Membership: Agent 4, Agent 6, Agent 7, Filippo Ayala, "Benedict Arnold", Benson, Blue Streak, Carnation, Constrictor, Coldfire, Contract, Lyle Dekker, Duke, Harry, Hemlock, Henderson + warriors, Curtiss Jackson, Kangaroo, Kickback, Konik, Dr. Karl Malus, Manslaughter, Maris, Mister Miracle, Moonstone (Sofen), Mungo, Night Flyer, O'Connor, Rocketeers (Number 12, Wescott, many others), Simon, Senator Eugene "Kligger" Stivak, Stryke, Troubleshooter, Vamp/Animus, Veda, Veil, Wender

Purpose: Nationwide business-like criminal organization

Affiliations: Dr. Faustus;
    They sought an alliance with Fu Manchu, but he refused.

Enemies: Agent, Nathaniel "Blackbyrd" Byrd, Luke Cage (Power Man), Captain America, Dakota North, Lt. Jimmy D'Angelo, Heroes for Hire (Black Cat, Humbug, Misty Knight, Orka, Shang-Chi, Colleen Wing), Hulk, Iron Fist, Jack of Heart, S.H.I.E.L.D., Shang-Chi, Trish Starr, Tinkerer, White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

Base of Operations: Through out the US, with a east-coast leader in Senator Stivak, and a west-coast leader in Curtiss Jackson; el Tigre (see below)

First Appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#22/2 (March, 1976), Incredible Hulk II#212 (BTS), Captain America I#213 (September 1977)


(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#23/2 (fb)) - Maris attempted to negotiate with inventor Philip Hart to gain the secret of the Zero Fluid, a totally clean, immensely powerful liquid fuel. When Hart refused, Maris called in a hovercraft full of armed Corporation agents (Assault Forces A and B). The men killed Hart, but his son, Jack, dodged their fire and hid out by the tank of Zero Fluid. Surprisingly enough, in the course of the battle, the Zero Fluid got dumped all over Jack, turning him into the Jack of Hearts. Using his newfound power, Jack took out Maris and the two Corporation Assault Forces. Having heard Maris mention that "The Tiger" was waiting for him in the Bronx, Hart assumed this to be the White Tiger, a costumed figure operating out of the Bronx.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#22/2, 23/2 - BTS) - The Jack of Hearts located and attacked the White Tiger, who, after a series of struggles (and an arrest), was able to convince him he had no connection to his father's death.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#24/2, 26) - While at the police station, they were assaulted by Corporation agents serving Stryke (who was absent). The two heroes, assisted by Blackbyrd and Lt. D'Angelo, fought off their assailants.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#27, 29/2) - The four next followed a lead to the el Tigre bar in the South Bronx, where they came to a dead end when their would-be informant named the White Tigre as "el Tigre." However, the 13-year-old Marguerita Yvette Molina, nicknamed "Cheeky", had been following them, and she unwittingly set off and was killed by a bomb set (presumably by the Corporation) for the White Tiger. Meanwhile, Filippo Ayala came home and collapsed, claiming that Maris had strapped a bomb to him that would explode if he didn't deliver a large amount of opium.

(Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#30, 31) - Some of Maris' enforcers broke into the Awilda Ayala's apartment, to force him to come with them. The White Tiger was coming home, saw this, and defeated the assailants. Philippo, still wearing Maris' bomb, led the White Tiger to the true el Tigre, which was a ship which was supposed to be Maris headquarters. The White Tiger snuck on board the ship, while Jack of Hearts, who had followed them, met up with Philippo. Jack of Hearts told him that he wouldn't be getting the key to the bomb from Maris, since Maris was killed shortly after he had gained his powers.
Stryke and his armored assassins then arrived and attacked the Jack of Hearts, as the White Tiger was captured by Mr. Wender and other Corporation agents aboard "el Tigre.". Then the cavalry showed up: Blackbyrd and D'Angelo arrived with back-up, in the form of Iron Fist and Shang-Chi. The battle between the heroes and Stryke and his forces raged out of control, resulting in the crashing of the helicopter Blackbyrd was flying, which in turn, set "el Tigre" on fire. The effects of the battle rocked the ship, allowing the White Tiger to get the upper hand on his captors.
The White Tiger walked in to the Corporation's meeting room, and found all of the men dead, by mass suicide. Philippo wandered in as well, and the White Tiger revealed he knew that Philippo was the leader of this branch. Upon being confronted, Philippo drew a gun and threatened the Tiger. However, the broadcast that had caused the other Corporation members to kill themselves then played: It was a brief response from Fu Manchu, refusing to supply them with technology and finances, and telling them that such a request was beneath his notice. As the heroes finished off Stryke's forces, Philippo realized that his plans were at an end. Rather than face punishment, he set the bomb strapped to his chest with a 5 minute delay. This allowed the White Tiger, his brother, to escape el Tigre before it and Philippo were consumed in the resultant explosion.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#3 - Constrictor (fb) - BTS) - The Corporation had Justin Hammer craft the Constrictor armor.

(Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. II#36 (fb)) - Nick Fury assigned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Frank Payne to infiltrate the Corporation as a thug to shake down defense contractors for the group, but one night he wound up in a firefight when a gang of punks tried to steal some money the Corporation had been laundering. Frank had to shoot his way out, and killed some of the thieves. He went to Fury and asked to be taken off the case, but Fury sent him back out into the field, hoping he could resolve his issues there. Instead, Payne fell into madness, and became the Constrictor, signing over to the Corporation permanently. Fury informed Payne's family that he had died at sea on a business trip.

