full bodyDEATHCRY

Real Name: Sharra Neramani

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial alien (Shi'ar)

Occupation: Dissident, adventurer, rebel

Group Membership: "Dead Avengers" (Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Dr. Druid, Swordsman (DuQuesne), Vision ("Victor Shade"), Yellowjacket (DeMara) );
formerly "Suicide Pack" (Bug, Captain Universe (Gabriel Vargas), Groot, Mantis, Rocket Racoon, Star-Lord),
Avengers (honorary member)

Affiliations: Annihilation Wave Soldiers, Avengers (Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Beast, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Crystal, Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man (Teen Tony), Quicksilver, Magdalene, Sersi, She-Hulk, Swordsman (Philip Jarvert), Thor, Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson), Vision, Wasp (Janet van Dyne) ), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Devlor, Deathbird and her followers, Force Works (Century, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Moonraker, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman (Carpenter), U.S. Agent), Edwin Jarvis, Jocasta of Earth-943, Luna, Luna imposter, Taylor Madison, Marilla, Masque, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., K'rin, Laura Lipton, Majestrix Lilandra Neramani, Ivan Petrovich, Photon (Monica Rambeau), Psi-Lord (the teen-age Franklin Richards), Starfox, T'kyll Alabar, Tuc, Ultron, Za'ken

Enemies: Anti-Vision, Angar the Screamer, Aroke, James Campbell, Chaos King, Controller, Dread, Graviton, Grim Reaper, Henry Peter Gyrich, Immortus (posed as Kang during the Crossing), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Klaw, Kree, Kree Sentries, Kree Strikeforce/Lunatic Legion (Dylon-Cir, Galen-Kor, Kona-Lor, Talla-Ron, others), Mandroids, the Mephitisoid, Nekra, Majestrix Lilandra Neramani and her Elite Guard, Neut, Colonel Zyrelle Persa, Phalanx, Rak, Shatterstar (Arides), Screaming Mimi, Spook, Tabula Rasa, unidentified armored terrorists, Zodiac (Libra and the Zodiacs)

Known Relatives: Lilandra Neramani (aunt), she has referred to a mother she has never named (presumably Deathbird...Lilandra is her aunt after all)

Aliases: DC (pronounced 'dee cee', natch.), Lifecry

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
formerly Avengers Mansion
formerly Starharbor space station

First Appearance: (In shadow) Avengers I#363 (1993), (in full) Avengers I#364 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Deathcry, like other Shi'ar, has vestigial remains of wings on her hands. She is also stronger than the average Shi'ar, with claws capable of tearing omnium steel like paper. She has greater pain tolerance than the average Shi'ar, and has near-invulnerable skin. Unlike other Shi'ar, she is colored purple, though whether this is due to natural color variations among the Shi'ar (where yellow/gold is the normal color) or to her having 'alien' DNA, has yet to be revealed. She is a skilled pilot of both air and spaceships, a trained fighter, and has extensive knowledge of Kree warfare and tactics. She has been trained in weapons and military strategy, and has a feral side that surfaced in battle.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Light yellow
Feathers: Dark purple

head shotHistory:

(Chaos War: Dead Avengers#2 (fb) ) - Sharra Neramani was born Lilandra's niece. She was raised in Lilandra's nest and fed by her.

(Avengers I#363, 366, Vision I#1-2, Avengers I#389, Avengers Unplugged#2, Avengers Unplugged#5 all issues (fb) - BTS) - Deathcry has claimed that she spent time in Rigellian slave pits, participated in a rebellion led by Deathbird against an unidentified ruler (see comments below), and was taught how to fly air- and spacecraft before she was five. She was also said to be extensively trained by the Shi'ar Army. She was also cared for by a nursemaid, K'rin, who was a positive influence in the young DC's life at a time when DC was savagely beaten and abused by her birth mother. The exact order these various events occurred in is as yet unrevealed. (see comments)

(Chaos War: Dead Avengers#2 (fb) ) - Sharra killed a member of her platoon in a drunken brawl over a lover.

(Chaos War: Dead Avengers#2 (fb) ) - As punishment for her crime Lilandra stripped Sharra of her royal name and exiled her from Shi'ar space sending her to Earth.

(Avengers I#363) - While on board the orbiting platform called Starharbor (home of the Shi'ar Imperial Fleet), Majestrix Lilandra Neramani informed Deathcry of intelligence pertaining to a planned attack on the Avengers by renegade Kree Admiral Galen Kor and his followers. Over the protests of her Chamberlain, Aroke, Lilandra extracted an oath of loyalty from Deathcry, then sent her to Earth to warn and aid the Avengers against their Kree attackers. As Lilandra watched Deathcry's ship leave for her exile on Earth she mused on whether she had just sent the Avengers their greatest ally or their greatest threat. . . . .

