Type: Alternate future Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-9511

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans

Significant Inhabitants: Black Panther, Black Widow, Bombshell, Cannonball, Captain America, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Doctor Strange, Gestalt, Grim Reaper, Hawkeye, Hercules, High Tide, Hotshot, Hulk, Human Torch, Iron Man, Kang the Conqueror, Tommy Maximoff, Mockingbird, Oddball, Ben Parker II, Mary Jane Parker, Peter Parker, Hank Pym, Quasar, Quicksilver, Reed Richards, Scarlet Witch, Sequoia, She-Hulk, Super-Ego, Alicia Storm, Marissa Storm, Sue Storm, Thing, Thor, Tigra, Ultron-59, Chris Valada, Vision, Wasp, the Wild Man, Jessie Wingfoot, Wonder Man (all of Earth-Avengers: "The Last Avengers Story")

Significant Locations: The Avengers Nuclear Facility; Washington, D. C.; the Himalayas; Asgard; Olympus; Mt. Parnassus; Greenwich Village, New York;

First Appearance: The Last Avengers Story#1 (November, 1995)

History: (The Last Avengers Story#2-fb): At Hank and Janet's wedding, the animosity between the Vision and Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch's brother came to a head. Quicksilver attacked the Vision. As Vision and Quicksilver began to battle, Quicksilver ran at super speed towards the Vision. Scarlet Witch stepped in front of Vision and attempted to use her hex powers to stop him. Unfortunately, her hex powers kept Quicksilver from turning away because they went against anything he wanted. Quicksilver slammed into his sister at superhuman speed, crushing her. Maddened by the death he had caused, Quicksilver foolishly ran off the side of a cliff attempting to join his sister.

(The Last Avengers Story#1-fb): Two decades before, there was a great threat to their hallowed realms of Asgard and Olympus. Hercules and Thor set out to stop it and brought both the Thing and the incredible Hulk to aid them in their battle. While doing battle, severe storms and natural disasters ravaged the earth for two months, except for Paris, France. After the two months of disasters, the Hulk was found unconscious and lying in the side of Mt. Parnassus, clutching the mace of Hercules and skin the color of slate.

(The Last Avengers Story#1-fb): Eighteen years ago, an Avengers team consisting of Hulk, Wonder Man, Hawkeye, Tigra, and Mockingbird were battling Ultron 19 when Hulk switched sides and punched Wonder Man. After Hawkeye destroyed Ultron 19 with sonic disruption arrows, the team turned towards a traitorous Hulk. Tigra leapt at Hulk and attempted to scratch his eyes out. Hulk grabbed her arms and legs, said "...make a wish," and ripped her in half, killing her. Shocked at the Hulk's violence, Wonder Man flew at the Hulk and began a brutal fight. Punch after punch landed between the two superhumanly strong combatants until the Hulk punched Wonder Man so hard in the chest that it broke his skin. Ionic energy began to leak from the dying Wonder Man and he grabbed the Hulk as he was dying. Mockingbird knocked Hawkeye out to save his life and drug him onto a speed sled to escape. After they were escaping, Hawkeye awoke in time to gaze upon the ionic explosion from Wonder Man, which caused the deaths of both Wonder Man and the Hulk. The sheer energy released in the explosion also blinded Hawkeye from such a long distance away.

(The Last Avengers Story#1-fb): Over a decade before, Hank Pym read the papers covering the "Villain Massacre," in which the government enlisted any super-hero they could find to bring in any super-villain they could find. Once the heroes, did as they were told, the government executed all of the super-villains, causing a rift in America between the ones who felt the villains deserved this fate and the ones who felt the villains' rights had been taken away. Pym worried about his role in the massacre as Captain America entered his room to try to comfort his friend. Hank told Cap that Cap always knew what to do and how the government had suckered the heroes into indirectly committing murder. Pym discussed his guilt and how he thought that it would be a good time to quit heroics. Cap said that he couldn't blame Pym for feeling that way, as most heroes were taking that route because of the massacre. Hank asked Cap what it would take for him to quit and Cap replied, "Death. Maybe."

(The Last Avengers Story#1-fb): Two years before, Ultron-59 broke into the Time Capsule, a bunker store housing an eternal record of humanity, and placed a book entitled "The Last Avengers Story" in the building.

(The Last Avengers Story#1): In an abandoned nuclear facility, a group of "super-heroes" known as the Avengers played poker with each other. One member, named High Tide, accused another psychokinetic member, Gestalt, of entering his mind. The others feel nothing, but High Tide got angry and fired a blast of water at Gestalt, but was blocked by team member Super-Ego. Just as a fight was beginning, Ultron-59 dropped a nuclear bomb on the facility, killing all inside. Also present were Sequoia and another shadowy, unnamed figure.

    As news reports flew in about the deaths, Hank Pym worked day and night for a cure to his wife's strange condition. Wasp's physiology had been breaking down for years, causing her to shrink at one inch per year. Suddenly, Pym and his wife were interrupted by a flood of reporters wanting to know their views on the deaths. Angered, the Wasp physically threatened the reporters, provoking them to run away. After the scuffle, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) discussed the deaths of the new Avengers when Ultron-59 suddenly materialized within Pym's living room. Ultron introduced himself to Pym and challenged him to final battle between him and his allies, and Pym's "team" of Avengers. Pym declined and Ultron said that he will hunt down the past members individually if Pym did not form a team to stop him. Pym sadly agreed and Ultron-59 materialized away from the Pym house. Pym asked his wife how much money she still had, and she said that she can't take it with her anyways.

