Real Name: Alexander Gentry

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Criminal;
former weapons-designer

Group Membership: None;
formerly Lethal Legion (Attuma, Batroc the Leaper, Beetle (Abe Jenkins), Bulldozer, Black Tiger, Gorilla-Man (Arthur Nagan), an unnamed Lizard person, Piledriver, Sabretooth, Thundra, Trapster, Unicorn, Whirlwind, Wrecker) “Defenders” (Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Blob, Electro (Max Dillon), Looter, Sagittarius (LMD), Whirlwind (David Cannon)), Celestial Mind Control Movement (Eel (Leopold Stryke), Nebulon/Mr. Nebul), Crime Wave (Cowled Commander, Eel (Leopold Stryke), Plantman, Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Viper), Batroc's Brigade (Batroc the Leaper, Whirlwind (David Cannon), Emissaries of Evil (Eel (Leopold Stryke), Egghead, Solarr, Rhino, Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne), Power Man (Erik Josten)), Maggia (Count Nefaria, Eel (Leopold Stryke), Plantman, Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Unicorn), United States Army

Affiliations: AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), Beetle (Abe Jenkins), Blizzard (Gregor Shapanka), Constrictor, Discus, Justin Hammer, HYDRA, Krona, Leap-Frog (Vincent Patilio), Melter, Plantman, Secret Empire, Stiletto, Water Wizard

Enemies: Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket (Hank Pym), Avengers, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Defenders (Doctor Stephen Strange, Jack Norriss, Power Man (Luke Cage), Red Guardian (Tania Belinsky)), “Defenders for a Day” (Giant-Man (Bill Foster), Havok, Hellcat, Hercules, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), White Tiger (Hector Ayala)), Falcon, Flight (Groundhog, Smart Alec, Snowbird, Saint Elmo, Stitch, Wolverine), Guardsman (Michael O'Brien), Iron Man (Tony Stark), JLA, Moon Knight, Nighthawk, Nomad (Jack Monroe), Serpent Society (Cobra, Cottonmouth, Death Adder, Diamondback/Rachel Leighton, Rattler, Sidewinder/Seth Voelker), Wasp, Wolverine, X-Men (Angel (Warren Worthington), Beast (Hank McCoy), Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey))

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Porky

Base of Operations: None

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish I#48 (October, 1963)

Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 255 lbs., (in battlesuit) 305 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Brown

Powers/Abilities: Porcupine’s battlesuit, composed of metals and advanced plastics, was highly impervious and protected its wearer from most harm, including small explosions. It granted a low level of enhanced strength and was capable of firing sharp quills at various targets, and flying short distances, due to small jets attached. The suit contained “quills” that were capable of firing lasers, bombs, rockets, various types of gas, smoke, flames, liquid cement, mesmerizing wheels, stun-pellets, ammonia, liquid fire, detector mine tubes, fog pellets, phosphorescent pellets, tiny nets, lethal radiation gas, suction-cup-tipped quills, electronic radar, concussion rays, fly paper, sneezing gas, razor-tipped steel quills, and electricity. The armor came equipped with a gas mask and control panels in the belt and gloves. Porcupine has equipped other weapons as well, including a car with a Wasp-trap and sprayable DDT, and "eye-in-the-sky" flying cameras. In his first appearance, he even wielded a deadly pair of tweezers!


(Tales to Astonish I#48) - Working as a weapons designer at an army ordnance center, Alex Gentry designed a suit of armor containing offensive weaponry designed to mimic the porcupine, which he considered to be nature's perfect fighting machine as it wore its own defense on its person. He put on his suit to perform a final test, then decided to use his suit for crime rather than sell it for next to nothing. He soon moved to rob a bank in broad daylight, using liquid cement and tear gas to disarm the guards and sleeping gas on the crowd. He used smoke to cover himself and turned flame on the bank vault door. He fled with his stolen goods, and soon attacked another bank, using paralyzing pellets and hypnotic wheels to subdue the crowd. When Ant-Man attacked Porcupine at the army ordnance building, Porcupine fired phosphorescent pellets and tiny nets to entrap the tiny hero, then picked Ant-Man up, removed the hero's costume and gear with tweezers, and threw him into a bathtub. After Ant-Man escaped with the aid of the Wasp, the heroes disabled Porcupine's armor by covering it in liquid cement, bur Porcupine fled by using his jetpack.

