Real Name: Michael "Mike" Farrel

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Criminal;
    former insurrectionist, firefighter

Group Membership: None;
    formerly FDNY (Fire Department of New York), Watchdogs (Stuart Barlett, Bukowski, Goetzke, Kearney, May, Mick, Mitchell, others)

Affiliations: Bobbi Barton (Mockingbird), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Bess, Josh Cooper, Dead Ringer (Louis Dexter), Lt. Deering, the Fire Department of New York (Sam Douglas, Rico, others), the Jewish Protection Organization (Sammy Bernstein, others), Anna Kapplebaum, Lenny, Jack Monroe (Nomad), Diana Nicholis, Omar, Renee; Bernie Rosenthal, Irv Rosenthal, Rosalie Rosenthal, Jeannie Rosenthal, Arnie Roth, the Tinkerer (Phineas Mason); U.S.Agent (John Walker); Sam Wilson (Falcon)

Enemies: The Avengers (Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Black Widow (Natalia Romanova), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff), Vision), Barney, Blockbuster (Frederic Woolrich), Rudolph Bradley, Bruzo, Code: Blue (Andrew “Jock” Jackson, Sgt. Julius Anthony “Mad Dog” Rassitano, Margarita Allegra “Rigger” Ruiz, Lt. Marcus Stone) (he tricked them into thinking he was the true Captain America), Diamondback (Rachel Leighton), Hobart, Enrique ParcairResistants (Crucible (Byron Calley), Meteorite (Ned Lanthrop), Occult (Peter Quinn)), the Watchdogs (Stuart Bartlett, others); indirectly Dragon Man (Dragon Man caused a fire Mike had to help extinguish)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Captain", "Captain America", "Star-Spangled Banana"

Base of Operations: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA;
    formerly 569 Leaman Place, Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA

First Appearance: (as Mike Farrel, unidentified): Captain America I#237 (September, 1979);
(as Mike Farrel, first name revealed): Captain America I#241 (January, 1980);
(as Mike Farrel, surname revealed): Captain America I#248  (August, 1980);
(as Super-Patriot): Captain America I#425 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Mike Farrel had no superhuman powers but he was an able hand-to-hand combatant and was a skilled firefighter, trained in first aid among other skills. As Super-Patriot, Farrel wielded a duplicate of Captain America's shield and carried a pistol. During his time with the Watchdogs, Farrel wore a kevlar vest and had access to various firearms and explosives.

Farrel was also well-educated, a graduate of three different colleges and holder of a half-dozen or so degrees.

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


(Captain America: America’s Avenger#1 (fb) – BTS) – Mike Farrel first met Bernie Rosenthal when she took pre-law classes at Cornell University.

(Captain America I#248 (fb) – BTS) – Mike Farrel and Bernie Rosenthal continued to go to college together.

(Captain America I#275 (fb) – BTS) – During his college days, the apolitical Mike was dragged to several protest rallies by Bernie Rosenthal, many of which ended up in fighting.

(Captain America I#237) – As Steve Rogers visited his new Brooklyn Heights apartment for the first time, Mike Farrel came barreling out of the front door, nearly knocking Steve over. When Steve asked where the fire was, Mike replied that he did not have time to stop and talk. He then continued running on his way.

(Captain America I#241) – Mike was watching the fights with his fellow tenant Josh Cooper when Steve Rogers returned from an interview with Non-Parallel Publications. Before Steve could tell them about his day, tenant Anna Kappelbaum screamed. Rushing to her apartment, Steve, Josh and Mike found her in a state of shock. Once they realized she was okay, Josh and Mike withdrew from Anna’s apartment while Steve stayed behind to make sure she was alright.

(Captain America I#245) – When Steve Rogers returned home, Mike, Josh, and the other tenants at Brooklyn Heights surprised Steve with a birthday party.

(Captain America I#247 (fb) – BTS) – After working the late shift at the firehouse, Mike Farrel ran into Steve Rogers as Mike was returning home to his Brooklyn Heights apartment. Steve told Mike that he had some errands to do.

(Captain America I#247) – Mike interrupted Josh Cooper’s attempts to rouse Steve Rogers and explained that Steve had left early to run some errands. Mike then asked if Josh was busy and, after Josh informed Mike that he was off for holiday, Mike told Josh there was someone he needed to meet.