    At that same time, Ultron-59 had re-materialized aboard Kang the Conqueror's timeship and the two discussed their plans. Kang showed Ultron-59 the book he had come across called "The Last Avengers Story" and Ultron-59 feigned a puzzled demeanor about its origins. They then discussed one of their teammates, Oddball , a strange creature with the ability to cause psychological disorders in others by a mere touch. Oddball had been behind them and he began to argue with Kang until Ultron-59 grabbed Oddball by the throat and threatened his life. Another of their group, the Grim Reaper, sliced off Ultron-59's forearm and claimed that if Oddball was harassed again, Ultron-59 would die at his hands. Ultron-59 replaced his missing limb and agreed that the point was noted. As the Grim Reaper and Oddball walked off, they discussed Reaper's desire for revenge against his brother and father.

    As video screens are turned on as if someone was watching the entire events happen, Hank Pym and the Wasp began a search of the destroyed Avengers nuclear facility base when a large chunk of the facility fell. Wasp screamed for Hank to look out, but he was saved by the untimely interference of Cannonball, who grabbed the chunk of rock. Human Torch arrived and melted the rock to slag before Cannonball rid himself of it. After some reminiscing and chit-chat, the Wasp began a search on her own and came across the mace of their fallen comrade and former Avenger, Hercules. She then reminisced of the last time she had seen him, but was interrupted by the arrival of Hotshot, a gun-toting super-hero, and Bombshell, the alleged daughter of Hercules. The Wasp handed the mace over to Bombshell, and Bombshell mentioned that someday she would find a way to make it into the sky and find her alleged father. Hotshot began to argue with her, but was silenced by the Wasp. After all of the gathered super-heroes spoke of the problem with Ultron-59's challenge, they decided that Hank Pym should lead the newly formed team and he set off to contact some "peers" of his, in hopes of recruiting them to join his cause. Human Torch mentioned that he would talk to his daughter, Marissa.

    As Hank Pym arrived in Washington, D. C., a crazed gunman was firing on civilians. A police officer yelled to a civilian that the S. W. A. T. team would take care of the problem. Just as the woman doubted the police officer, Jessie Wingfoot walked toward the gunman, who fired on her. The bullets bounced off of her bulletproof S. W. A. T. vest and she punched part of the building and knocked the gunman off. He was taken away by medical officials and the police officer thanks Officer Wingfoot. As she was taking her leave, Hank Pym approached her. She greeted him with a kiss and they discussed Ultron-59's challenge on the plane ride to their next team member. Jessie agreed to join them, claiming that she was ready to take a leave of absence from the police anyway. Pym thought of how he tested his old shrinking Pym Particle weaponry and his tests came up a bit less than he had hoped. During the plane ride, Pym contacted an old friend, Reed Richards, who declined Pym's offer to join them because his powers had left him in a stretched out shape. Reed Richards wished the team luck and went back to trying to teach a lobotomized Victor von Doom how to play checkers.

    As Hank and Jessie arrived at their next destination, they were greeted with Bobbi Barton in her Mockingbird costume, telling them to take a hike. Clint heard them from the other room and told Bobbi to let them in. After Hank told Clint their situation, Clint suggested they find Captain America, whom he thought to be frozen in suspended animation after his "death." Hank claimed that they believed that about Kennedy, too, and that he could not recruit urban myths. As Jessie grew impatient and she and Hank began to make their leave, she told Mockingbird to deal with her pain and get on with her life. Mockingbird claimed that Jessie was not there when she and Hawkeye last fought injustice and she told Jessie of her last mission. As Hank and Jessie leave, Clint played a game of darts and got three bullseyes, despite his blindness. On the walk back to their plane, Hank Pym remembered the last time he had actually seen Captain America in person. Hank then recalled the presidency of Captain America and his assassination and funeral. After thinking of the situation, Hank decided that he needed to find the Vision.

(The Last Avengers Story#2): In the Himalayas, Tommy Maximoff spoke via a mystic hologram with his brother Billy, also known as the Grim Reaper, about how Reaper was part of the plan to urge the Avengers into their final battle. Tommy replied that he would not fight his brother and the Reaper said that many others would die unless he sided with "the pathetic forces of good." After the hologram had vanished, Tommy spoke with his master and trainer of the mystic arts, Doctor Strange, about what he should do and how he was not ready to face his brother. Meanwhile, on their plane, Jessie and Hank Pym were discussing who else they could recruit. They mentioned that Black Widow was crippled, Black Panther was dead, Quasar was insane, the Wild Man was dead and insane, and then decided to give Peter Parker a call. Peter declined their offer as well, citing that his responsibilities laid with his wife and son, Ben, now that he had quit being Spider-Man.

