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Real Name: Arkon

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Polemachus) human mutate

Occupation: Imperion (ruler) of Polemachus

Group Membership: The Imperial forces of Polemachus

Affiliations: Astra, Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Crystal, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Alcaeus, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Living Lightning/Miguel Santos, Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse, Moon Knight/Marc Spector, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, Thor/Thor Odinson, Tigra/Greer Nelson, USAgent/John Walker, Vision/"Victor Shade," Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Rachel Carpenter, Albert E. DeVoor, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Gaard, Edwin Jarvis, Karia (his steed), Franklin Richards, Mr. Shigaru, Thundra, Knights of Wundagore, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), X-Men (Banshee/Sean Cassidy, Colossus/Peter Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Sprite/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett); formerly Grand Vizier Greybeard (see comments)

Enemies: Anskar, Brother Royal and the Badoon, Brother Cranus, Brother Gullo, Enchantress (Amora), Grand Vizier Greybeard, Phineas, Reed Richards of Earth-A, Toad (Mortimer Toynbee), Valeria, Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Thunderball/Doctor Eliot Franklin, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwaite); formerly Avengers, Fantastic Four, Thundra, X-Men

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Power incarnate," "the lord of warlords," "first among the warriors of a universe" (nicknames used by Arkon himself), "Arkon the fool" (nickname used by the Scarlet Witch), "Brother Arkon" (nickname used by the Human Torch), "Sire" (nickname used by Grand Vizier Greybeard)

Base of Operations: Capitol city of Polemachus 

First Appearance: Avengers I#75 (April 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Like all Polemachans, Arkon's abilities were well beyond baseline human level. He possessed superhuman strength (lifting 75 tons), speed, stamina and reflexes. Arkon healed at an increased rate, fully recovering from most conventional injuries within hours. He also appeared to have a distinctly longer lifespan, once having studied Earth culture for two decades without aging appreciably. As the Imperion, Arkon had access to three types of lightning-shaped artifacts that he carried in combat. The golden bolts allowed Arkon to travel between dimensional planes, the scarlet and the black bolts were both offensive weapons, generating powerful explosions on impact. The origin and nature of Arkon's bolts remained unrevealed. Arkon also carried a shield and had been known to use giant reptilian-like dinosaurs as his personal steeds. An experienced and gifted military strategist, Arkon was known for his ruthless determination and cunning that was often impeded by his overblown sense of importance.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 400 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Avengers I#75 (fb)) - Arkon was born on the extradimensional, alien world called Polemachus. Unlike most planets, Polemachus did not orbit a star. Instead, it depended on a series of energy rings that circled the planet in near orbit. Warfare and conquest was considered the most important goal in Polemachan society. Arkon proved one of the most powerful among his people and enjoyed great respect while proving himself on the battlefield. Eventually, his prowess and skill allowed him to gather an army large enough to conquer and rule over all who opposed him. Effectively in control of Polemachus, Arkon assumed the title of Imperion and indulged in the many perks his new role allowed him. In recent days, Arkon was shocked when he learned of Greybeard's discovery that the energy rings surrounding Polemachus were slowly disintegrating, condemning Polemachus to eternal darkness. Initially scoffing at the old man, Arkon mocked the fact he could no longer fight, though that quickly turned to deep concern for his people when the light that the rings provided failed, bringing Polemachan society to the brink of collapse. When the rings received an energy boost from an unknown source, which restored their light giving capabilities, an intrigued Greybeard investigated the matter and deduced that the energy had come from an extradimensional world that its inhabitants called Earth. Determining that each time an atomic bomb went off on Earth, part of the blast somehow made its way to the Polemachan energy rings, leaving a charge sufficient to last a year. Arkon was fascinated by Greybeard's findings but worried that the fate of his world depended on the whims of humanity. Greybeard advised him that it would be possible to power the rings for untold ages if a sufficiently large atomic bomb would be detonated on Earth, even though it would destroy the entire planet in the process. Lacking the technology to build an atomic weapon and unable to physically transport himself to Earth, the cunning Imperion started work on a plan to use mystical means to achieve this goal. For the next two decades, he studied Earth and worked on a mystical spell book that would allow him to bridge "the great barrier" between dimensions if a mutant cast it. Learning of the Scarlet Witch,who had just recently lost her hex powers and was pouring over magic tomes in hopes of finding a way to restore them, Arkon decided to disguise the dimensional teleportation incantation as a restoration enchantment. He then made sure the book came into the Witch's possession.

