Real Name: Victor ??

Identity/Class: human mutate

Occupation: Superintendent of an apartment building

Group Membership: None

    possibly Dr. Karl Malus

Enemies: Power Man (Luke Cage), his tenants (Montgomery, Ms. Ogden, many others), unnamed wife

Known Relatives: unnamed wife

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment building somewhere in Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#82/4 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: He was able to drain life energy from humans and superhumans alike. The energy made him grow bigger and stronger. There was no limit how much he could leech as long as he built himself up slowly.

Weakness: Too much energy at once could overload him and cause an immediate loss of all drained energy in a burst.

(MCP#82/4 (fb) - BTS) - For unknown reasons the superintendent Victor became part of the Corporation's program to create superhumans. He was trained by the Corporation to fight mutants and got superpowers. They sent him back to his former life where he could build up his power level until he was ready to fight for them. Back home he began to drain life energy from all his tenants and even his wife to grow stronger.

(MCP#82/4) - Victor saw Ms. Ogden taking care of her flowers and went up to her because it was time for her to pay the rent. Victor drained life energy until the old lady collapsed. He then returned to his flat where he immediately went after his wife to get more energy from her. She screamed, and seconds later Luke Cage broke through the door. He thought that Victor was just a wife-beater and attacked him. When Victor touched Cage his power was increased faster then ever before. Victor thought that Cage was a mutant and told him his background with the Corporation. Victor didn't know why the Corporation told him to go slow on superhumans and continued to hit Cage who got weaker with each hit while Victor got stronger. Finally Cage realized that the energy Victor drained from him wasn't really absorbed into Victor's body. Victor was surrounded by an aura of life energy and Cage understood the reason for this. He grabbed Victor by his arm and hugged him so that Victor had to absorb even more power from Cage. Victor's body couldn't handle it and in a burst Victor was thrown out the window and fell down to the street. All the stored life energy was lost and Victor was helpless when his tenants surrounded him to beat him up with bats. Cage's friend Montgomery stopped the other tenants from killing Victor. A short time later police and medics arrived and Victor was brought to a hospital.

Comments: Created by Marcus McLaurin, Sal Velluto & Brad Vancata.

    This was seemingly McLaurin's first step towards the Corporation storyline which took place nearly two years later in the pages of Cage #13-14. Although it was not stated in the story Dr. Karl Malus should be behind Victor's mutation because he was the man who reorganized a small faction of the Corporation.

    It was nice to see an old friend of Luke Cage again. Although he was never seen before he can be counted in BTS for Cage's origin issue Heroes for Hire #1 as he remembered Cage's origin like he had seen it on his own (I doubt this is possible).

Profile by Markus Raymond

Super-Intendant has no known connection to:

unnamed wife

    She was Victor's wife and since his return from the Corporation he drained her life energy all the time. One day Luke Cage heard her screaming and came to her aid. Victor was once again leeching life energy from her. She watched how Victor grew even stronger while fighting Cage. When Victor was defeated she went to the street were her now helpless husband was surrounded by his tenants. She went with the police while Victor was taken to a hospital.

--Marvel Comics Presents #82/4



(MCP#82/4 (fb) / HfH#1 - BTS) - Monty was alongside Cage a prisoner at Seagate where they became friends.

(MCP#82/4) - After Monty was released on parole he began a new life in Chicago. When Luke Cage was accused of murdering his partner Iron Fist Montgomery gave Cage the chance to hide from the police at his place. Monty got angry with Cage when he saw on TV that Cage rescued children from a burning house. Monty was afraid that he would be sent back to prison if an accused murderer was found in his flat. He argued with Cage about the situation until Cage smashed Monty's table and decided to leave Monty's flat because he understood Monty's fear. When Cage heard Victor's wife screaming, Monty tried to hold him back from helping her. He told him that her husband was the Super-Intendant who could evict Monty anytime and that he had strange powers. Cage ignored Monty's warning and went after the Super-Intendant. Monty saw Cage getting pummelled and ran away when the Super-Intendant threatened him. Not long after that Cage had defeated the Super-Intendant and Monty stopped the other tenants from beating their former suppressor to a bloody pulp.

--Marvel Comics Presents #82/4 (Hero for Hire #1 - BTS, MCP#82/4

Super-Intendant body shot: Marvel Comics Presents #82, p30, pan6
Super-Intendant head shot: Marvel Comics Presents #82, p29, pan2
his wife head shot: Marvel Comics Presents #82, p29, pan1
Montgomery head shot: Marvel Comics Presents #82, p32, pan4

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