Real Name: Possibly Amahl Farouk

Identity/Class: Uncertain;
    possibly a multiversal manifestation of the dark side of the collective human consciousness (World War II, pre-modern era, modern era, and possibly distant past until present);
    formerly believed to be a human mutant & magic-user;
    formerly believed to be an Egyptian citizen with no known criminal record

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror; former crimelord, necromancer

Group Membership: Former head of the Gladiators, Cairo's Thieves' Quarter;
    former head of the Hellfire Clubs of Earth-811 & Earth-2122

Affiliations: Formerly Citizen V (John Watkins, Jr.), Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Coy, Empath, Geist, Alexander Flynn, Adolf Hitler, Iron Man (Tony Stark) of Earth-2122, Mastermind (Jason Wyndgarde) of Earth-2122, Oswald Moseley, Nazi soldiers, the Reavers, Shadow-X (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl) of Earth-6141, Storm & the other thieves of Cairo, V-Battalion, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Lady Regina Windermere, unspecified demonic beings;
    formerly Ainet and her tribe, Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Guido Carosella (Strong Guy), Colossus, Valerie Cooper, Cypher (Doug Ramsey), Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Emma Frost of Earth-2122, Gambit, Jean Grey of Earth-2122, Jubilee, Moira MacTaggart, Madrox, Magma (Amara Aquilla), Mirage (Danielle Moonstar), "Ms. Marvel fragment" (separated from Rogue), Muir Island X-Men/Islanders, New Mutants, Polaris, Rogue, Amanda Sefton, Dr. Lian Shen, Siryn, Storm, Rachel Summers (Phoenix), Sunspot (Roberto DeCosta), Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), Wolverine, many others (some referred to as "hounds") (mind-controlled pawns);
    hosts: Cypher, Karma, Legion, Donald Pierce, Jacob Reisz, numerous unidentified;
        Professor X of Earth-6141, Rachel Summers of Earth-9112, Storm of Earth-80920, Storm of Earth-8096, numerous unidentified hosts

Enemies: Ainet and her tribe, Almadovar, Angel/Archangel, Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Beast (Hank McCoy), Cable, Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Guido Carosella (Strong Guy), Chamber, Valerie Cooper, Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Coy,  Cyclops (Scott Summers), Cypher (Doug Ramsey), DeMarco, Forge, Emma Frost, Gambit, Gateway, Jean Grey, Dr. Stuart Hayden, Heacock, Stevie Hunter, Iceman, Jubilee, Alasdhair Kinross, Bianca LaNiege, Major Debra Levin, Lilibet (Queen Elizabeth II), Moira MacTaggert, Madrox, Maggott, Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Magma (Amara Aquilla), Marrow, Mirage (Danielle Moonstar), Mystique, New Mutants, Polaris, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Madelyne Pryor construct (Red Queen creation), Psylocke, Cecilia Reyes, Rogue, Amanda Sefton, Dr. Lian Shen, S.H.I.E.L.D., Siryn, Storm, Rachel Summers (Phoenix), Sunspot (Roberto DeCosta), Col. Alexi Vazhin, Warlock (Technarch), Lady Regina Windermere, Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), Wolverine, X-Factor (original X-Men incarnation), X-Man (Nate Grey), X-Men;
    Phoenix of Earth-9112,
    Crusader-X, Jean Grey, Professor Charles Xavier - all of Earth-2122


Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Anansi, Evil One, Master of the Games;
    possessed Karma for a great length of time, and many others for less time (see Affiliations)

Base of Operations: The astral plane and the Multiverse;
    formerly Muir Isle
    formerly Pharaoh nightclub, Cairo, Egypt;
    formerly a villa in Madripoor;
    formerly the Arena, Los Angeles;
    formerly the Thieves' Quarter of Cairo, Egypt;

First Appearance: X-Men I#117 (January, 1979)


Powers/Abilities: The Shadow King is apparently a creature of the ethereal planes, needing a physical body to function in the tangible world. He can possess bodies for brief or long periods of time, changing forms at will.

   The Shaodw King can cause his astral form to appear in various forms and can create astral armor and weaponry for himself to use in psychic combat with another astral form. He can apparently alter reality on the astral plane.

    The Shadow King drew sustenance from the shadows in human souls; the stronger he grew, the more his influence spread. He further gains power from hatred and other dark emotions, even those he himself generates within others.

   The Shadow King can physically heal his host bodies. As he was twice seen to die in the form of Amahl Farouk (with the first time resulting in virtual disintegration), it is unclear whether he can physical modify a body to match a certain form, whether he only projects illusions to appear in certain forms, or whether he can reconstruct a body from any remaining tissue. The first two options seem the  most likely.

    The Shadow King can reanimate the body of one recently deceased, using a portion of his being to maintaining its body systems. However, strenuously using his powers for other purposes, such as maintaining direct control over one of his surrogates, allows the body to deteriorate. There is a small grace period during which he could restore the body upon returning his focus to it, but after that it will deteriorate beyond his ability to repair it.

    As Farouk, the Shadow King had vast telepathic powers on par with Professor Charles Xavier. He could read minds, communicate mentally, project bolts of psionic force able to stun or cause severe psychic shock to an opponent's mind and could even cause him or her physical injury or death. Farouk could engage in astral projection, sending his consciousness to rise from his body, shifting from the material world to an astral plane.
     In the form of Amahl Farouk, he has called upon demonic forces for power and has used an Athame (a sacred crystal blade) to perform mystic ceremonies for said power. He has an unspecified degree of mystic knowledge and experience.

    The Shadow King was able to use his vast psionic power to boost that of Karma's when he possessed her form, thus enabling himself through her to control many people mentally at once.

    Teleportation through Otherplace/Limbo, the realm used by Magik (and Belasco, S'ym, etc.) has been used to purge a being of the Shadow King's control. Forge has developed a neurosynaptic buffer that can block out the Shadow King's telepathic wavelength, though the process of disruption often briefly incapacitates the target.

    The Shadow King allegedly embodies the absence of passion, seeking order and control, a universe that runs like clockwork, eternally precise, unambiguous, unchanging.

Height: 6'1"
330 lbs.
Note: The above statistics refer to Farouk's physical form while living. While possessing Karma, he was 5'4", had black hair, blues eyes, and reached a maximum weight of over 500 lbs. (as opposed to Karma's normal 90 lbs. at the time).
    His astral form is without physical mass, and he takes on the physical characteristics of whoever he possesses.

(X-Men I#117 (fb) - BTS) - Amahl Farouk is a mutant.

(Uncanny X-Men#279 (fb) - BTS) - After his powers developed, he first achieved power over himself, using his mind to explore the infinite potentials of fleshly experience and then to transcend their limitations. Then he learned to control those around him, eventually feeding on the shadows in the souls of others.

(X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001 (fb) - BTS)) - "When the first dreams came in the night, the Shadow King was born in the first nightmare.

(X-Men: True Friends#2 (fb) - BTS) - Farouk secretly adopted the alias of the Shadow King, keeping his connection to that name jealously guarded since the dawn of humanity.

(X-Factor I#69 (fb) - BTS) - A being of pure telepathic energy manifested through the astral plane, the Shadow King took human hosts for decades, if not centuries; he required that host as a link to the physical world.

(X-Men: True Friends#1 (fb) - BTS) <1936> - Farouk plotted with Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and Geist, both agents of Hitler, to perform a mystic ceremony that would show Lady Windermere to be the true heir to the throne of England, as opposed to the current King of England (Edward). Lady Windermere supported the British fascist party's Oswald Mosley, and the Germans hoped that by placing Mosley in charge of England they would, at best, gain an ally in the coming war and, at worst, have England remain neutral in that same war, ensuring an easy victory for Germany.
    After insisting on a heavy fee, Farouk arranged to perform this ceremony in the cellar of Lady Windermere's castle.