(Avengers I#75/Avengers I#138 (fb)) - Hoping the mysterious incantation would restore her powers, Wanda read it out loud in the presence of Quicksilver and Toad, who were somewhat skeptical. Arkon's plan worked, as the spell opened a portal from Polemachus to Earth allowing the Imperion to make his way to this new world. Quickly infatuated with the Scarlet Witch, he used his lightning bolts to transport her and the Toad back to Polemachus. After a brief fight against Quicksilver, he teleported himself away as well.

(Avengers I#75) - Arkon appeared at the first major conference of the world's top nuclear physicists and quickly abducted a fair number of them, planning to have them unlock the mysteries of the atom for him.

(Avengers I#75 - BTS) - The Avengers learned of Arkon's actions through a news report that showing him in action, with the reporter claiming the mysterious intruder had the potential to destroy Earth itself.

(Avengers I#76) - While the Avengers were trying to locate and reach Arkon's dimension to save the Scarlet Witch, the Imperion was busy trying to court Wanda, whom he announced would be his bride, whether she wanted to marry him or not. The Witch was somewhat moved by his charm but repulsed by the fact that he was cold and heartless enough to kill an entire world. Taking her back to the royal city to check on the scientists (and Toad) he had locked up in his dungeons, Arkon was annoyed to learn his prisoners hadn't divulged the secret of atomic power yet. He then decided to expose them to the Ultimate Persuader, a device that extracted all the necessary data directly from their minds. Arkon's vizier used the information to build the Atom-Sphere that was powerful enough to trigger the explosion required to save Polemachus. Arkon was ready to travel back to Earth to detonate the device but was surprised when the Avengers attacked his palace, the team having finally reached Polemachus via Thor's hammer. Though Arkon and his forces fought valiantly, the Avengers proved victorious. Not ready to quit, Arkon rushed to collect the Atom-Sphere and used one of his teleportational bolts to reach Earth. He was oppossed by Wanda, who inadvertently accompanied him on his trip back. They rematerialized on top of the Empire State Building, just as Thor sent Goliath, Quicksilver, Vision and the Black Panther back to help rescue her.

(Avengers I#76 - BTS) - While Arkon fought the Avengers, Iron Man constructed a device that could power the rings of Polemachus. Thor summoned lightning bolts to jumpstart the recharging process. Delighted, the Vizier contacted Arkon with the good news, pleading with him not to drop the Atom-Sphere.

(Avengers I#76) - His world now safe, Arkon stopped fighting the Avengers. He even told the Scarlet Witch that he didn't want to force her to marry him against her will before returning to Polemachus.

(Avengers I#83 - BTS) - The Enchantress inexplicably vanished during her most recent confrontation against the Avengers and found herself on Polemachus. There, she quickly befriended Arkon and used her magics and good looks to ingratiate herself, quickly becoming one of the Imperion's trusted aides.

(Avengers I#84 (fb) - BTS) - The Enchantress became aware that the Black Knight (Dane Whitman) had pierced the dimensional veil that separated Earth from Polemachus to visit the Well at the Center of Time, where he was told he could get rid of his cursed Ebony Blade. Thinking the Knight was an advance scout for the Avengers, she convinced Arkon to travel to the Well and deal with him.

(Avengers I#84) - Arkon confronted the Black Knight and easily defeated him, taking him back to Polemachus as his prisoner.

(Avengers I#84 - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, the Scarlet Witch had a prophetic dream that told her of the Black Knight's fate and Arkon's involvement. She informed the other Avengers who, after confirming her story, started to prepare a trip to Polemachus to collect their teammate.

