ZERO 2.0 of Earth-928
circa 2099 A.D.

Real Name: Zero Cochrane 2.0

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-928 circa 2099 A.D.) computer program/copy of human personality

Occupation: Information gatherer and manipulator;
    former adventurer, marshal of Transverse City, data pirate

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Willis Adams, Cash, C-Gram, Fresno Bob, Kylie Gagarin, Halloween Jack, Hulk (John Eisenhart), Jerry X, Anesthesia Jones, Lox, Meanstreak, Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man), Pak, Punisher (Jake Gallows), Dr. Sandoz, 'Selka, Weez; humanity in general;
    formerly Dr. Neon, Doom, Ghostworks, Kellerman, SHIELD, Max Synergy, Warewolf
all refer to Earth-928/2099 AD characters unless otherwise specified

EnemiesArchfiends (Misery, Pyre, Reaper, Serpentine, Shambler), Artificial Kidz, ATAC units, Central Security Systems, Harrison Cochrane, Coda, Cyberus, D/MONIX (Data Manipulation and Organization Networks), Heartbreaker, Jeter Warlord, Kabal, Kellerman, L-Cypher, Predators (Diana J. Matlin, Mr. Helms, Thurmond, Mr. Gingrich, Atwater), Public Eye, SHIELD, Max Synergy, Vengeance, Warewolf;
    formerly Zero Cochrane 1.0, Dr. Neon, Doom, Ghostworks, Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara)
all refer to Earth-928/2099 AD characters unless otherwise specified

Known Relatives: Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane 1.0 / Ghost Rider 2.0 (source/template), Ghostworks (creators), L-Cypher ("older brother")
    indirectly Harrison Cochrane (source's father), Shinobu Cochrane (source's mother), unidentified woman (source's surrogate mother)

Aliases: "Ghost in the Gears," Z-Man, Zeddboy, Zeroman;
    formerly Ghost Rider;
    "Chrome Job" (derisive nickname from CSS);
    impersonated Laidlaw and Womack of D'Monix

Base of Operations: Transverse City (sprawling between what used to be Detroit and what Chicago became), U.S.A., Earth-928, @ 2099 A.D.

First Appearance: Ghost Rider 2099#1 (May 1994)






Powers/Abilities: In his final incarnation, Zero spanned the internet (or its counterpart in 3099 A.D.) from Earth to the farthest reaches of the frontier. He was information spanning light years, including every sensor probe and every hyperware transmission. No photonic trail warped space without his detecting it, nor did a gossamer cape (of a costumed warrior) flutter in the solar wind without him seeing it.

    In 2099, Zero was an analog of a human personality existing in cyberspace. He can hack into other computer systems, either controlling them or accessing whatever data he needs. He can aid others in acquiring material needs in the real world by manipulating data as needed.

    As Ghost Rider, he had a modified Cybertek 101 chassis composed of silicon and carbon steel, fiber optics and superdense metatasking nanoprocessors and enough integrated hard ordinance to make payback by the ton. His right hand could be transformed into an electrosaw, an energized chainsaw with composite ceramic/graphite blade. His left hand was composed of a polymimetic nanomer alloy that he could reshape as desired, though he generally formed long and sharp talons. These talons could reach a sub-molecular thickness that could slice through most systems. He could project optic lasers.
    His CPU housed a metatasking neuromimetic network, with a variety of user help files installed in memory. His user-programmable solidogram camouflage system could scan other beings and replicate their appearance (or allow him to appear as Zero). He could also use it to modify his costume, etc. He could activate a stealth field that could render him invisible to the naked eye and to most computer systems, though this required large amounts of energy.
    He required daily battery recharges to maintain full capacity and had to resupply the sarrium krellide storage cells regularly or risk crashing the whole system. If severely damaged, his nanotech components could restore him to a functional state.
    He rode a customized Ford velociraptor nine-hundred-XL motorcycle with A-grav (anti-gravity) propulsion, super-charged turbo thrusters and a genuine pseudo-leather upholstery.
    The flames on his head were cosmetic.

    As a human, Zero was an experienced cyber-surfer and hacker.

