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Classification: Evolved terrestrial humanoid reptiles

Location/Base of Operations: San Andres Mountains, New Mexico, USA

Known Members: Aracht'yr (Patriarch), B'ok, C'rel, Faelar, Guardian, Heamon, Jimi, Khadar (Warrior-Prime), Kurr'fri, Madri and his mother, M'Dhar, Mickey and his friends, Mirielle, M'kai, Serpentyne, S'gur, Tak, Viri

Affiliations: Delage, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Savage Land United Tribes, Stegron, X-Men (Beast, Bishop, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rachel Summers, Rogue, Sage, Storm, Thunderbird (Neal Sharra), X-23)

Enemies: Hauk'ka, humans, Dire Wraiths, Savage Land Mutates, Saurian rebels;
   Dire Wraiths/Saurians hybrid symbiotes: Archstone (including Scott Samson), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Damocles Research Facility (including Dr. Henry Reese), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Stegron, Kashmir Vennema of Earth-12069, many unidentified human hosts

Aliases: Lizard People, Saurians

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel I#20 (September, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: The mutations induced in the reptiles' bodies led to the developement of different powers. The Giant Lizards had a Strength varying from enhanced to Class 20. Their thick skin made them highly resistant to physical attacks and likely invulnerable to bullets. They preferred hand-to-hand combat and knew how to use their tail to slap an adversary. Some warriors wielded a spear. Other members of the race developed more unique powers such as telepathy and flight.

Traits: Intelligent humanoid lizards walking on two feet. The males were mostly taller and heavier than a normal human, approximately between 5 and 10 feet tall. Their skin was scaled, spiked, rather thick and resistant as steel. The females seemed smaller, about 5,2 feet tall and her scales were less prominent and smaller.
    For both sexes, the skin color varied around different shades of green and brown, but some members had orange or red scales. They had four fingers per hand including (usually) an opposable thumb. They had a tail and some males had a pair of horns or more. They were able to walk erect, to run, and also to speak English but with a dragged "s" like in " sssseem tired...".
    They were used to live with few light, in the caverns. They didn't have many problems when they walked outside in the night. For purpose of secrecy they preferred the night, although, as lizards, they should have liked sun and warm. They also had an enhanced sense of smell.
   They called themselves "The People". Their society seemed divided in classes. Males were stronger and, for the most part, warriors or hunters. Females cared for children and home.
    A High Council existed, as Government and/or Jurisdictional Agency for the most debated cases. For less important cases, the decisions were taken by the Patriarch.
Physical strenght and warriors were respected. The class of Warriors-Prime was even more respected and admired.
    Despite the importance they gave to physical strength and fighting ability they had decided to live in peace, far from and hidden to the human race. They also had started to develop forms of art like sculpting. Children went to school and had to pass exams.
    Some members of the lizards seemed less intelligent and were used as mount.

History: (Ms. Marvel I#21 (fb)) - The (Lizard) People didn't exist before the first nuclear experiment in New Mexico. The radiations emitted by the bomb caused mutations in the reptiles living in the Mesa near Almagordo. The reptiles' evolutionary process accelerated, and in few generations they started walking erect. After 10 years, they developed a tribal culture and a written language. They found vast caverns under the San Andres Mountains and settled there. They adapted the caves and built a town.
    In the early times, the lizards hunted the humans who went too near their hideout, considering the soft-fleshed ones prey. But after they understood how violent and destructive the human race was, they decided to hide from them, aware of their physical superiority but also of their technological inferiority. So, they tried to keep their society secret.

(Ms. Marvel I#17 - BTS) - In the region between Elephant Butte, Trinity Canyon, and the San Andres Mountains the People kidnapped and killed some persons whose presence could uncover their secret society.

(Ms. Marvel I#21 (fb) - BTS) - Two men, among the captured humans, tried to flee from their subterran prison, but they were caught and killed by the Guardian.

(Ms. Marvel I#17 - BTS) - But the murders were noticed. Sharon Cole, a reporter of "Woman Magazine" working for the Daily Bugle, was sent to New Mexico to investigate.