(Captain America I#248) – After waiting around for Steve Rogers to return home so they could treat him to dinner, Mike and Josh introduced Steve to Bernie Rosenthal, an old college friend of Mike’s. Following the spaghetti dinner at Mike’s apartment, Mike, Josh, Steve and Bernie continued chatting over coffee when the radio announced that a strange flying object had been buzzing areas recently visited by Captain America. When he saw the strange object in the moonlight, Steve left quickly to investigate as Captain America, telling Mike and the others that he had forgotten an errand he had to run.

Fireman Mike(Captain America I#249) – Mike Farrel was on-duty as a firefighter, helping put out the fires started by the android Dragon Man. Once the fires were under control, Mike visited with the waiting Josh Cooper and Bernie Rosenthal, explaining to them that the fires seemed to have been started by a large dragon-like creature in pursuit of Captain America.

(Captain America I#250) – Engaged in a political conversation at his firehouse, Mike Farrel ran late to help Bernie Rosenthal move in. When he arrived, he suggested that he, Josh Cooper, Bernie and Steve Rogers continue the conversation on politics over Chinese food. Surprised that the normally apolitical Mike would be talking politics, Bernie asked him about it. Mike replied that normally he was apolitical but when he heard the news that the New Populist Party had Captain America almost convinced to run for President, he was drawn into the conversation. Mike then pulled out a newspaper headlined “Cap for President!,” much to the shock of Steve Rogers. Mike then explained that while he normally didn’t vote (as he did not feel there was anyone worth voting for), he would be tempted to change his mind if Captain America were running for President.

(Captain America I#258) – Mike Farrel was on-duty when an arsonist caused an explosion at the apartment complex on Culver Street. A terrified Bernie Rosenthal found him and exclaimed that Steve Rogers had disappeared during the explosion. Mike exclaimed that the last thing the fire department needed was a righteous amateur in their way but he told Bernie he would keep his eyes open for Steve, warning that if Steve was anywhere near the Culver Street apartments, he was in trouble. Mike then continued helping to put out the fire. After firefighter Sam Douglas was killed in a flaming flashback while trying to rescue Captain America, Mike Farrel helped carry his body to the ambulance as Captain America watched in horror. When Mike returned home to Brooklyn Heights, Anna Kappelbaum had prepared a dinner for him with their friends Josh, Bernie and Steve. Following dinner, Mike was overcome with emotions about Sam Douglas' death. He exclaimed that the fire was started by an arsonist who effectively murdered Sam and that he feared that next time, it could be him perishing. His emotional outburst was interrupted by Mike’s own loud coughing, brought on by smoke inhalation from the fire. Later, when Captain America confronted the arsonist responsible for the Culver Street fire, Blockbuster, Mike Farrel was one of the firefighters called to the scene to help extinguish the fires started during the battle. Seeing Captain America bringing the unarmored Blockbuster from a fire, Mike had the other fireman hose off the burning hero. When Blockbuster pulled a gun on Captain America, Mike grabbed a hose himself and hit Blockbuster with the pressurized water, saving Cap. Captain America then revealed to Mike that Blockbuster had been responsible for the Culver Street fire, prompting Mike to attack Blockbuster himself, calling Blockbuster a murderer. Mike was told to calm down by Det. Lt. Deering, who took Blockbuster into custody and explained that Blockbuster was merely a hired goon of the real mastermind.

(Captain America I#269) – Mike joined Steve and Josh Cooper for breakfast at Anna Kappelbaum’s apartment. Afterward, while Anna spoke with Steve Rogers about Bernie Rosenthal, Mike and Josh discussed the news, with Mike stating he was not surprised to see Neo-Nazis having a rally outside of a local high school. Upon hearing that, Anna grabbed their newspaper and threw it to the ground, angry that Nazis even had the right to hold such a rally.

(Captain America I#275/Captain America V#600/3 (fb)) – Mike joined Anna, Bernie, Josh and Steve at an Anti-Nazi protest rally at Robert Moses State Park, where he was introduced to Bernie’s ex-husband Sammy Bernstein, who was among the protesters. When Steve noticed that if not for the protesters, the Neo-Nazi rally probably would have been ignored, Mike agreed with Steve’s idea that the protesters were giving the Neo-Nazis free publicity. A fight soon broke out at the rally when someone threw a bottle and hit the Neo-Nazi leader in the head. During the scuffle, Mike tried to get Anna Kappelbaum to safety, reminded of the violent protests that he and Bernie were a part of during their college days.

