Membership: (from left to right): Ocelot, Ocean (up steps), Obituary (Milton Petersen), Ooze, Orbit (in air), Overkill;

Purpose: To become celebrity adventurers via a reality television show

Aliases: "The People's Favorites"

Affiliations: Solomon O'Sullivan (agent), X-Statix (Anarchist/Tike Alicar, Dead Girl/Moonbeam, Doop, Orphan/Guy Smith, Phat/Billy Bob Reilly, Venus Dee Milo/Dee Milo, Vivisector/Myles Alfred) (allies/competitors)

Enemies: Arnie Lundberg

Base of Operations: Unidentified base in unidentified city

First Appearance: X-Statix I#1 (September, 2002)

History: (Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - O-Force entry - BTS) - Capitalizing on America's love affair with reality television shows, mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan created the reality show "O-Force" and began trying out superhumans who would compete for a spot on the O-Force superhero team.

(X-Statix I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The O-Force team roster was finalized over a span of weeks from team members voted onto the team by the public via the "O-Force" reality show.

(X-Statix I#1) - The newest episode of the "O-Force" television show aired with mutant talent agent Solomon O'Sullivan announcing the newest potential members of O-Force: Overkill, Orchid, Optoman and Ozone. O-Force's rival group, the media-savvy X-Statix team, then watched as the four potential members then fought each other on live television for a spot on the O-Force team. Despite being slightly threatened by the team copying their modus operandi, X-Statix nonetheless enjoyed watching the O-Force television show and X-Statix's leader Orphan felt X-Statix had nothing to worry about from O-Force. Later, X-Statix held a press conference to announce their newest recruit, Venus Dee Milo, but found the audience empty due to the airing of O-Force's newest episode. Reporter Sam Geller informed X-Statix that O-Force's final roster had been chosen and the newest episode was documenting O-Force's first official mission, prompting X-Statix to rush to their television. X-Statix (and mutant mind manipulator Arnie Lundberg) watched O-Force's first mission to rescue captive celebrities on television as it was shown across the nation.

(X-Statix I#2) - After O-Force's first mission to rescue a bunch of actors from a gang of kidnappers was a success, their agent Solomon O'Sullivan was flooded with offers for new missions but O'Sullivan turned them all down, instead visiting an old police contact and learning of the mutant Arnie Lundberg, who had taken over his entire town with his mental powers.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - O-Force entry - BTS) - Unbeknownst to the public, the gang of kidnappers O-Force had fought were nothing more than actors and O-Force was secretly not combat worthy at all.

(X-Statix I#2) - Unaware X-Statix team owner Spike Freeman had his police contact nudge O'Sullivan into having O-Force handle Arnie, O-Force later prepared for their newest mission to liberate Arnie's Minnesota town from the mutant boy and their preparations were televised on their newest episode of "O-Force."

(X-Statix I#3) - As X-Statix watched the newest episode of "O-Force," Solomon O'Sullivan lawyer Sharon Ginsberg visited X-Statix Tower and presented legal paperwork preventing Venus Dee Milo from working with X-Statix, instead offering Venus a spot on O-Force. X-Statix then fragmented after Ginsberg left and Spike Freeman continued his discussion about letting O-Force be seen in public beating up on the teenaged Arnie Lundberg. Later that evening, Solomon O'Sullivan briefed O-Force on their newest mission but the conversation was interrupted by the Orphan, who warned that O-Force was going into a more dangerous mission than they realized. Disbelieving the Orphan's claims, O'Sullivan ordered O-Force to show the Orphan the door and the Orphan was soon incapacitated by Ocean's water powers. When the newest episode of "O-Force" aired, O-Force chose to continue their mission against Arnie and when asked by CNN what O-Force's plan was, field leader Overkill informed CNN that they hoped Arnie would give up upon seeing what he was up against. When O-Force arrived in Arnie's Minnesota town, Ocean's legs were blown off and the team was attacked by an army of the undead, raised by Arnie to battle O-Force. As a shocked Solomon O'Sullivan watched on television as Overkill abandoned the injured Ocean, the Orphan parachuted to O-Force's rescue.

(X-Statix I#4) - The Orphan saved Ocean from the zombies, promising to return for her, as Solomon O'Sullivan was convinced by Spike Freeman that O-Force were in over their heads. After O'Sullivan signed Venus out of her contract with him so that she could help rescue O-Force, the rest of X-Statix traveled to Arnie's Minnesota town and battled the zombies, saving O-Force from certain doom. Following Arnie's defeat, Arnie Lundberg decided to use his powers for good and healed Ocean's legs as the rest of O-Force received medical treatment for their injuries.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - O-Force entry - BTS) - Following O-Force's decimation at the hands of the zombies raised by Arnie Lundberg, Solomon O'Sullivan was swamped by angry fans of the "O-Force" show, who suspected that the O-Force members were not truly mutants and that their "powers" were mere television special effects.