(X-Men: True Friends#1 - BTS) - Farouk performed a mystic ceremony, which somehow interacted with the energies of Phoenix (Rachel Summers) when she stood at the site a circle of standing stones (a la Stonehenge) several decades later. Rachel and Kitty were pulled back in time.
    Kitty escaped and was discovered by Alasdhair Kinross, but Rachel was captured by Farouk who used his psychic powers to place her in a trance.
    Strucker was skeptical after of Farouk's power after the ceremony's disruption.
    When Kitty and Alasdhair investigated castle Windermere, the castle butler notified the higher ups of their arrival, and--unable to locate Kitty or Alasdhair--kidnapped Lilibet (Alasdhair's younger cousin and the future Queen Elisabeth II) and took both her and Rachel to Edinburgh. Kitty and Alasdhair pursued in a spitfire, but Farouk took control of Phoenix and sent her to attack the duo.

(X-Men: True Friends#2) - Kitty projected her mind in order to reach Rachel, but she found instead Farouk controlling her. Surprising him by naming his secret name (the Shadow King), Kitty escaped back into her own mind. Farouk took control of Alasdhair and attempted to make him crash, but Kitty phased through Alasdhair, her powers disrupting the biological network of Alasdhair's nervous system, knocking him out and allowing her to pilot their ship to safety. The two later traveled to Edinburgh's castle, and Kitty located Rachel's body, but Farouk detected her and she was forced to flee.
    When it became clear that Alasdhair would not join with their plots, Farouk prepared to use him as a sacrifice to demons to gain power for a spell that would wipe out the "usurper bloodline that ruled Scotland" (or England, or whatever), using royal blood to destroy royal blood. Kitty arrived and phased Alasdhair to safety, and Farouk's Athame (his sacred crystal blade) shattered when it struck not flesh, but stone. The malefic forces required to extinguish an entire bloodline proved even more than Farouk's physical form could contain, and he worked to banish the spell before he was consumed. When the life forces of the Nazi soldiers present proved merely a fraction of that Farouk needed, he grabbed Lady Windermere, using her royal blood to seal mystic gate. Lady Windermere was incinerated in the process. Strucker considered shooting Farouk for his destruction of their plans, but Farouk showed them his monstrous Shadow King form, promising to use his power to grant the Führer dominion over the entire world. Farouk then psychically pursued and assaulted Kitty & Alasdhair, both directly and by commanding others to attack them. The truck they had tried to escape in ran off the end of a dock, but a younger Logan (Wolverine) came to their rescue.

(X-Men: True Friends#3) - Rachel fought back against Farouk's control, dealing him a small defeat when she lashed out with full power, but he maintained control over. Geist and Strucker maintained skeptical on whether they should maintain their alliance with him. Lilibet escaped from Farouk's control and fled to Holyrood House, but Farouk sent Phoenix after her and then took over all of the House's servants, sending them to pursue Lilibet. Logan then ambushed Farouk, Strucker, and Geist, and the former two fled into Holyrood House. Farouk used the servants and Phoenix to attack Logan, Kitty, and Alasdhair, and he eventually took control of Kitty and Lilibet as well, capturing them both. Farouk relaxed his control to taunt his captives, but Kitty instead taunted him with details of the future failure of Hitler and the Third Reich, and Lilibet scratched Farouk with her broach. Stunned by even this mild physical injury, Farouk fell victim to Kitty's disrupting his nervous system, though the psychic backlash floored her as well.
    Farouk recovered and attempted to recapture Lilibet, but Rachel--freed during Farouk's incapacitation--confronted him. Rachel ultimately overpowered him and prepared to slay him, but Kitty used the legendary Sword of Scones, striking them both in their states of transcendental energy, restoring them to corporeal form. His flesh already consumed by the energies released, Farouk was then disintegrated by an energy blast channeled through the sword by Kitty & Rachel.

(Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting#2 (fb)) <1971> - In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Farouk met with John Watkins, Jr., who asked his aid in learning more about the Everlasting. In exchange, Watkins promise Farouk that both he and the V-Battalion would be very grateful. Farouk performed a telepathic scan, recovering the name Marduk, which he shared with Watkins.

(Deadpool II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Amahl Farouk and other warring syndicates put a million dollar price tag on the mobster Almadovar's head.

(Deadpool II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Interpol agents Daniel Peyer and Sean Cassidy attempted to capture Almadovar to gain the inside information he had, but Deadpool instead crashed through a window, shooting and killing Almadovar.

(X-Men I#117 (fb) - BTS) - Amahl Farouk came to rule Cairo's thieves quarter, including the young pickpocket Ororo Munroe (later Storm).

(Uncanny X-Men#265 - BTS) - According to Farouk, long ago Storm was promised to him.

(X-Men I#117 (fb)) - When Ororo picked Charles Xavier's pocket, he telepathically stopped her, but when he tried to probe further he was struck down by a psychic bolt from Farouk. Xavier tracked the assault to a nearby saloon, where Farouk confronted him. Farouk offered Xavier any of delights of his decadent establishment, but was turned down. Xavier similarly declined Farouk's offer to join their power to take what they wanted for the rest of their lives. Xavier questioned the cost to their victims, but Farouk replied that the lion need not concern himself with the feelings of his prey. Xavier vowed to bring Farouk to justice, and the two then confronted each other on the astral plane. The more experienced Farouk initially dominated young Xavier, establishing their terrain and creating powerful armor and weapons. As Xavier fought back, Farouk began to twist the environment and defy physical laws. Farouk took a giant, monstrous form and grabbed Xavier's astral self in his hands, but Xavier focused all of his mutant power into a beam of incredible power that he shot into Farouk's brain like a laser. Xavier returned to the physical world while Farouk's body died.

(New Mutants I#34 (fb)) - As Farouk's body died, he shifted his consciousness back to the astral plane. Drained by their duel, Xavier failed to notice.

(New Mutants I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Though his sole desire was for vengeance, Farouk realized that Xavier's defenses were too formidable, and so he bided his time.

(New Mutants I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Farouk eventually perceived Karma (Xi'an "Shan" Coy Manh), a member of Xavier's New Mutants.

(New Mutants I#7) - As the New Mutants approached Viper's Big Sur, California, base, Farouk psychically called out to Karma, frightening her and causing Viper's guards to discover her. Later, after Viper had fled, Farouk again psychically confronted Karma, telling her he had come to claim her--body and soul--forever. The Viper's agent, Silver Samurai, then blew up her base.

(New Mutants I#32 (fb) - BTS) - In the chaos of the explosion, Karma was lost as reality crumbled around her. The other New Mutants failed to save her, and they assumed she had perished.

(New Mutants I#34 (fb) - BTS) - Farouk turned Karma's power against her, possessing her. He intended to use her form until it was no longer of value to him, at which point he would move on to another body, leaving her to take the blame for his crimes.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#17) -  Farouk resumed his criminal career on a worldwide scale. Having regained a corporeal form after years, Farouk--always an overweight man--fully indulged his physical appetites, transforming the thin Karma's body into morbidly obese form within months.

(New Mutants I#30 (fb) - BTS) - Through Karma's form, Farouk came to rule the Gladiators, a group of Los Angeles-based mutants who performed gladiatorial combat--sometimes to the death--for the benefit of the ultra-rich, who paid handsomely for the show.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#17) -  Farouk used holographic images of the Gladiators' former leader, Alexander Flynn, to convince all but his inner circle in the operation that Flynn was still in control of the Gladiators' activities.

(New Mutants I#31 - BTS) - The Flynn that the New Mutants, Dazzler, and Kitty Pryde would encounter was never anything more than a holographic illusion, designed to hide the identity of the real puppet master (Amahl Farouk).

(New Mutants I#28) - Via "Flynn," Farouk sent Gladiators to meet with the Hellion Empath (Manuel de la Rocha) at the New York City headquarters of the Hellfire Club where he (Empath) gave her the dossiers of Magma and Sunspot as potential combatants for the Gladiators.  The representative agreed to pass Empath's proposition on to her employer and told him that he would be suitably rewarded if her employer accepted it.

(New Mutants I#29 - BTS) - A group of the Gladiator's non-powered employees lured New Mutants Magma (Amara Aquilla), Sunspot (Roberto DeCosta), Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), and Magik (Illyana Rasputin) to the West Salem high school under the pretense of a swim party with some local kids.  When the kids got there the squad ambushed them and kidnapped Sunspot and Magma and escaped with them to the Westchester County Airport.

