Real Name: Brian Hibbs

Identity/Class: Human technology user (not Australian)

Occupation: Professional criminal;
    former professional baseball player and interior decorator

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Sinister Sixteen (Armadillo, Beetle/Janice Lincoln, Bi-Beast, Boomerang/Fred Myers, Clown, Cyclone/Pierre Fresson, Human Fly, "Man Mountain", Mirage, Overdrive, Scorcher, Shriek, Speed Demon, Spot, Squid), the Corporation and the Spider-Man Revenge Squad (--aka the Legion of Losers)

Affiliations: Aragorn, Big Wheel, Bushmaster (Quincy McIver), Cyclone, Dragon Man, Frog-Man, Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Gibbon, Goldbug, Grizzly (Max Markham), Man-Bull, Mandrill, Mauler (Brendan Doyle), Mongoose, Owl (Leland Owlsley), Punisher (Frank Castle), Rhino, Senor Suerte, Shocker (Herman Schultz), Spot, Swarm, Tiger Shark, Vulture (Adrian Toomes);
formerly Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Enemies: Chameleon, the Cruisers, "Big Ben" Donovan, Bob Farrell (Rocket Racer), Frog-Man, Gibbon, Grizzly, Hypno-Hustler, Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha Kravinoff), Lady Deathstrike, Misty Knight, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Tenacious Tadpole, Tombstone, Colleen Wing

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Frank Oliver, Billy Bob Jenks

Base of Operations: Mobile in the USA;
    formerly The Cage prison;
    formerly an apartment in Manhattan;
    formerly Corporation headquarters, Taylor, Mississippi

First Appearance:     (pictured) Cage I#13 (April, 1993);
    (seen) Spectacular Spider-Man II#242 (January, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: The Kangaroo is an athlete and is very strong, though not superhumanly so. He specializes in leaping. He has achieved a reputation as a highly skilled fighter, though he did not demonstrate such skills against Spider-Man. Perhaps he was too intimidated in his first encounter with a super-hero? He has taken to wearing a costume which enhanced his strength and leaping ability, and has a semi-prehensile tail plus a pouch-level cannon.

It has been stated that he was a super-powered villain on one occasion, but that is not 100% certain (see comments). At one point, he appeared to have taken some sort of steroid, or growth hormone (MGH?), as he dwarfed Tombstone, who is 6'7." However, this size seems to have faded, and he has reverted back to his Oliver-like appearance.

Height: 5' 11"; briefly 7' 7"
Weight: 205 lbs; briefly 377 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#244 (fb)) - Although not native to Australian, Brian Hibbs idolized the original Kangaroo, Frank Oliver. When he died, Hibbs knew it was his density--I mean, destiny--to replace him. He spent years studying his career of the Kangaroo--all two adventures of it, learning to imitate his style and speech.

(Spider-Man Encyclopedia (fb) - BTS) - Not ready to try his hand against the likes of Spider-Man, Hibbs adopted the costume and the appearance of Oliver down to the last detail, but got a job working for the Corporation, operating out of the town of Taylor, Mississippi.

(Cage I#13-BTS) - The Kangaroo was pictured as one of the active operatives of the Corporation, though he is not seen in action.

(Spider-Man Encyclopedia (fb) - BTS) - After proving successful against the non-costumed crowd, Hibbs decided he was now ready to join the big leagues.



(Spectacular Spider-Man II#242) - The Kangaroo went bouncing through the streets of New York, warning everyone to get out of the way. Spider-Man swooped down and dropped him with a single punch.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#244 (fb)) - The Kangaroo was arrested by the police, but escaped on the way to his arraignment. He then spent half of his trust fund ordering a suit of Kangaroo battle-armor from the "Sharper Villain Catalogue."

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#244) - Back for more and wearing his new armor, the Kangaroo leapt down the streets, bouncing off of the tops of cars, until Spidey side-swiped him and knocked him into an alley. Protected from the impact by his armor, Hibbs got back on his feet and unveiled his deadly pouch cannon, which Spidey then webbed shut. Heedless of the potential consequences, Hibbs fired the cannon, which blew up...right in his...pouch region. Hibbs quickly passed out, and Spidey left him webbed to a lamp post. He was freed by the Grizzly.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#245) - The Kangaroo questioned the wisdom of Grizzly's proposed Spider-Man Revenge Squad.  After the Grizzly kicked him in the tucus, he headed out to get his battle armor repaired, and then go see his proctologist. The other two team-mates showed up--the Spot and the Gibbon--and the Kangaroo fainted after hearing that the Spot had spent an hour looking for a parking spot, when he could have just teleported there...