(Ms. Marvel I#21 (fb)) - Sharon Cole and a couple of rangers approached the lizards' town and were attacked. The lizards killed the two rangers, although they were armed. Sharon Cole managed to flee with her jeep but the lizards intercepted and captured her.
    Meanwhile, the US Army had been alerted. Three days after Sharon Cole's kidnapping, a line of tanks ran through Eastern region of Elephant Butte. The lizards, aware of the great danger, assaulted the armored line. The lizards destroyed the tanks in a few minutes, then captured the soldiers. Not so far from the battlefield, Heamon, stunned the human soldiers, and only their Colonel, Henry Butler, was taken captive.

(Ms. Marvel I#20) - Some hours later, Carol Danvers and Sergeant Jim Whitmore found the battlefield. Withmore was kidnapped and Carol Danvers transformed into Ms. Marvel and fought and defeated a Warrior-Prime, Khadar. However, she was stunned by Heamon and taken captive.

(Ms. Marvel I#21) - The lizards were impressed by Ms. Marvel's fighting ability, a trait they had never seen in the other humans they had captured. Many Lizards considered her too dangerous to let her live. Their Patriarch, Aracht'yr, gathered the High Council to decide her fate. During the trial, Faelar, a warrior, started a fight with Ms. Marvel and the resulting battle destroyed the Arena of Trial and, most importantly the Great Cobra Head above the jury, a statue, symbol of the Lizard People's progress.
    To free the other prisoners Ms. Marvel had to kill the Guardian, an enormous, intelligent Cobra. Aracht'yr and the other Lizards were impressed by Ms. Marvel's power so accepted her proposal. Heamon scrambled the prisoner's memories, so none of them could remember what had happened. The prisoners were released.

(Ms. Marvel I#21 - BTS) - Aracht'yr had a gift sent to Carol Danvers' house, to remind her to keep their secret safe.

(Rom#8-9) - But one of the human prisoners released wasn't actually human, he was a Dire Wraith in disguise and the telepathic treatment didn't work on him. So, the Wraiths learnt of the existence of the Lizard People, They slaughtered them to use their hidden caves. One of the lizards who survived was Serpentyne.
    Serpentyne, wrongly believing to be the last of his race, took his revenge against the Dire Wraiths. Using his keen smell he managed to track down the Wraiths even in their human form. The lizard warrior killed several Wraiths but his insane will of revenge drove him to fight ROM the Spaceknight and he died.

(Marvel Age Annual#1) - The warrior Kurr'fri wrecked havoc in the Marvel Bullpen alongside a lot of other super-criminals as part of a Lethal Legion.

(X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#1) - The surviving lizards became homeless exiles. They hid from humans till one of them learnt of the existence of the Savage Land where real dinosaurs lived.
     Led by C'rel, daughter of Aracht'yr, they started a long journey, crossing half the continent but when they arrived in southern Argentina, they were spotted by humans, and a local militia pursued them to kill them. The X-Men arrived in time to disperse the militians and joined the People to help them travelling to the Savage Land.

(X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#2) - During the journey, an innatural cataclysm caused by Brainchild forced the group to split. The lizard children, Bishop and Sage were lost in the everlasting snows, the group with M'kai, Beast, Rogue and Thunderbird were welcomed by Delage and the united tribes, whose Chamber of Duties included some Saurians. The third group of lizards, including Khadar, were deceived by Brainchild to be used in his war against the united tribes and the world along with Storm.

(X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#3) - Brainchild's rebel Saurian troops attacked, helped by Khadar and the other lizards. The humans held back the attack helped by the X-Men. C'rel and the X-Men convinced Khadar to cease the hostilities and two of the splitted groups eventually reunited. The third group with M'kai and the other lizard children were still lost.

