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Real Name: Bruno Horgan

Identity/Class: Human technology user, citizen of the United States

Occupation: Criminal, formerly industrialist

Group Membership: Scourge's victims, formerly "Defenders" (Batroc the Leaper/Georges Batroc, Beetle/Abner Jenkins, Blob/Fred J. Dukes, Boomerang/Frederick Myers, Electro/Maxwell Dillon,  Joe the Gorilla, Leap-Frog, Libra (android), Looter, Pecos, Plantman (simuloid), Porcupine/Alex Gentry, Sagittarius (android), Shocker/Herman Schultz, Toad/Mortimer Toynbee, Whirlwind/David Cannon), Justin Hammer's lieutenants (Beetle/Abner Jenkins, Blizzard/Gregor Shapanka, Constrictor/Frank Schlichting, Discus/Timothy Stuart, Leapfrog/Vincent Patillo, Man-Killer/Katharina Luisa van Horn, Porcupine/Alexander Gentry, Spymaster, Stiletto/Tom Stuart, Water Wizard/Peter van Zante, Whiplash/Mark Scarlotti), Masters of Evil (Black Knight/Nathan Garrett, Enchantress/Amora, Executioner/Skurge, Radioactive Man/Chen Lu, Wonder Man/Simon Williams, Baron Heinrich Zemo), Ultron's Masters of Evil (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Crimson Cowl/Ultron-5, Klaw/Ulysses Klaw, Radioactive Man/Chen Lu, Whirlwind/David Cannon), Melter's Death Squad (Man-Bull/William Taurens, Whiplash/Marco Scarlotti)

Affiliations: Mrs. Bambi Arbogast, Benny, Black Lama, Franz Gruber, Libra, Keegan, Clyde Wyncham of Earth-1219

Enemies: Avengers, Bethany McCabe, Defenders, Liberators, Scourge, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Iceman/Bobby Drake)

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife (divorced)

Aliases: "The mysterious Melter"

Base of Operations: New York City, New York;
    formerly a lighthouse, Montauk Point, Long Island;
    formerly the Crimson Cowl's hideout, New York;
    formerly Queens, New York

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense I#47/1 (November, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: The Melter possessed no known superhuman abilities. He was a skilled electrical engineer, a slightly above average athlete and a proficient hand-to-hand combatant. The five studs on his helmet could emit lasers.The Melter's original melting ray was a magnetic induction field device that only affected iron by loosening the binding forces of iron atoms. Baron Heinrich Zemo improved on the initial design, allowing it to affect all metal. The Mark II version of the melting ray, constructed by Tony Stark, had four settings that could affect flesh, stone, wood and metal. Melter later made a belt-version of the weapon. The Melter's battery-powered handgun had an effective range of 300 yards and could operate for several hours before it needed recharging. On a full charge the ray could 'melt' about 20 cubic feet of material. Both the gun and belt versions of the melting ray could only affect one type of material at the time. On occasion, Melter has worn a jet propelled belt that lets him fly short distances.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7) - Bruno Horgan was born in Queens, New York.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7) - Bruno Horgan was married and divorced.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1 (fb)) - Bruno Horgan made a career as an industrialist. Not averse to cutting corners, he used inferior materials. When his competitor Tony Stark blew the whistle on him, Horgan lost his lucrative contract with the United States army to Stark Industries.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7) - Driven to financial ruin, Horgan was forced to dismantle his factory and research facilities.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1 (fb) - BTS) - Horgan also used inferior parts to build his own lab.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1 (fb)) - Horgan discovered that a faulty industrial inspection beam in his laboratory was somehow causing the iron it hit to melt instantly. Fascinated by the opportunities this offered, Horgan studied the device and over the course of several days, he fit it into a compact, portable unit. In Horgan's mind, having the power to melt iron was going to make him the most powerful man in the world. He devised a costume for himself and embarked on a life of crime as the Melter.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1 (fb) - BTS) - Over the course of several weeks, the Melter sabotaged Stark Industries by severely weakening the metal used for their tanks. As a result, the company's reputation suffered, leading Tony Stark to start inspecting every shipment himself.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1) - The Melter caught Stark by surprise during one of these inspections and knocked him out. Feeling he had now free reign of Stark Industries, the Melter infiltrated the power plant. Just as he was melting the generators, he was opposed by Iron Man, who was shocked when the villain's mysterious chest beam instantly melted off his armor's left arm. Fearing for his life-preserving chestplate, Iron Man was forced to retreat, covering his tracks by bursting one of the plant's main steam pipes.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1 - BTS) - Tony Stark secretly constructed an Iron Man armor out of aluminum.