(Captain America I#277 - BTS) - While stalking Captain America, Baron Helmut Zemo witnessed Captain America try to start a life for himself as Steve Rogers, reuniting with his old friend Arnie Roth and befriending Mike Farrel, Bernie Rosenthal and others.

(Captain America I#283 - BTS) - When Captain America was drugged by the Viper, he hallucinated a parade and images of Mike Farrel and his other friends in the audience.

(Captain America I#284) – Mike attended a party thrown by Bernie Rosenthal, whom he danced with. When Steve Rogers and Jack Monroe arrived, Mike greeted them. When Sammy Bernstein jokingly grabbed Steve and was unintentionally flipped to the ground by Steve, Mike commended Steve on his moves. As the party ended, a drunk Mike stumbled to his apartment next door and Steve later commented to Bernie that he hoped Mike made it home okay.

(Captain America I#285) – Mike and Josh Cooper unintentionally broke up an intimate moment between Steve and Bernie, bringing pizza for everyone. When Josh asked Mike if perhaps they had walked in at the wrong time, Mike jokingly claimed he used to walk in on some kinky stuff involving Bernie but she smacked Mike until he laughingly took his words back. Mike then seriously suggested that he and Josh leave but Steve insisted they stay. Twenty minutes later, they all chatted over pizza. Steve soon had to excuse himself when Edwin Jarvis phoned to tell Steve that the 1940s hero, the Patriot, was about to pass away.

(Captain America I#316) – Mike and Josh Cooper helped Bernie Rosenthal and Steve Rogers pack up Bernie’s belongings when she moved out of her Brooklyn Heights apartment. During the packing, Mike asked if Bernie really needed to move the huge bookshelf he was carrying and Bernie replied she needed it for her law books. When the news reported the rampaging Armadillo, Mike commented about another monster supposedly tearing up New York.

(Captain America I#317) – Mike and Josh visited Bernie’s apartment one last time before Bernie left. Josh informed them that they would have to throw one last party. Later that night, at the party, Farrel flirted with fellow party guest Renee, telling her about how firefighters carrying beepers was a good idea.

(Captain America I#380) – Mike Farrel attended a party at the Brooklyn Heights apartment to celebrate Bernie Rosenthal’s return to Brooklyn Heights. When Steve Rogers arrived at the party, he greeted Mike and Josh.

(Captain America V#600/3 (fb) - BTS) – Although he was unaware of it, Mike Farrel began suffering from an undiagnosed brain tumor that began slowly affecting his judgment.

(Captain America: The Legend - BTS) - His judgment thus impaired and having a leaning towards right-wing politics, Mike was led to the militant Watchdogs organization.

(Captain America I#385 (fb) – BTS) – Mike secretly joined the Watchdogs, agreeing with their ideas of an immoral world.

(Captain America I#382) – Bernie Rosenthal visited Mike and confided that she still had feelings for Steve Rogers, and that seeing him at the earlier party had reminded her about those feelings. Mike told Bernie that if she wanted to tell Steve how she felt, she would need to be blunt about it, as Steve was never great at picking up subtle hints. He then decided to call it a night as he had to get up early the next day. Bernie then helped clean up and noticed a note that stated “Dog Pound” on it. When she asked Mike about whether he was getting a dog, he told her that he was going with a co-worker. As Bernie left, she felt as if Mike was flustered about something.