(X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#4) - Bishop and Sage managed to fix the Blackbird and transported the lizard children to the community of the united tribes. But Brainchild attacked again, flanked by his Mutates and a devolved Storm. Leash controlled the minds of lizards and Saurians, preventing them to intervene, but eventually Sage succeded in knocking her down and when they where free again, led by Khadar an attack on Brainchild's lair. The Mutates were captured.
    Delage and the humans didn't trust the Lizard People yet, believing them to be allied with the rebel Saurians, but agreed to try to live together with them.

(Uncanny X-Men I#457 (fb) - BTS) - The saurian race named the Hauk'ka invaded the lands where the United Tribes lived. They killed or enslaved whoever tried to stop them, human, Saurian or lizard. Their more advanced technology enabled them to conquer huge parts of the Savage Land and also to build a city. A lot of people were captured and kept prisoner in the Hauk'ka town.

(Uncanny X-Men I#457 (fb) - BTS) - C'rel, understanding that the situation was critical, allied with Brainchild, the Mutates and also Ka-Zar.

(Uncanny X-Men I#456-459) - The X-Men and the Savage Land Mutates defeated the Hauk'ka, freeing the captive humans, Saurians and Lizards. A truce was stipulated with the Hauk'ka.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#629 (fb) - BTS) - The Damocles Research Facility had unearthed the remains of dinosaurs and Saurians for years.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631 (fb) - BTS) - The DNA of the Saurians that were killed by the Dire Wraiths in New Mexico was tainted by Dire Wraiths DNA. When Stegron used his technology to reanimate the remains of the Saurians it accidentally created a race of Dire Wraiths/Saurians parasites that used the bones of the dead Saurians merely as hosts, but they couldn't survive controlling the bones for long. Realizing living hosts could sustain them longer they set out to abduct living beings. They could only control the bodies and not the minds of living beings and eventually even those hosts were drained of all vital fluids. Stegron tried to send the symbiotes away again, but couldn't. The symbiotes kept Stegron around because they needed his knowledge to bring more of them back from the dead. He stayed with them because he hoped to find a way to adjust process to actually bring back the real Saurians.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#629 (fb) - BTS) - The possessed Saurian skeletons abducted a group of environmentalists and their families. They also attacked the Damocles Research Facility on a few occasions. They abducted Archstone security contractor Scott Samson during their first attack and possessed him. Three weeks later Samson was part of the third attack and got killed during it.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#629) - Captain America and Hawkeye came to the San Andres Mountains to investigate the disappearance of the environmentalists and ended up learning about the attacks on the Damocles Research Facility from Kashmir Vennema, who led them to the storage room that led to the subterranean passage from where the creatures came. They were soon attacked by a possessed Saurian and even though they managed to destroy it the battle attracted more symbiotes.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631 (fb) - BTS) - The queen of the symbiotes hoped possessing Captain America and his

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#630) - Hawkeye and Captain America fought the symbiotes possessing the Saurians and abducted humans, destroying some of the possesses Saurians in the process. Hawkeye held on to a flying Saurian and ended up separated from Captain America. Meanwhile the symbiote that previously possessed Samson re-awakened and possessed Damocles' Doctor Reese. Vennema was forced to kill Reese and render the symbiote dormant again. In the subterranean tunnels beneath Captain America encountered Stegron, who revealed he was responsible for bringing back the Saurians. Captain America pointed out whatever Stegron had raised fromt he dead were not the Saurians. Moments later Cap got possessed by the queen of the symbiotes. While Hawkeye managed to hide from some of the symbiotes he ran right into the arms of the possessed Captain America.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631 (fb) - BTS) - Stegron realized the real Saurians were lost forever.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#631) - Hawkeye used a sonic arrow to force the symbiote to relinquish Cap's form. The symbiote fled while other symbiotes attacked Cap and Hawkeye. They fought them off while the queen took possession of the former Guardian of the Saurians. Stegron decided to join forces with Cap and Hawkeye to stop the symbiotes. They found the possessed children and Stegron revealed the symbiotes no longer needed him to bring them their hosts and would soon spill out into the world. Stegron sent Hawkeye and Cap to the surface to stop the symbiotes while Stegron stayed behind to somehow save the innocent children from the symbiotes possessing them. Cap and Hawkeye joined up with Vennema and her security at Damocles when the queen of the symbiotes, possessing the Guardian, emergd from the ground.

