Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human weapon user

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: Secret Empire

Affiliations: Greg Allen, 8-Ball (Jeff Hagees), Old Man Logan (James Howlett) of Earth-21923, Shocker (Herman Schultz), Silver Bandit (Edmund Allen), Trick Shot (Buck Chisholm), Viper (Ophelia Sarkissian)

Enemies: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Bulldozer (Henry Camp), Corruptor (Jackson Day), Doctor Demonicus (Douglas Birely), Grey Gargoyle (Paul Duval), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Jigsaw (Billy Russo), Lady Bullseye, Mentallo (Marvin Flumm), Razor-Fist (Douglas Scott), Rover, Thunderball (Eliot Franklin), Tiger Shark (Todd Arliss), Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment in New York City;
   formerly the Amazon;
   formerly Crying Woman Canyon, Alberta, Canada 

First Appearance: Hawkeye II#1 (January, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Javelynn did not appear to possess any special powers or abilities. She used miniature javelin-like stakes which she stored across her back and around her wrists and ankles though she failed to find her target against Hawkeye and Rover. She possessed a degree of athletic and acrobatic ability, but -- although Hawkeye stated she was "fast as a cat" -- there was no real suggestion this was anything more than athlete-level speed.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde

(Star-Lord II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Early in her career, Javelynn was known as the best thief in the business. She kept a notebook of notes on various heists in her safe.

(Hawkeye II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Javelynn and Trick Shot were hired as mercenaries by Viper who was heading up a cell of the subversive organisation, the Secret Empire, to safeguard their biological combat unit (Bio-Com) experiments at a facility in Crying Woman Canyon, Alberta, Canada. The Bio-Coms were animals mutated into humanoid fighting machines.

(Hawkeye II#1) - When one of the Bio-Coms (later named Rover by Hawkeye) escaped from the facility, Javelynn and Trick Shot were sent with a team of Secret Empire troops to recapture him. When Trick Shot spotted Hawkeye, he fired an explosive arrow at Hawkeye as a distraction. While Hawkeye was able to destroy the explosive arrow with a bolt of his own, it allowed Javelynn time to sneak up and fire three javelins at him. Evading the bolts left Hawkeye on his back in the snow, and Javelynn quickly pounced astride his chest and prepared to plunge one of her weapons into his neck. Hawkeye's quick reactions allowed him to kick her off and then run to catch up to Rover who was being chased by a Secret Empire helicopter. Javelynn reported in to their leader and relayed Viper's unhappiness to Trick Shot, telling him that they had been ordered to explain their failure in person. The duo were reprimanded by Viper for failing to fulfil their duty despite being asked to simply be "zookeepers" while the two blamed each other for the failure.

(Hawkeye II#2) - Javelynn and Trick Shot accompanied Viper as she argued with Number Nine of the Secret Empire over who was to blame for the escape of Hawkeye and Rover. Number Nine turned his attack from Viper to Javelynn and Trick Shot, questioning the latter's loyalty, but Viper, sick of excuses, blamed Number Nine for failing to install appropriate security measures and shot him dead in front of Javelynn and Trick Shot. Trick Shot questioned Viper's sanity but Javelynn stayed loyal to her as she made plans to move to their Southern base in the Amazon. Viper became aware of Hawkeye and Rover's presence at their base and sent Javelynn and Trick Shot after them, but the heroes were able to escape before the mercenaries could catch up with them.

(Hawkeye II#3) - Viper, Javelynn and Trick Shot flew to another Secret Empire base in the Amazon and Trick Shot outlined to Viper the concerns he and Javelynn had over Hawkeye's likely continued interference. When questioned further by Viper, Trick Shot confirmed that he had no loyalty to the archer and that their next encounter would be their last. On arrival, Viper showed her mercenaries her next generation of Bio-Com - a more feral version of Rover bred to be the perfect killing machine.

(Hawkeye II#4) - When Hawkeye and Rover were picked up by the Secret Empire's scanners at their Amazon base, Javelynn wanted her and Trick Shot to have another chance to take them out, but Viper ordered them to stand down and allow for a demonstration of the Bio-Coms' abilities. Seeing Hawkeye at risk of being torn apart by the Bio-Coms, Trick Shot couldn't stand idly by and snuck away to assist Barton. On seeing Trick Shot's betrayal, Viper backhanded Javelynn, knocking her to the floor. As Hawkeye and Rover reached the base, Javelynn went to assist the Secret Empire troops but missed again when throwing her weapons at both Hawkeye and Rover and was knocked out by an arrow to the temple from Hawkeye.

(Star-Lord II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Javelynn fell into a routine of going to the Bar With No Name each night and reading her book while having one drink, then leaving alone.

(Star-Lord II#2) - Javelynn sat reading at the Bar With No Name as criminals drank all around her.

(Star-Lord II#3 (fb) - BTS) - When one criminal flirted with Javelynn, she fired small javelins at his privates to scare him away.

(Star-Lord II#3) - Star-Lord punched Jigsaw when he kept flirting with Javelynn.

(Star-Lord II#5) - Javelynn was reading quietly in the corner when Black Cat entered, instructing the criminals present (Shocker, 8-Ball, Melter, Jigsaw, Lady Bullseye, Tiger Shark, Bulldozer, Thunderball, Piledriver, Wrecker, Razor-Fist, Dr. Demonicus, Grey Gargoyle, Corruptor, Mentallo) that she would reward whichever of them killed Javelynn. Javelynn fought back and Old Man Logan soon arrived (having been sent by Star-Lord) to help her, putting his claws through Grey Gargoyle's chest. Javelynn stabbed many of the criminals in the following fight, then 8-Ball, Melter, and Shocker aided Javelynn against the others. As the fight ended, Javelynn asked Old Man Logan to share a bottle with her. Meanwhile, Black Cat had Javelynn's heist book stolen.

(Star-Lord II#6 (fb) - BTS) - Javelynn learned that Star-Lord and the Silver Bandit had robbed her safe, forced to do so by the Black Cat. Silver Bandit, Greg Allen's father, died as a result of a heart attack. Javelynn invited Old Man Logan to spend the night with her, and she learned that Star-Lord had sent Logan to protect her.

(Star-Lord II#6) - Javelynn invited Star-Lord to her home and offered him a drink, while telling him to call her Lynn. When Star-Lord thought Javelynn was flirting with her, she laughed about how young he was, then she watched as Star-Lord and Logan got into a brief tussle before they made peace. Javelynn later sought out Shocker and 8-Ball and thanked them for helping her, then she announced she was retiring and wanted to open a new bar with their help. She considered naming it Javelynn's.

(Black Cat I#9) - In Madripoor, Black Cat asked Javelynn if she had leads on Patch, or Wolverine, but she said she didn't.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon, Scott Kolins and Tim Dzon

    It isn't made clear in the story whether Javelynn and Trick Shot were hired as a partnership. At one point Javelynn says that "Those were the kind of details we were hired to sort out", however given they seem to be constantly at odds with each other it may be more likely that they were just hired separately to work together by Viper.

    Given the spelling of her name, one might guess her first name was Lynn, but that's pure speculation.

Profile by Hawkguy

Javelynn has no known connections to:

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