Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extra Temporal (Earth 2099) Human mutate

Occupation: Hunter/Assassin

Affiliations: United State government

Enemies: Public Enemy, Red Dogs

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Public Defender

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York, Earth 2099

First Appearance: 2099 Unlimited#8 (April, 1995)




Powers/Abilities: The White Dog gives off a specific radiation which makes the skin of Red Dogs--which is normally extremely durable--as sensitive as normal skin. He then generates a white heat that incinerates them. In addition, he is exceptionally strong and durable, possessing at least Class 10 strength and being able to shrug off high-power ballistic weapons.

(2099 Unlimited#8 (fb)) - After the Eco-Wars--possibly 15-25 years before the era of 2099, the US Government decided to destroyed the Red Dogs--whom they had created and had essentially won the wars for them--because they believed they would not be able to control them in society. To this end, they created the White Dog. They made him so that he could release the one type of radiation to which the Red Dogs were susceptible. At what was to be an awards ceremony for the Red Dogs, he exterminated them all. Only a couple were allowed to live--those who did not appear capable of transferring the "Red Gene" to their offspring.




(2099 Unlimited#8) - After Saber Hagen, the child of two Red Dog survivors, became the Public Enemy, the White Dog was released to terminate him. Knowing that the Public Enemy would appear to punish actions of the general population, the White Dog surveyed crowds of people in his vicinity. When Hagen made an appearance, the White Dog showed up and attacked him. After proudly revealing that he had single-handedly wiped out the other Red Dogs years before, the White Dog prepared to terminate Hagen, as well. His radiation weakened Saber and kept him at his mercy, until the Public Enemy was able to bind the White Dog with a strap of Mag-Lev (a super conductor that maintains a uniform temperature), trapping his energies within him until he overloaded and exploded.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, and Malcolm Davis.

In Philadelphia, by U of Penn, there's a bar called "The White Dog Cafe." If you're in the area, go there and have a bottle of Leg Lifter Lager. You won't regret it....mmmmm......beer....

With the exception of the Red Dogs, whom he was created to destroy, he has no known connection to:


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