(Incredible Hulk II#211) - An agent of the Corporation disguised as a trucker gave Jim Wilson a lift to New York City when the young man was searching for his friend the Hulk. After dropping Jim off, he contacted the Constrictor to report on Wilson's whereabouts.

(Incredible Hulk II#212) - Jim Wilson was attacked by an unnamed mugger. Jim escaped and the mugger, afraid for his life, tried to run, but was captured by his boss, the Constrictor. The Constrictor shouted that he would find Jim Wilson, so he could feel the crushing power of the Constrictor. Jim called Bruce Banner, but was attacked by the Constrictor, who revealed that he had been hired by someone on the West Coast to get Jim because he was causing trouble for them.

Constrictor got unto a car and was about to get away when Bruce Banner arrived. Constrictor, unaware who the mysterious new person was, started the car, and tried to hit the person, only to learn as the car hit him that the person was, in fact, the Hulk. Hulk freed Jim from the car wreck, and began fighting Constrictor. Hulk defeated the villain when Constrictor threw his wrist-whips at him, and Hulk ducked, so Constrictor hit a lamppost's power lines instead, knocking him out.

(Captain America I#213) - While Steve Rogers was at the hospital, trying to recover from his blindness, S.H.I.E.L.D. placed another person in the same room as Steve. The person was called the Defector, and according to S.H.I.E.L.D., someone was out to kill him. A few hours later, a sleeper agent inside S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to kill the Defector, but was stopped by Steve Rogers. Kligger and Veda learned that their sleeper agent had failed, and the two of them agreed upon sending the super assassin Night Flyer to get the Defector. Although Kligger had some reservations on using Night Flyer, Veda convinced him. Veda called Night Flyer and sent him off to his mission. Night Flyer began his mission by flying to the hospital where the Defector was being held. Night Flyer was attacked by Falcon and some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but managed to get into the hospital room, to get a clear shot at the Defector. Only then did he learn that the person lying in the bed was a dummy.

(Captain America I#214) - The Night Flyer, surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Steve Rogers and Falcon, began to fight his way out of the hospital. At first Night Flyer managed to escape, but Falcon soon found him again. Night Flyer defeated Falcon, and was soon after met by his contact. Unknown to both of them, Steve Rogers (as Captain America) had managed to follow the contact, and found the place where Night Flyer hid. He began to fight Night Flyer. At the same time S.H.I.E.L.D. officers discovered the Night Flyer's hang glider in the air, and sent missiles against it. When the missiles hit the hang glider, it exploded, and at the same time Night Flyer collapsed. Soon after S.H.I.E.L.D. agents founds the room where Captain America and Falcon fought Night Flyer. Night Flyer was seemingly dead, killed when the hang glider was destroyed. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents took the contact person with them, calling him Benedict, to which the Falcon added "Arnold".

(Marvel Premiere#39) - Sent by "The Man" to get the torpedo costume, the Rocketeers fought Torpedo. Two of them were defeated by Torpedo but the third one escaped, and managed to cut off Torpedo's jets so Torpedo couldn't follow him. Later, in the headquaters of "The Man", the escaped Rocketeer named Wecsott reported to "The Man" about the failed attempt to get the Torpedo costume. "The Man" demanded of Wescott that he needed to get the costume: he was given one more chance and if he failed, he wouldn't live to regret it. Later "The Man" met with Agent 7 and two other unnamed agents. While Agent 7 doubted the plans, "The Man" was very confident--he declared that they would win. Later the Rocketeers began looking for another fight with Torpedo. They found him, and began fighting him. After a long fight with the Rocketeers, one of them revealed that "The Man" was behind both the design of the Rocketeers and the Torpedo costume. After having revealed that, he knocked Torpedo down, and left him in the ruins of a Con Edison Plant where a power surge was about to explode. The Rocketeers left shortly before the power surge went off.

(Marvel Premiere#40) - But after they had left, Torpedo managed to stop the power surge from exploding. At the office of "The Man", "The Man" yelled at Wescott for failing once again. He gave him one last chance to get the Torpedo costume, and if he failed, he would be killed. Meanwhile Brock Jones, aka Torpedo, put two and two together to find out who "The Man" was. As Brock Jones he paid Senator Stivak a visit. Later, as Torpedo, he broke into the office of Senator Stivak only to learn that the senator had been sent by a foreign power years ago, working both sides, gaining power and respect in the USA. Suddenly the Rocketeers arrived and attacked Torpedo and knocked him out. They took him to a place in Westchester. After learning that they couldn't take the costume off Torpedo, they began to torture him with high voltage. But Torpedo escaped and defeated the Rocketeers and Senator Stivak.






(Marvel Premiere#44) - Jack of Hearts battled the Corporation's hitman Hemlock.

(Marvel Two-In-One#47) - At Ben Grimm's birthday, he was asked by his old friends in the Yancy Street Gang for help. He used an Airjet-Cycle to go to Yancy Street. There he was attacked by 5 robots. The Yancy Street gang joined the fight, but Thing was knocked out by a mysterious beam from the robots. Elsewhere the mastermind behind the attack said to his assistant that it was "The Corporation" which had hired him to attack Thing. The mastermind was revealed as Machinesmith employed by the Corporation's representative Carnation.