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#246) - Internal strife developed amongst the Revenge Squad, as the Kangaroo and the Spot were more interested in robberies and wealth, than going after the web-slinger. The Kangaroo--having sewn most of his costume together, except the pants (damaged beyond repair), and so he was wearing polka dot boxers--wanted to use the money they made to order an atomic cannon from the Sharper Villains Catalog...or maybe that gizmo that would shrink people..."Cops couldn't hurt us if they were only two inches tall!"

At any rate, the Revenge Squad soon ran into Spidey, who was on the verge of defeating them, before getting cold-cocked by the Gibbon and gut-stomped by the Kangaroo. They brought Spidey back to their secret headquarters--err, make that the Grizzly 's apartment, but they were soon at each other's throats. Grizzly and the Gibbon wanted to return the money they had stolen and go straight, and the other two...didn't want to do that. The Kangaroo knocked himself out by jumping at the Grizzly, who ducked, and flying through the Spot and into a wall. Spidey carted the Kangaroo and Spot off to prison, but gave the other two a chance to prove themselves as non-criminals.

(Spider-Man Encyclopedia (fb) - BTS) - The series of humiliations pushed Hibbs to try to further emulate his idol, by gaining actual super-powers, under unknown circumstances.

(Nova III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Perhaps because his mutations were affecting his mind, Hibbs decided to abandon the super-villain game and try a new path altogether. Taking the name Billy Bob Jenks, he became a professional baseball player, achieving super-star status as part of the major league in the process. However, when it was learned that he was actually the Kangaroo, he was expelled from the league.

BTS - Under unknown circumstances, the Kangaroo was imprisoned in the Cage, where superhuman powers are dampened. He took this time to re-dedicate himself to his original goal of emulating Oliver, training himself to be a master combatant.

(Tangled Web of Spider-Man#5, 6) - The Kangaroo was in the Cage (or another maximum security prison) when the Rhino passed through a couple of time.

(Wolverine II#164, [165]) - Wolverine was briefly imprisoned in the Cage, where the Kangaroo made a name for himself due to his fighting prowess, alongside the likes of Batroc.

(Spider-Man Encyclopedia (fb) - BTS) - The combination of the stress of imprisonment and his string of failures (or perhaps the increased physical exertion required to improve his fighting skills) catalyzed the progression of his mutation, causing Hibbs' body to grow in size, all the while his mind continued to deteriorate. In a short time period, he came to believe that he actually was Oliver. No longer able to even read, he began speaking in a thick, thick, thick, virtually unintelligible Australian accent.

(Tangled Web of Spider-Man#16) - Still in the Cage, the Kangaroo confronted the recently imprisoned Tombstone, who had recently suffered a heart attack. The Kangaroo told him that he was now small potatoes, and made some nasty physical assault reference. Both powerless due to the energy field at the Cage, Tombstone kicked the Kangaroo in the...pouch region and the two fought savagely, until Tombstone had another heart attack, at which point the Kangaroo smashed him to the ground.

Tombstone made a few allies--Ben Donovan, Rob Farrell, and the Hypno-Hustler--who ambushed and held the Kangaroo so that Tombstone could attack him with a pair of scissors, but the guards broke it up and threw Tombstone into solitary confinement.

(Tangled Web of Spider-Man#17) - While Tombstone was locked up, the Kangaroo laid a heavy beat down on his new friends. However, as Tombstone was prepared for surgery, he set a trap for the Kangaroo: He had one of the guards tell Kangaroo he could catch Tombstone under anesthesia if he squeezed through a heating vent. Kangaroo's huge shoulders got stuck in the vent, leaving the other half of him hanging out, for the second part of the trap: the Cruisers. As this is a mostly PG site, I won't get into what the Cruisers did to the Kangaroo, but suffice it to say that it was a real pain in the butt.