    As Jessie asked about Marissa Storm, the Human Torch was actually trying to recruit his daughter to join them, saying that they could use her flame-object powers for good. She declined as well, stating that her father was stupid to risk his life and that he looked stupid in his costume. Johnny got angry at her, and his wife, Alicia, comforted him and said that Marissa inherited her father's stubbornness. Back at their base, Hank conducted an experiment and successfully re-created his Pym Particle formula, causing a rock to shrink to submicroscopic size. Jessie decided to take a shower, but is interrupted by Tommy Maximoff, who wants to join them. Grim Reaper once again sent a holographic image to warn his foes of their upcoming battle and to announce that it would take place in the burnt-out remains of Greenwich Village in New York. The group immediately set out to find the Vision and with Tommy's help, found him. The Vision had surrendered his humanity and solid form and was floating in the air at an enormous size and weightless density. Tommy attempted to recruit his father, the Vision, but Vision remained silent. Angered, Tommy and the others left him to his destiny as the Vision recalled a memory involving Quicksilver.

    The team then called a meeting together at their base to discuss a strategy. Many of the team members just chit-chatted between each other, and Hank felt guilty and non-effective as a team leader. He then went for a walk and was once again confronted by Ultron-59. The two discussed the reasons for the final battle, and Ultron-59 once again materialized away. The next day, the team arrived at Greenwich Village, ready for battle. Chris Valada, a news reporter also arrived to cover the battle. Hotshot reminded him that his best side was his right side and the Wasp yelled at him for risking the lives of the news crew. The battle then began as Kang's giant timeship lowered down to Greenwich Village. At the last minute, Hank chickened out and escaped into the Microverse, leaving his team at the hands of fate.

    Kang ordered his minions to attack and Hotshot made the first assault, firing off round after round against Kang's force field. Kang covered Hotshot in a force field and the next shot that Hotshot took was his last, as it reflected off his own force field and blasted off the right side of his face, killing him. Bombshell then attacked Kang by exploding the ground beneath Kang's feet. Kang jumped into the air and blasted off one of Bombshell's legs with his laser gloves. As she tried to stagger off, the Wasp, angered, threatened Kang. Tommy Maximoff tried to blast the Grim Reaper with a mystic power bolt, only to have it reflected away by his scythe, barely missing hitting the Human Torch. As his wife and daughter watch on television, Ultron-59 grabbed the Human Torch mid-flight and threw him at Jessie Wingfoot. Human Torch then caught his momentum and turned to fire a flame blast at Ultron-59, giving Jessie the chance to run up and punch his fist through Ultron-59's midsection. Unfortunately, Ultron-59 survived and repaired himself around her hand, leaving her hand trapped within himself. Ultron-59 then jumped backwards, breaking Jessie's arm.

    Human Torch fired another flame blast allowing Jessie to escape and grab Ultron-59 by the neck. As she did so, the Grim Reaper came from behind and impaled Jessie and passed harmlessly through Ultron-59. Tommy became angry, and Cannonball flew head-on into Ultron-59, and then grounded him into the dirt. During that time, the Torch helped Bombshell stand, and they tried to stagger away and get her out of the battle. Ultron-59 traveled through the ground and blasted up from the ground in front of the Torch and Bombshell. Bombshell used her explosion powers against Ultron-59, disrupting his molecules and leaving him momentarily stunned. Cannonball turned his attacks towards Kang himself, battering Kang's force field with his own blast field. As he flew at Kang, Kang lowered his shield allowing Cannonball to pass halfway through his shield and then raised the shield back up, trapping Cannonball inside the field. Kang then took a gun to Cannonball face and fired. The Avengers then began to turn their enemies away momentarily until Ultron-59 summoned forth Ultrons 20-40 to battle the team. Human Torch was grazed by one of the robots and fell to the ground, injured. Tommy erected a mystic shield around Torch and continued his assault. As the Wasp was flying, she became affected by Oddball's psychological disorders and flew into a trashcan. Picking her up, Oddball pulled out a scalpel and prepared to cut her in two, but was stopped by the re-arrival of Hank Pym, using his old Pym Particle gun. Pym then shrank Oddball down in size, where he was crushed by the attacking Ultron robots. Reaper became crazed after the death of his ally, Oddball, and ran from the protection of Kang's shield, just as the Ultron robots began to overwhelm the remaining Avengers.

    Suddenly, when all seemed lost, Mockingbird appeared, jumping from Ultron robot to Ultron robot and attaching explosives to their frames. Hawkeye also joined in the battle, using an earpiece that allowed him to trace where his opponents were. As the battle continued, the Vision continued to recall past memories. Grounded by her leg, Bombshell continued to blast apart the Ultron robots. During the commotion, Hawkeye stumbled and fell from the ledge he was perched on and was saved by the Human Torch. With more of the Ultron robots destroyed by Mockingbird's explosives, Tommy began his battle with the Grim Reaper, as Hank began his with Ultron-59. As Hank was winning, Kang shot him in the back, angering Ultron-59. Ultron-59 turned on Kang, and together with the Wasp, shattered his force field. Kang attacked the Wasp, but she dodged every attack. She then flew down and shot Kang through his eyeholes in his mask and out the back of his head, using her bio-stings. As the Wasp mourned her deceased husband, Ultron-59 used this opportunity to absorb the remaining Ultron robots, causing him to grow to enormous size. While Tommy continued his battle with the Grim Reaper, the Vision was awakened by his memory of Scarlet Witch's death, and he flew into the fray against the giant Ultron-59. The Vision then merged his density with that of Ultron-59's causing the deaths of both and effectively ending their final battle.

