Membership: Brother Broomstick, Brother Dickens, Brother D-Man, Brother Glove, Brother Harmony, Brother Have-Not, Brother Inquisitor, Brother Peach Pie, Brother Post, Brother Powerful, Brother Redeye, Brother Reeko, Brother Super-Hero, Brother Waycool, Brother Wonderful, Abner Doolittle, Jikjak, Sister Gladiola, Sister Sweet

Purpose: Survival, often by pillaging what they need from others

Affiliations: D-Man; Falcon and Leila Davis (formerly brainwashed servants)

Enemies: Captain America; the aliens (Monsters) of the realm around Zero Street

Base of Operations: Zerotown, in the caverns below Manhattan;
formerly an insane asylum in Manhattan and later
Zero Street in Dimension Zero (aka. Mad Dimension)

Aliases: The Band of Brothers and Sisters

First Appearance: Captain America I#201 (September, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: The Night People tended to work as a group, and so they could often overcome others by sheer weight of numbers. All members initially suffered from some degree of mental illness. Later, many homeless people joined the group--although they were not all clinically insane, they certainly weren't of the standard behavior type.
Brother Wonderful had access to various devices and weapons of his own design, such as the Dimension Machine. In addition, they had access to the equipment from their asylum, including a shock-therapy device.

(Captain America I#202 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Abner Doolittle was a nuclear physicist who ended up going insane and was placed in an asylum on Zero Street, in Manhattan. However, to help in his recovery, Doolittle was allowed to continue his work. In the asylum he created a device for dimensional travel, which warped the entire asylum and its residents into another dimension. There Doolittle was made ruler, or first among equals, as Brother Wonderful. The rest of the patients became his subjects--most of them taking similar types of names.
Soon after, they found that the dimension was populated by monstrous creatures.

(Captain America I#201) - Doolittle began sending the former patients to Earth to raid stores for supplies for their realm. They stole whatever they wanted: a harp, a shipment of Marvel Comics, then antique telephones, a judge's gavel, etc.--never money, jewels, or the like. Because they always appeared after dark, they were dubbed the Night People.
Eventually, Doolittle got the idea of recruiting one of Earth's super-heroes to fight the creatures. They learned that Leila Taylor was the girlfriend of the Falcon, and so they kidnapped her to Zero Street, knowing that this would bring the Falcon to them. As predicted, the Falcon rushed to rescue Leila, and Doolittle opened a portal in space in front of him. The surprised Falcon arrived in Zero Street and was gassed, bound, and brought before Brother Wonderful. Doolittle then used the asylum's shock-therapy machine to brainwash the Falcon and Leila into serving him, as Brother Super-Hero and Sister Sweet.

(Captain America I#202) - Doolittle then sent the Falcon to fight off one of the monsters, which he did successfully, destroying it. However, Doolittle then realized that there were many more monsters on the planetoids surrounding Zero Street. His solution to the problem: shunt all of the monsters back to Earth and let the rest of the super-heroes deal with them. Meanwhile, Captain America learned of the existence of the Night People from "Texas Jack" Muldoon, and the two of them waited for the warp to open up, around the site of the former asylum, and traveled to Zero Street.

(Captain America I#203) - Cap located the Falcon, but both he and Leila now considered themselves part of the Night People and fought against Cap. The Night People intended to subject both Cap and Texas Jack to shock-treatment to force them to join them. However, these plans were interrupted by the onslaught of several of the monsters. Doolittle activated his Dimensional Transporter, equipped with a sonic device to produce a sound irresistible to the monsters--their own instincts would force them to leap through the portal and into Earth's dimension. However, Cap managed to dupe Doolittle into "testing" the device on Leila and the Falcon; he then hurled Brothers Wonderful and Inquisitor through the portal, and it was then easy enough to convince the rest of the confused Night People into using the portal to escape the onrushing monsters. Cap and Texas Jack went through the Portal as well, and then Cap set off Doolittle's destruct mechanism, which destroyed the portal.

(Marvel Team-Up I#52) - The Night People arrived back in Manhattan, where they were gathered up by the NYPD (for the most part, anyway). One of the monsters escaped through the portal as well.

(Captain America I#204) - Brothers Inquisitor and Wonderful were remanded into SHIELD custody for containment and therapy. The brainwashing effects on the Falcon and Leila were reversed by SHIELD scientist Dr. Hartman.

BTS - Apparently some of the Night People escaped capture, and made a new base, Zerotown, in the caverns beneath Central Park, Manhattan. This was found by Brother Have-Not. Brother Inquisitor apparently escaped from SHIELD and became the new Brother Wonderful.

