Real Name: Brock Jones

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Football coach, super hero;
former vice-president of Delmar Insurance Company, professional football player

Group Membership: "Defenders for a Day" (Black Goliath/Bill Foster, Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, Captain Ultra/Griffin Gogol, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Havok/Alex Summers, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Jack of Hearts/Jack Hart, Marvel Man/Wendell Vaughn, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Nova/Richard Rider, Paladin, Polaris, Prowler/Hobie Brown, Son of Satan/Daimon Hellstrom, Stingray/Walt Newell, Tagak the Leopard Lord, White Tiger/Hector Ayala)

Affiliations: Amy, Mrs. Anderson, Aragorn, Brandy Clark/Starshine, Luke Cage, Brandy Clark, Jonathan Clark, Sarah Clark, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Defenders (Hellcat/Patsy Walker, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde), "Defenders for a Day" (Black Goliath/Bill Foster, Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell, Captain Ultra/Griffin Gogol, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Havok/Alex Summers, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Jack of Hearts/Jack Hart, Marvel Man/Wendell Vaughn, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Nova/Richard Rider, Paladin, Polaris, Prowler/Hobie Brown, Son of Satan/Daimon Hellstrom, Stingray/Walt Newell, Tagak the Leopard Lord, White Tiger/Hector Ayala), Dollar Bill (Aaron Tagma English), Frank, Franky, Steve Jackson, Kala, Kenny, Mack Killburn, Joy Meachum, Mikey, Mole Man, Moloids, Outcasts (Boulder, Digger, Landslide, Water Witch), Piney Plum, Rom, Jennie Royce, Starshine (Landra), Doc Stennis, Torpedo (Michael Stivak), Reverend Walker

Enemies: Chameleon, "Defenders" (Batroc the Leaper/Georges Batroc, Boomerang/Fred Myers, Joe the Gorilla, Libra LMD, Melter/Bruno Horgan, Pecos, Shocker/Herman Schultz, Toad/Mortimer Toynbee), Dire Wraiths, Dr. Dredd, Hybrid, Rocketeers (Wescott, others), Skrulls, Star Disc, Eugene Stivak

Known Relatives: Lorraine "Lorry" Jones (wife), Daniel "Danny" Jones (son), Ann "Annie" Jones (daughter), Tammy Helen "Nell" Jones (daughter), Maggie Jones (sister), Suzy (sister-in-law), Phillip Jeffries (cousin), Michael "Mike" Jeffries (Turbo, cousin), Maggie Jeffries (cousin)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Clairton, West Virginia, USA;
formerly New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Daredevil I#126 (October, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: The Torpedo battlesuit was designed by the first Torpedo, Michael Stivak, using plans from Wraith technology and enhanced by human tech. Initially designed to defeat the Spaceknight Rom, the Torpedo suit was powered by nuclear-powered jet turbo units contained in the ankles and wrists of the body armor. Called turbines at times and rockets at others, these engines could allow Torpedo to fly at 2500 miles per hour for short bursts and far lower speeds for much longer times. The "turbo jets" allowed Torpedo to deliver "power punches" and Torpedo could control the output of strength, making him capable of delivering a small harmless blow to a human or a powerful blow that could knock through an armored aircraft or a small building. The Torpedo could redirect energy attacks and absorb massive amounts of radiation that he could then redirect. The Torpedo's visor was once altered to detect Dire Wraiths in their true forms.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Daredevil I#126 (fb) – BTS) – Brock Jones was an all-American hero, famously playing football as quarterback.

(Marvel Premiere I#40 (fb) – BTS) – Jones ran one game on a broken ankle, taking his team to victory.

(Rom I#22 (fb) – BTS) – Growing more famous, Jones played as quarterback in the Super Bowl.

(Daredevil I#126 (fb) – BTS) – After his early retirement, he used his prestige to get a job as vice president of an insurance company. Jones grew resentful about his boring and difficult life, thinking the world owed him fame and recognition.

(Defenders: Strange Heroes (fb) – BTS) – Brock worked at Delmar Insurance, where his sister Maggie also worked.

(Marvel Premiere I#39 (fb)) – Brock married Lorraine (whom he called Lorry), a former model, and they had two children, a son and a daughter, Annie.

(Rom I#21 (fb) – BTS) – Brock and Lorraine named their son Danny.