(New Mutants I#29) - Farouk/Karma observed (via "Flynn") Sunspot and Magma's indoctrination into the Gladiators under the apparent guidance of Flynn, including the two being told that some runaways would be forced to fight in their stead if they refused to fight in the Arena.

(New Mutants I#30) - Farouk/Karma watched from a television monitor as Dazzler returned to the Gladiators, celebrating a former slave once more donning her chains by drinking an inhibition-draining drug. Suspecting treachery nonetheless, Farouk contacted Nguyen Ngoc Coy; as the call went through, Farouk demanded a servant die for him as an expression of his loyalty and love.
    When Kitty came to Dazzler's rescue, Farouk took full control of Dazzler and used her to help capture Kitty and then placed Kitty within a giant robot and sent it to battle Sunspot and Magma in the Gladiators' arena.

(New Mutants I#31) - Farouk/Karma gorged on food and drink while laughing as the two New Mutants fought the robot, unaware that it contained Kitty. Farouk telepathically taunted Sunspot, distracting him from the battle, but the mutants eventually figured out what was going, and Kitty broke Farouk's control and escaped from the robot. Farouk possessed Dazzler and forced her to attack the others, but Cannonball then rushed in with Magik (Illyana) and Rachel Summers, and Magik transported Dazzler to Limbo and back, breaking Farouk's control over her.
    The police then arrived and busted the Arena and the Gladiators, but Farouk/Karma escaped the authorities and then began attacking the New Mutants and their allies, leaping from possessing Sunspot to Rachel, but Kitty had Dazzler project a blinding blast to stun their assailant, after which she had Cannonball launch into her before she could recover. At this close range, Cannonball was shocked to discover that their foe was Karma, recognizing her even with the hundreds of pounds she had gained. Karma/Farouk then commanded the mutants to stand down or she would force her slaves to cut their own throats, and they let her escape in her jet, taunting them as she departed.
    In addition, Farouk framed Coy as head of the Gladiators, and he took the rap for everything Farouk had done.

(New Mutants I#32) - Farouk/Karma relocated to his base in the Pacific island Madripoor.

(New Mutants I#32) - The New Mutants (Cannonball, Cypher, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock, Wolfsbane) tracked Karma to Madripoor, but they were soon discovered and their arrival reported to Farouk. As the others fought their way past Farouk's Gladiator bodyguards, Wolfsbane followed Karma's scent, only to be possessed by her and sent to attack her teammates. Karma/Farouk swiftly possessed Cannonball, Magma, and Sunspot as well, but Magik teleported Mirage to Otherplace/Limbo to save her from the same fate. They soon returned with S'ym and other demons, but they found the place stripped bare and the Gladiators and other residents of the villa slain (at the hands of the New Mutants).
    Mirage convinced Magma to teleport to Cairo to check out another of Karma's bases, but they also traveled in time, first into the past, and then into the future ("Earth-8510"), where they found the now-adult New Mutants having become as evil as their master. Finally arriving in the present, they joined with the then powerless Storm and Warlock (immune to Farouk's power) and prepared anew to free their friends.

(New Mutants I#33) - From her base in her Pharaoh nightclub, Farouk/Karma served as the master of the city's underworld. She enjoyed using her powers to ruin the lives of her customers, many of whom enjoyed the show and even hoped they would be next. He was shocked by the sudden arrival of Storm, and she and the New Mutants managed to escape with Wolfsbane to Storm's residence, but shortly thereafter the possessed New Mutants arrived and attacked them. In the ensuing battle, Storm was taken possession of, and Magik--immune to Farouk and Karma's powers--actually brought Mirage back to Farouk. And I guess he got Cypher, too...

(New Mutants I#34) - Karma/Farouk enjoyed using her powers to force her servants to degrade themselves, especially Storm. Farouk then revealed his true identity and Karma's status as an innocent victim. He further discussed how he saw himself as taking vengeance on Xavier by enslaving his protégés, and he revealed how he intended to use the possessed Storm to slay Xavier.
    Finally, Farouk prepared to alter his servants' minds so that they would serve her without further possession, but then Magik (actually Warlock impersonating her) appeared, offering an alliance with Farouk allegedly to avoid ending up like the New Mutants. The massive Karma/Farouk attempted to physically crush "Magik," but the real Magik was secretly teleporting each of the New Mutants to Otherplace/Limbo, returning them all with their own wills restored. The New Mutants then attacked Karma/Farouk in unison, but they soon found that they were fighting Karma, back in her right mind. Farouk possessed Cypher and began striking out at the others, but Magik recognized what he was doing and exposed him. Karma then used her full powers against Farouk, confronting him on the astral plane, resisting his attacks (direct and psychological) and forcing him to flee.
    Karma continued to fear that Farouk could return at any time to catch her unawares and take possession of her again.

(Uncanny X-Men#253) - Via the actions of Nanny, Storm had been returned to adolescent form, arriving unconscious in Cairo, Illinois where she was discovered by FBI division chief Inspector Jacob Reisz and sent to Cairo Memorial hospital. Meanwhile, a meditating Forge accessed the astral plane, where he encountered Amahl Farouk, alongside a silent Jacob Reisz and a caged Storm. Farouk told Forge that Reisz had already tried his best to save Storm, and he then challenged Forge to an arm wrestling match. Farouk then melded their flesh and prepared to take over his mind, but Forge punched Farouk with his bionic hand (though an astral version of it), disrupting his control and returning back to Earth. In his real body, his bionic hand had been destroyed by the backlash.

(Uncanny X-Men#279 (fb) - BTS) - Jacob Reisz died, and Farouk took over his form, using his powers to maintain Reisz's body functions.

(Uncanny X-Men#253) - Back in Cairo, Dr. Lian Shen called Reisz to discuss the young girl's mutant status, and the now-possessed and reanimated Reisz told her that he would handle things personally.

(Uncanny X-Men#255) - Farouk/Reisz met with Dr. Shen and found the young mutant missing. Dr. Shen noticed via a monitor that Reisz was smiling like a hunting tiger. Later, Drs. Shen and Stuart Hayden pursued the young Storm through the hospital. When Hayden commented that Reisz was pursuing the girl like it was a personal vendetta. Unwilling to allow anything to interfere with his mission, Farouk slew Hayden, draining his life force in front of the terrified Dr. Shen. Farouk told Shen that the girl would be framed as a psychotic, deadly killer, and that the mutant would soon be his, just as Dr. Shen already was.

(Uncanny X-Men#257 - BTS) - Police continued to pursue Storm for the murder of Dr. Hayden.

(Uncanny X-Men#259) - On Muir Isle, Legion attempted to use Cerebro to locate the missing X-Men, but as soon it was activated, Legion was struck by a psychic backlash, and Farouk took possession of Legion; only Forge saw the image of Farouk briefly floating over Legion.

(New Mutants I#88 - BTS) - Moira MacTaggart--influenced by both Legion and the Shadow King--communicated with Wolfsbane aboard the sentient Ship, telling her that she would be coming the the USA to bring her back to Muir Isle.

(New Mutants I#89 - BTS) - MacTaggart arrived on Ship, but the New Mutants argued to allow Wolfsbane to stay, even pretending to destroy her helicopter. However, when Cable showed up as the new leader of the mutant team, Moira expressed confidence in him and allowed Wolfsbane to stay under his care (a decision approved by Legion).

(Uncanny X-Men#265 (fb) - BTS) - Farouk/Reisz took control of Valerie Cooper.

(Uncanny X-Men#265) - Farouk/Reisz taunted Val Cooper, who shed a tear while Lian Shen told her it wasn't so bad being a slave. Through Val, Farouk gained access to every being in her mutant and super-powered activities files. As he questioned Val about Freedom Force, he learned of Destiny's death; since Mystique no longer would have any warning of his plans for her, he instructed Val to kill Mystique. He then returned his thoughts to Storm.

(Uncanny X-Men#265 - BTS) - Storm had been stealing art that others had stolen and returning it to its rightful owners. To prepare a trap for her, Farouk/Reisz took control of a wealthy art thief, his wife, and their bodyguards, turning them into his hounds, unleashing the animal in their psyches: they now lacked restraint and hesitation, possessing only the overwhelming desire to do his will.