Comments: Created by Peter Milligan and Michael Allred.

Most of the members of O-Force and their trainees were not given real names and/or secret identities during their X-Statix issues, so I assume they are all unrevealed. However, Civil War Battle Damage Report revealed Obituary's real name to be Milton Petersen.

The celebrities rescued by O-Force in their first public mission appeared to be Burt Reynolds, Will Smith and Woody Allen but they were not identified.

Profile by Proto-Man.

O-Force has no known connections to:

Ocean has no known connection to:

Ocelot, the hairy guy, should not be confused with

Oracle, the trainee, shouldn't be confused with:

Orbit shouldn't be confused with:

Overkill, the energy-based mutant, is not to be confused with:

O-Force trainees

The O-Force trainees were prospective heroes who attempted to earn a spot on the O-Force team by competing on television. Obituary, Orbit, Ooze, Ocelot and Ocean eventually made it onto the actual O-Force team.

The others are (from left to right): Oink, Oracle and Orifice.

None of their powers were revealed and none were shown outside of this picture, which was a television broadcast showing which trainee had more votes.
You'd have to guess that Oracle had some precognitive powers, Orifice appeared to have a sideways mouth and eyes (which got him into last place with 3% of the votes), and Oink? Dumb and Strong? Stinky? Omnivorous? I give up.

-- X-Statix I#1

O-Force TV rejects

Trainees who made it onto the first episode of the "O-Force" television show, they battled Overkill for a position on the team.

They are: (from left to right): Orchid, Optoman and Ozone.

Orchid could project vines from her fingertips. -- X-Statix I#1

Optoman could generate what appeared to be flashes of light from his eyes. -- X-Statix I#1

Ozone was apparently made of sludge-like pollution and could travel through solid objects. -- X-Statix I#1


Milton Petersen was one of the trainees who made it on the O-Force team using the codename Obituary. He participated in both missions and was later considered a potential Initiative recruit by Tony Stark.

Obituary apparently has some sort of enhanced strength, given the fact that he shattered a guard's helmet with his fists.
Hmmm...Obituary...either he's dead, or he makes people dead...

-- X-Statix I#1 (#2-3, Civil War: Battle Damage Report - BTS,


Ocean was a trainee who made it onto the O-Force team. During the battle against Arnie Lundberg, she had her legs blown off by Arnie Lundberg, only to have them regenerated by Arnie following his defeat.

Ocean can manipulate water, whether by projecting streams of water or transforming her body in water.

-- X-Statix I#1 (#2-4


Ocelot was one of the trainees who became a member of the O-Force team. He joined O-Force on both of their missions and was injured in the mission against Arnie Lundberg.

Ocelot appears to have a very hairy appearance and is seen leaping onto enemies, so I'd imagine he has above average agility.
An ocelot is a large cat, originally associated with the jaguar

-- X-Statix I#1 (#2-4,


Ooze was a trainee who made it onto the O-Force team. He joined O-Force on both of their missions and was injured in the battle against Arnie Lundberg.

Ooze could apparently project globs of ooze.

 - X-Statix I#1 (#2-4,


Orbit was a trainee who became a member of the O-Force team. He did not seem to talk at all but he joined O-Force on both of their missions.

Orbit could fly and apparently project energy from his eyes that disrupts the equilibrium of others.

- X-Statix I#1 (#2-3,  


Overkill was a tryout from the "O-Force" television show. He won a place on the O-Force team and joined them in both of their missions. Concerned mostly for himself despite giving the public facade of caring, Overkill left Ocean to die during their mission against Arnie Lundberg.

Overkill could project a form of energy from his hands. He had a diamond-shaped gem on his forehead, reminiscent of the Vision, so perhaps it's stored solar energy.

- X-Statix I#1 (#2-3,

images: (without ads)
X-Statix I#2, p1, splash page (O-Force rescuing celebrities, main image)
X-Statix I#2, p21, pan5 (O-Force on television)
X-Statix I#1, p11, pan1 (O-Force trainees)
X-Statix I#1, p10, pan3 (O-Force TV rejects & Overkill)
X-Statix I#1, p18, pan1 (Obituary, Ocelot & Ooze images)
X-Statix I#4, p18, pan4 (Ocean)
X-Statix I#3, p17, pan3 (Orbit)

X-Statix#1-4 (September-December, 2002) - Peter Milligan (writer), Mike Allred (artist), Axel Alonso (editor)
Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men (2003) - Syd Barney-Hawke (writer), Eric J. Moreels (writer, researcher), Mike Allred (O-Force entry art), Mark D. Beazley, Jeff Youngquist (editors)

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