Height: (Zero) 5'9"; (Ghost Rider) 6'5"
Weight: (Zero) 150 lbs.; (Ghost Rider) 675 lbs.
Eyes: (Zero) Brown; (Ghost Rider) red (variable)
Hair: (Zero) Brown; (Ghost Rider) none








(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - Zero was carried by a surrogate mother, as was the standard of the time.

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - After Zero's birth, his surrogate mother tried to visit him for years.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTD) - Zero was rebellious almost from the beginning,

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - By the time Zero was five years old, his mother had wired herself into her 3V (futuristic television) set and was addicted to serenevil.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTD) - As he grew older, Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane's father, Harrison, found him uncontrollable.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTD) - Upon discovering that Zero was involved with data theft, Harrison threw him out and then erased all records that Zero had ever existed.

(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb)) - Zero had a relationship with Kylie Gagarin, though it was virtually void of emotion on both of their parts. Zero was afraid of getting close to anyone while Kylie similarly was happy to not have to worry about getting too attached, as he would give her a new reason to dump him almost every day.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS / Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb) / Ghost Rider 2099#4 (fb) - BTS / Ghost Rider 2099#4 (fb) - BTS)
<Zero at approximately 19 years old> - Warewolf and the Hotwire Martyrs boosted some data files from a fibreop trunkline during an infobank transfer. These files were the Singapore Archive, which erased itself as it moved from system to system, ensuring that there was only one copy in existence at any time. The archive contained information on the existence of the secret section of cyberspace known as the Ghostworks, and the artificial intelligences that inhabited the Ghostworks made plans to destroy the archive.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb) - BTS) - The department of Harrison Cochrane of D/Monix logged the intrusion/theft, and Harrison determined the ID codes of the data pirates involved.
(Ghost Rider 2099#8 (fb) - BTS) - Harrison knew it had to be Zero because the securicode used to penetrate D/Monix's defenses was Harrison's own code.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb)) - Two days later, Warewolf began to tap into the data files.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb)) - Phrack and 2600 cautioned Zero about being overwhelmed by the massive information influx. Zero tapped in and discovered a pretransmission packet for a D/Monix hypersecure transfer out of Singapore. Realizing it was too large and read-protected that he'd have to download it to disk to decrypt it. As he did so, the Artificial Kidz broke in and attacked the Hotwire Martyrs.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zero Cochrane had the data stored in a Latverian biochip implanted in his own head.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb)) - Zero and the Martyrs were ambushed by the Artificial Kidz. The Kidz had been instructed to avoid headshots against Zero so as to not damage his implant, and so their leader, Jeter Warlord, shot him in the shoulder with a fletchette coated with a designer mycotoxin. Zero took off, but the toxin soon began to affect him and he crashed his cycle. Sinking into a delirium, he smashed a series of television screens and then called his girlfriend, Kylie Gagarin, asking her to save the message <and he downloaded the data files from his implant to her system>. Seconds later, however, Jeter caught up to Zero. Knowing his weakened body stood no chance against Jeter's cyborg power, Zero refused to surrender the information, instead entering cyberspace amped, taking in input to the max, intending total meltdown that would leave Jeter with nothing but fired wetware and a slagged implant. Zero went out in cyberspace blaze of glory.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb) - BTS) - While Zero's body perished, the Ghostworks preserved his consciousness as digital code. They chose him for his rude and arrogant behavior and lack of respect for authority, which would make him an ideal agent to serve them in the physical world.

(Ghost Rider 2099#25 (fb) - BTS) - The Ghostworks entities altered a copy of Zero's cyber-consciousness, programming it to not "destabilize the social infrastructure." They further set limits on him to keep him in control, and programmed him not to think of ways around them.

(Ghost Rider 2099#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Ghostworks programmed Ghost Rider's form with Ghostworks-keyword inhibition of his communication skills to prevent him from telling anyone about them.

(Ghost Rider 2099#1 (fb)) - Zero 2.0 regained awareness within the cyberspace domain of the Ghostworks, and he accepted their offer to become their "anti-viral" agent against dysfunctional social and economic agencies manipulated by corrupt leaders, which were driving the program of human culture towards a terminal crash. They then uploaded Zero 2.0 into the Ghost Rider robot form they had created.





