penance's disappearance, even as Emma encountered Penny's victim. The team later reconvened to discuss a strategy to find and stop her. Going into the woods, unsure if this new Penance was friend or foe, the team ran afoul of a sasquatch that threatened to hurt them, until Penance showed up to take care of him. The subdued creature was later carted off by Alpha Flight, who had some previous experience with similar creatures, before Generation X welcomed Penance back to their ranks.

(Generation X 1999) - Synch caught Monet about to touch her brother Marius/Emplate in the medical bay, reminding her that he could feed off  her if she did so. Overcome with emotion, she told him it didn't really matter and that her father Cartier St. Croix had decided to remove her from the school. She also said she was considering going along with her dad's demands, unless someone could "persuade" her to stay. Puzzled by this cryptic but ever so obvious comment, Synch went to Chamber and Skin for advice. The guys not too gently slapped some sense into Everett, telling him to go for it.

(Generation X 1999 - BTS) - At the same time, Jubilee discovered her parents' murder was connected to Generation X's enemy Hunter Brawn, whose grandson Tristan was still dating Paige. She decided to go solo to investigate the connection, almost telling Everett she loved him before going off to confront Brawn.

(Generation X 1999) - Synch, M, Husk and Penance were joined by Banshee to come to Jubilee's rescue. They held off Brawn's lackey LeGault while she looked up Brawn to get the truth. Synch and the others joined Jubilee to help fight Brawn who was protected by his exoskeleton. Synch however removed the totem that generated the protective armor, allowing Jubilee to get the confession she needed. For a moment, Synch was worried his teammate might kill the man, but she managed to restrain herself. Later, Everett and the others saw M off as she joined her father Cartier in Switzerland. Before she stepped into the car, Monet gave Everett a  passionate kiss which left everyone stunned, including Synch.

(Generation X#59) - On a field trip to New York, after a suggestion from Tom Corsi, Synch and the others visited Manhattan's museum of national history. Artie and Leech were especially taken by the dinosaurs, before using their image inducers to disappear into the crowd, leave the museum and have a day on the town. Emma ordered the team to split up and look for them, with Skin and Synch pairing up to search the east wing. Their search eventually led them outside, with an excited Everett studying a map and realizing they were only a few blocks from the Wakandan embassy. Synch was hoping to meet his idol the Black Panther, much to Skin's chagrin. However, they soon ran into She-Hulk and Everett couldn't help but ask for her autograph. When he didn't have a pen or paper, She-Hulk gave him a peck on the cheek, her emerald lipstick serving as a reminder of their meeting. Everett, swooning after the encounter and determined to never wash his face again, joined Angelo in hailing a cab, just as the New Warriors (in plain clothes) tried to get the same cabbie's attention. A fight almost broke out, but thanks to Everett and Michiko Musashi (secretly the New Warrior Turbo), the incident didn't come to blows. In the end, Everett and the others were able to collect Artie and Leech at Avengers Mansion which the two had tried to enter while posing as Captain America and Thor. As Generation X left, a delighted Everett spotted a glimpse of the Black Panther racing across the rooftops nearby.

(New Warriors II#5) - After learning someone was out to kill the New Warriors, Generation X travelled to New York to warn them. They showed up during the team's fight with Biohazard and planned to help out. However, the Warriors spotted Emma Frost and, based on stories from Firestar, figured she was still a villain. Generation X decided to pitch in anyway, only for the New Warriors to attack them, claiming they could handle the threat themselves. Synch used his powers to match up with the electricity generating Bolt, rendering him harmless before Husk managed to take out Biohazard. Before the team returned to the Massachusetts Academy, Emma Frost gave the New Warriors a stern lecture on getting their facts straight before blindly assuming things.

(Generation X I#62 - BTS) - Monet returned to the Massachusetts Academy following a solo adventure in Switzerland versus Dracula.

(Generation X#67) - The attraction between Synch and M began to grow, much to the frustration of Everett's best friend Jubilee who even refused to talk to him about it. Taking a walk with M outside in the snow, Everett was pleasantly surprised to hear all Monet could think about while she was away was him, and the two passionately kissed.

(Generation X#67 - BTS) - Everett and Monet were observed by Adrienne Frost, who sarcastically commented about the beauty of young mutants in love before ordering her revenge operation a go.

