Real Name: Doctor Vincent Stegron

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Would-be Conqueror;
    former research scientist

Group Membership: None; former ruler of New York City's Dinosaur Men

Affiliations: Fall People, Moonboy, Saurians (he attempted to revive them), Savage Land Mutates (Amphibius, Barbarus, Brainchild, Lorelei), Kashmir Vennema of Earth-12069, Zabu;
formerly the Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Devil Dinosaur, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder), Sauron, Shanna the She-Devil (Shanna O'Hara Plunder), They Who Wield Power, Richard Treyman

Enemies: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Boomerang (Fred Myers), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Valerie Cooper, Devil Dinosaur, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Thing/Ben Grimm), Hardshell, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Initiative (Batwing, Komodo, Prodigy, Reptil, Sunstreak, Tigra), Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder), Killer Shrike (Simon Maddicks), Lizard (Curt Connors), Looter, Mandroids, Man-Wolf (John Jameson), Manticore, Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette), Plunderer, Puma (Thomas Fireheart), Rhino, Saboteur, Shanna the She-Devil (Shanna O'Hara Plunder), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Roxxon Oil, S.H.I.E.L.D., Strikeback, Swarm, symbiotes (Saurians/Dire Wraiths hybrids), Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson), Venom (Eddie Brock), Vermin (Edward Whelan), Vulture (Adrian Toomes), X-Men (Ernst, Eye Boy, Glob, Hellion, Rockslide, Shark Girl)

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother and father

Aliases: The Dinosaur Man, Lord of the Long-Tails, "the Lizard-King"

Base of Operations: Sewer system of New York City;
   formerly Museum of Natural History, New York City;
   formerly Central Park, New York City;
   sometimes the Savage Land

Education: Doctorate

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up I#19 (March, 1974)







Powers/Abilities: Stegron possesses superhuman strength (Class 20), reflexes and speed. He has the thick scaly hide spiked tale of a stegosaurus. His tail is prehensile enough to be used as a weapon or a third arm. Because his human intelligence is retained in this form, he can command dinosaurs through a quasi-telepathic link allowing him to direct their primal urges with one low sonic scream. However, changes in temperature and great cold tend to affect his altered body metabolism, sometimes dropping him into a state of hibernation. Extreme temperature changes can send him into suspended animation or revert him temporarily back to human.

   Over the years Stegron had used a variety of means to resurrect dinosaurs including a "retro-generation ray created by Dr. Curt Connors (a smaller version was later created under his guidance by Brainchild) and a scepter (according to him of scientific and not mystical nature) with similar powers.

Height: (Human) 5'8"; (dinosaur man) 6' 2"
: (Human) 150 lbs.; (dinosaur man) 610 lbs.
Eyes: (Human) Brown; (dinosaur man) green
Hair: (Human) Brown; (dinosaur man) none












(Sensational Spider-Man II#27 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Vincent Stegron was colleagues with geologist Richard Treyman.

(Marvel Team-Up I#19 (fb)) - Dr. Vincent Stegron was a research scientist hired by SHIELD to work with Dr. Curt Connors (a.k.a. the Lizard) to study the cell samples of dinosaurs from the Savage Land. Possibly fascinated by reviving the world of the dinosaurs beyond the Savage Land, he stole the cell samples from Connors, but along the way realized that they had much more potential. Knowing Connors' reputation as the Lizard, he used the cell samples with Connors' cell regeneration serum and turned himself into Stegron the Dinosaur Man intent on returning the world to the dinosaurs and ruling it as their king.

(Marvel Team-Up I#19-20) - Stegron was granted a flying ark by They Who Wield Power.

(Marvel Team-Up I#19-20/Code of Honor#1 (endfight only) ) - Clashing with Spider-Man, Ka-Zar and the Black Panther, he escaped back to New York with several dinosaurs on a SHIELD Heli-carrier modified into a flying ark. Despite terrorizing the city, Stegron was knocked off a pterodactyl by Spider-Man near Liberty Island and lost in the waters as SHIELD rounded up the dinosaurs and returned them home.

(Code of Honor#1 - BTS) - One of Stegron's dinosaurs was later found by Lt. Piper and Mike Badilino in a local alleyway after Stegron's defeat.










(Amazing Spider-Man I#165-166) - His metabolism reduced to a state of hibernation, Stegron takes some time to drift back to shore. When he does, he kidnapped Connors' son, Billy, and forced him to create a "retro-generation ray" to reanimate fossilized dinosaurs. The stress, however, causes Connors to revert back to the Lizard as the two clashed and took turns terrorizing Spider-Man. Returning to normal again, Connors helped to restore Stegron's animated dinosaurs back into fossils as the winter weather forced Stegron into prolonged suspended animation.