(Tales of Suspense I#47/1) - The Melter spotted Iron Man working hard to get Stark Industries operational again. He went in to finish the job, but soon found his foe was now immune to his iron melting beam because of the aluminum armor. Scared of being apprehended, the Melter escaped into the sewers.

(Avengers I#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Melter was sought out by Baron Heinrich Zemo's assistant Franz Gruber to join the Masters of Evil alongside the Black Knight and the Radioactive Man. Zemo improved the Melter's weapon, allowing it to affect all forms of metal instead of just iron.

(Avengers I#6) - Zemo ordered Melter, Black Knight and Radioactive Man to cause mayhem in New York City using the superglue Adhesive X. After melting the guns of some policemen, the Melter glued several bystanders to the now sticky streets and then rushed to aid the Radioactive Man, who was facing the Avengers alone. Wasp distracted the villain long enough for Iron Man to rescue Giant-Man and Captain America, who had become stuck as well.

(Avengers I#6 - BTS) - The Avengers retreated and contacted Paste Pot Pete, who provided them with a solvent strong enough to counter Adhesive X.

(Avengers I#6) - Zemo sent the Masters out with more Adhesive X, but the Avengers were ready for them.

(Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes I#3)  - Melter got nervous when he witnessed how the Radioactive Man was easily taken out of the fight. He panicked when Iron Man attacked.

(Avengers I#6) - Hoping his improved chest beam could defeat his opponent, Melter sent a melting lamppost against his foe. Iron Man easily dodged and then tricked the villain into hitting a nearby fire hydrant with his ray. Melter was knocked unconscious by the waterspout and delivered to the police by Iron Man.

(Marvels I#2) - Photojournalist Phil Sheldon was on the job when the Masters attacked the city; he snapped pictures of Iron Man dragging the Melter away.

(Avengers I#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Melter and the Black Knight were captured and kept in the same specially prepared police cell.

(Avengers I#15) - Acting on orders from Zemo, the Enchantress and the Executioner freed the Melter and Black Knight. After handing them their gear, the two Asgardians sent the villains out to fight the Avengers. During the altercation, Melter learned his ray couldn't affect the metal in Thor's hammer. He was also unable to hit the far more maneuverable Iron Man. In the end, the fight between the Masters and the Avengers reached a standstill.

(Avengers VII# 1.1) - As soon as the fighting resumed, Thor hit Melter in the face with his hammer. Furious and determined not to return to jail, the Melter turned his ray on full blast, threatening to melt the city.

(Avengers I#16) - Thor used his hammer's dimensional warping abilities to teleport the Melter and the Black Knight to a different dimension. Furious and beyond reason, the villains swore to kill the heroes but soon found out they had been taken to a dimension where certain natural laws were reversed, effectively making it impossible for them to fight. They were easily overpowered and taken into custody.

(The History Of Marvels I#1) - Bruno Horgan sued the small publishing house Marvel after they published a comic about his recent exploits as the Melter. Horgan argued that his depiction in the story would negatively influence the jury of his upcoming trial. The case was dismissed when Marvel showed sufficient evidence that their stories were always based on news reports. Marvel also never used the name 'Bruno Horgan' in the story, leading the judge to make a landmark ruling: anonymous costumed identities could not be libeled, as they were public figures.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#3) - Influenced by Doctor Doom's high-frequency Emotion Charger, the Melter joined numerous super-villains in an attack on the Fantastic Four just as Reed and Sue were getting married. Melter fought Iceman and the Human Torch before Reed Richards used the sub-atronic time-displacer he borrowed from Uatu the Watcher to return every combatant to the immediate past, with no memory of the event.