(Tales to Astonish I#53) - Porcupine planned his revenge on Ant-Man, who'd changed his code-name to Giant-Man. Porcupine stung Giant-Man while he leapt from building to building, causing the hero to hurt his ankle. Porcupine then designed a new sleeping gas and contacted members of the New York Giant-Man/Wasp fan club and visited their meeting, finding the members all dressed up like various Giant-Man villains. He stated that he was only dressed like the Porcupine in a homemade costume and convinced the fans to go and visit Giant-Man, who was laid up with his ankle injury. After convincing the Wasp to go to his car outside, where a trap was prepared for her, Porcupine unleashed his sleeping gas on the crowd. Giant-Man whirled Porcupine around quickly, dispersing the gas, and Porcupine drilled several of his quills into Giant-Man's arms to facilitate his release. As he flew away, he revealed that Wasp was his prisoner, and he used a suction-tip quill to slow his descent over his car. He drove away, emitting DDT all around his car so that the ants couldn't track him, and trapped the Wasp in a room in his headquarters, leaving her an escape exit on purpose, then sent a self-propelled electronic radar quill to pursue her. Now knowing where Giant-Man's headquarters were, Porcupine burst in using his concussion ray quill, and immediately trapped Wasp with a fly-paper quill. When more sleeping gas did not work, Porcupine feigned surrender, but grabbed Giant-Man's size-changing capsules. Holding Giant-Man off with sneezing gas, he took the pills, expecting to grow, but instead shrunk to the size of a microbe.

(Fantastic Four Annual#3/Marvel Heroes and Legends#1) - Influenced by Dr. Doom's Emotion Charger Porcupine attacked the Fantastic Four alongside several other villains.

(X-Men I#22) - Count Nefaria recruited several villains to serve as his Maggia lieutenants, and involved them in a large blackmail plot. The villains, Eel, Plantman, Porcupine, Scarecrow, and Unicorn were assigned to capture the X-Men. Porcupine took down the Beast, using his spiky quills and a hypnotic disc to subdue him.

(X-Men I#23) - Nefaria took the city of Washington D.C. hostage and demanded millions of dollars in payment. He sent the X-Men to retrieve the money from the military, hoping to frame the heroes in the end, and sent his Maggia lieutenants to watch the heroes, but the lieutenants decided to betray Nefaria and take the money for themselves. They fought off the military after the X-Men had the cash (Porcupine using tear gas) and then attacked the X-Men. Porcupine fired liquid cement at Beast, but was frozen by Iceman. Unicorn betrayed them, so the other four fought their way through the military and fled.

(Alpha Flight Special Edition II#1) - Porcupine joined Egghead's Emissaries of Evil alongside Eel, Solarr, Rhino, Swordsman, and Power Man. They traveled to Canada where Egghead planned to blackmail the world with a nuclear missile. The villains were shocked that Egghead actually planned to destroy New York. Canada's Flight (Groundhog, Stitch, Wolverine, Smart Alec, Snowbird, Saint Elmo) attacked. Porcupine hit Saint Elmo with nerve gas before Wolverine slashed open his armor. Egghead's plot was soon foiled.

(Captain America I#130) - Porcupine and Whirlwind joined Batroc’s Brigade, and they were hired by the Hood to attack Captain America. Porcupine fired lasers at Captain America, who wrapped Porcupine up in a curtain. The villains were soon defeated.

(Captain America I#132 (fb) ) - Batroc, Porcupine and Whirlwind were dismissed by the Hood after their defeat.

(Captain America I#158) - Porcupine joined the Cowled Commander’s Crime Wave alongside Plantman, Eel, Scarecrow, and Viper (Jordan Stryke).

(Captain America I#159) - The villains robbed a jewelry store and were attacked by Captain America, and Captain America knocked Porcupine to the ground several times during the battle. The villains retreated and conferred at their headquarters only to be attacked again by Captain America and Falcon, where they were defeated and arrested.

 (Defenders I#36) - Hearing of the new enlightenment movement called the Celestial Mind Control Movement, Porcupine, Plantman, and Eel determined to join up and see if they could become more effective villains. They met Mr. Nebul (secretly Nebulon) and clown-clad cheerleaders and Plantman stormed away in frustration.

(Defenders I#37) - At Celestial Mind Control Movement headquarters, Eel and Porcupine shot a reflection of their 'Bozo' selves, thus becoming fully converted to CMCM cause. They soon attacked a hospital and knocked unconscious Doctor Strange, Red Guardian, Power Man, and Jack Norriss, at Nebulon's orders.

(Defenders I#38) - The Defenders, including Nighthawk, attacked the CMCM headquarters with an other-dimensional primate in pursuit of them. Nighthawk avoided Porcupine's blasts, then knocked the villain into Eel, the electricity knocking Porcupine out.

(Avengers I#167) - Porcupine led operatives into robbing a fashion show at a hotel, but they were opposed by Wasp, Yellowjacket, and Nighthawk. Porcupine was soon knocked out by Yellowjacket's stingers.

(Defenders I#63) - As part of a team of villains seeking to defame the Defenders, Porcupine and Plantman, alongside Sagittarius (LMD), Whirlwind (David Cannon), Looter, Beetle (Abner Jenkins), Electro (Max Dillon) and Blob looted the diamond district. A group of heroic “Defenders for a Day”, including Hercules, Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), Giant-Man (Bill Foster), Havok, Hellcat, and White Tiger (Hector Ayala), attacked the villains. The brief battle was broken up by the police.