    Afterwards, a monument was erected in memory of the battle and the Wasp visited it, with Hawkeye in tow. Clint asked Janet if she believed in God. She said, "No," and Clint replied that there's something bigger watching over them. He then claimed that Captain America was not dead and that he would return soon. The Wasp said "Okay, Hawkeye...whatever you say." and dismissed Hawkeye's words as nothing more than Hawkeye dreaming.

    As someone watched the video screens, the screen said "file history command?," a voice belonging to a frozen Captain America replies, "What else....Save it."

(Avengers Forever#7 (fb) - BTS) - A statue of Hawkeye of Earth-Avengers: Last Avengers Story was made, and was later viewed by his Earth-616 counterpart.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Ariel Olivetti.

The whole Earth-"The Last Avengers Story" seems to be mostly the same as Earth-616, with the exceptions listed in the history.
    The body of this story would seem to take place 20+ years after the modern era. It remains unclear to me whether this is a divergent or alternate reality, but I'd lean towards the latter. I guess if it were a divergent Earth, the point of divergence would be that the Scarlet Witch somehow actually had real children, rather than just demon energy from Mephisto.
    Avengers West Coast Annual#7 showed an alternate world where the Vision was never reprogrammed and they kept their children. It could represent an earlier appearance of this reality appearance.
    Also, it is apparently unclear whether the wedding of Hank and Janet mentioned up above was their first or second marriage. If it was supposed to be their first, then that would really skew things as the Vision and Scarlet Witch didn't have kids until way after Hank and Jan's marriage. I guess that leaves the point of divergence open and the answer of whether it is an alternate or divergent realm open.

    Also, this story was previewed, in text fashion, in Peter David's "But I digress..." column in Comic Shop News, I believe, at least a few years before this story was published. Peter David remains one of my all time favorite writers.

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Clarifications: Not to be confused with :

Alicia Storm, wife of Human Torch, is not to be confused with:

Ben Parker, Peter Parker's son, is not to be confused with:

Bombshell, member of the Avengers, is not to be confused with:

Cannonball, member of the Avengers, is not to be confused with:

  • Cannonball, an alias originally used by Jack Pulver, the Human Cannonball
  • Captain America, former president, is not to be confused with:

    Doctor Strange, trainer of Tommy Maximoff, is not to be confused with:

    Gestalt, a member of the new Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Grim Reaper, brother of Tommy Maximoff, is not to be confused with:

    Hawkeye, Avenger, is not to be confused with:

    Hercules, former Avengers member, is not to be confused with:

    High Tide, a member of the new Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Hotshot, a new member of the Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Hulk, traitorous former member, is not to be confused with:

  • Hulk, an alias originally used by Xemnu the Titan
  • Hulk, an alias used when Rick Jones became gamma-iradiated
  • Hulk (Jennifer Sue Walters), an alias used by an alternate universe version of She-Hulk
  • Human Torch, member of the Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Iron Man, former member of the Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Jessie Wingfoot, member of the Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Oddball, psychological villain, is not to be confused with:

    Peter Parker of Earth-Last-Avengers-Story, formerly Spider-Man, is not to be confused with:

    Sequoia, one of the new Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    She-Hulk, city-wide protector, is not to be confused with:

    Super-Ego, one of the new Avengers, is not to be confused with:

    Thing, ally of Thor, is not to be confused with:

    Thor, former Avengers member, is not to be confused with:

    Tigra, former Avenger, is not to be confused with:

    Ultron-59, the robotic villain, is not to be confused with:

    Vision, android Avenger, is not to be confused with:

    Alicia Storm (Alicia Masters Storm of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")

    Alicia Storm is the loving wife of Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch. Together they have a daughter, Marissa. Human Torch visits home to attempt to recruit Marissa into the Avengers, but doesn't succeed. Alicia is there to be the voice of reason to Johnny's fiery temper.

     (The Last Avengers Story#1 (ment.),#2 (actual appearance))





    Cannonball (Samuel Zachariah Guthrie of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    When Hank & Wasp checked out the bombed out Avengers nuclear facility, Cannonball saved Hank from a falling piece of debris. When Human Torch arrived as well, both him and Cannonball decided to help Hank against Ultron-59, Kang, Oddball, & the Reaper. During their final battle, Cannonball was killed when Kang trapped him within his force field and then shot him in the head. 