(Underworld#3) - Looking just like Oliver again, Hibbs was playing poker at the Satan's Circus bar when a badly beaten Jackie Dio entered.


(Daughters of the Dragon#3) - Back in his old mechanical suit, the Kangaroo was present at the Rascal Tavern when Colleen Wing and Misty Knight came seeking information on Celia Ricadonna. Kangaroo accused them of stupidity for having shown up at a super-villain bar, and Misty dropped him with a forearm to the face.

(Civil War: War Crimes) - Still in his Oliver form, but without the suit, Kangaroo joined Hammerhead's "villain army" in order to take advantage of the raging superhero Civil War. Before they could begin doing so, however, their headquarters was raided by Iron Man and a small army of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Kangaroo's fate in the ensuing melee is unknown.

(Punisher War Journal II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Back in his robo-Kangaroo suit, Hibbs was captured by Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha Kravinoff), who sought to build a zoo full of super-powered animal-themed villains.

(Punisher War Journal II#14 (fb) - BTS) - Kangaroo was kept with Rhino, Bushmaster, Mandrill, Tiger Shark, Aragorn, Vulture (Adrian Toomes), Mongoose, Man-Bull, Dragon Man, Frog-Man, Swarm, and Grizzly. The animal-themed villains were kept in cages aboard a ship with bombs around their necks to keep them from escaping. Kraven was a cruel keeper, feeding them only occasionally.

(Punisher War Journal II#13) - Kangaroo was kept in a cage with a shock collar loaded with explosives.

(Punisher War Journal II#14) - Kraven killed Aragorn and fed the horse to the prisoners, who refused to eat. Later, Kraven used his skills and potions to drive all the captives into bestial rages. He set them loose on his sinking ship to attack the Punisher (Frank Castle).

(Punisher War Journal II#15 - BTS) - The Kangaroo was not seen during the subsequent battle.

(Web of Spider-Man II#1/3) - Kangaroo once again tried to get his revenge on Spider-Man and was quickly knocked out. When Frog-Man jumped at Kangaroo from behind he claimed victory over him and distracted Spider-Man long enough for Kangaroo to get to his feet again and get knocked down again immediately by Spidey. Kangaroo was helpless when Frog-Man's biggest fan and would-be sidekick the Tenacious Tadpole slapped him with his tad-tail. Spider-Man took the webbed up Kangaroo to the authorities while Frog-Man was still annoyed by his biggest fan.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#685 (fb) - BTS) - Kangaroo became a hero in Australia.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#685) - When Spider-Man contacted heroes all over the world to stop Doctor Octopus from launching missiles filled with satelittes, Kangaroo was among the heroes.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth#1) - Arriving in his Kangaroo Mobile at the missile launch site in the Australian outback Kangaroo was quickly taken out by Octopus operative Lady Deathstrike. The missile launched.

(Spider-Woman V#6 (fb) - BTS) - Kangaroo was blackmailed to buy back his girlfriend from unknown assailants (actually his girlfriend and other life partners of several costumed criminals)

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#12) - The Owl had Kangaroo, in his robo-Kangaroo suit, join Boomerang's Sinister Sixteen in a raid on Chameleon's hideout.

(Superior Foes of Spider-Man#15) - Kangaroo joined Cyclone, "Man Mountain", Shriek and Kangaroo in instigating a bar fight against Boomerang's gang. He held Boomerang for "Man Mountain", but was grabbed by the ears from behind by Beetle, who knocked him out with an electric charge.

(Spider-Woman V#6) - Kangaroo joined Mauler, Senor Suerte, Big Wheel, Goldbug and Cyclone to capture and hand over Porcupine, who violated the terms the costumed criminals had with their unknown blackmailers.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#20.1) - Kangaroo and Shocker robbed money from an armored truck in NYC and escaped the police.

Comments: Mentioned/pictured by Marc McLaurin and Scott Benefiel

Created by J. M. DeMatteis and Luke Ross.

A year or so ago I wrote this profile. I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to write the definitive profile for the Spider-Man Encyclopedia, and so I pieced together this continuity mess, hopefully once and for all...
In case you care, this was the situation BEFORE I CLARIFIED IT.

Another continuity mess. Sometimes I wonder if anyone edits these stories for continuity gaffs...
OK, here we go:

He should be distinguished from

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