Watchdog Mike(Captain America I#385) – Having joined the militant Watchdogs, Mike accompanied Bartlett and others into the offices of Rabid Records, a record label specialized in hip hop music. Dousing the place in gasoline, Mike nervously commented that he had never done anything like that before. After Bartlett lit the fuse, Mike noticed the drunk, sleeping janitor and wanted to save him, but the other Watchdogs told Mike to leave the janitor behind. Frozen and unsure what to do about the janitor, Mike eventually left but was hit by the subsequent explosion of the gasoline. Pulled away by the other Watchdogs, Mike ranted about trying to save someone while another Watchdog told Mike that if the janitor was stupid enough to work for filth-mongers, he deserved to die. Later that day, Bernie visited Mike’s apartment to tell him about her meeting with Steve Rogers. Noticing a bandage on Mike’s face, Bernie asked if he was ok and Mike replied that it was just an on-the-job injury. Bernie then asked if he was at the Rabid Records arson and when Mike replied that he was, he considered telling Bernie about his status as a Watchdog but ultimately decided not to. He told Bernie that he was unable to save someone at the fire and Bernie noticed he seemed affected by it. Mike’s conversation with Bernie was interrupted by the arrival of Stuart Barlett, a Watchdog member. Stuart told Bernie that he needed to discuss private matters with Mike and Mike told Bernie he would see her later as she left. Stuart then began telling Mike of the upcoming Watchdogs mission to torch a pornography exhibit. Mike then asked why Stuart had paid him a personal visit, having always been contacted on the phone before, and Stuart replied that he asked their boss if he could check on Mike’s recovery. Mike said he was not feeling well but Stuart reminded him that he had six days to recover before their next mission, asking Mike if he were a puppy or a pussycat. Once Stuart had left, Bernie returned to Mike’s apartment and asked what Stuart had wanted. Finally gathering enough courage, Mike told Bernie about his involvement with the Watchdogs and the Rabid Records fire. When Bernie told Mike he should go to the police, he proclaimed that he could not rat on his friends. He then explained that while he did believe in what the Watchdogs stood for, he did not want anyone to be hurt because of their actions. Bernie then reiterated that he should go to the police since he had become involved in a felony. Later, feeling that needed some time to think, Mike left his apartment via the fire escape, hoping to avoid facing Bernie once more. Unsure if he had done the right thing by confessing to her, Mike visited the building housing the pornography exhibit that the Watchdogs were eventually going to torch. Inside, Mike asked to speak with the artist but was turned away by Hobart, a building worker. The artist told Hobart not to worry and asked Mike what he wanted. Mike attempted to warn the artist about the Watchdogs upcoming activities but the artist called Mike a philistine for his views on the art being offensive. Angry that the artist wouldn’t listen, Mike left, exclaimed that the artist could burn for all he cared. Unaware that in his absence, Captain America had fought the Watchdogs inside Mike’s apartment, Mike returned home to find the police outside his building. Thinking Bernie had ratted him out, Mike thought to himself how he should not have trusted her and that he needed to get away before the police saw him.

(Captain America I#386) – Holing up in a run-down hotel in Manhatten’s Lower East Side, Mike Farrel thought about the mess he had gotten himself. Feeling like he had nowhere to turn and still thinking Bernie had reported him to the police, Mike shaved off his mustache and prepared to return to the Watchdogs and throw himself on their mercy. Returning to Queens, Mike located Stuart Bartlett and explained that he was in trouble with the police. Taking him back to his apartment, Stuart reported Mike to the Watchdogs and was overheard by Mike, who punched Stuart. Eventually, Stuart knocked Mike down with a beer bottle. Later, when Captain America stormed the Watchdogs headquarters, he found a captive Mike Farrel, whom he told to stay put while Cap attempted to take down the Watchdogs. While Cap battled the Watchdogs with his ally, U.S.Agent, Mike came to the realization that all his troubles were because of the Watchdogs. Feeling he had to escape or the Watchdogs would report him to Captain America and his life would be ruined by a jail sentence, Mike made his way out of his cell while U.S.Agent announced that any Watchdogs he saw were enemies. Once the Watchdogs had been defeated, Mike came out into the open and admitted to Captain America that he had been one of the Watchdogs. He explained that he joined up with the Watchdogs thinking they championed moral behavior but he was now repentant. He then announced that while he was repentant, that did not excuse the crimes he committed while with the Watchdogs. Mike then asked to be arrested.

(Captain America V#600/3 (fb) – BTS) – Mike Farrel testified against the other Watchdogs and agreed to serve his time in prison.

(Captain America I#439 (fb) – BTS) – While in prison, Mike was cellmates with Lou Dexter, who called himself Dead Ringer and was able to assume the form, powers and skills of corpses he touched.

(Captain America I#439 (fb)) – After spending time in prison, Mike Farrel was released but found himself unable to get his job back at the Fire Department. Broke, Mike began blaming Captain America for ruining his life, thinking that if he had never turned himself in to Captain America, he would have never went to prison. Seeing no legal avenues open, Mike came up with a plan to ruin Captain America’s life as his had been by becoming the costumed Super-Patriot. Together with Dead Ringer, Mike planned to discredit and ruin Captain America.

(Captain America I#439 (fb) – BTS) – To help Dead Ringer assume more forms as part of their plot against Captain America, Mike aided Dead Ringer in robbing the graves of deceased superhumans.

