Real Name: Albert E. DeVoor

Identity/Class: Human technology user 

Occupation: Interlocking Technologies owner/operator;
    former Nth Command project director

Group Membership: Interlocking Technologies;
    formerly Nth Command (Prof. Abner Doolittle, Dr. T.W. Erwin, Zinneman, others)

Affiliations: Arkon, Mallory Book, Brand Corporation (James Melvin, others), Chas, Stu Cicero, Hyperion (Grandmaster's construct), Interlocking Technologies, Lewis, Alicia Masters (though she wasn't his biggest fan), the Nth Command (Prof. Abner Doolittle, Dr. T.W. Erwin, Zinneman, numerous others), Roxxon Corporation (John T. Gamelin, others), Margarita "Rigger" Ruiz, Lt. Marcus Stone, Jennifer Walters;
Earth-A (Earth-721) natives: Teddy Altman, Hector Ayala, Charles Chandler, Carol Danvers, Gaard (Johnny Storm), Griffin Gogol, Billy Kaplan, Monica Rambeau, Elihas Starr, Stephen Strange, Jennifer Walters, numerous others

Enemies: The Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl/Susan Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Phineas of the Fifth Dimension (Earth-6212), Reed Richards of Earth-A, Thundra of Earth-715

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mr. Nth, "Sir"

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#160 (July, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Albert DeVoor is a talented director and scientist in his own right, having developed theories on alternate realities and helped rebuild the body and mind of an injured human being.

He is quite skilled at leading and manipulating others, often succeeding at convincing others to go along with his plans.

Despite his charismatic nature, DeVoor is very much a coward, fearful of being struck or physically hurt.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 175 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray

History: (Fantastic Four I#163 (fb)) - Albert DeVoor was a scientist developing theories of alternate worlds when, on the verge of failure, he was approached by Arkon, who was attempting to empower his home realm of Polemachus. Learning from DeVoor's theories of alternate realities, Arkon soon sought to foment a nuclear war between three worlds: Earth-616, the Fifth Dimension, and Earth A. Arkon then decided to have Albert DeVoor act as a front for him, buying up weapons meant to insure the war occurred.

(Fantastic Four I#162 (fb)) - Acting as an agent for his front company Interlocking Technologies, Unlimited (I.T.), DeVoor traveled to Earth-A and, posing as the head of Inter-Related Technocracies, convinced that reality's Reed Richards to sell his company, Reed Richards Robotics, to I.T.. He then traveled to the Fifth Dimension (apparently complete with his skin color disguised as blue to match that of the Fifth Dimensional natives - see comments) and, posing as the head of Inter-Politan Thermo-Dynamics, convinced scientist Phineas to sell his temperature devices to I.T. as well. DeVoor then sent Reed Richards Robotics Andrones to assault the Fifth Dimension.

(FF: 50 Fantastic Years - Vangaard entry - BTS) - When Earth-A's Johnny Storm was believed killed in Vietnam, Arkon had Albert DeVoor and several of his scientists rebuild Johnny's body and mind into the hockey-themed Gaard.

(Fantastic Four I#160 (fb) - BTS) - DeVoor convinced Reed Richards of Earth-616 to sell his controlling interest in the Fantastic Four's technology.

(Fantastic Four I#160) - DeVoor visited the Baxter Building to meet the rest of the Fantastic Four and revealed his purchase of the Fantastic Four, Inc. property, much to the dissatisfaction of Invisible Girl and the Human Torch. Despite the objections, Mister Fantastic announced that, as majority shareholder, he had accepted DeVoor's offer. As Invisible Girl, Human Torch and Alicia Masters argued with Mister Fantastic over the sale, DeVoor assured them they were making a mountain out of molehill and that the Fantastic Four would be able to act much like they always had without any major interference from him. The Human Torch outright refused to be a part of the sale but DeVoor commented that he would come around. He then ushered Mister Fantastic to sign the paperwork on the sale and when Mister Fantastic did so, reminding DeVoor that they would still control their own affairs, DeVoor suggested they all retreat to the Fantastic Four's den for a celebratory toast before he left.

(Fantastic Four I#162 (fb) - BTS) - When Earth-A's Reed Richards was captured by Arkon, DeVoor showed Earth-A's Reed glimpses of Arkon's homeworld of Polemachus. As part of his deal with Albert DeVoor, Earth-616's Mister Fantastic, who was unaware of DeVoor's true nature, handed over the time machine he designed.

(Fantastic Four I#161 - BTS) - Following a training session, Mister Fantastic spoke with Invisible Girl regarding the Human Torch, who had stormed out angry over Mister Fantastic's selling of Fantastic Four, Inc. to DeVoor's company. Still fomenting Arkon's war between the three realities, DeVoor used the thermal weapons of the Fifth Dimension to cause intense cold on Earth-616 and sent warriors from various time periods to attack Earth-A.

(Fantastic Four I#162) - When time-displaced human beings attacked Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl, Invisible Girl deduced that they must have come from Mister Fantastic's time machine that he had turned over to DeVoor. Quickly defeating the humans of the past, Mister Fantastic realized only DeVoor could have sent the beings after them. Upon learning of DeVoor's nature as an agent of Arkon from the Reed Richards of Earth-A, Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl confronted Albert DeVoor in his office at Interlocking Technologies, demanding he tell them the details of Arkon's plan. The cowardly DeVoor agreed to tell them everything in exchange for not being struck. DeVoor then revealed that Arkon planned to start nuclear wars on all three worlds, thereby generating enough energy to power his own world of Polemachus. He also explained to Reed about a nexus between all three worlds that Arkon intended to pass the energy through to power Polemachus and Reed deduced that if the nexus were destroyed, Arkon would have to give up his plot.