(Avengers I#84 - BTS) - After questioning the Knight, Arkon concluded the Avengers were up to no good. Determined to strike first, he used his otherworldly machines to transport Avengers Mansion to the dimensional between space that the Well was in. There, the startled Avengers were all quickly overtaken by Arkon's forces, aided by the Enchantress.

(Avengers I#84) - Arkon joined the fight but learned the Enchantress had lied to him when the desperate Black Knight actually used the Well to rid himself of the Ebony Blade, just like he had claimed. Immediately ordering all the fighting to cease, Arkon wanted to discuss peace with the Avengers, only to find the team was utterly fed up with him and departed without even giving him a second thought. This left the imperial Imperion thoroughly ashamed.

(Fantastic Four I#160 - 163 (fb)/Fantastic Force I#12 (fb)) - Learning of the existence of alternate realities, Arkon traveled to Earth-A, where he confronted industrial scientist Albert DeVoor, who specialized in travel between these alternate realities. Always looking for ways to power the rings surrounding Polemachus, the Imperion and his Vizier concocted a complex scheme involving Earth-A, Earth-616 and the similarly Earth-like Fifth Dimension. He sent Albert DeVoor to the three worlds to acquire a controlling share in the (weapons) technologies of the Reed Richards of Earth-A and Earth-616 as well as 5th Dimension scientist Phineas. Now controlling Doctor Doom's time platform, Phineas' weather control technology and an army of Earth-A androids, Arkon planned to start a war between the three worlds that would lead to their total destruction, figuring the explosive energies would automatically end up empowering the Polemachan energy rings. He also took Johnny Storm from Earth-A back to Polemachus, where the severely injured war veteran was remade into Gaard, tasked with guarding the universal nexus connecting the various alternate Earths involved in the conflict. In the end, the heroes of all three worlds banded together to stop Arkon's scheme.

(X-Men Annual I#3 - BTS) - When Polemachus' energy rings malfunctioned and started to lose their charge again, Arkon was advised by his Vizier to once again go to Earth and ask the Avenger Thor to help recharge the rings.

(X-Men Annual I#3) - Using his powerbolts, Arkon teleported to New York City where he caused quite the stir. When he visited Avengers Mansion to request Thor's assistance, the team's butler Edwin Jarvis informed him Thor was away on a personal mission. Arkon was then contacted by his Vizier, who told him the weather-manipulating X-Man Storm might be a suitable replacement. Arkon made his way to the X-Men's base, fighting off the team before throwing a teleportation bolt at Storm that took her to Polemachus. However, before he himself could return, the X-Men overpowered the Imperion and forced him to explain how to use his bolts to go after Storm. The team took Arkon prisoner, which allowed Cyclops to use the Imperion's bolts to return them to Polemachus. They left their recently injured teammate Banshee behind to contact the Avengers or the FF in case they didn't come back. Arkon and the X-Men appeared in the Imperion's palace, surrounded by his forces and Greybeard, who had temporarily taken over as ruler. The X-Men demanded Storm be released or else they'd hurt Arkon, unaware that Storm had been moved by the plight of the Polemachans and agreed to help. Unimpressed by the X-Men's demands, Arkon yelled out to his forces to attack the mutants, which they did. Furious at this betrayal, Wolverine slammed him aside and joined the X-Men in fighting off their assailants. In the end, the team managed to escape the palace and located Storm, who calmed everyone down by explaining she was actually helping Arkon by choice. The X-Men offered their assistance, Nightcrawler and Wolverine tinkered with Iron Man's original device so it could absorb the energy of Cyclops' optic blasts as well. When everything was prepared, Colossus shifted to his organic steel form and held up Storm, acting as a ground, who summoned the biggest electrical storm she could muster and unleashed it on Cyclops, whose blast powered the device which, in turn, fed the energy to Polemachus' depleted rings. Though the act devastated the mountain they were standing on, burying them all in the process, Arkon kept Storm safe and was most impressed by the courage the X-Men (and Ororo in particular) had displayed. In the aftermath, Arkon offered the X-Men to remain on Polemachus as part of his army, promising them that together they could conquer a universe. After politely refusing this proposal, the X-Men were returned home by Arkon.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Catching the Polemachans by surprise, Brother Royal and the Badoon forces, who were planning to make Polemachus the staging ground for a future invasion of Earth, captured Polemachus’ capital city, as well as Arkon in their initial attack. In a matter of weeks, the Badoon conquered all of Polemachus, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Brother Royal took over Arkon's palace, enslaving and torturing the Imperion. However, when they couldn't break his spirit, the Badoon went to work to try and break his body.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual I#5 - BTS) - The Badoon kidnapped Mr. Fantastic, Thing and the Human Torch and took them back to Polemachus where they were tortured for any information that could benefit the coming invasion of Earth. Only the Invisible Girl escaped because of her powers. She went to the X-Men for help, just as Storm was having a vivid nightmare about the Badoon, Arkon and Polemachus. Putting two and two together when the Invisible Girl showed up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the X-Men and Susan Richards decided to travel to Polemachus using some of the transportation bolts Arkon had left behind the last time he visited Xavier's.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual I#5) - Once they arrived on Polemachus, Storm and the Invisible Girl pretended to be slave girls and gained access to the palace, where they managed to free Arkon and the three FF members. Weakened after the prolonged torture he had suffered, the prideful Arkon was forced to lean on Storm while they made their way out of the palace prison. Following a prolonged struggle. the Badoon were eventually routed, their stargate destroyed and the Brother Royal killed by Polemachan rebel forces. The defeat of the Badoon was cause for planet-wide celebration, with Arkon and Storm sharing a brief, passionate encounter. Arkon initially planned to ask Ororo to marry him but decided against it because he realized they both led very different lives that they were committed to. Arkon admitted this to Storm, even saying that for her, he would leave Polemachus behind if she only asked. Gentle as ever, Storm told him she knew this and wouldn't ask him, kissing the Imperion goodbye.

