Real Name: Devlor

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Student, super hero

Group Membership: Fantastic Force (Black Panther/T'Challa, Huntara, Lyja the Lazerfist, Psi-Lord/Franklin Richards, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Vibraxas/N'Kano II)

Affiliations: Paul Alvarez, Avengers (Crystal/Crystal Amaquelin, Deathcry/Shaara Neramani, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Thunderstrike/Eric Masterson, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Mr. Barrows, Black Panther (T’Challa), Danielle Cage, Luke Cage, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Code: Blue, Elmo, Sgt. Enriquez, Fantastic Four (Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Dr. Doom/Kristoff Vernard, Human Torch/John Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Jessica Jones, Leroy, Alicia Masters, M'Kazi, Namor (Namor MacKenzie), N'Kano, Nathaniel Richards, R'Shumba, Isaac Sandor, Thor (Thor Odinson), Watcher (Uatu), Wyatt Wingfoot, Sonia Wu

Enemies: Batch-13, Celestials, Crimson Cadre (Eelak the Agile, General Ator, Glaboo, Margoyle, Pulssus, Rootar), Dark Raider (Reed Richards of Earth-944), Diablo (Esteban Diablo), Doombots, Dreadface, Go-Devil (Michio Ishimori), Grey Gargoyle (Paul Duval), Inhuman Genetics Council (Arkadine Arcadius, Cynas, Furgar, Porcal, Sapphiras, Targon), Klaw (Ulysses Klaw), Lord Moses, Morgan le Fey, Onslaught, Puppet Master (Phillip Masters), Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff), Seeker (Uys), Shatterstar (Arides), Sons of Sinaju, Super-Apes (Igor, Miklho, Peotor), Vangaard (Johnny Storm of Earth-721), Vibravore, Wakandan Lords, Watcher (Aron), Zarathrusta, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man (Artur Zarrko)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Devlor the Deadly

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: (in shadow, unidentified): Fantastic Four I#391 (August, 1994);
    (identified, fully seen): Fantastic Four I#392 (September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: After passing through the Terrigen Mists, Devlor turned into a 7'2" monster man with thick fur and claws, sharp teeth and super-strength. He developed the rare ability among Inhumans to change back into his human form. After exposure to the Omnivirus, Devlor briefly lost the ability to change back to human form and he grew more bestial for a time.

Eventually, his monstrous body died, freeing a new form of the human Devlor beneath him and he grew into a bigger and stronger monster form, now with an enhanced sense of smell. Any other impact on his powers are unrevealed.

There have been statements or theories about Devlor being "the One" of Inhuman legend or having connections to the "Great Beasts" of Inhuman legend but no explanations have been provided.

For a time, Devlor had access to the vast technology of both the Fantastic Four and the Black Panther.

Height: 5'6''; (transformed): 7'2''
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown; (transformed): purple

History: (Fantastic Force I#8 (fb) – BTS) – In Attilan, Devlor grew up idolizing the Inhuman heroes, the Crimson Cadre.

(Fantastic Four I#392 (fb) – BTS) – After undergoing Terrigenesis, the Inhuman boy Devlor emerged from the mists as a 7'2" furred beast but he soon discovered he had the rare ability to change back into his human form. This ability to change made Devlor a pariah among his people and he was sent away.

(Fantastic Four I#391 (fb) – BTS) – Devlor went to live with the Royal Family on Earth in their circus freak show.

(Fantastic Four I#391) – When Black Panther dropped by with Vibraxas, explaining how he wanted the boy to learn from the Fantastic Four, the Royal Family chose to send Devlor with them so he could also learn from the heroes.

(Fantastic Four I#392) – Devlor (calling himself Devlor the Deadly), Vibraxas and Black Panther landed at the Baxter Building, where they met Psi-Lord (a time-traveling adult Franklin Richards) and Huntara. They soon helped the Fantastic Four (Invisible Woman, Thing) fight off the Dark Raider (the Reed Richards of Earth-944). During the fight, Devlor shifted into his monstrous form and Dark Raider commented how he'd never known an Inhuman who had two distinct forms before he waylaid Devlor with giant boulders grown from crystals. Before the battle ended, Aron the Watcher killed the Dark Raider, who possessed the Ultimate Nullifier.

(Fantastic Force I#1 (fb) – BTS) – Devlor remained with Black Panther and Vibraxas, though Devlor frequently argued with Vibraxas. They stayed at the Regency Arms in New York City.