(Captain America I#425) – As the new Super-Patriot, Mike Farrel met with the Tinkerer, hoping to find the right weapon to aid in his personal crusade against Captain America. Knowing of just the right weapon, the Tinkerer led him to a duplicate of Captain America’s shield. Finding it the perfect weapon, Super-Patriot decided to purchase it from the Tinkerer. Later, on the Lower East Side, Mike impersonated Captain America and visited a bar ripe with criminals. Asking for a drink, Mike drank until the bartender asked him to leave, claiming he was bad for business. Instead, "Cap" bought the next round of drinks for everyone in the bar to prove that he was not bad for business. Eventually a bruiser named Bruzo tried to provoke "Cap" by saying he didn’t look so tough. Mike insulted Bruzo via a series of smart alec quips until Bruzo attacked him, prompting "Cap" to pick Bruzo up by the neck and only agree to put him down if Bruzo licked his boots clean. He then visited the Plaza Hotel as Captain America, where a battle was secretly staged between him and the Dead Ringer, who had assumed the form of the deceased Porcupine. The following morning, the real Captain America held a press conference to discuss the smear campaign against him by the imposter Cap. The press conference was assaulted by Dead Ringer, this time using the form of the deceased Mirage. While Cap reacted to “Mirage”’s illusions, the Avengers and the public saw Captain America fighting no one. Eventually, Mike Farrel appeared on the scene in his costumed identity of the Super-Patriot and claimed to have defeated “Mirage,” explaining to the public that “Mirage” had beamed the illusions directly into Cap’s retinas. After introducing himself as the next patriotic hero, Super-Patriot departed, claiming he had real criminals to catch. Captain America’s ally Diamondback gave chase but lost the Super-Patriot when he turned a corner near Madison Avenue. Later that evening, after Dead Ringer had escaped the Avengers’ clutches, Mike met with the Dead Ringer and the two prepared to celebrate the completion of Phase One of their smear campaign against Captain America.

(Captain America I#426) – Super-Patriot and Dead Ringer visited the graveyard containing the body of Roland Burroughs, the Death Adder, in order to allow Dead Ringer to absorb Death Adder’s powers and skills. Super-Patriot then asked Dead Ringer what the first deceased form he had ever taken was and Dead Ringer replied that it was his cat. Dead Ringer then became silent and appeared about Burroughs’ grave in the form of Death Adder. As he returned to normal, Dead Ringer explained to Super-Patriot that Death Adder must have been mute and therefore, Dead Ringer was unable to talk in Burroughs’ form. Returning to their Bay Ridge, Brooklyn headquarters, Dead Ringer asked Mike why he hated Captain America so much. While he changed into a Captain America costume once more to discredit Captain America, Mike replied that Captain America had ruined his life and when Dead Ringer asked for specifics, Mike explained that the less they knew about one another, the less they could say if either of them got caught. The two then prepared for another smear against Captain America and when Mike asked if Dead Ringer could transform into a flyer, Dead Ringer became the Night Flyer and the two flew off. Spotting an armored truck nearby, Mike had Dead Ringer drop him off on top of the truck. Claiming he saw someone tampering with the truck’s back door, Mike (dressed as Captain America) knocked out the guards and, with Dead Ringer, robbed the armored truck, telling the guards to make sure and tell everyone who had treated them so un-American-like. Flying away after their heist, Dead Ringer and Mike were soon attacked by the mutant activist Resistants, who had mistaken Mike for the true Captain America. Once they had landed, Mike asked Dead Ringer if he could transform into anyone that could counter the Resistants as they turned in pursuit. After fighting a losing battle, Dead Ringer transformed into Death Adder and turned the tide just the Code: Blue police force arrived on the scene investigating “Captain America”’s robbery of an armored truck. Pretending to be the real Captain America, Mike claimed the Resistants had forced him to aid in their armored truck robbery. Asking “Cap” to come by the station for a statement later, Code: Blue took the Resistants into custody and allowed “Captain America” to leave. Once they had left, Mike commented to the Dead Ringer that they had actually made the real Captain America look better by inadvertedly capturing the Resistants.

(Captain America I#427 (fb) – BTS) – Mike Farrel continued to impersonate and discredit Captain America by staging a battle with the Dead Ringer, who was using the form of Solarr.

