Real Name: Vision

Identity/Class: Android, extra-dimensional (Earth-932)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: Gatherers, Avengers (while impersonating Vision)

Affiliations: Tabula Rasa

Enemies: Avengers (Black Knight, Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Hercules, Sersi), Deathcry, Jocasta (Gatherers), Proctor, Swordsman (Philip Javert), Ultron, Vision

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Impersonated the Vision of Earth-616

Base of Operations: Proctor's Citadel, the Andes Mountains

First Appearance: (in shadows) Avengers I#359 (February, 1993); (full) Avengers I#360 (March, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Anti-Vision possesses the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart, include the ability to alter his body's density, allowing him to phase through solid matter and fly, or to become diamond-hard. He often solidifies parts of his body inside of opponents in battle, causing them great pain. He can also release solar energy blasts through the jewel on his forehead.

History: (Avengers I#362 (fb) - BTS) - On his world, the Anti-Vision was a twisted version of Earth-616's Vision who delighted in physical pleasures, and in causing pain. He killed the Captain America of his world because he was "sanctimonious."

(Avengers I#359 (fb) - BTS) - The Anti-Vision was brought from his world to Earth-616 by Proctor's Gatherers, who had to best him in combat in order to force him to come with them.

(Avengers I#359) - The Gatherers returned to Earth-616 with the unconscious Anti-Vision.

(Avengers I#360) - Proctor had the Vision of Earth-616 captured, and had the Anti-Vision exchange bodies with him so that he could infiltrate the Avengers and have the Swordsman-- a former Gatherer-- killed. Proctor teleported the Anti-Vision to the Avengers Headquarters, and used his link with Sersi to make her go mad, attacking her teammates. The Anti-Vision arrived and made his fist partially solid inside of Sersi's head in order to stop her.

(Avengers I#361) - The Anti-Vision recorded a report for Proctor, and expressed his interest in Crystal. When Arex, Ikaris and Sprite of the Eternals arrived to determine if Sersi was suffering from the Mahd W'yry. Later, he spied upon the Black Knight and Crystal when they kissed outside of the Headquarters.

(Avengers I#362) - The Anti-Vision reprogrammed one of the Avengers' training robots during a workout session, but the Black Knight, Hercules and Crystal were still able to defeat it, and did not suspect he was responsible. Later, he was visited by the Swordsman, who wanted his help in jogging his memories. The Anti-Vision took this opportunity to make his move, and solidified his hand inside of the Swordsman's chest once they were alone (however, the Swordsman survived). He then went to Crystal's quarters while she was sleeping to force himself on her, but she fought back, and was soon joined by the other Avengers. Although the Anti-Vision held his own against Crystal, Hercules, the Black Knight, Captain America and the Black Widow all at once, Sersi arrived and transmuted him into another matter in which he could not move or change density.

(Avengers I#363) - The Anti-Vision was forced to lead the Avengers to Proctor's citadel, and they set their version of the Vision free. Proctor was disgusted to see that the Anti-Vision had betrayed him, and blasted him in half with a laser blast. As the Anti-Vision protested that he had followed his orders, Proctor punched his head off. Proctor later set the citadel for self-destruct, destroying it.

(Vision I#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Anti-Vision survived the destruction of Proctor's base, and was rebuilt. However, his body was in poor shape, and he became determined to regain his original body from the Vision. Unfortunately, damage to his braincase made another exchange of hardware impossible, meaning he would have to wipe the Vision clean then download his software into him.

(Blackwulf#5 - BTS /Vision I#1-2 - BTS) - Reunited with Tabula Rasa of the Gatherers, he prepared to infect the Vision with a program that would place him under his control. The program was designed to appear in the Vision's dreams as a representation of the Scarlet Witch. To test his erasure program, the Anti-Vision infected Ultron and the Gatherers' Jocasta with a virus that gave them new personalities; Ultron was reprogrammed as a drunk, while Jocasta became a 1930's-style secretary. The Vision also fell under the virus' sway, and became "Simon Williams," a detective. The Anti-Vision based his and Jocasta's personalities on old "gumshoe" movies he watched while being repaired.

The Anti-Vision then sent out Tabula Rasa to bring Ultron and Jocasta to him while he waited for the Vision to fall completely under his sway. Tabula Rasa also brought Deathcry with him.

(Vision I#3) - The Anti-Vision confronted Deathcry, Jocasta and Ultron in their cell, and had Tabula Rasa torture Deathcry by strangling her with his body. The Vision finally came to the Anti-Vision, as he crept nearer to succumbing to the program.

(Vision I#4) - The Vision ultimately resisted the Anti-Vision's erasure program, and overcame it, fighting back against the Anti-Vision alongside Ultron. The Vision faced the Anti-Vision in one-on-one combat, and rendered him inert. He turned the Anti-Vision and Tabula Rasa over to the Avengers.

Comments: Created by Bob Harras, Steve Epting and Tom Palmer.

The Vision continued to use the Anti-Vision's body as his own, all the way up to his apparent destruction in Avengers III#500 (though after his time on Counter Earth-Franklin, it's debatable how much of his body was still the Anti-Vision's).

by Prime Eternal

The Anti-Vision should not be confused with other alternate versions of the Vision, which include:

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