(Avengers I#364) - Arriving in the Sol System, Deathcry soon located the Avengers in the Andes mountain range, where they were recovering from their first encounter with the Gatherers. She found them right before they were attacked by a squad of Kree Sentries, and aided in the Sentries' defeat by dropping a plasma bomb in a mountain pass and causing a massive landslide that buried the Sentries.

(Avengers I#365) - Twelve hours later, Deathcry made a pass at the Vision, then left with him, Crystal, Black Knight, and Hercules to reconnoiter the Kree base near Owl's Head, New York. After commenting negatively to Crystal on the Kree connection to the Inhumans, Deathcry watched as the Vision was zapped by an electromagnetic pulse wave that also knocked out the Quinjet's systems, causing it to crash. When the Avengers and Deathcry emerged from the wreckage they were immediately ambushed and taken prisoner by Galen Kor and his associates.

(Avengers I#366) - At their South Pacific base the Kree tortured the captured Avengers, with Lt. Dylon-Cir torturing Deathcry in revenge for his suffering at the hands of different Shi'ar during an earlier conflict. When Galen Kor later tried to have her killed she and Hercules finally broke their bonds just as Captain America, Giant-Man, Sersi, Black Widow, and Magdalene arrived to stop the Kree's little Nega-Bomb from exploding and incinerating the Earth. They succeeded in containing the explosion to the island and the surrounding ocean, while the Kree Strikeforce escaped into space.

(Avengers I#367) - Deathcry was sitting on a wall outside Avengers Mansion when the Vision, wandering around in a fugue state, came walking by. Informing him that the Shi'ar once made synthetics similar to him for entertainment and 'pleasuring' purposes before Lilandra put a stop to the practice, Deathcry kissed him and tried to get him to get more 'physical' with her, but she left disgusted when the Vision proved unable/unwilling to respond to the advance.

(Avengers I#372) - Deathcry joined Vision, Magdalene and Swordsman on a flight to Scotland where one of the Avengers' tracking stations had gone off. On the flight Deathcry was annoyed by the two "lovesick puppies" Swordsman and Magdalene. She also flattered Vision and thought that he blushed, but he denied it because androids don't blush.

(Avengers I#378) - Twenty-seven hours after the tracking station by the village Ailsa, on the Isle of Crail (in the Outer Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland) went off-line, Deathcry, Vision, Magdalene, and Swordsman arrived to see what was wrong with it. When they landed Deathcry was shot and slightly wounded by an Avengers employee, engineer James Campbell, who was under the influence of the Mephitisoid called the Butcher in Shi'ar textbooks, and the Chief by the isle locals. The Avengers then found the crashed ship that had held the Mephitisoid prisoner for just over a thousand years being watched by the Mephitisoid's jailer, Admiral T'Kyll Alabar. After warming themselves by a bonfire on the beach Deathcry told the others of the legend of the great hero Alabar (who she had worshipped as a personal hero) and how he had single-handedly saved the Shi'ar Empire from defeat at the hands of the same Mephitisoid they were up against now. When the Mephitisoid and his villager army captured Vision, Swordsman, and Magdalene, Alabar escaped with Deathcry in tow. When she protested he told her that his presence on Earth was not an accident, and that someone wanted the Mephitisoid awake and alive once more, and that they had to stop them one way or another. . . .

(Avengers I#379) - Deathcry watched from hiding as Galen-Kor and his crew arrived to form an alliance with the Mephitisoid they had released. She filled in Alabar on the history of the Kree and the threat this particular band held for her and the Avengers, and was puzzled when Alabar wondered aloud about the Shi'ar Empire's seeming need to always find a barbaric enemy that always needed subduing. They were soon found by Dylon-Cir, who was out patrolling the perimeter of the village. Deathcry attempted to kill him but Alabar prevented that and instead broke a vial of pheromones under his nose, putting Cir under Alabar's control. Alabar then made it appear that Cir had taken them prisoner to get into the pub where the Vision was being held captive so they could break him out. After freeing the Vision they were attacked by the Mephitisoid and the rest of the Kree Strikeforce. During the battle that followed Deathcry learned the truth of how Alabar really won that war so long ago and the lengths the Imperium went to cover it up, and watched as the Mephitisoid killed Alabar, then grabbed Magdalene's energy staff and killed the Mephitisoid, then watched as Alabar breathed his last.

