hulk-928-2099ad-ohotmu HULK
of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D.

Real Name: John Eisenhart

Identity/Class: Alternate future reality (Earth-928) human mutate;
    true identity secret

Occupation: (Hulk) vigilante, warrior;
    (Eisenhart) Concept hunter, lawyer

Group Membership: Formerly Lotusland Entertainment

Affiliations: Dr. Nikolai Apolonio, Gawain, Ghost Rider (Zero Cochrane 2.0), Halloween Jack (Jordan Boone), Kiyoshi, Meanstreak (Henri Huang), Punisher (Jake Gallows), Quirk (Naomi Soon-Li Torrijos-Washington), Keisha Schultz-Valdez, Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara), Ty, Audra Weissman, Zamora;
    formerly the
Human Tribe

Enemies: Adonai, Anti-Hulk, Cybershaman, Doctor Apollo (Nikolai Apolonio), Doctor Phil, Doom, Draco and his droids and drones, Golden One and his mutates (Fex, Tog, Vulx, others), Knights of the Banner (Aeneas), Locusts, Mall-Trolls, O-Fnz One, SHIELD, Sigurd, Sweat Tech virtual reality sports center, Sweet Dreams security, Theatre of Pain (Polymre, Septymbre), Water God; unidentified corporate droids/drones (possibly agents of Draco)
    Gawain continued to see the Hulk as an enemy;
Keisha Schultz-Valdez consistently selfishly manipulated others, and she was more than willing to betray John and/or the Hulk as it suited her goals

Known Relatives: Marian Eisenhart (sister), unidentified parents.

Aliases: The Last Wild Man, the Last Wildman of the American West (both referenced in a text/editorial box);
    the Liberator, the true hero of the post-corporate age (both from the Human Tribe);
    King of Chaos, Lord of the New Order of Disorder (from the Cybershaman);

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Lotusland, California, Earth-928 circa 2099 AD;
    formerly Hollywood, California

First Appearance: 2099 Unlimited#1/2 (July, 1993)

hulk-928-2099ad-2-coverPowers/Abilities: The Hulk possesses superhuman strength, which increased with his rage (lifting up to at least 150 tons). Extremely durable, he is bulletproof, can withstand powerful explosions at close range, and can regenerate from injuries.

    He can leap hundred of feet and run hundreds of miles without appreciably tiring.

    He has sharp teeth and sharp claws on both his hands (which have three fingers and a thumb) and feet (which have four toes).

    He may have enhanced olfactory senses (sense of smell).

    He will transform from Eisenhart to Hulk, or vice versa, at will, although rage can spur the change; by turning his rage back on himself, the Hulk could force himself to revert to his human/powerless form. Further, Eisenhart can resist the change.

    Though willing to fight savagely, the Hulk retained his normal intelligence, although he had a more noble personality than his more self-serving and manipulative human self.

Education:  Law degree

Height: (Eisenhart) 6'3"; (Hulk) 12'
Weight: (Eisenhart) 170 lbs.; (Hulk) 1500 lbs.
Eyes: (Eisenhart) blue (sometimes colored brown); (Hulk) red irides with yellow sclera (sometimes colored green)
Hair: (Eisenhart) blond; (Hulk) dark green (nearly black)


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk 2099 entry) - John Eisenhart group in the late 21st century of Earth-928.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - John and his sister, Marian, lived in their parents' house in a middle zone, with both parents working two jobs. Like their neighbors, their parents never got ahead of debts and taxes with two kids, as they spent without discipline. The neighborhood started going bad, and gangs took over.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - Though they knew they should stay away, John and Marian, 12 and 10 years old, respectively, became bored and wandered into a shootout between rival gangs. When one of the gangsters grabbed Marian to use her as a shield, John hit the guy in the mouth. The guy smacked John with his gun, but a furious John grabbed the gun from his hand and fired at him, chasing him off. As John faded into unconsciousness, he heard Marian crying and laughing, calling him a hero.

  John vowed to continue being a hero, protecting the weak, and he swore they would live in a better, safer place, avoiding the poverty trap his parents were in.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - John thought Hollywood would allow him to achieve both of his goals.

    However, somewhere along the line, he chose the place over the heroism. He compromised and made deals in the name of profit.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) <According to Marian> - John's parents and Marian supported him while he was "learning to be vicious and greedy enough for the virtual reality business." When Marian "wasn't vicious enough" to make it as an actress in that world, John turned his back on her.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - John's sister, Marian, sued him.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk 2099 entry) - John became Lotusland Entertainment's Concept Hunter, a lawyer specializing in signing up saleable ideas for virtual reality entertainment, achieving his second vow while losing sight of his first.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb)) - In 2099 AD, John Eisenhart traveled to the Great California Wastelands to gather material on the Knights of the Banner -- a cult of honorable warriors revering the heroic age's Hulk (Bruce Banner) -- in hopes of using it as a story he could profit from for Lotusland Entertainment.hulk-928-2099ad-backplates