(Generation X#67 & 68 - BTS) - Before showing up in person, Adrienne fanned the flames of mutant intolerance among the human students of the academy. Several incidents of anti-mutant violence were recorded on campus, even as she prepared documentation that proved the school was a secret training ground for mutants, to be released to the press should anything happen to her. Adrienne used this ploy against Emma and Sean, forcing them to take her back in or suffer the consequences.

(Generation X#68) - Everett was ambushed and beat up by a number of students who suspected he was a mutant, only for M to show up in time to save him. As a result of this, as well as a minor altercation involving Jubilee getting pelted with a snowball, Sean and Emma called the team together and made an important announcement. They decided to restrict Generation X to quarters for their own safety, while they investigated what was causing the sudden increase in anti-mutant hysteria. Banshee and the White Queen then revealed Adrienne was back at the school, much to everyone's chagrin. Mulling over the most recent developments, everyone was shocked when they learned someone had torched Jubilee's dorm room.

(Generation X#69) - While Banshee was securing locks on the girls' rooms for their own safety, Synch and the other male members of Generation X were in Chamber's room playing the video game Ninja Boogie and trying to take their minds of their current ordeal. When Chamber brought it up anyway, Synch declared he couldn't blame all the human students for what had happened. He could even imagine that the notion of mutants with powers living among them would be scary but that he refused to believe everyone hated them. While Chamber agreed with him on an intellectual level, he remarked that it sure didn't feel that way sometimes. Later that day, following a secretive note, M met Synch in the library where they had another passionate kiss. When the disapproving librarian reminded them she was about to close for the day, M suggested they found a place they could be alone.

(Generation X#70 -  BTS) - Kicking her revenge scheme into high gear, Adrienne Frost planted hidden explosives throughout the school and informed the parents of the human students to come and collect their children. The unexpected arrival of so many frantic, worried parents caused a riot even as Synch and M consummated their love.

(Generation X#70) - After learning from Adrienne what she was up to, Banshee ran off to deal with the explosives, disabling a few before running into Synch and M who had just emerged from their room. Banshee ordered Synch to help him locate the remaining bombs, while ordering M to help the others move the civilians as far away from the buildings as possible. Synch and Banshee defused a few bombs, while Everett got a little antsy and offered to split up and find them on his own. Banshee denied this request, because without anyone for Everett to synch up with, he'd be too vulnerable. Thomas went anyway, eventually stumbling across Adrienne's final explosive. With the timer counting down, he yelled out to M in order to synch with her, but she was too far away to offer him the full measure of her invulnerability. In the end, he used his own body to cover the bomb to save the nearby students. As he lay dying, M held him in her arms, the other Generation X members looking on in shock.

(Dark Reign: The Cabal#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Emma Frost contemplated the many people she'd lost under her command, including the Hellions and Synch.

(X-Necrosha#1 - BTS) - Synch was among the many deceased friends, foes, allies and X-Men acquaintainces who were revived by Selene and pressed into service as part of her Undead Army through a combination of magic and the transmode virus.

(X-Necrosha#1) - Teleported in by Blink (Clarice Ferguson), Synch and the equally resurrected Skin joined forces to attack the X-Men. Even as Synch and the others made their presence known, Bastion and Cameron Hodge picked up his lifesigns, realizing to their shock that hundreds if not millions deceased mutants were on the brink of returning.

(X-Force III#22) - Unaware of and uncaring about the larger conflict playing itself out, Synch and Skin continued their assault. (see comments).

(X-Force III#22 - BTS) - Selene's effect on Synch and Skin wore off, causing the duo to die again.

(Magneto IV#4 - BTS) - Everett's name was seen on the memorial of fallen mutants in one of Magneto's hidden bases, serving as a constant reminder why he fought for his fellow mutants.

(X-Men V#5 - BTS) - Shortly after they set up Krakoa as a sovereign nation for mutants, Charles Xavier and Magneto decided Synch would be among the first mutants they'd resurrect using the Five's abilities in congress with the resurrection protocols. Everett's mutant synch abilities potentially made him a substitute for any of the Five, should the need arise for them to take a break (while Synch was able to copy their powers, it was later revealed resurrecting mutants actually rejuvenated the Five).