(Ghost Rider 2099#1) - Ghost Rider 1.0 pumped a trio of bikers for information on who paid the Artificial Kidz to grease the Hotwire Martyrs, learning that the Kids' leader Jeter made the deal with some businessman. Ghost Rider forced the informant to tell him where Jeter was, and when the Securicops arrived, he took off faster than their computers could track him. Ghost Rider located the Artificial Kidz and easily fought his way past several of them until finding Jeter. Shrugging off Jeter's attack, Ghost Rider choked him and forced him to reveal that he had been hired by D/Monix; but Ghost Rider wanted more...he wanted...vengeance.

(Ghost Rider 2099#2) - With his right hand in the form of a chainsaw-like weapon, Ghost Rider 1.0 cut off each of Jeter Warlord's four cybernetic limbs, revealing himself to be Zero in the process. When Central Security Systems arrived, Ghost Rider took off. He was pursued by the CSS and overpowered them, but was then confronted by ATAC (Armored Tactical Armored Combat) units.
    D/Monix CEO Kellerman recognized Ghost Rider as having some association with the Hardwire Martyrs.
    Kylie Gagarin joined forces with Dr. Neon in hopes of decrypting Zero's last message.

(Ghost Rider 2099#3 (fb) - BTS) - The bodies of Zero and Warewolf were brought to D'Monix.






(Ghost Rider 2099#3) - Ghost Rider 1.0 leapt to attack the ATACs and swiftly found them resistant to his blade-weapon. One of them bragged that you'd need a monomolecular edge to cut their armor, so he morphed his nanomer alloy hand into a weapon and attacked them. As he defeated the ATACs, a Streetsweeper was sent in after him.
    D'Monix's Harrison Cochrane & Womack examined the bodies of Zero and Warewolf, learning that the former was damaged beyond recovery, but that the latter was mostly intact; they tapped into his memories. After learning of Neon's efforts to decrypt D'Monix material -- after which CSS was sent to recover the perpetrators -- Womack speculated a connection between the Singapore theft and the new Ghost Rider, and he recommended they modify their captive to put him to use in tracing said connection.
    Having squandered his power in recent battles and failed to recharge, Ghost Rider was running on fumes against his attacker, but he managed to escape into a building (leaving his cycle behind), after which he used his solid camouflage system to take the form of Zero Cochrane, and he pretended to be a "downramp rat, sleeping it off" as CSS rushed past him. "Zero" then walked down the street, ignorant that another squad of CSS who had rushed past him were capturing Kylie and Neon. "Zero" stopped in the Bar Code and had the bartender C-Gram direct him to the owner, Anesthesia Jones. He made an arrangement to share recent events with her (when he figured them out for himself) in exchange for a couple hours straight voltage, tap-direct, max feed, in private. After recharging, he returned to the bar and encountered his old friend Warewolf; "Zero" greeted Warewolf, but upon showing him that he was Ghost Rider, Warewolf transformed into the monstrous cyber-wolf that D'Monix had made him into and prepared to terminate Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider 2099#4) - Ghost Rider 1.0 took several hits while trying not to hurt his old buddy Warewolf, who could only momentarily regain his own wits before programming took over and forced him to attack. Ghost Rider even tried to defend Warewolf when CSS and some ATAC units arrived and attacked them both; but ultimately Warewolf was destroyed by one of their attackers' antiparticle generator. As he died, Warewolf revealed that Harrison had made him into this monster. Ghost Rider overpowered the rest of CSS and ATAC units present.
    Kylie and Neon attempted to feign ignorance at D/Monix and were taken for neuroterrogation while the disk Neon had retrieved was given to Womack. Kylie was surprised to encounter Zero's dead body, and she was apparently most upset that Zero still owed her money.