(Avengers I#383) - Deathcry joined the Avengers and Fantastic Force member Psi-Lord as they searched for the Inhumans Crystal and Devlor (a member of Fantastic Force), who had been kidnapped by the Kree codenamed Shatterstar (Arides), who was still following his old orders to gather the Inhumans for the War of Three Galaxies. After tracking Arides to the abandoned Kree base outside of Cape Canaveral, Florida, the heroes attacked Shatterstar but he easily held them off. Deathcry then drew his attention to herself by firing an energy gun at him, and told him that the War of Three Galaxies had already been fought and the Kree had lost and were now part of the Shi'ar Imperium, then watched as Arides left Earth alone to seek the truth for himself.

(Vision I#1-4) - Deathcry watched the Vision as he stopped a pair of muggers from robbing a couple at the New York City docks. After giving a report to the police Deathcry and Vision had a conversation about dreams, then left him after reaching the mansion to get some rest for a shopping trip with Crystal the next morning. When the Vision disappeared during a trip to New Orleans and resurfaced four weeks later in Chicago, Deathcry and Crystal went undercover to investigate the Simon Williams Detective Agency and were startled to find the Vision playing the role of a 1930's-era movie gumshoe, with a reprogrammed Jocasta as his same-era secretary. They were able to shock the Vision back into his real persona, but then they were attacked by Tabula Rasa, who had a 'drunken' Ultron as his prisoner, and who then captured Deathcry and Jocasta to take them to the man behind the Vision's recent problems: the Anti-Vision, who revealed to them the reasons why he destroyed the original personalities of Ultron and Jocasta, and why he was now destroying the Vision's personality (basically he wanted his original body back and had used Ultron and Jocasta as his test cases before going after Vision. More information on why Anti-Vision was after Vision can be found in the Gatherers's profile already on the Appendix.). When Deathcry tried to escape and aid Vision in fighting off the Anti-Vision's attack the Anti-Vision turned on her and started to rip her heart out. Her deathscream was enough to bring the Vision back from his 'erasing' and he succeeded in defeating the Anti-Vision. When the Vision decided to resign from the Avengers while he went on a journey with Jocasta and Ultron to find out who he now was after the resurgence and merging of the Simon Williams and Alex Lipton personalities in his mind, Deathcry and the other Avengers present could do nothing but watch him go.

(Avengers I#384) - Deathcry and the other Avengers could only watch as a wager between the Olympians Hera and Ares came to its horrible conclusion, with Hera using Hercules' love interest Taylor Madison in an attack on the Avengers and to majorly hurt Hercules. The battle ended when Zeus showed up and revealed that Madison was never more than a mystical construct of his to draw Hera out and force her hand in her plot to hurt Hercules. Deathcry and the Avengers could do nothing when Zeus 'unmade' Madison and rendered Hercules mortal once more when he became less than grateful towards his father for his actions.

(Avengers I#385-386) - Deathcry was aiding Quicksilver and Crystal in their investigations of the mysterious door in the mansion's sub-basement when she was hit by a stream of fire that knocked her across the room, but did not otherwise harm her. Because of this and her minor status, she was left behind at the mansion on monitor duty when the rest of the Avengers went to investigate a mysterious explosion in Canada. When the Avengers returned she took the grievously wounded Ivan Bezukhov (a friend and mentor of the Black Widow) down to the infirmary for medical attention.

(Ghost Rider II#64, 65 - BTS) - Deathcry was part of the Avengers team that helped Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. evacuate the secret supervillian prison called the Black Hole before a bomb built and armed by the Spook went off and destroyed the place.

(Avengers I#389) - Deathcry left Avengers Mansion to retrieve an interstellar message probe sent to her by her nursemaid K'rin, and found a squad of Mandroids waiting for her at its landing site in New York City. DC fought off the Mandroids to keep possession of the canister until the Avengers arrived and finished off the Mandroid squad. Henry Gyrich arrived and informed the Avengers of the damage the probe's arrival caused to the Sun (the probe used a wormhole that was next to the Sun, meaning that prolonged usage would eventually destabilize the Sun and cause it to go nova), and also informed them of three other incidents involving similar probes coming from the same wormhole. Gyrich then pointedly asked the Avengers what they really knew about DC, and asked if they really could trust her. DC proclaimed that she had no idea that using the wormhole would damage the sun, then ran from the room in tears when it appeared no-one believed her. When Marilla (nanny of Crystal and Quicksilver's daughter Luna) went to DC's room to comfort her she found DC had left the mansion for parts unknown. Several hours later DC returned to the mansion to find Hercules waiting for her (he had volunteered to stay behind while the other Avengers searched for DC) in her bedroom. After remarking on the decor of DC's bedroom (decked out with stuffed animals and such, similar to a typical teen-age girl's room, basically) and discussing the pain of being exiled seemingly forever from their respective homelands, Hercules gave her the holodisk the probe contained. Excited, DC touched the disk, activating its program and revealed the message her nursemaid K'rin sent to her, only to find the disk was so damaged in the fight with the Mandroids that her message was practically lost. Homesick, DC cried on Herc's shoulder, who understood why she had risked her standing with the Avengers and possibly her freedom for the probe, though he warned her that Gyrich would likely be less forgiving. Meanwhile, back in the Shi'ar Empire, an unnamed Shi'ar commander informed Lilandra that he was far too late to prevent an unmanned drone ship from launching a probe into a stargate towards Earth. Lilandra hoped and prayed that the canister never makes it to its destination, for the sake of both DC and the Empire in general, since other information the probe contained (specifically a sacred holo-scroll stolen from a Shi'ar temple) could lead to disaster for all concerned.