(Uncanny X-Men#265) - Farouk/Reisz explained his plans for Storm to Lian Chen while his hounds roamed about him. Soon enough, Storm sneaked onto the property and was assaulted by the hounds. She was knocked through a skylight into the house. Realizing the trouble, she decided to get out of there while she still could, but then Farouk/Reisz confronted her, telling her that no matter how she fought him she would soon be his.

(Uncanny X-Men#266) - Storm struggled to escape the hounds, but due to her age regression she had minimal use of her powers. She did managed to lead some of the hounds to knock over Farouk/Reisz. Farouk tried to take over her mind, but she marshaled her will and nailed him with a lightning bolt. Stunned, he withdrew his hounds, used his powers to heal himself, and then set the hounds after Storm again (as he could not track her mind due to some mental interference). Meanwhile, Storm encountered Gambit, who was also trying to loot the house, and he joined with Storm against the Hounds. Farouk mind-blasted Gambit but Storm instead attracted his attention. Her powers failing her, she was helpless before a subsequent mind-blast, but then Gambit blew the floor beneath Reisz, distracting him. Storm filled the room with soot from the fireplace and she and Gambit escaped the building.
    Val Cooper confronted Mystique, who had long ago learned from Destiny that Val would come to kill her that night.

(Uncanny X-Men#269) - Val Cooper (actually Mystique posing as Cooper) spoke on a news report discussing Mystique's assassination, and she introduced the FBI agent would be leading the investigation effort: Jacob Reisz.
    A fragment of Ms. Marvel, separated from Rogue during the passage through the Siege Perilous, arrived on Muir Isle, where she was assaulted by those under Farouk's control: Legion, Moira MacTaggart, and Amanda Sefton. Though the Ms. Marvel fragment (which Farouk recognized her as) defeated her attackers, Farouk projected through Legion directly; he enjoyed her resistance. After defeating her, he mentally located Rogue in the Savage Land and sent "Ms. Marvel" to steal back her remaining life force. As they battled, Ms. Marvel nearly succeeded until she was destroyed by a blast from behind courtesy of Magneto.

(Uncanny X-Men#267) - Lian Chen led the hounds in pursuit of Storm and Gambit, following the Shadow King's instructions that while she could do what she wanted with Gambit, Storm must remain unharmed. Fighting off the hounds, Gambit and Storm escaped in a derelict DC-6 lifted by Storm's powers.

(Uncanny X-Men#269 (fb) - BTS) - Those on Muir Isle under Farouk's control captured Polaris.

(Uncanny X-Men#271 - BTS) - The Shadow King-influenced Moira to be fierce during a televised debate with Genoshan Genegineer David Moreau.

(Uncanny X-Men#273 - BTS) - The Shadow King-influenced Moira spoke with Sean via holographic comlink, shocking with her tight clothing and lusty behavior.
    Later, Jean Grey linked up to Cerebro and accessed the astral plane, only to be assaulted by the Shadow King who easily overwhelmed Cerebro's defenses. Possessing only telekinetic powers at the time, Jean was helpless against the Shadow King, but Psylocke then accessed the astral plane to help her. When the Shadow King bragged that Psylocke's psychic knife could only do the slightest harm to him, Psylocke instead used it on Jean, forcing her back to the physical world. However, neither of the women could remember exactly what had happened or who they had encountered.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual#15) - The Shadow King's Muir Island pawns--Legion, Madrox, Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Polaris, and Siryn--assaulted X-Force and the New Warriors as they approached Muir Isle to discuss a plot to revive Proteus. As he did so, however, he relaxed his hold on his pawns, allowing them the groups to join forces; Proteus was re-formed despite their efforts.

(X-Factor Annual#6 - BTS) - After Proteus' defeat, the Shadow King reestablished his hold on Legion, Madrox, Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Polaris, and Siryn.

(Uncanny X-Men#277 (fb) - BTS) - The Shadow King took control of Colossus, who had been stuck in his Peter Nicholas persona.

(Uncanny X-Men#277) - Probing Storm's mind, Professor X learned of the Shadow King's return, and he left with the X-Men to return to Earth.
    Meanwhile, the Shadow King-possessed Colossus confronted Stevie Hunter, insisting that she would serve as his means to get onto the Xavier School grounds safely or Colossus would slay her.

(Uncanny X-Men#278) - The Shadow King sat atop a throne in the astral plane, telling Lian how he fed on hatred. After explaining his plot to drive the world into extreme hatred and violence--which would make him more powerful and would allow him to rule supreme, Lian reminded him how he had never defeated the X-Men. Despite this, the Shadow King felt that slaying them was to quick and easy a vengeance, and he preferred instead to break them to his yoke.
    On Muir Island, Moira supervised a battle contest between Guido (later Strong Guy) and Rogue, with the latter proving victorious after she fought with ferocity. Soon thereafter, the Shadow King directly confronted her, bending her to his will. As Storm, Forge, Banshee, Gambit, Wolverine, and Jubilee approached Muir Isle, the Shadow King forced Legion, Siryn, Madrox, Rogue, and Amanda Sefton to attack them, and his pawns defeated the invaders.
    As Professor X returned to the Xavier School, a car rushed past him and crashed into the building. After Professor X pulled Stevie from the wreckage, the Shadow King then mentally projected himself, taunting Xavier and showing his X-Men defeated as the feet of the Shadow King's pawns. The Shadow King then had Colossus climb from the wreckage and sent him to slay Xavier.

(Uncanny X-Men#279) - The Shadow King ordered Colossus to slay Stevie Hunter and then Xavier himself. Xavier psychically stunned Colossus, but when he tried to share his thoughts with Stevie, the Shadow King took advantage of his divided attentions to psi-blast him and then send Colossus after them again. After a series of struggles, Xavier succeeded in restoring Peter Rasputin's personality, which helped Xavier drive off the Shadow King's influence. The Shadow King returned to Reisz's form, and Lian noted that his body had deteriorated significantly. She proposed a solution to his bodily needs, possessing a body that had not died before he possessed it. He responded that he had several candidates in mind and was trying to determine which would best serve his purposes. He clarified that destruction of Xavier and his X-Men was mostly pleasure, that achieving full control of his mind had allowed him to transcend the limitations of the flesh (and that as long as a thought of him remained he could not die), that he drew sustenance from the shadows in human souls; the stronger he grew, the more his influence spread. He ultimately intended to not just plunge Earth into darkness, but to do so to the entire universe.
    Under the Shadow King's influence, Gambit, Jubilee, and Wolverine played out a contest against other mutants, though Wolverine fought to resist the control. Forge eventually ambushed Wolverine and zapped him with a neurosynaptic buffer that blocked out the Shadow King's telepathic wavelengths. When Rogue confronted Forge, he zapped her with a similar device.
    Meanwhile the Shadow King influenced the people of Salem's Center, Westchester, into a violent, hateful riot. The Shadow King then sent a mental projection to taunt Xavier with his involvement and his plans to do the same to the whole world, as well as the defeats of his students. As the Shadow King withdrew his influence, Xavier decided to recruit X-Factor (Archangel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl) to help save his current students.

(X-Factor I#69) - X-Factor assisted Val Cooper (actually Mystique still posing as Cooper) in attempting to quell a Shadow King-influenced Washington, D.C. mob gripped with prejudice and murderous violence. Afterwards, Xavier and Colossus met with Cooper and recruited their alliance against the Shadow King; Reisz stood amongst Cooper's aides, apparently unrecognized by Xavier as the host to the Shadow King.
    On Muir Isle, Forge used his neurosynaptic buffer to clear the Shadow King's influence from Banshee.
    Using a SHIELD-built submarine containing psychic baffles--and the ocean depth, Xavier led X-Factor, "Val Cooper" (Mystique), Col. Alexi Vazhin, and Jacob Reisz to approach Muir Island undetected by the Shadow King. Xavier discussed that in addition to the Shadow King's unidentified human host that he must have someone serving a a nexus between the astral and physical planes in order to generate such psychic disturbance, interfering with the powers of other telepaths and preventing them from recognizing him. He detailed his plans to sever the Shadow King's link to both his host the nexus. Reisz met in secret with "Cooper," telling her that regardless of the telepathic dampeners in the submarine, he wished Xavier to see his children destroyed before killing him.
    After X-Factor departed the submarine and approached Muir Isle--where they were confronted by Gambit, Jubilee, Madrox, Moira MacTaggart, Psylocke, and Siryn. X-Factor defeated the Shadow King's pawns but were then assaulted by Legion. Reisz then ambushed Xavier, choking him as he revealed Val Cooper to have long been his pawn. Cooper, however, then revealed herself to be Mystique, who shot Reisz in the head, destroying his brain. The Shadow King's controls were briefly severed from his pawns, and Legion was left mind-in-turmoil. As X-Factor located the Shadow King's nexus, Polaris, the Shadow King then took possession of Legion.

