Real Name: Norton G. Fester

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Former crackpot; thief; would-be genius

Group Membership: Super Villain Anonymous;
formerly Doctor Octopus' strike team (Aura & Override)
formerly Defenders imposters

Affiliations: Basilisk, Delilah, Screwball, several unidentified henchmen;
former agent of Doctor Octopus (Carolyn Trainer), Hydra, Libra, Janice Lincoln, Sagittarius, Spider-Minions

Enemies: Alpha (Andy Maguire), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Defenders, "Defenders for a Day", Giant-Man (Bill Foster), Kris Keating, Plainsman, Power Man (Victor Alvarez), Roxxon, Scorcher, Silk (Cindy Moon), Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) of Earth-982, Spider-Ham (Peter Porker) of Earth-25, Spider-Man (Otto Octavius), Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) of Earth-928, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man/Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Spider-UK (Brian Braddock) of Earth-833, Steelframe, Vaquero, Joe Wade, unidentified Chthulhu-like creature

Known Relatives: Unidentified brother

Aliases: Meteor Man

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: (Cameo) Amazing Spider-Man I#35 (April, 1966); (actual appearance) Amazing Spider-Man I#36 (May, 1966)


Powers/Abilities: Fester possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift at least 10 tons, and likely closer to 20. He is also superhumanly durable. He derives his powers from certain meteors, and was able on one occasion to convert the energies of such meteors into microwave energy, and then feed their power into himself, causing him to grow to gigantic stature and gain much greater physical power. He recently started wearing a stealth suit with heat-neutral, light-bending, sound-dampening capabilities and added bionics in within the suit's fabric to enhance his strength even further.

The Looter occasionally uses a "dazzle gun" that produces an intense flash of light, allowing him to briefly blind an opponent. Fester has used a backpack-like device containing a rapidly inflating helium balloon capable of carrying about 400 lbs. aloft for short periods of time. The balloon has straps which can be used to control its angle of ascent somewhat, and its smooth surface prevents Spider-Man's webbing from adhering very well. On seperate occasions, Fester wielded a "Wave-Motion" gun (allegedly of his own invention0 which projected powerful energy bursts, and a "Meteor-Powered Gun," which did absolutely nothing.

As an operative of Carolyn Trainer, Fester used a cybernetically controlled headset that could override electronic locks in his immediate vicinity. Fester abandoned this device after leaving Trainer's employ. Fester also briefly wielded the weaponry of the Unicorn, Mauler, Trapster, Ringer, Shocker, and Stilt-Man.


Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Amazing Spider-Man I#36) - Norton G. Fester was a crackpot who considered himself a brilliant scientist, despite having failed in high school science courses. Fester witnessed a meteor that fell in a field near his house, and recovered it, believing that it could somehow prove his bizarre theories. Unable to gain funding for his research from any source, Fester decided to chisel the meteor open. Fester released a pocket of mildly radioactive gases within the meteor, and passed out after breathing them. After he awoke, Fester discovered that he had gained superhuman strength from the incident, and soon decided to commit crimes in order to raise money for his research. Fester learned of a similar meteor at a museum, and determined to steal it in the belief that it could further augment his powers. Coincidentally, Peter Parker (secretly the costumed crimefighter Spider-Man) was present when Fester attempted to steal the meteor. As Spider-Man, Parker battled Fester, who fled without the meteor. A few nights later, Fester returned to the museum only to find Spider-Man waiting for him there. In battle with Spider-Man, Fester was knocked unconscious and captured by the police.

(Untold Tales of Spider-Man) - Fester was granted bail.

At 4:30 PM, Fester made his way into the Neville K. Trelyane Memorial Mineral Museum and knocked a person out with a hammer. He inhaled vapor from a meteor at the museum, reigniting his power. Retreating, he threw a motorcyle into a fuel truck. He began attacking power stations, fire hydrants, and public transportation facilities. Later he returned to a museum and went after the Wakanda Find, from the T'Kaing Crater, the largest single intact meteor ever recovered. He was thwared by Spider-Man.

(Marvel Team-Up I#33 (fb) ) - Fester spent months as a model prisoner, until he was placed with a cellmate who taunted him about his defeat and questioned why Fester had not used his powers to escape. Angered, Fester escaped in order to prove that he had superhuman powers, and adopted the new alias of Meteor Man.