(Tales of Suspense I#89/1 (fb) - BTS) - Finding himself in jail again, Bruno Horgan spent the next year bribing his fellow inmate Benny to bring him spare parts from the prison's machine shop, with which he built a new melting gun.

(Tales of Suspense I#89/1) - After Benny brought him the final piece, Horgan melted the bars of the cell. He then knocked out Benny and left him behind, figuring he'd served his purpose. After freeing himself, he set out to retrieve a costume he'd hidden.

(Fantastic Four I#405) - Zarrko the Tomorrow Man used his control over time to yank the unwitting Melter forward to his present, where he briefly joined the similarly displaced Bucky, Toro and Dargo Ktor in opposing the Fantastic Four and their allies. Melter fired his ray at Kristoff Vernard's armor, but missed. Moments later, Horgan returned to his own time-frame with no knowledge of what had just occurred.

(Tales of Suspense I#89/1) - Now dressed in a new costume, the Melter went to Stark Industries, intent on forcing Tony Stark to redesign his handgun with the latest, most powerful transistor technology. Instead of Stark, he found Iron Man, whom he managed to overpower with his new gun and head-mounted laser turrets.

(Tales of Suspense I#89/1 - BTS) - Figuring he was too vulnerable as Iron Man, Stark fled and changed out of the armor while waiting for the Melter to come take him hostage.

(Tales of Suspense I#89/1) - Melter arrived at Stark's office and announced he wanted a ray gun so small he could keep it hidden in his pocket.

(Tales of Suspense I#90/1) - The Melter held Stark hostage in his lab, taunting him as he forced the genius inventor to build the new gun for him. To demonstrate his powers, Melter hit the first Iron Man armor prototype and then revealed he could now somehow also affect other material such as concrete. Stark further expanded the gun's abilities, giving it four settings: metal, flesh, wood and stone. Fearing a booby-trap, Melter forced Stark to try the gun first. When it proved safe, Melter handed Stark his old gun, hoping he'd use it against him because he'd set it to overload when fired; Stark didn't fall for the ruse.

(Tales of Suspense I#90/1 - BTS) - Summoned to handle the hostage situation at Stark Industries, police officers surrounded the plant.

(Tales of Suspense I#90/1) - When a hostage negotiator tried to reach him via megaphone, the Melter knew it was time to go. He set his melting gun to flesh and shot Stark in the heart, unaware that Stark was wearing a metallic chestplate to protect his damaged heart. Melter left Stark Industries, easily fighting off the police and arrogantly boasting about his new power. He was shocked to find the original, golden Iron Man was now following him. Melter kept firing his gun until it overloaded, which was part of Stark's plan. Now powerless, he was taken to jail even as Iron Man destroyed both the old and new melting guns.

(Avengers I#54 (fb) - BTS) - Ultron-5, posing as the Crimson Cowl, freed the Melter from jail and helped him restore his weaponry. To show his gratitude, the Melter agreed to join the Cowl's new Masters of Evil.

(Avengers I#54) - The Melter and his fellow Masters were suspicious when Edwin Jarvis showed up at their hideout to deliver detailed schematics of the Avengers' new security measures. Eager for action, the Melter and the others were ready to attack. But the Cowl urged caution, first taking out Jarvis with some knock-out gas. A few hours later, the Melter and the other Masters realized the new Black Knight (Dane Whitman) was about to betray them to the Avengers--they managed to subdue him, but his flying horse escaped. This didn't keep the Masters from carrying out the Cowl's plan. Thanks to Jarvis' intel, the Melter was able to blast his way into Avengers Mansion where he faced and defeated Hawkeye.