    Cannonball possessed the same propulsion abilities and superhuman blast field that protected him from harm as his Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2




    Captain America (Steven Rogers of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    Captain America was a former member of the Avengers, alongside Hank Pym, Hulk, Wasp, Iron Man, and Thor. During the "Villain Massacre," in which the government enlisted all of the superheroes to contain all of the supervillains, only to execute them, Hank Pym was worried and guilt-ridden over his role in it. Captain America came to visit him and Hank explained that the government had suckered the heroes into doing their dirty work and that he was considering quitting being a hero. Cap said he couldn't blame him since many other heroes were also taking that route. Hank asked him what would make him quit and Cap replied "Death. Maybe." After the "Villain Massacre," Captain America ran for presidency and won it. He was a very successful president and he even formed the New Avengers to deal with situations only superheroes could handle. During his third term of presidency, Cap was shot and killed. At his funeral, Hank Pym worried that if Cap could be killed, what chance do other heroes have? When Hank Pym & Jessie Wingfoot visited Clint Barton's residence, he claimed that Hank should try to find Captain America if he was looking for able-bodied heroes. Clint claimed that Captain America was really in suspended animation until they can cure him from gunshot wounds. During the Avengers' final battle, Captain America, apparently still injured or at least out of the limelight viewed the entire battle from computer video screens that he commanded. When the battle was over, Captain America told the computer to save the file. 

    Captain America presumably had the same abilities as the Earth-616 counterpart of himself, which includes enhanced strength (over 800 pounds), agility, durability, reflexes, and slowed aging.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1 (ment.),#2 (actual appearance))

    Chris Valada (the female in the pic) and unnamed cameraman

    When the "final battle" of the Avengers occurred, Chris was there to report on it. Hotshot had called her ahead of time so he could get media attention. She brought along her cameraman to catch the footage on film. Wasp yelled at Hotshot for risking the newscrew's lives.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2) 



    Daredevil (Matthew Michael Murdock of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    Daredevil was present at Captain America's "funeral." 

    He presumably has the same powers as his Earth-616 counterpart, including superhuman senses and a radar sense.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1 (never fully seen) 





    Doctor Strange (Stephen Vincent Sanders Strange of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story") 

    In the Himalayas, when the Grim Reaper spoke with his brother, Tommy Maximoff, via a holographic image, Tommy spoke to his master/trainer in the mystic arts. The master was none other than Doctor Strange. 

    Doctor Strange presumably possessed a complete mastery over the mystic arts, as does his Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2)



    Former Avengers (Black Widow, Black Panther, Quasar, the Wild Man)

     When Jessie & Hank Pym were on their way back to their base, they discussed former Avengers they could get ahold. Hank Pym decided "no" on each of these for the following reasons:

     (The Last Avengers Story#2 (never seen, just mentioned)

    Grim Reaper (Billy Maximoff of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

     Billy Maximoff is the son of the android Vision and the mystic hex mutant Scarlet Witch. When he was a child, he witnessed the accidental murder of his mother at the hands of his uncle, Quicksilver. He seemed to be friends with fellow super-villain, Oddball, especially when Ultron-59 threatened him. Grim Reaper joined Kang in his "final battle" against the Avengers, in an effort to exact what he felt was his revenge on his brother, Tommy. During the battle, he battled his brother until the giant size battle between Ultron-59 and the Vision called an end to the battle. 

    Before the battle took place, the Grim Reaper appeared on two different occasions as a holographic image. Whether this was technological or an actual power, possibly mystic in nature, was undetermined. If his scythe is seperated from him, he can teleport it and materialize it back onto his hand.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)




    Hank Pym (Henry J. Pym of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

     It was Hank who Ultron-59 first visited and informed of the "final battle" between him & his teammates & the Avengers. Hank & the Wasp travelled to the site of the New Avengers' deaths and found Human Torch & Cannonball, who both joined the Avengers. Hank left alone to recruit Jessie Wingfoot and attempted to recruit Reed Richards, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Peter Parker, but none of them wanted to be a part of the Avengers. Hank was appointed the leader of the Avengers team and perfected all of his old Pym Particle equipment. He was in a state of constant guilt over past failures such as the creation of Ultron, his part in Wasp's physiological breakdown, his part in the "Villain Massacre," and not being able to live up to Captain America as an Avengers leader. At the last minute, in the face of the enemy, he escaped into the Microverse, feeling that he couldn't go through with it. Though, when the time came, he returned and faced Ultron-59, only to be shot in the back by Kang. 

    Hank Pym didn't use his size-changing powers but he did utilize many weapons that used his Pym Particle technology, such as a gun that fired Pym Particle pellets, chemicals that shrunk him into the Microverse, and Pym Particle gas bombs.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)

    Hawkeye (Clinton Francis Barton of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

     When Hank Pym was issued the "final battle" challenge, he flew out to Clint Barton's home and attempted to recruit both him and his wife, Mockingbird. Mockingbird outright refused and Clint said that they should try to find Captain America, because he was blind and although, he knew his home like the back of his hand, they couldn't fight Ultron-59 inside his house. Days later, when the "final battle" actually happened in Greenwich Village, he & Mockingbird eventually joined up with the Avengers. 

    Hawkeye uses a special earpiece that allowed him to track his opponents and got some good shots in until he fell off a cliff and was saved by Human Torch. After the battle, he and Janet Van Dyne visisted the memorial and he claimed that Captain America was still frozen but was going to return someday.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)




    Hercules (Heracles of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    20 years ago, former Avengers Hercules and Thor, along with Hulk and Thing, left Earth to save Asgard and Olympus when they were simultaneously threatened. Only Hulk returned. Apparently, before he left, he fathered a daughter named Bombshell. 

