Membership: Bongert, Earl, Eugene, Errol, Flaherty, Jason, LaGraves, Leaman, Marty, Moranis, O'Hara, Pucci, Ramis, Tompkins

Purpose: To provide brute force for dangerous assignments and clean up Power Broker Inc. locations which have been compromised.

Affiliations: Power Broker, Inc., Power Broker, Red Skull, Resistants, Rust, Scourge, ULTIMATUM, Viper, Watchdogs

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America (John Walker), D-Man, Spider-Man

Base of Operations: Mobile at Power Broker, Inc. locations

First Appearance: Captain America I#329 (May, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Each member of the Sweat Shop was granted superhuman strength and durability through the Power Broker treatment. They also carried a variety of tools, including axes and wrenches which they could use as weapons. On some assignments, they wore flak jackets, carried machine guns, and had access to jetpacks.

History: (Captain America I#329) - After the Power Broker, Inc. location in Los Angeles was discovered by Captain America and D-Man, the Sweat Shop was dispatched to pack up all of the Power Broker's supplies, unaware that Captain America and D-Man were still on the premises with Dr. Karl Malus, whom they had taken prisoner. Captain America wound up battling several of the Sweat Shop inside of the building's basement.

Outside, D-Man took the Sweat Shop's truck and rammed it into the building, attracting the attention of most of the Sweat Shop. Although he did his best against their forces, he was outnumbered, and they defeated him. Unable to defeat Captain America, they sealed him up inside of the boiler room while they continued the clean-up, taking D-Man with them.

(Captain America I#350) - One of the Sweat Shop's members was recruited by the Red Skull to join with Rust, a rogue Scourge, an ULTIMATUM agent and a Watchdogs agent in confronting the new Captain America (John Walker) when he came to the Red Skull's Smith Building in search of his shield. The Sweat Shop member was overpowered by Walker during their battle, and was possibly slain.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#325) - Two members of the Sweat Shop joined with the Watchdogs and a Resistant in assisting the Red Skull in his scheme to plunge America and Symkaria into war. However, they were discovered by Spider-Man and both members of the Sweat Shop were defeated while the Red Skull escaped.

(Captain America I#394) - The Sweat Shop was requested by the Red Skull to break the Viper out of a federal prison in Virginia. Their superhuman powers enabled them to make a quick invasion of the prison, break Viper out of her cell, and bring her to the Red Skull without any casulties.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#366) - The Red Skull had the Power Broker send the Sweat Shop to his former base, the Smith Building, to keep watch over it. When Spider-Man invaded the building to investigate the Red Skull's seeming-death, the Sweat Shop fought him, only to be defeated. Spider-Man did not learn from them that the Red Skull was still alive, and was instead diverted by footage of Solo that the Red Skull had planted.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary and Vince Colletta.

The Sweat Shop's members in Captain America I#329 were named for actors from SCTV.

Eugene, from Captain America I#329, was almost certainly named after Eugene Levy. Also worth noting Moranis was named for Rick Moranis, Ramis for Harold Ramis, Flaherty for Joe Flaherty (the guy who yelled "jackass" in Happy Gilmore; one of the guys was called Joe later), Marty probably for Martin Short, and Earl may have been named for Earl Camembert, a fictional character from SCTV played by Levy.

Profile by Prime Eternal

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