(Captain America I#410) - D-Man (Dennis Dunphy), after nearly being drowned by his Infinity War doppelganger, wandered into the caverns of Zerotown. Still somewhat mentally addled from being frozen for a length of time, he was discovered and easily captured by the Night People. Dennis was brought before the new Brother Wonderful, who was not amused by Dennis' lack of speech or interaction.

(Captain America I#411) - Brother Wonderful directed the Night People to force D-Man to talk. When he threw off a whole crowd of them, Brother Wonderful was impressed and wondered if he could be "the one."

(Captain America I#418) - Brother Wonderful subjected D-Man to shock-therapy in an effort to force his allegiance or information. After failing, Brother Wonderful considered having D-Man executed, but Brother Have-Not stopped him, wanting to keep him alive as a source of strength. Jikjak informed D-Man of Brother Have-Not's tyranny, and during a "foraging" (make that stealing) mission on the streets of New York, D-Man tried to stop him. D-Man ultimately exhausted Have-Not's strength by fighting him from a distance. Afterwards, D-Man decided to stay with the Night People, his new friends.

(Captain America I#440) - Captain America traveled to Zerotown to recruit D-Man for an assault on AIM Island, Boca Calient. D-Man turned him down, telling Cap that the Night People needed him.

COMMENTS: Created by Jack "King" Kirby.

I think the monsters that plagued the people of Zero Street look similar to the Borers (or it could just be that Kirby drew them both). If they are related, then it might mean that Zero Street was connected to the Negative Zone. There is neither evidence to confirm or refute this.

Cap#418 comments that the cavern which houses Zerotown was once the dwelling place for subterranean creatures and cabals of sorcerers. This would likely have made it the former base of the Conspiracy.

D-Man has shown up a few times since Cap440 , and you could stretch that to make the Night People behind the scenes. You could. I won't. That'd be covered when and if D-Man gets an Appendix entry.

I'm well aware that Zero Street shows up in Earth/Universe/Paradise/MyGodWillItNeverEnd X, but have ZERO interest in covering that info. If you want to summarize it and send it to me, I'll consider adding it here...eventually...maybe...

The Falcon obviously has his own entry all over the place and Leila Taylor will eventually get one at the about a decade. They're both way beyond the scope of this entry.

Also, most of the characters from Zero Street can be considered BTS if they're not actually seen in any issues of Cap201-204 or Marvel Team-Up I#52, and the ones from Zerotown can be considered BTS if they're not actually seen in any issues of Cap410,411,418, and some for 440. For the most part, I only listed the issues in which they were directly seen.

The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#7 (June, 1985) Appendix: Other Dimensions calls the dimension the Night People went to Dimension Zero. The Official Index To The Marvel Universe: The Avengers, Thor & Captain America#4 (September, 2010) --Captain America I#201 (September, 1976) Locations/Items: Mad Dimension. Captain America: America's Avenger#1 (August, 2011) uses both names: Dimension Zero & Mad Dimension.

No known connection to:

Zero Street and Zerotown have no connections to

Brother Powerful

To the best of my knowledge, Doolittle is the only one of the Night People to have appeared solo, separate from the rest. There are dozens of other "Brother" and "Sister" characters, but it they're not in one of the issues listed in the History, they're not Night People.

Abner Doolittle has no known connection to:

Texas Jack is the Earth-616 counterpart of the guy who showed up recently in the Earth X series

Brother Broomstick

Brother Glove

Brother Post

Brother Waycool

Brother Redeye


They accompanied Brother Have-Not on a foraging mission


--Captain America I#418



Brother Dickens


A native of Zero Street, he was nearly captured by security while raiding a toy store, but called in his Brothers to help him

--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201, 418



Brother Harmony


He, along with Brother Peach Pie, learned that Leila was the girlfriend of the Falcon and then kidnapped her back to Zero Street.


--Captain America I#201


Brother Have-Not


He was both the finder and founder of Zerotown. He is either a mutant or a mutate, and he used his powers to serve as hero, enforcer, and defender to the Night People. However, while he had some strong support, he also had begun to exert his own tyrannical will over the rest of the group. Using strength drained from the rest of the Night People, he rolled a large boulder over the passage out of Zerotown. He only allowed a few of his closest allies to join him in foraging in the outside world, while the others were trapped in Zerotown. He wanted to keep D-Man around in order to keep his own abilities at a superhuman level, and so he convinced Brother Wonderful and the others not to execute him.

He could drain energy from others to enhance his own physical abilities, weakening his victim in the process.

--Captain America I#418








Brother Inquisitor


He served as judge and jury to the Night People, resolving all disputes and solving all issues.
After a period of detainment by SHIELD, he apparently returned to the Night People in Zerotown, and became the new
Brother Wonderful.