(Fantastic Four I#163 (fb) - BTS) - DeVoor informed Mister Fantastic that only Earth-A's Gaard and one another could inhabit the sector of space housing the nexus at one time.

(Fantastic Four I#163) - As Earth-616's Thing battled Earth-A's Gaard at the nexus point, an angry Mister Fantastic warned DeVoor against lying but DeVoor insisted that he had not lied and that Arkon had devised it only one could stand hopelessly against Gaard. Mister Fantastic then threatened DeVoor's life if Thing ultimately did not beat Gaard, blaming DeVoor for the situation the three worlds were in. Exclaiming that Arkon was the mastermind of the entire plot, DeVoor revealed how Arkon had approached and hired him to aid in fomenting war between three worlds to utilize nuclear energy to empower Polemachus. When Mister Fantastic accused DeVoor of selling out his own homeworld, DeVoor remarked that everyone sold out but some had higher prices than others. Following Arkon's defeat, DeVoor nervously commented that he would help the Fantastic Four defeat Gaard at the nexus if he could but reminded them how Arkon had arranged events so that any being other than Gaard entering that sector of space would feed off the life force of any previous being there, killing it. DeVoor then witnessed the Thing defeat Gaard and destroy the nexus.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#67 (fb) - BTS) - After the Fantastic Four foiled Arkon's plot, DeVoor's I.T. company presumably went out of business. Albert DeVoor eventually became the director of the Nth Command's Nth Project.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#9 - Roxxon entry - BTS) - Under orders from Nth Command parent company Roxxon president John T. Gamelin, Albert DeVoor and Brand Corporation president James Melvin developed Operation: Purge, a combined efforts to rid Earth-616 of its superheroes by sending them to dangerous alternate realities.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#67) - Earth-715's Thundra and the Earth-616 Hyperion construct visited Metro Bank, a front for the Nth Command, and Albert DeVoor met with them, introducing himself and claiming that their meeting had been previously delayed for security reasons. Thundra got right to the point of their meeting, the possibility that the Nth Command had a device that could send her back to her home reality, and DeVoor assured her that they did have such a device before introducing them to Prof. Abner Doolittle and his portable Nth Projector that could transport matter into other realities. DeVoor then watched as Doolittle tuned the Nth Projector to the frequency of Thundra's home reality to prove the Nth Projector's legitimacy. When Thundra refused to allow the Projector to be used on her without seeing it work, DeVoor agreed to assist Doolittle in projecting Doolittle himself into the reality seen on the Projector. Thundra then watched the successful transportation of Doolittle to Earth-8009, a divergent version of Thundra's home reality, and, having witnessed the workings of the Nth Projector, Thundra stole the device for herself and used it to transport Albert DeVoor and the Nth Command's Dr. T.W. Erwin to Earth-8009 as well.

(Captain America I#289 (fb) - BTS) - Albert DeVoor was subsequently retrieved from Earth-8009.

(Captain America I#289) - Albert DeVoor briefed the Nth Command on Operation Purge, the attempt to purge Earth of all superheroes through use of Nth Projectors to send the heroes to other realities, focusing first on the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men. He continued, explaining how other heroes such as the Defenders, Spider-Man and Daredevil would be sought out and transported away by Nth Command commando units. DeVoor then announced how, with the superheroes gone, the Nth Command's parent company, the Roxxon Corporation, would be able to take over the world. Later, when Captain America broke into Metro Bank, knowing it was a front for the Nth Command thanks to a prior encounter with Earth-7484's Godwulf, the security guard Zinneman phoned Albert DeVoor to report on the break-in. DeVoor suggested Zinneman cut the alarm to prevent police interference and assured Zinneman he would take care of Captain America, soon sending a squad of Nth Command agents to confront Cap. Monitoring Captain America from afar, DeVoor was shocked when Captain America fought through mind-altering Psycho-Rays in an attempt to destroy the Nth Emanation-Core deep inside the Metro Bank front. When Cap destroyed the Core's outer casing, DeVoor rushed out of his office as the Core exploded, depowering all of the Nth Command's technology and foiling their plans.

(She-Hulk II#21) - Some time later, DeVoor used Interlocking Technologies to start a vacation business with his Earth-A counterpart. They sent Earth-A residents with superpowered counterparts on "Earth-B" (Earth-616) through an Atomic Resequencer to Earth-616 to give them the powers of their Earth-616 counterparts. DeVoor greeted the empowered Earth-A residents on Earth-616 and gave them all the info they needed to know about their counterpart to prevent any problems. The plot was discovered and DeVoor got into legal trouble for participating in secret identity theft. DeVoor and his clients received help from Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Book. All captured clients were eventually sent back to Earth-A by DeVoor and Mr. Fantastic, who couldn't understand why he let DeVoor keep the technology in the first place.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Chic Stone.

Albert DeVoor originally had a smaller subprofile in the Nth Command profile.

While it was not outright stated in Fantastic Four I#162, DeVoor's skin color was colored blue in the flashback where he meets with Phineas of the Fifth Dimension, suggesting that he might've disguised himself with blue skin to blend in with the blue-skinned populace of the Fifth Dimension. Then again, it could've just been a coloring error.

This profile was completed 9/18/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Proto-Man (original subprofile by SQUEAK).

Albert DeVoor has no known connections to:

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