(Avengers I#390 - BTS) - Gyrich interrogated Deathcry for several weeks before releasing her to the Avengers' custody.

(Avengers I#390) - Deathcry relaxed with several other Avengers in Tony Stark's house in the Adirondack Mountains. While there she and the other Avengers encountered the mysterious fortune teller Tuc, who told the fortunes of several of those present before disappearing before their eyes. DC's fortune/warning was about a mysterious truth about herself that had been kept from her by various people, both the well-meaning and the cruel. He also told her that while this truth may set her free, the price would be that "nations and empires will tremble and fall. Blood will flow. . . and the stars themselves weep."

(Avengers Unplugged#2) - Deathcry was on monitor duty when a report came in over the satellite feed of a gravitational anomaly that had formed outside Scottsdale, Arizona. Hercules entered and chastised DC for not recognizing the center of the anomaly as Graviton (she claimed she hadn't gotten as far as the G's on the Avengers Files list yet). DC alerted the other Avengers and piloted the Quinjet to Arizona. While Hercules, Vision, and Giant-Man (Hank Pym) tried to stop Graviton directly, DC piloted the Quinjet and managed to rescue the people caught in Graviton's gravity whirlwind, (including Fluffy, a little boy's kitty that morphed into a little girl's teddy bear between one panel and the next -- as most Avengers readers can tell you, quality control on the Unplugged title was not a high priority). After the Vision inadvertently caused Graviton to become a miniature black hole and consume himself, Herc decided that this was on report that he wasn't leaving in DC's hands to write up, for which DC was grateful.

(Captain America I#444) - Unnamed armored terrorists captured and marched the President of the USA, three Secret Service agents, and a 'Pulitzer-hungry' cameraman into the Jefferson Memorial, and threatened to kill them all unless they are given one thing before their twenty minute deadline was up: Captain America. Unfortunately for them, Cap had been kidnapped from his deathbed a couple weeks earlier by parties unknown and placed in a block of ice while said parties tried to find a cure for his condition (long story short, the Super Soldier Serum was killing him, but he got better long after this story finished, but that's another storyline not relevant here right now), leaving the Avengers (including Deathcry) to take his place in the crisis. While getting a briefing from FBI Agent McElroy (during which Quicksilver made a failed bid to rescue a hostage, not knowing that the terrorists had boobytrapped themselves and the hostages with explosives if their protective trigger-field were breached), the Feds sent in an unnamed volunteer dressed in Cap's uniform in an attempt to fool the terrorists long enough to make a rescue attempt. However, the disguise wasn't quite perfect enough -- 'Cap's' shield had a stripe missing, clueing in the terrorists that this wasn't the real Cap. DC noticed it as well, and rushed in to rescue the volunteer before he could die from being shot by the angry terrorists. During the rescue DC noticed that the bullets could pass through the trigger-fields without detonating anyone, meaning they could be hit by anything not flesh-and-flood, and appraised the Black Widow of that fact. The Widow then had Hercules tunnel under the Memorial so water from the nearby Potomac River could flow into it, and be there for Crystal to make a geyser to get the remaining hostages out of harm's way and into the safer hands of Giant-Man, while the rest of the Avengers and Agent McElroy took care of the terrorists. Deathcry then stood with the other Avengers when Black Widow was forced to make public Cap's illness and disappearance from his deathbed weeks earlier, which certain shadowy figures (who were also behind the scenes of the terrorist attack) had intended all along. . . .

(Incredible Hulk II#434) - Deathcry attended the funeral of S.H.I.E.L.D. commander Nick Fury (later revealed to be a Life Model Decoy or some such; another long story for another time) at Arlington National Cemetery with the other Avengers, who were both paying their last respects and guarding many of the dignitaries present (such as the current and former US President(s) ) from possible attacks by villains. An out-of-costume Daredevil spotted the Hulk (who was indirectly responsible for Fury's death) in the woods via his radar senses, and alerted the Avengers to his presence, not knowing he was there to merely pay his respects to the dead without causing a ruckus with the other heroes present. Hercules, Giant-Man, and Vision attacked the Hulk while other Avengers and some of the other heroes prepared to back them up, until Contessa Valentina de la Fontaine, Fury's sister Dawn, and the US President 'requested' that no-one was to fight out of respect for the dead, and to allow the Hulk to attend the funeral unmolested, which the heroes grudgingly allowed.

