Real Name: Ophelia Sarkissian

Class: Human, technology user

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Terrorist, mercenary, ruler of Madripoor, subversive, smuggler

Legal Status: Citizenship unrevealed, wanted internationally for criminal activity, criminal record in the USA

Group Membership: Hellfire Club Inner Circle, Hydra (leader of unspecified faction; former leader of New York faction), Hydra ruling council (Hive, Kraken, Madame Hydra (secretly Valentina de Fontaine), and Baron Strucker), own unidentified terrorist organization (including Deke, Brian Hendricks, and many others);
    formerly Save Our Society, the Secret Empire, Serpent Squad, Serpent Squad (Black Racer, Copperhead, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder), Serpent Society

Affiliations: Boomerang, Fangs (Bludgeon, Heatray, Razorblade, Slither), the Hand, "Courtney Ross" (presumably Sat-yr9), Set, Alexei Shostakov (Red Guardian), Silver Samurai, numerous unidentified criminals (some of them costumed);
    formerly AIM, Anaconda, Arcade?, Archangel, Bio-Coms generation 1 and 2, Bloodscream, Boomslang, Caliban, Coachwhip, Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Constrictor, Copperhead (Davis Lawfers), Cottonmouth (of the Serpent Society), Eel (Leopold Stryke), Emma Frost, Husk, Japanese Red Army, Javelynn, Kimura, Krang, J.B. Lu-Shi, Machinesmith, Man-Killer android, MODOK, the Pig, Pit-Viper(s), Princess Python, Rattler, Red Lotus, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Rock Python, Roughouse, Gail Runciter, Scimitar, Seraph, Set, SHIELD, Slither-mutated Snake Men (Ralph Newton, Smalto, others), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Spiral, Sweat Shop, Ishiro Tagara, Trick Shot, Tyrannus, Weapon X/Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett), Weaponeers, unidentified yellow costumed double;
    drugged/mesmerized pawns: Dr. Aimes, Val de Fontaine, Jessica Drew, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Psylocke, Clay Quartermain, Rogue, most of SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division), Tyger Tiger, Yukio
    possibly formerly Chthon (see comments)

Enemies: Askari, Asp (Cleo Nefertiti), Avengers, Battlestar, Beast, Bio-Coms generation 1, Bishop, Black Mamba, Black Panther, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Bushmaster (Quincy McIver), Caliban, Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Captain America/Nomad/Captain (Steve Rogers), Cobra, Connely, Constrictor, Nguyen Ngoc Coy, Crippler, D-Man, Diamondback (Rachel Leighton), "Dum Dum" Dugan, Falcon (Sam Wilson), Nick Fury, Iron Monger (Red Skull agent), Leona Hiss, Gambit, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Hugh Jones, Rick Jones (as Bucky), Judas Man, Karma, Khan and his warriors from Dimension X, Kimura, Pamela Kramer, Leong Coy Manh, Nga Coy Manh, Tran Coy Manh, Marauder/Dark Rider, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey/Summers), Lyndsay McCabe, Mirage, MODOK, Lt. Sabrina Morrell, Mother Night, New Mutants, Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Nomad (Jack Munroe), Ogun, rogue Pit-Vipers, President of the United States, Queen of England/Her Royal Highness, Rogue, Rover, Roxxon Oil Company, Gail Runciter, Sabretooth, Sage (Tessa), Scimitar, Shang-Chi, SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division), SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate), Sidewinder (Seth Voelker), Silver Sable, Solo, Space Phantom, Spiral, Storm, Sunspot, Tyrannus, Viper (Jordan Dixon/Stryke), Team America (Cowboy, Georgiana Hebb, Honcho, R.U. Reddy, Wolf, Wrench), Thor, Trickshot, Matsuo Tsurayaba, United States government, van Ostamgen, Vision, Weaponeers, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, X-Men, Mariko Yashida, Arnim Zola, governments of most nations on Earth;
    possibly Chthon (see comments);
    sometimes Hydra;
    formerly the Hand, "Courtney Ross" (presumably Sat-yr9)

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents (deceased), unidentified sisters (presumably deceased), Logan/James Howlett (Wolverine, ex-husband)

Aliases: Viper, Madame Viper, White Princess, Leona Hiss, Mrs. Smith, Supreme Hydra;
    briefly believed herself to be Meriem Drew;
    impersonated Tomi (or Yoshi), Tanya Sealy (Black Mamba)

Place of Birth: Szekesfehervar, Hungary

Base of Operations: Madripoor;
    Fraser's Bank, London;
    formerly Murderworld, London, England;
    formerly a base in Amazonia;
    formerly the Canadian Rockies, near the Arctic circle;
    formerly a subterranean base in the American Southwest;
    formerly the Red Skull's Rocky Mountains base;
    formerly Save Our Society Center, Munroe Falls, New York;
    formerly the Save Our Society Clinic, Borgwardt Estate, Long Island, New York City, New York;
    formerly Shooter's Island, Kill Van Kull, State Island;
    formerly Big Sur, California;
    formerly a yacht in the San Francisco Bay;
    formerly the SHIELD Helicarrier;
    formerly Georgetown, Washington, DC;
    formerly Hydra base, New York City, New York;
    formerly Europe (her homeland)

First Appearance: (Madame Hydra) Captain America I#110 (February, 1969);
    (Viper) Captain America I#180 (December, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: The Viper is a nihilist, whose goal is not to conquer society, but to destroy it. She denies all belief, all knowledge, embracing only oblivion and the great, merciful void, which she sought to make all men embrace. She often meditates under the influence of opium, granting her dreams of depravity and death.

    Though she has no superhuman powers, she has the strength, agility, stamina, and coordination of an Olympic athlete, as well as exceptionally high pain tolerance; in addition, she does not fear death. She has been rigorously trained in various martial arts, is a skilled marksman with a variety of firearms and energy weapons, and is highly experienced with knives. She is a talented actress and a master of disguise. She is a brilliantly cunning criminal strategist and combat tactician. She is of gifted intellect.

    Viper has had caps put on her canines to make them sharp and elongated, and she keeps them filled with a lethal and neurotoxic snake venom (to which she has developed immunity via controlled exposure; note: coral snake venom seems most likely), enabling her to incapacitate others within seconds after a bite. Victims can be saved with rapid anti-venom treatment. She often uses throwing darts coated with this same poison, and has sometimes worn lipstick containing such venoms. She has been known to vary the concentration of her venom, from a form that causes temporary motor paralysis to one that is rapidly fatal. She has also used the "Warrant of Death" - gas-coated paper activated by body heat, releasing a potent knockout gas on contact.
    Viper has previously used a chemical derived from the serpentine mutant Slither, which is extremely concentrated and can be used to contaminate entire cities' supplies of drinking water. When consumed or injected, the chemical transforms people to take on serpentine characteristics, including scales, fangs, and a forked tongue. Such "Serpent Men", are highly susceptible to her control, but they are also mentally dulled and are somewhat poikilothermic, affected by the ambient temperature, much like a real snake. In cool environments, these Serpent Men become highly sluggish or even inert.
    Viper has also used an opium derivative that renders others susceptible to her control.

    Via her association with Hydra and other criminal organizations, Viper has access to some of the most sophisticated firearm weaponry in the world. She uses both handguns and energy pistols. She has at times used a protective force field that rendered her immune to Spider-Woman's venom blast. She sometimes wears gloves with razor-sharp talons able to cut through steel. She frequently carries a bullwhip that she can use as a dangerous weapon. Her costume is composed of synthetic stretch fabric (Lycra?) over Kevlar. She has also worn looser fitting clothes over her kevlar.

    Viper uses a teleportation ring whose exact origins and specifications are unrevealed. It is activated when twisted. The Silver Samurai often wears a ring of the same design. She also travels via a variety of air-ships, hover-sleds, and occasionally a wing-pod type jet-pack.

    Viper typically employs a number of agents in her own terrorist organization (or agents of Hydra, the Hand, Secret Empire, etc.). In addition, she has employed a number of doppelgangers, known as Pit-Vipers, so that it is difficult to be certain if one is dealing with the true Viper.

    While under the influence of Morgan Le Fay (and possibly Chthon), Viper's right eye was apparently transformed into a black orb capable of projecting persons into a magical dimension.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black (usually dyed green)
Unusual Features: The upper right side of Viper's face is (or was) scarred and disfigured (primarily above and below her right eye), although cosmetic surgery over the years has somewhat ameliorated this condition. She typically wears her hair to cover this. She usually dyes her hair green and wears green lipstick and fingernail polish.
    In recent years, Viper has been shown frequently without facial scars. It is uncertain whether cosmetic surgery has improved these, whether she covers them with an image inducer, or whether most of these appearances have been by Pit-Vipers. Or maybe mistakes!

(Captain America I#113 (fb)) - The earliest memories of the woman who would become Madame Hydra were "living nightmares." Her parents met death at the hands of a revolution in strife-torn Europe.

(Captain America I#282 (fb) - BTS) - The future Viper saw her sisters defiled and discarded.

(Captain America I#113 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper) - She survived and escaped the country where the revolution was taking place, but while crossing the border she fell victim to an unspecified accident that rendered the right side of her face permanently scarred and disfigured.

(Captain America I#113 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper) - For most of her adolescence and young adulthood, she struggled for mere survival, living by her wits with no one to guide or care for her.

(Captain America I#113 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper) - She found herself best able to make ends meet through crime.

(Secret Warriors#15 (fb)) <22 (?) years before the main story> - Ophelia was one of a number of orphan girls taken in and trained by Hydra under Kraken.

(Secret Warriors#15 (fb)) <19 (?) years before the main story> - Ophelia continued her training under Hydra.

(Secret Warriors#15 (fb)) <15 (?) years before the main story> - Ophelia continued her training under Hydra.

(Secret Warriors#15 (fb)) <12 (?) years before the main story> - Proving the most determined, ambitious, and aggressive, Ophelia earned the title Viper.

(Wolverine II#126 (fb)) - Now known as Viper, she worked freelance.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004: Viper) - Viper became a pupil of the adventurer Seraph, owner of what would become the Princess Bar, on the island nation of Madripoor.

(Wolverine II#126 (fb)) - Viper was recruited by Seraph to accompany her and Logan on a mission. Seraph was mortally wounded saving Wolverine from Sabretooth, but Viper got them all home. Before she died, Seraph made Wolverine promise to fulfill a wish of Viper's: whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper) - Relying on her wits, she gravitated to the highest levels of international criminal espionage by age thirty.

(Captain America I#113 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#14: Viper) - Viper eventually joined the terrorist hordes of Hydra. She had achieved a position of relative power under Baron Strucker, and she set things up so that after he and many of his elite died (during the destruction of Hydra Island), she eliminated all those of higher rank with the touch of a button. As a result, she became Supreme Hydra, better known as Madame Hydra, leader of Hydra's New York operations.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper) - She began wearing a green costume, and sometimes dying her hair green and wearing green lipstick, to symbolize the organization that had become hers to command.

(Gambit III#6 (fb)) - Madame Hydra visited the base of the monstrous Pig to consider purchase of any of the youths trained by him. The young Remy LeBeau (later Gambit) and Etienne Marceaux, recently brought to the base, broke free and blew up an aircraft as a distraction to aid their escape. Madame Hydra was irate that the Pig could not control his chattel.