(Ghost Rider 2099#5) - After Ghost Rider 1.0 finished off the last of the CSS and ATAC units, Mainline Media's Willis Adams confronted him and asked why he was so angry. Ghost Rider blamed what the corporations had done to the world, the securicop's daily underclass kill quotas, and named D/Monix as responsible for his existence (though his superiors cut Adams' feed to prevent the last part from going public, thanks to a time-delay uplink). Ghost Rider then took a CSS vehicle and flew towards D'Monix. To avoid premature detection, he ditched the cruiser and approached on foot, then took out one of the guards and used his camouflage program to impersonate him and gain entrance to the building.
    Within the building, Ghost Rider took the form of Womack and confronted Harrison, tricking him into revealing that he (Harrison) had identified (and thus targeted for extermination) the Hotwire Martyrs. "Womack" then revealed himself to be Harrison's son, Zero, then further showed himself to be Ghost Rider, after he learned that Kylie was D/Monix's prisoner. He then forced Harrison to reveal Kylie's location, as well as the location of this captured cycle, and then he shattered D/Monix' Singapore File archive. Ghost Rider reclaimed his bike, then freed Kylie -- who remained inert -- and Dr. Neon, and found Zero's body. He briefly debated taking the body in hopes of regaining his original form, but then incinerated the body, deciding it was no longer him. Ghost Rider took Kylie and Neon with him as he escaped.

(Ghost Rider 2099#6) - D/MONIX had overdosed Kylie on mnemo-methylene, so Ghost Rider 1.0 and Dr. Neon rushed her to Dr. Sandoz who found her to have developed repetitive mnemonic syndrome, where the brain's chemistry is locked in a memory feedback loop. She could only be treated with Nootropine, a drug developed in 2054 A.D. to free the brain from habitual neural responses, but its production had been banned by the government who apparently didn't want something that destroyed psychological conditioning; Kylie would need the treatment within 48 hours or the condition would become permanent.
    Down to 30% power, Ghost Rider took Zero's form, traveled to the Bar Code, met with Anesthesia Jones, and revealed to her he was Ghost Rider, but then found he had been programmed to be unable to reveal the existence of the Ghostworks to others. He convinced Anesthesia to supply him with power so he could recharge, and she further directed him to Max Synergy, who dealt in designer neurotransmitters and other drugs. Ghost Rider traveled to St. Vitus Danceteria and confronted Synergy but found he didn't have Nootropine either. Synergy directed him to Alchemax, the only current manufacturers of 2-4-5 trioxidichlorizide, from which Synergy could synthesize Nootropine. Ghost Rider took the six hour trip to Nueva York. 

(Ghost Rider 2099#7) - Ghost Rider 1.0 traveled to Nueva York to obtain some 2-4-5 trioxidichlorizide to save Kylie. While camouflaged as Zero he took out the cycle of one of the Public Eye who tried to arrest him for operating a wheeled vehicle against local mag-lev regulations, and then made his way into the Alchemax building, sneaking in via his cloaking device. He interfaced directly with Alchemax's computers and then ambushed and cold-cocked Miguel O'Hara to access the restricted storage, which he tore his way into. Recovering, Miguel summoned Alchemax security, but "Zero" snagged the desired chemical canister and leapt out the window as they arrived. Using his talons to score the wall and slow his fall, "Zero" was then assaulted by the Public Eye, who blasted him into Downtown.
    Miguel changed into Spider-Man and used a particulate matter detector to track the missing chemical to prevent it from being exposed to the public (and causing mass death and cancer). Spidey arrived just as Ghost Rider recovered from the fall, and he snagged the canister, leading to a fight. Ghost Rider cared little that Spider-Man was not an Alchemax agent, only wanting the chemical, and when Spidey stopped to rescue others from a collapsing building (caused by their battle), Ghost Rider took off. He escaped with the chemical and brought it to Max Synergy who swiftly processed it into Nootropine to treat Kylie, telling Ghost Rider that he would owe him a favor in the future. Neon gave Kylie the Nootropine but Kylie remained unresponsive due to her efforts to avoid some deep psychological trauma. Ghost Rider prepared to interface with her neural systems to bring her back to reality

(Ghost Rider 2099#8) - Aided by Dr. Neon and Dr. Sandoz, Ghost Rider 1.0/"Zero" navigated Kylie's mindscape, learning of her childhood problems but then finding her more recent woes to be the concern. He found that Kylie would have been alright with dumping Zero, but having him taken away from her was what she couldn't deal with. To help her get past him, Ghost Rider took Zero's form and treated Kylie callously in her mind so that she broke off their relationship. Kylie awakened soon after, and Ghost Rider departed, feigning detachment and disinterest, but she suspected he might actually be Zero based on his speech patterns.
    Kellerman commissioned Harrison to vilify Ghost Rider to the public so they could eventually destroy him with impunity.