    Hercules presumably had all the same demi-god powers that his Earth-616 counterpart had, including superhuman strength, agility, endurance, durability, and immortality.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)





    Hotshot & Bombshell 

    Hotshot was the son of the Black Knight and Bombshell is the apparent daughter of Hercules. Hotshot & Bombshell visited the New Avengers nuclear facility after the deaths and joined up with Hank & Wasp as a new team of Avengers. During the "final battle," Hotshot called the press and caught some flack for it because he endangered innocent lives. He also didn't last long, he used his firearms against force field. When Kang placed a force field around Hotshot, he tried shooting out of it, only to have it reflected back at him and blow off his face. After Hotshot's death, Bombshell used her powers against Kang, but Kang jumped & fired at her, blasting off her leg. She was saved by Human Torch, who tried to lead her safety. Bombshell refused and use her powers against Ultron-59 and later against his army of Ultron robots.

     Hotshot didn't seem to possess any powers outside of being a guy who uses guns. Bombshell could explode objects, from the rock in the ground to giant adamantium robots.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)



    Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")

     Hulk accompanied Thor, Hercules, and Thing into Asgard and Olympus to save both realms, as well as Earth. Two months later, after worldwide natural disasters, the Hulk was found buried in Mt. Parnassus, with grey skin and clutching Hercules' mace. Two years after that incident, he accompanied Wonder Man, Tigra, Hawkeye, and Mockingbird on a mission against Ultron. During the mission, he turned traitor and punched Wonder Man. Tigra lept at him, trying to claw his eyes out, but Hulk grabbed her arms and legs and pulled her apart like a wishbone. Filled with rage, Wonder Man dove in to attack Hulk and the two had a battle to the death. It ended when Hulk punched Wonder Man in the chest, breaking his skin and leaking ionic energy. Knowing that he had seconds to live, Wonder Man grabbed Hulk and then exploded in a giant ionic mushroom cloud, killing them both.

    Hulk had the same powers as his Earth-616 counterpart, including superhuman strength, durability, a healing factor, and a height increase when angry.

     (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)


    Human Torch (Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    When Hank Pym & the Wasp visited the nuclear site where the New Avengers had been killed, they were found by both Human Torch & Cannonball. Both heroes joined the newly formed Avengers under Hank Pym and the Human Torch returned home in an attempt to recruit his daughter, Marissa into the fold. She declined and he got angry, until his wife Alicia spoke with him. He later joined the Avengers during their "final battle," where he took many near-death hits, including a fall caused by a reflected mystic power bolt, being choked and then thrown, and being grazed by two Ultron robots. He survived in the end and his family was overjoyed. 

    Human Torch had all the powers of his Earth-616 counterpart, including the creation and manipulation of fire and flame, as well as flight.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)


    Iron Man (Anthony Edward Stark of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")

    Iron Man was a former Avenger, alongside Thor, Captain America, Hank Pym, Hulk, and Wasp. He attended the "funeral" of Captain America. 

    It is probable that his armor that same gadgets that his Earth-616 counterpart had. It is unknown what happened to him, but he was not present during the "final battle."

     (The Last Avengers Story#1-never fully seen, this is the best picture I could get)




    Jessica "Jessie" Wingfoot  

    Jessie is the daughter of Wyatt Wingfoot and She-Hulk. Her father died before she was born and her mom became missing-in-action. She eventually became a police S. W. A. T. team officer and jumped at the chance to join the Avengers when Hank Pym came to recruit. She joined the team during their "final battle" but was killed when she tried to grab Ultron-59 and was impaled by the Grim Reaper's scythe from behind.

    Jessie had superhuman strength (presumably on par with her mother, She-Hulk) and durability.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)






    Kang the Conqueror  

    The time-space conquering villain thought himself the head of the "final battle" plan. Actually, it was Ultron-59 who was in charge. Ultron-59 placed a book called "The Last Avengers Story" in the Time Capsule, a storage place for historic artifacts. Kang came across it somewhere in the timestream and became very confidant that he would win this battle. So he, Ultron-59, Grim Reaper, and Oddball challenged the Avengers to a battle they were sure they would win in Greenwich Village. He killed Hotshot by reflecting his blast back on him, he destroyed the leg of Bombshell, killed Hank Pym by shooting him in the back, and killed Cannonball by trapping him in his force field and shooting him. He was eventually killed when the Wasp, out of grief and anger, fire a Wasp's Sting through the eyeholes in his mask and out the back side of his head.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)





    Marissa Storm 

     The daughter of Human Torch and Alicia Masters, Marissa inherited her mother's gift for sculpting. She also inherited her father's stubbornness and gift for wielding flame. When Johnny came home to recruit her into the Avengers, she declined, saying that he looked stupid in his uniform and that violence was never an answer. During the "final battle" of the Avengers, she watched the battle on television with her mom and towards the end, ran into a closet and hid because she couldn't deal with the emotions of watching her father almost die. 