(Marvel Team-Up I#33) - Learning that the museum meteor had been sold to Kyle Richmond, Fester broke into Richmond's penthouse apartment to steal it, only to run afoul of Richmond's costumed alter ego Nighthawk. Escaping after decking Richmond, Fester found himself in combat next with Spider-Man, whom he also surprised and overcame. Later, Nighthawk, deciding that Fester needed psychiatric help more than he needed a pounding, abandoned Spider-Man and the case.

(Marvel Team-Up I#34) - The Meteor Man ambushed and savagely beat Spider-Man, believing he had killed the hero. Meanwhile, Nighthawk's fellow Defender, the Valkyrie, learned of the case, and set off after the Meteor Man. With Spider-Man, she battled Fester at an antique shop. Fester managed to overcome them both and make his escape, but was soon attacked again. Valkyrie used her sword to puncture Fester's balloon, and he plunged to a rooftop, left unconscious by the fall.

(Defenders I#63 (BTS)-64) - Fester, again calling himself the Looter, joined a large group of supervillains organized by the Libra and Sagittarius of the android Zodiac. He was defeated along with many of his comrades when Hellcat's latent psycho-kinetic powers were unleashed, and was left on the floor in a subway station among various heroes and villains.




(Spectacular Spider-Man II#41) - Seeking to further increase his power, Fester (now using his Meteor Man alias) broke into a science exhibit at Empire State University, only to encounter both Spider-Man (who was then a student at ESU) and Bill Foster (who had then adopted the alias and powers of Giant-Man). Fester escaped them, and used his collected meteors and the stolen device to construct an energy converter that greatly augmented his powers, causing him to grow to tremendous height. Fester was besting Spider-Man and Giant-Man when his highly unstable power pack generated painful feedback and then exploded, seemingly killing him.


BTS - Fester survived the explosion, but his mind was still further addled by his experiences. He became a homeless alcoholic, living in the Forest Hills area of Queens.




(Web of Spider-Man I#39) - Fester took to burgalry to finance his need for liquor, and robbed Nathan Lubensky, boyfriend of Aunt May. This attracted May's nephew Spider-Man, who failed to recognize Fester. His hatred triggered again, Fester donned his now-soiled Looter costume and battled Spider-Man near May's boarding house. Ultimately, Spider-Man easily trounced the Looter, who was taken into police custody.




(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#26/4) - Again free, Fester embarked on a crime spree, but was swiftly captured once again by Spider-Man, who took the opportunity to compare Fester to his more formidable opponents.

(Amazing Scarlet Spider#1) - Fester was eventually released from prison and was immediately contacted by Carolyn Trainer, who made Fester one of her superhuman operatives.

(Spectacular Scarlet Spider#1) - Fester practiced combat with his new wepaonry alongside Trainer's other recruits. Later, he assaulted a club owned by her rival, the crime boss Mr. Tso, but was opposed by Ben Reilly in his guise as the Scarlet Spider. Fester and his allies were nearly beaten by the Scarlet Spider, but Fester destroyed a load-bearing column in Tso's club to distract the Scarlet Spider and give himelf and his allies the time to escape.

(Web of Scarlet Spider#2) - Dr. Octopus gave Looter and his team another chance and sent them to the zoo, where she was supposed to meet Jason Tso. Seward Trainer informed Scarlet Spider about the meeting and the villains got another shot against the hero, but one of Smythe's Cyber-Slayers attacked Looter from behind when he had the Scarlet Spider at his mercy. Looter and his allies were defeated by Scarlet Spider and the Cyber-Slayers (controlled by Tso and A. Smythe) and were then arrested by the police.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#236) - Looter took advantage of the chaos in Roxxon's Iron Rock facility and stole some super-weapons.

(Sensational Spider-Man#8 (fb) - BTS) - Using the former equipment of the Shocker, Looter stole a diamond.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#414 - BTS) - Looter used the former equipment of the Ringer to rob a jewelry store.