(Captain America I#110) - Madame Hydra directed the hordes of Hydra into the sewers of Manhattan in a plot to contaminate New York City's water supply. They set off an alarm in Avengers Mansion and were tracked down by Captain America and Rick Jones, the latter of whom had just become Captain America's partner as the new Bucky. As they fought, Cap realized that Rick wasn't ready for this level combat and he urged to him to run away, leaving himself open for stun blast. Madame Hydra approached and ordered an unidentified agent, wearing a Hydra Power Vest, to destroy Cap, but Cap fought back, knocked the agent through a wall, then exchanged costumes and returned to Hydra, claiming to have slain Captain America. Watching from a hiding spot, Rick was fooled as well, and he rushed back to avenge his mentor. Cap revealed his presence and helped Rick, but Madame Hydra lashed Rick with her whip and tossed him into a drain, and she escaped while Cap rescued him. 

(Captain America I#111) - After Steve Rogers thwarted an assassination attempt by Hydra agents in a penny arcade, Madame Hydra executed the agent in charge of that agent with the "Warrant of Death," gas-coated paper activated by body heat. Not long after, they delivered a similarly treated message for Captain America to Avengers Mansion, but Rick retrieved it instead and was knocked out and abducted by Hydra agents. Madame Hydra authorized Rick's disposal, then -- anticipating Captain America's return to the arcade to search for evidence -- sent her Man-Killer robot to ambush him there, as well as a legion of agents to strike him down during or after the battle. After Rick escaped, she had one of her men rush her to the arcade to stop Rick from warning Cap of their plans. She arrived at the same time Rick did, and when Rick yelled out a warning to Cap.

(Captain America I#111 / Captain America I#113 (fb) - BTS) - Cap hurled a pre-prepared balloon wearing his costume into the water. It seemed to go down in a hail of gunfire and then his mask and shirt floated to the surface riddled with bullets. They also found a Steve Rogers mask, which he had placed to make everyone think that Rogers was just a false identity so he could regain his private life.

(Captain America I#113) - Hearing of Captain America's death, Madame Hydra performed the ritual of burning his Hydra file. She had a drugged card placed within his coffin (which overtly contained a manikin) that took out Nick Fury and all of the Avengers present (Black Panther, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Vision). Under Madame Hydra's guidance the Avengers were captured and all placed in coffins as well. Hydra brought them to a cemetery, but then the real Captain America arrived and attacked them, aided by Rick who had also tracked them there but had been initially captured.

(Avengers I#107 (fb)) - The Space Phantom adopted the form of Madame Hydra, sending the real Madame Hydra to Limbo while he took over the battle against Captain America & Bucky.

(Captain America I#113) - The two heroes took out the Hydra agents and Madame Hydra/Space Phantom fired a series of hunter missiles at them then prepared to kill herself for the mission failure. Cap and Rick dodged the missiles, which then tracked onto her heat signature and blew up the crypt she was standing by, seemingly killing her.

(Avengers I#107 (fb) - BTS) - With Madame Hydra apparently dead, the Space Phantom took another form and became the new Supreme Hydra.

(Captain America I#180 (fb) - BTS) - Upon her return, the former Madame Hydra feared vengeance from Hydra (with death as their penalty for failure) and she went into hiding.

(Captain America I#180 (fb)) - Eventually she realized she had to fight back and either destroy the world that so oppressed her, or be destroyed herself. 

(Captain America I#181 (fb)) - Via donning the Serpent Crown, Krang communed with the Elder God Set, who instructed her to seek out Madame Hydra. Via Set's direction, Krang located Madame Hydra's hidden base and offered her a part in Set's great scheme.

(Captain America I#180 (fb)) - Madame Hydra made contact with Princess Python, who was seeking escape from her previous life (with the Circus of Crime), and then she decided to seek out and reform the Serpent Squad.

(Captain America I#180) - The former Madame Hydra broke the Viper (Jordan Dixon/Stryke) out of the custody of a trio of US Marshals who were bringing him to his grand jury trial. She revealed that she was now taking the name Viper for herself, and she shot him dead to eliminate the competition, after which she stole his costume, making a variant version for herself out of it.
    At the same time, Princess Python and her pet python broke the Cobra and the Eel out of prison, recruiting them into a restored Serpent Squad. Viper met with the others shortly thereafter in a warehouse in Georgetown, and she told the Eel that his brother (the previous Viper) had died in a valiant battle against the forces of order, and that she had taken his symbol and name as a memorial. The Cobra challenged her authority, but she fought off his assault and dropped him with a dart dipped in paralysis venom, after which he agreed to serve her.
    Soon after, the Viper led the Serpent Squad to abduct Hugh Jones, the president of Roxxon Oil Company. They were opposed by Nomad (Steve Rogers, who had temporarily retired his Captain America identity), but they managed to escape when he tripped on his cape and nearly knocked himself out. Upon returning to their base, Viper revealed who they had captured, and that they needed his knowledge and resources for the next phase of their plans. She further introduced them to her silent partner, warlord Krang, exile of Atlantis, who possessed the Serpent Crown, which would allow them to rule the world.

(Captain America I#181) - When Jones wondered how the Viper, a woman, could allow the plot to place the evil intelligence within the Serpent Crown (Set) in control of the world, she declared that she was not soft like many women, rather she was the hardest person he would ever encounter. They placed the Serpent Crown on Jones and forced him to make a radio announcement asking Roxxon employees to go along with his captor's demands. The announcement was heard by Namor the Sub-Mariner and Nomad, who followed a hunch and took Namor's ship out to a Roxxon drilling platform near Lemuria.
    The Serpent Squad arrived there first, and forced the platform crew to reverse the flow of the oil they were tapping, increasing the pressure beneath the sunken continent of Lemuria and forcing it to the surface where it would serve as the base of Set's followers as they conquered the world. Cap arrived on the platform and fought the Serpent Society while Namor landed the craft, but Roxxon security soon arrived and joined the fight against the Squad. Realizing capture was imminent, Krang tore the Serpent Crown from Jones' head and tossed it to the Viper, who escaped alongside the Cobra in the Squad's ship.

(Avengers I#131 - BTS) - En route back to the US from the battle with the Serpent Squad, Nomad encountered the Avengers in Vietnam.

(Captain America I#182) - Landing in Seattle, Washington, the Viper and Cobra were observed by the police and forced into a building (one of the Cobra's hide-outs, per Marvel Team-Up I#84) from which they held off the police with gunfire. Nomad arrived and, after initially being ambushed and dropped by the police who didn't want a novice interfering, eventually made his way into the building to confront them. Cobra swiftly realized they had no way out, but Viper commanded him to keep firing, as she would die before surrendering. As she donned the Serpent Crown for advice while their building began to burn, Cobra realized he was working with a madwoman. When confronted by Captain America, Viper swore that none of them would leave there alive, and they would serve as martyrs to the serpent cause, hoping to inspire more like herself. When Cobra tried to flee, she shot him in the back (though his armor protected him). As Nomad leapt to take her out, the spray from a fire hose struck him an knocked him out of the building, which collapsed almost immediately thereafter, seemingly killing Viper.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb)) - As the house collapsed, Viper fell through the fire-weakened floor and plunged into the basement. She lost the Serpent Crown in the fall and was knocked out by a brick that struck her head. The upper building was consumed in an explosion of a ruptured gas main, but Viper was protected by a virtual cocoon of bricks and masonry. She escaped through a hidden passage of which the Cobra had informed her, and she escaped into sewer/telephone/electrical tunnels, using them to make it past the police lines. As she climbed out of a manhole, she was rescued by Ishiro Tagara, cadre leader with the Japanese Red Army, who sought to utilize her skills as a terrorist/strategist, and leader.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - Ishiro Tagara smuggled Viper to Japan and brought her to his estate.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb)) - Viper spent the next few months at Tagara's estate, recovering her health and her sanity. For the first time since her childhood, she found peace, as well as love, in the arms of Tagara; both were surprised by the romance and the intensity of their passion.
    As she grew stronger in mind and body, Viper evolved a master plan to crush the USA, which would lead the oppressed peoples of the world to rise in the ultimate revolution.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#14: Viper) - Viper organized her own international force in crime, espionage, and terrorism.

(Marvel Team-Up I#85 (fb) - BTS) - The Viper planned to crash the SHIELD Helicarrier into a presidential address (POTUS Jimmy Carter, topical), in which the Vice-POTUS, the presidential cabinet, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and both houses of Congress would be present.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - The first step in Viper's plan was the design and field testing of a hypno-beam.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb)) - Turning the beam on SHIELD's underground New York headquarters, Viper ordered everyone to evacuate the building for one hour, and everyone within complied. While it was empty, Viper looted its computers of the complete schematics to the Helicarrier.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - Viper found that the hypno-beam worked best when focused on a single person at a time, rather than a broad beam affecting large numbers.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - Viper sent the Silver Samurai, an ally of Tagara's,  to steal the cavourite crystal, which she intended to use as the energy source for her teleportation unit.

(Marvel Team-Up I#57 - BTS) - The Silver Samurai and other agents to steal a clay figurine (apparently containing the cavourite crystal) in Manhattan, but he was defeated by Spider-Man and the Black Widow.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - The Viper was forced to devise an alternate energy source for her teleportation unit. She succeeded in completing the device in the form of a ring.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - Viper's plan required that she take over SHIELD's helicarrier.

(Marvel Team-Up I#74 (fb) - BTS / Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - However, as all approached readiness, the teleportation ring was lost in the mail. Instead of being sent from Japan to import-export agent J. B. Lu-Shi, it was sent to actor John Belushi (topical reference).

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb)) - The Viper freed the Silver Samurai from prison and sent him to retrieve the teleportation ring.

(Marvel Team-Up I#74) - Uncertain who was wearing the ring, the Samurai and his men assaulted the cast of the TV show Saturday Night Live (the "Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players" -- Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, and Gilda Radner; all appearances topical). With the aid of Spider-Man, the actors fought off their attackers, but when ring-wearer Belushi used his stage samurai sword against the Silver Samurai, the warrior easily disarmed him and then tore the ring from his hand. The Samurai then activated the ring and escaped.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb)) - Viper and Silver Samurai teleported into the SHIELD Helicarrier's sick bay in the wee hours of the morning, arriving undetected. They replaced the doctor's video-phone with one modified to project a hypno-beam.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - SHIELD physician Dr. Aimes was the first to be ensnared by the Viper's hypno-beam, and he then used it on every person he summoned to sick bay. Soon the entire Helicarrier was under her command.

(Marvel Team-Up I#85 (fb) - BTS) - On a mission in the Far East, the Black Widow discovered the Viper's plans.

(Marvel Team-Up I#85 (fb)) - The Widow traveled to the Helicarrier to warn Fury, but was blasted from behind, captured and brought before the Viper.

(Marvel Team-Up I#83 (fb) / Marvel Team-Up I#85 (fb)) - Viper brutally interrogated the Black Widow, torturing her for days. The Widow refused to talk, and she eventually managed to escape due to a careless guard. To protect itself, the Widow's mind retreated into a shell, taking refuge behind the unassuming persona of all-American school teacher, Nancy Rushman.