(Uncanny X-Men#280 (fb) - BTS) - The Shadow King directed all those under his sway to head to subterranean sections of Muir Isle.

(X-Factor#69) - The Shadow King used Legion's powers to destroy much of the surface of Muir Isle.

(Uncanny X-Men#280 (fb) - BTS) - Jean Grey's telekinesis shielded X-Factor and the X-Men from the Shadow King's attack.

(Uncanny X-Men#280) - Xavier led a pair of SHIELD agents, DeMarco & Heacock, onto Muir Isle where they found X-Factor and the X-Men prisoners of the Shadow King/Legion. When SHIELD agent Marco fired his plasma cannon at Legion, he telekinetically deflected the attack killing both agents. Observing this via surveillance, Vazhin ordered weapons--unit code: 666, preparation for a tactical nuclear strike. Legion/Shadow King struck down Xavier who prepared to sacrifice himself to use a psychic mind-burst that would kill himself, Legion, and hopefully the Shadow King. Storm blasted Legion with lightning, forcing him to flee to heal his body, returning to the subterranean base where Polaris was held. The Shadow King then sent his remaining agents--Gambit, Guido, Jubilee, Madrox, Moira MacTaggart, Psylocke, and Siryn--to slay the X-Men and Xavier.
    Using Jean as his psychic anchor, Xavier confronted the Shadow King on the astral plane, but he was swiftly overwhelmed, and the Shadow King took his vengeance, systematically shattering the bones in Xavier's legs and then in his spine. Some of the X-Men and X-Factor fought the Shadow King's pawns--defeating them by force or with the neurosynaptic buffer, while Archangel, Colossus, Cyclops, Jean, and Storm sent their minds to the astral plane to help Xavier, little aware that Legion was sneaking up behind their inert bodies. Their arrival, while not completely turning the tide, allowed Xavier to marshal his will. As the Shadow King threatened to crush Xavier's spirit while Legion would crush his body, Forge used Psylocke's psi-blade on Polaris. With his nexus torn asunder, the Shadow King psychic energies dissipated. The energies released by the Shadow King's destruction nearly overwhelmed the X-Men; Xavier guided Jean as they desperately absorbed what they could of the rampant psychic energies, together acting as a shield for the others.

(Uncanny X-Men#280 (fb) - BTS) - At the last moment Xavier offered the Shadow King a chance for redemption, but the Shadow King chose the void.

(Uncanny X-Men#280) - His mind devastated by the psychic turmoil, Legion's mind winked out. Xavier was left paralyzed by the Shadow King's assault.

(X-Men II#77 (fb) - BTS / X-Men II#78 (fb) - BTS) - As long as one dark thought festered in the heart of man, the Shadow King could survive. He went into a manner of hibernation, hiding from Xavier in wretched host bodies as his strength returned. With the arrival on Onslaught and the subsequent dissolution of Xavier's mind and powers, the psionic plane was left without its preeminent guardian. With Xavier no longer on obstacle, the Shadow King was free to make his move. He discovered the dirt witch, Ainet, from a stray thought he gleaned from Storm during their last encounter. Picking Ainet's brain, he created the guise of Ananasi, the African spider/trickster god, and used it to strike fear into Ainet as he subjugated her people. After containing the tribesmen's psychic essences on the psi-plane, he then prepared their minds, carefully magnifying them to amplify and propel psychic energy in a certain fashion. He then allowed Ainet to send for Storm to bring the Shadow King new X-Men to tempt, old X-Men to torture, and one foolhardy telepath to trick.

(X-Men II#71) - In Cairo, Egypt, a man successfully got a package off on airmail before the Shadow King slew him. Dying, the man said, "Beat you, Ananasi...the bright one will come...will stop y..."

(X-Men II#73) - The package from Cairo arrived in Hamburg, Germany. As it lacked sufficient postage, the postmaster intended to send it back, but a quartet of Africans suddenly materialized, pointing a spear at him and telling him that the package had to go through.

(X-Men II#76 - BTS) - Storm received the package from Cairo in Salem's Center. Returning to the X-Mansion, Storm opened the package, which revealed a dust sculpture in the form of Ainet, Ororo's adoptive mother; it said, Help us Obi Wan, you're our only hope; it asked Ororo to come help them against a great evil that had defiled their village and would threaten the entire world. "Only you can stop Ananasi..."

(X-Men II#77) - Cannonball, Maggott, Marrow, Cecilia Reyes, and Wolverine joined Storm in using Psylocke's shadow-melting power to travel to Kenya. There they found Ainet enslaved by "Ananasi," who then forced each of the X-Men to face their inner nightmares. Storm struck down Ananasi with a powerful lightning bolt and then rushed to Ainet's side. As Ananasi recovered, Psylocke nailed him with her psi-blade, disrupting his mind. She identified Ananasi as a telepath though she couldn't identify who exactly he was. Recovering again, Ananasi feigned fear of Psylocke's psi-blade, and Psylocke pulled Storm's mind to the astral plane to confront him. As Ainet tribed to warn Storm of Ananasi's duplicity, Psylocke clad herself in psychic armor and attacked Ananasi. Ananasi goaded her as they battled, and Psylocke attacked with her psi-blade, falling prey to the Shadow King's plan. Her psi-blade struck one of the tribesmen, and it then passed through each of the tribesmen with the speed of thought, triggering a chain reaction, magnifying her psychic assault a million-million fold, and Psylocke's astral self was torn to pieces. The radical psionic event culminated in a discharge of psionic energy so intense, so pure, that it cleaved through the very fabric of the psi-plane, assaulting the subconscious mind of every being on Earth. Normal people experienced mild symptoms ranging from deja vu to nightmares to migraine headaches and nosebleeds. Those with true psionic powers suffered debilitating feedback from the energy overload, effectively crippling them.

(Uncanny X-Men#359) - The radical psionic event removed the telepathic powers from Jean Grey..

(X-Man#41) - While traveling on the psi-plane, X-Man (Nate Grey) and Maddie Pryor (the Red Queen construct) were struck down by the massive psychic assault; they lost their telepathic powers..
    Maddie was temporarily torn apart when the psi-dimension blew up while she was still in it.

(Cable II#57) - The radical psionic event devastated Cable.

(Generation X#42 - BTS) - The radical psionic event devastated Emma Frost, Chamber, and Bianca LaNiege.

(X-Men II#77) - Having achieved his goal, Ananasi revealed himself to be the Shadow King.

(X-Men II#78) - Madness manifested around the world as the Shadow King took control of the astral plane. The Shadow King mocked the distorted remnant of Psylocke's astral self, explaining his plot to her before leaving. While Storm, Wolverine, and Cannonball were tormented with their greatest fears, the Shadow King tempted Maggott, Marrow, and Cecilia Reyes, offering them their hearts' desires in exchange for loyalty to him. Due to her mutation in the Crimson Dawn, Psylocke re-formed, a creature of the shadows. She freed Ainet from the Shadow King's psychic shackles, and the two then located and freed Storm as well. Psylocke confronted the Shadow King, pretending to be tempted by his offers to become his queen while Storm freed Maggott, Marrow, and Cecilia Reyes from his influence. The Shadow King discovered what was going on, and Psylocke banished the other X-Men back to the corporeal plane. Psylocke was weakened from the effort, and the Shadow King again taunted her as he spread his influence into the minds of every being on Earth. Overcome with his thirst for power, he began to take control of everyone, stretching his power too thin and leave his form on the astral plane vulnerable. Using her shadow powers, Psylocke assaulted the Shadow King's nexus point, the psionic equivalent of his soul. She contained his nexus/soul within herself, and his power--cutoff from its source--dissipated into nothingness. It took Psylocke's complete focus to contain him, and if she ever used her telepathy again, the barrier containing him would weaken and he would be freed. She considered this a worthy sacrifice to end his threat.