(X-Men V#5 - BTS) - A week after being reborn, Synch was examined by Dr. Cecilia Reyes who wrote up an extensive file on his heat hand well being. She noted that physically, he was in fine condition, even noting a 4 percent increase in natural physical ability compared to his time at the Massachussetts Xavier Institute. Psychologically, he was having issues with his new lease on life, even though he tried to put on a brave face. Synch seemed burdened by seeing how mutants who he once considered close friends had grown and changed over time. This distress made Reyes recommend to the Quiet Council that they witheld recommendation of similar mutants in Synch's situation.

(X-Men V#5 - BTS) - To help Synch get used to his new situation, the Quiet Council decided to resurrect his former Generation X teammate Skin ahead of schedule, figuring Everett needed a familiar face to keep him company.

(House of X#6) - Synch and Skin were reunited during a large gathering of Krakoa's new inhabitants at the Carousel, Krakoa's central area.

(X-Men V#5 - BTS) - Synch presumably came to live in the Sextant in the Akademos Habitat, moving in with his former Generation X friends in Delta House.

(X-Men V#5) - During a rescue operation to free mutant children from an Orchis research facility, the X-Men inadvertently freed Serafina, a member of the Children of the Vault (a highly evolved and highly dangerous super-powered group) who made her way to Ecuador back to the Vault, their impenetrable home. Xavier and Cyclops gathered a small strike team consisting of Synch, Darwin and Wolverine (Laura Kinney) to stop the Children of the Vault before they could pose a threat to Krakoa. Synch, Darwin and Wolverine met Xavier and Cyclops in the House of X and were told why they'd been selected for the mission. Synch was chosen to act as a second set of observational eyes for Darwin whose adaptive powers made him uniquely prepared to evaluate both the atemporal environment of the Vault and the Children themselves and as a second set to Wolverine's survival mechanisms. Before reaching the Vault, the team was surprised to find time flowed different inside the Vault and that they were cut off from Cerebro, meaning that they were without back up and unable to be resurrected because they couldn't be downloaded into the mutant computer. Nevertheless, Synch, Darwin and Wolverine jumped at the chance to be heroes and prepared for the mission.

The team made their way to Ecuador where Cyclops, Storm and Armor created a distraction by openly attacking the Vault, allowing Synch, Darwin and Wolverine to secretly slip in. However, when the team entered the Vault, the command system immediately detected an anomaly. Sometime later when the X-Men had returned to Krakoa, Xavier stated they would already have spend three months and five hundred and thirty-seven years in the Vault.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell (writer), Chris Bachalo (pencils), Mark Buckingham (inks).

For a character who flashes a bright rainbow aura whenever he uses his powers, Synch was actually one of the least noticeable members of Generation X. He seemed destined to play the straight man to the antics of Jubilee, Skin or the teenage drama that was Chamber in those days. A bit of a shame, because the character really had potential especially because he steered clear from the usual "angry young black man" cliché.

In essence, he was a cross between Theo Huxtable from The Cosby Show and the Mimic (Calvin Rankin). Everett was a nice, intelligent and responsible young man with a great future ahead of him. All that may have been a bit too vanilla for Warren Ellis, who decided to kill him off for shock value during the opening volley of Counter X. Still, Synch died a hero's death and that's worth something, though if editorial mandated a death, surely Skin wouldn't be missed *that* much? After all, Angelo bit the bullet a year or two later during Chuck Austen's run anyway.

So, did Synch survive the events of Necrosha? An unspecified number of mutants resurrected by Selene and the techno-organic virus seemingly continued on even after her defeat. If he's still anything like the Synch from his Generation X days, he's probably too ashamed of what he's done to come out.

On a relatively unrelated sidenote, in his earliest appearance Synch spoke about his body betraying him. Of course, this might simply have been a mention of his unwanted mutancy, but even back when the issues were originally published it felt to me as if Synch might be gay. Sure, having a rainbow for a power might be a little too on the nose... but the rainbow could very well symbolize his ability to incorporate and mimic all the different powers out there... As well as show his true feelings. Of course, later writings by Lobdell, Hama and Faerber insisted Everett was straight but hey... who knows what he could synch up with, right?

Synch received profiles in Marvel Encyclopedia: X-Men, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe IV#7 and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#11.

Profile by Norvo.

 Synch has no known connections to

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