: Batroc the Leaper, Beetle (Jenkins), Blob, Boomerang, Electro (Dillon), Joe the Gorilla, Leap-Frog, Libra (android), Looter, Melter, Pecos, Plantman (simuloid), Porcupine (Gentry), Sagittarius (android), Shocker (Schultz), Toad, Whirlwind

Purpose: To take advantage of the good name of the Defenders, while at the same time engineering chaos to correct the cosmic imbalance towards order caused when the Defenders had defeated Scorpio

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Defenders (Hellcat, Hulk (Banner), Nighthawk, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)), "Defenders for a Day" (Black Goliath, Captain Ultra, Falcon, Hercules, Iron Fist (Rand), Jack of Hearts,  Prowler (Brown), Stingray, Torpedo, White Tiger (Ayala)), Dollar Bill, Kris Keating

Base of Operations: Inapplicable

First Appearance: Defenders I#63 (September, 1978)

(Defenders I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to correct an imbalance caused when the Defenders had defeated Scorpio and tipped the cosmic balance towards order, the android Zodiac members Libra and Sagittarius plotted to engineer chaos.

(Defenders I#63) - After hearing of the super-team Defenders on the television, several villains decided to pose as Defenders and go on a crime spree. One group, consisting of Batroc the Leaper, Beetle, Blob, Electro, Looter, Porcupine, Sagittarius (its leader), and Whirlwind looted the city until a group of Defenders associates, including Black Goliath, Captain Ultra, Havok, Hellcat, Hercules, Iron Fist, and White Tiger, attacked them. The villains, as unaccustomed to working together as this group of heroes, battled ineffectively until the police arrived.

(Defenders I#64) - The villains ran for it, fleeing on to the subway with the heroes in pursuit after trading a few more blows. Later, the heroes tracked them down and Blob attempted to choke Hellcat, causing her mental powers to kick in, lash out, and knock out every one of the assembled heroes and villains. Another group of villains had the same idea and robbed the stock exchange, consisting of Boomerang, Joe the Gorilla, Leaper, Libra (the leader), Melter, Pecos Bill, Shocker, and Toad. Nighthawk tried to stop them and was quickly taken down by a blast from Melter. More heroes, including Falcon, Jack of Hearts, Prowler, Stingray, Torpedo, and Valkyrie, attacked, and Valkyrie, suffering from a warrior's madness, lashed out and single-handedly defeated the villains.

(Defenders I#65) - Lt. Kris Keating arrived and arrested the villains Hellcat had knocked out.

Comments: Created by David Kraft, Sal Buscema, and Jim Mooney.

Profile by Chadman.

The "Defenders imposters" have no known connections to any characters not mentioned in this profile.

Defenders I#63, p13, pan3
Defenders I#64, p8, pan5

Defenders I#62-63 (August-September, 1978) - David Kraft (writer), Sal Buscema (penciler), Jim Mooney (inker), Bob Hall (editor)
Defenders I#64 (October, 1978) - David Kraft (writer), Sal Buscema (penciler), Don Perlin (inker), Bob Hall (editor)
Defenders I#65 (November, 1978) - David Kraft (writer), Don Perlin (penciler), Bruce D. (inker), Bob Hall (editor)

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