(Captain America &am; Hawkeye#632) - The possessed Guardian and an army of possessed skeletons and children attacked Archstone security. Cap tried to crash Vennema's plane into the giant Guardian, but it caught and destroyed the ship. Stegron aided against the possessed children, but was overwhelmed by them until Hawkeye used sonic arrows to destroy the symbiotes possessing them. He then asked Stegron to use his scepter, but Stegron reminded him he was unable to undo what he had done with the scepter due to the Dire Wraiths' extraterrestrial nature. Hawkeye retrieved dinosaur bones from the Damocles Research Facility and used them as arrowheads. He shot the Guardian with these arrows, then ordered Stegron to use his scepter, but he was unable to reach it as it was taken away from him by the queen symbiote. Cap got his hands on the scepter and used it to reanimate the dinosaur bones Hawkeye had shot hte Guardian with. The dinosaurs ripped apart the Guardian's skeleton and Hawkeye used incendiary arrows to destroy the bodiless symbiote.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Dave Cockrum (pencils), Bob Wiacek (inks).

    Chris Claremont also wrote about the Saurians and the Hauk'ka of the Savage Land, the startpoints of their evoulution are different, but the two races are very similar. The Hauk'ka "hand" had two fingers plus the thumb, while the lizards of The People had generally three fingers plus a thumb.

    The Guardian, and also the giant statue of the Trial Arena, were giant Cobras, I believed Cobras didn't live in New Mexico, but ony in Africa and Asia.

Kurr'fri's name was revealed in the Lethal Legion entry in OHOTMU A-Z HC#6.

Profile by Spidermay.

The lizard People have no known connections to


    Faelar was a warrior.

    Faeler considered the humans as prey.
    When Ms. Marvel was brought before the Council and dared to reply, Faelar hit her, receiving a big blow in return. Their fight caused the destruction of the great statue in the trial arena.

--Ms. Marvel I#21





The Guardian

    The Guardian was a giant intelligent Cobra. He was probably the most powerful warrior/member of the People. He was strong (Class 50), He could move very quickly and also silently. A scratch caused by his big, poisonous teeth could kill a normal man or Kree within seconds.

    The giant Cobra guarded the tunnels which led from the prisons to the town exit. A couple of human prisoners fled from the prison but were pursued and killed by the Guardian.

    The Guardian was called by Aracht'yr and sent to stop Ms. Marvel from freeing the other human prisoners.
    He reached Ms. Marvel and sneakily attacked her, scratching her arm. The poison weakened Ms. Marvel but she managed to break his grip. An unfortunate uppercut threw the Guardians' head into a stalactytem, which impaled his head and killed him.

(Captain America & Hawkeye#630) - Hawkeye found the Guardian's skeleton in the ghost city of the Saurians.

(Captain America & Hawkeye#631) - After losing control over Captain America the queen of the symbiotic creatures brought back to life by Stegron (the symbiotes were the Saurians tainted by the DNA of the Dire Wraiths that killed the Saurians) took over the skeleton of the Guardian. The queen used this new form to attack the Damocles Research Facility.

(Captain America & Hawkeye#632) - Hawkeye, Captain America and the Archstone security detail fought the symbiote-controlled Guardian skeleton at the Damocles Research Facility and a horde of children controlled by other symbiotes. Captain America tried to ram the controlled Guardian with Kashmir Vennema's plane, but the creature managed to catch and destroy it first. Hawkeye eventually used dinosaur bones as arrowheads and shot the Guardian with them, then ordered Stegron, who had decided to stop the symbiotes as well, to use his staff to reanimate the dinosaurs inside. When Stegron failed to reach his staff while struggling with the possessed Guardian it was Cap who used the staff. Reanimated dinosaurs ripped through the Guardian's skeleton and Hawkeye finished the job by destroying the symbiote with incendiary arrows.