(Marvel Team-Up I#82 - BTS) - From the SHIELD Helicarrier, Viper tracked the Black Widow and dispatched SHIELD Strike Force One, led by Val De Fontaine, to attempt to recapture or slay her. Spider-Man aided the Widow (in Nancy Rushman persona) fight off their attackers, but both were then taken out by Nick Fury himself.

(Marvel Team-Up I#83) - Viper ordered (via post-hypnotic suggestion) Dr. Aimes, a SHIELD physician to slay the captured Widow, but she broke free and then escaped with Spider-Man's aid. She learned of this failure via Clay Quartermain, also under her control, and then sent Boomerang to kill both Spider-Man and the Widow. Boomerang followed Nick Fury as he tracked down the Widow at Peter Parker's apartment, and as all three heroes teamed against Boomerang, Viper dispatched the Silver Samurai who teleported into their midst. Samurai forced Boomerang to obey Viper's orders and teleport away with him rather face possible defeat as her plans approached fruition.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84 (fb) - BTS) - Suspecting treachery aboard the Helicarrier, Fury contacted his old ally Sir Denis Nayland Smith, who lent him the services of Shang-Chi.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84) - While Spider-Man and the Widow secretly made their way back onto the Helicarrier, Fury arrived with Shang-Chi in hiding, and Chi saved him from an assassination attempt from Viper-controlled agents. Viper then sent Boomerang to attack Fury and Chi. After a violent struggle, Boomerang was defeated.

(Marvel Team-Up I#85 (fb) - BTS) - While smoke and debris obscured monitors of their battle, Fury donned Boomerang's costume and impersonated him.

(Marvel Team-Up I#84) - The Viper and her controlled SHIELD-agents confronted Spider-Man and the Widow, who recognized Viper from her horrific torture experience and -- still in her Nancy Rushman persona -- fainted. Viper gave Quartermain a kill order, but then Fury (as Boomerang) brought in the seemingly captured Chi and they joined the fight. Viper left them to fight the hundreds of SHIELD agents under her control while she assured her mission's success, calling the Silver Samurai to stand by her side.

(Marvel Team-Up I#85) - As Viper locked the Helicarrier's controls to crash into the chamber of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, Spider-Man, the Widow, and Shang-Chi confronted her (Fury having been shot in the shoulder during the battle). She commanded the Samurai to hold them off while she kept possession of the computer control module that directed the Helicarrier. Spider took on the Samurai and eventually defeated him, and he sent Chi and the Widow after the Viper. Chi feigned defeat at the Viper's hands to force the Widow's true persona to reassert itself, but the Viper locked the controls on target and then threw the control module overboard. The Widow's persona did reassert itself, and she overpowered the Viper. Fury guided Spider-Man to directly reprogram the Helicarrier's guidance system, and the sudden lurch knocked the Viper off the Helicarrier, sending her falling towards certain death.

(Beast#3 (fb) - BTS) - Viper re-established leadership of a faction of Hydra.

(Secret Warriors#15 (fb)) <8 (?) years before the main story> - Viper led Hydra agents against SHIELD forces.

(Beast#3 (fb)) - Viper led a Hydra assault against crimelord Nguyen Ngoc Coy as he established a foothold in the New York underworld. She easily took out his subordinates, but when she aimed at Coy, his nephew, Tran Coy Manh, mentally possessed her and forced her to shoot her partner (some blond woman in a yellow version of the Viper's costume) dead.

(Beast#3 (fb)) - Viper was forced to serve in Coy's harem for weeks.

(Marvel Team-Up I#100 - BTS / Beast#3 (fb) - BTS) - When Tran's sister Xian (Shan, later Karma), slew Tran, Viper's mind was freed.

(Captain America I#281 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe#14: Viper / Mighty Avengers: Most Wanted Files: Viper) - Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)'s enemy Morgan Le Fay cast a spell over the Viper, causing her to believe she was actually Meriem Drew. Le Fay also made Viper believe she had been the pawn of Chthon for over 50 years..

(Spider-Woman I#42 (fb) - BTS) - The Viper plotted to capture Michael Kramer, the "Judas Man," who held a plague that, when catalyzed, would spell the end of humanity. To protect herself and her allies, she sought out Kramer's daughter, Pamela, who apparently possessed the antidote to his plague.

(Spider-Woman I#42) - The Viper sent agents to capture Pamela Kramer, but she was protected by Spider-Woman. Viper then flew a skycar that slew her captured agents (including Deke), but she declined to try to recapture Pam Kramer herself in order to keep the secret of her survival secret. When Spider-Woman flew up and confronted them, however, Viper authorized the Silver Samurai to kill her. Recognizing the Viper purely from reputation during her own brief Hydra stint, Spider-Woman knocked the Samurai from the ship. Viper escaped and reunited with the Samurai who survived via his teleport ring; their surveillance showed that Pam Kramer had hired private investigator Jessica Drew, whom Viper secretly "recognized" as her daughter and then identified as Spider-Woman; she nonetheless ordered the Samurai to slay Spider-Woman should she get in their way. Despite this, when Samurai ran into Drew while tracking down Michael Kramer, he chose to leave her alive, hoping to content the Viper with Michael's capture.
    Meanwhile, Viper approached Drew's apartment, where her roommate, Lyndsay McCabe, watched over Pam Kramer.

(Spider-Woman I#43) - Viper broke into Drew's home, injuring both McCabe and San Francisco Police Department Lt. Sabrina "Bree" Morrel, but took a bullet to the shoulder from Morrel and was forced to leave without Pam Kramer. Spider-Woman tried to rescue Michael Kramer and was captured by the Samurai, who -- having gained respect for her fighting prowess -- dressed her in the Viper's costume and challenged her to single combat (blocking her powers and removing his own armor and not using his own powers). She held her own in combat, but when some of the Viper's agents entered the room, Spider-Woman pretended to be the Viper, identified the Samurai as having turned traitor, and then used the distraction to incapacitate the Samurai. Maintaining the deception, she ordered a car with Michael Kramer brought to her, and she venom-blasted the returning Viper and escaped with Kramer. After learning how badly McCabe had been injured, Drew swore vengeance on the Viper.

(Spider-Woman I#44) - Spider-Woman learned of Viper's Big Sur base and tracked her there, only to be ambushed by agents of Viper, whose sensors had detected her approach. Spider-Woman held off the guards, and Viper fled to a motorboat, intending to escape to her yacht. She initially fought off Spider-Woman but was then caught off guard, tackled overboard, and overpowered by the Viper. A magical blast was then unleashed from Viper's eye, which cast Spider-Woman into a vortex where she was threatened to be consumed by the Elder God Chthon. Chthon identified the Viper as Meriem Drew and threatened to claim Spider-Woman's soul as he had long ago claimed Viper's, but Viper then blasted Chthon, freeing Spider-Woman from her spell.
    She appeared one more time before Jessica, claiming to be her mother and stating that Jessica had inspired her to fight back against Chthon. Viper then teleported back to her yacht.

(Captain America I#282 (fb) - BTS) - SHIELD learned Viper had a new project. Months of groundwork resulted in the deaths of a couple of field agents in San Francisco.

(Captain America I#282 (fb) - BTS) - Viper established a command center beneath the idyllic small town of Hartsdale, Illinois. Her scientists began experimenting with snakes, genetically engineering them into immense size. Her scientists continued their work on human test subjects, eventually re-engineering the Bubonic plague (the disease caused by the Yersinia pestis bacteria, which ravaged 14th century Europe as the Black Death) in a form more deadly, devastating, and uncontrollable than ever. She infected her serpents with this plague, which would be released in Hartsdale and from there spread out across the world.

(Captain America I#283 (fb) - BTS) - Disguised as a young widow known only as Mrs. Smith, whose husband had allegedly been killed in a factory explosion less than a year before, Viper became a popular member of the Hartsdale community, though keeping mostly to herself.

(Captain America I#282 (fb) - BTS) - SHIELD infiltrated agent Gail Runciter into Viper's organization.

(Captain America I#282 (fb) - BTS) - Drawn by his serpentine theme, Viper freed the Constrictor and recruited him to serve in a position of authority within her organization.

(Captain America I#281 (fb) - BTS) - While "drifting through an opium dream, "Viper's false memories broke down, and she blamed Jessica Drew as having been involved with her deception.

(Captain America I#281 (fb) - BTS) - Viper set up a trap to lead Spider-Woman to investigate her new master plan.

(Captain America I#281) - Spider-Woman followed a lead to the Viper's supposed base in San Francisco, and Viper sprung her trap, unleashing a pair of genetically-engineered giant snakes against her. She blamed Spider-Woman for her recent deception and left her to die, but Spider-Woman overpowered the serpents and reasoned that Morgan Le Fay must have been responsible for the manipulation.
    Back in her base, Viper learned of Spider-Woman's escape from agent Brian Hendricks, whom she then blasted and commanded her other agents to throw in with another of her giant snakes, who devoured him. Returning to her quarters, she changed into her plain disguise of Mrs. Smith and walked out into town.
    At the same time, the Constrictor and her other agents captured Captain America despite the aid of his ally, Jack Munroe, the Bucky of the 1950s.

(Captain America I#282) - Viper mocked the heavily-drugged Captain America within a cage in her base, then threatened Constrictor with pain if he ever challenged her. As Viper taunted Cap with her true plans, the Constrictor realized the threat she posed and knew that only Cap could stop her.
    With Captain America's capture, SHIELD agent Gail Runciter sent word to Nick Fury regarding the urgency of the situation, but the transmission was cut off at the source.

(Captain America I#282 - BTS) - Viper detected Gail Runciter's true allegiance and used drug to bring her under control.

(Captain America I#282) - Spider-Woman contacted Fury and asked him to look into stopping Viper since she wasn't available, and Munroe convinced Fury to utilize him instead. Fury gave Munroe the costume and identity of Nomad, hoping that the form of the one who had defeated her years before would serve as a psychological weapon against her.
     Dugan served as Nomad's back-up as he infiltrated the Viper's base, but Nomad was duped into following a drugged/controlled Captain America and rushing into a trap (consisting of the Viper, Constrictor, and several other agents), while Dugan had a heart attack and collapsed, unable to respond to Nomad's distress call.

(Captain America I#283) - Constrictor questioned the Viper's drugged prisoners -- Captain America, Nomad, and Runciter, while attempting to get Captain America to snap out of his stupor. Viper walked in, and he told her that he had learned the truth behind both Nomads. She ordered the prisoners to be continually drugged and sent agent into the woods to locate and capture Dugan, but the Constrictor made certain they did not receive their scheduled drugs. Donning her Ms. Smith, she wandered into town again.
    As Dugan was captured and his communicator destroyed, Nick Fury moved to send SHIELD to stop her but Viper anticipated their involvement. She placed her drugged prisoners (as well as the virtually incapacitated Dugan) in Hartsdale's All-American Airborne Circus Parade as she planned to float two balloons containing hundreds of plague-infected snakes that would be dropped when the clock struck its final midnight bell (how's THAT for an overly complicated super-villain plot!).
    Captain America shook off the drugs during the parade, and Viper took the Constrictor with her in one balloon, while sending the seemingly helpless Dugan in another balloon; a third balloon was unmanned. Cap leapt aboard Dugan's balloon, and when Viper pulled her gun, the Constrictor turned on her. Constrictor knocked away her gun, but she kicked him out of the balloon. Cap jumped into Viper's balloon and overpowered her, and as Nomad came to his senses and began using the Viper's fallen gun to blow up the balloons, Cap returned to Dugan and helped him get to the ground safely. Viper laughed madly as Nomad blew up the two remaining balloons, including the one she was in.