(Lethal Foes of Spider-Man#1-4) - Forced back to human, Stegron ended up wandering Central Park with no memory to his identity or past. A significant period of time later, a stray laser blast by the Vulture from a Nuclear Blaster hit Stegron while he was distracted. The hot blast of energy warmed him and reactivated his dinosaur DNA and memories. He plotted to convert all the inhabitants of New York City into dinosaur men like himself, but entered into a pact with the Beetle to steal the blaster from the Vulture. Believing it to be vital to his personal plans, Stegron clashed with Spider-Man and got into an eight-way feud with Hardshell, Boomerang, Rhino, Vulture, Strikeback, the Beetle and Swarm for the weapon. A blast from Strikeback's armor however rendered Stegron unconscious.

(Thunderstrike I#20) - Possibly escaping prison, Stegron decided to return to the Savage Land after several defeats. He took over a SHIELD observation post and killed the scientists, attracting the attention of Thunderstrike, the Black Panther and the Black Widow. After some skirmish, the heroes released Stegron to the cold beyond the Savage Land.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#13-15) - Frozen in a glacier for some time, Stegron was thawed out in the middle of a battle between Spider-Man, Ka-Zar, Shanna the She-Devil, and Roxxon Oil. The confrontation was joined by the Hulk and Chtylok as Stegron helped to save the Savage Land, but only for his own selfish unknown schemes.


(Spider-Man Family II#7 (fb) - BTS) - Stegron turned a portion of the Savage Land into his own dinosaur kingdom.

(Spider-Man Family II#7) - Looter approached Stegron in the Savage Land to ask for the mystic sphere at the top of a temple, which Looter believed to be the twin of his meteorite. The Human Torch, Thing and Spider-Man saved Looter from Stegron's rage, who ordered his dinosaurs to destroy them. Using the distraction to his advantage Looter made his way to the top of the temple only to be outrun by the others (including new arrivals Ka-Zar, Shanna and Zabu) in the Fantasticar. Spider-Man recognized the item at the top of the temple as the Sphere of Sara-Kath and not the twin to Looter's meteorite. Looter distracted them by claiming Chtylok had returned and ran through the portal created by the Sphere of Sara-Kath. Stegron was unable to stop him, so Spider-Man, Human Torch and Thing followed him through.




(Sensational Spider-Man II#27 (fb)) - "Following defeat at the hands of Spider-Man and his warm-blooded compatriots," Stegron returned to human form and exiled himself to the "edge of the world."

(Sensational Spider-Man II#27 (fb)) - Vincent Stegron found the Rock of Life within the Arctic Circle. He brought it with him in his ship-ride to America, and its energies transformed him back into Stegron the Dinosaur Man. He further sent the Rock to his old colleague Richard Treyman, who placed it in the Museum of Natural History. Stegron planned to revert all living beings to a more primitive state which he and his dinosaurs could then rule.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#23-26 - BTS) - The radiation from the Rock of Life began to affect the minds and bodies of everyone in New York, though those with some sort of animal connection were affected most severely. Those affected were reverted to a more primitive, savage state. These included the Black Cat, the Lizard (and his son Billy, whom the Lizard also briefly transformed into a Lizard as well), Man-Wolf, Puma, Spider-Man, Vermin, and Vulture.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#26) - Spider-Man tracked the energies to the Museum of Natural History, where he encountered Stegron.

(Sensational Spider-Man II#27) - Stegron battled Spider-Man, but Reed Richards guided Spider-Man to the Rock of Life. Spider-Man's new Tony Stark-designed costume had adapted to block out the Rock's radiation, and Spider-Man wrapped some of his costume around the Rock, blocking its transmissions. A disheartened Stegron stopped fighting, and Spider-Man beat him into submission.

(Marvel Comisc Presents II#6/2) - Back in the Savage Land Stegron joined forces with Ka-Zar and the Savage Land Mutates to oppose the Roxxon Energy Corporation.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#7/2 - BTS) - Brainchild built under Stegron's guidance a smaller version of the device Stegron had used years ago to reanimate dinosaur skeletons.

(Marvel Comisc Presents II#6/2) - In the initial attack on Roxxon's forces many of Stegron's dinosaurs were killed.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#7/2) - Stegron used the device Brainchild had built for him to reanimate the recently deceased dinosaurs. The battle resumed and after most of the mercenaries were hypnotized by Lorelei Roxxon's forces were defeated by Ka-Zar and his allies.

(Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four#3 (fb) - BTS) - Stegron was caught and sent to Negative Zone prison 42.

(Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four#3) - Thing, Valeria and Franklin passed Stegron's cell.

(Avengers: The Initiative featuring Reptil#1) - Stegron somehow returned to Earth (he probably escaped during Blastaar's attack on 42 over in Guardians of the Galaxy) reanimated dinosaur remains and attacked several SHIELD bases on his search for Moonboy.

  Valerie Cooper put together a team led by Tigra to stop him. With the help of Reptil they found Stegron in South Dakota, but the Dinosaur Man easily defeated them and escaped. The team caught up with Stegron and his dinosaurs in Wyoming where Moonboy was kept. Stegron lost control over his dinosaurs, but was still able to enter the base and tell the heroes that he was there to bring back Moonboy to the Savage Land and save the life of Devil Dinosaur, who had lost his will to live since Moonboy was abducted. Though Stegron had to answer for his crimes, Moonboy was brought to safety by Reptil and while Stegron was imprisoned once again Moonboy was brought back to the Savage Land.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#630 (fb) ) - Stegron found the home of the Saurians in subterranean tunnels beneath the San Andres Mountains. Most of their race had been slain by the extraterrestrial Dire Wraiths years ago, but Stegron had the scientific means in the form of a scepter to resurrect them.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631 (fb) - BTS) - What Stegron had actually brought back from the dead were Saurians tainted by the DNA of Dire Wraiths filled with hatred and malice. These symbiotes merely used the Saurian skeletons as host, but couldn't survive using them for long. They found living hosts more suitable, but in time had them drained of all vital fluids as well. Though Stegron tried to get rid of them again his technology proved unable to do so due to the alien Dire Wraiths portion in the creatures. They kept him around because they needed Stegron to bring more of them back from the dead. Stegron used the time to adjust the process, hoping he could eventually correct his mistake and bring back the true Saurians.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#630) - Stegron found Captain America in the subterranean tunnels that once were the home to the Saurians. Cap recognized him and Stegron revealed that it was him, who had brought the noble race of the Saurians back from the dead. Cap pointed out the creatures were nothing like the creatures he descibred and were just monsters. Stegron called the change a variable of the reanimation. Cap was then possessed by the queen of the symbiotes.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631 - BTS) - Stegron realized he was unable to fix his miscalculations and the real Saurians were gone forever.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631) - Stegron watched Hawkeye and Captain America in his lab (Hawkeye had used a sonic arrow to force the queen's symbiote off Cap earlier). They attacked him until Stegron told them he wa actually on their side and explained how he had accidentally created this symbiotic race with the mixed DNA of Dire Wraiths and Saurians and how they were going to spill out into the world soon and kill all living beings. Stegron told Cap and Hawkeye to get to the surface and find a way to stop the symbiotes while he stayed behind to save the innocents when symbiote-possessed children attacked them.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#632) - Stegron joined the battle on the surface at the Damocles Research Facility and was overwhelmed by the possessed children until Hawkeye used sonic arrows to split the symbiotes from the children. After Hawkeye destroyed the symbiotes he asked Stegron to use his scepter to help Cap agains the queen, which had possessed the former Guardian of the Saurians. Stegron reminded Hawkeye his technology couldn't undo the creature, but Hawkeye remembered it could resurrect dinosaurs. While Cap and Stegron fought the possessed Guardian Hawkeye got dinosaur bones from the lab and turned them into arrowheads. After shooting the giant Guardian with these arrows he told Stegron to use his scepter, but the symbiote had managed to take it from Stegron and he was writhing in the creature's tendrils. Cap got his hands on the scepter and used it to reanimate the dinosaur bones and the guardian was ripped apart by the emerging dinosaurs. Stegron fled the scene while Hawkeye destroyed the last remains of the symbiote queen with incendiary arrows.

   Stegron was later approached by Kashmir Vennema in the Saurians' empty underground city and handed a vial with an unknown substance to him that could make all his dreams come true according to her.

(Spider-Man and the X-Men#1) - Sauron and Stegron attacked the dinosaur museum in New York and swiftly subdued an attacking Spider-Man and a group of X-Men students (Ernst, Eye Boy, Glob, Hellion, Rockslide, Shark Girl). Shark Girl pretended to join the villains as they announced their plan to attack Staten Island.