(Avengers: The Crossing) - While the Avengers and their alumni were celebrating the anniversary of their founding (and later fighting off an attack from the minions of (a supposedly fake) Kang and Mantis), DC and Marilla were babysitting Luna in her nursery, and trying to cheer her up without success (unknown to either Deathcry or Marilla, Luna had witnessed the death of the Rita DeMara Yellowjacket that morning), During the fight DC checked out a noise Marilla heard out in the hall outside Luna's door, but found nothing there (the noise was actually a future version of Luna who had made an unsuccessful attempt to save Marilla from dying). When Quicksilver and Crystal returned from the fight Marilla and DC left the room to give the family some alone time, with Marilla going down to the basement to retrieve Luna's favorite doll from the wash, only to be killed by a mind-controlled Iron Man when she discovered he had secretly opened the mysterious door in the sub-basement. (This was the same door that shot fire at DC back in #385.)

(Avengers I#391) - Later that night, Deathcry waited with Crystal and Luna in the mansion while Quicksilver and Vision searched the city and the mansion respectively for any sign of the missing Marilla. When Vision found what was left of Marilla in the bottom of a maintenance shaft, DC mourned the loss with the others; all were shocked when Giant-Man revealed the presence of a second body in the shaft: Rita DeMara's. After the otherdimensional assassin Neut (another servant of Kang and Mantis) succeeded in killing his old master, the former Avenger Gilgamesh, the Black Widow ordered the mansion evacuated until the crisis was past, and the murderers of DeMara and Marilla were caught, so DC and the other Avengers packed a bag and left, with DC, Crystal, Quicksilver, Luna, and Jarvis going to Stark's house in the Adirondacks.

(Avengers I#392) - The next day, when Luna kept on crying for Marilla, Deathcry echoed Quicksilver's suggestion to Crystal to send for a doctor to treat the girl, and was stunned when Luna revealed to them she had seen DeMara's murder, and knew the identity of her killer.

(Iron Man I#322 - BTS) - Deathcry, Quicksilver, Crystal, Luna, and Jarvis join the other Avengers at Janet Van Dyne's estate in Southampton, Long Island.

(Iron Man I#323) - At the Van Dyne estate the Avengers compared notes with the just-arrived Iron Man and Hawkeye, when Hercules and Hawkeye discovered Luna hiding in a closet. Deathcry watched with the other Avengers while Giant Man and Vision used Hank's image inducer to visually reproduce for all to see the memories Luna had of Yellowjacket's killing and the identity of her killer -- Iron Man.

(Avengers I#394) - Deathcry was present when the Avengers were questioning an alternate future version of Luna when Kang's main servant Neut arrived to kill Luna. The Avengers (including DC) attacked, but Neut was able to hold them all off with ease, until a newly-mutated Wasp emerged from her cocoon and stopped Neut with a blast from behind.

(Iron Man: Age of Innocence) - Deathcry was among the Avengers gathered in a hospital's waiting room while a team of top surgeons (including Hank Pym) tried to save the life of an alternate Tony Stark (the 616 Tony Stark had been corrupted and driven mad by Mantis and Kang and turned on his fellow Avengers; the Avengers decided the best way to defeat him was to go back in time and grab the teenage version of Stark, who had yet to be corrupted by Kang and Mantis, and bring him forward to present-day 616 and have him go up against his older self. Older Stark, put into a frenzy state by seeing his younger self, promptly punched a hole through his younger self's chest, putting younger Stark on the surgeons' table.). Teen Tony pulled through and survived.

(Iron Man I#326) - While Captain America and Thor were dealing with an attack by one of the various Zodiac groups running around the Marvel U. (this one had put an energy-dampening field around Manhattan Island that was beginning to affect energy on a molecular level) Jarvis called Deathcry, Quicksilver, and Crystal (who were on a retreat in an unnamed wilderness area) and informed them of the attack in NYC. While Cap and Thor rendezvoused with Teen Tony (who had been registering at Colombia University when the attack occurred) on the Manhattan side of the field, Deathcry and Quicksilver met with Giant-Man and Wasp (who had also been contacted by Jarvis) on the other, then both groups met by the Brooklyn Bridge to discuss strategy, and how to bypass the field long enough for both groups to join together and take the fight to the enemy.