(Defenders I#64) - The villains tried to escape (Plantman by riding vines) and clamored upon a subway, riding away. Hercules stopped the subway and the battle resumed until Hellcat knocked out all the heroes and villains with a mind-blast.

(Defenders I#65) - Porcupine and the other villains were brought to prison by the police.

(Iron Man I#126) - Justin Hammer hired Porcupine alongside Beetle, Blizzard, Constrictor, Discus, Leapfrog, Melter, Stiletto, and Water Wizard, to act as his lieutenants. He called on them to attack Iron Man when the hero arrived.

(Iron Man I#127) - Iron Man tore through the villains quickly and efficiently. Porcupine fired mini-grenades at Iron Man, but the hero reversed them and Porcupine's suit was destroyed.

(Captain America I#285) - Having refined his suit and weary of his frequent defeats, Porcupine sought to sell it to the highest bidder. He contacted the Secret Empire, who demanded that he prove the suit’s capabilities by defeating Captain America in battle. He practiced by tearing up several Captain America replicas in his headquarters, using concussion bombs, a voltage pack, and razor-tipped steel quills. He sent forth several “eye-in-the-sky” devices to find Captain America, but was shocked when the new Nomad (Jack Monroe) burst through the wall, attacking him. Porcupine quickly knocked Nomad out, then held him hostage, luring Captain America to him. He fired a small missile at Captain America, then held Nomad from a roof, tossing him toward the ground and forcing Captain America to risk himself to catch Nomad. Porcupine immediately leaped at Captain America, hitting him with different parts of his arsenal relentlessly. Near victory, Porcupine was distracted when Nomad hit him with a trash can, then Captain America knocked Porcupine out with a mighty hit with his shield.

(Code of Honor#3) - Porcupine fought alongside Batroc and other villains against Moon Knight and Guardsman while many heroes in NYC were missing due to the Beyonder's Secret War.

(Marvel Age Annual#1) - As part of a short-lived villain team, the Lethal Legion, Porcupine participated in a short-lived mass attack against many of New York’s heroes, but he was first knocked aside by a thrown printer, then hit by a stray blast from the Unicorn.

(Captain America I#315 (fb) - BTS) - Gentry also tried selling his suit to Hydra and the Maggia unsuccessfully.

(Captain America I#315) - Having vowed to himself to never dress as the Porcupine again, Gentry tried selling his suit to AIM, and solicited a card from Cobra of the Serpent Society when he passed. He was turned down by AIM, and the Serpent Society (Sidewinder). Desperate, he called Captain America to sell it to a hero. Captain America convinced Gentry to don the suit once more, in order to lure the Serpent Society into a trap, and promised to pay Porcupine ten thousand dollars for the suit after his plan. Porcupine, feigning capture of Captain America, called the Serpent Society offering them the hero to kill. Cottonmouth, Death Adder, Diamondback, and Rattler showed up and Captain America attacked them and Porcupine, wanting nothing to do with the battle, fled, but Diamondback hit him with an explosive diamond. Furious, Porcupine fired several of his quills at her. He soon tried to flee again, but tripped and landed on one of his quills, which lodged into his heart. Captain America bid Porcupine farewell, promising to honor Porcupine as a hero. He put Porcupine’s costume on display in Avengers Mansion.

(Avengers I#274) - The case containing Porcupine’s armor was smashed open by Piledriver when the villain burst into the mansion.

(Captain America I#425 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Dead Ringer obtained a piece of Porcupine's tissue.

(Captain America I#425 - BTS) - In the form of Porcupine Dexter confronted the Super-Patriot (Mike Farrell, who was posing as Captain America as part of a plot to make Cap look bad) at a fund-raiser for mayoral candidate Rudy Bradley at Manhattan's Plaza hotel, proclaiming he would have his revenge. "Porcupine" launched a number of quills, which "Cap" blocked with his shield, but they were deflected into the civilians present, wounding several of them, including Bradley, his wife, Constance. Ignoring this, the two continue to fight, but both fled before the police arrived.

(Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual 1998) - Justice and Firestar looked at the Porcupine armor in the mansion.

(JLA/Avengers#4) - Porcupine was among the villains pulled forth from time and space by Krona to guard his stronghold from an onslaught by the Avengers and the JLA.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Ernest Hart, and Don Heck.

Porcupine received an entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#19 and the Master Edition. Thanks to David Wiltfong and Markus Raymond for their help with missing issues!

Profile by Chadman.


Porcupine's armor was later adopted by a second Porcupine. Alex Gentry was the basis of the Porcupine Proto-Husk.

Porcupine has no known connections to

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