Real Name: T'kyll Alabar

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Shi'ar), 1st through 10th Centuries and modern era

Occupation: Former admiral of the First Imperial Fleet of the Shi'ar

Group Membership: Formerly the Shi'ar army

Affiliations: Avengers (Deathcry, Magdalene, Swordsman, Vision)

EnemiesLunatic Legion (Galen-Kor, Dylon-Cir, Kona-Lor, Ciry, Bron Char, Talla-Ron), The Mephitisoid, Mephitisoids, Shi'ar empire

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:Formerly the Isle of Crail, the Outer Hebrides, off the Coast of Scotland;
    formerly mobile throughout known space;
    formerly Tryl'sart, third from the sun in the Cyrane Om'lr system, Shi'ar galaxy

First Appearance: Avengers I#378 (September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Like any Shi'ar, Alabar has certain avian characteristics, such as talons on his fingers. He is apparently a throwback, like Deathbird and apparently the other Shi'ar of @ 800 AD, possessing actual wings under his arms. It would seem likely that he could fly, like Deathbird, but this is not confirmed.

    Alabar kept a supply of distilled Mephitisoid pheromones, which he could use to control others.





(Avengers I#378/379 (fb)) - Twelve hundred years ago, the Shiar, in the process of expanding their empire sought to conquer the Mephitisoids. However, the Mephitisoids, too, sought to build an empire, and they slaughtered advance scouts and decimated the Shiar fleets, taking over world after world, eventually threatening the very heart of Shi'ar itself.  The leader of the Mephitisoids, referred to by the Shi'ar as "the Butcher," used his pheromone control to rally his troops into a frenzy, enabling them to defeat the Shi'ar at every turn.
    The remnants of the Shi'ar Imperium's proud armies gathered together, taking refuge on a small world that had long been colonized by the Mephitisoids. T'kyll Alabar, a young man and formerly a lowly officer, was promoted through death to command of that group. Alabar gathered the dispirited men an searched for a place to make a last stand. Instead they stumbled across an abbey, a place of Mephitisoid worship housed by the females of their race. The women took pity on the Shi'ar and took them in, clothing, feeding, and healing them. Alabar, however, saw in the women the means to snatch victory from the Mephitisoids. He led his men to slay all the women in the abbey, and they then used the women's genetic material to distill the pheromone ether throughout the troops. With that ether, the Shi'ar soldiers followed Alabar with fanaticism, and he led them to conquer the Mephitisoids.
    The Mephitisoids were quarantined on their homeworld, while Alabar and his allies took their leader to Chandilar, the Shi'ar throneworld. It was feared that execution might incite the Mephitisoids to rebel and break their fragile quarantine, so it was instead decided to send him into space, in stasis far from the Shi'ar, to drift for eternity. Alabar was commissioned to join him in stasis and watch over him should the systems fail and the Mephitisoid awaken.
    However, while later legend told that Alabar was honored with this duty, in reality it was the Shi'ar's ruler's means of disposing on an embarrassment. Though he had achieved victory, he had done it through dishonorable means. In addition, since he was the son of a lesser family, Alabar could not be allowed to maintain any position of honor within the Imperium. The Shi'ar accepted the victory, but disposed of the victor.

(Avengers I#378 (fb) - BTS) - Alabar eventually became a legend and was believed to have won the victory through valor.

(Avengers I#379 (fb) - BTS) - A group of Kree rebels, led by Galen Kor, learned of the Mephitisoid and his power, located the stasis craft, and sent it to Earth. The Kree hoped that they might use the Mephitisoid's power to enslave Earth as punishment for humanity's role in the Kree empire's defeat during the Kree-Shi'ar War.

(Avengers I#378 (fb) - BTS) - Crashing on the Isle of Crail, the Mephitisoid revived and began using his power to enslave the locals on Crail and the nearby village of Ailsa, gradually building his own army. Meanwhile, Alabar observed from afar, deciding what action to take.

(Avengers I#378) - When an Avengers tracking station on Crail ceased transmitting, Deathcry, Magdalene, Swordsman, and the Vision were dispatched to investigate. Alabar introduced himself to the group, receiving the admiration of Deathcry. However, when the Mephitisoid and his men attacked, Alabar grabbed Deathcry and fled.

(Avengers I#379) - Alabar and Deathcry watched as the Mephitisoid met with Galen Kor and the other Kree soldier, plotting to take over Earth. Alabar used a sample of the Mephitisoid pheromones to control of the Kree Dylon-Cir, then Alabar and Deathcry posed as Cir's prisoners to infiltrate the Mephitisoid's base and free the other Avengers. As a battle erupted, Alabar confronted the Mephitisoid, apologizing, and revealing the truth of his actions in their centuries old war. Alabar had handed the Mephitisoid a Kree weapon and told the Mephitisoid to kill him if it would make amends. The Mephitisoid denied him forgiveness, giving him a lethal energy blast instead. As he died, Alabar instructed Deathcry that she must stop the Kree and the Mephitisoid from using the pheromone power to take control of Earth, and she responded by slaying the Mephitisoid.

Comments: Created by Bob Harras, Stewart Johnson, and Tom Palmer.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Avengers I#378, p10, panel 1

Avengers I#379 (October, 1994) - Bob Harras (writer), Stewart Johnson & Tom Grindberg (penciler), Tom Palmer & Rich Rankin (inker), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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