--Ms. Marvel I#21 (Ms. Marvel I#21, Captain America & Hawkeye#630-632



    Heamon was a member of the High Council. He had a wife and a child.

    Heamon possessed telepathic powers. He could stun several people simultaneously into unconscoiusness with his gaze. He could not read thoughts or erase memories but could scramble them, letting their owner believe they had dreamed.

    After the defeat of the human army, sent to explore the land near their hidden town, Heamon saw Ms. Marvel fighting Khadar. Understanding how much more dangerous she was, Heamon stunned Ms. Marvel with his telepatic blasting gaze.
    Later, he was present during the trial of Ms. Marvel. When a fight broke out between the heroine and the guards, the monument above the trial arena was shattered and fell on Heamon's wife and child. Ms. Marvel held up the structure until they were safe. Despite being grateful to the human Heamon tried to kill her. He blasted her with his gaze and the enormous statue fell on Ms. Marvel.
    But Ms. Marvel was alive, defeated the Guardian and convinced Aracht'yr to let the humans go.
    Heamon scrambled their memories, but one of the humans was actually a Dire Wraith so the hypnotic treatment didn't work on him.

    The Dire Wraiths, learnt of the People's existence, attacked and killed almost all the lizards, including Heamon.

--Ms. Marvel I#20 (20, 21

Madri and his mother

    Madri was a child of the People.

    Madri and his mother had lost all their family and friends in the Dire Wraith massacre, but they blamed the humans for their tragedy.

    During the exodus that led the survivors of the People to the Savage Land, the X-Men helped them to travel under the Drake Passage.
    Not all the lizards could stay in the Blackbirds, and some of them had to fly staying on the wings of the Blackbird. Madri was one of them. During the flight he fell and his mother launched herself into the void to catch him. She succeded but both tumbled down. The Beast saved them but Madri's mother instinctively tried to bite him.

--X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#1


M'dhar and B'ok

    M'dhar and Bok were warriors.

    They considered the humans weak and prey.
    They heard about the fight between Khadar and Ms. Marvel. They were sent to bring Ms. Marvel before the Council. When they saw the woman in prison, they growled to the humans. Ms. Marvel stood still, and B'ok agreed with M'dhar about the warrior soul of the woman. Then, they brought Ms. Marvel to her trial.

--Ms. Marvel I#21





Mickey and his friends

    Mickey was a child of the People.

    Like other young lizards he travelled in the Blackbird during the Drake Passage crossing. He was really impressed by the fire shown by Thunderbird and Bishop and was afraid to be burned by them. Although his friends were dazzled by the firelight they promised to Mickey to defend him from the mutants.

    The Blackbird crashed in the snows surrounding the Savage Land and after some repairs, Bishop and Sage flew the children to the United Tribes village.

--X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land#2



    Mirielle was a female of the People. She had a husband, Aracht'yr, a daughter, C'rel, and sons.

    Mirielle took care of the house and the children.

    After the destruction of the Serpent Statue, Aracht'yr went back home. Mirielle understood he was tired but she was suddenly sent away by Aracht'yr, who had heard that Ms. Marvel was fighting with his two bodyguards. Mirielle ran away with the children and called other warriors to help her husband.

    The Dire Wraiths, learnt of the People's existence, attacked and killed almost all the lizards, including Mirielle.

--Ms. Marvel I# 21


    Tak was a warrior and could fly.

    Tak used his abilities primarily as recon.

    Tak was together with the warriors who attacked the line of tanks. When Ms. Marvel defeated Khadar, the other warriors assaulted her. She managed to avoid them flying but Tak was as swift as her, hit her in flight and then lured Ms. Marvel into a trap. The arrive of the People Council stopped the fight. Tak warned his brothers that dawn was near and it was dangerous to stay outside in the morning but the group arrived in time in the subterran People town.

    The Dire Wraiths, learnt of The People's existence, attacked and killed almost all the lizards, including Tak.

--Ms. Marvel I#20


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