(Captain America I#427) – Mike (as Captain America) staged a battle with Dead Ringer (as the Cheetah) at a fast food restaurant in Pennsylvania. During the fight, a fast food worker poured hot oil on Dead Ringer, prompting “Captain America” to nearly pulp the kid, warning him to leave the fighting to the professionals. Later, as Mike returned to the apartment headquarters shared by himself and Dead Ringer, Mike found Dead Ringer impersonating Blue Streak in an attempt to heal the burns caused by the fast food worker. When Dead Ringer asked Mike what was wrong, he explained he had just run into someone he once knew but would not reveal anymore about it when Dead Ringer attempted to learn more. Changing the subject, Mike announced he had come up with a plan to bring their conflict with Captain America to a head. That night, Mike had Dead Ringer impersonate Blackout and kidnap Bernie Rosenthal. As Super-Patriot, Mike then phoned Captain America’s hotline and explained that Bernie was being held hostage, preparing to capture Cap when he came to investigate. Hearing the fight from the other room, Super-Patriot learned that Dead Ringer had also inadvertedly captured Diamondback, who was fighting back. The Avenger Quicksilver soon arrived as well. When Dead Ringer took the form of Blue Streak and gave Quicksilver a chase out of the apartment, Super-Patriot contemplated aborting the entire plan but instead came through the door, claiming to be investigating a black cube he saw floating through the sky. Diamondback immediately told Super-Patriot he was wanted for questioning and Bernie began to recognize Mike’s voice. Super-Patriot soon attacked Diamondback, knocking her out and telling Bernie she had forced his hand. Captain America soon arrived on the scene and, upon seeing Super-Patriot carrying the duplicate Captain America shield, deduced that Super-Patriot was the one who had been impersonating him. Claiming Captain America was wrong, Super-Patriot fired a gun, barely missing Cap’s head. Super-Patriot then warned Cap that he had best be thankful that Super-Patriot was no murder or he could have unloaded the gun’s entire clip into the living legend. He then tried to escape, fearing that any more fighting against Cap would make him look like more of a villain in Bernie’s eyes. Unfortunately, Captain America gave chase and a terrified Super-Patriot began firing wildly, soon hitting a beam that had been weakened by a trash fire accidentally started by Dead Ringer as Blue Streak. The beam fell and while Captain America was able to avoid it, the beam pinned Super-Patriot underneath. Despite Captain America’s best efforts to save Super-Patriot, his body was weakened due to the failing Super-Soldier Serum and he collapsed. Quicksilver managed to speed in and rescue Captain America but he was unable to get to Super-Patriot. Thinking she had finally realized who the Super-Patriot was, Bernie Rosenthal decided to wait and see if Super-Patriot perished in the fire.

(Captain America I#438) – Sure that the Super-Patriot had not perished in the fire, Bernie Rosenthal hired an investigator to learn where Super-Patriot was hiding out. Tracking him to a decrepit Brooklyn building, Bernie knocked on the door and was grabbed by Super-Patriot.

(Captain America I#439) – Asking Bernie how she had found him, Super-Patriot learned how she had hired the investigator and asked if she was there to convince him to turn himself in. Despite knowing the crimes he had committed as Super-Patriot, Bernie claimed she was there to help him and asked him to take off his mask, revealing to her that he was Mike Farrel, just as she had suspected. Mike then explained how he blamed Captain America for ruining his life and just as Bernie commented that she didn’t think Mike could have come up with such a revenge scheme on his own, Dead Ringer arrived back at the apartment and asked to speak with Mike in private. Dead Ringer then tried to convince Mike that they couldn’t let Bernie go, as she would turn them in. Mike replied that she would help him instead, possibly by seeking a settlement between Mike and Captain America. When Dead Ringer demanded to know what happened to the fire of revenge that burned within Mike, Mike responded that it was gone. When Mike heard Bernie scream, he rushed back into the room to find that Bernie had discovered Dead Ringer’s box of severed fingers. Dead Ringer revealed that he could only assume another’s form once and had to continue to make contact with a corpse in order to assume their form more than once. Demanding to know what else Dead Ringer was hiding, Mike was calmed by Dead Ringer. Later, while tying up Bernie, Mike explained that he had met Dead Ringer while in prison and assumed Dead Ringer was a mutant. Despite Mike’s claims that he was not ready for a fight with Captain America, Dead Ringer had lured Captain America to their headquarters. When Captain America arrived, Dead Ringer assumed the form of Death-Stalker despite Super-Patriot’s claims that Death-Stalker’s powers were too dangerous. During the battle, Dead Ringer revealed that he had aided Super-Patriot in his revenge against Captain America in hopes of gaining access to Cap’s corpse once they had killed him. Disgusted, Super-Patriot backed away and did not fight Captain America, never wanting to kill the hero. When Dead Ringer threatened Bernie with Death-Stalker’s death touch, Super-Patriot pulled himself out from behind Captain America’s shield and grabbed Dead Ringer, accidentally touching Dead Ringer’s hands. Affected by Death-Stalker’s death touch, Mike fell to the ground. Captain America freed Bernie, who rushed to Mike’s side. As he died, Mike claimed he had really messed things up but Bernie replied that he had saved her life.