(Marvel Two-In-One#48) - As Jack of Hearts was training, he said to himself that his recent battle with Hemlock proved that The Corporation that was responsible for the death of his father still exsisted. His butler Martins came with a letter. The letter was from The Corporation, who wanted to have a "meeting" with Jack of Heart at Pier 9/Hudson River Line. Meanwhile in Machinesmith's headquaters, Thing and the Yancy Street Gang were being held captive. Machinesmith revealed his plans to Thing--he wanted to mind-control the Thing so he could get his hands on Reed Richards' technological secrets, and in the end run The Corporation. The mind-control worked, and Machinesmith put Thing to a few tests. Later Jack of Hearts arrived at Pier 9, where he was first attacked by the same robots who attacked Thing before. Then he was attacked by the mind-controlled Thing. Meanwhile in Machinesmith's headquaters, the Yancy Street Gang managed to free themselves and began to beat Machinesmith's helpers. Jack of Hearts managed to defeat the mind-controlled Thing, and the Yancy Street Gng defeated Machinesmith and his men. Thing and Jack of Hearts went to Machinesmith's headquaters, only to find that the Yancy Street Gang had defeated the villains. Jack of Hearts walked over to the body of Machinesmith, discovering that he had no pulse, only to learn that he was a robot.

(Captain America I#217) - Captain America and Falcon arrived at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquaters, where they learned that the double agent "Benedict Arnold" was being interrogated. Nick Fury told the two superheroes that an organization named "The Corporation" had infiltrated the S.H.I.E.L.D. complex. After "Benedict Arnold" was released from the interrogating machine, he licked his finger and dropped down, killed by poison on his finger. After the incident Nick Fury took Captain America and Falcon to another room in the headquaters where he introduced him to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s newest super-agents -- Blue Streak, Vamp, Texas Twister and Marvel Man. Nick Fury asked Captain America if he wanted to lead the super-agents but he refused. Nick then asked Falcon who accepted. When Captain America left the headquaters, he was watched by Kligger and Veda. Veda said that it was ironic that one of the new super-agents was a double-agent working for the Corporation. Later, Steve Rogers saw a woman attacked by 3 men. He rescued her and was hereby introduced to Veda. She revealed that she knew he was Captain America.

(Captain America I#218) - After having rescued Veda, he changed into his Captain America costume, and left with her. Soon they were attacked by four men with machine guns. All of the men were defeated by Captain America, and two policemen arrived to take them to jail. Afterwards Captain America took Veda to the Avengers Mansion, where Veda showed Captain America an old picture of a woman from Captain America's past --Agent R, whom Veda revealed to be her mother, and said that her mother died 10 years after the war. Meanwhile at the S.H.I.E.L.D. complex, Sharon Carter watched as the super-agents trained with Falcon.

(Captain America I#220) - While Captain America had left the Avengers Mansion, Veda was still there. Jarvis offered her a martini or cup of hot chocolate, but Veda politely declined the offer. Jarvis left the room, and afterwards Veda contacted Kligger. Kligger was angered at Veda for being late, but didn't take her off the project. Kligger revealed that he had the perfect person for the termination of Captain America. A person in shadows was seen.

(Captain America I#222) - After the fight with Lyle Dekker, Captain America had returned to his apartment, suddenly he was attacked by a flying [special note: had to be flying why else could a VW drive through a window on the third floor] driverless volkswagon driving through Steve's window. After trying to escape from the VW in the apartment, Steve finally jumped out of another window, the VW followed, but crashed to the ground. The elderly woman living downstairs was very surprised and shocked when she saw what had happened. Captain America asked her if he could use the phone, and he called Jarvis to check on Veda. Jarvis said that she had left for Washington. Then he called Nick Fury and told him, that he would be leaving for a few weeks. After that he left the elderly woman's apartment. After Captain America had left, the elderly woman pulled off her mask, revealing
her true identity as Veda. Veda called Kligger to tell him that Captain America was still alive. Meanwhile Captain America took a train to go to Washington D.C, to find his past. He learned that his parents were named Walter and Elizabeth and that he had an older brother. Shocked to learn this, Captain America decided to go see the statue of Abraham Lincoln, "seeking advice from his old friend". While at the monument, the statue suddenly came to life, and started to attack Captain America. He managed to destroy the statue, only to hear someone laughing, then a monster attacked him.

(Captain America I#223) - Captain America was attacked by the monster, who revealed that he was named Animus. Captain America managed to defeat the monster, but just before he could give the monster the final blow, the monster disappeared. Captain America left the place and returned to his hotel. There he was met by Veda, and had a short conversation with her before she left and Steve went to sleep. Before he went to sleep, he called Nick Fury in order to get some information on Veda and Agent R, and to tell him that he wouldn't have S.H.I.E.L.D. placing bugs everywhere in order to check him. The next day he met Veda at a restaurant, having dinner with her before going back to New York. After the dinner, Steve left, and Veda recieved a phone call from Kligger. Kligger told Veda that the board had ordered Captain America terminated. Veda told Kligger that Captain America would leave by train. While at the train, Captain America was once again attacked by Animus; again the two fought, and again Capain America managed to defeat the monster, and just as before Animus vanished again.

(Captain America I#225) - Veda returned to the office of Kligger. There Kligger said to Veda that S.H.I.E.L.D. was investigating Veda and her mother's past. Veda knew this was a problem, but also said that Kligger had a problem concerning the fact that Kligger had been behind at least two failed attempts on Captain America's life. After Veda said that she'd prefer to be Kligger's even-closer ally than his enemy, Kligger answered that she had become a terrible liability to The Corporation, and he terminated her.