(Fantastic Force I#1) – Devlor argued with Vibraxas then saw that Psi-Lord and Huntara had arrived. After Devlor ordered room service, he heard that Klaw attacked. Overcoming his own fear, he rushed to aid Vibraxas, Huntara and Psi-Lord, and attacked Klaw but the villain swiftly blasted Devlor through the window. Psi-Lord saved Devlor from falling then he connected with the other three mentally so they could coordinate their attacks and battle Klaw. During the ensuing fight, Devlor tackled a buffalo made of sound but they were all defeated, though Black Panther arrived to defeat Klaw at the last minute. The four heroes chose to band together as the Fantastic Force and Devlor saw it as the chance of a lifetime.

(Fantastic Force I#2) – The Black Panther leased an entire building to the Fantastic Force as their headquarters and living quarters, and Devlor was thrilled. Huntara was helping Devlor test the limits of his strength when Psi-Lord alerted the team (minus Vibraxas, who had stormed off) to a local emergency and they rushed off through a portal, where they were attacked by Zarathrusta and the armored men of Lord Moses. Devlor took several hits as the villains swarmed him and he began to realize that his life could actually be at risk. Vibraxas joined the fight and Devlor was bested by Zarathrusta multiple times, causing him to doubt himself.

(Fantastic Force I#3) – When his team insisted, Devlor agreed to enroll himself in school, though he joked that television could teach him all he needed to know. Devlor met school administrator Mr. Barrows and social studies teacher Sonia Wu, who knew about Devlor's super hero identity. Quickly bored with school, Devlor was soon attacked by the Seeker, who demanded Devlor's return to Attilan and the Genetics Council. Devlor changed to his monstrous form and refused to go then he fled from the pursuing Seeker, who soon threw a car with humans inside at Devlor, and Devlor saved them. Realizing the Seeker would never back down, Devlor grabbed him and considered breaking his neck but ultimately, he tossed the Seeker aside, unable to kill him. As Seeker pressed his attack against Devlor, Devlor argued that he should have the right to pursue his own destiny. The Seeker, realizing the boy was "the One," chose to let Devlor go and he reported back to Attilan that Devlor had been terminated. As the Seeker left, he warned Devlor that there would be consequences if his lie was discovered.

(Avengers I#383) – With Huntara and Vibraxas off in Wakanda, Devlor and Psi-Lord were focused on settling in to their headquarters with Devlor moving boxes in. Shatterstar (Arides) attacked, bringing the unconscious body of Crystal with him, and he soon captured Devlor as well with the intention of returning them both to the Kree. The Avengers (Deathcry, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Thunderstrike/Eric Masterson, Vision) attacked, defeating Shatterstar and freeing the others.

(Fantastic Force I#4 (fb) – BTS) – Psi-Lord helped Devlor choose new clothing to wear in public. His poor eating habits became known to his teammates.

(Fantastic Force I#4) – Devlor grew bored in Ms. Wu's class, especially after kids teased him for not being attracted to Wu and Devlor was glad to be summoned by the team. The Fantastic Force were sent by Isaac Sandor to aid Captain America against the Super-Adaptoid Batch-13. During the battle, Devlor hit the creature but he was burned in return. The team worked together to overload the Adaptoid then Devlor helped knock it through a portal with Cap's shield. Devlor was baffled when the local civilians celebrated the team.

(Fantastic Force I#5) – Devlor and Vibraxas checked on Psi-Lord after he had a psychic outburst during a nightmare. Psi-Lord was later taken over by Dreadface and he defeated Vibraxas and Devlor before Huntara banished Dreadface.

(Secret Defenders I#25) – Psi-Lord warned the Fantastic Force of danger nearby.

(Fantastic Force I#6) – The Fantastic Force defeated Grey Gargoyle, who was then taken away by Code: Blue, and the team grew accustomed to the media being on their side. At school, Devlor saw Leroy, Elmo and others engaging in a drug deal and he turned to Devlor when they accosted him, scaring them away. Later, the Fantastic Force fought gang members, the Wakandan Lords and the Sons of Sinaju, but the super-powered Go-Devil attacked and the battle ended when Vibraxas accidentally killed one of the youths.

(Fantastic Force I#7) – With the testimony of Go-Devil and the Fantastic Force, Sgt. Enriquez declared the death a case of self-defense by Vibraxas and let him go but Devlor found himself wondering what Vibraxas was capable of if he could commit murder. Back at their headquarters, Devlor initially attacked Lyja the Lazerfist, thinking she was an intruder, but she soon revealed she came to them for help after an image of the Invisible Woman had appeared to her. Just then, the same image appeared before the team, telling them to come to the moon to help her. Huntara traced the source of the image to Latveria and opened a portal, and the team passed through with Lyja and began battling Doombots then Nathaniel Richards revealed himself as behind the plot. Devlor and the others stood back as Huntara battled Richards but Psi-Lord stepped in when Huntara prepared to kill Richards. Richards informed the others that the Fantastic Four were confronting Aron the Rogue Watcher on the moon and that he had only manipulated them to get their help. The team was sent to the moon, joining Thing, Invisible Woman, Dr. Doom (Kristoff Vernard) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang), and they learned that Uatu the Watcher had disappeared in a portal. Devlor was hesitant to be near Attilan, knowing that the Inhumans had believed him dead. After passing through the portal, Devlor and the others heroes saw giant Watchers in a war with the Celestials.