(Captain America V#600/3 (fb) - BTS) – Following Mike’s death, his autopsy revealed the long-undiagnosed brain tumor had probably been responsible for Mike’s recent erratic behavior. With no family, Mike’s fire helmet and ashes were given to Bernie Rosenthal.

(Captain America V#600/3) – Josh Cooper paid a visit to Bernie Rosenthal’s Santa Fe, New Mexico home one year after the supposed death of Captain America and the two discussed their time at the Brooklyn Heights apartment building. Bernie explained Mike’s undiagnosed brain tumor to Josh and together, they decided to honor Mike by driving out to a cliff and spreading Mike’s ashes to the winds, with Bernie and Josh hoping that Mike was at peace.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Roger McKenzie, Sal Buscema and Don Perlin.

After re-reading all of Mike Farrel’s appearances, I have to admit I was somewhat sad to see him become a villain...

At various points in his appearances, Mike’s hair changed color. First it was a greyish-brown, then straight-up brown, then for two issues it was blonde and when he died as Super-Patriot, it was colored red. His profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC Vol. 11 states it as Brown and that’s what I went with. His last name also changes from “Farrel” to “Farrell” on occasion.

Captain America: America’s Avenger#1 (August, 2011)’s Bernie Rosenthal profile revealed that the college where Mike and Bernie first met was Cornell University.

Enrique Parcair’s last name was misspelled “Parquer” in Captain America I#386.

Thanks to Mike O'Sullivan for pointing out the several degrees Mike Farrel held!

Profile by Proto-Man.

Super-Patriot has no known connections to

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Stuart BartlettStuart Bartlett

Stuart Bartlett was a member of the militant Watchdogs organization and mentored Mike as a member. Often annoyed by Mike’s regard to the safety of others, Stuart left Mike behind during Mike’s first mission at the Rapid Records building when Mike stopped to save a sleeping janitor. After Mike was caught in the building’s explosion, Stuart pulled him to safety and back into the Watchdogs’ van to escape. Later, Stuart received permission to check on Mike’s recovery and he personally visited Mike’s home, interrupting a conversation between Mike and Bernie Rosenthal. Stuart later led an investigation at Mike’s apartment where a group of Watchdogs busted in, only to find Mike’s apartment empty. Later, after Mike thought the police were after him, Mike Farrel visited Stuart, who brought Mike into his apartment. Once inside, Stuart phoned the Watchdogs’ boss and informed him that Mike was hiding out at Stuart’s apartment. Angry that Stuart had ratted him out, Mike punched Stuart but Stuart managed to knock Mike out with a beer bottle and take him captive. Stuart was presumably defeated and taken into custody along with the other Watchdogs when Captain America and U.S.Agent raided the Watchdogs’ headquarters.



--Captain America I#385 (#386


Bess was the date brought to Bernie Rosenthal’s party by Bernie’s ex-husband, Sammy Bernstein. At the party, Bess met many of Bernie’s friends including Mike and when Sammy was hurled to the ground by Captain America, who mistook the joking Sammy for an attacker, Bess was asked to dance by an angry Sammy.


--Captain America I#284

Rudolph BradleyRudolph Bradley

Rudolph Bradley was a politician who held a fund-raising ball in the Plaza Hotel in New York. His ball was crashed by the arrival of Mike Farrel, who was posing as Captain America. Mr. Bradley asked “Captain America” why he had come and then asked if “Cap” would take some publicity photos with him. “Cap” agreed but his conversation with Bradley was quickly interrupted by Dead Ringer, who was in the form of the deceased Porcupine. Staging a battle to ruin the real Captain America’s reputation, Mike battled with “Porcupine” and during the scuffle, Rudolph Bradley was hit several porcupine quills.