(Daredevil I#126) – While working at his hated job, Jones rushed out to aid a kid who'd been nearly hit by a truck outside but Daredevil (whom Jones had just been resenting for his colorful life) saved the man first, having just rushed by civilian Eddie. Later, after working late, Jones boarded the elevator. When the elevator door opened, it distracted the Torpedo (Michael Stivak), who had been fighting Daredevil. Rather than kill an innocent with his already loaded wrist-blaster, the Torpedo fired the shot into the wall and the building came crashing down. Jones heard Torpedo moaning, dying from a crushed chest. Torpedo begged Jones for help and whispered secrets into his ear before he died. Vowing to help the man, Jones put on the Torpedo costume just as Daredevil and the police closed in, assuming Jones was the original Torpedo.

(Daredevil I#127 (fb) – BTS) – Jones contemplated Torpedo's last words about wanting to clear his name by having Jones break into his family mansion to make sure there were no more Torpedo suit plans there.

(Daredevil I#127) – Jones tried explaining that he was innocent and had a different hair color than the first Torpedo, not knowing Daredevil couldn't see. Panicking, Jones hit the hero and blasted away. Later, Jones realized he was wanted for murder and in over his head but he loved the rush of being the hero again too much to give up. He left his job at Delmar Insurance as Torpedo, determined to keep his promise. Torpedo searched the house after breaking in and the police began to gather. Daredevil attacked and as they sparred, Jones explained that he'd been trying to clear the previous Torpedo's name. Daredevil didn't believe Jones and the two battled across the city, soon punching through the wall of civilian Frank, a black man who lived with his wife and son, Amy and Kenny. They destroyed the place before realizing how far things had gone. Jones turned the suit plans over to Daredevil and rushed out of there peacefully.

(Daredevil I#134 (fb) – BTS) – Jones returned to his job at Delmar Insurance.

(Daredevil I#134) – When Chameleon impersonated Thaddeus Smythe, fooling Smythe's driver Dooley, in order to rob a jewelry store, he was chased by cops Franky and Mikey. Jones threw on his Torpedo costume, evading gunfire from the police, and pursued Chameleon. Daredevil soon attacked Torpedo, thinking he was the villain, but Torpedo convinced the hero to go after the robber instead. Chameleon rushed into a crowded store and Torpedo pursued him, determined to make people respect him again. Chameleon kept changing disguises, including into a cop, leading the crowd to believe Daredevil was assaulting an officer. Torpedo sparred with Chameleon, was chased off by the police again and then tracked Chameleon with Daredevil, rushing ahead to get all the glory from the fight. Chameleon posed as Torpedo himself, hoping to confuse Daredevil, but the hero easily exposed the criminal. After punching Chameleon out of one last disguise, Daredevil rushed away, leaving Torpedo to deal with the police's arrest of the villain.

(Marvel Premiere I#39 (fb) – BTS) – Keeping his new heroic identity a secret from his family, Jones began practicing with the Torpedo suit, learning more about its controls and capabilities. He began searching for the Rocketeers gang.

(Marvel Premiere I#39) – Torpedo went hunting for the Rocketeers gang, unaware that they had been ordered to steal his costume. After a brief battle, he struggled with keeping the controls on his suit and he went home to his family, bringing his children Pet Rocks and telling his wife about his dissatisfaction with his job. After practicing more at being Torpedo for hours in the study, Jones went to bed with Lorry suspicious at secrets he was keeping. The next day at work at Delmar Insurance, after interacting with Lombardi, Torpedo went back on patrol at lunch. Wescott led the Rocketeers into attacking him again and the subsequent battle destroyed a store, reminding Jones of the family he had once put in danger. When the store manager threatened to sue him, he gave her insurance advice then flew away. Torpedo, knowing they were luring him into a trap, followed the Rocketeers into a battle at the nuclear power plant, accidentally putting the reactor in danger of over-heating. Suspecting the Rocketeers were after him, Torpedo confirmed they were after his suit as the man who had designed his suit had also designed theirs. Meanwhile, Lorry got stomach pains and went to the doctor, where she learned she was pregnant.