(Fantastic Four I#400) – The heroes broke into teams with Devlor working with Invisible Woman, Lyja, Nathaniel Richards and Human Torch to confront the Celestials, and Sue managed to burst her way past one of their armored shells. Inside the Celestial, they used their skills to navigate the interior of the giant before Sue interfaced with the Celestial. Soon, Uatu pulled them back out to the main conflict and the battle ended up with Aron dead and Uatu banished. After the ground shook, Uatu returned the team to the base on the moon, where Boris (secretly Zarrko) waited.

(Fantastic Force I#8) – With Lyja, the Fantastic Force (without Vibraxas) reviewed the news that the rise of Atlantis was putting Attilan in danger and that the Crimson Cadre was attacking Hawaii. Leaving Vibraxas behind and following council from Nathaniel Richards, the heroes went to confront the Crimson Cadre. During the battle, Devlor's head ached from General Ator's Atmo-Gun and Rootar easily knocked Devlor back, calling him "no true Inhuman." Devlor broke free and rushed from the battle to clear his head then Arkadine Arcadius reached out to Devlor via mental projection with an offer. Arcadius explained that he could stabilize Devlor's transformation and use his DNA to change Terrigenesis for the entire stagnating Inhuman race but Devlor refused him, saying he didn't trust the Genetics Council. After the Cadre was defeated, the team returned to their base, where they saw Vibraxas and reporter Paul Alvarez, who claimed that Huntara was his long-lost sister, Mary Elizabeth Alvarez.

(Fantastic Force I#9) – Wanting answers regarding Huntara's origins, Psi-Lord tracked Nathaniel Richards to Latveria and Huntara opened a portal for the team. There, Devlor, Lyja and the others found Human Torch fighting Richards. Richards tricked Human Torch into battling the Fantastic Force and Devlor's fur was briefly set aflame before Vibraxas helped him put it out. When the heroes turned against Richards, he lashed out at Psi-Lord, causing his powers to go out of control. When Psi-Lord got control of his powers again, the others were all shocked to see a toddler Franklin Richards standing in front of them along with Psi-Lord.

(Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2) – The Fantastic Force saw the toddler Franklin fade away and Psi-Lord figured his armor had malfunctioned. The team went on to find both Nathaniel Richards and the shrunken city of Attilan. The team, with Lyja and Human Torch, tracked down Nathaniel Richards but found him allied with Morgan le Fey and the Inhuman Genetics Council (Cynas, Furgar, Porcal, Sapphiras, Targon). As Psi-Lord struggled to control his armor, the Council prepared to attack and Targon yelled he wanted to handle the "deviate" Devlor himself. They found Morgan le Fey wielding the Ebony Blade with captive heroes Thing, Dr. Doom (Vernard), Ant-Man (Lang), Invisible Woman, Namor and Thor. Devlor and Targon sparred briefly then Morgan restrained the Fantastic Force as well. Events grew more complicated as the Royal Family, Nathaniel Richards and Crimson Cadre got involved. Soon, the heroes escaped in Invisible Woman's force field. In the end, the villains were defeated, Atlantis was secured and the Human Torch chose to join the Fantastic Force.

(Fantastic Force I#10) – Devlor watched as Black Panther confronted Vibraxas about the death of the gang member and the Human Torch was appointed the new Fantastic Force leader. As Huntara argued with the others, Psi-Lord, now flanked by three alternate versions of himself (young Tattletale, Ego-Spawn and Avatar) intervened, stopping a fight from breaking out. Psi-Lord helped them track down Zarathrusta and her men, who'd stolen the powerful Omnivirus and Psi-Lord sent the team after them while he and his other selves stayed behind. The heroes were gaining the upper hand until Lord Moses attacked.

(Fantastic Force I#11) – Lord Moses restrained the Fantastic Force, using an Adamantium Filament Collar to contain Devlor. Psi-Lord arrived to help as Huntara freed herself and the others and they battled Lord Moses' men as Moses fired the Omnivirus rocket. Devlor tried to stop it and inhaled the virus before Human Torch destroyed the rocket then Devlor realized he couldn't change back into his human form. After a brief stop at their headquarters, Huntara took the team to Elsewhen to aid Psi-Lord and they faced the threat of Vangaard.