(Spider-Man I#71 - BTS) - Using the former equipment of the Trapster, Looter robbed a train.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#237 - BTS) - Using the former equipment of the Stilt-Man, Looter stole something in a skyscraper.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#8) - Fester returned to his earlier goal of discovering universal secrets and finance his "research" with the money he made with the crimes he had committed. Ben Reilly, who had taken on the identity of Spider-Man, investigated the thefts and battled Fester. Fester initially overcame and captured Reilly, who asked him why he hadn't simply stolen the meteor. Fester was unable to answer, and Reilly used the delay to break free and thrash him. However, after Fester was defeated, SHIELD agents collected both Fester and the unusual meteor he had obtained.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#27) - Fester, again free, began burglarizing apartments. Tracked to his own rooms by Peter Parker (who had temporarily assumed a guise as the Hornet), Fester was again defeated. Even as Parker examined an odd meteor Fester had stolen, SHIELD agents again burst in and took Fester and his meteor into custody.

(Marvel Knights Spider-Man#6) - The Looter attended the auction in which the Venom symbiote was sold.

(Marvel Knights Spider-Man#12 - BTS?) - He may also have been present at the auction of the Scorpion suit.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#10 (fb) ) - Defense attorney Janice Lincoln hired the Looter as distraction for Matt Murdock aka. Daredevil. Looter was quickly beaten by Daredevil, but Janice's plan had worked because her client got off free after Murdock, the plantiff in the case, left to fight Looter (his identity was still kind of secret at this point, but rumors were floating around already that Matt was Daredevil).

(Amazing Spider-Man I#590) - Looter got caught in Spider-Man's web again. While Spider-Man made fun of the Looter, the latter told Spidey that he wouldn't even see a cell from the inside because due to Norman Osborn being in charge of superhumans in the US he could just tell the police that Spider-Man had framed him and they would let him go. A slightly angered Spider-Man gave the Looter a wedgie and left him hanging on the wall.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#10 (fb) ) - After becoming the new Beetle Janice Lincoln approached Looter at a Club With No Name. He blew her off when she told him that she was not a defense attorney anymore because he now saw her as competition. He then continued to hang out with some girls at the club.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#645) - Looter warned Screwball of Spider-Man, who was going after every criminal that had gone after Lily Hollister's baby, which had apparently been killed (it wasn't dead....Chameleon had kidnapped it). In front of Looter's eyes Screwball was pulled from the roof by Spider-Man's web. While Spider-Man slowly closed in on Looter the criminal begged for mercy and told Spider-Man that he had never even seen the baby...

(Amazing Spider-Man II#653/2 (fb) - BTS) - Fester learned about an alleged meteorite hidden in a secret Freemasons hideout beneath Federal Hall and set out to get the ceremonial key to New York, which had been made for centuries in the shape to unlock the entrance to the hidden chamber.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#652/2 (fb) - BTS) - Norton G. Fester sent an email to rookie hero Power Man about a bomb someone had allegedly planted within the ceremonial key to New York, which was granted to Spider-Man that day.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#652/2 - BTS) - During a short fight between Spider-Man and Power Man an accomplice of Looter stole the ceremonial key to New York.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#652/2) - Looter received the key from his accomplice, boasted that he knew at least 38 other ways to steal the key without humiliating Spider-Man and that he would unlock a 300 year-old secret with this key.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#653/2) - Looter took over the Federal Hall on Wall Street with a few hired guns and took several hostages. Power Man and Spider-Man tried to ruin his day, but Looter kicked Power Man into Spider-Man, taken them out long enough for Looter to rip out a door and reveal a secret keyhole, which the ceremonial key fit in perfectly. He turned the key and a secret stairwell opened up in the middle of Federal Hall. Looter blinded both heroes with his dazzle gun and ran down the stairwell where he found what he had came for, a meteorite hidden centuries ago by the Freemasons. He was shocked when a Cthulhu-like creature hatched from the meteorite and hurled him against a nearby wall. Spider-Man and Power Man came to Looter's aid and the latter stabbed the creature with a flagpole through the head. Spider-Man webbed up Looter's hands and took him upstairs for the authorities.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#692) - Spider-Man taught rookie hero Alpha a few things about being a superhero. One of his lessons was that superhuman criminals received superhuman punches unlike non-superhuman criminals. Looter was on the receiving end of the combined punches of Spider-Man and Alpha after committing a crime.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/2 (fb) ) - After committing a crime Looter was once again defeated by Spider-Man and webbed up to a street light.