(Avengers I#396) - After Teen Tony managed to punch a hole in the force field long enough to allow Deathcry and co. into Manhattan, the Avengers eventually found the hidden base the Zodiac were operating from: the World War II aircraft carrier Intrepid (the Zodiac apparently decided it would be easy to take and hold, and move relatively easily if need be). The group attempted to sneak into the ship to find the transformer the Zodiac cell was using to generate the force field, but they were spotted while still out on the docks and attacked by the Zodiac army. The leader of this particular cell, Libra, attacked and held DC aloft while altering his density to keep from being clawed to death by DC, until the Wasp managed to free DC from Libra's grasp. While Libra was dropping hints of his Zodiac's ultimate goal Giant-Man found the transformer and destroyed it. The defeated Libra then destroyed his troops in front of the shocked Avengers, then flew away before they could gather their wits to stop him.

(Avengers Unplugged#4) - Deathcry piloted a Quinjet during an assault by the Avengers against a supposed gathering of villains at City Hall that She-Hulk stumbled into (actually it was the wedding of Titania and the Absorbing Man that She-Hulk found -- did I already mention Unplugged had low quality control when it came to its stories and art?). While the other Avengers tackled the 'terrorist gathering' DC was attacked by the combined powers of Angar the Screamer and Screaming Mimi (the future Thunderbolt Songbird) and forced to see a hallucination of the Mephitisoid (from (Avengers I#378-379), but the disorientation of the attack wasn't quite as effective against a Shi'ar brain as it would have been against a human brain, and DC kept enough control of her senses to find Angar and Mimi and fly the Quinjet to where they had been standing. Then Klaw, so-called Master of Sound, joined his powers to the other two villains, and managed to create enough of a sound wall to break the Quinjet's windows and knock DC out, putting the Quinjet into a tailspin until Giant-Man caught the craft in his hands, sparing DC's life (and a fair bit of property damage to boot). DC revived in time for the Avenger's final assault against the villains, until DC mentioned to She-Hulk the whole gathering looked more like a wedding than a terrorist gathering (took 'em long enough!! %#%!!!! idiot plots and lazy writers!!!!#@#^*#@*!!!!). The embarrassed Avengers then left the building and allowed the wedding to conclude in peace.

(Avengers Unplugged#5) - Deathcry was doing monitor duty listening to the radio when the Vision interrupted her and inquired if there had been any calls for the Avengers' services. DC informed him that the only call they had involved what she thought was a prank call involving a domestic dispute between some woman named Captain Marvel who was fighting her son for the family name (actually it was a mind-controlled Monica Rambeau who was being forced to fight Genis-Vell over the name). The Vision forced DC to investigate the call with him when he realized it had come over a priority channel, and the two soon found the source of the call in Louisiana's Isle Dernieres. Vision and DC assumed Legacy (Genis) was the aggressor against Captain Marvel (Rambeau), with DC attacking Legacy without allowing him a chance to explain himself because she realized he was Kree and all Kree were liars in her mind. The timely arrival of Avengers reservist Starfox (Legacy's 'uncle') stopped the attack, and allowed the truth to be revealed: that Captain Marvel had been captured by the Controller, and that he was ultimately responsible for the attack against Legacy. DC and the others then tracked the Controller down to his hideout and attacked him until Marvel used her x-rays to confirm that someone else had wielded the Controller to one of his own discs and had been controlling him (sometime later that someone was revealed to be the Master of the World). The Avengers then did . . . . something with the Controller (take him to jail, let him go, got him in a Vil-Anon program, what, it was never revealed in this issue) and went back to the mansion.

(Ultimate Super-Villains - All Creatures Great and Skrull) - The Super-Skrull pursued Colonel Zyrelle Persa, a renegade Kree officer, to Earth. He was confronted by the Vision, Deathcry, Quicksilver, Crystal, and Hercules. Persa attacked Deathcry.

(Avengers I#398) - Deathcry finished the repairs on her starcraft while Hercules watched. When Herc was unable to convince DC from taking her planned trip to the moon to search for a probe that had come with K'rin's message disc (back in #389) he decided to accompany her to help with any possible trouble she might encounter. After DC made a serious pass at Herc they boarded the starship and left the Earth. While preparing to land in the Blue Area of the Moon the ship was shot down by Lilandra's Elite Guard. After dragging the unconscious Herc from the wreckage DC found the sacred holo-scroll K'rin sent her, only to be ambushed by two of the Elite Guardsmen, who took the scroll, gave her Lilandra's message about the fate of K'rin, and then beat DC to within an inch of her life.