(Uncanny X-Men Annual I#9 - BTS) - After learning Storm and the New Mutants had been kidnapped and taken to Asgard, the X-Men decided to rescue them. In order to reach Asgard, Cyclops used some more of Arkon's golden bolts.

(West Coast Avengers II#31 (fb) - BTS) - Arkon's brief appearances on Earth had sparked the imagination of Hollywood producers, who based a successful movie franchise on his likeness, even casting Simon Williams to play the villain in the fourth installment. Learning of the fact his likeness was being used on Earth, Arkon grew outraged seeing as depicting the Imperion in any way, shape or form was considered a crime in Polemachan society. Arkon had a miniature nuclear device commissioned that he placed on his belt as he planned a return visit to Earth to set matters straight.

(West Coast Avengers II#31 - BTS) - Just as Arkon was crossing the dimensional divide, Phantom Rider and his mentally unbalanced fellow Rangers member Texas Twister engaged in a convoluted, Comanche ritual intended to summon a denizen of the spirit realm. Twister was hoping this would rescue his lover Shooting Star from the demonic plane she was trapped in.

(West Coast Avengers II#31) - The magical interference of Phantom Rider and Texas Twister caused Arkon to materialize in the Rider's cave. Not amused, Arkon left and headed for the Avengers Compound in Palos Verdes to fight Wonder Man to the death over the Arkon movies. Arkon eventually reached his destination and called out Simon. Not willing to listen to reason, Arkon decreed his honor could only be restored through a duel. Threatening to detonate the nuclear bomb on his belt if the other Avengers interfered, he assured Williams there was no chance it could go off during their fight. Wonder Man tore into the Imperion while trying to explain to the otherworldly warrior how Hollywood worked. Arkon was forced to use his powerful forcebolts to keep up with the ionic Avenger, who eventually managed to force the Imperion to his knees. Still refusing to talk his way out of the conflict, feeling that was for women, he tasked Wonder Man to represent him in talks with the studios to warn them he would countenance no further desecration.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme I#12 - BTS) - After the Enchantress failed to defeat Dr. Strange as part of the "Acts of Vengeance," she decided to recruit her old ally Arkon. Using her magics to whisper thoughts into the Imperion's ear, she informed him the men of Earth were still using his image in movies. She then teleported the furious Arkon to New York City, removing all the teleportational bolts from his quiver so he wouldn't be able to return.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme I#12) - Outraged and battle ready, Arkon the Imperion arrived in New York, ready for payback.

(Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme I#13) - Initially unaware the Enchantress was responsible for his arrival on Earth, Arkon gleefully destroyed the marquee of a movie theatre that showed the latest Arkon film while bellowing that the humans of Earth had lied to him. After a while, the Enchantress drew him towards her and tried to explain her demands but Arkon was even more outraged when he saw her. Finally able to calm him down, Enchantress proposed to Arkon he'd kill Doctor Strange and Clea of the Dark Dimension. Though he didn't care about Strange, the thought of marrying Dormammu's niece and possibly ruling over the Dark Dimension sparked the conquering barbarian's interest. He agreed to help Amora by killing Strange. Invading the Sanctum Sanctorum, Arkon quickly laid claim to Clea as his future bride before seemingly killing Stephen Strange after a prolonged battle. In reality, Clea had used a spell to make it appear as if Strange had died, allowing the mage sufficient time to prepare a counter offensive. In the end, the Enchantress abandoned Arkon while Clea opened a portal that returned the Imperion back to Polemachus.

(Avengers Annual I#19 (fb)) - In the aftermath of the Loki-organized wave of supervillain attacks dubbed the "Acts of Vengeance," Captain America, Thor and Vision came together to review the situation. They discussed the various attacks, including Arkon's assault on Doctor Strange.

(Avengers Annual I#21 - BTS) - While reviewing the Avengers' top ten most dangerous foes, Black Knight learned that Arkon the Imperion was ranked number 9 on the list. Later, Black Knight and Captain America faced an artificial version of Arkon during a training session.

(Avengers West Coast I#75 - BTS) - Arkon remained popular on Earth. The newly constructed California amusement park called Sword-and-Sorcery World even constructed a ride based on the Imperion called "Arkon Versus the Dragon."

(Avengers West Coast I#75 - BTS) - In need of help from her former love interest Ben Grimm and his friends in Femizonia's war with Polemachus, Thundra decided to collect all of them. She made her move when the Fantastic Four and Avengers West Coast were invited for an exclusive visit to Sword-And-Sorcery World a week before the theme park would officially open. Both Franklin Richards and Spider-Woman's daughter Rachel were overjoyed and had the time of their lives until they boarded the Arkon ride and were transported away by Thundra's cross-dimensional control. However, while Franklin arrived on Femizonia, Rachel wound up on Polemachus. The two teams decided to pursue the children, taking a ride on Arkon Versus The Dragon as well. Spider-Woman, Thing, Hawkeye, Mr. Fantastic and Living Lightning reached the world of Thundra's Sisterhood, their teammates were shunted to Polemachus, courtesy of Arkon using technology to hijack half of them midway.

(Avengers West Coast I#75) - As soon as Iron Man, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Invisible Woman and the Human Torch were suspended upon arriving on Polemachus, Arkon asked his Vizier if their collective will power had been sapped during the transfer as per his orders. Arkon planned to use the five heroes of Earth during the final conflict against Thundra and the Femizonians as Thundra strongarmed the other five to fight on her behalf. This led to a long, bloody conflict that took the lives of many Femizonians and Polemachans (including Shigaru, who Arkon had assigned to keep Rachel Carpenter in check). In the end, Thundra and Arkon faced off against each other. Following an intense encounter, the two warriors born looked into each other's eyes and suddenly realized their shared passion, instantly forgetting their conflict as they kissed. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four left the happy couple in peace.

(Avengers I#358 (fb)) - The world of Polemachus faced unprecedented danger when the energy rings began to flare out of control, giving off too much light energy which caused massive droughts. In desperation, the masses, led by a priest named Anskar, looked to ancient Polemachan ways for answers. Figuring the old gods required a human sacrifice, all the daughters of the noble families were gathered. One of them, a girl called Astra, was chosen by Anskar to serve as the proverbial sacrificial lamb. However, Thundra and Arkon, rulers of Polemachus, deemed human sacrifice barbaric and took Astra to Earth.