(Avengers I#55 - BTS) - Melter delivered Hawkeye to the Cowl's scoutship. By then, the other Masters had captured Goliath, Black Panther and Wasp as well

(Avengers I#55) - The Melter and the other Masters went along with the Cowl's plan of placing the Avengers in a giant hydrogen bomb he intended to use to blackmail New York City--even if the city paid the ransom money, they'd drop the bomb in the ocean and still get rid of the heroes. The Melter was briefly taken aback when the Cowl revealed himself to be the robot Ultron, but he dutifully continued to obey him. Melter was tasked to dispose of Jarvis, but the butler managed to get away. Melter fired his gun and caused Jarvis to be buried under some debris.

(Avengers I#55 - BTS) - The injured Jarvis managed to contact the Black Knight and inform him of the Masters plans.

(Avengers I#55) - Melter and the others couldn't prevent Black Knight from using his power lance to free the Avengers. The Melter was no match for the assembled heroes, and after Goliath knocked him and the others out, he was returned to jail.

(Avengers I#83 (fb) - BTS) - Klaw engineered a prison break for himself, Melter and Radioactive Man. Joining up with Whirlwind, they hatched a scheme to kidnap famous mathematician Professor T.W. Erwin and his Parallel-Time Projector. Learning that Irwin was scheduled to participate in the annual Halloween parade in Rutland, Vermont, the Masters went there and hid out until the night of the parade.

(Avengers I#83) - Joining the parade, Melter and the others forced their way to Professor Irwin. They were opposed by the Avengers, who also happened to be in attendance. The heroes instantly realized the villains weren't simply people playing dress-up. Melter managed to get the drop on the Vision by covering him in melting tar, making the android afraid he might damage his internal systems if he started to shift through it. Melter's concentration was broken by the Wasp, who arrived with the rest of the Lady Liberators. The all-female team made short work of the Masters.

(Iron Man I#72 (fb) - BTS) - Deciding to form his own team, the Melter recruited Whiplash and the Man-Bull. Unofficially calling themselves the Death Squad, they planned to rob the San Diego Comic Con.

(Iron Man I#72) - During the heist, they ran into the real Iron Man. The fight was interrupted by the mysterious Black Lama who offered the villains a Golden Globe of Power if they managed to defeat the Avenger. The Lama also mentally manipulated the convention goers to attack. Though he proved no match for Iron Man, the Melter did manage to make the Black Lama leave after one of his melting blasts caused the villain's cloak to catch fire.

(Iron Man I#92 (fb) - BTS) - Setting himself up in an abandoned lighthouse on Long Island, the Melter worked to improve the strength of his ray until he was convinced it made him 'stronger than a handful of H-bombs'. When he learned the military was about to move a prototype tactical nuclear weapon through New York, he planned to capture it and use it to collect millions in ransom money.

(Iron Man I#92) - Melter hijacked the convoy on the Brooklyn Bridge, easily breaching the truck that carried the nuke. He was opposed by Iron Man, who soon found he had no defense against the Melter's new weapon. Within five minutes, the villain had fused and destroyed Iron Man's armor, forcing the hero to let himself fall off the bridge to safety. Elated by this victory, the Melter used his rocket belt to blast off with the tactical nuke.

(Iron Man I#92 - BTS) - Iron Man survived and tracked down the Melter to his Montauk base. He prepared a mechanized version of his original armor to go in first.

(Iron Man I#92) - The Iron Man robot barged into the Melter's base just as Horgan was negotiating with the military about the 6 million he wanted in return for the nuke. Unaware he was facing a robot, Melter panicked when Iron Man kept coming at him, even after losing an arm. Distracted, the villain was vulnerable to an attack from Stark in a more recent Iron Man suit. Melter was so crazed and confused he fell from the top of the lighthouse into the bay, quickly disappearing under the waves.

(Defenders I#64 (fb) - BTS) - Melter and numerous other villains were recruited by the android Zodiac members Libra and Sagittarius to take part in a convoluted scheme to help 'correct an imbalance' caused by the Defenders defeating their fellow Zodiac member Scorpio. The two androids sent the villains on a crime spree posing as members of the Defenders.