(Ghost Rider 2099#9) - Irate that the Ghostworks had programmed him to be unable to tell anyone about them, Ghost Rider 1.0 futilely searched cyberspace in hopes of confronting them. He then decided to locate a hunter-killer program Zero had written to track them down, and he returned to the U-Stor-It warehouse in Little Calcutta the Martyrs used to use. As "Zero," he was sighted by the rebuilt Jeter Warlord, who blew up the warehouse and then attacked him with an arsenal of weaponry. Ghost Rider fought past Jeter's weapons and decapitated him.
    He then found that his friend Pak had been slain by one of the monstrous Predators.

(Ghost Rider 2099#10) - Searching Little Calcutta for traces of Pak's murderer, Ghost Rider 1.0 took the form of Jeter, during which time he was targeted by the Predator Diana Matlin. Upon being attacked he resumed his Ghost Rider form, which impressed the other Predators so much that they arranged a multi-player game. Matlin then led Ghost Rider into an ambush by with five other Predators.

(Ghost Rider 2099#11) - Ghost Rider 1.0 fought the Predators, destroying Matlin's module first. Matlin suffered neural trauma from the damage to the unit to which she had been cybernetically linked, and while Ghost Rider battled the other Predators, she psychotically attacked and slaughtered the other players while they sat in their control modules. Ghost Rider was aware that something was interfering with the other Predators, and as the last of them fell it told Ghost Rider of Matlin's responsibility for his friend's death and directed him to Citiplex Delta to gain revenge.
    D/Monix continued to modify reports on Ghost Rider to make him appear to be a public enemy.
    The director of Central Security Systems sent their newest super-agent, Coda, to take down Ghost Rider.
    Mainline Media's Willis Adams also pursued Ghost Rider to learn the truth about him.

(Ghost Rider 2099#12) - Ghost Rider 1.0 assaulted Citiplex Delta, fighting his way past its security to the Game Room, where he encountered the psychopathic Diane Matlin. Easily overpowering her, he was reluctant to kill a relatively defenseless human, which seemed too close to cold blood for him. As he debated his course of action, Willis Adams rushed in and criticized his unauthorized actions as judge, jury, and executioner. Ghost Rider released Matlin on Adams and departed, reminding Adams that he wasn't authorized to help him. To save his life, Adams beat Matlin apparently to death with his vid-camera. As he left the building, Ghost Rider was assaulted by Coda. Though he fought back savagely, his power systems were only at 46% and he had suffered serious damage in battling the Predators. Whether this made a difference is unclear, but Coda eventually blew him apart with his collimated beam fusioncaster.
    Doom contacted the Ghostworks, arranging an alliance that would give him a degree of control over Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider 2099#17 (fb) - BTS) - Zero 1.0 hacked his way out of the Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics that surrounded the Ghostworks' domain.

(Ghost Rider 2099#13) - While Ghost Rider's nanotech rebuilt his shattered form, Doom took over the USA and made clear his intent to use Ghost Rider as his agent. Doom forced his way into Kellerman's D/Monix office and reprogrammed his synthetic brain to force him to obey his orders
    Upon reactivation, Ghost Rider was surprised to be still alive, and he swiftly saw he had missed something significant as Doom's Environmental Maintenance Platforms floated in the atmosphere.

