Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Olympian construct

Occupation: Day care worker at the Schuyler Hill Memorial Day Care Center, volunteer children’s hospital worker

Group Membership: None;
    formerly the Schuyler Hill Memorial Day Care Center staff

AffiliationsAlice (last name unrevealed), Avengers (Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Black Panther (T’Challa), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff), Deathcry, Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Hercules (Heracles), Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff), Sersi, Thor (Eric Masterson), Vision), children at the White Plains hospital (Bradley (last name unrevealed), others), Inhumans (Marilla, unidentified flying waiter), Edwin Jarvis, Luna Maximoff, Wakandans (unidentified guards & citizens), loosely Uatu the Watcher

Enemies: Ares, Diablo (Esteban Diablo), Hera, Masters of Alchemy (Carbon, Cobalt, Neon, Phosphorus, Plutonium, Titanium), le Sabre

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, USA

First Appearance: Avengers I#349 (July, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Taylor Madison had no superhuman powers, other than existing as a mystical construct. She was skilled in working with children and was very courageous when threatened.


(Avengers I#384 (fb) – BTS) – After discovering that Hera wanted vengeance on Hercules, Zeus decided to force Hera’s hand in an effort to reduce the harm. Knowing that Hera often tried to strike at Hercules via matters of the heart, Zeus created a construct to be the perfect love and soulmate for Hercules so that Hera would attempt to use the construct to her advantage. Once Zeus had forced Hera’s confession of revenge, the spell that created the construct would dissipate.

(Avengers I#349 (fb) – BTS) – Unaware of her true nature, the construct became Taylor Madison, a volunteer worker at a children’s hospital in White Plains, Westchester County, New York.

(Avengers I#384 (fb) – BTS) – Taylor also took a job at the Schuyler Hill Memorial Day Care Center.

(Avengers I#349) – Taylor was unknowingly drawn to invite the Avengers to the White Plains hospital and when they arrived, she watched the children having fun with the Avengers and spoke with Crystal about how the idea seemed to just pop into her head. When Crystal asked how long she had been working at the hospital, Taylor replied that she was just a volunteer there. Taylor then commented about how one of the children, Bradley, never seemed to talk to anyone but was having fun talking to both Thor and Hercules. She then walked over and explained to Hercules how Bradley often carried around his teddy bear Tipps when going through chemotherapy. Taking Zeus’ bait, Ares and Hera soon invisibly arrived in the hospital’s courtyard and plotted against Hercules. Deciding to force Hercules to kill an Avenger, Ares took possession of Thor and forced Thor to attack Hercules. While Hercules tried to talk sense into Thor, unaware of Ares’ possession of him, Taylor led the children away from the battle scene. Soon realizing that Bradley had went back for Tipps, Taylor ordered the nurse Alice to continue leading the kids away while she ran back to Bradley, unaware that Hera was watching her. The possessed Thor soon noticed Bradley and prepared to force Hercules’ hand by hurting Bradley but Taylor arrived and demanded Thor stay away. Hercules managed to draw Thor away by re-entering the battle and Crystal eventually called down lightning to separate them. The lightning caused Ares to appear amongst the combatants, revealing his hand in the fight. Hera soon revealed herself to rescue Ares and as they teleported away, Hercules told them they did not deserve to be called Olympians. Hercules then apologized to Taylor Madison but Taylor told him that he made up for the damage in his bravery. As Taylor helped tend to a cut on Hercules’ forehead, Hera watched from afar, commenting to Ares that the plans of Hera were delicate, subtle things and in the end, she always won.

(Avengers I#355 (fb) – BTS) – Hercules eventually received Taylor Madison’s phone number after the hospital battle.

(Avengers I#355) – After Hercules continued to go back and forth in his decision to call Taylor, Black Widow took the number from Hercules and called Taylor herself, inviting Taylor to a dinner party the following Thursday. Surprised that super heroes even threw dinner parties, Taylor accepted the invitation.