(New Mutants I#5) - Viper targeted Team America, hoping to capture their Marauder/Dark Rider. Her agents assaulted the motorcycle team at a fair. When the New Mutants (Cannonball, Karma, Mirage, Sunspot, Wolfsbane) assisted the cyclists, she sent in Silver Samurai to aid her agents. Team America manifested the Marauder through the New Mutant Dani Moonstar, but the Samurai incapacitated and unmasked her before teleporting her to Viper's Big Sur base. When Moonstar proved unable to replicate her Marauder-powered feats, Viper interrogated her. Moonstar reflexively used her powers to manifest an image of Viper's youth in war torn Europe, and Viper slapped her into a wall. Viper next confronted Team America member Honcho, and forced him to have Team America break into a fortress in Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains to steal a certain object, threatening to kill Moonstar if they failed or refused. Professor X agreed to train Team America to help them succeed.

(New Mutants I#6) - The New Mutants obtained information on Viper from General Nguyen Ngoc Coy, though Karma had to agree to serve him for a year to gain this. As Team America worked toward their objective, the Silver Samurai shared with Viper his frustration that he had been cheated out of his inheritance of ruling Clan Yashida by his sister, Mariko Yashida, who was marrying the X-Man Wolverine. Viper agreed that upon the completion of their current mission, they would travel to Tokyo and claim what was rightfully his.
    Team America's Wrench and Honcho stole a Cavourite Crystal from AIM's Black Mesa base, but they narrowly escaped the base's destruction at the hands of the Shadow King. Meanwhile, the New Mutants fought their way into Viper's Big Sur base. Karma struggled to take possession of Viper, and succeeded when the Samurai unwittingly interrupted Viper's concentration. Undaunted, Samurai knocked out Viper with a single punch, stunning Karma via her mental linkage, and then teleported himself and Viper away to their offshore yacht. Wishing to dispose of any loose ends, Viper had the Samurai blow up her Big Sur base, which the New Mutants narrowly survived.

(Uncanny X-Men#172) - After the X-Men (Colossus, Lockheed, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm) arrived in Tokyo to celebrate Wolverine's wedding to Mariko, Wolverine sensed Samurai lurking nearby and they drove him off. However, Viper then took out and impersonated one of Mariko's servants, Toni (later called Yoshi), and served the X-Men poisoned tea. Wolverine sensed the toxin only after it had incapacitated him, Colossus, Kitty, and Rogue; he stopped Storm from drinking it.
    Meanwhile, Viper and the Samurai enlisted Nabatone Yokuse, grand Ōyabūn of the Yakuza, to arbitrate a secret meeting with Mariko. They were unaware that Yokuse was being impersonated by Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde), while Wolverine's ally Yukio had replaced Mariko to protect her. "Mariko" told the Samurai his criminal past had caused him to forfeit any claim to ruling Clan Yashida, causing Samurai to threaten to kill her, and "Yokuse" to state that his vow of safe conduct was null and void, since the woman present wasn't Mariko. As Samurai battled Yukio, Viper rushed out to the car Yukio had arrived in, intending to find and kill Mariko, but she found instead Storm, who blasted her unconscious with a lightning bolt. Storm aided Yukio against the Samurai, who collected Viper and vowed vengeance on Storm.

(Uncanny X-Men#173) - Partially recovered from the drugs, Wolverine and Rogue tracked down Viper and the Samurai, encountering them back at the hospital in time to stop them from killing the other X-Men who were still suffering from the poisoned tea. Viper's ninjas fell swiftly, and after a savage battle Wolverine defeated the Samurai. Viper fired her energy blaster at Mariko, intending to kill her, but Rogue leapt in the blast's path, taking the powerful burst until the gun overloaded and exploded. Viper then took Samurai and teleported away.

(New Mutants I#53) - Viper and the Silver Samurai sold "the original 'Selene' " statue to Hellfire Club member van Ostamgen for a million dollars. Van Ostamgen hoped to use the statue to get himself into the Club's Inner Circle, but Selene, the Club's Black Queen, denounced it as a forgery and shattered it.
    Sometime later, the New Mutants challenged the Hellions to find whoever swindled van Ostamgen.

(New Mutants I#54) - The New Mutants correctly identified the sellers as Viper and the Samurai, tracked them to Viper's base on Shooter's Island, disabled her security measures, and broke in. However, the Hellions, who had simply followed the New Mutants and let them do all the hard work, ambushed and captured both Viper and the Samurai while the New Mutants fought her agents.

(Captain America I#337 - BTS) - Viper sent her own Serpent Squad (Black Racer, Cottonmouth, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder) to rob a Las Vegas casino and take hostages. All four were defeated by the Captain (Steve Rogers after he had been stripped of his Captain America identity), D-Man, Falcon, and Nomad.

(Captain America I#338 - BTS) - As Viper had planned, Sidewinder, leader of the successful Serpent Society mercenary unit, teleported into the jail holding her Serpent Squad and offered them freedom in exchange for joining him. They accepted, and he teleported them all away to his Serpent Citadel.

(Captain America I#341/3) - After the new Serpent Squad was absorbed into the Serpent Society, Fer-de-Lance scanned her room for bugs then activated a signal beacon, which Viper traced, allowing her to teleport into the Serpent Citadel. After receiving Fer-de-Lance's report, Viper ambushed Tanya Sealy as she prepared for her night of romance with Sidewinder, then donned her French maid costume met with Sidewinder. Catching him unawares, she bit him in the neck, drugging him, but he slipped from her grasp and got to his cloak in time to teleport away. Sidewinder sought aid from Diamondback, who dosed him with anti-venom and called Captain America's hotline for help. Meanwhile, Viper contacted the rest of her secret agents (including Coachwhip and Boomslang) and initiated her takeover of the Serpent Society.

(Captain America I#342 (fb) - BTS) - Viper's agents captured most of the rest of the Serpent Society, offering freedom to those who swore loyalty to her, and threatening to venom-bite those who refused to join her. Anaconda, Cobra, and Rattler agreed to join her.

(Captain America I#342) - With Asp, Black Mamba, Bushmaster, Cottonmouth held prisoner, Viper venom-bit both Mamba and Bushmaster when they refused to join her. She sent other agents to begin loading tanks containing (unbeknownst to her agents) chemical derived from the serum of her agent Slither into the Serpent Saucers.

(Captain America I#342 - BTS) - Cottonmouth swore loyalty to the Viper. Asp refused and was venom-bitten.

(Captain America I#342) - The Captain received Diamondback's signal and he and his allies -- D-Man, Falcon, and Nomad -- met with her and broke into the Citadel. They took out several of the Serpents, and treated the poisoned members with anti-venom.

(Captain America I#343) - Refusing to risk capture by freeing her new allies, Viper escaped in a Serpent Saucer and headed to Washington, DC. The Captain grabbed onto its landing gear as she took off, while the rest of Cap's allies followed in another Serpent Saucer that Diamondback piloted. The more experienced pilot, Diamondback caught up to the Viper's saucer, and -- unaware that Cap has on board -- Nomad had her blow the saucer out of the air. She teleported to the ground, exhausting the energy in her ring, and hit the ground still moving, leaving her stunned. The Captain fell to the ground (his pure Vibranium shield absorbing the force of impact) close to her and he captured her, his synthetic chain mail costume fending off her venom bite. Cap knocked her out with a nerve pinch and then took her teleport ring.
    Via another saucer flown by Cobra, Copperhead, and Boomslang, Viper's Slither-ized water made it into Washington, DC's drinking water and was consumed by many, including the POTUS (Ronald Reagan at the time; topical). Cap's allies learned of this from Slither and reported the contamination, but were too late to stop it.

(Captain America I#344) - The POTUS and all those who drank the contaminated water mutated into serpent-like men. Cap went after the other Serpent Society members and tried to keep the violence of the maddened serpent people under control, but Cobra escaped and entered the other saucer, only to find Viper and Slither held prisoner by D-Man and Nomad. Viper ordered Cobra to free him, and he fired a venom pellet at her, intending to kill her, but Nomad deflected it and it hit Viper's bonds instead. Nomad went after the fleeing Cobra, while Viper got free, bit D-Man, and then rushed into DC. Enjoying the mass chaos she had engineered, she fired guns and other energy weapons, killing people and blowing things up as she saw fit. She eventually made her way into the white house, shooting through anyone who got her way, and ultimately ran into the serpentined POTUS and First Lady. She gave the POTUS more water, exacerbating his mutation, and she sent him against the Captain when he arrived. Overcome with pleasure at the sight of Captain America battling the POTUS, Viper merely watched and taunted him with her plans to do the same to the rest of America, but she was forced to flee when another squad of Secret Service men arrived. Intent on avoid capture from the Captain, she was instead taken out by the Cobra, who turned her over to the Captain in vain hope of being allowed to go free; when Cap refused, Cobra escaped anyway.

(Captain America I#345 (fb)) - Cap turned the Viper over to a nearby police precinct.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23) - Tyrannus, in the guise of Dr. Tyrone, visited the Viper's Washington DC federal prison cell, making an offer where they might each help the other.

(Punisher Annual#2 (fb) - BTS) - Viper was released from prison by "Dr. Tyrone" and took the identity of Leona Hiss, director of the S.O.S. (Save Our Society) movement, offering cures to drug addiction, while mutating their clients into serpentine humanoids with a variant of the Slither serum.

(Punisher Annual#2) - Moon Knight observed the somewhat reptilian Ralph Newton eating a gerbil in a pet store, learned of his connection to S.O.S., and investigated further. Seeking out Newton, the Punisher became similarly involved in an investigation of SOS. Moon Knight and the Punisher joined forces and, after encountering a number of these serpent men while tracking down Newton at the South Bronx Clinic, and then assaulted the SOS HQ at the Borgwardt Estate, Long Island, New York City, New York.
    Viper was in the midst of disciplining/training a new batch of serpent men during this assault. The cool weather rendered the serpent men sluggish and easily defeated by the invaders, but Viper leapt atop the Punisher's shoulders, and injected the Slither serum into him. Refusing to submit or collapse, the slowly mutating Punisher became delusional and began firing wildly. Leaving him to battle the other serpent men, Viper found her assistant, Smalto, injected him with a massive dose of Slither serum, and escaped in her rocket as Moon Knight fought Smalto. Moon Knight had the Punisher cared for at his own estate until he recovered from the drugging.

(Daredevil Annual#4B) - Viper relocated to the Munroe Falls, New York S.O.S. center where she told Tyrannus of the destruction of her Long Island facility. When Tyrannus welcomed her to his facility, Viper noted that she was twice in his debt (and that she would have to kill him to get out of his debt). However, he then mesmerized Viper, intending to use her a sacrifice to Set, whom he intended to summon via a spell he had found in the Sacred Book of Kell. However, the spell summoned not Set, but another serpentine demon, Yiggorum, a three-headed "fiend from Dormammu's sinister dimension...a monstrosity from the outer darkness." Dr. Strange arrived to stop the demon from invading Earth, but while Tyrannus focused all of his psychic power on controlling this demon, he lost control of the Viper, who cast him inside of the pentagram, where the demon swallowed Tyrannus whole. The temple was destroyed as Strange banished the demon, but Viper escaped.