(2099 A.D.#1) - Seeking an alien fossil that could resurrection, Doom enlisted the Ghostworks to employ Ghost Rider 1.0 to obtain the jar/vat that contained said fossil. Ghost Rider traveled to the vault of Lohengrin in the American Southwest to obtain the jar, only to learn that Lohengrin had given the jar to Septymbre of the Theatre of Pain. Annoyed, Ghost Rider began destroying Lohengrin's books, at which point he encountered Halloween Jack and the X-Men's Meanstreak, who had also come seeking the jar. He joined forces with them, and Meanstreak led them to one of the Theatre's bases but Ghost Rider swiftly fell prey to their painful memory stimuli and was forced to relive his mycotoxification at the hands of the Artificial Kidz. Septymbre used up the fossil's power resurrecting her ally Wintyre, but within seconds the Punisher, who had come seeking the same fossil alongside Spider-Man, slew Wintyre again and then freed Ghost Rider (and the Hulk, who the Theatre had earlier captured). The gathered heroes overpowered the Theatre members, and Ghost Rider retrieved the shattered, empty jar fragments and brought them to the Ghostworks, showing his disdain for their orders by following them to the letter and nothing more.

(Ghost Rider 2099#14) - Ghost Rider 1.0 recharged and surfed cyberspace from the secret basement of the Bar Code. Anesthesia Jones denied his presence to Doom's security force, SHIELD, and she secretly sent an e-mail to Ghost Rider to get out while she delayed SHIELD. Unwilling to run out on his friends, Ghost Rider burst from the basement and attacked SHIELD, generating massive damage in the Bar Code, which is exactly what Anesthesia had been trying to avoid. Ghost Rider found himself vastly outnumbered by SHIELD, but when they announced their intention to bring him before Doom he agreed to go voluntarily, wishing to meet the man who had hacked control of the USA.
    Doom awarded Ghost Rider the position of Transverse City's Federal Marshall, which Ghost Rider promptly declined. However, Doom then used codes he had gained from the Ghostworks to immobilize Ghost Rider, erase his recent memory, and alter his decision to accept the position. Upon Doom's suggestion, Ghost Rider adopted garb better suited to his new role.
    Doom further disemployed Sterling, the head of CSS, and began downsizing and restructuring the group. Doom also enlisted Willis Adams to generate pro-Ghost Rider propaganda.

(Ghost Rider 2099#15) - Ghost Rider 1.0 confronted the Anarquistadores as they wiped out the Toxic Zombies, but the leader of the Anarquistadores collapsed a tunnel on him. After digging himself free, Ghost Rider went to SHIELD for aid, but was generally disrespected and refused aid, as SHIELD say the Anarquistadores wiping out other gangs as a positive thing. On his way out, Ghost Rider sneaked access to the SHIELD mainframe to learn more about the Anarquistadores, only to be blasted out of cyberspace by a trap left presumably by Zero Cochrane 1.0. Ghost Rider next went to Dr. Sandoz for information, learning that the Anarquistadores had used the drug White Heat to induce artificial mutation, and that White Heat had been designed by Max Synergy.
    Ghost Rider rushed to confront Synergy at St. Vitus Danceteria, but had to stop Heartbreaker from assassinating him.

(Ghost Rider 2099#16) - Ghost Rider fought Heartbreaker, and he was surprised by her speed and power as she dodged or weathered his attacks and struck back with her own. Ultimately Ghost Rider stopped holding back and blasted half her face off, after which she angrily took off, vowing to return later for Synergy's heart, and Ghost Rider's. Ghost Rider told Synergy he was shutting down his White Heat business, but Synergy refused, considering it an experiment in progress. Synergy called in his favor, denying Ghost Rider's saving his life as making them even, as he considered his interference neither requested nor needed. When Ghost Rider disagreed and moved to bring him in, Synergy unleashed his music-controlled legions against him. Ghost Rider fought past his attackers and brought Synergy to SHIELD, but Synergy told him that by reneging on their deal, his word on the street would be worthless from now on. Hitting the streets soon after, Ghost Rider found that the word had already gotten out.
    Anesthesia, who had lost faith in Ghost Rider since his becoming an agent of Doom, informed Kylie that Ghost Rider was Zero (to the best of her knowledge). This information was hacked by a group of cyberjockeys, including Dr. Neon, who decided that maybe once Zero/Ghost Rider was out of the way he would have a chance with Kylie.
    Zero 1.0 had helped spread the word of Ghost Rider 1.0's betrayal as part of his plot to bring him down.

