Membership: "Amazon", "Belgian Brain", Claymore (deceased), Flying Carpet (deceased), Javelin (deceased), Magma, Oracle, Red Dragon (deceased), Red Dragon, Shamrock (deceased), "Strongman", Tricolore, White Cross

Purpose: To defend against threats to the nations of Europe, both internal and external

Affiliations: Atlanteans (including Ambassador Govan), Various European governments, the General (possible commander?)

Enemies: Norman Osborn, Void

Base of Operations: S.H.E. Base, unknown location (presumably in Europe)

First Appearance: Sentry I#4 (December, 2000)

History: (Sentry I#4 (fb) - BTS) - As the super-powerful entity calling itself Void began to regain shape and power with the reappearance of the Sentry, darkness began overtaking much of Europe. S.H.E. sent out numerous members to investigate these occurrences. The team of Red Dragon, the Flying Carpet, Javelin, and Shamrock was one group dispatched. Other investigations were carried out: one in Scotland by Claymore, and another in Finland by "Strongman" and Tricolore.

(Sentry I#4) - From the field, Red Dragon contacted S.H.E. Base in a panic. He reported that the rest of his team had been slaughtered by an enemy both almost undetectable and impossibly fast. As Magma tried to get a fix on his coordinates, Red Dragon's transmission ended abruptly in a scream.

   As Magma futilely tried to regain contact with Red Dragon, Amazon began telling him of the other trouble spots erupting - darkness outside Barcelona and earthquakes outside Athens. She also told him that Claymore had failed to report in for five hours, and that "Strongman" and Tricolore had found the General had committed suicide in his headquarters. She implored him to contact the Americans for assistance. As the "Belgian Brain" began saying that he felt that the recent events were somehow familiar, he was interrupted by Oracle, who had just received word that a large black cloud was headed for Kiev.

(Sentry I#4 - BTS) - When Sentry reentered his Watchtower and deactivated the device that was preventing mankind from remembering his existence, Void apparently set out to attack him immediately. This presumably turned his attention away from Europe and S.H.E.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - The organization survived and the lands, whose representatives were killed, chose new super-powered individuals to represent them.

(Sentry II#8) - Some of the deceased members of S.H.E. were kept by Void in his Antarctica base.

(Civil War: Front Line#8/3) - S.H.E. met an Atlantean delegation in to discuss the Civil War. The new Red Dragon introduced the delegation and Marcel Deflandre ("Belgian Brain") served as their translator. During the speech of the Atlantean Ambassador Govan, Norman Osborn tried to assassinate him. Osborn was overpowered by "Strongman" and arrested by SHIELD, but the Atlanteans had enough and returned with their injured Ambassador to the sea. "Amazon" tried to explain everything, but couldn't convince them to stay.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

A special thanks to Paul Jenkins is required for this profile, since without his help there would be even less to say here than there is.

None of S.H.E.'s other activities have been depicted, and it is unknown how long they've been in existence, whether they continued to operate after the losses caused by Void, and whether any of the individual members operate independently of the team.

The relationship of "the General" - referred to under Affiliations and in the History section - to S.H.E. and its members, and in fact his actual identity, is unknown. He was apparently based out of headquarters in Finland, but whether he was the team's liaison to the EU, military commander, or simply associate or friend is not made clear.

I'd like to list for clarity's sake which names are from the text, which are from Jenkins' notes, and which I made up. Claymore, Flying Carpet, Javelin, Magma, Red Dragon and Shamrock are all named on-page. Oracle is not named in the story, but was apparently intended to be called Oracle. "Amazon" and "Belgian Brain" are how the characters were referred to in Jenkins' notes, but were not necessarily intended to be their actual superheroic monikers. "Strongman" was named by me from Jenkins' description of him as a weightlifter/bodybuilder-type, based on the Icelandic national fondness for such competitions - he is only called "Gunnar" in the issue itself. Tricolore (her name was confirmed in Marvel Atlas#1) and "White Cross" were both named by me based on their country's flags, since there is basically no other information about them. Tricolore is called "Yvette" in the actual issue.

For what it's worth, the team's aliases in their own languages (according to a variety of online sources and my own mediocre linguistic skills) would be Amazonka, Le Cerveau Belge, Claidheamh Mór, Uçan Halı, Heittokeihäs, Magma, Chrismos, Ddraig Goch, Seamrag, Sterkur, Tricolore and Weisse Kreuz (White Cross).

Finally, Jenkins assures me that White Cross has the "unstoppable power of chocolate". Delicious.

Thanks to Justin Mosely for correcting us on the Welsh of Red Dragon.

S.H.E. received an entry in the Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1.

Profile by LV!

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White Cross of S.H.E. has no known connection to:


Amazon is a tall blonde woman who is the Ukraine's representative to S.H.E. She tried to convince Magma to ask the Americans for assistance during the Void crisis.

Amazon's powers are unrevealed. It is possible that she is physically powerful, perhaps superhumanly so.

--Sentry I#4 (Sentry I#4, Civil War: Front Line#8/3

"Belgian Brain"

Representing Belgium, Marcel Deflandre is an abnormally large disembodied brain and central nervous system which floats in some kind of translucent sphere. He (or she) had a feeling of deja vu about the return of the Void, possibly indicating that he was closely involved with the original manifestation.

The Belgian Brain possesses advanced calculation abilities which are apparently augmented by advanced technology.