    John tried to manipulate the Knights of the Banner into a business deal in which he would gain the rights to their story. When their leader, Aeneas, saw through his plot, John instead manipulated their young member Gawain into revealing illegal gamma experiments they were performing in hopes of replicating the Hulk's power.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - In an effort to make the Knights deal, Eisenhart reported the Knights' illicit activities; this particular crime would allow Sweet Dreams security to perform an emergency arrest even though the "fringie" areas were normally out of their jurisdiction.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb)) - While Eisenhart hoped the arrest would go well, the Knights refused to stand down, and Sweet Dreams swiftly slew Aeneas and other Knights. Blaming Eisenhart for his betrayal, Gawain rushed to the gamma device to overload it, hoping to cause an explosion that would kill everyone present. John tried to stop Gawain, but he set off the device and was blasted with gamma radiation.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - After recovering, John found Sweet Dreams and Gawain gone, with the rest of the Knights dead.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb)) - Enraged, John transformed him into a monstrous hulking creature, and he realized that he had become that which the Knights had sought to create.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - When Eisenhart vanished for 6 days, the Knights of the Banner project was transferred to Ty.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - John vowed he would never knowingly let Sweet Dreams kill another person.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2) - The Hulk crossed the Mojave desert before and arrived in Pasadena, where he frightened a resident into calling for Sweet Dreams Security. Agents of Sweet Dream detected his arrival and engaged the Hulk, who tore their assault vehicles apart. Considering that while he could handle anything Sweet Dreams and their continued reinforcements threw at him, he could not finish his hunt for Gawain with Sweet Dreams hounding him, the Hulk reverted to his John Eisenhart form to avoid detection.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - John returned to Lotusland.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2) - At Lotusland, Keisha noted her worry over John's disappearance, and Audra informed him that the Knights deal had been given to Ty and that he should see Kiyoshi about getting a new project. Initially surprised, Eisenhart told his co-workers he had gotten what he needed from the deal and headed off to do research.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - One of Eisenhart's co-workers reported that John might be suffering some post-traumatic stress from his time in the desert, which led to him having a consultation with the studio's "mental adjustment" specialist, Dr. Phil.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2) - John met with Dr. Phil, telling him he didn't need to talk to him, but Dr. Phil advised him that denial was a serious problem in the entertainment industry.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping to have John learn about the monster reported by Sweet Dreams, Audra gave him secret access codes into Sweet Dreams' files.

(2099 Unlimited#1/2) - Seeking to find out what Sweet Dreams knew about him or to learn the location of Gawain, John learned Sweet Dreams was planning to kill a singer named Quirk.

    The Hulk arrived in time to save Quirk, taking out their agents, assault tanks, and armored warriors.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - John Eisenhart allowed Quirk to stay with him until they could find a new place for her.hulk-928-2099ad-tongue

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb)) - John Eisenhart searched through data-banks, learning of information about a teen matching Gawain's description. To investigate this, John skipped an important meeting
involving Audra.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - John's skipping the meeting led Keisha to hope to usurp his position, and she also looked into what he had been doing on his computer.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb)) - When Quirk questioned how it would look if anyone learned she was staying with him, John assured her that it was expected for a Hollywood executive to have a "hot little number" stashed somewhere. After he clarified that he was trying to save another victim of Sweet Dreams, Quirk insisted she go with and help him.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb)) - Following a lead to the Sweat Tech virtual reality sports center at the Thirty Mile Mall, Eisenhart posed as the boyfriend of Quirk, who was seeking to be their spokesmodel.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - From Sweat Tech executives, Eisenhart learned Sweat Tech's use of radiation and explosives in human mutation on the "far end" of the mall. He checked their suppliers' names in hopes of using them to track Gawain.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb)) - Eisenhart was heard and spotted by Gawain, who accused him of having killed his people, blowing his cover. After futilely trying to convince Gawain he was there to help him, John turned into the Hulk in time to fight off Sweat Tech's attacking agents. Nonetheless, Sweat Tech's escaped in their bullet car as mall security delayed the Hulk enough to prevent him from stopping them. Hulk was further delayed by taking Quirk with him in his pursuit (he presumably sought to protect her from retaliation).

    After miles of pursuit, Hulk (with Quirk) passed through Reseda, where they were assaulted by refugees and outcasts. After reaching North Hollywood, they were attacked by "Mall-Trolls," apparently victims of "weird radiation leakages a while back."

(2099 Unlimited#2) - Suspecting the trolls were bribed to stop him from chasing Gawain, the Hulk fought them off and escaped with Quirk. In a department store, they were attacked by robotic mannequins; the Hulk fought these off, and he and Quirk dropped down a trap door into a lab where they found trolls-or-something else in the making.

    Beyond this, Hulk found Sweat-Tech or other agents pressuring Gawain for information. As the Hulk rushed to save Gawain, his opponents detonated a bomb.

(2099 Unlimited#2 (fb) - BTS) - With only time to save one, the Hulk saved Quirk, figuring that his adversary's wanted Gawain and would save him; Hulk suspected this group was seeking to create an army of Hulks.