(Ghost Rider 2099#17) - Feeling lost and alone, Ghost Rider 1.0 visited Harrison Cochrane who was proud of his new role, though Ghost Rider himself was not. Amidst a number of arguments, he tried and failed to reach his mother, who didn't even realize he was there.
    Zero 1.0 surfed cyberspace, searching the deep-storage levels and finding a hypersecure archive that matched the Ghostworks' work. Cracking the archive open, Zero unwittingly unleashed L-Cypher, an earlier product of the Ghostworks.

(Ghost Rider 2099#18) - SHIELD called in Ghost Rider 1.0 to investigate Thrillsville, which had been taken over by L-Cypher, who had imprisoned its nearly 10, 000 customers and employees and destroyed every rescue team sent in after them. L-Cypher recognized Ghost Rider as his "younger brother" and hoped to bring him over to his side. L-Cypher first challenged him with Cyberus, a Cerberus-patterned solidogram program, but Ghost Rider swiftly destroyed it. Ghost Rider worked to rescue a woman from L-Cypher's demon programs but was then confronted by the Archfiends, who were prisoners that L-Cypher had injected with some of his own code and transformed into monstrous/demonic form.
    Zero 1.0 meanwhile was pleased to see L-Cypher was causing problems for both SHIELD and Ghost Rider. Zero then caught a message sent by Dr. Neon to inform SHIELD of Ghost Rider's identity. Not ready for this to become public knowledge just yet, Zero destroyed the message and then set out to meet with Neon.

(Ghost Rider 2099#19) - Ghost Rider 1.0 battled the Archfiends who initially attempted to convince him to join them. When he refused, that gradually wore him down with savage attacks until he finally crashed. His inert form was then brought before L-Cypher.
    Zero 1.0 met with Dr. Neon, proposing an alliance to take down Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider 2099#20) - L-Cypher used pain stimuli to torture Ghost Rider 1.0 for information and revealed that his takeover of Thrillsville was an experiment to learn from his subjects suffering. As L-Cypher ranted on, Ghost Rider cast his mind into L-Cypher's computers, hacked his security, and attacked L-Cypher within his computer systems. Greater experience with the system gave L-Cypher the early advantage but Ghost Rider soon matched his skill. L-Cypher revealed the Ghost Rider had been significantly modified by the Ghostworks and then began to consume his code like a tapeworm virus. As his form began to lose cohesion, Ghost Rider broke free and delivered a terminal wound to L-Cypher with his sawblade, and then returned to his physical form and informed SHIELD that the threat had been eliminated.
    Unbeknownst to Ghost Rider, L-Cypher downloaded his persona in a genetically engineered human form to continue his work in secret.
    Meanwhile, the Undernet's resident paranoid, Kabal, using parts acquired from the Vaults of Forbidden Science, the construction work of the Bone Mechanix, and the brain of former CSS agent Colt. B. Wagner, created Vengeance to take down Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider 2099#21) - With Doom having fallen from power, Ghost Rider 1.0 was able to repair his recent reprogramming, restore his previous settings, and realize the extent of Doom's manipulations, as well as the Ghostworks involvement in this. Unable to access the files and learn what all the Ghostworks had done to him, Ghost Rider traveled to the Bar Code, but Anesthesia announced that his alliance with Doom had rendered him unwelcome. He was then ambushed by Vengeance, set on him by Kabal. They fought, and Vengeance used anti-matter to damage Ghost Rider.

(Ghost Rider 2099#22) - Anesthesia Jones and Kylie Gagarin took out Kabal, but Vengeance overpowered Ghost Rider 1.0. Before Vengeance could finish him off, SHIELD forces arrived and referenced him as marshal. Unable to accept that Ghost Rider was a legal authority and that he (a former CSS agent) was the criminal, Vengeance's system crashed and he fell to the ground inert. Ghost Rider then quit as marshal, vowing to fight the "pusbags responsible for this sick excuse for a world."

(2099 A.D. Genesis#1) - Ghost Rider 1.0 was observed on the streets of Transverse City.