(Avengers I#358) - Arkon, riding his reptilian steed Karia, appeared with Astra and Thundra in the middle of New York City during a thunderstorm. Almost immediately, the trio found themselves besieged by New Yorkers and police men. Their presence eventually alerted the Avengers, who came to calm the Imperion and company down. The trio accompanied Earth's mightiest to their headquarters where Arkon explained the current situation on Polemachus.

(Avengers I#358 - BTS) - Upon learning that Arkon, Thundra, and Astra had fled and were nowhere to be found, Anskar naturally and correctly assumed they had fled to the planet Earth for refuge. Anskar located Arkon, Thundra, and Astra and teleported them back to Polemachus, unintentionally bringing the Avengers along as well.

(Avengers I#358) - Anskar imprisoned the Avengers in an energy field and struck down Thundra with a blast from his staff. Anskar tried to persuade Arkon into killing Astra, telling him it was the only way to quiet the wrath of the gods and the cries of the people. Astra was once again willing to give up her life if Arkon willed it but the Vision managed to convince Anskar and Arkon to give the Avengers twenty-four hours to try and fix the problems with the energy rings. Anskar hesitantly agreed.

(Avengers I#359) - Anskar continued to whip the masses into a frenzy, crying for Arkon to save them by sacrificing Astra. Anskar pressured Arkon to make the sacrifice, asking him if he had gone completely deaf to his people's cries. However, the Avengers were successful in saving Polemachus by leeching off the excess energy from the energy rings. The heroes celebrated that now Astra would not need to be sacrificed but Anskar had other ideas and lethally stabbed Astra, claiming it was the will of the gods that the Avengers had succeeded, which meant they still needed their gift. Arkon was unable to stop the furious Avenger Sersi from incinerating Anskar with her eye blasts.

(Avengers I#400 - BTS) - Jarvis was tricked by Loki into recalling the Avengers' most dangerous enemies, which the god of mischief then manifested elsewhere to fight the team. The butler thought back on Arkon the Imperion, among other notable adversaries.

(Quicksilver I#3 (fb) - BTS) - When the Polemachan skies once more began to burn, the priests called Brother Cranus and Gullo determined Earth-616 was to blame (presumably as a result of Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth.). In order to escape the burning skies, the priests decided they needed to transport Polemachus across the dimension divide, forcing their world to trade places with Earth. To achieve this, they generated several dimensional portals from which some of the dinosaurs native to Polemachus escaped to Earth. To keep Arkon occupied while they worked on their plan, Cranus and Gallo drugged Thundra, turning her into a berserker who couldn't be reasoned with, and made sure she wound up on Earth-616.

(Quicksilver I#3 (fb)) - When Arkon learned of his mate's disappearance, he immediately mounted a rescue mission, tracing her to Earth.

(Quicksilver I#2) - Already perplexed by the unexplained global downpour and the sudden appearance of dimensional portals in Manhattan, Quicksilver and the Knights of Wundagore went out to deal with Thundra who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere and was causing massive structural damage in New York City. Just as Quicksilver had stunned the Femizonian, Arkon the Imperion appeared to defend his mate, riding a flying dinosaur and ready to hurl one of his bolts at Pietro.

(Quicksilver I#3) - After a convoluted multi-dimensional mission with Quicksilver and the Knights of Wundagore, Arkon managed to rid Thundra of the poison the priests had subjected her to. He also prevented their plan to switch Earth with Polemachus, bidding Quicksilver and the Knights a heartfelt goodbye.