    Marissa had the ability to create solid objects out of flame.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2)





    Mary Jane & Ben Parker (Mary Jane Watson Parker of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story" & Ben Parker II)  

    When Hank Pym called Peter Parker to try to recruit him into the Avengers. Ben kept asking who it was on the phone and Mary Jane told him that he knows better than to interrupt his father on the phone. After the phone call, Ben asked if he could go to a science exhibit on radiation and Peter promptly told him "no."

    (The Last Avengers Story#2) 








    Mockingbird (Barbara Morse Barton of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    When Hank Pym came to their house to recruit, Mockingbird told him to take a hike. Clint overheard them and invited them in nonetheless. Bobbi seemed very disinterested in being an Avenger again and Hawkeye seemed to be dreaming that Captain America may someday return. Later, during the "final battle," Mockingbird & Hawkeye jumped in to save their friends. Bobbi jumped from Ultron robot to Ultron robot, planting explosives on each one and blinded an Ultron robot using her battle staves.

     She used much of the same weaponry as her Earth-616 counterpart, including battle staves.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2) 


    The New Avengers (from left to right: Super-Ego, (the shadow in the back was never named), Gestalt (back turned with the cards up), High Tide (black hair), and Sequoia (tree guy) 

    This team of New Avengers was created by President America to deal with problems only superheroes could handle. They ended up just spending most of their time playing cards or watching scantily-clad dancers. During a card game, High Tide accused Gestalt of entering his mind, although no one else can feel it. Gestalt denies it, but High Tide got angry and fired a blast of water at him. The blast was deflected by Super-Ego, who was a telekinetic. As High Tide sat and complained, a nuclear bomb was dropped on their base, killing all inside. 

    Super-Ego had telekinetic abilities. Gestalt was a telepath. High Tide could manipulate water. Sequoia presumably could control plant life, although he never actually showed any powers.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1)





     Oddball was apparently a friend of the Grim Reaper's, who followed on many a mission. Both Ultron-59 and Kang got annoyed by him and Ultron-59 even threatened his life, until the Grim Reaper arrived and cut off Ultron-59's hand. During the "final battle," Oddball battled Wasp, causing her to fly into a trashcan. Unfortunately for him, Hank Pym arrived and shrunk down to microscopic size and he was crushed by one of Ultron's guard. 

    Oddball had the ability to cause psychological disorders in order by simply touching them.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2)

    Peter Parker (Peter Benjamin Parker of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

     Hank Pym called Peter Parker to recruit him for the Avengers. Pete declined, saying that his responsibilities lie with his family. After the call, Hank told Jessie Wingfoot that Pete had given up his Spider-Man identity years ago and became Pym's lab assistant for a time until he sold his web fluid formula to 3M, where he was made a top scientist there.

     Peter Parker presumably possessed the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart, including superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, a spider-sense, and the ability to cling to walls.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2)




    Quicksilver (Pietro Django Maximoff of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

    Quicksilver had held animosity against the Vision because of his love for his sister. At Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne's wedding, Quicksilver arrived and attacked the Vision. During the scuffle, he ran at superhuman speed towards the Vision. Scarlet Witch jumped in front of him and used her hex power on Quicksilver, causing him to lose control and slam into her, killing his sister. Crazed, he ran off a cliff trying to join her. 

    Quicksilver possessed the same superhuman speed as his Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2-in flashback)






    Reed Richards & Victor von Doom 

    Hank Pym called up Reed Richards in his attempts at building the ranks of the Avengers. Reed declined because of his years of stretching had left his body "like melted play-dough." He had a body brace to keep his form intact. Apparently, Victor von Doom had a lobotomy, based on the scar across his head. After the call, Reed resumed trying to teach the vegetable Doctor Doom how to play checkers. 

    Reed Richards still retained the stretching abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart, although he didn't use them anymore and I seriously doubt Doctor Doom had retained any of sorcery knowledge.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1)




    Scarlet Witch (Wanda Django Maximoff of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

     Scarlet Witch was married to the Vision and had two children by him: Tommy and Billy. At Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne's wedding, Quicksilver arrived and attacked the Vision, running at him at superhuman speed. Scarlet Witch jumped in front of Vision and attempted to use her hex powers against her brother, causing him to lose control and slam into her, crushing her. 

    Scarlet Witch had the hex powers as her Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2-in flashback)



    She-Hulk (Jennifer Sue Walters of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story") 

    She-Hulk eventually had a child by Wyatt Wingfoot and named her Jessica. After her birth, she was around throughout the "Great Cataclysm," in which natural disasters affected everywhere on Earth, except Paris. Not too long after the cataclysm, she disappeared and had yet to be seen since. 

    She-Hulk possessed the superhuman strength and durability of her Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)






    Sue Storm (Susan Storm Richards of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")  

     Sue Storm was married to Reed Richards. At some point after the "Great Cataclysm," she left to parts unknown with She-Hulk and had yet to be seen since. 

    Sue presumably possessed the invisibility and invisible force generation of her Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-mentioned, but never seen)

    Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story") 

     Thing was a member of the Fantastic Four, who accompanied Thor, Hercules, and the Hulk to Olympus and Asgard during the "Great Cataclysm." He never returned.

