Classification: Extradimensional (Negative Zone) semi-reptilian bipeds

Location/Base of Operations: Negative Zone (they apparently float through space and chew through anything with which they come into contact.

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Scavengers;
   they have been controlled by Annihilus;
    former pawns of Yandroth

Enemies: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Fantastic Four (Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual I#6 (November, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: The Borers can chew through virtually any substance within a matter of seconds. Their specific limitations are unknown. They possess some degree of superhuman strength (mostly focused in their powerful jaws) and durability (they are not cut when passing through shredded steel, and they take a punch from the Thing fairly respectably). They can also fly and navigate through both air and the space of the Negative Zone.
    The appear to be somewhat afraid of flame.

Traits: The Borers have shown no intellect, speech, or technology. They basically chew through anything in their way and attack anything that tries to stop them from doing so.
    They sleep within asteroids that they have chewed tunnels into, and can be roused by a sonic shock, such as Annihilus employs to send them against his foes. However, they have also been seen to attack Annihilus' own ship when it passes through their territory.
    It is also unknown how many exist. No more than a handful (5-6) have ever been seen at once.

History: The origins of the Borers are unknown.

(Fantastic Four Annual#6) - As the Fantastic Four attempted to escape Annihilus, he sent a sonic shock to awaken the Borers, sending them after the FF. They tore into the FF's rail-plane and caused the floating rocks around them to collapse around them. Reed activated the Cosmic Control Rod he had stolen from Annihilus and used its power to rocket himself, Ben, and Johnny away from them (Sue was back on Earth, in labor with Franklin).

(Generations: Captain Marvel & Captain Mar-Vell#1) - Annihilus utilized Borers to break through the dome around the city of Mydonia on the planet Mydon. Captain Marvel (Danvers) and Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) defended the city alongside the forces of Mydon. The Captain Marvels defeated Annihilus himself while the Mydonians fought the the Scavengers and the Borers. Annihilus called back his forces after his defeat.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine#9) - When Doctor Doom stole Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod, the Fantastic Four attempted to distract Annihilus so that he could not follow Doom back to Earth. Annihilus summoned the Borers to drive them off. A pair of them grabbed the Things hands and held him immobile briefly, but the combined power of Ben, Johnny, and Crystal dispatched the Borers.

(Fantastic Four I#183) - As Ben, Reed, and Johnny flew Annihilus ship--which he had willingly given them so that they could recover his Cosmic Control Rod, stolen by the Mad Thinker's Monster Android, they passed through the region inhabited by the Borers. The Borers quickly chewed their way into the ship, destroying it, but Ben and Johnny fought them back so that they could escape via their navigation packs (Reed had temporarily lost his powers).

(Defenders II#1) - The Borers were among the many extradimensional beings summoned to Earth by Yandroth via the power of Gaea to cause chaos on Earth. They ran amok in New York city, chewing through buildings and subway systems. When Yandroth was defeated by the Defenders, his spell was disrupted, and the Borers presumably returned to the Negative Zone.



Comments: Created by Stan "The Man" Lee and Jack "King" Kirby.

Profile by Snood. Update by Markus Raymond (Generations).

No known connection to:

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