(Avengers III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Tired of Arkon and Thundra's unconventional rule, Grand Vizier Greybeard looked for ways to depose the Imperion. Scanning Earth-616, he spotted the Wrecking Crew fighting the Avengers in New Orleans. The Crew had earlier been hired by the Doomsday Man to capture Carol Danvers, the former Ms. Marvel, instead the somewhat dimwitted foursome went after Monica "Captain Marvel" Rambeau. Having already captured Carol Danvers, Doomsday Man had no use for the Wrecking Crew and planned to use his teleportation beam to destroy them. However, the Avengers' field leader Scarlet Witch cast one of her improbability spells that caused the Wrecker, his crew and Photon (as Rambeau called herself at the time) to end up in the Vizier's court. Using the technology at his disposal, Greybeard incapacitated Photon and placed her in a cell that siphoned her energy, feeding it to the Wrecking Crew, who enjoyed greatly increased powers as a result.

(Avengers III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Arkon and Thundra proved no match for the Wrecking Crew. Swiftly defeating the duo, the empowered villains chained up Arkon in a cell. Wrecker took Arkon's crown and even lied about Thundra having died, thereby crushing his spirits.

(Avengers III#17 (fb) - BTS) - Not willing to let the Wrecking Crew get away scott free, the Avengers planned to go after them (see comments). Arriving on Polemachus, they quickly encountered Thundra, who served as head of the rebellion. She told the Avengers of Arkon's current fate, suffering humiliation at the hands of the Wrecking Crew.

(Avengers III#18) - The Avengers, after a ferocious fight, gained access to the Imperion's palace. Vision was the first to locate Arkon, who was a broken, emotionally shattered man over the fact he'd lost Thundra. Vision tried to get the Imperion out of his rut but only managed to drag him out of his cell. Arkon's mood brightened considerably when he spotted his first Earth-616 love, the Scarlet Witch. Just as he tried to charm her once again, Thundra arrived. After a brief, joyous reunion Arkon led his forces against the Wrecking Crew and those among his former army loyal to the Vizier.  Observing the fighting from a bridge overlooking the courtyard, the Vizier thought himself safe but was spotted by Arkon and the Scarlet Witch, who rushed him. Arkon was ready to strangle Greybeard but Wanda reminded the Imperion that the Vizier was still needed to help stop the fighting. With a little convincing on Arkon's part (who held a dagger to the Vizier's back), Greybeard ordered the warriors of Polemachus to lay down their arms, claiming that Arkon reigned supreme once more.

(Avengers III#38) - BTS) - Adopting a more pro-active approach to crime fighting, the Avengers created and maintained a global status board that kept them apprised of any potential threat they might need to deal with. Arkon was listed as being non-hostile and currently active on Polemachus.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#658 - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, a portal between Polemachus and Earth was established. This allowed Arkon's bestiary of giant reptiles to escape and run rampant in Paris, France.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#658) - Arkon, aided by the Future Foundation and their newest member Spider-Man (who was aiding the Fantastic Four after the Human Torch's apparent death), managed to subdue all the Polemachan animals that had escaped, forcing them through the portal that Reed Richards promised to close as soon as Arkon himself had safely passed through. The grateful Imperion told his old allies they fought well and were always welcome on Polemachus.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Tom Palmer.

Man, when Roy Thomas creates a character that doesn't catch on, he really doesn't let go, does he? At least half of Arkon's appearances to date were (co)written by "Rascally Roy." When others use him, it's either as a cameo or when they need a punching bag. Arkon invariably winds up getting humiliated, imprisoned or badly beaten up.

Roy Thomas interviewed the late John Buscema about their Avengers run, published in Alter Ego III#13. Thomas describes the inspiration behind Arkon as "having the feel of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars crossed with Conan." When asked if that was what he was going for while designing the Imperion, the always brutally honest Buscema replied: "I don't remember, Roy. I really don't. I just remember the character because I can see the drawings here but if you had talked to me about it over the phone without seeing this, I wouldn't remember." 

Apparently, not too many writers remembered him either considering the Imperion "only"  has around 30 appearances in about 45 years of established continuity which is a bit of a shame, considering he stems from such a rich tradition of story telling that Marvel doesn't have too much experience with. 