(2099 Unlimited#3) - As people fled the mainland following a nuclear explosion, the Hulk defended them from mechanized border patrol. He urged the people to leave their dead, swim for shore, and the drag all the wounded they could, and he would carry the rest. Once everyone was back on land, he explained how the canal had been created by eco-terrorists trying to save the state's water, and that California's bosses were using it to control who made it into the state.

    The Water God then attacked the Hulk and the people. The Hulk struggled to do any damage to the aqueous creature, but convinced it to reveal its origins. Claiming to know another way to bring refugees into California, the Hulk goaded the Water God into following him into the deserts and up mountains. When they got high enough, the cold froze the Water God, and the Hulk shattered him.

    The Hulk then guided the refugees toward society where they could get help for the young Joey who had been injured by the Water God, assuring them there was new hope wherever there was new blood.

hulk-928-2099ad-6-john (
2099 Unlimited#4) - As John Eisenhart arrived with Quirk in San Francisco in search of Gawain, they encountered the rampaging Sigurd, allegedly empowered via the Church of Thor. As Sigurd battled local authorities, debris struck and crippled their flying car, and John tackled Quirk out of the vehicle and took the brunt of the impact himself.

    As Sigurd slaughtered Thor-patterned Church of Thor warriors who attacked him, proclaiming him a beast foretold in Asgardian Ragnarok legend, Eisenhart turned into the Hulk and assaulted Sigurd. When the Hulk turned to dissuade further Church of Thor warriors from challenging Sigurd anew, Sigurd smashed the Hulk from behind and then slaughtered the Church of Thor warriors.

    In an effort to make Sigurd see what he had become and to learn the origins of his power, the Hulk held back as he knocked Sigurd down and tried to explain their similarities and relate to him. As Sigurd fought back fiercely and insisted he was the perfect man, destined to lead humanity to Valhalla, the Hulk punched him down again. When the youthful followers of the Church of Thor swarmed over the Hulk, insisting that if Sigurd fell their fathers wouldn't go to Valhalla, the Hulk held back to protect them and was pounded so badly he couldn't see.

    Quirk then smashed a car into Sigurd's back, gaining his attention so she could show him the holo-disc she had found, showing him to have been a failed medical experiment. Insisting the gods had worked through the experiments to make him what he was, Sigurd threatened to kill everyone in sight. The Hulk tried to stop him without killing him, but as Sigurd kept at it relentlessly, the Hulk was forced to fight until Sigurd died.

    Reluctantly accepting that Quirk had helped him, the Hulk announced his plan to check out the genetics lab to see if it was connected to those he was after before they returned to Los Angeles.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - Via Lotusland's computers, John learned of a maverick genetics scientist named Gold with connections to the mall-cult who had taken Gawain.

(2099 Unlimited#6 (fb) - BTS) - John spent weeks trying to track down Gold.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb)) - Dr. Phil questioned John's use of studio computers not related to his job, warning him of the destructive nature of secrets and reminding him that hadn't brought in new property to Lotusland since the Knights of the Banner massacre.

    Realizing Keisha was the one who had told Dr. Phil about his computer usage, John played along, accepting her offer to help, covering for him while he left to move Quirk to a new hiding place.

(2099 Unlimited#5 (fb) - BTS) - Marian apparently made a deal with Gold (secretly the Golden One) presumably via his agents, who promised to pay her to lead John to them; she was assured that things would not get violent.

(2099 Unlimited#5) - Marian sent a holo message to John, telling him she had been captured by people who would kill her and dump her body on Lotusland's lot if he didn't come to 1881 Normandie alone to reveal what he had learned in his investigation (of Gold); Marian added the part about being dumped in Lotusland, figuring that he would not come to save his sister's life, but that he would to avoid a scandal that would hurt his career.

    Via some sort of airborne train, John traveled into the specified unsupervised zone. He then transformed into the Hulk and broke into the place where Marian was being "held"; when he was distracted upon seeing Marian with a cocktail and therefore not likely under duress as a kidnap victim, he was ambushed by Vulx, who wrapped him up with tentacles that would allegedly tear out chunks of his flesh if he broke free.

    While Gold's agents figured the Hulk's monstrous nature and efforts to rescue Marian meant she knew (that Gold was involved in creating monsters), Vulx taunted the Hulk that he was not strong enough to uncover his master's secrets or stop his mission, the Hulk reached back, grabbed Vulx's head, and squeezed, forcing him to let go. After the Hulk smashed Vulx into the building, collapsing it, Gold's other agents prepared to flee, while Vulx took Marian hostage. The Hulk smashed Vulx away, telling him to let his sister go (allowing Marian, at least, to appreciate that the Hulk was her brother, John).

    As Gold's men turned their blasters on the Hulk, Marian offered to use her image-caster to cause confusion and tip the battle, but she instead made Vulx think the Hulk had died, allowing the Hulk to catch Vulx off guard and smash him into unconsciousness. As the others fled, the Hulk freed Marian from additional wreckage caused by Vulx's impact. When she tried to explain her motivations, the Hulk realized she just wanted/needed money, and he gave her John's credit card. As his sister appreciated the change in his motivations, he agreed to share his recent history, but told her he first had to fulfill his duty to be a hero, investigating whoever created Vulx as well as rescuing Gawain.