(Avengers Annual#18) - As Ghaur activated the newly constructed giant Serpent Crown, Viper -- like all those who had ever worn a Serpent Crown -- sensed a wave of pure evil sweeping the planet. She was pleased by this and correctly determined that this boded well for Set's return to Earth.

(Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#45 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Viper encountered the anti-terrorist Solo, and she offered him to join her organization.

(Captain America I#394 (fb) - BTS) - The Viper was imprisoned at a federal penitentiary in Virginia where she was kept highly drugged.

(Marvel Illustrated: The Swimsuit Issue) - The Viper participated in the Maria Stark Foundation charity swimsuit photo shoot (or maybe it was one of the Pit-Vipers).

(Captain America I#394) - The Red Skull decided to free and recruit the Viper to his organization. When he informed his Skeleton Crew of this plan, Crossbones questioned him due to her being "a loon" and "pulling weird crud," at which point the Red Skull fired him for questioning him.
    Shortly thereafter, a number of the Red Skull's Sweat Shop agents broke the Viper out of prison. Still drugged and dazed, she was brought before the Red Skull, who offered her the chance to fulfill her wildest nihilist fantasies.

(Captain America I#395) - Now coherent and back in uniform, the Viper met with the Red Skull in his Rocky Mountains lodge headquarters. She was initially very resistant to the offer of an alliance, unwilling to be directed or controlled by anyone, but he offered to finance whatever activities she wished as long as they contributed to the deterioration of society. Agreeing to his proposal, she stripped off her costume and joined him in his hot tub for a glass of wine. The Red Skull's current squeeze, Mother Night, was most distraught that the Red Skull was showing interest in another woman.
    Later, she noted that he was a much better physical specimen than she had imagined -- "though pleasure is the least of my priorities, it may be a pleasure doing business with you."

(Captain America I#396) - Over beer, Viper questioned how much money the Red Skull could offer her, as this would determine the scale of her planning. They were interrupted by news from Arnim Zola regarding the relocation of his former home, Skullhouse.

(Captain America I#397) - Watching as would-be thieves Jack O'Lantern and Blackwing fought Captain America, the Red Skull dispatched Mother Night to recruit them as his agents. Viper told the Skull she would not tolerate being ordered about as he had treated Mother Night, and the Skull assured her he respected a terrorist of her accomplishments, while Mother Night was just a subservient wench.
    The Skull later showed Viper his recreation room, which she initially mistook for his interrogation room. He told her that he enjoyed receiving pain as well as inflicting it, then showed her his "Wheel of Sorrow" device which used retractable  needles and electrical currents to deliver pain. He strapped himself in to it and, after telling her that he had previously withstood level 6 for 30 seconds without passing out, instructed her to place it on whatever setting she wished. Deciding to test his claim, she set it to maximum intensity, and he began to scream.

(Captain America I#398/2) - The Red Skull excused the Viper as Mother Night returned to report on her recruitment, and the Viper gave her a very evil eye as they passed.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#1) - Viper (or a Pit-Viper) participated in another swimsuit photoshoot for the Marvel Swimsuit Special.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#366) - Unaware that the Red Skull involved with his parents' death was not the Nazi Red Skull, Spider-Man investigated "John Smith" 's former base in Washington, DC, the Smith Building. The Skull was with Viper in his Rocky Mountain lodge when his sensors noted the intrusion. The Skull dispatched some of his Sweat Shop agents to engage Spider-Man. As planned, Spidey mopped up the Sweat Shop and gave Spider-Man information that would lead him to a private estate near Alexandria, Virginia. Alongside the Viper, the Red Skull notified the Taskmaster of Spider-Man's approach.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#367) - Alongside Viper, the Skull received news of Spider-Man's defeat of the Taskmaster's agents. Viper asked the Skull if he would be canceling his America Day project, and he told her that he would not; he hoped Spider-Man might be injured in the planned violence.
    He was with the Viper again later when another agent reported an unauthorized scan of the historical files from the Manhattan attack site.

(Silver Sable#15 (fb) - BTS / Captain America I#419 (fb) - BTS) - Using 10 million of the Red Skull's dollars, Viper plotted to blind everyone in America owning a television, resulting in mass chaos.

(Silver Sable#15 (fb) - BTS) - Viper began using a number of look-alike "Pit-Vipers" to act in her stead in various situations. The Pit-Vipers began popping up all over the USA committing acts of anarchy in the Viper's name.

(Punisher War Journal#45-47 - BTS) - A Pit-Viper was present during the "Dead Man's Hand" distribution of the then-deposed Kingpin's estate. She made an alliance with the Punisher (Frank Castle) against Chainsaw and the Praetorians and even offered to finance his war against crime, though he turned her down.

(Silver Sable#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Pit-Viper informed on the real Viper's attempt to steal nuclear weapons from Moscow, alerting Nick Fury in time to stop her.

(Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#45 (fb) - BTS) - Baron Strucker had secretly tipped Solo off to Viper's plans to steal nuclear missiles from a Moscow weapons facility. Strucker's stated reason for doing so was to prevent Fury from learning anything from Viper about Werner von Strucker's plans for Hydra (or that Werner had been killed by his own resurrected father).

(Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#45 - BTS) - Strucker stated that Viper "knew far too much of Werner's plans for Hydra."

(Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD II#45) - Viper and her agents invaded and took over a Moscow nuclear weapons plant in the process of dismantling, and she prepared to steal the missile, intending to frame SHIELD in the process, which would further engender the Red Skull's trust in her. Nick Fury showed up and drop-kicked her, and the anti-terrorist Solo showed up soon after. Fury questioned her about her activities in Vegas, but she attacked him. She also asked Solo to reconsider her offer to join her organization. When he refused and then teleported behind, she activated her teleport ring and escaped.

(Captain America I#419 (fb) - BTS) - After Viper severed contact with the Red Skull, he looked into her activities.

(Silver Sable#15 (fb) - BTS) - Learning portions of the Viper's plan, the Red Skull decided this would devastate society too much for it to recover during his lifetime, interfering with his own plans. He hired Silver Sable (via posing as a member of the United Nations security council) to bring the Viper in.

(Silver Sable#15 (fb) - BTS) - Silver Sable encountered at least one Pit-Viper during her search for the Viper.

(Silver Sable#15 (fb) - BTS) - Viper's agents locked onto broadcast satellites in Alpha and Delta quadrants, and they continued working on the overrides. Two hostages served as test subjects and were blinded instantaneously.

(Silver Sable#15) - A Pit-Viper tried to kidnap and ransom an ambassador but was taken down by Silver Sable and the Wild Pack and exposed as a fake.
    Meanwhile the real Viper's agent informed of their progress and learned the location of the traitorous Pit-Viper in New York. Sable's agent Crippler infiltrated this Pit-Viper's organization, and Captain America tracked her to a Bronx deli. Crippler exposed her true allegiance and grabbed the Pit-Viper who flipped him and tried to flee, but Cap grabbed her coat and captured her. As soon as he walked her outside, however, the real Viper fired a bullet through her skull for atop a nearby building. Silver Sable and her Wild Pack (Battlestar, Doug Powell, Raul Quentino) then arrived and captured Viper, but Cap told her he had found out her employer was the Red Skull. Viper told Sable to go ahead and kill her because her plans had already been set in motion.


(Captain America I#419) - Cap stated that capturing the Viper was way too easy and that she had no real reason to supervise the killing of her double. Cap further speculated that she showed up hoping to learn who had hired Silver Sable. Battlestar drugged Viper unconscious, and Cap later attempted to interrogate her, but she tried to bite him and then refused to give him any information. Sable convinced Cap to allow her to deliver the Sable to the intended dropsite so her employer would authorize payment (15 million) for fulfillment of the contract. Soon after they departed, the Skull's agent Iron Monger arrived and then opened a laptop computer through which the Skull communicated with her. He ordered her to disclose the details of her plans, starting with its base of operations; when she refused, he had the Iron Monger shatter her right knee then asked her again with the penalty of damage to her remaining limbs should she refuse. Though she had not even screamed at the initial assault, she did divulge that she had a transmission center that would broadcast the blinding frequency though all televisions, even those not turned on. Cap and Sable monitored from a distance.
    Viper refused to give up her transmitter's location, but before Iron Monger could strike again, Viper's agents, the Fangs, then arrived and slew him. As they escaped with her, Cap, Sable, and Battlestar pursued her to her base. Upon arrival she ordered Bludgeon to punch out all of her monitors, but they saw Sable's approaching ship on the last monitor before it could be shattered, and she dispatched her Fangs topside to delay the heroes. The Fangs fell before their onslaught, and Sable began to attach plastique to the tower at about two minutes until activation. Unable to alter the countdown, Viper shattered the last monitor, but as the tower began to warm up, Cap used Bludgeon's weapon to blow it up. As the countdown reached zero, Viper cheered her success, but soon realized her failure as all power went out in her base.










(Hawkeye II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Viper, still sporting a leg brace but lacking any facial scars, joined the Secret Empire to develop Biological Combat Units (Bio-Coms), animals mutated into savage and powerful semi-humanoid forms to be used as future warriors. They made base in the Canadian Rockies, near the Arctic circle.

(Hawkeye II#1) - Hawkeye came across the Secret Empire base, saved and escaped Bio-Com that they were hunting, battled Trickshot and Javelynn, and rescued the injured Bio-Com. Viper was less than pleased with their report and ordered them to find and kill the Bio-Com and Hawkeye and anyone Hawkeye had spoken to in order to keep their base secret.

(Hawkeye II#2) - Hawkeye took the Bio-Com to a nearby town and brought him to a doctor, who called in a veterinarian to help stabilize the creature, which Hawkeye had nicknamed Rover. Hawkeye and Rover then sneaked into the Secret Empire's base where he saw the Empire's Number Nine chiding Viper, Trickshot, and Javelynn about the complications, and Viper pulled a gun on Number Nine, blaming his poor security measures. She ultimately decided that they needed to destroy all evidence of what they were working on and relocate to their Southern Base. After Empire agents slew the rest of Rover's pack, Rover leapt to the attack, and Hawkeye joined him. As Viper fled, the Empire's other high-ranking agents questioned her choices, but she declared the Council of Ten abolished and herself to be the leader. The base was destroyed, as was the office of the doctor to which Hawkeye had taken Rover.

(Hawkeye II#3) - Viper, Trickshot, and Javelynn flew a plane to their Southern base, during which time Viper questioned Trickshot about Hawkeye. Upon arrival, Viper was pleased to see the next generation of Bio-Coms, much larger and more savage than the first.
    Hawkeye recruited aid from War Machine (Jim Rhodes) whose ally Mack Mendelson tracked the Empire to an island off the Baja. As they investigated, the base was detonated, but before this could happen they learned the Empire's Southern Base in Amazonia.