(Machine Man I#7) - Peter Spaulding was being kidnapped by unknown men. The men left a note in Spaulding's bedroom, revealing that they really wanted Machine Man. Machine Man left Spaulding's house; outside he was met by a helicopter pilot who said he was to bring Machine Man to Peter Spaulding and his kidnappers. When the helicopter reached the destination, Machine Man jumped off the helicoper and leaped into an abandoned missile silo. There a voice called to him, a screen appeared and Curtiss Jackson was seen as well as Peter Spaulding. Peter shouted to Machine Man that the men wanted to make copies of Machine Man.

(Machine Man I#8) - Jackson agreed to let Peter Spaulding go. When Spaulding was sent away with a helicopter, Machine Man decided that he should try to walk away, but Jackson (as a "warning") shot a beam of corrosive acid. Machine Man then decided to wait for a while. He changed his mind, and used his rocket-jets to get out of the missile silo. He succeeded, but while in the air, he was shot down by a beam. While Machine Man dropped to the ground, more men arrived. Machine Man was taken into a special truck, in order to take him to Jackson. When he arrived, Jackson revealed that he was part of "The Corporation". He then shot Machine Man with a sonic beam, leaving him "dead" [well, as dead as a machine can be]. They began to research his body. When they decided to take a short break, Machine Man "woke up" again, and escaped and began to hunt for "The Corporation" men.

(Machine Man I#9) - Duke, a member of the upper echelon of the Corporation, informed the director of their illegal arms division, Konik, that he would acquire a new weapon. Duke told Konik this weapon wasn't the solar rifle that he had been eyeing, rather it was Machine Man. Konik infiltrated Peter Spaulding's hotel room disguised as Miles Baker, an attorney offering to help Machine Man from being dismantled. In this guise, Konik persuaded Machine Man into disarming his weapon systems. Grabbing Konik, Machine Man detected a "dubious kind of metal" on his person which turned out to be a sonic blaster. Following this, a scuffle broke out between Machine Man and the Corporation agent and ended with the android disarming Konik of his blaster and plastic, torso-mounted electric generator. Unknowingly, another weapon of Konik's was stripped of him during battle and then picked up and accidentally activated by Spaulding--his solar-powered heat beam monocle! The ensuing inferno allowed Konik to escape into a waiting helicopter piloted by another Corporation agent, Mungo. Konik assured Mungo that he would succeed next time, and Mungo responded, "You'd better! The Corporation allows you only two tries!"

(Incredible Hulk II#228) - As Karla Sofen came to the Gamma Base to meet with Doc Samson, she told him that she would help him with his patient Hulk. Doc Samson was excited to work with her, and agreed that she could be of greeat help. But after getting access to the base Karla began to look around. While getting access to a restricted area by a mysterious beam, she went into a room, revealing her true motive as an operative of "The Corporation", she even revealed that she had levitating powers. Hulk suddenly woke up in another room, and accidentally activated an alarm. Karla thought it was she that set off the alarm, and transformed herself into her other identity as Moonstone. She began to fight Hulk. Karla tried to trick General Ross and Doc Samson, none of whom could see either Hulk or her, when she called them and said Hulk had run amok. Hulk grabbed her, and stood with her in a hole in the wall, seemingly unconscious, but now she had changed to her civilian form so as to appear an innocent victim of the Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#229) - General Ross, Jim Wilson and Doc Samson looked at them thinking Hulk had run amok and taken Karla Sofen hostage. Doc Samson shouted to Hulk that he should let Karla Sofen go, Hulk looked at Karla, and didn't understand why he had her instead of Moonstone. Hulk agreed to let Doc Samson have Karla. Karla, afraid that they might discover that she was the new Moonstone, caused an explosion, but Hulk saved them. After her first attempt failed, she tried to shoot Hulk in the neck with a small beam. This time it was succesful, and Hulk began to fight the soldiers and Doc Samson. While everybody's eyes were on Hulk, Karla returned as Moonstone, and began to fight him. During the fight Moonstone discovered just how powerful Hulk was; just before Hulk had a chance to beat her, General Ross joined her. Surprised she lost her concentration and transformed back to Karla Sofen. Ross was shocked to learn that their new helper Karla Sofen was also Moonstone, and Hulk learned that Karla and Moonstone were one and the same as well. Karla tried to win the situation by changing back and forth between Karla and Moonstone, causing Ross to have a nervous breakdown. Doc Samson arrived only seeing Karla and Hulk standing over Ross' catatonic body.

(Incredible Hulk II#230) - At the hospital ward of the Gamma Base, Clay Quatermain came to tell Doc Samson that a few senators were coming to the Base. Doc Samson asked Karla Sofen to watch General Ross.

(Captain America I#228) - In Washington D.C, Mrs. Woodshaw called Senator Stivak and told him that the plane he ordered to take him to the Gamma Base was ready for take-off. Stivak thought to himself that he would soon get his revenge on Captain America. Meanwhile Captain America was at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Complex, learning it had been abandoned. Suddenly he heard the voice of Jasper Sitwell, and saw his face on a monitor. Jasper told Captain America that S.H.I.E.L.D. had moved their New York branch. After having finished the conversation with Jasper, Captain America had a short conersation with Vamp, who told Captain America that Falcon had been missing for days. After ending the conversation with Vamp, Cap learned that he was being watched. He was then attacked by The Constrictor. During the fight the Complex exploded.