(Wolverine II#147) - Aided by Cerebro, Psylocke attempted to provide psychic assistance to Wolverine and Angel, both of whom were suffering from their programming to be Death, the Horseman of Apocalypse. The Shadow King called to Psylocke, telling her that his power could fully restore the minds of Wolverine and Angel before they destroyed each other. She considered allowing him to do so, but Angel's astral self stopped her, and Psylocke withdrew, deactivating Cerebro.

(X-Treme X-Men#2) - Vargas impaled Psylocke, killing her.

(X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001 (fb) - BTS) - Without Psylocke's will to keep him restrained the Shadow King was freed to plot anew. He initially targeted Rogue, whose powers had imprinted both the Shadow King and Psylocke in the past. The Shadow King used as a host Donald Pierce, the leader of the Reavers.

(X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001) - Rogue and Sage joined Bishop in the dreamtime to meet with and learn from Gateway. They were suddenly ambushed my a malevolent force, and Gateway was pulled through some psychic portal. Later, the Shadow King continued to torment Rogue, claiming to have manipulated the development of Destiny, Mystique, Xavier, and Rogue.
    Shadow King/Pierce sent the other Reavers to attack the "X-Treme X-Men" in Sydney, Australia. After the Shadow King assaulted Rogue in mid-battle, dampening her invulnerability and taunting her with his control of her, Rogue flew to confront him directly. He taunted again, exploiting her every weakness, desire, and fear, intending to take complete control of her and transform her into his consort, the Shadow Queen. Through her he would gain access to every being she had ever imprinted, especially the X-Men and Professor X, and then Gateway and the Dreamtime, through which he would access the totality of time-space and all of creation. However, Rogue refused to bend to his will, having used her past experiences and weaknesses to temper herself into a stronger person. Using the light in her soul to overwhelm the shadow, Rogue replaced Psylocke as the will that contained the Shadow King.

There is evidence to support the existence of a single Shadow King in the multiverse (see comments), manifesting into each reality, so I'm going to include his alternate reality appearances here as well.

(Excalibur I#22 (fb) - BTS) - On Earth-811 ("Days of Future Past"), several years in the relative future, the Shadow King was the secret puppet master ruling the Hellfire Club.

(Excalibur I#22 (fb)) - On Earth-811, the Shadow King directed the Hellfire Club to destroy the X-Mansion, an assault that killed Professor X and many of the other mutants present. Young Rachel Summers was taken prisoner and brought before the Hellfire Club who attempted to brainwash her, but she lashed out with her full psychic powers (possibly tapping into the Phoenix Force?), and they dropped like puppets with cut strings. The Shadow King then appeared and confronted Rachel, claiming vengeance for their past encounter (the Earth-616 encounter circa 1936, of which Earth-811's Rachel would have had no knowledge). Rachel fought back, but the harder she resisted, the more delight he took in smashing her down.

(What If II#32-33) - On Earth-9112, an alternate reality in which Phoenix did not die on the moon, but was stripped of power and sent to Earth, the Pheonix married Cyclops  and gave birth to Rachel Summers. The Shadow King took possession of Mastermind and forced him to slay "Jean" and steal away Rachel, whom he aged to adulthood and claimed as a new host body. Upon "Jean" 's death the Phoenix was reborn, and she battled Rachel, slaying the Shadow King (or his form in that reality) and returning Rachel to her true age.

(What If II#46-47) - On Earth-21993, the Shadow King took advantage of the combined deaths of Professor X, Cyclops, and Jean Grey, and the subsequent chaos that resulted, basking on the rampant hostility and fear, his legion of corrupted slaves growing.

(Excalibur I#21 (fb) - BTS) - On Earth-2122 (Empire World, in which England ruled the world; see comments), the Shadow King took over the Hellfire Club, forming an alliance with Iron Man (Tony Stark) as well.

(Excalibur I#21) - On Earth-2122, the Shadow King instructed Mastermind to enslave Jean Grey to become his Shadow Queen. Mastermind did so, using Emma Frost's power to back up his own, but Phoenix (Rachel Summers) of Earth-811 was on Earth-2122 alongside her teammates in Earth-616's Excalibur at the time. Sensing the assault on her genetic mother, Rachel's Phoenix-power caused a psychic backlash that slew Emma Frost and protected Jean Grey from the assault. The Shadow King forced Mastermind to subject himself to his own most horrific illusions as punishment.
    The Shadow King then met with Iron Man, discussing his plans to smash the world summit to strike a fearsome blow for American independence.
    Soon thereafter, the Shadow King assaulted Jean Grey directly. She fled from him, but he eventually overwhelmed her defenses and claimed her body and soul forever. Rachel Summers flew to Jean's defense, but was forced to slay her to prevent her from becoming the Shadow King's slave.

(Excalibur I#22) - On Earth-2122, the Shadow King summoned his new slave, Jean Grey, but he apparently failed to recognize that it was Rachel Summers who appeared in her stead, posing as her alternate reality mother and feigning allegiance to him. Shortly thereafter, however, when Iron Man attempted to assault the World Summit, Rachel appeared and defeated him. Iron Man's automated defenses, programmed with a failsafe in case the Shadow King ever psychically defeated him, then kicked in, and the armor assaulted and defeated Rachel. Captain Britain and Earth-2122's Crusader-X then defeated Iron Man.
    British authorities then investigated the Hellfire Club, but found no evidence of the Shadow King's existence. Still, forewarned against the Shadow King's existence, Brigadier Alistair Stuart vowed that when next the Shadow King made his move, they would be ready for him.

(New Mutants I#32 - BTS) - On Earth-8510, the New Mutants (Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot, and Wolfsbane) were never freed from the Shadow King, and they eventually became as corrupt as their master.

(X-Men Cartoon - "Whatever It Takes" (fb) - BTS) - As a youth, Ororo Monroe was forced to act as a thief under the Shadow King.

(X-Men Cartoon - "Xavier Remembers" (fb)) - The Shadow King brought the young Ororo to the astral plane, where he tormented her.

(X-Men Cartoon - "Xavier Remembers" (fb)) - When Storm picked the pocket of Charles Xavier, he mentally caused her to drop his wallet and flee. The Shadow King led Xavier to a meeting, and when they found their motives in opposition they met on the astral plane, with Xavier defeating the Shadow King.

(X-Men Cartoon - "Whatever It Takes" (fb) - BTS) - Storm was freed when Charles Xavier banished the  Shadow King to the astral plane.

(X-Men Cartoon - "Whatever It Takes") - A tear in the astral plane--possibly caused by Bishop's time travels--allowed the Shadow King access to Earth, and he possessed the mutant speedster Mjnari (pronounced mish-nar-ee), the godson of Ororo Monroe, who lived near Mount Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania, not far outside the City of Dodoma). The X-Men followed the signs of a psychic disturbance, and Storm agreed to accept the Shadow King's possession in order to free Mjnari. As the Shadow King had his new host to Cairo to become the master of thieves again, Storm refused to bend to the Shadow King's will, and she flew high into the air until the lack of oxygen apparently drove the Shadow King from her body. Mjnari then baited the Shadow King into trying to possess him again. Mjnari led him into the mountain fissure containing the closing portal to the astral plane, and Mjnari turned around and raced back out, while the Shadow King failed to escape before the portal closed, leaving him trapped again.

(X-Men Cartoon - "Xavier Remembers") - After receiving a concussion, Xavier fell prey to the Shadow King, who began to assault the X-Men with illusions and then duped Xavier's astral self into surrendering him, allowing him to take over Xavier's body. Storm recognized the involvement of the Shadow King, and Jean Grey located Xavier's astral self, helping it break free from the prison in which the Shadow King had trapped it. The Shadow King sent his own astral self to confront the two, and they all donned astral armor during their subsequent battle. Xavier and Grey drove the Shadow King back into the portal to his former prison, but he nearly pulled Jean in with him before she and Xavier combined their powers to force him to let go. The Shadow King was re-sealed within his prison.