(Marvel Premiere I#40) – Torpedo managed to channel the nuclear energy of the reactor into his suit but when he expelled it, it destroyed the entire plant. Cops arrived, including Lorenzo, and opened fire on him but he rushed home, where he found his sister-in-law Suzy watching the kids. Jones researched and realized Senator Eugene Stivak was behind the Rocketeers. He used his former celebrity status as Jones to get a meeting with Stivak, offering to support his campaign over a steak dinner then that night, he snuck back in as Torpedo to get the truth about the first Torpedo who, as it turned out, thought the Rocketeer suits were inferior designs and stole his uncle Stivak's plans to build the Torpedo suit as a foreign double agent. The Rocketeers attacked anew and Torpedo was soon captured. Unable to get his costume off, Stivak strapped Torpedo to a device that electrocuted him. Once Torpedo escaped, he accidentally threw Stivak into the self-destuct computer and the building soon blew up, leaving Torpedo thinking the villains were dead, though Stivak survived, planning revenge. He returned home and Lorry, now a redhead, told him she was pregnant.

(Defenders I#62 (fb) – BTS) – Torpedo saw a television ad put out by Dollar Bill about the Defenders seeking new members.

(Defenders I#62) – Torpedo went to the Richmond Riding Academy to join the Defenders but he found over a dozen other heroes there and they banded together as the "Defenders for a Day," with Hercules as their de facto leader. Torpedo met Hellcat and was frustrated he couldn't flirt with her. He soon banded together with some of the others in an attempt to capture Hulk of the Defenders, thinking him a menace.

(Defenders I#63) - Torpedo hit the Hulk with a blast during a brief skirmish but the Hulk soon fled. Hearing that villains were using the Defenders name, the heroes broke into different teams to fight back. Valkyrie, aboard Aragorn, led Torpedo, Falcon, Jack of Hearts, Prowler and Stingray.

(Defenders I#64) - Valkyrie's team, including Torpedo, battled a group of villains including Boomerang, Joe the Gorilla, Batroc the Leaper, Libra, Melter, Pecos, Shocker and Toad, then the Defenders for a Day disbanded.

(Marvel Team-Up I Annual#3 (fb) – BTS) – Joy Meachum, of the Rand-Meachum Corporation, worked with Delmar Insurance on securing delicate computer equipment to Chicago. Jones set up several decoy missions then contacted Jennie Royce, secretary at Heroes for Hire, offering three times the payment to have Luke Cage and Iron Fist deliver the chip to Chicago.

(Marvel Team-Up I Annual#3) – Meachum watched Jones meet with the Heroes for Hire to set up the mission. While they protected the component from being robbed, it ended up getting broken anyway.

(Rom I#21 (fb) – BTS) – Lorry gave birth to Brock's daughter Nell.

(Rom I#21 (fb)) – The Rocketeers found out Torpedo's real identity and attacked him at his home. He fought back but when he blasted them, they turned to dust. He realized he was a murderer.

(Rom I#21 (fb) BTS) – Feeling he needed to run and have a new beginning, he quit his job at Delmar Insurance and took one as the high school coach in Clairton, West Virginia. He told Lorry it would make him happy, despite there being less money.  

(Rom I#21) – Brock took Lorraine and the three children to Clairton, driving all night to get there. They met Steve Jackson and moved into their new home. Locals introduced themselves, including Reverend Walker and the Clark family (Sarah, Jonathan and Brandy). After tucking the kids into bed, Brock went for a long walk as Lorry worried about him. He wondered how he had put his family in danger. Just then, he saw a flying being in the sky, Rom, and, assuming it was a Rocketeer, he blasted into the air and attacked. Worried about doing property damage, Torpedo took the fight over the football field and he powered up a blast, determined to kill Rom. When Rom stood still, not fighting back, Torpedo discharged the blast and ended up making friends with the alien hero. Rom explained that he had battled Dire Wraiths, who dissolved to ash when killed, and Torpedo realized that not only had the Rocketeers he had killed been Dire Wraiths but the aliens may very well have been behind Stivak and the design of his suit. Rom asked Torpedo to watch over Clairton while he went off on a mission. Meanwhile, at Delmar Insurance, the Dire Wraiths found a letter from Lorry with Brock's new address on it addressed to Maggie and were determined to go after him.  

(Rom I#22 (fb) – BTS) – Rom began training Torpedo as his replacement.

(Rom I#22) – On the first day of his new job, Jones went jogging but found milkman Piney Plum in an accident. Jones took Plum to his home and then called over people from the town, including the Clarks, the Reverend, Steve Jackson and Rom. Lorry was confused until Jones revealed that he was the Torpedo, why they had moved to Clairton and about Rom and the Dire Wraiths. The Rocketeers attacked the school, putting Torpedo's children (who he called Tammy and Danny here) in danger. Rom and Torpedo battled the Rocketeers, who were revealed as Dire Wraiths, at the high school. With memories of his old football victories in his mind, Torpedo realized his jet-punches killed the aliens. Trying to protect his kids, Torpedo was briefly wounded but Rom saved him, finishing off the Rocketeers. His super hero identity now known by the entire town of Clairton, Torpedo agreed to watch the city while Rom went to check on his home planet of Galador.