(Fantastic Force I#12) – Devlor tried grabbing Vangaard but the villain reformed his armor into a giant fist and punched Devlor. Devlor soon seemed to fade from reality as the others confronted Vangaard.

(Fantastic Force I#13) – Devlor landed a day in the future when the battle of Elsewhen was done and Psi-Lord's powers were fixed with his other aspects gone. Huntara chose to remain behind as the team returned to Earth. At their headquarters, the Fantastic Force met Wyatt Wingfoot, who told them about a mind-controlled She-Hulk being on a rampage. They confronted She-Hulk and during the fight, Devlor found himself enjoying using his strength at maximum capacity but they soon cleared She-Hulk's head. Assuming the Puppet Master was responsible, the team confronted him with Alicia Masters but discovered he was innocent. She-Hulk joined the Fantastic Force as the real villain, Diablo, watched from afar.

(Fantastic Force I#14) – In Wakanda, Devlor, Wyatt Wingfoot and the Fantastic Force sat by while Vibraxas was accused of murder in a Wakandan Tribunal with N'Kano speaking against him. After Devlor saw R'Shumba argue with Vibraxas, he went off to exercise, realizing he was becoming more bestial now that his form was stabilized and he felt like one of the Great Beasts of Inhuman legend. After scaring the civilian M'Kazi, Devlor asked to be her friend.

(Fantastic Force I#15) – The Fantastic Force faced off against the Vibravore, a giant vibrational monster. While rescuing civilians, She-Hulk tossed Devlor to the foundation of a crumbling building and the young Inhuman strained his powers to the limit to keep it standing, all while feeling he was losing more control after his exposure to the Omnivirus. M'Kazi commended Devlor on his heroism. After the monster was defeated, the Wakandan government announced they were pulling their funding from Fantastic Force. Devlor cried out in pain as he mutated farther.

(Fantastic Force I#16) – The Fantastic Force rushed Devlor in for medical treatment and the professionals, including Dr. Sandor, were overwhelmed by the cellular impact of the Omnivirus. Sonia Wu visited his bedside. Later, Devlor flatlined as tumors on his back grew exponentially and he was pronounced dead. However, his small human form soon emerged from the growth on his back and his teammates were thrilled to see him alive, even as his mutated form lay seemingly dead.

(Fantastic Force I#17 (fb) – BTS) – Professor Sandor theorized that Devlor's "change factor" in his genes sought to purge the Omnivirus by entirely re-birthing Devlor without the infection. Sandor warned that Devlor's genes were now corrupted and he might never be able to achieve his beast-form again.

(Fantastic Force I#17) – Devlor, wearing a Fantastic Four uniform, struggled on his feet as he recovered from the virus. She-Hulk invited Devlor, Psi-Lord and Vibraxas to stay with her. Diablo attacked the team, defeating them with mental images of their greatest fears. Devlor was the first to collapse, worried he would never get control of his powers again.

(Fantastic Force I#18 (fb) – BTS) – Diablo captured the team, keeping them in crystals.

(Fantastic Force I#18) – Devlor broke free from his crystal after discovering he could grow even bigger and stronger than before but Diablo sent She-Hulk against him. Diablo, with his heightened sense of smell, detected Diablo in a cloud of smoke and grabbed the villain then the Fantastic Force worked together, defeating Diablo, who ended up stranded in Hell.

(Fantastic Force I#416) – During a time when Psi-Lord was missing, Black Panther, Devlor, Vibraxas and Huntara aided the Fantastic Four by fighting Red Ghost and the Super-Apes. The Fantastic Force then gathered with the Fantastic Four and many of their other allies to face the threat of Onslaught.

(New Avengers II#7) – Devlor interviewed with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to be the babysitter for their daughter, Danielle Cage, but they turned him down.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Paul Ryan and Danny Bulanadi.

A lot remains unexplained about Devlor. The reason he was so hated among the Inhumans for his ability to change back into his human-looking form was never really fleshed out. At one point, the Genetics Council ordered him dead and the Seeker's lies back to the Council that he'd killed Devlor were never followed up on. In addition, Devlor was called "the One" by the Seeker, as if there was something prophetic about him, but that's never been explained. And on top of that, Devlor briefly wonders in one issue if he is one of the great beasts in Inhuman legend. Despite the number of his appearances, Devlor was never given a lot of character except that he doubted himself a lot and argued with Vibraxas more. The Omnivirus story, resulting in Devlor birthing himself, was particularly strange.

Profile by Chadman.

Devlor has no known connections to:

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