Vigil of Vontsalvant

Real Name: not revealed

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional, extra-terrestrial technology user possibly a mutate see comments

Occupation: protecting the Crystals of Vontsalvant

Affiliations: Thing (Ben Grimm)

Enemies: Annihilus

Known Relatives: Not revealed, all deceased

Aliases: Mistakenly called Virgil by the Thing

Base of Operations: Vontsalvant, the Negative Zone

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#105/4, (February 1992)

Powers/Abilities: The Vigil of Vontsalvant had superhuman strength (class 75) and durability. He used a staff that could project energy blasts. He is the guardian of the Crystals of Vontsalvant, a vast source of power which he may or may not use... see comments.

History: (Marvel Comics Presents#105/4 (fb)) - At one time Vontsalvant had a peaceful and productive society powered by the Crystals of Vontsalvant. However the supply of crystals dwindled and conflict broke out. The man who would become the Vigil of Vontsalvant gained possession of the remaining crystals but by that time his world was devastated. Finding himself unworthy of the power the crystals contained, he stock-piled the majority of the crystals away where they could not be detected. He began leaving one out as a lure and, pretending it was the sole crystal, he would judge any who sought it on the strength of their character. Three times he fought Annihilus and found him unworthy.

(Marvel Comics Presents#105/4) - Reed Richards detected a power source (one of the crystals) in the Negative Zone and sent Ben Grimm after it. Ben found the crystal and was immediately approached by the Vigil of Vontsalvant. They battled for the crystal, and Ben took the Vigil's staff. When the roof caved in Ben saved the Vigil's life, proving himself worthy. The Vigil gave him the crystal and waited till Ben had left to replace it with another from his stock-pile.


The source of Vigil's strength and the power in his staff is not stated. He does state that he is unworthy of the power of the crystals but does that necessarily mean he never uses that power? Here are some possibilities:

  1. Superhuman strength is actually normal for the inhabitants. The staff is standard technology.
  2. Exposure to the crystals has boosted his strength. The staff is still standard technology
  3. He does in fact actively use the power from the crystals in order to boost his strength level and channels it though his staff, doing so to ensure he is powerful enough to fend of the likes of Annihilus.

Profile by Changeling


The Crystals of Vontsalvant have no connection to:

The Vigil of Vontsalvant has no connection to:

The Crystals of Vontsalvant

The crystals are a vast source of power and where once abundant on Vontsalvant. Their constant use as a power source dwindled the supply and the Vigil's stock-pile is not common knowledge, the general population of the Negative Zone who are aware of Vontsalvant are led to believe there is only one. While the extent and nature of their power is not defined, for Annihilus to be interested in one it must be more powerful than his own cosmic control rod (whose destructive power is equivalent to 10 megatons of TNT).


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