(2099 Unlimited#6) - The next day Hulk pursued Gold, figuring Gold was trying to learn about the gamma power that made the Hulk from Gawain. As Quirk had learned that a Gold was hiring drunken sailors and vagrants to bring him healthy young volunteers, the Hulk brought her to a wharf, where she engaged some riff-raff about Gold.

    Following in his human form, John flattened the men with a stick to the back of their heads after they had brought Quirk to their destination. The men inside the base suspected John to be a cop, but he explained he was buying stories, and the men told him their boss might want to make such a deal. En route, John and Quirk were assaulted by a a group by a pair of Gold's mutates, Fex and Torg; when they threatened to force answers out of the pair, John turned into the Hulk and pummeled Fex and Torg. As more mutates descended on the Hulk, Vulx (or perhaps Gold himself) nailed him in the back, incapacitating him and allowing the others to put the Hulk in chains and to capture Quirk. The Hulk and Quirk were brought before Gold, who revealed his nature as the Golden One.

    The Golden One tried to convince the Hulk to ally with him as he wished to learn more from him, and the Hulk pretended to agree with the Golden One's plans to rise above the rest of weak humanity, convincing the Golden One that he could force the desired information out of Gawain via a secret pressure point. Believing the Hulk had seen the truth, the Golden One released the Hulk from his restraints, allowing the Hulk to subdue the other mutates; their struggle released Quirk, who in turn freed Gawain.

    After the Hulk attacked the Golden One, the Golden One unleashed his power, destroying his base so that others could not claim it. The Hulk escaped with Quirk and Gawain.

Spider-Man 2099 I#25/2) - The Hulk attacked and overpowered corporate droids sent to slaughter striking/rebellious workers at the Metaloid Synth-Plant. As the workers thanked him, the Hulk departed, refusing to even tell them his name as he instructed them, "it's your show now."

(Spider-Man 2099 I#25/2 - BTS) - The drones' destruction by a monster and the workers' survival was reported to the cyborg owner, Draco.

(Spider-Man 2099 I#25/2) - After approaching his apartment (?), Hulk reverted back to Eisenhart and checked in on Quirk and Gawain, although Gawain blamed John for the death of the Knights of the Banner and wished to depart as soon as he could walk. In private, John acknowledged to Quirk that the blame was rightfully his; though Quirk remained confident John could help Gawain, John decided the best thing he could do for both Quirk and Gawain was to stay away from them. Planning to live in the wilderness, he promised to find a safer place for Quirk and Gawain; hurt, Quirk slapped John and decided to leave on her own. To enforce her desire to distance herself from him, John told her he had never wanted her living there.

Ravage 2099#25/2 - BTS) - Draco slew Mr. Meyer, his rival for bidding on Lotusland.

(Ravage 2099#25/2) - John told Quirk he was heading out to get some more medical supplies for Gawain, after which he would take them to a safe haven.

    As accessing the security in Lotusland's infirmary, John was confronted by the same type droids he had fought earlier that morning. After they announced their intent to kill him, he turned into the Hulk and demolished them; the drones had completed a download of something and were beginning a transmission (presumably to Draco) when they were destroyed, interrupting the process. Identifying the material being transferred as on the Knights of the Banner and John Eisenhart, the Hulk realized that somebody had linked those two sources to him, and that Quirk and Gawain were sitting ducks unless he could protect them.

Hulk 2099#1) - After destroying security drones being used to keep people out by unidentified parties who had bought out a formerly open space, the Hulk considered that his human form had one last task to wash away the blood from his past corruption, after which he would leave the city and roam the desert.

    John then flew Gawain to Lotusland, planning to cash out his contract and set the youth up with some health-cultists in the desert. As they approached Lotusland, however, they found many people fleeing the location. After finding Audra no longer available for communication, John attempted to use the current interactive system to cash out his employee shares, but was then confronted by Dr Phil.

     Reminding John that his contract stated that all thoughts and memories he had while employed by Lotusland belonged to them, Dr. Phil threatened to extract them by force if necessary. John shared his history with the Knights of the Banner, although he concealed his full knowledge, motivation, and transformation. As John requested his money, Draco arrived and announced himself to be their new employer. As Draco's droids took out Lotusland's security, John recognized the drones as the same he had recently encountered. Preventing himself from turning into the Hulk and stopping Draco, John resolved to stay out of this corporate conflict and just get Gawain to safety. However, as security (it would make sense for it to have been Draco's forces, but I couldn't tell the difference between the warriors in this issue; they were humanoid warriors, not the robotic drones) closed on John, Gawain leapt in front of him and was slain by the assault.

    Enraged over failing to have redeemed himself, John turned into the Hulk, who swiftly took out his attackers and then confronted Draco himself.

(Hulk 2099#2) - Draco mentally blasted the Hulk back (that's what it looked like to me), denouncing the Hulk as associated with Lotusland's former management by his opposition. As the two fiercely fought, Draco offered the Hulk an alliance to rule the nation, which the Hulk refused. When Draco threatened Keisha, however, the Hulk stood down, allowing Draco to drop him with an undefended blast that caused a "cerebral overload."

