Membership: Gantry, Orbit, Satellite, Vacuum

Purpose: Profit while posing as heroes

Affiliations: Believed to be heroes and supported by J. Jonah Jameson and many others

Enemies: Spider-Man

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4 (December, 1995)

(Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Spacemen were all ex-space program trainees, washouts who'd used their insider knowledge to steal some meteor samples John Jameson had brought back from a space mission. When they unsealed the sterile containers, the meteors cracked, giving off an alien gas that granted them superhuman powers.

(Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4) - Claiming to be astronauts from a secret government task force that had deliberately exposed themselves to a cosmic ray storm, the Spacemen appeared in New York, acting as heroes and vowing to apprehend the notorious Spider-Man. However, all of their fights and missions were actually covers, where they robbed banks, Wall Street, and art galleries, blaming the missing money or valuables on Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man eventually managed to develop a device to tap into the Spacemen's scrambled radio signals, and uncovered their true nature. He exposed them at a ticker tape parade in their honor and, with the help of the New York Police Department, defeated them as well.

COMMENTS: Created by Kurt Busiek and Pat Olliffe.

Good ol' J. Jonah Jameson was right behind the Spacemen, declaring them to be great heroes as he spoke out against Spidey in the same article. Jonah's son, astronaut John Jameson, was a little more skeptical, as he was at the time investigating Spider-Man for potential use as an astronaut for NASA.

The good news is that between the Appendix, the Amazing Spider-Man Gallery, and Spider-Fan, all of the characters from both the Untold Tales of Spider-Man and from Amazing Fantasy#16-18 now have profiles available!

Only a small few of these guys have made further appearances. I'd like to see any or all of the Spacemen again.

The Meteor Man (Looter) got his powers from gases from a meteor rock as well. Could there be a connection between his and the Spacemen's powers?
--John Kaminski

No known connection to:

Orbit has no known connection to:

Vacuum has no known connection to:

All of the Spacemen have oxygen masks which they can use to exist within Vacuum's void for a length of time.



(Name unrevealed)

The apparent leader, he has superhuman strength (Class 10?) and durability, and took his name from support apparatus, specifically that used for rocket launches.


--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4





(Name unrevealed)

She can establish an orbital relationship between herself and any object or being. She can use that ability to simulate flight, or can use it on other objects, causing them to spin around her.


--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4




(Name unrevealed)

He can generate rocket thrusts or blasts from his hands and feet and wears some sort of armor.


--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4





(Name unrevealed)

He can transform his body into a portal into a dark, airless void, allowing him immunity to attacks aimed at his body and allowing him to trap others within said void. However, his head apparently retains its normal density and vulnerability.


--Untold Tales of Spider-Man#4




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