(Captain America I#229) - Captain America managed to come out of the ruins with Constrictor, who was still unconscious. Captain America woke up Constricitor, demanding to know who set him up. Constrictor, first afraid for his own life, said they would kill him if he revealed it. Constrictor revealed that his orders were being transmitted telepathically and he didn't know who sent him, but it was the same one who sent him after "the Wilson kid". The plans began to make sense to Captain America, that one of the super-agents was a traitor. Later he left New York City after borrowing some money from Edwin Jarvis so he could get a bus to Los Angeles. He arrived at the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s West Coast complex. He broke into the complex and into the training room, where he confronted the Super-agents, accusing one of them of being a traitor. Blue Streak said to his partners "He's testing us" and
began to attack him. The rest of the agents followed. After defeating the agents, Blue Streak talked about himself, revealing that he was indeed the traitor, he tried to escape but was knocked down by Captain America's shield. Then Blue Streak was attacked by Vamp who began to beat him mercilessly (to prevent him from revealing that she, too, was a traitor). Captain America stopped her by pulling off her belt. Texas Twister decided to quit the team, and Captain America began to ask Blue Streak questions about Falcon. Blue Streak revealed that Falcon was at Alcatraz.

(Incredible Hulk II#231) - At Gamma Base, two senators arrived, one of them was Senator Hawk, the other one was Senator Stivak. The two senators were having a meeting with Doc Samson, Clay Quartermain and Karla Sofen. During the meeting Senator Stivak said the word "baying" to Karla Sofen, which was her "Corporation" code-phrase, thereby revealing his true identity to her. The meeting was interrupted by Jim Wilson, who said that Hulk had been spotted in California. Senator Stivak proposed that Karla Sofen, Jim Wilson and himself should take a plane to California, and they left Gamma Base. At the plane, Stivak drugged Jim Wilson and told Karla Sofen that he was secretly the head of the mid-Atlantic branch of "The Corporation", that he knew that she was a member of the west coast branch and offered her partnership.

(Captain America I#230) - Captain America, Marvel Man and Vamp went to Alcatraz. Vamp thought to herself that the splitting of the super-agents couldn't have been better if "The Corporation" had planned it. Meanwhile Fred Sloan and Bruce Banner were stopped by two police men, who shot them with tranquilizers. Then they talked with each other about a guy named Jackson, and took the van up in a large truck and took Banner and Sloan with them. Meanwhile Eugene Stivak and Moonstone had staged Senator Stivak's "death" by crashing the airplane while they were onboard. Moonstone saved Stivak and Jim Wilson -- Stivak revealed that now that Senator Stivak was "dead" he would be Kligger from now on. Meanwhile at Alcatraz, Captain America's team continued seaching for Falcon; they found him in the sub-basement and learned that Curtiss Jackson was the man behind the kidnapping of Falcon. Jackson told the three heroes that The Corporation had been behind the Constrictor's attempt to kidnap Jim Wilson. While talking to the heroes, they were interrupted by Kligger and Moonstone, who wanted to cut a deal with Curtiss Jackson: Kligger had Jim Wilson, and wanted Captain America, while Curtiss Jackson had Captan America and wanted Jim Wilson. Vamp showed her true colors when she kissed Kligger. Marvel Man, angered at the fact that Vamp was a traitor as well, began to attack. With his beam, he freed Bruce Banner, who turned into Hulk. Hulk joined the fight, but began to attack Marvel Man, whom he remembered from an earlier encounter. Captain America tried to reason with Hulk, but Hulk wasn't to be reasoned with and began to fight Captain America. Curtiss Jackson realized that it was a perfect time to flood the sub-basement, and opened the sea gate. Vamp wanted to help, and asked Kligger to give her the power. Kligger pushed a button on a small device, turning Vamp into Animus, thereby revealing the secret behind the monster. Animus joined the fight by beating Hulk with her club.

(Incredible Hulk II#232) - Captain America, Hulk and Marvel Man were defeated by Animus and Moonstone, and were lying on the floor, while Kligger, Animus and Moonstone watched them. Kligger continued his conversation with Curtiss Jackson about the deal -- that he would get Captain America for Jackson to have Jim Wilson. While the two of them negotiated, Captain America woke up. Moonstone discovered that, and blasted him with a beam. Captain America covered behind his shield, but fell in the water. Kligger was happy that his agent had succesfully rid the world of Captain America. Jim Wilson kicked Kligger, but Kligger hit Jim. Hulk woke up and saw Jim getting hit, and began to fight. He hit Moonstone, but was attacked from behind by Animus. Hulk, only more angered, began to attack Animus as well. Meanwhile Captain America managed to swim over to where Falcon was being held, broke the chains, and thereby freed his partner. The two heroes joined the fight, and Marvel Man woke up as well and joined them. Moonstone knew she hadn't a chance against the four of them, and made a run for it. Hulk managed to take Animus' club from her, and destroyed it, transforming Animus back to a now seemingly mindless Vamp, which left Kligger in the open and Curtiss in his escape tube. Kligger said that he was "An important man, a United States senator, I can't be sent to jail like some common criminal", and asked Jackson to carry out his part. Jackson did as he was told, with the words "The Corporation takes care of its own", he gunned down Kligger, and tried to gun down the heroes as well. He wasn't capable of killing the heroes, and tried to escape in his escape tube, but Hulk tried to follow him. Meanwhile Jim Wilson was freed, and was excited to learn that his uncle Sam Wilson was actually the superhero Falcon. Captain America again felt let down that a high-ranking official of the country he loved betrayed that country. He knew that it wouldn't be the last time he would be let down, and said to the others "Let's Go Home."

(Captain America I#231) - Falcon said to Captain America that he wanted to "fly solo" from now on. Falcon left with his nephew Jim. Meanwhile S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived, one of the agents began to harass the mindless Vamp. Captain America stopped the agent, and ordered them to be careful, Vamp was a prisoner and should be treated as one. Captain America took Vamp's hand and the two of them walked onboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. shuttle.