--Captain America I#425


Bruzo was a bar patron at the bar where Mike Farrel posed as Captain America. Angry that “Captain America” was in his bar, Bruzo attempted to provoke “Cap” into a fight by saying he wasn’t so tough. “Captain America,” in turn, provoked Bruzo instead until Bruzo attacked him. “Cap” grabbed Bruzo by the neck and only agreed to release him when Bruzo agreed to lick the dirt off of “Cap”’s boots.




--Captain America I#425

WatchdogsBukowski, Goetzke, Kearney, May, Mick & Mitchell

Bukowski, Goetzke, Kearney, May, Mick and Mitchell were all members of the Watchdogs alongside Stuart Bartlett and Mike Farrel. Presumably some of them participated in the attack on Rabid Records and they later broke into Mike Farrel’s apartment when he didn’t show for a meeting, with Stuart ordering Mitchell, Kearney and Goetzke to check the fire escape while Bukowski and May were to follow him inside. Once inside, the Watchdogs were discovered by Captain America, who was investigating Mike’s apartment at Bernie Rosenthal’s behest. Bernie was eventually captured by the Watchdogs and all of the group was taken into custody when Captain America and U.S.Agent raided the Watchdogs’ headquarters to save Bernie.

NOTE: Due to the Watchdogs’ identical uniforms, it was practically impossible to determine which Watchdog belonged to which name.




--Captain America I#385 (#386

Lt DeeringLt. Deering

Lt. Deering was a detective from New York’s 27th Precinct who arrived on the scene shortly after Mike Farrel knocked down Blockbuster with a fire hose, saving Captain America’s life. He witnessed Mike roughing up Blockbuster and calmed Mike down, telling him he would take it from there. Agreeing to let Lt. Deering take Blockbuster into custody, Mike was shocked to learn that Lt. Deering seemed to think Blockbuster was working for a bigger mastermind.



--Captain America I#258

Sam and RicoSam Douglas & Rico

Sam Douglas and Rico were firefighters and friends of Mike Farrel. They were both sent in during the Culver Street fire started by Blockbuster and when Captain America fell after saving some of the civilians inside, Sam Douglas went back in to save Captain America. Just after getting Captain America to safety with Rico, a fire flashback caused a cave in that killed Sam at age 23. Mike Farrel carried Sam’s body out of the building once the fires had been extinguished.



--Captain America I#258


Hobart was a worker at the exhibition hall that was to show an exhibition of pornographic art by artist Enrique Parcair. When Mike Farrel came to the exhibit hall asking to speak with Parcair, Hobart tried to usher him away but Enrique told Hobart it was okay.

--Captain America I#385


Lenny was one of the people who was invited to Bernie Rosenthal’s party, where he met many of her friends including Mike Farrel. During the party, Lenny told a joke about someone being nailed to a chicken and someone commented on his terrible jokes.

--Captain America I#284


Omar was one of the people invited to Bernie Rosenthal’s going away party when she moved out of Brooklyn Heights. During the party, Omar met Jeannie Rosenthal, Bernie’s sister, and was asked by one of the guests to help liven things up.

--Captain America I#317

Enrique ParcairEnrique Parcair

Enrique Parcair was an artist specializing in pornographic art. When he was to do an exhibition in New York, he was targeted by the militant Watchdogs. Not wishing anyone to be hurt, Mike Farrel visited Parcair’s exhibit in an attempt to warn him of the impending danger. Not caring about Farrel’s warnings, Parcair called Farrel a philistine and Farrel left, commenting that he didn’t care if Parcair burned or not. Parcair was later visited by Captain America, who asked if he could impersonate Parcair when and if the Watchdogs came after him. Enrique told Captain America it was out of the question, as he had too much to do to prepare for his exhibit. When Captain America warned it could be a matter of life or death, Enrique asked why so many people were threatening him lately and told Captain America about Mike Farrel’s visit the night before. Captain America then gave Enrique his card and left. Two and a half hours later, Enrique was kidnapped by the Watchdogs and brought to their headquarters. Thinking they were some sort of brainwashing cult, Enrique demanded to know what was up and was shocked via an electrified collar the Watchdogs had placed on him. He was later rescued along with other Watchdog prisoners by Captain America and U.S.Agent when they raided the Watchdog headquarters.



--Captain America I#385 (#386


Renee was invited to Bernie Rosenthal's going away party when she left Brooklyn Heights. At the party, Renee met Mike Farrel and the two got into a discussion about whether or not it was a good idea for firefighters to have beepers.


--Captain America I#317

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