(Avengers I#357) – On the night of the dinner party, Taylor arrived and was led inside by the Vision. Upon seeing Hercules, Taylor commented that he had shaven his beard, unaware that Hera was once more watching her relationship with Hercules. During the dinner party, Hercules asked how Bradley was doing and asked why Taylor chose hospital work, as he would think it to be overwhelmingly sad. After explaining to Hercules that she had personal reasons for wanting for work with sick children, Uatu the Watcher appeared before the dinner table just as Black Widow was making a toast. After staring down each of the Avengers, the Watcher teleported away. Despite the Avengers’ worries, Sersi seconded Black Widow’s toast, commenting that they should be thankful for the warning.

(Avengers I#359) – Taylor visited Central Park and appeared sad when Edwin Jarvis and Marilla were out taking Luna Maximoff for a stroll. When Jarvis stopped to say hi, Taylor wiped a tear from her eye and thanked him for the dinner party a few nights earlier. Jarvis began to say that Hercules would be glad to hear that they had run into Taylor but Taylor asked Jarvis to not tell Hercules they saw her. She then quickly said she was late for an appointment and told Jarvis she would be in touch, leaving Jarvis to wonder if he had upset her. Marilla commented that Jarvis was dense for not seeing that Taylor Madison was in some sort of pain.

(Avengers Collector’s Edition#1) – Taylor Madison accompanied the Avengers to Wakanda for an anniversary celebration aboard their Protocraft One. Upon arriving at the Wakandan Royal Palace, Taylor and the Avengers found themselves facing the alchemist Diablo, who proclaimed that the Avengers now served him. Hercules immediately attacked Diablo, only to be shot down. Taylor rushed to Hercules’ side and despite Hercules’ fears that he had brought Taylor into danger, she admitted that she would rather be nowhere else. Diablo then unleashed his Masters of Alchemy, living Elements of Doom under his control, and ordered them to take the hostages to Wakanda’s Vibranium Mound. Taylor was taken alongside the Wakandan hostages and the Avengers were left helpless to stop them, lest they endanger the hostages. When Diablo threatened Taylor, Hercules yelled for Diablo to keep his hands off her but was met with a punch from Carbon. The Avengers soon took the fight directly to the Masters of Alchemy and as the fight wound down, Diablo prepared to sneak away but Taylor Madison hit him over the head with a rock, knocking him out. With Diablo defeated, Hercules commented that Taylor had the makings of an Avengers and the team prepared to celebrate the anniversary they had come to Wakanda for.

(Avengers Annual I#22) – Hercules and Taylor Madison were enjoying some quiet time together and Taylor commented on how quiet Avengers Mansion seemed to be. As Hercules prepared for a kiss, the intruder alarm went off. Shortly thereafter, the French le Sabre appeared, battling Hercules. As Hercules battled le Sabre’s steed, le Sabre took Taylor hostage and demanded the Black Knight’s Ebony Sword. Le Sabre was soon met in battle by the Black Knight himself, who forced le Sabre to admit that another group of intruders was probably already at the Black Knight’s castle in Washington, D.C.

(Avengers I#367) – Contemplating his recent change in form, Vision wandered around the Avengers headquarters, spotting Taylor Madison speaking with Hercules. Remaining at very low density, Vision watched as Hercules asked Taylor why it had taken so long for her to agree to see him again. She admitted that the day they had met at the hospital, she had never felt that way about someone before and it frightened her. She then explained that her true reasons for working with the terminally ill: she felt that they had true courage despite their too-brief life. Taylor then explained that while Hercules was immortal, she was not. She then kissed Hercules and told him that she could not see him, asking Hercules to not call her again.

(Avengers I#384 (fb) – BTS) – Taylor stopped going to her job at the Schuyler Hill Memorial Day Care Center.