(Incredible Hulk II#233) - Hulk tried to follow Curtiss Jackson's escape tube. He almost succeeded, but Curtiss managed to press a button which made the rear compartment where Hulk was holding his grip fall off, and soon after the rear compartment exploded. Learning that there was more to the Hulk, Curtiss tried to kill him with some torpedoes, and made the sea-craft return to the surface. He rushed to a nearby docking area, where two of his men were waiting. Curtiss rushed into a car and escaped, while the two men tried to shoot Hulk with their guns, but were defeated. Meanwhile at Gamma Base, Jasper Sitwell informed Doc Samson, Senator Hawk and Clay Quartermain about Senator Stivak actually being a Corporation official, and that it was believed that Karla Sofen was actually Moonstone.

(Captain America I#231) - Captain America and Vamp arrived at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new headquaters in New York City. There Vamp was left with the S.H.I.E.L.D. authorities.

(Incredible Hulk II#234) - O'Conner received a call from Danny, one of the people living with Fred Sloan. Danny told O'Connor that Hulk was staying with Fred Sloan in Berkeley. O'Connor, glad to hear the news, immediately called The Corporation. He talked with Benson, who then delivered the news to Curtiss Jackson. Jackson saw the opportunity to get rid of the two persons who had caused him setbacks in the last two weeks -- Machine Man and Hulk. He ordered his men to go to Berkeley and kidnap Trish Starr. One of his men was dressed as Machine Man in order to blame him. After the Corporation's men had succesfully defeated Hulk, the Machine Man imposter told Hulk that if he wanted to see Trish Starr alive again he should go to Peter Spaulding's house in Central City tomorrow.

(Incredible Hulk II#235) - When Hulk and Fred Sloan arrived in Central City they were watched by forest ranger Henderson. Henderson proved to be more than a forest ranger, when he called Curtiss Jackson to tell him that Hulk had arrived. After the call, Curtiss Jackson told Trish Starr about his plans to play Machine Man and Hulk against each other. Meanwhile in the federal building, Congressman Brickman announced that Machine Man was now free, and placed in the costudy of Peter Spaulding. It was also revealed that Congressman Brickman was replacing the late Senator Stivak as senator. When Hulk and Fred Sloan arrived at Peter Spaulding's house, an agent called Jackson to inform him about the Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#236) - Outside of Peter Spauding's house, the agent called Jackson to tell him that Hulk was tearing Machine Man apart. Jackson, happy about the news, walked outside his office on the top floor of an 80-story skyscraper. There he watched Machine Man and Hulk fight through binoculars.

(Incredible Hulk II#237) - From outside his office, Jackson watched as Central City was in flames due to the fight between Machine Man and Hulk. Machine Man learned where Curtiss was holding Trish, and transmitted the info to Hulk. After learning where Trish was, the Hulk began to jump to the building. When Curtiss learned that Hulk was heading his way, Benson panicked and tried to run for the helicopter to get the three of them away. Jackson shot Benson in the back, and took Trish to the helicopter. But before they could reach the helicopter, the Hulk jumped down on it, smashing it to pieces. Curtiss threatened to kill Trish, but his gun was smashed by Machine Man. Machine Man took Jackson and Trish with him, while Hulk ran amok and destroyed the 80-story building. Machine Man took Jackson to the ground and placed him with the authorities. The Corporation was seemingly finished.

(Captain America I#236,#281 -BTS) - The Corporation set up Dr. Faustus as head of the asylum where the Captain America and Bucky of the 1950s had been imprisoned.

(Marvel Comics Presents#82/4 (fb) - BTS) - The Corporation mutated a Super-Intendant from Chicago. After basic training, they sent him home to build up his power level until he was ready to be of use for them.

(Cage I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Some faction of the Corporation reorganized, under Dr. Karl Malus, based in the America Midwest, in Taylor, Mississippi.

(Cage I#13-14) - Malus gave the Corporation's quarterly report, announcing their great profit through the development of superhumans. They had made a good profit from their private army, the Assassin Nation (Contract, Kickback, Manslaughter, and Troubleshooter). He stressed the importance of their successfully remaining America's best kept secret. Malus initiated plans to turn James Lucas into their next operative: Coldfire. However, their capture of the Agent, Rick Mason, caused his father, the Tinkerer, to recruit Cage (Lucas' brother) to rescue him. Cage was more than happy to do so after learning his brother was involved.
Cage, working alongside Dakota North, infiltrated the Corporation HQ, and freed his father (who had been kidnapped to force Lucas' compliance if needed), as well as the Agent. Upon learning that they had abducted his father, Coldfire turned against Malus and the Corporation, and attacked them. Though he was apparently destroyed as well, Coldfire destroyed the Corporation HQ, though many of its agents apparently escaped.

(Heroes for Hire II#3 (fb) - BTS) - A faction of the Corporation started a black market for Skrull organs in New York City. Transplants took place all over the city. The majority of the recipients assimilated perfectly, but a few responded violently to the organs though this didn't surprise the Corporations' scientists.

(Heroes for Hire II#2) - One of their labs was found by the New York's authorities, but before they could get a warrant it was abandoned and only a few organs were left behind. The case was investigated by Detective Benny Simmons and the Heroes for Hire.