(Hawkeye II#4) - Hawkeye and Rover stormed the Secret Empire's Amazonian base, and Viper had the new Bio-Coms sent against them. Trickshot ultimately decided that Hawkeye deserved better than this and sneaked out and helped he and Rover take down the Bio-Coms. Enraged upon learning this, Viper slapped down Javelynn and then donned an exoskeleton to deal with them personally. Hawkeye used exploding arrows to take out the Empire's escape helicopters and damage their base. When Viper attacked, Rover distracted her, and Hawkeye fired an arrow into her fuel tank that caused a massive explosion. Assuming Viper dead, Hawkeye and Rover headed out.










(Beast#1 (fb) - BTS) - Viper acquired Coy Leong and Coy Nga Manh, the twin siblings of Karma, from the Hellfire Club. She plotted to manipulate them and Karma to take vengeance on Karma for her previous mistreatment at her brother, Tran's, hands.

(Beast#1) - Via the coerced transportation of Gateway, Viper met with Spiral, employing her aid to mutate the Manh twins, and Spiral brought Viper to her extradimensional base, the Body Shop. Spiral cast a telepathic thought to inform Karma of her sibling's location. Spiral then transported to the Xavier Institute and transported Karma, along with her allies Cannonball and the Beast, to the Body Shop.

(Beast#2) - Spiral and Viper unveiled the twins, transmogrified into mutated adult forms under Viper and Spiral's control. The twins overpowered the trio of heroes, and Viper took Karma to be similarly mutated.

(Beast#3) - Coy Nga created a Beast doppelganger to attack Cannonball and the Beast as they recovered. Viper explained the reason for her assault on Karma and her siblings. As Spiral began her process on Karma, she learned that Karma has absorbed Tran's mind into herself, and Viper insisted that Karma be given to her (rather than continue the mutation) that she might take her vengeance on Tran directly. When Beast and Cannonball attacked anew, Spiral decided to just disintegrate Karma, but Viper fired a series of blasts into her machinery to prevent this, leading Spiral to attack Viper directly. Beast, Cannonball, and Karma escaped with the twins and returned home via Gateway, while the Body Shop collapsed around the battling Viper and Spiral.

(Shadows & Light#3/3 - BTS) - Locating the address of Dr. Octopus' base, Spider-Man broke in and encountered agents of AIM. He overpowered them and demanded to know Octopus' plans and location, but they informed him that they were actually working for Viper and that he had come to the wrong address.

(Secret Warriors#15 (fb) - BTS) - Viper was forced to marry Wolverine, a man she hated, to serve Hydra's needs.

(Wolverine II#125 (fb) - BTS) - Viper plotted to drug Jessica Drew, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Psylocke, Rogue, Shadowcat, Tyger Tiger, and Yukio to put them under her control, intending to use them to capture Wolverine. She succeeded with all but Shadowcat, whose thoughts proved as hard to hold as her body.

(Wolverine II#125) - Jessica Drew, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Psylocke, Rogue, Tyger Tiger, and Yukio all attacked Wolverine's young ally, Jubilee, in her dreams. Shadowcat and Lockheed grabbed Jubilee in her sleep and phased her underground, remaining at rest relative to the Earth's rotation and emerging 30 kilometers west of the Xavier School at Massachusetts Academy. As Viper's pawns approached, Jubilee had Gateway teleport them to safety. Shadowcat, Jubilee, and Lockheed used Gateway to transport around the Earth in search of Wolverine to warn him, and Viper's pawns continued to pursue them. They finally found Wolverine in Agarashima in the ancestral seat of Clan Yashida, and Viper's agents ultimately subdued him, Jubilee, and Shadowcat. They were taken to Madripoor. As Viper instructed Jean Grey to render Wolverine tractable, the Black Widow arrived and attacked the Viper and her pawns, while Wolverine, Jubilee, and Shadowcat freed themselves and joined the fight.
    As Wolverine fought Viper, their struggle carried into the catacombs beneath the Princess Bar; Viper tried to get Wolverine to remember the place and the vow he had made there, but he had gone into berserker rage and threatened to kill her. Jubilee convinced Wolverine not to kill Viper, at which point he came to his senses. He then told everyone why Viper had come after him: because she was his wife.







(Wolverine II#126) - Viper had the telepaths present scan Wolverine's mind to learn the validity of her claims, and they were forced to let her depart to prepare the ceremony.
    Later, at their wedding, as soon as they said their vows, Sabretooth attacked, killing the man who married them. Shadowcat phased Viper, saving her from Sabretooth's claws, though she was still injured by their density. Sabretooth pretended to fall before Wolverine (who was still lacking his Adamantium) but then revealed that his own skeleton had been coated with Adamantium and easily overpowered Wolverine. Kitty saved Wolverine as well, but was weakened by passing through Sabretooth and left helpless before him.

(Wolverine II#127 (fb) - BTS) - As a union of Hydra and the Hand (the latter led by Matsuo Tsurayaba) assaulted Madripoor, Viper sought an alliance with Hydra, but they instead captured her and turned her over to the Hand.

(Wolverine II#127 - BTS) - The Hand-Hydra alliance captured Sabretooth, Shadowcat, and Wolverine.

(Wolverine II#128) - The Hand-Hydra alliance brainwashed Sabretooth, Shadowcat, and Wolverine to serve as their agents. Viper was maintained in a stasis tank alongside Tyger Tiger and Jessica Drew, and Hydra began reprogramming their minds. Shadowcat freed Viper, but Viper responded by striking her down with poison. As the others broke free from Hydra control, Viper held a blade -- coated with a venom keyed to Sabretooth's physiology -- to Sabretooth's throat, but Shadowcat saved Sabretooth, and Viper vowed to slay Sabretooth, Shadowcat, and Wolverine the next time she saw them.
    With the defeat of Hydra and the Hand, Viper was installed as the ruling prince and leading crimelord of Madripoor, and she retook command of a section of Hydra based out of Madripoor.










(Wolverine II#131 (fb)) - Madame Viper was met by an old monk who told her of a creature dwelling on the mountain of Namjagbarwa Feng, the legendary "Shangri La."

(Wolverine II#131 (fb) - BTS) - Viper dispatched twelve Hydra agents to Namjagbarwa Feng to find a virus.

(Wolverine II#131 (fb) - BTS) - The agents failed to find the virus, and only three made it back down to inform Viper of their failure. The other nine were trapped on the mountain by a storm and then regularly slaughtered by the monstrous creature.

(Wolverine II#131 (fb) - BTS) - Viper infected the three returning agents with an extremely virulent and terminal virus.

(Wolverine II#131 (fb)) - Viper contacted Wolverine, telling him that the agents had returned from the mountain infected with a new virus. She asked him to retrieve a pure sample of the virus so that an antidote could be derived. She convinced him to do so by telling him that the agents had not been appropriately quarantined and that soon all of Madripoor and even the rest of the world would be exposed.

(Wolverine II#131) - Viper received reports of Wolverine's loss of contact as well as the death of the final agent, from another Hydra agent, Akihiko. On Namjagbarwa Feng Wolverine encountered the last surviving Hydra agent and learned about the creature from him. The creature attacked him, but he slew it and then used a grenade to destroy its remains. He then returned to Viper with a piece of the creature only to throw it into an acid pool right in front of her, telling her that he had fulfilled her request of bringing a sample back to her.

(Wolverine II#139 (fb) - BTS) - Viper was captured by Arnim Zola.

(Wolverine II#139) - As he flew his ship though the air, Zola taunted Viper that an old acquaintance of his would be quite interested in the onetime Madame Hydra

(Generation X#54) - As Generation X fought the Rising Sons in Madripoor to obtain a sword for Adrienne Frost. One of Viper's agents reported their presence to her and she considered paying a visit to Jubilee and her friends.

(X-Men II#109) - As Wolverine paid his respects to his former wife, Mariko Yashida, Viper appeared and delivered him one of his bone claws (broken off during the time the Adamantium had been torn from his body), a possession of Kitty Pryde, which was her way of letting him know she was alright and not to worry. Viper expressed her wishes that someday their marriage would be more than just the payment of an old debt, but Wolverine was not interested.

(Wolverine II#167) - As Wolverine arrived in Madripoor for the Bloodsport competition, Viper teased him about never consummating their marriage and perhaps not having what it takes to do so; she called off her guards after they drew their weapons when Wolverine grabbed her. As leading crimelord, she was oversaw the Bloodsport, and she warned Wolverine that by competing against the champion (Mister X) he might be making her a widow.

(Wolverine II#168) - Neither Viper nor anyone else was aware as the ninja Ogun transferred from Mister X's agent Blok into one of Viper's bodyguards. Viper later paid Wolverine's agent, Jae Lo, to drug him before his bout with Puma, but Wolverine won anyway.
    Later, after Wolverine had defeated Mister X, Viper came to Wolverine, imploring his aid against Ogun.

(Wolverine II#169) - Wolverine teamed with Viper to track down Ogun, and Wolverine spent much of his time stopping Viper from killing whoever was host to Ogun. When Ogun possessed Viper, however, Wolverine stabbed her in the gut with his claws, and Ogun fled her form, fearing that she would die. With Ogun gone, Wolverine made Viper promise him a divorce before taking her to a doctor. She promised to see him dead.

(X-Treme X-Men#10) - When Khan, leader of Dimension X, led his forces to assault Earth (specifically Madripoor), Viper confronted the X-Men. She stayed to the sidelines as Rogue battled Khan's warrior, Shaitan, and the X-Men captured a number of invaders, including (unbeknownst to them) Khan himself.

(X-Treme X-Men#11) - While the X-Men attempted negotiation with the invaders, Viper began shooting and killing the prisoners until Rogue and Archangel stopped her. Only Khan (still not identified as leader) survived the attack, which did little to improve relations with the invaders. Viper defended her actions by naming herself ruler of Madripoor, but Storm punched her out and knocked away her handgun with a lightning bolt.
    When Shaitan led an assault against them, Storm tried to get Khan to safety, but Viper ambushed Storm, slashing her from behind with drugged talons. Viper leapt to attack Khan, who broke free from his restraints and easily subdued her. Khan told Shaitan to leave Viper, as she was of no consequence, but he had Storm taken with them.

(X-Treme X-Men#12) - Back on Earth, Viper distributed rifles to the civilian populace and began rallying teams of guerillas to give the invaders a fight to remember. She told the X-Men that Shaitan and Khan had either slain or captured Storm, and that Khan had defeated her as well, but that she lived because he had underestimated her, which he would live to regret. Sage, however, knew what had really happened, as she had watched it from the sidelines.

(X-Treme X-Men#17) - After Storm had returned to Earth, Viper came on to check on the X-Men. After asking Viper if she was wearing Kevlar, she took a gun and shot her. As Viper lay on the ground, stunned, Sage squatted over her, poked her in the face with a dagger, and warned her that if she ever came after the X-Men again it would be the last mistake she ever made. Sage forced her to grudgingly acknowledge that she was clear on this.

(Daredevil II#61 (fb) - BTS) - Viper, again going by Madame Hydra, made some alliance with MODOK. However, MODOK gave up information on her to Captain America, the Avengers, and SHIELD.

(Daredevil II#61 (fb) - BTS) - Viper had a bomb planted in the area of her meeting place with MODOK, but Iron Man detected this and disabled it.

