Membership: (from left to right): Ocelot, Ocean (up steps), Obituary (Milton Petersen), Ooze, Orbit (in air), and Overkill;

Purpose: Television celebrities/adventurers

Affiliations: Solomon O'Sullivan (agent), X-Statix (Anarchist, Dead Girl, Doop, Orphan, Phat, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector) (allies/competitors);

Enemies: Arnie Lundberg

Base of Operations: Unnamed base in unnamed city

First Appearance: X-Statix#1 (September, 2002)

History: A television show where mutants compete for a place in the O-Force team.

(X-Statix#1) - The O-Force television show airs with the mutants being Overkill, Orchid, Optoman, and Ozone. Later, as the team is assembled, a video is shown across the nation of a practice mission.

(X-Statix#2) - O-Force begins its first mission to rescue a bunch of actors from a gang of kidnappers.

(X-Statix#3-4) - O-Force's agent, Solomon O'Sullivan, announces on television that O-Force's next mission will be to take back a small town from the control of a reality-altering mutant named Arnie Lundberg. As Solomon briefs his team, the Orphan breaks in and is attacked by the team, as he tries to warn them. The team decides to go anyway and when they arrive, Ocean's legs are blown off and the team is attacked by an army of the undead, raised by Arnie until the Orphan paracutes to their rescue. Ocean begs Overkill to help and runs away. The Orphan saves Ocean from the zombies and promises to return for her. The rest of X-Statix arrives and battles the zombies, saving O-Force from certain doom. Arnie Lundberg decides to use his powers for good and heals Ocean's legs and the team is carted off by the ambulances.

COMMENTS: O-Force was created by Peter Milligan & Michael Allred.

Most of the members of O-Force and their trainees were not given real names and/or secret identities during their X-Statix issues, so I assume they are all unrevealed. However, Civil War Battle Damage Report revealed Obituary's real name to be Milton Petersen.

by Proto-Man


Overkill, the energy-based mutant is not to be confused with

Ocean has no known connection to:

Ocelot, the hairy guy, should not be confused with

Orbit shouldn't be confused with:

Oracle, the trainee, shouldn't be confused with:


Overkill was a tryout from the O-Force television show. He won a place on the team and joined them in their missions. He didn't seem to care very much of his teammates, given the fact that he left Ocean to die during their mission against Arnie Lundberg.

Overkill can project a form of energy from his hands. I notice that he has a diamond gem on his forehead, reminiscent of the Vision, so maybe it's stored solar energy.

- X-Statix#1-3


Orbit was a trainee who became a member of the team. He doesn't seem to talk at all.

Orbit can fly and apparently project energy from his eyes that disrupts the equilibrium of others.

- X-Statix#1-3                                                          


Ocelot was already was one of the trainees who became a member of O-Force. Not much else is known.

Ocelot appears to have a very hairy appearance and is seen leaping onto enemies, so I'd imagine he has above average agility.
An ocelot is a large cat, originally associated with the jaguar

- X-Statix#1-4


Milton Petersen was one of the trainees who made it on the O-Force team using the codename Obituary. He participated in both missions and was later considered a potential Initiative recruit by Tony Stark.

Obituary apparently has some sort of enhanced strength, given the fact that he shattered a guard's helmet with his fists.
Hmmm...Obituary...either he's dead, or he makes people dead...

- X-Statix#1 (X-Statix#1-3, Civil War: Battle Damage Report,                                                                                                                                                                


Ocean was a trainee who made it onto the O-Force team. She had her legs blown off by Arnie Lundberg, only to have them regenerated by the same.

Ocean can manipulate water, whether by projecting streams of water or transforming her body in water.

- X-Statix#1-4


Ooze was a trainee who made it to the team. Not much else is known.

Ooze could apparently project globs of ooze. - X-Statix#                  1-4                                                              

O-Force TV rejects

These three were trainees who made it onto the television show and battled Overkill for a position on the team. They are: (from left to right): Orchid, Optoman, and Ozone.

Orchid could project vines from her fingertips. - X-Statix#1

Optoman could generate what appeared to be flashes of light from his eyes. - X-Statix# 1

Ozone was apparently made of sludge-like pollution and could travel through solid objects. - X-Statix #1

O-Force trainees

These are O-Force trainees who weren't shown in battle. Obituary, Orbit, Ooze, Ocelot, and Ocean made it onto the actual O-Force team. The others are (from left to right): Oink, Oracle, and Orifice.
You'd have to guess that Oracle had some precognitive powers, Orifice appeared to have a sideways mouth and eyes (which got him into last place with 3% of the votes), and Oink? Dumb and Strong? Stinky? Omnivorous? I give up.

None of their powers were revealed and none were shown outside of this picture, which was a television broadcast showing which trainee had more votes.

- X-Statix#1

X-Statix#1-4 (September-December, 2002) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Allred (artist), Axel Alonso (editor)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report (2007) - Anthony Flamini (head writer, coordinator), Ronald Byrd (writer), Mike Allred (Obituary image art), Jeff Youngquist (editor)

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Last updated: 03/02/18.

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