(Rom I#23) – Out on patrol and worried about his ability to live up to Rom's expectations, Torpedo rushed to interrupt a mugging but a strange mist made the criminal and victim act like friends. Lorry (who didn't like Brock being Torpedo) saw the same mist calm baby Nell down.

(Rom I#24) – Returning home from patrol, Torpedo saw Lorry panicking about all three of the kids being sick; she had summoned Doc Stennis to tend to them. Jones rushed upstairs and found all the kids smiling and well as a mist rolled out of the room. Lorry screamed that the kids weren't themselves and Jones noticed that they seemed listless.

(Rom I#25) – Brandy Clark and Steve Jackson rushed over to the Jones' home, panicked to see the fog inside of it as well. Brock and Lorraine were also mesmerized.

(Rom I#26) – Steve Jackson and Brandy Clark were taken by the mesmerized people of Clairton, including the Jones family, to the old mine, where a group of Dire Wraiths revealed they had used the sorcerous Star Disc to mesmerize the entire town. They took over Brandy and Steve as well then sent the humans into stasis in the old mine. The Dire Wraiths then took the forms of the humans and waited for Rom to return.

(Rom I#27) – Torpedo and the others got control of their wills again but found themselves trapped in a white stasis cell with the Dire Wraiths sending them food periodically. Torpedo felt like a failure and found himself unable to escape.

(Rom I#28 (fb) – BTS) – Hearing about the people of Clairton being trapped, Mole Man led his forces in that direction and had his Moloids dig through the white stasis cell. The people of Clairton allied with Mole Man and those of his kingdom, including his queen Kala and the super-powered team, the Outcasts (Boulder, Digger, Landslide, Water Witch).

(Rom I#28 – BTS) – The Moloids began pulling some of the Dire Wraiths in Clairton down under the ground, where Torpedo helped defeat them.

(Rom I#28) – Rom and his ally Starshine returned from space and ended up battling the Outcasts before realizing they were allies. He heard everything that had happened with the Brocks and Clairton. A few Dire Wraiths killed Starshine before Rom banished them to Limbo.

(Rom I#29) – At the funeral for Starshine, Brock watched over his family as Rom grieved, firing upon the corpse of Starshine in order to release the essence of light contained in her armor. Jones was feeling like everything was his fault but the others reassured him and they wondered if they could equip his Torpedo visor with Wraith-detecting equipment.

(Rom I#30 (fb) – BTS) – The men at Brandy Clark's company updated Torpedo's visor to include Wraith-detecting technology and needed Rom to activate the tech.

(Rom I#30) – Torpedo and his family joined with the Clarks, Steven and Rom at Christmas time. Rom activated Torpedo's technology, warning him that it might be more of a curse than a blessing, and Torpedo immediately checked the people in the room. Ignoring the kids when they said they saw a spaceship outside, Torpedo and Lorry put the children to bed. Torpedo went patrolling with Rom, asking about his feelings for Brandy, and then they split up. Checking out the old Marks' farm, Torpedo found something that horrified him.

(Rom I#31) – At the farm, Hybrid manifested himself and easily batted aside Torpedo's attacks, including a thrown pitchfork.

(Rom I#32 (fb)) – Hybrid walked away, leaving Torpedo collapsed in the snow.

(Rom I#32) – Jones went home to his family. Recovering, with his head wrapped in bandages, he told them, Brandy, Steve and Rom about the attack and reporter Mack Killburn entered, becoming a new ally. As Rom went off to battle Hybrid, Jones, frustrated with himself, found he was too weak.

(Rom I#33) – Jones, using a crutch, felt frustrated with his injuries as Rom flew overhead. His wife and children encouraged him.

(Contest of Champions I#1) – Torpedo was among the dozens of heroes selected from Earth to participate in the Contest of Champions but he was ultimately not chosen for the fight.

(Rom I#37 (fb)) – Out on patrol, Torpedo saw Brandy at the grave of Starshine.

(Rom I#37) – Still patrolling, Torpedo told Steve about seeing Brandy.

(Rom I#40) – Having followed Steve, Torpedo found that Steve and Brandy were the captives of the Wraith warlock, Dr. Dredd. Torpedo attacked Dredd and was winning until Brandy, now with the powers of Starshine and under the control of Dredd, defeated him.