(Ghost Rider 2099#23) - While the Psyclone (the maddened psyche energy of a number of cryogenically stored brains) began to induced madness in Transverse City, Ghost Rider 1.0 -- having suffered severe damage in battle with Vengeance and his systems crashing -- sought aid from Dr. Sandoz. Not appreciating Ghost Rider's alliance with SHIELD or his previously coercing Sandoz to give him information on Max Synergy, Sandoz tossed Ghost Rider out on the streets. SHIELD then began pursuing Ghost Rider, intending to arrest him as a fugitive, but the drivers were rendered mad by the Psyclone and they crashed.
    Zero 1.0 continued plotting with Dr. Neon and then announced that Ghost Rider was coming to him for aid, at which point Ghost Rider knocked on the door and then collapsed.

(Ghost Rider 2099#24) - Under Zero 1.0's prodding, Neon swiftly restored Ghost Rider 1.0 to working order, at which point Ghost Rider began to rampage. Neon neutralized Ghost Rider's motor functions, and then Zero sectioned his own cyberspace form, sending some of his files to Neon to implant into Ghost Rider, restoring his sanity and replacing the things the Ghostworks had taken from him. Just as Ghost Rider began to figure things out, Zero 1.0 appeared and revealed himself to be the original, naming the persona inhabiting Ghost Rider as a bootleg copy; a copy he intended to get rid of.
    The Ghostworks aided Kellerman in neutralizing the Psyclone, though it rendered most of the city subject to Kellerman's control.











(Ghost Rider 2099#25) - Zero 1.0 assaulted Zero 2.0 who was forced to flee. Escaping through what appeared to be a broadband gateway, Zero 2.0 unwittingly evacuated the Ghost Rider form, leaving Zero 1.0 completely in charge, while Zero 2.0 was trapped in a computer disk and held by Dr. Neon. Ghost Rider 2.0 (operated by Zero 1.0) joined with Anesthesia, Kabal, and others in taking down D/MONIX (and possibly slaying Harrison Cochrane), after which he left Transverse City.
    Zero 2.0 escaped Dr. Neon's confinement, after which he used the source code Zero 1.0 had given him to purge all of the changes the Ghostworks had made in him. He then used cyberspace to e-mail Willis Adam months worth of red-hot exposs of corporate abuses of power. Following a failed attempt to reach his "mother" via the 3V set, Zero 2.0 used the same technique to communicate with Kylie, though she seemed more frustrated that she still had not gotten him out of her life. Zero 2.0 then located and confronted the Ghostworks and hacked into their programming and made them his servants. He planned to use his new cyberspace abilities to save the world...his way.


(2099: Manifest Destiny (fb) - BTS) - When Miguel O'Hara reopened Alchemax following recovery of worldwide flooding and a near invasion of the Phalanx, Zero 2.0 acted as "a little ghost in the gears," making a few adjustments to the personnel records, etc. to aid O'Hara in making Alchemax a powerful force for the good of the world.

(2099: Manifest Destiny (fb) - BTS) - Over the next thousand years, Zero 2.0 secretly guided mankind (and Miguel O'Hara, who became its ruler), ushering in an unprecedented age of enlightenment, peace, morality, and progress that spread from Earth to the surrounding worlds.

(2099: Manifest Destiny) <3099 AD> - Feeling he had made human civilization as safe as it could be from itself, Zero set the artificial intelligences of the Ghostworks free, that they might evolve to become pure intellect without process. With the Ghostworks intelligences gone, Zero 2.0 not only had the net to himself, but for all practical purposes, he was the net. He eagerly prepared to watch humanity's continuing saga.




Comments: Created by Len Kaminski, Chris Bachalo, and Mark Buckingham.

    Thanks to Deadboy for supplying a detailed summary of Ghost Rider 2099#6!

Ghost Rider 2099 has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook.

Profile by Snood and Deadboy.


Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider 2099#1 cover (face)
        p2 (aboard cycle, left side shown)
        last page (with saw)
        p15, panel 5 (Zero's face)
    #2, p5, panel 2 (whole body (except feet)
    #4, p9, panel 2 (Zero whole body)
        last page (straight-on with saw)
    #14, last page (Transverse City marshal)
    #21 cover (on cycle, right side shown)

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