(Spider-Man and the X-Men#2) - Sauron and Stegron, using dino DNA stolen from the museum, transformed humans into dinosaurs with a machine, and turned the dinosaurs on the captured heroes, who surrendered. After Sauron confessed his love for Shark-Girl, he used the machine to turn Glob into a dino, then the heroes escaped and attacked. Shark Girl turned Stegron and Sauron against each other and the Avengers (Captain America/Sam Wilson) came in to contain the event.


(Venom III#151 (fb) ) - Stegron tried to improve on his method to turn people into dinosaurs at one of Alchemax's labs and was detained.

(Venom III#151 (fb) - BTS) - The military transferred Stegron into the custody of Alchemax.

   Stegron escaped with Alchemax with a handful of volunteers and equipment worth 70 million dollars stolen from the lab he was being held at.

(Venom III#151) - Venom came to Alchemax after apprehending one of the dinosaur people in the sewers of New York City and seeing it marked as their property. Liz Allen of Alchemax hired Venom to bring in Stegron after telling him how he had escaped them with volunteer test subjects. Venom found the base of the dinosaur people, but they overpowered him and brought him before their self-proclaimed god Stegron.

(Venom III#152) - Stegron asked the dinosaur people to decide Venom's fate as their next meal or next member. They were indecisive so Stegron decided to turn him into one of them like the homeless and scorned of society he had turned into his followers. Before Stegron could inject Venom with the serum, Venom tossed a rock at a wall. The damage to the wall caused the room to flood and allowed Venom to escape while Stegron ordered his followers to fix the damage.

   Later Stegron fed a cat the dinosaur serum in front of his brides while he was watched by Moon Girl and Venom. Devil Dinosaur had gone ahead to scout, but fell under the mental control of Stegron.

(Venom III#153) - Stegron sent Devil Dinosaur after Moon Girl and Venom, then used him as his steed to return to his base. Stegron planned to mix vats full of serum into the city's water supply system to turn everyone in New York City into dinosaurs. Stegron told Devil Dinosaur and his followers to be careful with the vats and not get distracted. Venom attacked Stegron and used his symbiote to take control over Devil Dinosaur to break Stegron's control over him. Meanwhile Moon Girl rendered the serum inert by merely changing the temperature of the vats. She also dropped a slow-release potassium capsule into each of the vats to blow them up. After the explosion the angered Stegron went after Moon Girl, but Venom saved her and webbed up the unconscious Stegron. Even though his control over the other Dinosaur Men was broken they chose to remain in the sewers and help those that were forcibly turned into dinosaur people by Stegron.

(M.O.D.O.K. Head Games#2) - Stegron attended the Criminal Technology Show in Las Vegas, there to bid on new weapons.

Comments: Created by Len Wein and Gil Kane.

    With his name, Dr. Vincent Stegron could only have been a dinosaur man or a stage magician. He was probably one of those geeky kids who had every dinosaur toy ever made.

    Spider-Man's crack in MTU#20 that dinosaurs were bad swimmers shows his lack of info on them. Some dinosaurs twice as big as Stegron, such as the megalosaurus, were very good albeit clumsy swimmers. Perhaps, Stegron never could swim worth a darn.

    There is no dino DNA in fossils; Connors' "retro-generation ray" should not have worked as well as it did. Fossils are solid rock; perhaps a bit more brittle than the rock around them. At the most, it might have been able to exchange the fossils through time with their counterparts, but this would be beyond his expertise. But then of course, there would be the manner of the rods, beams, chains and steel pins in the dino bones. The poor critters would be spiked to death once return to life with a steel beam through their spines. (Dino-Wolverine perhaps ?)

    Spider-Man is quite casual about Stegron's return in "Lethal Foes" considering he'd been out of action for fifteen years. The only reason for his return was to capitalize on the "Jurassic Park" movie success at the time.
--ahh, young grasshopper....In Marvel's sliding timescale, 15 years have not passed since the FF first flew their rocket. Marvel time does NOT equal Real Time--Snood

    The only living relatives dinosaurs have outside the Savage Land are crocodiles, alligators and birds. It's unknown whether Stegron has any control on them, but he does have control over pterodactyls.

Stegron has a one page profile (not very informative) as one of "Spider-Man's Forgotten Foes!" in Web of Spider-Man Annual#3.
--Markus Raymond

Stegron got an entry in OHotMU 2006 A-Z#10.

Profile by William Uchtman and The Anti-Grimm, images and coordination by The Anti-Grimm, and thanks to Peter Kroon at the Spider-Fan website for the info from Stegron’s profile there. And updates by Snood & Markus Raymond.


  • Stegor, father of Kamuu @ 6000 B.C. @ Sub-Mariner I#64/2
  • any other dinosaurs

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