(Defenders I#64) - Libra took Melter, Boomerang, Toad, Joe the Gorilla, Shocker, Pecos Joe and Batroc the Leaper to rob the New York Stock Exchange. When the real Defenders arrived, Melter quickly took down Nighthawk with his chestbeam. In the end, all the villains were all defeated by Valkyrie alone, who was in the grip of warrior madness.

(Iron Man I#123 (fb) - BTS) - Melter entered the employ of businessman Justin Hammer, who had gotten into the habit of bankrolling super-villains in return for their services.

(Iron Man I#123) - Acting on Hammer's orders, Melter, Blizzard and Whiplash went to Atlantic City to rob a casino. They made short work of the guards and easily broke open the titanium steel vault, but accidentally tripped an alarm that not only alerted a large contingent of guards, but also Tony Stark, who happened to be at the casino as well. Melter soon faced his old enemy again and found the armored Avenger was now impervious to his melting beam. However, when he combined his blasts with Blizzard's cold beam, they brought their opponent to his knees.

(Iron Man I#124) - Before Whiplash could finish off the weakened hero, Bethany McCabe stepped in by shooting the villain's electro-whip. This allowed Iron Man enough time to recover. He quickly knocked out Melter, which led Blizzard to encase himself in a suit of icy armor to take the fight to Iron Man, who laughed off the attack before knocking him out with a punch and a repulsor blast.

(Iron Man I#124 - BTS) - Melter and the others were arrested and taken to jail.

(Iron Man I#126 (fb) - BTS) - Justin Hammer had Melter, Blizzard, and Whiplash freed from Ryker's Island.

(Iron Man I#126) - Justin Hammer welcomed Melter and the other two villains to his floating island in the Mediterranean. Hammer had harsh words for his hirelings, telling them he was not in the habit of funding failures. Next time, he would not be so ready to bail them out. Melter joined Hammer's other super powered operatives when the captive Tony Stark set off an explosion on the island. When they rushed to the scene of the incident, they were met by Iron Man.

(Iron Man I#127) - Hammer ordered his small army of mercenaries to attack en masse, but they were no match for Iron Man. Melter and Blizzard attempted to repeat the attack strategy they used on the golden Avenger in Atlantic City. Iron Man brushed off their blasts and took them out of the fight by banging their heads together. Blizzard recovered in time to jump off Hammer's floating villa before Iron Man caused it to sink.

(Iron Man I#166 (fb) - BTS) - Horgan wound up back in jail, where he befriended a nuclear physicist who helped him redesign his melting beam so that it could affect Iron Man's top of the line armor.

(Iron Man I#166 (fb) - BTS) - Horgan misled the parole board, faking model behavior so they would grant him an early release.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#96) - The Melter was among a small army of super-villains intent on taking out the Thing when he was recuperating in a New York hospital after barely surviving a fight against the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion. They were opposed by an assemblage of heroes who made sure none of the villains were able to reach Grimm.

(Iron Man I#166 (fb) - BTS) - Eager to have his revenge on Iron Man, the Melter went to Stark Enterprises for a week, dutifully checking in with Stark's personal secretary Mrs. Arbogast who didn't even flinch when the super-villain entered the premises.

(Iron Man I#166 - BTS) - When Tony Stark returned home from London, Mrs. Arbogast discreetly informed him about the Melter situation.

(Iron Man I#166) - Forced to put on an older model because his suit got damaged in London, Stark faced the Melter in the lobby. The villain boasted about his new beam, but because it was only designed to affect the latest armor, it proved less than useful. Melter panicked and ran off, inadvertently wrecking the place with his still active melting ray. Iron Man was forced to knock him out.

(Marvel: 1985 I#4) - Melter, along with numerous other super-villains, were pulled to Earth-1219 by Clyde Wyncham, that reality's sole, all-powerful mutant. On that Earth, Melter first used his beam to kill somebody as he watched a soldier liquefy before his eyes (see comments).