(X-Men Millennial Visions - "Professor W's X-Men" (fb) - BTS/Exiles I#41 (fb)) - Possessing the Wolverine of Earth-2182, the Shadow King forced him to murder Professor Charles Xavier in a berserker rage. As Xavier died, he unleashed a telekinetic wave that paralyzed Wolverine from the neck down.

(New Excalibur#2 (fb) - BTS / New Excalibur#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Shadow King apparently possessed "Earth-6141" 's Professor X and through him took over the X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl). Together they slaughtered the super-heroes of their world.

(New Excalibur#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shadow Xavier and his "Shadow Mob" X-Men traveled to Earth-616.

(New Excalibur#1) - Shadow Xavier sent the Shadow Mob's Angel to kill Roger MacEwan. Dazzler attempted to come to MacEwan's rescue, battled the Angel, Beast, and Jean Grey, the latter of whom forced her to have a heart attack. Narrowly surviving, Dazzler was resuscitated by Kitty Pryde and Captain Britain and brought her to a hospital alongside Captain Britain, Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Nocturne (Talia Wagner), Psylocke, Peter Wisdom.
    The Shadow Mob later targeted the heroes, and the Shadow Xavier struck down Nocturne, rendering her unconscious, while observing the heroes through the eyes of all those around them.

(New Excalibur#2) - Rachel Summers/ Marvel Girl entered Nocture's mind, encountering the shadowy Xavier, who dropped them both as well. To distract the others from getting involved, he directed his X-Men to attack them. Rachel recognized that their attacker was not merely Xavier, but at the same time he began remaking their astral forms in his image, the completeness of their transformations mirroring the completeness of their transition to being under his will. Shadow Xavier then ordered his X-Men to acquire the body of Nocturne. The heroes battled them fiercely, distracting Shadow Xavier from his mental assault on Rachel & Kitty, but ultimately the Shadow Mob captured Nocturne and escaped.

(New Excalibur#3) - The heroes fought to recover Nocturne, while Kitty & Rachel continued to succumb to Shadow Xavier's assault. When the heroes defeated the Shadow Mob, Shadow Xavier confronted them directly, psionically incapacitating the Juggernaut. However, Peter Wisdom then nailed Xavier through his skull with his "hot knives," distracting him sufficiently so that Rachel could attack Xavier's astral form. Shadow Xavier fell before the collective assault and he and the Shadow Mob were taken into custody.

(New Excalibur#4) - Sage monitored the Shadow Mob and Xavier-6141 within their prison cells.

(New Excalibur#6) - Sage monitored the Shadow Mob and Xavier within their prison cells, noting that Peter Wisdom's "hot knives" should have incinerated Shadow Xavier's brain, but that he had survived. She further noted that Shadow Xavier's powers far surpassed Xavier's abilities.
    Pete Wisdom arranged the transfer of the Shadow Mob to a more secure location, but Shadow Xavier mentally ambushed Sage, and Black Tom Cassidy defeated the other members of Excalibur present, Captain Britain, Dazzler, and Peter Wisdom.

(New Excalibur#7) - Shadow Xavier worked to control Sage, but when he got too deep into her mind, she turned the tables on him and incapacitated him. Black Air escaped with the Shadow Mob.

(New Excalibur#8) - Despite Shadow Xavier being brain dead, the Shadow King used him to assault the others, taking over everyone but Captain Britain--who was battered--and Psylocke who further damaged Shadow Xavier's mind before striking him with her psi-blade and being pulled onto the astral plane (she eventually emerged in the Crystal Palace/Panoptichron).

(New Excalibur#19) - Shadow-X broke into Crossmore and attempted to free Shadow King and make Lionheart his host body, but Lionheart (via a collar designed by Albion) trapped him inside body of Xavier-6141 and then killed that Xavier

(Ultimate X-Men#85) - On Earth-1610 (Earth-Ultimate), while Storm battled Sentinels, she was briefly tormented by the Shadow King, who told her that he was coming and that soon she would be his.

(Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon (fb)) - In Reality-80920, having lost his Amahl Farouk form battling Xavier over the teenage thief Storm, and unable to survive in astral form for any great time without a body,  the Shadow King survived by possessing a series of hosts.

(Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon (fb)) - Years later in Reality-80920, when Storm returned to Africa, the Shadow King possessed her, using fiery illusions to trick her into causing a flood-raising deluge. Ultimately, he drove her to render the entire continent of Africa lifeless.
    This reality developed into a "Days of Future Past" type reality.

(Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon (fb)) - In Reality-8096, having lost his Amahl Farouk form battling Xavier over the teenage thief Storm, and unable to survive in astral form for any great time without a body,  the Shadow King survived by possessing a series of hosts.

(Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon) - Years later in Reality-8096, when Storm returned to Africa, the Shadow King possessed her, using fiery illusions to trick her into causing a flood-raising deluge. The X-Men, forewarned by telepathic contact from Charles Xavier from Reality-80920,  intervened, and with Emma Frost's help, the Shadow King was driven from his host and dissipated, apparently destroyed.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#1 - BTS / X-Men: Worlds Apart#1 (fb)) - In Reality-616, the Shadow King-possessed Nezhno/Gentle slew B'Chaku the Soul Reader, a mystic who could have identified the Shadoiw King's presence, as well as an advisor to king T'Challa. He then turned and winked at the security camera.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#1 (fb) - BTS) - Nezhno was imprisoned in a Wakandan cell for B'Chaku's murder.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Shadow King took control of a number of Wakandan guards and forced them to murder civilians. The Black Panther (T'Challa) defeated the guards, but the distraction allowed the Shadow King to take control of T'Challa.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Shadow King possessed a group of Morlocks (including Bliss, Erg, Litterbug, and Masque), using their hatred of beautiful people to goad them into attacking Cyclops when they arrived in the Morlock Tunnels. Cyclops defeated the Morlocks, but he distraction allowed the Shadow King to get inside of Cyclops, exploiting his doubts and fears and leading him to plot his lover Emma Frost's death.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#1) - Viewing the recordings of B'Chaku's death, Storm ordered Nezho's release after learning he did not know what a wink was. The Shadow King-possessed T'Challa then ordered his troops to arrest Storm, then confronted her himself after their defeat. T'Challa spoke to the gathered citizens, denouncing Storm as a traitor and their union a farce. He then winked at Storm, who realized who he really was just seconds before the Shadow King pulled her to appear before him on the astral plane.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#2) - After taunting Storm with how he had taken control of both Cyclops and the Black Panther and revealing his plans to kill Emma Frost as well as to use control of Wakanda to take over the world, the Shadow King returned Storm's mind to her body. When Storm tried to drive the Shadow King out of T'Challa, he forced the soldiers to attack Nezhno, so she fled with him. T'Challa sent his Dora Milaje after her.
    To slow Cyclops down, Storm caused a lightning bolt to shatter the Blackbird jet he was flying, knowing he'd survive somehow. The Shadow King-possessed T'Challa was pained by this and went to prepare for the coming conflict. After Nezhno and Storm defeated the Dora Milaje, taking a beating in the process, T'Challa arrived to confront them, slashing Storm's back with his claws.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#3) - The Shadow King-possessed Cyclops stole a plane from Colorado's Yuma Municipal Airport.
    Meanwhile, the Shadow King-possessed Black Panther attacked Storm, who took heart in knowing that T'Challa was resisting the Shadow King. She eventually stunned him with a lightning bolt and then kicked him unconscious. She brought Nezhno and T'Challa to the temple of the Panther God and sought a commune with the Panther God. After initially being angered by her arrogance, the Panther God aided her by sending a pack of panthers to her side, which proved his support and earned her the trust of the Wakandans. Under Storm's instruction, they kept T'Challa sedated, and she headed to the X-Men's base in Graymalkin Industries, Marin, California, where the Shadow King-possessed Cyclops was just then arriving. Cyclops declared Emma a traitor and blasted her.