(Heroes for Hire II#3) - One of the new higher-ups named Veil visited the Corpration's technological and research facility on Hart Island off the coast of NYC. The scientist Simon reported to Veil about the success of Skrull organ transplants and some of the problems they had. Behind them many scientists worked on test subjects. Simon then introduced Veil to Kingsize, Ferocia, Blue Streak and Flame, who had all received Skrull organs. Veil told them that she would ask them for one favor. A short time later the villainous quartet broke into Sing Sing and freed Ricadonna.

(Heroes for Hire II#4) - Ricadonna hired mercenaries to take out the allies of Misty and Colleen, but they all failed. Ricadonna stayed with Kingsize, Flame, Blue Streak and Ferocia at the Hart Island facility and waited. Meanwhile scientists continued their experiments on many subjects. On the outside inmates from Ryker's dug some graves.

(Heroes for Hire II#5) - The Heroes for Hire broke into the Hart Island facility. An alarm went off because Humbug's cockroaches missed a few wires when they ate the security wires. Scientists fled while Night Fliers and other robots attacked the Heroes for Hire. The Corporation's super-agents Flame, Kingsize, Ferocia and Blue Streak were all knocked out during their fight against the Heroes for Hire. Ricadonna was harder to beat, but she crashed into the Skrull organ generator which was supposed to be blown up by Black Cat and Humbug. Those two activated the charges anyway and escaped through an escape tunnel beneath the building with Kingsize, Flame, Blue Streak and Ferocia. Ricadonna was left behind because she was trapped in the Skrull organ generator. All scientists fled through escape routes before the building was blown up and some of them planned to leave the country because they were afraid that they would be fired. During the explosion an even more powerful Ricadonna got out as well.

COMMENTS: Created by Bill Mantlo, Keith Giffen and Rico Riva (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu version), Jack Kirby (Captain America version), further developed by Roger Stern, Marv Wolfmann, Steve Dikto

Profile by the Beetle, update by Kyle, Prime Eternal, Snood and Markus Raymond.

    Interestingly enough, in Cap225, when Kligger executes Veda, he mentions getting permission from the Corporation's Board of Directors...hmmm...who might they be?--Snood.

    Neither the Corporation, nor anyone else connected to the Marvel Universe, was in Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#25 or 28...which was less than satisfying, since I spent a long time and a few dollars tracking them down.--Snood.

   Unless its proven differently, we'll ASSume the Corporation seen in Cage#13,14 to be the mid-west branch of the original group, the only surviving one after its East and West Coast branches were wiped out.

According to the Silvermane entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#10, the faction of HYDRA that was led by Silvermane had been financed by the Corporation, who wanted to run it along the lines of a big business. If you want to accept the OHOTMU entry as canon, this would make the Corporation behind the scenes supplying money for HYDRA's operations in Daredevil I#123 (flashback- recruitment of Silvermane), Giant-Size Creatures#1, Daredevil I#118, 120-123. This all preceded the actual "first appearance" of the Corporation and it obviously wasn't meant to be part of the original stories at that time.

I doubt that Kirby intended his version to be the one used in the DHOKF stories, and I think later writers just wanted to tie the Mantlo and Kirby stories together (also noticing the resemblance between Kligger and Senator Stivak).
--Continental Op

The Corporation's appearance in the storyarc in Heroes for Hire II is problematic. Like before in Cage it was never stated that this is the same Corporation, but with former Corporation agents like Night Flyer and Blue Streak running around in this story it was likeley another comeback attempt of the Corporation. Until proven differently we'll assume that it was them again.
--Markus Raymond

The Corporation has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1970's Handbook.

The Corporation: possible Timely Comics appearance (Black Marvel story) based off description in Machine Man #7 (Oct/78) "Combine of crooks bein' formed. Just like a big corporation." (panel 4, Black Marvel story, GA Timely). Compare this with Machine Man #7 (1978) "Highly organized criminal combine" (panel 6 ) --Gammatotem

The Corporation should not be confused with:

Stryke has no known connection to:

el Tigre, the ship, has no known connections to:

Torpedo, Brock Jones, should be distinguished from:

The White Tiger, Hector Ayala has no connection to:

Kligger,aka Senator Stivak - the East-coast leader of The Corporation. Stivak was a US senator, born in the European country of Yugoslavia, but moved to the United States. Instead of capture, Stivak sacrificed himself, when he asked Curtiss Jackson to gun him down.


Curtiss Jackson - After the fall of The Corporation, Curtiss Jackson became the Power Broker
--entry in OHotMU Master Edition, under Power Broker.




Filippo "Pito" Ayala-the brother of Awilda and Hector Ayala, the original White Tiger. He was the son of Maria and Nestor Ayala. He posed as a drug addict, while secretly holding a high ranking position in the Corporation. To keep pretenses up, he posed as a pawn of Maris. It was Filippo who directed the attempts to gain the Zero Fluid, which resulted in the murder of Philip Hart, and the empowerment of his son, Jack. His deception was so good that many agents of the Corporation didn't know his true role, including Stryke, who struck him down during the fight. Filippo's plans outreached reality, and he risked everything, thinking he could gain an alliance with Fu Manchu, who had no interest in dealing with him. His dreams shattered, he committed suicide.
--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#27 (20/2-BTS, 27, 29-31






"Benedict Arnold"- aka the "Sleeper Agent". A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working as a double-agent for The Corporation. Benedict Arnold was Night Flyer's contact at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquaters. After Night Flyer was seemingly killed, Benedict was taken in to be interrogated. Seemingly brainwashed, he was released from the interrogating machine, only to lick his finger, containing poison, thereby committing suicide.
--Captain America I#214 (217





Benson-an agent of Curtiss Jackson, he acted as both his enforcer and his helicopter pilot. However, when the Hulk came after them, there was only room for two in the chopper, and Jackson wanted to keep Trish Starr as a hostage, so he shot Benson in the back and killed him
--Incredible Hulk II#234 (235-237


Blue Streak



Constrictor - While in New York City, looking for his friend Hulk, Jim Wilson was attacked by an unnamed mugger. He escaped the mugger, afraid for his life, and tried to run, but he was captured by his boss, the Constrictor. Constrictor's first assignment for the Corporation was to kidnap Jim Wilson; he failed when he was defeated by Hulk. Later he was sent to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Complex to get Captain America.