(Hulk 2099#2 (fb) - BTS) - Draco had the Hulk placed in set of restraints, and he instructed Dr. Phil to analyze his mind.hulk-928-2099ad-5-cover

(Hulk 2099#2) - Recovering, the Hulk was surprised to find Dr. Phil as the one examining him, and he was further surprised to find much of the staff standing around, waiting to find out whom Draco would renew. Hulk urged them to free him and join with him in taking down the guards and Draco, but the staff remained uncertain, and Dr. Phil tormented him with a painful energy discharge. When the Hulk warned Dr. Phil that Draco would replace him soon enough, Dr. Phil again questioned the Hulk's ties to Lotusland and the Knights of the Banner. Nonetheless, the Hulk deflected the mental probes, leading Dr. Phil to send for the booster unit.

    Meanwhile, the Hulk spoke directly to Zamora, one of Lotusland's creative geniuses, inspiring him and those who looked up to him to consider whether they wanted their minds controlled by their boss. After the Hulk explained that his monstrous appearance should prove he wasn't a corporate tool and could get them out of there, Zamora rallied the others and destroyed the booster, leaving himself paraplegic in the process. Nonetheless, as the guards turned their guns on the rebelling staff, Zamora ripped out cables powering the Hulk's restraints, allowing the Hulk to break free and engage the guards.

    The guards then activated crowd control (O-Fnz One), and a giant robot dazed the Hulk, while Dr. Phil reported the rebellion to Draco, who came to handle the situation personally. After the Hulk destroyed the robot, Draco electrocuted the Hulk, but this only enraged the Hulk further, making him even stronger, and he savagely attacked Draco. Unwilling to risk his valuable property by continuing the battle, Draco teleported away. The Hulk then took Zamora to a doctor, telling him he wanted Zamora healthy to be part of the new Lotusland.

    The Hulk vowed to prevent Draco from exercising control over Lotusland and to help make it a corporation run by people, for people, selling truth.

(Hulk 2099#3) - While admitting he didn't trust Eisenhart, Zamora asked his opinion on consulting with the Cybershaman at the request of the others at Lotusland. John thanked Zamora for his honesty, but expressed his own distrust of the Cybershaman's packaging and selling freedom and "primitivity." Eisenhart argued that they needed leadership and direction from inside before seeking outside allies and that Zamora's art background did not prepare him for dealing with the corrupt. Zamora instead sought out the Hulk, figuring he would agree and help link up with the Cybershaman, and Eisenhart considered that he and the Hulk were starting to think differently.

    When Keisha, who had been relegated to working in some sort of control center, failed to cut the power before another worker opened the dampeners, the power-core threatened to explode. As all present fled, John became the Hulk and contained the explosion. When he lectured the people on being responsible to protect their dream, Zamora told him the Cybershaman had informed him of the Human Tribe, who opposed corporate control and needed support and a refuge. Initially considering the Tribe looked like his kind of people, the Hulk was distracted upon seeing footage of Quirk running from them. When Hulk departed to rescue her without a further word, Zamora resolved to ally with the Cybershaman and Human Tribe, as they could not count on the Hulk anymore.

    Having recognized a building from where he had grown up, the Hulk traveled there and confronted Quirk, taking an energy blast from a Tribe spear she had stolen when he surprised her. Members of the Tribe arrived to take down Quirk and her protector, but when the Hulk challenged him, they acknowledged him as their hero.

(Hulk 2099#3 (fb) - BTS) - Quirk and the Human Tribe accompanied the Hulk to Lotusland.

(Hulk 2099#3) - Meeting with Zamora and Keisha, the Hulk explained that he, the Tribe, and the people of Lotusland had some things in common and should talk. When the Cybershaman appeared to them via holography (or something), the Hulk questioned his motivations in running an army, and the Cybershaman explained his plans to shut down all power in the city and to allow the resultant chaos to wipe out the government and corporate controllers. The Cybershaman advised the Hulk he could oppose the uprising and let it swirl out of control to destroy him and everything else, or he could take command and become ruler of a world of chaos.

(Hulk 2099#4) - Initially elated as chaos erupted in Los Angeles, the Hulk sensed something was wrong. Between the ensuing violence endangering innocents and Quirk telling him that the electronic shutdown had crippled Zamora's life-chair, the Hulk realized the danger to innocents, and he attacked the Human Tribe, condemning the Cybershaman as another kind of tyrant and telling him they needed to find a new way of making the world work before tearing the old one down. Though the Human Tribe fought back with energy-blasts from their spears, the Hulk made swift work of them.

    Unable to locate the Cybershaman on his own, the Hulk sought out Draco, who offered to determine his whereabouts as long as the Hulk left the city and let him take control of Lotusland; however, when the Hulk refused, Draco agreed to help anyway to prevent the Cybershaman from destroying everything he was working for.

(Hulk 2099#4 - BTS) - Draco revealed the Cybershaman's location in the abandoned Our Lady of Sorrows church in Retro-Town.