(Avengers I#380) – Despite respecting Taylor’s wishes for weeks not to see her, Hercules eventually called her, claiming that his thoughts and heart remained with her. She claimed that she felt the same way but still felt that she could not get involved again, as it would not be fair to Hercules since she was not immortal. Taylor then asked Hercules to please understand and then hung up just as Augustine Jones (secretly Hera in disguise) arrived, answering Taylor’s ad for a roommate. The phone then rang again and Taylor went to answer it, asking Augustine to make herself at home. Augustine commented that she intended to.

(Avengers I#381) – Augustine asked about Taylor’s dating of Hercules, commenting that she did not mean to be nosey, but Taylor replied that they weren’t really dating and that they had only had dinner a few times. She then explained to Augustine that it didn’t work out and revealed to Augustine that she was not well. The phone then rang and Taylor asked Augustine to get it, telling her that if it were Hercules, she could not see him. Instead, Augustine told Hercules that Taylor was dying to meet him for dinner that night at le Circle restaurant. When Hercules commented that it was unexpected, Augustine explained that the surprises were just beginning.

(Avengers I#382 – BTS) – Hera posed as Taylor Madison and met Hercules for dinner, telling him that a lot had changed recently. She then excused herself and met with Ares, claiming that she would truly make Hercules suffer.

(Avengers I#384) – Hera, as Augustine Jones, told Taylor that she had a surprise in store for her and convinced Taylor to go with her to Avengers Mansion. Once there, Augustine invited them inside the Mansion to await for Hercules’ return from a mission. When Giant-Man told Augustine that all of the Avengers were present and accounted for, Hera revealed herself and took them all captive just as Hercules and Quicksilver were returning to the Mansion. Upon seeing Hercules, Hera began torturing both Jarvis and Taylor before attacking Hercules outright. Zeus soon interrupted the battle, freeing Hera’s hostages and reminding Hera who was in charge of the gods. Revealing that he had known of Hera’s schemes against Hercules from the very beginning, Zeus revealed that Taylor Madison was nothing but bait for Hera. Confused, Taylor asked Hercules what Zeus was saying and Hercules asked Zeus to further explain. Zeus then revealed the truth of Taylor’s existence as a construct created to lure Hera into a trap. Despite Taylor’s pleas that she could think and feel, Zeus reminded her that her time was short. Hercules exclaimed that he cared nothing of Taylor’s origins, only for the love he had for her. Zeus then revealed that the spell that had created Taylor would end when Hera confessed to her scheming. Hercules begged for Zeus to allow Taylor’s continued existence but Zeus explained that she was created in an effort to protect Hercules but was never real. The spell ending, Hercules shared one last kiss with Taylor before she dissipated. Hercules then attacked Zeus, angry that Zeus had tampered with his emotions. Not willing to suffer Hercules’ ingratitude, Zeus removed Hercules’ immortality as a lesson.

Comments: Created by Bob Harras, Steve Epting and Tom Palmer.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Alice was a nurse working at the children’s hospital in White Plains where Taylor Madison volunteered. When Ares possessed Thor and attacked Hercules at the hospital, Taylor ordered Alice to get the rest of the children to safety while she went back for the missing Bradley.





--Avengers I#349

Bradley Bradley

Bradley was a patient at the children’s hospital in White Plains, Westchester County, New York. He was known for being somewhat quiet and always carrying around his teddy bear, Tipps, which helped him get over the chemotherapy that he had to endure. When Taylor Madison invited the Avengers to the hospital for a visit, Bradley befriended Thor and Hercules before Ares took possession of Thor and attacked Hercules. During the scuffle, Bradley dropped Tipps and went back to get it, where Thor/Ares prepared to kill Bradley in an effort to force Hercules to kill Thor. Taylor rushed to Bradley’s side, prepared to die for Bradley but Hercules attacked Thor and drew his attention away from Bradley. Bradley and Taylor were then led away from the fight.





--Avengers I#349

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