Not to harp too much on Thomas' writing but Arkon's debut makes very little sense, even if you ignore the unrevealed reason why atomic energy from Earth winds up powering stuff on Polemachus (stranger things have happened). Then Arkon specifically states he doesn't have the ability to travel to Earth, that's why he spends over 20 years looking for the right person to read a spell that mystically transports him to Earth...only to use his teleportational powerbolts within minutes of arrival to kidnap at least 6 people and casually return to Polemachus as well.

As for the way time works between Polemachus and "our" reality: the story in Avengers III#16-18 clearly suggests a discrepancy. It only took Thor moments to attune his hammer to the energy pattern of of Polemachus, yet between the time Mjolnir locked in the coordinates and Thor had whipped up a portal, the Wrecking Crew had already defeated Arkon, taken over the capital and fostered a rebellion. This supposed time difference potentially places Arkon's comments about having observed Earth for two decades in perspective. Twenty years on Polemachus might well be little more than a season change on our world.

The name of Arkon's homeworld of Polemachus was apparently inspired by the ancient Athenian philosopher Polemarchus. As for Grand Vizier Greybeard's current status as either friend or his last appearance to date, Greybeard allied himself with the Wrecking Crew to get rid of Arkon, so it's pretty safe to say the two aren't exactly on friendly terms. Then again, the royal Shi'ar advisor Araki has tried to depose, kill or replace his boss quite a few times and he's still there.

Arkon received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#1 (1983), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#1 (1985), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition I#23, Avengers Assemble (2010), Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide, Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 6: Fantastic Four (2005).

Profile by Norvo.

Arkon should not be confused with

Arkon's lightning bolts

Arkon's primary weapons were power bolts, stylized to resemble a lightning bolt, that he carried around in a quiver on his back. There were three varieties of bolts, allegedly all of his own making. The yellow bolts allowed Arkon to teleport to any location, even across dimensions like Earth and Asgard. Reaching a certain location was dependent on the combination of bolts he used andhe might also need additional bolts if he transported more than one person. The red bolts in his quiver transformed into energy spikes that exploded on impact, yet didn't hurt the Imperion as long he still held them. The third, less used, type of powerbolt was (deep) purple and had considerably more explosive power than the red.

-- Avengers I#75 (#76, #84, Fantastic Four I#160, #162-163, X-Men Annual I#3, Uncanny X-Men Annual I#5, 9, West Coast Avengers II#31, Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme I#12-13, Avengers West Coast I#75, Avengers I#358-359, Quicksilver I#2-3, Amazing Spider-Man II#658,


Arkon used a variety of reptile-like creatures native to Polemachus as his steeds. One of them was Karia, an 8 foot green-skinned reptile resembling an Earth Tyrannosaurus Rex. Karia accompanied Arkon and Thundra when they fled to Earth in order to protect the young girl Astra from being ritually sacrificed by the Polemachan priest Anskar. Fiercely protective of its master, Karia aided Arkon when he tried to defend himself from the NYPD police and even attempted to attack the Eternal Sersi from behind, only to be kicked aside by Sersi's fellow Avenger, the Black Knight. After Arkon had explained the reason for his appearance, the Avengers took him, Karia and the others to their headquarters. Karia was kept in the Quinjet hangar while the Avengers discussed a course of action with the Imperion in their meeting room. However, Anskar managed to teleport Arkon and all those around him back to Polemachus, leaving Karia behind. The Avengers eventually returned from Polemachus with Arkon's blessings to take good care of Karia. That task initially proved somewhat difficult because Crystal's Inhuman dog Lockjaw kept barking at her, riling up the massive mount. Black Widow and the Black Knight failed to calm her down but Hercules easily restrained and calmed the creature. Moments later, Karia and the others had to run for their lives when an inbound Quinjet (piloted by a madness afflicted Sersi) came crashing into the hangar bay. Confused and not sure where her loyalties lay, Karia just watched as the Avengers and their houseguest the Swordsman fought Sersi, eventually bringing her down.

What happened to Karia afterwards (especially since the destruction of Avengers Headquarters several issues later) has not been revealed.

-- Avengers I#358 (#359 (BTS), 360

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chained up and humiliated by the Wrecking Crew)
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