Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Underworld enforcer (originally designed for industrial work)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Agent of Nicholas Trask

Enemies: She-Hulk, Daniel "Zapper" Ridge

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: She-Hulk

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: (partial) Savage She-Hulk#2 (April, 1980);
(actual) Savage She-Hulk#3 (May, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: The She-Droid has remarkable strength (possibly Class 5) and durability making it waterproof. Probably made of ordinary steel, it could take several punches from the She-Hulk, but it was only as smart as the person controlling it. Cameras in its eyes allowed the person controlling it to manipulate it.

History: (Savage She Hulk#6 (BTS)) - The She-Droid was originally designed for industrial work by inventor Tony Stark (Iron Man). When it became obsolete, he sent it to Stark West for recycling, but the trucker Jake Fox was blackmailed by crime boss Nicholas Trask into surrendering the contents of the whole shipment to him.

(Savage She-Hulk#2) - Trask claimed custody of the stolen shipment, but before he could kill Fox to silence him, the She-Hulk raced by trying to save the life of her best friend Jill Ridge. The crate with the stolen robot in it was damaged enough to give the She-Hulk a glance at it. Seeing the She-Hulk gave Trask the idea to make the robot over in the She-Hulk's image so she'd take the blame of the crimes it would commit.

(Savage She-Hulk#3) - Trask painted and designed the She-Droid to resemble descriptions of the She-Hulk. He sent it to kill his men in jail to keep them from turning state's evidence against him and then to kill Fox to keep him silent on the location of the stolen technology. Framing the She Hulk for the murders, Trask discovered Jen Walters in hiding after Jill's death and sent the She-Droid to kill her. Her best friend Daniel "Zapper" Ridge fended it off long enough for her to become the She-Hulk and render it inoperable.

(Savage She-Hulk#4) - Watching from cameras in the detached head of the She-Droid, Trask discovered that Walters was the She-Hulk.

(Savage She-Hulk#6) - The She-Hulk headed to Zuma Beach to dig up the remains of the She-Droid and prove her innocence to Iron Man in the murder of Jacob Fox.

Comments: Created by David Anthony Kraft and Michael Vosburgh.

Several things in the first She-Hulk series paralleled Spider-Man and the Hulk. The death of Jill with the death of Uncle Ben, Sheriff Walters as a J. Jonah Jameson/Thunderbolt Ross antagonist and Zapper as the Rick Jones sidekick. The She-Droid could be considered a parallel with the Spider-Slayers.

Supposedly, Trask was watching the She-Hulk and Zapper through the detached head of the She-Droid, but in all panels, it's facing away from them. Either the tide was flipping it back and forth, or it had cameras in the back of its head as well.

Coincidentally, in her second series, the She Hulk also had a potential She Hulk imposter (namely the She-Hulk Clone) decapitated with a blow to the head.

by Will Uchtman

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Other appearances:
Savage She-Hulk#4 (May, 1980) - David Kraft (writer), Mike Vosburg (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Mary Jo Duffy (editor)
Savage She-Hulk#6 (July, 1980) - David Kraft (writer), Mike Vosburg (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Mary Jo Duffy & Al Milgrom (editors)

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