(Marvel: 1985 I#6) - Clyde Wyncham eventually sent the Melter and the other villains he controlled back home to Earth-616.

(Avengers I#263 (fb) - BTS) - Operating out of a base near Avengers Mansion, the Melter came up with a new scheme to use a new, improved version of his melting ray to wipe out his enemies' headquarters as soon as they were all assembled. He hired an assistant, Keegan, to help him prepare for the moment.

(Avengers I#263 (fb) - BTS) - The Scourge of the Underworld infiltrated Melter's hideout and killed and replaced Keegan.

(Avengers I#263) - The Melter was gleefully watching the Avengers leave on another mission, while repeating the brilliance of his scheme to Keegan until he stumbled on the man's lifeless body stuffed in the locker where he kept his ray projector. Shocked, Horgan turned around only to be shot through the stomach by the Scourge, who also stomped on the villain's melting ray. 

(Sensational She-Hulk I#53) - During her brief stint in the afterlife, She-Hulk visited the Postmortem Mall, where seemingly deceased heroes and villains were living their best life. The Melter was seen taking a step aerobics class taught by the Kangaroo at Fatal Fitness. (see comments).

(JLA/Avengers I# 2& 3 (fb) - BTS) - When the Grandmaster used objects of power to fuse Earth-616 with an actuality from a Divergent Continuum, history was retroactively rewritten. Bruno Horgan still became the Melter and joined Zemo's Masters of Evil. After an unrevealed misadventure, the group found itself exiled to a dimensional void, stuck in a cell constructed by Green Lantern's power ring.

(JLA/Avengers I#3) - As soon as the Avengers and JLA started to realize their shared reality was false and flawed, they checked on villains who might be responsible--after inspecting the dimensional void cell, they concluded it couldn't be the Masters of Evil.

(JLA/Avengers I#4) - When the mad Oan scientist Krona, native to a Divergent Continuum, weakened the barriers between Earth-616 and his home reality, the Avengers and the Justice League of America decided to team up to restore order to this new actuality. During the heroes' final assault on Krona's power base, the Oan summoned dozens of villains from both universes to defend him, including the Melter, who was seen using his melting ray on the armored hero Rocket Red.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Don Heck.

Some characters are meant for greatness, others seem destined for mediocrity. The Melter firmly belongs in the latter category.

I guess it started with his initial costume...

Dreaming up a costume that symbolizes the power of melting is hard to do... But something tells me  Lee and Ditko could have been a bit more creative than slapping a green tablecloth on the guy.

As it is, the Melter might be the best example of an inexplicable super-villain. Sure, Horgan was driven to financial ruin... But why rob banks when you have just discovered a handheld device that can melt metal? The patents alone could have bought him an island.

On his belt, on his chest, as a handgun... The Melter never quite figured out the best spot to put the melting beam projector. You wonder why he never ditched those five lasers and mounted the thing on his head. Guess he didn't want to risk the Unicorn suing him for copyright infringement.

Even though the Melter had a setting on his weaponry for flesh, he never came across like an out-and-out killer. That's why his portrayal as a sadistic murderer who joyfully watches a man melt in Marvel: 1985 feels out of character for Bruno Horgan. Either because he was influenced by the depraved mind of Clyde Wyncham or because he was written by Mark Millar.

Given the satirical nature of the Sensational She-Hulk series, it's entirely possible there is no such thing as a Postmortem Mall. I've still included the Melter's appearance there until we have definitive proof it was all a spoof.

Melter and the other Masters of Evil appear in a one panel flashback to the events of Avengers I#6 in Captain America: Man out of time I#4. Because that story didn't reveal any new information about the Melter, it wasn't included in the profile. His appearance in Heroes & Legends 96 is excluded for the same reason..

The Melter received full profiles in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#7, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#18 and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition I#12.

Thanks to Stuart for the hi-res main image. Head shot without mask added by Ron Fredricks.

Profile by Norvo

Melter (Bruno Horgan) should not be confused with

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Avengers VII #1.1 (January, 2017) - Mark Waid (writer), Barry Kitson (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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