   During his stay in prison Norton was visited by his brother, who gave him another lecture for not using his scientific skills in a real job.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/2 (fb) - BTS) - After his prison sentence Looter was hired by Hydra.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/2 (fb) ) - Looter and Basilisk were stealing an Ellsworth Sonic Reducer for Hydra when Spider-Man kicked their butts and webbed them up.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/2 (fb) - BTS) - Looter somehow escaped.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/2 (fb) ) - Looter left town to train, upgrade his gear and achieve his true potential as a criminal.

   Somewhere in the US he became a capable gang leader, impressing the women in his employ. He didn't stop there and like he planned improved his gear by turning his suit into a stealth suit.

   With his added powers he easily defeated the heroic Steelframe, who interfered with Looter's criminal campaign.

   Looter added strength enhancing bionics to his suit.

   Even stronger than before Looter continued his crime spree and easily defeated the pistol-wielding hero Vaquero somewhere in the American Southwest.

   Later in St. Louis, Missouri Looter came across local hero the Plainsman. Looter defeated him and than shot him in the head.

   Feeling unstoppable Looter returned to New York City to become NYC's new boss of the underworld. He threatened Scorcher with a gun after easily defeating him, when Scorcher questioned his abilities. Delilah warned Looter that Spider-Man had become dangerous, injuring criminals left and right. Looter didn't care and only asked her if it took a lot of money to get her on his side, which she agreed on. Looter was soon confronted by Spider-Man and badly beaten up. With his face cut up and both legs broken Looter pulled a gun on Spider-Man, who showed mercy and only broke his right arm to disarm Looter, so Looter could drag himself to the police.

   Out of hospital and in a wheelchair Norton took a train out of town and hoped his brother would still hire him.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/2 (fb) - BTS) - Norton's brother didn't hire him. Norton sneaked back in to NYC for a Super Villains Anonymous meeting.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#11/1) - Looter, badly injured and in a wheelchair, rolled into a Super Villains Anonymous meeting to tell his story and warn the other costumed criminals about the danger of not stopping their crimes because not stopping could kill them one day.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9 (fb) - BTS) - Looter allied with the Spiderlings, the former henchman of Spider-Man (Otto Ovatius). They stole the uniforms and a tank-like Arachnaught vehicle from Spider-Island for future use.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9) - Looter operated the Arachnaught while he robbed a bank with the Spiderlings. The Spiderlings congratulated Looter for his planning while Looter just wanted his share of the money. They were quickly apprehended by Spider-Man (Parker), Silk, Spider-Woman (Drew), Spider-Girl (Corazon), Spider-Man (O'Hara), Spider-UK, Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) and Spider-Ham.

Comments: Created by "Sturdy" Steve Ditko and Stan "The Man" Lee

One of Spider-Man's most unique foes, the Looter is just threatening enough not to be purely silly. Okay, he's still silly, but he deserves to appear more often anyhow. And there's something about him that makes me think he could battle the lesser Defenders again sometime.

Todd Dezago kept hinting in Sensational about the possible nature of Fester's stolen meteor, but nothing was ever really revealed.

Carycomix speculates: Maybe the meteors that empowered him were dormant eggs laid (outside a parasitized host) by a mutant Broodqueen. You know; as a new contribution to their ongoing part of...THE COCKROACH CONSPIRACY?

The Spacemen also got their powers from gases from meteor rocks. Could there be a connection?
--John Kaminski

Recently in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#5 the Looter appeared in a story that likely took place in an alternate reality. In this story Looter was beaten up by Spider-Man during an attempt to steal a meteor from a science exhibit at Empire State University. Its similar to Spectacular Spider-Man II#41, but Looter was called Meteor Man at that point and he fought Spider-Man and Goliath (Foster) in that story and got away with the meteor.
--Markus Raymond

Per Degaton provided the info for the Untold Tales of Spider-Man novel.

Profile by Omar Karindu
Updated by Markus Raymond


Looter, aka Meteor Man is not to be confused with:

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