(Hulk 2099#4) - The Hulk leapt his way and crashed into Our Lady of Sorrows, confronting the Cybershaman. After the Hulk refused to accept the man's feigned innocence, he summoned his "Cyberspirit" robot warriors, but the Hulk smashed them all. Confronted by the Hulk, the man called to the Cyberverse to take him home, and he vanished in a flash of light.

    Uncertain of what happened, the Hulk returned to Lotusland as power returned to Los Angeles. After he again denied requests to lead Lotusland, Zamora accepted.

(Hulk 2099#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Hulk spent the next week putting out metaphorical brushfires.

hulk-928-2099ad-5-apollo1 (Hulk 2099#5) - The Hulk defeated a group of Locusts in Hollywood who had taken advantage of the recent chaos, going beyond their memorabilia hoarding and assaulted the city armed with laser cannons. He then returned to Lotusland, transforming back into John Eisenhart to participate in a meeting of the leadership council, where Dr. Nikolai Apolonio related what he had discovered about the Knights of the Banner's experiments in the effects of gamma radiation on the psyche. As their personalities diverged, Eisenhart questioned whether he still needed to become the Hulk. Meanwhile, Apolonio, who had already been mutated by the gamma radiation, at least subconsciously influenced the others, amplifying their personality traits.

    Apparently also thusly affected, Eisenhart decided that he was the only one who could run Lotusland. Seeing Keisha armed with a weapon and plotting to take out her opposition, Eisenhart tried to stop her himself and took a blast to his right leg; the pain caused him to transform into the Hulk, neutralizing Apolonio's effects on his personality. Recognizing the changes in the others, the Hulk sought out Apolonio who had since transformed into Doctor Apollo and now attacked him. When Doctor Apollo used his powers on the Hulk, however, the Hulk turned even more monstrous and violent while growing to perhaps 30-50' tall.

(Hulk 2099#6) - The immense Hulk rampaged, considering using his new power to stop Draco and all who opposed him. When Keisha tried to manipulate him, he knocked her back, but liking Quirk, he agreed to take Quirk with him as he prepared to depart and roam America. Quirk tried to recruit Zamora, but the Hulk jealously struck down Zamora (due to his budding relationship with Quirk). hulk-928-2099ad-6-apollo

    Intrigued by this experiment, Doctor Apollo increased the intensity of his radiation again, allowing Zamora to project a giant form to battle the Hulk. When Keisha threatened Quirk with a blaster weapon to force the Hulk to stop his destructive rampage, the pause allowed the Hulk to realize Apollo had been manipulating him. When the Hulk went after Apollo, he increased the radiation affecting Quirk and Keisha, further escalating their conflict.

    Realizing he couldn't oppose this, the Hulk leapt away in preparation to turn back into Eisenhart, who might be better prepared to deal with Apollo. Reluctant to become small and weak again, the Hulk finally transformed back to Eisenhart after Zamora projected a false image of Quirk being blasted by Keisha.

    Eisenhart then returned, took Keisha's blaster, and confronted Apollo with it. Apollo blasted Eisenhart with gamma radiation, causing Eisenhart to drop the gun, but seemingly otherwise unaffected, John instead tackled Apollo directly. Not understanding why his gamma-rays hadn't distorted him, Apollo picked up Keisha's blaster to finish him off, but Eisenhart appealed to Apollo's scientific curiosity, noting that if Apollo killed him, he'd never know why he wasn't affected. He further queried Apollo what would happen if he reversed his mutations? Would the victims remember the transformations? Would they be transformed for having seen their true selves? Would they be better of worse for it? Though frustrated, Apollo acknowledged that he had to know, and so he reversed the radiation's effects on everyone present, including himself.

    Quirk wondered why Eisenhart had been unaffected, and he told her that he had been affected, but that his "true self" was arrogant, cocky, and slick at exploiting other people's weak spots, which is what he did. After agreeing to let Apollo stay on after he acknowledged that he could continue his work benevolently, Eisenhart felt torn between his own desires to manipulate Quirk and Zamora into acting as a dynamic machine and the Hulk's desire to punch out Zamora and start a romance with Quirk. He also considered that he and the Hulk were continuing to become different personae, and wondered if he turned into the Hulk again would the Hulk ever turn back into his human form again.

(2099 AD#1) - Hulk smacked down an alleged businessman trying to seduce Quirk, but Quirk became annoyed as she felt she could handle himself.

    Frustrated, the Hulk reflected on his origins, recalling an alien jar held by the Knights of the Banner that could allegedly resurrect those fallen in battle. Seeking to use it to revive Gawain, he returned to the Knights' former base.

    As he traveled across the desert, he came across a seemingly helpless woman (actually the Theatre of Pain's Polymre), but when he picked her up and offered to bring her somewhere she could get a meal, she instead bit him, rendering him unconscious.

(2099 AD#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Hulk was brought back to the Theatre's base and placed in restraints.