--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201-202, 203, Marvel Team-Up I#52, Cap204, 410-411, 418


Brother Peach Pie


He, along with Brother Harmony, learned that Leila was the girlfriend of the Falcon and then kidnapped her back to Zero Street.

--Captain America I#201




Brother Powerful


He was present when a security guard tried to capture Brother Dickens. He held the guard while the others overwhelmed him.

--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201, 418




Brother Reeko

He was the first one in Zerotown to spot D-Man, and drew the attention of the others.

--Captain America I#410


Brother Super-Hero

The name the Falcon was given after being brainwashed by the Night People. He was also referred to as Brother Falcon.

--Captain America I#202 (Captain America I#202-203, Marvel Team-Up I#52, Cap204

Brother Wonderful

The original Brother Wonderful, of Zero Street, was Abner Doolittle.

--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201, [202(fb)] 201-203, Marvel Team-Up I#52, Cap204

After reforming in Zerotown, it would appear that Brother Inquisitor became the new Brother Wonderful, but that is uncertain.

--Captain America I#410 (Captain America I#410, 418

Abner Doolittle

He was the one who designed the Dimensional Transporter and sent Zero Street and the rest of the asylum to the alien dimension. He was known as Brother Wonderful on Zero Street.
Following a period of detainment by SHIELD he somehow came into the service of Roxxon's Nth Command. He adapted his Transporter device to create the Nth Projector, a portable unit able to transport matter into other realities. Roxxon offered to assist Thundra into returning to her world of
Earth-Femizonia, and showed her that there existed a divergent world which had not merged with Machus and remained true to the way she remembered it. Not trusting anyone, Thundra used the device to transport Doolittle and his associates (Albert DeVoor and possibly John T. Gamelin) to Femizonia so they couldn't stop her from stealing the device.
As far as I know, Doolittle never returned from Femizonia.

--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201-202, 203, [Marvel Team-Up I#52], Cap204 Marvel Two-In-One#67

However, DeVoor has definitely been seen again on Earth-616, in Captain America I#289 and Fantastic Four I#263.

Thundra subsequently used the device to travel to Femizonia herself. Hyperion (of the Squadron Sinister) had fallen in love with her and tried to follow, but was a second or so behind and ended up trapped in an interdimensional void. It was from that void that he was rescued by Master Menace, who then used him to replace the Hyperion of Earth-S in a plot to disrupt the Squadron's Utopia Program.
The N
th Projector's were key in the divergence of reality to form the timeline of
Earth-Deathlok, as they were used to banish and exterminate the heroes of Earth. This diverged from Earth-616 in Captain America I#288, when Captain America and his allies destroyed the Nth Commands power source seconds before they could ambush the heroes.




One of the few youths living in Zerotown, he befriended the bewildered D-Man, and encouraged him to stand up to Brother Have-Not.


--Captain America I#418





Sister Gladiola


She was one of those present when Leila was first brought before Brother Inquisitor

--Captain America I#201

And, yes, that's the best shot of her. The better of the two, anyway.



Sister Sweet

This was originally the name given to Leila Taylor after she was brainwashed by the Night People. Her brainwashing was eventually reversed by Dr. Hartman of SHIELD.
--Captain America I#202 (Captain America I#202-203, Marvel Team-Up I#52, [Cap204]


Later, another woman in Zerotown adopted the name. She was a staunch supporter of Brother Have-Not

--Captain America I#418


Zero Street


The original insane asylum which was warped into another dimension (see comments) by the machine of Doolittle. It may have been destroyed when Captain America blew up the portal, or it may remain, floating in that unnamed dimension, overrun by the "monsters"


--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201-202, 203





Monsters of Zero Street

They originate from whatever dimension to which Zero Street had been shunted. They are savage, belligerent creatures and tend to rampage and attack anything they encounter. One of them made it though the portal to Earth and escaped, despite the efforts of Spider-Man. It was discovered by Batroc the Leaper, who made an alliance with it. Batroc used the monster in a plot to steal a shipment of Trans-Uranium from SHIELD, which ran afoul of both Spider-Man and Captain America. The monster eventually went berserk and started glowing with some form of radioactive energy. Cap and Spidey followed it out to one of the Staten Island Ferries, and they sent the ship away from populated land and blew it up, destroying the creature.

--Captain America I#201 (Captain America I#201-202, 203, Marvel Team-Up I#52








A shanty town built in a cavern below Manhattan. It was discovered and founded by Brother Have-Not, and may have been the former base of the Conspiracy. Brother Have-Not used to keep the others trapped down there, but this stopped after D-Man defeated him. Now everyone stays there by choice


--Captain America I#410 (Captain America I#410, 418, 440








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