(X-Men: Worlds Apart#4) - The Shadow King-possessed Cyclops took down a number of other X-Men, including Angel, Beast, and Pixie. Karma was mortified upon confronting the Shadow King again.
    Using her powers to generate a wind tunnel that brought their ship to the edge of the atmosphere and then down again in Marin, Storm and Nezhno arrived soon after. The Shadow King took control of Nezhno and the other X-Men present and turned them all against her. Storm created a massive tornado that transported the rest of the X-Men away except Cyclops. After a fierce but brief struggle, Storm struck Cyclops with a lightning bolt that stopped his heart. The Shadow King then possessed Storm but on the astral plane found that she had remained bound to the Panther God, whom devoured the Shadow King. Via CPR, Storm revived Cyclops.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin.

    At the time, Farouk was the first evil mutant Charles Xavier had ever met. I'm not sure if that's still true (especially since the Shadow King developed/was ret-conned into being some manifestation of the collective dark side of humanity's consciousness), but Xavier's experiences with Farouk made him fully realize how dangerous superhuman mutants could be. Xavier's encounter with Farouk was one of the factors that led to Xavier's later founding of the X-Men, a team dedicated to combating criminal mutants.

    In New Mutants I#31, Kitty claimed that Alexander Flynn was never more than a holographic illusion, designed to hide the identity of the real puppet master (Amahl Farouk). That doesn't really fit with Flynn's appearances (see the Flynn profile), and the Shadow King entry in the OHotMU DE#17 says "Farouk used holographic images of the Gladiators' former leader, Alexander Flynn, to convince all but his inner circle in the operation that Flynn was still in control of the Gladiators' activities."

    In Uncanny X-Men#265, Farouk/Reisz discussed bringing out the shadows in others. I think it is 266 in which he is first called the Shadow King (though the name is used earlier on Earth-2122 in Excalibur I#21). It was during that whole Jacob Reisz/Muir Isle arc that hints began to be dropped about the Shadow King being more than just a mutant. He was described as having a far longer lifetime than others, accumulating an enormous amount of experience, having as many names as he does faces, etc.

    Since Prussia still exists on Earth-2122 (complete with a Red Skull!), England does not rule the world, though they still have the North American colonies.
--John McDonagh

    I'm not sure why the Shadow King's appearance in Uncanny X-Men#269 occurs in between #266-267, but that's how the Official Index to the X-Men lists it.

    Excalibur I#22 referenced/previewed the "True Friends" storyline "see the summer's Excalibur Special Edition#3 & 4." The story wasn't written until nine years later.

    Re: What If II#32-33: What I find really interesting about is this story is what it hints that could have happened in the mainstream timeline.  When Phoenix goes off the reflect what she's done in New Mexico near Angel's home, she realizes that Rachel was conceived there. Is it possible that when the Phoenix Entity 'killed' herself on the moon, that she was pregnant with Rachel at the time?  And when Rachel is inhabited by the Shadow King there are hound scars on her face.  Did the Shadow King have a hand in the creation of Hounds?"
--Per Degaton

    It certainly seems likely. On Earth-811, he is shown to have been involved in Rachel's capture, with Rachel subsequently becoming a hound. On Earth-616, he transformed a number of enslaved humans into "hounds."
Parts of the story are based on the original scenario Chris Claremont had intended for Phoenix after #137. He described in interviews how originally she was meant to be stripped of her powers, eventually come to term with her depressions and in #150 refuse Magneto’s offer of regaining her powers. This is a What If…? Spin off of the acclaimed Phoenix and Dark Phoenix saga. These events take place in an alternate universe starting with X-Men (1st series) #137.
--Mekhalee, from her synopsis of the story on

    It should be noted that Karma returned to a normal weight when she was trapped in an otherdimensional desert during the Asgardian Wars (see Norns/Fates profile). In What If II#12, a divergence from the latter story was seen, with Karma once again slender, but no explicit reference to her having been possessed by the Shadow King took place that I can recall.
--Per Degaton

    I think I have either some answers or additional puzzles to go with your recent Entity/Dark Xavier and Shadow King entries. There may be multiple characters that could actually be one entity. Now I do not have the issues on hand (besides Heroes for Hope), but I've caught similarities to these entities over the years.
    Ok, The Shadow King has been said to be ancient in universe terms, and human terms as a sort of psychic entity manifesting as the dark side of humanity/one's mind/though, and often acting through a host entity, which he manifests as the dark side of (much like when he possessed Karma).
    Now the Entity from Heroes for Hope another psychic entity, claimed to be of similar age (in similar terms), and was the dark side of thought/human thought.
The Entity/Dark side of Professor X. and psionic entity independent from Xavier, acted similarly to the Shadow King- claiming to be the dark side of his mind, as the other entities here claim.
Elias Bogan has also claimed the ancient origin of the Heroes for Hope Entity and the Shadow King, has claimed similar dark side of thought claims, and is a psychic entity that has acted through hosts, manifesting as their dark side.
    Now after Onslaught and the Shadow King saga where it lead to him being trapped in Psylocke's mind. There was a mention in the letters page of X-Men, whereby the editors claimed a connection between The Shadow King and Onslaught.
    Now considering Chris Claremont created and defined the origins I mention here- of the Shadow King, Bogan, the Heroes for Hope Entity, and the dark side of Xavier Entity, there may be a definite connection between them, possibly being the same entity, or of the same race, or something similar. Considering that there may be but one Shadow King in the multiverse, and so he/it could manifest in multiple points in the multiverse at once, it is more than likely they could be the same entity. He/the SK has shown tremendous power on the astral plane (like when he was taking over the astral plane around X-Men 77-78, or when he faced Phoenix Rachael Summers in X-Men: True Friends, or the merged Xavier/Shadow King entity in Mutant X, among other stories), enough so that it would be possible if it transferred to the Microverse, that he could dominate it like that, or at least it'd be more likely he could than Xavier's dark side alone. The Entity from Heroes for Hope even showed reality warping capabilities, and Bogan himself seemed extremely powerful, even having his own pocket realm on the astral plane. Both Bogan and The Shadow King have been members of/had dealings with the Hellfire Club before it had anything to do with mutants. All of these entities targeted the X-Men. Bogan and the Shadow King seemed to be connected to the supernatural/mysticism/ magic. The dark side of Xavier Entity wore the same armor Xavier wore on the psychic plane in his fight with the Shadow King. The Shadow King and the dark side of Magneto/Onslaught entity that possessed Xavier, and the dark side of Xavier Entity all had targets in Professor X. The Shadow King had fought Rachael Summers I believe twice, before Bogan targeted and possessed her. The Entity from Heroes for Hope possessed Rogue after she touched it's manifested physical form. The Shadow King claimed Rogue had once absorbed him, and I can think of no instance where this happened, so that could easily be related to the Heroes for Hope happenings. Also, after Shadow King fought the X-Treme X-Men and targeted them, Elias Bogan started to show up to confront them. heck there could be a connection with Bogan, The Shadow King and Xavier first meeting Sage in Afghanistan, since Bogan said he/it had a long history with Sage. Plenty of food for thought.
    Just a consideration to check into these possibilities, maybe contact Mr. Claremont and/or assign someone to research these to a fuller extent. In any case I hope this is intriguing, if nothing else. Thanks.

    A sub-plot I had initially thought to be the Shadow King's:
(X-Men II#71) - In Venice, Italy, in the inner sanctum of Sebastian Shaw, the Black King of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, time stopped around Shaw and he received a written message from a shadowy figure (the Shadow King or an emissary?) who told him to read it all and tell no one, threatening him that what was done to time could be done to his heart. As time's flow returned to normal, Shaw was transfixed by the idol-like seal.
(X-Men II#73) - In Rio de Janeiro, Shaw ignored his assistant Carmen's discussion of his imminent party, still distracted by the envelop. At the party, Shaw ignored his guests, telling Fitzroy that by this time next year the Hellfire Club wouldn't even exist. In private, Shaw accepted the disembodied voice's offer; the idol-like seal combusted, and the voice told him, "Today, your world ends. Your life begins."
    According to Paul O'Brien index on the X-Men, it was a sub-plot only featured in those two issues, and the writer was instructed to abandon it before it could develop any further.
--Prime Eternal

    The cartoon summaries were collected by Prime Eternal from MUCH more detail is available there...

Thanks to Loki for providing the main image from the Gamer's Guide to the Marvel Universe 1992 Character Update.

Profile by Snood, with thanks to Loki & Per Degaton for directing me to further stories.

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