A member of the upper echelon of the Corporation, it was he who sent Konik after Machine Man

--Machine Man I#9




Harry - low ranking agent of The Corporation, who tried to protect Curtiss Jackson from Hulk.
--Incredible Hulk II#233







Henderson - A forest ranger, also on the pay roll for "The Corporation". When Hulk and Fred Sloan arrived in Central City, Henderson called Curtiss Jackson to inform him about Hulk.
--Incredible Hulk II#235






The director of the Corporation's illegal arms division, he was sent by Duke to acquire Machine Man. Konik infiltrated Peter Spaulding's hotel room disguised as Miles Baker, an attorney that might help Machine Man from being dismantled. In this guise, Konik persuaded Machine Man into disarming his weapon systems. Grabbing Konik, Machine Man detected a "dubious kind of metal" on his person which turned out to be a sonic blaster. Following this, a scuffle broke out between Machine Man and the Corporation agent and ended with the android disarming Konik of his blaster and plastic, torso-mounted electric generator. Unknowingly, another weapon of Konik's was stripped of him during battle and then picked up and accidentally activated by Spaulding--his solar-powered heat beam monocle! The ensueing inferno allowed Konik to escape into a waiting helicopter piloted by another Corporation agent, Mungo. Konik assured Mungo that he would succeed next time.

--Machine Man I#9


Machinesmith - The Corporation hired Machinesmith to attack the Fantastic Four; he started by attacking the Thing.




Malus, Karl


Mister Miracle


Hey, who's this guy? Your guess is as good as mine. He was pictured as one of the agents of the Corporation at their quarterly meeting.


--Cage I#13

Forgot to mention this before, but as Cheyne reminded me: "Mister Miracle" in that profile is the splitting image of the Miracle Man, the old Thing/Fantastic Four enemy.
Yep...another unresolved mystery.



Mr. Maris-posed as the mastermind behind the attempts to gain the Zero Power by the coercion of Philip Hart. However, he was actually an agent of Filippo Ayala, who merely posed as his pawn to keep up appearances.
--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#23/2




Moonstone - After having gained superhuman powers, Karla joined The Corporation. She used her identity as Dr. Karla Sofen to get access to Gamma Base, where she (as Moonstone) fought Hulk. After the fall of The Corporation, Karla had worked with other supercriminals, and lately she joined the superhero-wannabe team Thunderbolts.





A helicopter pilot, Mungo rendezvoused with Konik, allowing him to escape the battle with Machine Man. He then warned Konik that a second failure would not be tolerated.

--Machine Man I#9



Night Flyer

O'Connor - low ranking agent of The Corporation. When he was contacted by an informer named "Danny" about the whereabouts of Hulk, he called Curtiss Jackson.
--Incredible Hulk II#234







(name unrevealed)-He was the leader of Assault Force C, which he sent after the White Tiger, and later led in combat against the Jack of Hearts, Blackbyrd, D'Angelo, Iron Fist, and Shang-Chi. Stryke held his own against the Jack of Hearts, until he was kicked from behind by Iron Fist. After that, it was all downhill for him. Jack of Hearts took out his anger over his father's death on Stryke, executing him while he stood there, helplessly.
Stryke was a skilled assassin. He was experienced in the martial arts. He wore plated body armor and used a number of traditional martial arts weapons. He used a set of nuchaks which were apparently energized to enhance their striking force.
--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#31 (24/2+26-BTS, 31)







el Tigre-At first it seemed to be the mysterious leader of the Corporation, and the man behind Jack of Heart's father's death. In reality, it was the ship which served as the branch of the Corporation run by Filippo Ayala. It was destroyed during the fight between Stryke and his agents, and the heroes.
--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#31 (23/2(fb)-BTS, 31





The Vamp/Animus proto-husk duplicate (not a clone!) of Vamp/Animus was created by Arnim Zola, @ Deadpool III#6



Mr. Wender-one of the Corporation agents based out of "el Tigre", serving under Filippo Ayala. He directed the agents who briefly captured the White Tiger, but lost all advantage when the ship was rocked by the battle above. When Filippo found him, he was dazed and mumbling about the Tiger's burning eyes (probably some reference to "Tiger Tiger, burning bright...."). It seems unlikely that he would have made it off the boat before Filippo blew it up minutes later.
--Deadly Hands of Kung Fu#31



Wescott - criminal, hired by Eugene Kligger Stivak as one of his Rocketeers, after he rescued him from jail, where he was put in by Daredevil.
--Daredevil I#131 (Marvel Premiere#39, 40



Agent 4 - High ranking agent of The Corporation.
--Marvel Premiere#40




Agent 6 - High ranking agent of The Corporation.
--Marvel Premiere#40




Agent 7 - female high ranking agent of The Corporation.
--Marvel Premiere#39



Number 12 - One of the Rocketeers used in the fight against Torpedo.
--Marvel Premiere#39 (40



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