(Daredevil II#61) - As Viper waited to meet with MODOK at a cafe in Sofia, Bulgaria, Captain America confronted her. She told him that all of the customers there were all Hydra agents willing to die at her word, and he told her that everyone on the street behind him was either an Avenger or a Level 7 SHIELD agent. She activated her detonator, to no effect, after which the Avengers captured her. However, the Bulgarian government took custody of Madame Hydra, insisting that since she had been arrested on their soil, she was their problem. This was apparently arranged by Alexei Shostakov, the former Red Guardian and ex-husband of the Black Widow. The Bulgarian government arranged an exchange of Madame Hydra for the Black Widow.

(Daredevil II#64) - After the orders to bring in the Widow were cancelled, Shostakov arranged to have Madame Hydra released from Stara Zagora prison in Bulgaria. This action led the Widow to track him down and arrest him.

(Daredevil II#64 - BTS) - Madame Hydra was reported as having disappeared underground.

(Captain America IV#31) - When the Serpent Society planned to sell the captured Captain America off to the highest bidder, Viper was amongst those gathered to bid on her, though Captain America escaped and defeated the Society before the auction could take place. Viper and the others were left waiting.

(Uncanny X-Men#448 (fb) - BTS) - Viper acquired one of Arcade's Murderworlds.

(Uncanny X-Men#448) - When the X-Men prepared to meet with the Queen of England, Viper replaced their chauffeur. Wolverine seemed to recognize her presence, but left anyway.

(Uncanny X-Men#448 - BTS) - Wolverine used an image inducer to impersonate Sage in order to protect her from Viper's trap.

(Uncanny X-Men#448 - BTS) - "Sage" got into the limousine alongside Bishop, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Grey, whom Viper then gassed into submission.

(Uncanny X-Men#448 - BTS) - Viper had her captives placed within transparent pinballs within her Murderworld.

(Uncanny X-Men#448) - As the X-Men revived, Viper informed them their powers had been neutralized via nannites and that if they did not find and rescue the Queen of England, she would die at sunrise. After starting the game, Viper confronted and easily overpowered Rachel Grey. She then dropped Bishop, stunned "Sage" with a bullet to her Kevlar body armor and then shot "her" point blank in the face.

(Uncanny X-Men#449) - Viper again defeated Rachel and Bishop, but after she left them to face other Murderworld attacks, "Sage" turned off the image inducer and stood revealed as Wolverine. The X-Men soon broke free from Murderworld, and Storm, Bishop, and Rachel ultimately saved the Queen by knocking Viper's nuclear weapon into orbit.

(Uncanny X-Men#449 (fb) - BTS) - Viper was hired to slay Courtney Ross.

(Uncanny X-Men#449) - Viper ambushed "Courtney" (presumably still Sat-yr9), who convinced her instead to become her subordinate in the newly organized Lords Cardinal of the Hellfire Club: the White Princess to "Ross"'s White Queen. Viper and "Ross" later met with Sebastian Shaw, who agreed to accept them in this position.






(Uncanny X-Men#453 (fb) - BTS) - "Ross" and Viper joined forces with Red Lotus to help put a group of slavers out of business.

(Uncanny X-Men#454) - "Ross" and Viper further allied with Emma Frost, the former White Queen, to take down the slavers.

(Uncanny X-Men#452) - As the White Princess, Viper stood by "Ross" at a Hong Kong Hellfire Club meeting which seemed to be hosting the slave auctions. When Emma Frost challenged her, they agreed to settle things via high card draw, but "Ross" went first and pulled the Ace of Spades.

(Uncanny X-Men#453) - Viper proclaimed "Ross" to be the victor and Frost to be their possession, but Frost drew a Joker, which was wild, and thus the match was a draw.
    Sebastian Shaw met with Roberto DaCosta and the X-Men, defending the Viper as seeking to redeem herself.

(Uncanny X-Men#454) - Viper, Frost, and "Ross" were discovered by the slavers, but they easily overcame their attackers and summoned the police. They convinced all of the captured slavers to confess with the threat of otherwise turning them over to Viper.









(Excalibur III#11) - "Courtney Ross" plotted to gain a hold on Zanzibar in order to gain influence on Genosha. She gave Viper leave to facilitate this.

(Excalibur III#11) - Viper formed an alliance with the Weaponeers to conquer Zanzibar.

(Excalibur III#11) - "Six months" after her last communication with "Ross," Viper and the Weaponeers assaulted Zanzibar. As they faced resistance from a number of mutants, including Archangel, Husk, and Zanzibar's own president, Askari, the Weaponeers and Viper demonstrated hostility towards each other, each seeing the other as a means to their ends, as well as a threat to be eliminated once their mission was completed. Viper directed the Weaponeers to target Archangel while she confronted Askari herself. Refusing an offer to be teleported to her destination -- lest the Weaponeers scramble her molecules mid-transmission -- Viper donned a wing-pod and flew down to the ground, contemplating romancing Archangel en route. She soon engaged both Askari and Husk.

(Excalibur III#12) - Callisto, Shola Inkosi, Karima Shapandar, and Hub -- all mutants allied with Professor Xavier in Genosha -- traveled to Zanzibar to aid against Viper and the Weaponeers.
    Viper trapped Husk then faced off against Askari, at which point Archangel swooped down from the sky and grabbed her. She smashed him in the nose with the back of her head and told him she was more woman than he could handle. Callisto flew to join the battle, but while Archangel fought off some of the Weaponeers aiding Viper, Viper ambushed him from behind, slashing him in the back. His costume protected him from serious injury, and he punched her back and removed her wing-pod. As she clung to the ship on which they fought, the head of the Weaponeers ordered one of their ships to fire on Archangel, intending to take Viper out as well. Shola saved them, but the ship Archangel was piloting flew into a cloud of aerial mini-mines. As he tried to navigate through them, Viper gave him an elbow to the face, and Callisto leapt atop their ship, knocking both of them off just before it hit a mine and blew up. Viper laughed as -- with Archangel unconscious -- they fell towards certain death.

(Excalibur III#13) - Archangel apparently saved them from death on impact, then held up some rubble that threatened to crush them, while Callisto and Viper argued over who would lay claims on Archangel. When Shola rescued them, Viper agreed to join with them against the Weaponeers, since she knew the Weaponeers would try to kill her at the first opportunity. She then met with the Weaponeers, pretending to have captured Callisto and Shola, and as the Weaponeers prepared to take all three of them as slaves, Archangel attacked the Weaponeers' head ship, creating a distraction. Viper then directed Shola on how to take out the ship's power, forcing their surrender. Further as Weaponeers agent Scimitar threatened to kill Husk, Viper blasted him from behind.
    Soon after, "Courtney Ross" had her bank arrange long term development grants and loans for Zanzibar, earning Askari's gratitude. In addition, she gained access to the Weaponeers' assault barge and technology, and she hoped to use Askari's new relationship with Genosha (due to its mutants' aid against the Weaponeers) to become Genosha's financier as well. And with control of Genosha would come control of the world...










(Giant-Size Spider-Woman - BTS / New Avengers#14 (fb) - BTS) - Connely, an agent of a faction of Hydra (apparently the same faction with which Madame Hydra was associated), met with Spider-Woman and convinced her to allow Hydra to restore her powers in exchange for her serving them. At the same time, Nick Fury arranged for Spider-Woman to become a SHIELD agent, working within Hydra to pass their secrets on to SHIELD.

(New Avengers#12 (fb) - BTS) - Madame Hydra's Hydra faction formed an alliance with the Hand in a plot to take down the corrupt leadership(s?) of both Hydra and SHIELD. She was involved with the transportation of the Silver Samurai to Japan.

(New Avengers#11 / New Avengers#12) - Madame Hydra met with the Silver Samurai at Fortress Yashida in Osaka, Japan, and gave him a big kiss on the lips. The Samurai pushed her away.

(New Avengers#12) - Madame Hydra welcomed the Silver Samurai back to Japan and expressed her wishes that he return to ruling Clan Yashida and revealed her plans to take down the corrupt leadership(s?) of both Hydra and SHIELD. However, she did not yet trust him enough to tell him who those leaders were.
    She was most angered to be interrupted by an agent of the Hand, who told her that they had discovered an intruder, followed him to a group of American heroes (the Avengers), and then engaged those heroes in battle.
    Spider-Woman broke from the battle with the Hand and traveled to Fortress Yashida to meet with Madame Hydra who was most irate about not having been warned in advance of her coming to Japan. Madame Hydra warned Spider-Woman that her powers could easily be taken away, but as the rest of the Avengers began to approach, she had Spider-Woman take her out with a venom blast, with the instruction that she be released when she said so. The Avengers saw her talking to Viper for a few seconds before blasting her. Captain America suspected something was off with her story, but the Silver Samurai then confronted the Avengers.

(New Avengers#13) - After Iron Man took out the Hand agents present, the Silver Samurai convinced the Avengers to leave peaceably, and on the return flight home, Madame Hydra gave her signal to Spider-Woman, who released the hatch door and let her be blown out. Though bound in Spider-Man's webbing, she presumably teleported to safety.

(New Avengers#23 - BTS) - Connely proposed to Spider-Woman to fully join Hydra and aid in taking down Madame Hydra, whom he thought was crazy, but Spider-Woman took out him and his entire island base.

(Iron Man IV Annual#1) - Tony Stark traveled to Madripoor to plot replacing Madame Hydra with someone less destructive to the world at large. She met with Stark shortly after his arrival and "requested" that he submit to an IV injection that would neutralize his ability to manipulate outside technology, and he -- having analyzed the device and used his Extremis-abilities to neutralize the GPS tracking device also contained in it -- agreed. She tried to seduce him, but he wisely turned away her kiss, which she instead gave to one of her aides who then collapsed, foaming at the mouth, as soon as Stark left. After Stark and his agents met with Huang, another SHIELD agent operating secretly in Madripoor, during a barfight, Viper's men captured Huang, and she beheaded in front of Stark. She later sent Hydra agents after Stark and his agents, but they escaped in HAWK-like glider outfits and then subsequently met up with Tyger Tiger and convinced her to lead an uprising against Madame Hydra.
    Stark subsequently met with Viper and challenged her to a fight, his undersheath providing some protection against her attacks, but her agents used a disruption shield to prevent Stark from summoning his armor. She goaded him into becoming reckless by accusing him of having Captain America assassinated and then dropped him with a kick, but when she prepared to finish him off he showed her that he had transmitted on all channels to the people of Madripoor, her saying how she viewed them as chattel. Tyger then rallied the people to revolt against Madame Hydra, and Stark, having used the distraction to bounce his command signal off satellites to reach his armor from above, retrieved his armor and took out her agents Bloodscream and Roughouse. As Iron Man aided Tyger and her army in overthrowing Hydra and taking over the rule of Madripoor, Viper vanished, and she was nowhere to be found at battle's end.

(True Believers#4) - A group of defected Hydra agents contacted Madame Hydra, hoping to sell her the neurotoxin Anathema. They demonstrated it on Armadillo, who was turned into a whimpering coward by the neurotoxin, but Madame Hydra only kept their video conference going to get a lock on their location and fire long-range missile drones. She watched her former agents getting pummeled by the True Believers while her missiles zeroed in on their location. The missiles hit the warehouse only seconds after the True Believers and Armadillo escaped it.

(Astonishing Tales II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Viper contracted with Kimura to obtain a Predator X to use as part of her plot to retake control of Madripoor.