--Sentry I#4 (Sentry I#4, Civil War: Front Line#8/3


Claymore represented Scotland on S.H.E. He was a muscular blond man who was killed by Void while investigating a strange eclipse over Glasgow.

Despite being named after a large sword, Claymore was depicted as wielding a morningstar-and-chain. It is possible that he carried a variety of medieval weaponry.

--Sentry I#4 (fb)

Before you write in to "correct" us with the fact that the Claymore is a type of hand grenade, you should look it up in the dictionary, and see that the grenade is named after the longsword, for its large swath of destruction.

Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet was the Turkish representative to S.H.E. He was killed along with Javelin, Red Dragon and Shamrock when they were ambushed by Void.

Flying Carpet was never shown on-panel. It can be assumed that he was capable of flight.

--[Sentry I#4]


Javelin was a blonde woman who represented Finland on S.H.E. She, Flying Carpet, Red Dragon and Shamrock were all killed by Void while on a mission.

Javelin's powers or abilities are unknown; she may have wielded javelins, been super-fast, and/or able to fly.

--Sentry I#4


Magma (Sven, last name unrevealed) is the Swedish representative to S.H.E. and appears to also be its leader, or at the very least, to be respected by the others. He has white hair and may be one of the older members of S.H.E. However, during the Void crisis, he appeared to be crippled by indecision.

When he was next seen he could walk again which indicates that his injury wasn't that severe or that S.H.E. found a successor for Magma.

Magma demonstrated no powers, but it seems safe to assume that he is able to manipulate heat or fire in some capacity.

--Sentry I#4 (Sentry I#4, Civil War: Front Line#8/3


Oracle, a dark-haired woman, represents Greece on S.H.E. In charge of the team's communications, she was at the base as Red Dragon reported the massacre of his team, and reported the breaking news of Void's advance on the Ukraine to Magma.

Oracle is knowledgeable about communications technology and is presumably at least competent in logistics. Whether she has any additional powers is unrevealed.

--Sentry I#4 (Sentry I#4, Civil War: Front Line#8/3

Red Dragon

Red Dragon (Gareth Thomas) was the Welsh representative to S.H.E. He was the last of his team to be killed by Void, and was able to report that Flying Carpet, Javelin and Shamrock had all been slaughtered by an unidentified enemy before he was killed himself.

Red Dragon possessed red skin, batlike wings, and sharp teeth. He was presumably capable of flight, and may also have been able to project fire. Whether he was a mutant, an altered human or perhaps some kind of nonhuman being is unknown.

--Sentry I#4 (Sentry I#4, Sentry II#8

Red Dragon

She was the successor of Gareth Thomas and the new Welsh representative of the team.

The new Red Dragon's powers are unknown, but she was very diplomatic and knew how to talk to the press.

--Civil War: Front Line#8/3







The Irish representative to S.H.E., Shamrock was killed by Void while on a mission with Flying Carpet, Javelin and Red Dragon. He was bald, and his costume indicates that he represented the Republic of Ireland, rather than the Northern Ireland of the UK.

Shamrock's powers, if any, are unrevealed, but it is possible that he had luck-altering abilities.

--Sentry I#4


Strongman (Gunnar, last name unrevealed) is Iceland's representative to S.H.E. He and Tricolore found the General dead in his Finnish headquarters while investigating the strange darkness that had befallen the country.

Strongman apparently possesses above-average strength; whether he is superhumanly powerful or simply in excellent condition is unrevealed.

--Sentry I#4 (fb) (Sentry I#4 (fb), Civil War: Front Line#8/3


Tricolore (Yvette, last name unrevealed) is a red-haired woman who is the French representative to S.H.E. She and Strongman, on a mission to Finland, found the General had committed suicide in his headquarters.

Tricolore's powers or abilities are unrevealed.

--Sentry I#4 (fb)

White Cross

White Cross, representing Switzerland on S.H.E., appears to be another of the older members of the team. He was present as Red Dragon was killed while reporting the failure of his mission and the elimination of his team members.

A successor was among the S.H.E. members that welcomed an Atlantean delegation on American soil (or maybe he is European's answer to Multiple Man).

White Cross' costume includes a pair of goggles; this may indicate that he is super-fast or capable of flight. It is also possible that he possesses a variety of useful abilities.

--Sentry I#4 (Sentry I#4, Sentry II#8, Civil War: Front Line#8/3

All images from Sentry I#4 (ignoring ads) -
   S.H.E. Base - p11, panel 1
   "Amazon"- p12, panel 2
   "Belgian Brain"- p13, panel 1
   Claymore - p13, panel 3
   Javelin - p11, panel 4
   Magma - p12, panel 2
   Oracle - p12, panel 2
   Red Dragon - p11, panel 3
   Shamrock - p11, panel 4
   "Strongman" - p12, panel 4
   Tricolore - p12, panel 4
   White Cross - p13, panel 2
Civil War: Front Line#8, p23, pan4 (second Red Dragon)

Sentry I#4 (December, 2000) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Jae Lee (artist), Joe Quesada (editor)
Sentry II#8 (June, 2006) - Paul Jenkins (writer), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Mark Morales (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Civil War: Front Line#8 (November, 2006) - Paul Jenkins (writer), Lee Weeks (pencils), Lee Weeks & Nelson (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1 (2007)

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