(Avengers I#399) - Hercules awoke to find Deathcry's unconscious and almost dead. He went to help her, and despaired of finding help for her in time, since all communications and first aid kits were destroyed along with their ship. Seeing a glint of light in the city's ruins, Herc called out, and barely dodged a laser blast aimed at him. Herc challenged his attacker to reveal himself, and Za'ken introduced himself, and convinced Herc to allow him to heal DC, which he did using some unknown power from within himself. Recovered but still groggy, DC was surprised when Za'ken returned the scroll to her, and decided not to ask too many questions on what happened to the guards who had taken it from her. Za'ken revealed some of his backstory to DC and Herc, and offered DC a chance to return home to the Imperium with him, and the possibility of them both having their respective sentences of exile lifted. DC happily accepted the chance to return home, even with the threat of Lilandra's forces always one step behind her doing little to dampen her enthusiasm. Herc joined them as a gesture of solidarity (and possibly for the chance to learn just why DC had been exiled to begin with).

(Hulk: Hercules Unleashed) - After an unrevealed amount of time (possibly just a few months, long enough for the Onslaught crossover to have occurred) Deathcry returned to Earth long enough to drop off a homesick Hercules, then left again for her destiny among the stars.

(Avengers III#1 - BTS) - After a series of attacks on various Avengers masterminded by Morgan Le Fey, the Avengers called a meeting of all full and honorary members to discuss the attacks and plan a counter-attack. Via unrevealed means the Avengers contacted Deathcry, but due to reasons unrevealed (possibly due in part to how long it takes to go from Shi'ar space to Earth space) she was unable to make the meeting and sent her regards instead.

(Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord#1 (fb) - BTS) - Deathcry was imprisoned for murdering seven Kree.

(Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord#1) - Deathcry was conscripted into service under Peter Quill, along with fellow prisoners Bug, Mantis, Captain Universe (Gabriel Vargas), Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, as part of a team to stop the manufacturing of Phalanx Insertion Packages. Deathcry, as with the others, was outfitted in a new heat-dampening suit.

(Annihilation: Conquest - Starlord#2) - Deathcry accompanied her teammates on a mission to Hala, where they were soon attacked by Phalanx Sentries. Captain Universe made the mistake of destroying a Sentry Deathcry was in feral battle against, earning him her animosity. As the team continued to search through the lower levels of the Replication Plant, a pack of Sentries fighting Negative Zone insects burst through the ceiling, initially without noticing Quill's team. Deathcry's rage got the better of her and she leapt into battle, exposing the team and forcing an alliance with the insects. As the Phalanx disabled their weapons, Quill's team attempted an escape. Noticing a Phalanx Sentry creeping up on Deathcry, Captain Universe attempted to aid her, an action that sent her into a fury and she leapt at Captain Universe who, reacting on instinct, used his energy blasts on her, leaving little more than scraps of bone, blood, and feathers.

(Chaos War: Dead Avengers#1) - Ejected from the Shi'ar realm of the dead during the Chaos King's final efforts to destroy all existence. Arriving on Earth alongside other revived Avengers (the "Dead Avengers") Deathcry assaulted fellow revived heroine Yellowjacket, angered at loosing the peace she had gained through death. After Vision stopped her assault Deathcry joined the team in fighting off Chaos King's hordes on Earth and bringing civilians to safety in the Olympus Group Building.

(Chaos War: Dead Avengers#2) - Deathcry was eager to fight Nekra and joined Mar-Vell and Swordsman in an assault on Nekra's human pawns. Admitting to Mar-Vell she had lied about her gloriuos death Deathcry attacked Nekra, who nearly crushed her head with a stone. Mar-Vell saved Deathcry only to be killed by Grim Reaper.

(Chaos War: Dead Avengers#3) - Falling back to the Olympus Group Building Yellowjacket and Deathcry accidentally led Nekra and her pawns to the secret entrance. Mar-Vell's spirit (or an aspect of Eternity) approached Deathcry and empowered her to become the new Protector of the Universe. Calling herself Lifecry Sharra opposed Nekra and they knocked each other out (Or Lifecry died after this last effort. We will see!).

Comments: Created by Bob Harras (writer), Steve Epting (penciler) and Tom Palmer (inker).

It is not mentioned in which rebellion Deathcry allied herself with Deathbird's forces, but given that DC didn't initially see Lilandra as an enemy, and given the dialogue in Avengers I#363, it seems likely that the rebellion being referenced was one of the ones against D'Ken, ruler of the Shi'ar Empire before Lilandra, rather than one of the rebellions against Lilandra.

Avengers I#385-386 were the prelude issues to the 'Taking A.I.M.' crossover between the Avengers and Captain America titles.

Ghost Rider II#64-65 were parts #3 and #4 of a four-part storyline in that book. I have no idea what the actual name of that storyline was, since I did not read the Ghost Rider title at that time, and still have little interest in picking up the series from the back issue bins. All I know for sure is that it was also part of the ongoing 'Punisher goes crazy and tries to kill Nick Fury' plot that was running through the Marvel Edge books back then.

