Real Name: "Steve Rogers"

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth 2099) possible nanotech creation

Occupation: Corporate pawn, President of the United States

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: John Anthony Herod, S.H.I.E.L.D.

Enemies: Doom 2099 and his cabinet, Punisher (Jake Gallows), Galahad, Hulk (John Eisenhart), Metalscream; Everyone else who was living in some way in the year 2099

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Washington, DC

First Appearance: Doom 2099#33 (September, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: John Herod's Captain America of 2099 showed no superhuman abilities, but he was very charismatic, violent and sadistic. He also had superior cheekbones.

History: (Doom 2099#33) - At a news conference, a man in the old Captain America costume steps up to a podium. President Doom frantically tries to shut down the satellites, but the corporations which he had scorned, now all planned against him, and prevented him from doing so. Captain America told the story of the death of the Avengers, of the last Quinjet being hit by an energy beam from a "monster from Europe"... Doom. He had survived, frozen yet again, but was finally thawed out. But according to Doom, no such battle ever happened. In one day, the entire country of Latveria is nearly wiped out, the White House is destroyed, Doom's cabinet is scattered and Doom goes into hiding, as John Herod takes control of America back.

(Doom 2099#34) - Meeting his master, John Anthony Herod, Cap starts having second thoughts about their plans, but Herod beats some sense back into him. Herod reveals his plans to bleed America dry, then relocate off-planet to do it again somewhere else, all while kicking Cap in the ribs while he's down. Cap then asks if there will be any killing involved, and when Herod answers in the affirmative, Cap tells him to count him in...

(2099 Apocalypse) - After the death of Jacob Gallows, The Punisher of 2099', via S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Captain America holds another news conference, announcing that on this day, superheroes are no longer safe.
Metalscream, Galahad and Hulk 2099 join Gallows in death that day.

(Doom 2099#36) - Cap watches on awestruck, as Herod builds him a new home, the Red House, through nanomachines. Later, staring out at the lawn, Cap thought it looked a little empty, and suggested crucifying some dissidents for flavor.

(Doom 2099#38) - While getting VERY drugged up, Captain America talks to Herod about Graverobber and the prospects of having an army that would never need to eat or sleep. Later, the Red House, with Cap and Herod inside, is attacked by nanotech robots sent by Doom, which are set to disassemble all that Herod had created, using the Driver and his vehicle, the Nitroburn, as a catalyst. The Red House, Herod's staff and Captain America were dissolved, and Herod was infected with nanomachines that would chew away at his nervous system for the rest of his life, leaving him in constant pain.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh

If there's any moral to this story, it's don't mess with Doom.

Another Captain America showed up in 2099 Manifest Destiny, but this was the true Captain America (or at least his Earth-2099 counterpart.) He was later lost in space, after destroying the barrier around our solar system. In 3099, he was awakened again, and handed Mjolnir by an ancient Miguel O'Hara.

John Herod called himself Anthony Herod in Doom 2099#34, but was referred to as John Herod everywhere else. Another POSSIBLE middle name character?

Whether the Hulk and Punisher who were murdered in 2099 Apocalypse were the true Hulk 2099 and Punisher 2099 is not definite. When Hulk was last seen in Hulk 2099#10, he looked vastly different, with horns growing around his head and neck. It has been theorized the Hulk that died in Apocalypse was the Anti-Hulk, first seen in Hulk 2099#9. At the time when 2099 Apocalypse was taking place, Punisher 2099 was floating in space, making modifications to a giant gun/satellite with Vendetta, and he also showed up in 2099 Manifest Destiny. Who died in his place? Possibly his son, Hotwire, who looked darn near identical to him, or Goldheart, a robot who shared Jacob's sense of justice and was known to disguise himself as a human when needed.

The murder of the heroes in 2099 Apocalypse may have been a political commentary of sort about The Luddites, who were a group of early-19th century English radicals who opposed the use and growth of machines over man. Because many of them took to destroying the machines of the time, many members were rounded up and executed. Because many of Earth 2099s heroes were anti-corporation, and the universe in itself was vaguely cyberpunk, the executions of the heroes in 2099 Apocalypse were somewhat similar to the executions of the Luddites in 1812. The confusion over whether many of the heroes were the ones who died (Punisher 2099 and Hulk 2099 in particular) may have been a commentary on the executed Luddites and the fervor of the government who organized it.

Profile by: Zerostar


John Herod's Captain America 2099 should not be confused with...

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