    Thing presumably had the same superhuman strength and durability of his Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)





    Thor (Thor Odinson of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story") 

    Thor was a former member of the Avengers who left for Olympus and Asgard during the "Great Cataclysm," alongside Thing, the Hulk, and Hercules. He never returned. 

    He presumably had the same superhuman strength, durability, endurance, and agility, as well as the weather manipulating abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)




    Tigra (Greer Grant Nelson of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story") 

     Tigra was a member of the Avengers who accompanied Wonder Man, the Hulk, Mockingbird, & Hawkeye on a mission against Ultron. During the mission, the Hulk turned on the team and punched Wonder Man. Tigra lept at him and tried to claw his eyes out, but Hulk grabbed her arms and legs and ripped her apart like a wishbone. 

    Tigra possessed the same superhuman agility and razor-sharp teeth & claws of her Earth-616 counterpart.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)

    Tommy Maximoff 

     Tommy was the son of the Scarlet Witch & the Vision and had witnessed his mother's death at the hands of his uncle years earlier. When the Grim Reaper informed him of his nefarious "final battle" plans, Tommy spoke with his teacher, Doctor Strange, about what he should do. Later, he entered the Avengers HQ and joined them in trying to recruit, his father, the Vision. Vision remained inert and barely human, which angered Tommy and the three Avengers left. During the actual "final battle," Tommy faced off against his brother, the Grim Reaper until the fight was stopped by the sudden appearance of a giant size Vision, who merged with Ultron-59 and killed them both. 

    Tommy possessed the mystic abilties inherited from his mother.

    (The Last Avengers Story#2)




     Two years before, Ultron-59 broke into the Time Capsule and placed the "Last Avengers Story" book there, so that Kang would find years later. Kang, of course, did find and recruited Ultron-59, Oddball, and the Grim Reaper to carry out the "final battle" plans shown in the book. Ultron-59 materialized into Hank Pym's living room and challenged to bring the Avengers together again, lest they die seperately. Ultron-59 later materialized again to speak with Pym before the actual battle. During the "final battle" against the Avengers, Ultron-59 impaled Jessie Wingfoot and unleashed an army of Ultrons against the team. Eventually, the Vision reawoke and merged himself with Ultron-59, effectively killing them both.

    (The Last Avenger Story#1-2)






    Vision was married to the Scarlet Witch and had two sons by her. During the wedding of Hank Pym and the Wasp, Quicksilver attacked the Vision and ran at him at superhuman speed. Scarlet Witch jumped in front of the Vision and tried to use her hex powers against Quicksilver, causing him to lose control and slam into Wanda, crushing her. Crazed at what he had done, Quicksilver ran off a cliff, determined to join his sister. After looking upon the faces of his children as they witnessed their mother's death, the Vision removed himself from humanity and became immaterial. As his density decreased, he grew larger and his molecules grew more and more apart. By the time that his son, Tommy, and the Avengers found him, he was enormous and barely existing. Vision did not acknowledge their existence and they left. During the final battle between the Avengers and their enemies, Ultron-59 absorbed his army of Ultrons into himself and grew large. The Vision, awakened by the memory of Wanda's death, flew to the scene and merged himself with Ultron-59, effectively killing them both.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1 (his face in a flashback),#2 (fully seen) 



    Wasp (Janet Van Dyne Pym of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")

      As Hank Pym worked day and night on a cure to Wasp's physiological breakdown that was causing her to shrink at one inch per year, reporters interrupted with a barrage of questions about the deaths of the New Avengers. The Wasp fired a wasp's sting at the crowd, frightening the reporters into running away. Moments later, Ultron-59 appeared in their living room and challenged them to rebuild the Avengers to face their most powerful foes. The Wasp joined Hank Pym in his attempts to recruit others and they recruited a small squad of "Avengers" to battle Ultron-59 and his crew. When the time came for their final battle, Hank Pym chickened out and escaped into the Microverse, angering Janet. Oddball set his sights on the Wasp, causing her to fly into a trashcan using his disorder powers. Pym returned then, saving his wife and shrinking Oddball to microscopic size, where he was crushed by Ultron-59's army. Pym prepared to face off against Ultron-59, when he was shot in the back by Kang. Furious and grieving, the Wasp shot Kang through the eyeholes in his mask and out the back of his head. Using this as a distraction, Ultron-59 absorbed his army into himself and grew to enormous and was stopped only by the entrance of the Vision, who merged with Ultron-59, killing them both. After the battle, Janet and Hawkeye visited the memorial where Clint claimed Captain America was going to return. Janet shrugged it off, thinking his silly.

    (The Last Avengers Story#1-2) 


    Wonder Man (Simon Williams of Earth-"The Last Avengers Story")

     Wonder Man was an Avenger who went on a mission alongside the Hulk, Tigra, Hawkeye, & Mockingbird against Ultron. During the mission, the Hulk turned traitor and punched Simon in the face. Tigra reacted by jumping on the Hulk and attempting to claw his eyes out. Hulk grabbed Tigra by the arms and legs and ripped her in face. Furious, Wonder Man began a fierce battle against the Hulk that ended in Hulk rupturing Simon's skin, causing an ionic radiation leakage which caused Wonder Man to explode, carrying the Hulk with him.

     (The Last Avengers Story#1-in flashback)






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