(2099 AD#1) - As the Hulk revived, Polymre and Septymbre? explored the events that had caused him pain and taunted him with the Knights' jar they possessed. They were interrupted by the arrival of Ghost Rider (Zero 2.0) and Halloween Jack (Jordan Boone), followed by the X-Men's Mean Streak (Henri Huang), and then Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara). Each arrival was captured, in turn by the Theatre members and lived out a collective hallucination. However, as they prepared to use the alien within the jar to revive their fallen sister Winter, the Punisher arrived and shot the jar, foiling their efforts. The Punisher then freed all of the captives, and the Hulk swiftly tacked Septymbre. The Hulk stopped short of killing Septymbre, but the Punisher finished her off. hulk-928-2099ad-7-explosion

(Hulk 2099#7 (fb) - BTS) - After Doom took control of the USA, John lined up some independent distributors willing to gamble on Lotusland creations that defied the corporate power brokers.

(Hulk 2099#7) - John urged the others that they needed to get some creations to his distributors in case Doom started tightening up free speech rights. When Quirk and Zamora recommended telling the story of Rosa Palumbo who had fought for human values early in the 21st century, John countered that they had to move more quickly, hitting hard and strong to make people question the status quo.

    After Quirk and Zamora departed to work on stories from Doom's 20th century activities, John ignored Keisha's taunts of that blossoming romance, and he realized that he now just considered Quirk someone else to help get the job -- working on anti-Doom programs -- done. As John wondered about his diverging personalities, he saw the arrival of Doom's Environmental Maintenance Platforms (EMPs). Refusing to accept this, John turned into the Hulk, leapt onto one of the EMPs and drove it to crash in the barren hills.

(Hulk 2099#7 - BTS) - As the Hulk's attack provided a diversion, Draco fired a number of missiles containing probes into the other EMPs, allowing Draco to gain the information needed to control those EMPs within the immediate broadcast area.

(Hulk 2099#7) - The Hulk then returned to Lotusland and was disturbed to find Quirk and Zamora kissing.

    As Draco secretly caused the EMPs to begin causing the area around Los Angeles to get progressively hotter each day, the Hulk watched to be sure no other EMPs arrived over Lotusland. On the third day, as Los Angeles continued to heat up, it also developed a thick layer of smog. On the fourth day, the air became poisonous.

(Hulk 2099#7 - BTS) - Quirk asked John for advice on a soundtrack for a Virtual Reality program she was working on, but he pretended to have other things to do.

    As Keisha tried to convince Dr. Apolonio to mind-control others into seeing things their way, the Hulk arrived and took Apolonio with him and leapt onto another of the EMPs. The Hulk then advised Apolonio to figure out how the EMPs worked so they could disable them all; however, as Apolonio worked, Draco caused the EMPs propulsion system to blast the EMPs upward, swiftly rising above the height the Hulk could safely leap down; the Hulk realized that he had been trapped.

(Hulk 2099#8) - Realizing they would soon get too high to breathe, the Hulk urged Apolonio to find a way to fly the EMP back down. With the Hulk gone, Draco's forces assaulted Lotusland, capturing Quirk and Keisha.

    As the Hulk helped Apolonio work on the EMP controls, Apolonio began to weak from the cold and thin air, and soon after the Hulk felt the effects as well. Desperately, the Hulk smashed the EMP's power, causing them to begin dropping and freefall, which at least gave Apolonio a little more time to resolve the problem. After the two briefly vented their frustrations on each other, Apolonio had the Hulk slam a rocket system into an open conduit; the tube casing cracked in the process, but the Hulk held the tubing together to contain the rocket's energies.

    Apolonio was able to make the rockets fire about 50' off the ground, slowing it enough for the Hulk and Apolonio to survive the fall. After they crashed near Draco and his men, Hulk then tore free, defeated Draco's agents and confronted Draco.

    However, Doom's agents then arrived and blasted Draco, ordering him to relinquish his claim on the studio; unprepared for such a conflict, Draco and his troops withdrew.

    As the Hulk prepared to defy Doom's troops, Doom communicated remotely, and he and Zamora revealed that he had provided Lotusland with protection and granted them freedom in sending the messages they wanted in exchange for the gamma-powered mind-influencing technology Zamora had promised him.

    Surprised, the Hulk watched as Quirk furiously denounced Zamora as having sold them out, after which she departed.

Hulk 2099#9 - BTS) - Having joined an "actor's support group," Marian Eisenhart fell under the influence of Adonai, leader of the Locusts, who wished to learn her connection to the Hulk and to use her against the Hulk.

(Hulk 2099#9) - As Doom's envoy approached, the Hulk noted his disapproval of accepting the lesser of two evils, preferring to fight them both. When Doom prepared to provide time and resources for Apolonio to develop his gamma ray-mind control technology, the Hulk refused this, leading Doom to have his troops and ships attack the Hulk and Lotusland, respectively. Accepting that he could not stop Doom's forces from destroying the entire facility, the Hulk accepted Doom and Zamora's instruction to depart, leaping away.

    Knowing he couldn't fight Doom with force alone, the Hulk returned to the apartment he kept quarters as John Eisenhart and reverted to his human form in order to gather knowledge to oppose Doom.