(Astonishing Tales II#1) - Viper sent Hydra agents and then the Predator X after Punisher and Wolverine in Madripoor.

(Astonishing Tales II#2 - BTS) - Viper remained out of sight as Wolverine and the Punisher battled the Predator X, and when Kimura joined the fight as was tackled into the Predator X's mouth.

(Astonishing Tales II#3) - After Kimura slew the Predator X to escape its jaws, Punisher fired at Viper. Kimura leapt in front of the bullets, deflecting some into a fuel tank, which blew up. Kimura shielded her, and Viper thanked her for that, but criticized the Predator X for having failed in its objective. Kimura obtained a sample of the Punisher's blood from the wall, and Viper was present at the lab when Kimura injected the sample into another Predator X, which was thus programmed to hunt down and kill the Punisher.

(Astonishing Tales II#4) - Viper questioned whether the re-programmed Predator X would go after Wolverine as well, and Kimura informed her it wouldn't, but then showed her another Predator X that was still programmed to go after mutants. The two Predator Xs were set after Punisher and Wolverine and confronted them.

(Astonishing Tales II#5) - Viper, Hydra agents, and Kimura observed as Wolverine and the Punisher forced one Predator X to slay the other.

(Astonishing Tales II#6) - Tyger Tiger arrived and slashed Viper's back with her sword, obtaining a sample of her blood, which she then placed into a device that could inject the sample into the remaining Predator X. Threatened with this, Viper agreed to take her agents and leave Madripoor, after which Kimura slew the remaining Predator X and reported to her bosses that the Predator Xs could be successfully was her mission all along.


(Secret Warriors#2 (fb)) - Receiving an apparently psychic summons from Baron Strucker or one of his agents, Viper got up from the bed she shared with Kenuichio in Clan Yashida's Agarashima stronghold. Now aware that their enemies (Fury and his allies) were aware of Hydra's true nature and ambition, she left Kenuichio a note, while she prepared to leave everything behind and gather with Hydra's rulers for the first and last time.

(Secret Warriors#2) - At Hydra's Gehenna base in New Zealand, Viper met with the Hive, Kraken, Madame Hydra (secretly Valentina de Fontaine), and Strucker, who informed them that they were waiting for one more member.

(Secret Warriors#2) - Viper was present alongside the other Hydra leaders as Strucker manipulated Hand agents into sacrificing their lives to resurrect Gorgon, who joined them in leading Hydra.

(Secret Warriors#3 (fb)) - Viper was caught on film by agents of Nick Fury as she arrived in the financial district of Kyoto

(Secret Warriors#4) - Viper met with the other Hydra heads in Gehenna to discuss Strucker's plan. She denounced Kraken's comments about destiny as superstitious garbage, but she agreed to support his plan nonetheless. The vote was unanimous.

(Secret Warriors#5 (fb)) - In Gehenna, Kraken reported Fury's plans to assault HAMMER's Dock base, and the male heads agreed to lead an ambush on them, while Viper noted that their other plans were more important, and so she and Madame Hydra went to fulfill them.

(Secret Warriors#6) - In Tokyo, Viper and Madame Hydra, via holding hostage the children and wives of Yashida board, forced the board to agree to dedicate their manufacturing plants, shipyards, and advanced research facilities to the production of the Typhon Group's special project division, as well as to surrender a legendary box that had been in the Silver Samurai's possession. As they departed, Samurai asked Viper if, all this time, this was all she really wanted, and she told him that it was best that he believed that.

(Secret Warriors#12) - Agents of Leviathan assaulted Hydra's Nemesis base, occupying Gorgon as they abducted Viper and escaping with her before he could stop them. Gorgon reported this to the other Hydra heads, who correctly suspected a traitor in their midst. Kraken initiated a plan to have re-purposed psi-agents scan all higher level operatives.
    Viper was brought to the Leviathan cold storage Long Winter base. In shackles, she was brought before Magadan, who demanded to have the box she had acquired. When Viper refused and cursed him, Leviathan agents probed her mind, learning that she no longer had it nor knew its location, and that it was in the hands of Madame Hydra (de Fontaine). In response, Magadan initiated plans to revive Orion.

(Secret Warriors#13) - Madame Hydra (de Fontaine) convinced Gorgon she needed to leave Gehenna base immediately to try to rescue Viper (before she might reveal Hydra secrets via Leviathan's telepathic probes). She later arrived at Long Winter, met with Magadan with the box in hand, much to Viper's dismay.

(Secret Warriors#14) - Magadan assumed Madame Hydra would be offering a trade, but she instead offered it as a gift. Viper couldn't believe, after everything she had given up for the box that Madame Hydra could just let them have it. When Viper asked Madame Hydra how she could betray everything she believed in, Madame Hydra told her that she had never done so, then shot Viper through the chest three times, apparently killing her. Magadan subsequently used the box to revive Orion.

(Secret Warriors#15) - Hydra agents, led by Gorgon, Hive, Kraken, and Strucker, approached the Long Winter, finding it abandoned, with Viper's apparent corpse laying abandoned inside. A message from Orion then invited them to a meeting at the Crown base.
    Hive revived/reanimated Viper, who now carried a giant squid creature, it body over her head, linked to her mind, and its tentacles draped around her body. She reclaimed the name Madame Hydra.

(Secret Warriors#16) - The reborn Madame Viper accompanied Gorgon, Hive, Kraken, and Strucker to the Crown to meet with Leviathan, including Magadan, Orion, and Valentina de Fontaine. Val was shocked at MH's appearance and resurrection, but MH told her that she was grateful that what Val had done had led to this. When Orion demanded Hydra's subservience, a battle broke out between Hydra and Leviathan's forces.

(Secret Warriors#16 (fb) - BTS) - Although there were massive casaulties amongst the rank and file, the leadership of both groups escaped.

Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee, Jim Steranko, and Joe Sinnott.

    Avengers I#107 specifically notes the Space Phantom replacing Madame Hydra in Cap#113, p14, panel 6 (this apparently refers to the page numbers and includes ad pages in the counting)

    According to Spider-Woman I#42-43, Jessica Drew is a virtual mirror image of the Viper, but this may have all been part of Morgan Le Fay's spell. Similarly, Viper's story of Chthon may have been part of Morgan's spell, as well.
In Spider-Woman#44, Viper claimed to have been Chthon's slave for over 50 years, intended to liberate Chthon from his extradimensional exile. When she proved flawed, Chthon then was supposed to have turned to Viper's daughter, Jessica Drew, instead.
    Neither the original nor the Deluxe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe reference her servitude to Chthon or any extended lifespan, etc., supporting the notion that this was part of her false memories.
    The Master Edition references Viper "revealing that she had served Chthon for 50 years," though this only means that she stated it. Chthon is not listed among her affiliations, nor is slowed aging referenced.
    The Master Edition references Chthon replacing Viper's right eye with a black orb able to open a portal to his realm, but there is nothing to indicate that this was not something done solely in Spider-Woman I#44.
    According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004: Viper entry, Viper was born in the 1920s and allied herself with the Elder God Chthon, who greatly slowed her aging. This was later ruled inaccurate by Tom Brevoort, and discounted in the Avengers 2007: Viper entry.

    The Viper's best moments remain here Captain America stories...Cap#180-182, 281-283, 341-345, 395-399, 419. These are the essential Viper stories.

    Chris Claremont wrote another great Viper story in Marvel Team-Up I#82-85...but he has also written a ton of the really out of character, WTF stories.

    Viper in the late 1990s and 2000s? Bleh!!!!! If it were up to me, I'd make all of her appearances post-Captain America I#419 Pit Vipers.
    For the record, Viper appears clearly without scars on her face in Hawkeye II#1-4, Wolverine II#128, 139, Generation X#54, Wolverine II#167-169, X-Treme X-Men#10-11, 17, Daredevil II#61, Captain America IV#31, Uncanny X-Men#448-449 & 452-454, Excalibur III#11-13.
    New Avengers#11-13 had the wrong side of her face covered.
    Consider it artistic error, or further evidence that it's not the real Viper. I choose the latter.
    She did have her trademark bangs covering the right side of her face in the flashback in Wolverine II#126.

    The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12: Viper entry states that she was trapped in Limbo for years while the Space Phantom impersonated her. According to Avengers I#107, however, he impersonated her during the story in Captain America I#113, and then when she seemingly perished, he adopted the form of the next person in line to lead Hydra, and became the new Supreme Hydra. Normally, she would have been sent back to Earth when he took a new form. So, either because of the temporal distortion of Limbo, it seemed as if years passed for her, OR, he somehow kept her trapped in Limbo for years by some other means. Less than five years passed in real time b/t Captain America I#113 and her next appearance in Captain America I#180, which would presumably be less than 1 year Marvel time.

    The Viper allegedly had her base in Hartsdale for six months before her plans were shut down. That time period may or may not be viable in Marvel time.

    The Yersinia pestis bacteria, responsible for the Bubonic Plague, is typically transmitted by insects who have bitten infected rodents. Obviously Viper's sci-fi scientists could have genetically engineered the bacteria to be transmitted by snakes, but that's not usually how it works.   

The snakes used by Viper probably were genetically engineered. More specifically; plague-carrying lab rats were probably injected with some of Slither's mutagenic DNA. And, then, fed to captive specimens of the king rat snake (which, like New World kingsnakes, will occasionally eat other snake species)!

    The Red Skull was inspired to recruit the Viper as he chided Mother Night to wipe up a mess on the floor. I'd have to assume the old joke about the "The Viper (Anybody need a vipe?)" was at the heart of this.

    Madison Carter reminds me that Hawkeye once said that Viper was the villain he'd most want to "do"...

    The mystery of Leona Hiss:

    In Punisher Annual#2, the Viper has adopted the alias Leona Hiss, head of the SOS (Save Our Society) clinic, which offered treatment for drug addicts, but which actually mutated same with a derivation of the serum (derived from the blood of her agent Slither) that she had previous used to mutate the people Washington DC into a bunch of Serpent Men. 
    Doing some research, Microchip notes that Leona Hiss is the widow of a wealthy Long Island anesthesiologist. She has shunned publicity for all of her life, and it seems very out of character that she's a big philanthropist.
We could figure that the Viper slew the original Hiss and formed the SOS in her name, but an SOS flyer is seen in Amazing Spider-Man Annual#23, before Viper is released from prison.

  1. Did Tyrannus start setting up and advertising the SOS (and presumably kill Hiss) before releasing the Viper, so it would be up and running as soon as she was out?

  2. Did Hiss already have the SOS in operation as a legitimate philanthropy, meaning Microchip's evaluation of her was a little off?

  3. Was Hiss an entirely false identity established by Tyrannus and the Viper, including government records, etc.

    Seems like #1 to me, but wanted to see if anyone remembered the story and had any thoughts on it.

Her real name was confirmed in her profile in OHOTMU A-Z HC#12, but revealed in Iron Man: Director of SHIELD Annual#1 (2008).

    Thanks to Donald Campbell for filling in some missing information on Captain America I#419, Silver Sable I#15, and Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD I#45. He further noted (with regards to the latter issue): Strucker also stated that Viper "knew far too much of Werner's plans for HYDRA" which is odd. How did Viper come to know anything of Werner's plans? Was it just something that happened BTS?

Profile by Snood.

Madame Hydra/Viper should not be confused with:

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