(Rom I#41) – Torpedo grabbed Steve and fled from Dr. Dredd and Starshine/Brandy. When Starshine opened fire on civilians, Torpedo was shot down from the air and crashed to the ground, full of thoughts about how he was letting everyone down. Dredd and Starshine went away as Steve tended to Torpedo, seeing if he was okay.

(Rom I#42) - Brandy's father arrived on the scene and was told by Torpedo and Steve how his daughter had been turned into Starshine to kill Rom.

(Incredible Hulk II#279) – Torpedo attended a parade celebrating the Hulk alongside many other heroes.

(Rom I#49) – Jones coached the football team at the high school when he saw Rom and Starshine (with Brandy now in control) return. He reported that things had been quiet for Torpedo lately as he put on the costume, stating that his visor hadn't detected a single Dire Wraith. Rom, Starshine and Torpedo greeted happy civilians, including Mrs. Anderson. Rom tried scanning Mr. and Mrs. Clark but they protested and Torpedo assured Rom that his visor showed them as normal. Rom and Starshine soon exposed several civilians however, including the Clarks and Steve, as Dire Wraiths, and they realized the humans had been murdered and the Wraiths had taken their place.

(Rom I#50) – Determined to retire his super hero identity once and for all now that Rom was back, the unaware Torpedo went to visit the Clarks and inside, many civilians revealed to him that they were actually Dire Wraiths and had been clouding his mind with sorcery, preventing him from seeing them. Torpedo killed several of the Wraiths but then one killed him and assumed his form and memories. At home with Lorry and the kids, the Wraith impersonating Jones was soon killed by Skrulls.

(New Warriors I#73 (fb) - BTS) - After Brock's death, Lorry took the kids and went into hiding. She sent the Torpedo suit to his cousin, Phillip Jeffries, in a box and it eventually ended up in the hands of Mike Jeffries. Years later, Mike and his friend Michiko Musashi would share the duties of wearing the suit as the heroes Turbo.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, Bob Brown and Klaus Janson.

Torpedo received a profile in Defenders: Strange Heroes.

Brock Jones had a daughter who was called both Tammy and Annie (Annie first, chronologically) and his wife was called Lorraine, Lorrain and Lorry. He was a pretty whiny character overall, walking around moping about personal responsibility and how he could never do enough and never be happy. His death was a big surprise, given this era of comics, in a storyline that killed off several major characters in Clairton.

The Turbo armor was later acquired by Mike Jeffries and Mickey Musashi, who wore it to fame in the New Warriors.

Profile by Chadman.

Torpedo should not be confused with:


(Daredevil I#134) – Dooley the chauffer took his boss Thaddeus Smythe out shopping. Coughing due to some gas in the car, Dooley didn't realize Chameleon had knocked out his boss in order to rob a jewelry store. When he found Smythe tied up, Dooley was shocked then Chameleon hit him in the head with a briefcase and fled as Dooley called for the police.

--Daredevil I#134


(Daredevil I#126) – Eddie and his girlfriend saw Daredevil showing off in the streets.

--Daredevil I#126

Frank, Amy & Kenny

(Daredevil I#127) – Frank, a black civilian living with his wife Amy and son Kenny was watching television when a battle between Daredevil and Torpedo (Brock Jones) caved in the wall of his home. As the home was destroyed, Amy cried out for them to stop and the heroes finally realized what damage they had caused.

--Daredevil I#127

Franky & Mikey

(Daredevil I#134) – After hearing cries from chauffer Dooley that a criminal had robbed his boss Thaddeus Smythe cops Franky and Mikey pursued the criminal, who was the Chameleon in disguise. When Torpedo (Brock Jones) intervened, the cops recognized him and opened fire on Torpedo, then on Daredevil when he showed up, having heard the hero was responsible for the deaths of cops in a fake news report. Franky and Mikey pursued the heroes into a crowd, but they fled again, going after Chameleon. Daredevil fled from them again as the police came to arrest Chameleon, who was defeated at the feet of Torpedo.

--Daredevil I#134

Thaddeus Smythe

(Daredevil I#134) – When the rich old man Thaddeus Smythe went out shopping with his chauffer Dooley, Chameleon knocked him out with a gas attack and left him tied up in his own car. Posing as Smythe, Chemeleon robbed a jewelry store and was soon pursued by police.

--Daredevil I#134

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