(Hulk 2099#9 - BTS) - Dr. Phil informed Draco that he was certain the Hulk was John Eisenhart.

(Hulk 2099#9) - Threatened by the Locusts, Marian sent a holo-call to John, telling him her location and that she was in danger. However, feeling the situation with Lotusland and Doom took priority, John refused to become the Hulk and go to her rescue. When Keisha began to usurp Zamora's role as leader of Lotusland and its ambassador to Doom, Eisenhart assured Doom that Zamora would be useful as long as Doom gave full administrative control to himself and Keisha. When Zamora attacked Eisenhart as a traitor, John shot him.

(Hulk 2099#10 (fb) - BTS) - Having set his gun-force on low, John spared Zamora. John also altered security, preventing Zamora's survival from becoming public knowledge.

(Hulk 2099#10 (fb)) - When Zamora recovered in the infirmary, John advised him to get out.

(Hulk 2099#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Golden One programmed the Anti-Hulk to seek out and destroy either John Eisenhart and/or the Hulk.

(Hulk 2099#9 - BTS) - Draco watched as the Golden One completed his Anti-Hulk to destroy their foe.

(Hulk 2099#10) - John was present as Doom berated Apolonio for being three days behind his promised delivery time; after Doom's departure, John advised Keisha that their value was their keeping each other's secrets.

(Hulk 2099#10) - Zamora reached Quirk, and his telling Quark of John's actions led her to realize John and the Hulk to be the same being due to John's conflicted behaviors.hulk-928-2099ad-10-posttnuke

    Observing John remotely, Draco had the Golden One release the Anti-Hulk to pursue its targets.

    Quirk returned to Lotusland and tried to goad John into transforming into the Hulk. John resisted, even when Quirk put a gun to her head and threatened to shoot herself; but when Keisha attempted to pull the trigger, John became the Hulk and grabbed Keisha by the neck, lifting her away.

    The Hulk then took Quirk in his arm and leapt to Apolonio's lab, taking his mind-control weapon, and leading Doom to order his troops to stop the Hulk but not to damage the device. As the Hulk and Quirk reached the city and discussed their plans, they encountered Marian, wounded in the process of escaping the Locusts; reviving, she told them of the Locusts bomb able to set off a huge earthquake, which they planned to use to ransom the state.

    Despite Quark's insistence they return to Zamora and her reorganized Human Tribe, the Hulk picked up both Quark and Marian and leapt away to stop the bomb. As the Hulk reached the Locusts' base, Adonai threatened to detonate the bomb. When the Hulk's advised that they would suffer, too, Adonai argued that they're lives were through with Doom taking over.

    As the Hulk tried to assure Adonai that he would take down Doom, he was assaulted by the Anti-Hulk. Appreciating his foe matched his strength, speed, and moves, the Hulk tried to lead the Anti-Hulk away, even if it delivered him to Doom; however, Draco guided the Anti-Hulk to attack him further.

    Expecting the bomb's imminent explosion, the Hulk grabbed it and dove on top it; after a brief delay, the bomb triggered massive earthquakes in California. The Hulk struggled to save Quirk, but was apparently overwhelmed by the massive collapse, and debris landed on the bomb, triggering the gamma explosion.

    As energy leaked from the devastated land, a monstrous green creature emerged from the land.

hulk-928-2099ad-cmonthen (
2099 A.D. Apocalypse#1) - In Gammadion, as the realm in California affected by the gamma bomb explosion had become known, SHIELD troops serving John Herod (who had ousted Doom as US president) hunted down a number of superhuman or advanced technology using renegades.

    During video footage from a SHIELD satellite narrated by Jack Whitlow, the Hulk (or a being resembling the Hulk pre-gamma bomb explosion; see comments) was apparently cornered by SHIELD agents near a mock-up/replica of Independence Hall.

    Surveying the situation, this Hulk challenged the troops, repeatedly telling them, "Come on then!"

     Apparently armed with anti-gamma weaponry, the SHIELD troops opened fire, each blast tearing a hole through this Hulk.

    When they stopped firing, this Hulk was on his back, apparently deceased.

(2099 A.D. Apocalypse#1) - Whitlow was executed by SHIELD for reporting their activities.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and Dwayne Turner.

As noted in the Hulk 2099 entry in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update #2: It remains unconfirmed that who emerged from the Hollywood rubble following the gamma explosion: the Hulk, the Anti-Hulk, Adonai (who bore an unexplained resemblance to both creatures) or indeed another victim transformed by the explosion. Likewise, it is possible the creature killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. was the Anti-Hulk.

    Yeah, what kind of Hulk gets killed by injuries seen here?

    The Mall-Trolls looked like they might be possible descendants of the Moloid Subterraneans.

    Despite what Sigurd 2099 said, Sigurd is a heroic figure in Asgardian association with the forces opposing Asgard in Ragnarok as far as I know. As far as I can tell, Siegfried of Wagner's Ring trilogy, and as a result, Siegfried of the Eye of Odin saga, is based on Sigurd.

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The Hulk of Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D.
should be distinguished from:

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