Annihilus' Private Cruiser (Negative Zone, Annihilus' ship) - by Grendel Prime

Blastaar of Earth-98 (Frightful Four)

Borers (Negative Zone, Fantastic Four characters)

Brides of Ootah (Children of Ootah)

Burstarr (Captain Marvel foe) - by Chuck D

Captain (Kestorans)

Catastrophus (Chininauts patriarch, Darkhawk foe)

Centurions (Annihilation Wave, Negative Zone warriors)

Children of Ootah (Fantastic Four characters)

Commissioner O'Neil (Shadow City)

Conqueror Wheel (Syphonn)

Crystals of Vontsalvant (Thing story)

Dantes, Dr. Edwina (Shadow City)

Death Squad (Firelord foes)

Dini (Shadow City)

"dragons" of the Negative Zone and Distortion Area (Fantastic Four story)

energy tanks (Negative Zone, found by N-Explorers)

Eradica (Annihilation Wave, Annihilus' concubines)

Extermina (Bride and mother of Annihilus, Annihilation character)

Extirpia (concubine of Annihilus, Annihilation Wave) - by Chadman

flagship (Annihilation Wave, Eradica)

generators (Negative Zone, found by N-Explorers)

Hellscout (Kenneth Tennyson, Negative Zone warrior, Puritans of Pilgrim Rock)

Heteropteron (Negative Zone, Lord Catastrophus' fortress)

High Priestess (Kestorans)

Hybalea (Firelord character)

Jacob ?? (Pilgrims Rock, Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom character)

Jandek (Negative Zone High Councilor of the Stewards of Mydon) - by Chadman

Kestor (home planet)

"Kestor-2" (Kestorans)

Kestorans (xd, Negative Zone, Fantastic Four characters)

Kestor's Hope (Kestorans)

Korta (Children of Ootah)

Lockdown (Fantastic Four foe) - by Changeling

Mama Shonti (Children of Ootah)

Marcul (Negative Zone steed) - by Chadman

Martha ?? (mother of Hellscout/Kenneth Tennyson)

Night Cruiser (Lockdown)

Number One (Kestorans)

Ootah of the Negative Zone

Pandora (Pilgrims Rock, 175h century ship, brought to Negative Zone, Fantastic Four story)

personal craft (Eradica, Annihilation Wave)

Pilgrims Rock (Negative Zone, Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom stories)

"Porcupine Puss" (Negative Zone, Beast foe) - by Grendel Prime

Raankor (Baluurian, Inhumans foe)

Rosetta Stone (Shadow City)

Sascra (Negative Zone, Annihilus' executioner) - by Grendel Prime

Shadow City (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

skeletons (Pilgrims Rock, Negative Zone)

Smyt (Centurions, Firelord foe)

Stygorr the Nightlord (Fantastic Four foe) - by Norvo

Syphonn (Adam Warlock foe) - by Sammy7D

Taranith Gelstal (Negative Zone, Fantastic Four foe)

Taiya (Children of Ootah)

Tannar (Children of Ootah)

Torrent (Centurions, Firelord character)

Tyannans (Negative Zone, Fantastic Four characters)

Tyndale (Pilgrims Rock, Doctor Doom character)

unidentified Negative Zone race (xd, slaughtered by N-Explorers)

unidentified planet(oid) (Negative Zone)

unidentified priests (Negative Zone, N-Explorers victims)

unidentified temple (Negative Zone, attacked by N-Explorers)

Vigil of Vontsalvant (Annihilus foe) - by Changeling

Wise Ones (Children of Ootah)

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