The Crossing: I am not going into the retcon of Kang, Mantis, and co. actually being space phantoms here. Suffice it to say the story was hard enough to follow without throwing that into the mix as well.

Iron Man I#326 & Avengers I#396 were parts #3 and #4 of the First Sign crossover storyline. The other two parts were in Captain America and Thor.

There is a Deathcry appearance in one of the prose Marvel books, the anthology one whose theme was shorts from the POV of various Marvel villains, (the title of this book was Ultimate Super-Villains). She and some of the other Avengers appeared in the Super-Skrull story in this anthology. Thanks to Per Degaton for adding the info for this appearance.

Bob Harras clearly had a backstory in mind for DC; unfortunately he was unable to reveal it before leaving the Avengers book. At the very least said backstory would have revealed why DC was purple, since every other Shi'ar seen to date has always been gold in color. Perhaps the Shi'ar used to be ruled by purple people waaaaaaaaaaaay back in their distant (pre-starfaring?) past, or maybe purple Shi'ar are traditionally regarded in popular/religious culture as harbingers of vast social change, and the return of such a Shi'ar signals a coming overthrow of the current ruling class (or some such similar story). Or she could simply be part Kree herself, which would account for much of her prejudice against Kree in general. Or, for a really far-out possibility, part Mephitisoid, perhaps even descended from the Butcher or his leaders, given some of the Shi'ar backstory given in Avengers I#378-379 (hey, it would fit the clues regarding her destiny quite well, ya gotta admit. And the Mephitisoids would probably enjoy some payback against the Shi'ar, given their treatment by them over the centuries.). Also the mystery of who else K'rin was allied with, and their ultimate goals for DC and the Shi'ar Empire, have never been answered that I know of.

Deathcry's developmental age was stated several times as being the equivalent of a sixteen-year-old human. Given her, uhm, more advanced physical development (especially in her early appearances; in her later appearances she was drawn de-aged down to sixteen-ish and given a typical American teenager's speech patterns -- bleah!), I'd be more inclined to make her at youngest the equivalent of a human nineteen-year-old instead, since she's a tad too large for sixteen. In my opinion, anyway.

What happened between Avengers I#399 and Hercules Unleashed has yet to be revealed. I assume that one of the first things they did once they were in Shi'ar space was to mount a rescue mission to free K'rin from her prison. I also believe it is very likely that DC now knows the truth about her origins, and the motives behind her exile. While she has been seen in a flashback in Avengers Forever (in one alternate timeline, the stories she told the Avengers of how her people were treating the conquered Kree motivated the Avengers to liberate the Kree, and from there led to a future where humanity, led by teams of Avengers, became the most feared of conquerors), and was mentioned in passing in the first issue of Kurt Busiek's Avengers run (she was invited to a gathering of Avengers but declined, and sent her best wishes instead -- apparently even from out in another galaxy she managed to keep in touch with the team on a regular basis!), she has not been seen since that I know of. Most likely she's still allied with Za'ken, and has joined up with whatever K'rin was involved in.

Like mentioned above the order of these events are as of yet unclear. AFAIK they were mentioned in following books.

--Markus Raymond

I will say, though, that I was not thrilled, to put it mildly, that DC was apparently brought back for the sole purpose of getting killed, especially in such a stupid manner (even if I'm the only person on the 'net who thinks that way about her, which it seems I am). Especially when you realize that there's only one of two Shi'ar running around who the X-Offices apparently don't seem to consider their exclusive property, and they just offed one of them (the other's Cerise, and I'm not 100% sure she's escaped them totally). My only consolation with this mess is that with all the magic-tech so prevalent in the MU, that she can still be scrapped off the walls and put back together, better than new, when someone who likes her wants to bring her back.
--Elf with a Gun

Thanks to G Morrow for the Annihilation: Conquest update! The "Suicide Pack" name was created by Markus Raymond (it just seemed appropriate).

Profile by Elf with a Gun.

Deathcry has no known connections to


She was Deathcry's nursemaid, and, according to DC, the only one who was able to love her when DC went through a particularly rough time in her childhood. K'rin raised DC as a surrogate daughter, communicating with her ward via interstellar message canisters when DC was exiled to Earth. Though she kept the truth of DC's ultimate destiny from her, she was able to send one last canister containing a final message and a sacred holo-scroll pertaining to DC's destiny to her before being captured by Lilandra's forces and, according to a message recorded by Lilandra, sentenced to life on the prison colony world Alsibar, with the implication that said life would not last long on a world of hardened criminals. Who K'rin was allied with in the Imperium is unrevealed, save that they had access to interstellar ships, and were seemingly involved in actions that would have eventually brought them to odds with Lilandra and the other rulers of the Shi'ar.

--Avengers I#389 (Avengers I#389, Avengers I#398 (fb) - BTS









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